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380 Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland

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11 AM to 3 PM, 5 PM to 11 PM


Reviews for India Gate

3 star rating
by Suchita92
9 days ago

The taste is never consistent so I have now stopped ordering from here. There Chinese style chilli chicken and fried rice are worst. Punjabi style curry was good sometimes but taste was never consistent so can't recommend a single thing.

3 star rating
by Shelbz
24 days ago

Been here a couple times the food is good for what your paying and the staff are pleasant only thing for me was we got put in a room away from the actual restaurant which was isolating and it was very cold and white where all the other customers were in the other main room and that was all done up and interesting

Apart from this I really liked the food it was ok.

1 star rating
by Mayur Bhuta
24 days ago

We went to India Gate on 04/11/15. We ordered Malai Kofta, Paneer Pasandae and Naan. Both dishes were terrible! In fact so bad that we wanted to just get up and leave! Naan was dry and thin, not really worth the $3 they charge! I can’t even say that they were really busy and got it wrong this time because there were only 7 people at the restaurant including us 2! Added to this, our Naan came 5 minutes after the curries were served so the curries went a little cold! So service was crap! NEVER NEVER AGAIN! Ambiance is very tacky! Staff are polite. Perhaps only nice thing about this place.

4 star rating
by Flying Foodie
29 days ago

Nice place for Indian food. Cool decor and ambience. A large menu with variety. Food is overall nice. Staff is friendly and courteous. Service needs to be more consistent.

1 star rating
by Tosh
one month ago

I had quite a bad experience at India Gate, I wouldn't give it more than 1 stars, just for cleanliness because that was the only good thing about it. I went here for lunch with a friend today. First off the seating was horrible, we had to move twice. Second there was only one waiter in the restaurant who didn't even bother noting down our order, apparently he has a really good memory or so he thought. The food tasted less than average, I wouldn't pay that kind of money for food like that. Also the waiter with the very good memory forgot to bring us our drinks, as well as napkins and folks. We had to ask him to bring that stuff, then the drink arrived after I was done with my meal, I asked for lemonade, when I took a sip it was 7up, I called the waiter and told him its 7up and he went "No maam, its not 7up, its sprite" and I said but I asked for a lemonade and he said, yeah this is what we serve as lemonade because this is what people who come here like to have as lemonade!!! So disappointing, never going back!

1 star rating
by Farisha
3 months ago

Really had the worst Indian food here
We ordered dinner which took way so long
I ordered butter paneer which came not warm even forgot about hot
I asked a girl who served us for salt and she didn't came back had to ask another girl who straight away brought me some
The worst experience with customer service plus food . Not going there again!!!!

4 star rating
by Hemant Kaushal
3 months ago

Visited here for lunch..the ambiance reminds you of almost every Indian restaurant abroad but here it has been done up tastefully..

They have a wall of fame where famous personalities from Bollywood have put up their compliments and good wishes..

We ordered palak paneer, paneer kadhai, panchratni dal and breads..rice served complimentary with main course dishes I was cooked well and tasted was served hot..special mention for the dal as the tadka was awesome..

Would also like to compliment the staff, the bestiv seen in auckland till now..good luck..

1 star rating
by Gaurav Sehgal
4 months ago

I really had a bad experience at India Gate Restaurant, Epsom on 9th of July which was my birthday. I was their with my wife and friend to celebrate it.  We are a regular customer of India Gate Restaurant. As we say first impression lasts, we were shocked when we were been told that India gate will charge extra $5 to cut the cake.  I mean what an welcome for a loyal customer.  There were about 25-30 customers on that Thursday evening and to serve them there was only 1 guy and 1 lady who she said was Manager. They took about 25 mins just to take order. I mean this is just ridiculous, our night was spoiled with the service. Finally we were served dinner approx 35 mins after we ordered. Then we found that, there were no naan breads, we had been told that they are making it now and will take 10 more mins. We complained several times but nothing had happened. At last we received our naans which were burned from the side so had to return it again. Also found that the curry bowl was half empty. We complained this to Manager, she said sometimes it happen. We asked her to make it again as why we get the half bowl of curry when we paid the full amount. She seems to be unhappy with our request. Our dinner got spoiled till that time and we were planning to go somewhere else, at last we got our curry after 15 mins or so.On the top we were not compensated with anything else nor any concerns been shown by their staff. Food was pathetic as well as Customer service. I had organized a birthday party at India gate previously and was planning to organize a function at India Gate but thanks for the eye opener.  Really BAD BAD SERVICE. Shivani Ji  you need to get more staff rather then working on cost cutting during dinner time.

5 star rating
by Harpreet Kaur
5 months ago

India gate is one of the first Indian restaurant's in Auckland where I am always served with an authentic Indian taste that reminds of my home country. I visited today and I was served with amazing food which was just outstanding.. which makes me "mmmmm wowwww". It was sooo delicious that I may not be able to describe it in words. The staff service was excellent though it was busy I and my family was not ignored at all or there was no chance that I could complain. They all were really polite and friendly and did their level best they could do. I am really pleased and happy. I am happy to say it again and again that it was yummmmm :).. All thanks to management of India Gate restaurant that you have provided all Indian residents of Auckland the best Indian restaurant. I personally recommend everyone to visit and try it for once and you will make your visit regular for sure.....Cheers :)

5 star rating
by Tapan Amin
5 months ago

One of the best restaurant good food and good hospitality by young smart manager seems like Punjabi honestly everything was gud we been on last Thursday

4 star rating
by Kaushikc_32
5 months ago

Our friend had organised a birthday party for his kid here. Th food was nice especially the naan breads, they were soft and didn't have to spend much effort chewing them. The curries tasted nice would recommend the chicken tikka to everyone who visits that place. The ambiance was good but the space was quite open not a place for something romantic;).

1 star rating
by Sonam Kumar
6 months ago

Sitting here right now (Monday night) there's a party here right now it's like a night club when everyone else wants to eat they shouldn't open it to the public if they are going to throw a private function.

1 star rating
by Sujal Patel
6 months ago

Food not tasty. waited more almost hour to get main course. On asking ......replied sorry as having birth day party so having delay. What an excused.

1 star rating
by Zoyal Firoz
7 months ago

Not happy with the quality of food . Being Indian our parents took us there to experience something we couldn't make at home . Food was average . Service was poor as it was under staffed . The owners were sitting behind us but didn't bother helping with the service . Very poor and bad experience .

4 star rating
by Savio Valladares
8 months ago

India Gate is a good Indian restaurant to visit and serves some good flavours and has good value for money. Surely would recommend the Harabhara Kebabs from the starters and the veg platter is surely worth a try. Mains are good too but would give the Indian Chinese a miss as they lack consistency in flavours and at time be pretty strange if you are familiar with Indian ChineseThe weekend buffet for $15.00 is good value for money and offers a decent selection with hot naans served to the table. I personally enjoy the Boondi Raita that is served on the buffetThe ambience is pretty good for a catch up with friends of family and a good display of Indian celebs that have visited the restaurant. One drawback that this restaurant faces is lack of staff, quiet often staff are rushed and seem confused. There could be wait on meals dining when the restaurant is busy and this is not communicated by the staff. The manager is friendly and helpful and seems to be doing most of the work aroundWould surely recommend but try and visit when the restaurant just opens to miss the rush

2 star rating
by Shariful Hasan
9 months ago

Me and my wife have tried their lunch buffet on weekend. But it was totally tasteless to both of us. Its seemed that 15$ buffet is just to make stomach full !!!

4 star rating
by Peter Mondosae
11 months ago

Mains at only $9.90 represents good value. The food was good too. The service was okay but one complaint ... my Kingfish beer cost $13.50!!!! That would have to be the most expensive beer around. Next time I go I wont order the beer or will look at the drinks menu - perhaps the waitress should have told me that the beer was $13.50?

Will return again as close to home.

4 star rating
by Kershia
Nov 27, 2014

All I can say is the food was really nice. There was nobody to greet customers at the entrance and was a bit awkward as we had to walk up to the bar counter to get noticed. The lady who took our order seemed a bit distracted and didn't even ask for our drink orders. I had to stop her and say what we wanted to drink. Overall service was alright nothing fabulous but food was good.

2 star rating
by Raman Klair
Nov 05, 2014

so i went for dinner last wednesday with one of my friend, as we enter in their was no one to welcome or show us where to sit, after waiting for 5 min a lady came with the glasses on and showed us table, we were sitting in a fine dine places and expecting th professional service for what we came for and paying for it but their was no water on the server for like 10 min and then we tried to ask the lady and she grabbed the bottle from other table and put on ours, she gave some papadoms while she gave us the menu but unfortunately that was the worst i ever had, it seems like pre cooked and kept for long so they were really cold and started being a little soggy anyways that was a start and then we planned to have butter chicken and lamb rogan josh with garlic naan, the order was made mild to medium but taste like hot and the chicken was a bit raw that made both of us sick next day, and surprisingly the gravy was tasting almost the same in both dishes, complimentary rice was served cold, we ordered 2 naan but after we finished no one bother to ask if we need anything, their was a guy with turban who was walking around like a big boss but dot really care whats going on inside his place.

overall i will never ever go their in such a kind of fine dine place, and for sure never ever would recommend to any of my friends. i m really done 
thanks for giving me the worst experience i ever had...

2 star rating
by Sharuk Zubeen
Sep 13, 2014

My 40 the birthday organised by my wife ,start. Time 7:30 pm Saturday 13th September ,guest 22 people, first of attention wasn't there from beginning, entree starters were 30 minutes late got served at 8pm.mains were delivered at 9 .10 pm after 45 minutes food came like this 2 rice 1 naan 2lamb vindaloo 22 guest really crap under staffed no management organisation really my wife was very upset and my guest please don't go to this pethetic restaurant its just waste of money and time my wife was chasing them up to refill and half the she was running to get food go back to India and learn your service you spoiling the name

1 star rating
by TonyR
Sep 02, 2014

This place used to be excellent a few months back. But lately, it's really gone downhill. I really am at a loss to know what's happened - maybe new chefs. After three total disappointments in as many weeks, including an extremely mild Vindaloo that was more like a lightly seasoned casserole (WTF?) and a completely inedible, tasteless but way over-salted butter chicken (the first one I had was epic - the best I've ever had) we won't be returning.

We really thought we'd found the ultimate curry spot. Alas, it was not to be. The search resumes. Extremely disappointing.

3 star rating
by Riddhi
Jun 07, 2014

Went for the Sunday lunch buffet which was surprisingly empty. We went in as the price seemed good and came out satisfied, but not ecstatic. Wasn't too happy about the cheap canteen looking plates which really ruined the beautiful decor and appearance of the restaurant. The dishes they had on offer was Lamb Rogan Josh, a paneer dish, chilli chicken, daal and kheer for dessert. Frankly the lamb was the only dish that was above average, but still not amazingly different. This place is a typical indian restaurant, and from the buffet menu does not seem to be anything out of the ordinary.

1 star rating
by Fiona Jeffcoat
May 04, 2014

So disappointed ... took the extended family for the Sunday lunch buffet for my son's 13th birthday and was embarrassed by what was on offer. Even the paper cloth had smears of gravy on it before we started and one of the staff in the background stood there ironing table cloths. The plates were metal trays like in a very cheap canteen. Hardly a special & welcoming atmosphere. I wish we'd left then but having seen so many good reviews I thought the food would more than make up for it, wrong! The only meat dish was a butter chicken full of bones including a long stringy neck I got in my first mouthful, ugh. A lamb rogan josh was brought out shortly before we left. Poppadoms and pakora tasty but terribly oily compared to others we've had. Only vege curry was a palak paneer which if you are not a real cottage cheese and spinach fan isn't good. Very watery daahl. We've eaten a lot of Indian food overseas and in NZ including in our local suburb which are far far superior. A total disappointment especially after all the rave reviews. Hard to believe it's the same place.

5 star rating
by James Dewar
Mar 27, 2014

Great tasting food, great portions, excellent service all equals fantastic value.

I am a veteran Indian food campaigner. I've enjoyed Indian food in Santiago, New York, Dubai, Edinburgh, Sydney, Casablanca, Cairo, London, Hong Kong, to name some of the best experiences. In India I've tried Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Trivandrum, Goa, Pune and Delhi.

India Gate might not be the best at any single dish but believe me, they offer one of the best eclectic performances out there!

Great value, great food great service!

5 star rating
by Donna Sayers
Mar 05, 2014

My husband and I are total curry addicts and over the years we have tried EVERY Indian restaurant in Auckland. For a long time now we have never been 100% happy with our local Indian restaurants - until we discovered India Gate!! The food there is absolutely devine and so reasonably priced. We have never been disappointed with our meal. Plus they do free delivery and are always very punctual. We really want these guys to do well because their food, pricing and service is totally faultless. Couldn't recommend them more highly!!

Donna & Andrew (Remuera)

4 star rating
by Robert Thompson
Feb 28, 2014

Consistently good. Child friendly and fairly authentic food only a little bit dumbed down for NZ plebians. However possibly the best value for money Indian cuisine in Auckland.

3 star rating
by Kulbhushan Joshi
Jan 29, 2014

I have eaten at India Gate 3 times and my experience is pretty much the same for each time.

The venue is ok for functions. Maybe because there are not many options. But I feel it can be so much better for a venue.

The food is good but only if it is served hot and eaten immediately otherwise give it 15 minutes and then it may be edible. Dining of the ala carte menu is plausible but as mentioned above needs to be eaten at the moment, functions menu seems like a rushed job and maybe trying to get the good covered for everyone other than focusing on the quality and taste of the food also.

5 star rating
by Cammy
Jan 09, 2014

India gate is honestly the best Indian restruant I have ever been to, it's even better than all the Indian restruants in Melbourne. First of all the food is delicious. I deffinlety recommend getting the lanb korma even though all of the food is great.
Next the service is fantastic. We even got greeted at the door. Once we ordered, the food was ready in no less than ten minutes. The staff are all verry friendly and should be recognised for their great service and their great food. For $9.90 for a main, India gate is affordable and a great place to eat out at from Monday to Thursday and with anyone.

1 star rating
by Hariharan Mangalam
Jan 01, 2014

I tried their lunch buffet and there is only one word to describe it "Rubbish".

4 star rating
by Priyanka
Dec 28, 2013

Hello people India gate is one of the popular restaurant around Auckland where indian celebrities such as Abhishek Bachchan Bappi etc goes for private conference and have food there I went there for a family birthday party I must say as soon as I entered I was awestruck by the lighting the decoration was suitable according to the event. I would recommend people to throw their parties there because the space is quite big and it has a stage which people can perform and a projector for business causes .

Their food is amazing the starter was great and it filled me up as it's was a buffet I would say this is one of the successful restaurant that's provides buffets according to everyone's taste in the family and they consider about our likings and allergies the main course is really good but not as good as the starter. Still I would say people have different taste so I would say people go and taste their food you might like it more than me and one more thing their vegetarian curries are lip smacking like the malai koftas and this other dish I fell in love with but I can't remember the name I think it's butter paneer

my favourite main course is butter chicken it's good it's not the spicy or sweet it's perfect and one of the starter is their chaat and chutney I love I'm more a chaat person so yes I love it

As I'm a teenager I would say this a little above average I mean it's a great place to throw events great catering and presentation is good so folks go see if you agree with me

5 star rating
by Jacqui Michael
Dec 27, 2013

My family love this restaurant. We had no problems getting a table and the service was fast, and the staff helpful and friendly. The menu selection was excellent and the food was simply delicious with succulent meat and generous proportions. This is brilliant value for money. We totally recommend India Gate and will be coming back regularly from now on.

4 star rating
by Mere Jesse
Dec 23, 2013

My sister raved on about this place and finally took me there last Wednesday. Frankly the food is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! The waitresses that served us were very efficient and friendly.
It being my first time, one waitress even suggested a dish which was new to me, Chicken Karahi, most enjoyable. The appetizer platter and the portions of the mains were bigger than expected with the added complimentary rice, so I took the rest home in a doggy bag – yes, you can mock but only an idiot would leave behind delicious food….
I tend to always check out the interior and bathroom. I found the décor to be tastefully dressed in beautiful cultural theme. The bathroom was finished to a high standard.
With the exception of a dirty knife, which was quickly replaced, I will definitely go back and recommend this place to anyone wanting to enjoy a fantastic meal and good service without the fine dining price.

5 star rating
by Chrissy
Nov 28, 2013

I had a really good time with friends there over the last few months. The food was out of this world, freshly made, and all of the flavors one would expect from a first class Indian establishment. I eat out a lot and this is simply the best. Not interested in the drinks dept as I was there for the wonderful food. The Madras lamb and chicken perfect as were the sides.
Service was excellent. I will return down south and really miss them.

2 star rating
by Sam Anand
Aug 04, 2013

This is a 'typical, average, tired' restaurant....staff are not motivated and the food is palatable but not the kind of place I'd go back to have a good relaxed evening...the bar is below average and does not stock anything more than a 'normal' brand of liquor too. Nothing exciting!

4 star rating
by Jason Prendergast
Jul 30, 2013

Went there last Saturday without expectation. Most Indian food in NZ sucks as commerical companies deliver their products everywhere and I'll bet most places just heat them up. Not India Gate! I had the Lamb Madras and it actually tasted like a spicy, fresh Lamb Madras instead of a canned soup. My friend had a fantastic rogan josh too. They obviously make the food fresh and provide reasonable value for money in an authentic atmosphere.

Jason Prendergast

5 star rating
by Rob Cameron
Jul 14, 2013

After a suggestion from a Taxi driver we tried India Gate Takeaways. If you love Indian food but are bored to tears with the offering at most Indian joints then you should definitely try India Gate.

The best Rogan josh I've tasted, and the dal's amazing. Interesting menu with what feels like genuine authenticity, with the ubiquitous crowd pleasers also but I'm sure they are top notch as well!

Can't wait in dine in!

5 star rating
by Naz Hussein
Jun 28, 2013

Have been here a few times, the first couple of times service was their let down, but has seemed to have improved a smile can go a long way. The food is without a doubt amazing. Have been when they have the specials and quantity of food is very good. Biryani quantities could be improved,but without a doubt best biryani in Auckland. All in all great place! Will visit again soon, thanks for endeavouring to keep up the service India gate!

1 star rating
by Kandeepan S.S.Nathan
Jan 31, 2013

Terrible service @ Indian Gate – On previous occasions the Biryani was one of the best I've had but on my recent visit for my birthday on Tuesday (29/01), the food and service was highly disappointed!!!

Food – Tried couple of different Naan & Chicken Karahi ... They were fresh and mouth watering but the Biryani was shocking !!! 3rd grade tiny cooked yellow rice covered few blanched tasteless stone cold chicken pieces. Absolutely guttered and this is not what I was expecting from Indian Gate. There were no herbs & spices or vegetables as described on the Menu !!!

Service – Restaurant was so quiet and there was only 2 tables occupied but took nearly an hour to deliver our food. The stewardess (apparently the manager on duty) was disengaged and reluctant to help. A small request for refilling our carafe of water, turned into the most disgusting service I have experienced being a hospitality professional. Replacing with the other tables used water after they had left, was inexcusable and unhygienic.

Deserts not offered and upon leaving, the cashier did not fully acknowledged my comments. I hope in the future your quality of food and service improves and is consistent with the “fine Indian dining” you are promoting.

5 star rating
by Diana Hetherington-James
Nov 19, 2012

I have ordered takeaways from here multiple times in the last 2 years. the gentleman who does the deliveries is very nice. The food is excellent, I would highly recommend. The cheap Mon-Thurs meals is a bargain, and delicious. I love this place!

5 star rating
by Neil Dicholkar
Oct 25, 2012

We had India Gate to cater for our child's 5th Birthday Party. The food was simply immaculate. India Gate delivered to their promise. The food taste and quality was more than expected. Our guests were amazed to have such a great food experience outside India. You guys have set the bar really high. Keep up the good work. Highly recommend.

5 star rating
by Ted Erskine-Legget
Oct 24, 2012

Excellent food and excellent service. Despite arriving within half an hour of closing time, we were made to feel welcome and were under no pressure to finish our meal quickly. We will certainly come again and will pass on the good news to our friends.

5 star rating
by Mandi Van Eeden
Oct 09, 2012

I have written a review on this place before, but I think it is high time to do so again.
India Gate offers cheap meals during the week, MON - THURS
about $10. Ever heard of cheap and nasty? This place is anything but> Their food is so yummy and their portions are generous. I think it will be difficult for me to ever go to any other Indian Restaurant again.
It's never too busy and it's a good service. If you ask for medium you get served medium unlike other places that makes the food to spicy.

I truly love the food there and will return as often as I can afford to<
Ample FREE parking as an extra bonus, and reasonably central and on main bus routes.

----- 25 Oct, 2011 -----
Went there on Sat 22 Oct. Had a deal voucher that allowed any main rice and a naan. I rang for a booking and was greeted by a very friendly lady. No hassle with our booking. when we arrived there was a wedding function in the room next door but no bother to us regarding noise. But had a young 6 or 7 year old wedding guest that kept on running round and round our table. We ordered the food from a very very friendly nice waitress.
Our food arrived after about 30min and it was FANTASTIC!! I ordered boti masala, the best curry I have every had in my life! My partner had a vegetarian paneer dish and she also loved it. The portions were so generous, the meat was tender and tasty. This has become my favorite Indian restaurant, best is we just live around the corner!

5 star rating
by Natasha
Oct 05, 2012

My family and I thoroughly enjoyed the meal! I love Indian food..but it has to be great!!!
The waiters throughout the night were wonderful and helpful:).
I would definitely go back! Recommended to all:). Keep up the good work guys:)

5 star rating
by Hungry Hungry Hippo
Sep 28, 2012

My colleague and I had an excellent time at India Gate. The food was immaculate and the flavours of both the Starters and the Mains were explosive. What we really loved the most was the excellent customer service - every 15 mins the Manager would come around and check on the Diners to see if we/they needed anything else. The food, the soft light atmosphere and the service is a huge 10 out of 10. I will be going back with a bigger party next time.

3 star rating
by Erica Foodie
Sep 13, 2012

Good food, friendly waiters/waitresses, nice decor, affordable pricing. Simply do not understand the policy you have about not allowing your dine in customers to get their leftover rice packed up in a takeaway container. The only explanation is that you use the leftover rice for other customers. If not, wouldn't you rather give the rice away to those who want it instead of throwing it away? Please explain.

3 star rating
by Anita M.
Sep 11, 2012

Food & atmosphere was really good and very reasonably priced. Only negative feedback is we were told that we could not takeaway rice they provided with the curry as the rice is complimentary. I found this very odd as we had at least half of bowl of rice remaining. I really hope they don't re use their rice!

5 star rating
by Fred
Aug 11, 2012

I discovered this restaurant two weeks back and have already been three times! There are four other Indian restaurants I go to - but the food here tops them all! Very authentic, not "watered down" for Euro tastebuds. Many Indians choose to dine here, which is a signal of it's quality. As well as the excellent food, when one considers the special on mains Mon-Thurs - then this is doubtless the best value Indian in Auckland. Staff courteous and non intrusive. Warm surroundings.

1 star rating
by S.p
Apr 26, 2012

We went to India gate because we were hearing good things about it on an Indian radio station Humm FM, so we thought we will go and try this new place from our usual Indian Restaurant.

We went in and the place did not seem busy as I thought as it was a Tuesday and they have $9.90 mains. We were sited at a table with nothing at the table. After 5mins were given the menus and then after another 10mins were asked if you would like any drinks. We placed our order with another waiter after asking two other waiters that we are ready to order. She took our order in her head, no notepad or anything.

We had to be at the airport to drop someone off and during the time our meal was getting ready we asked two different staff that we had to be somewhere and asked how long the food will take. None of them came back with a answer. When asked the owner as he was there, he said it's coming.

After 45mins for waiting for our food we just decided to leave and then the plates show up on the table. We did not have any food from there as we only had 15mins to eat if we ever got it.

Very bad customer service indeed but not sure about the taste of the food. Shame on you!!! Fine Indian dining, yeah right.

4 star rating
by Sandip Prakasam
Feb 22, 2012

Went over to India gate on Wednesday night as they had a special $ 9.90 for most mains. It took a while for the food to arrive, however, the taste was ecstatic.

The chicken Karachi was the best - its an in house special.
the service was really good, the waiter was very courteous and polite.

Overall - it was a great experience except for the time it took for the food to be prepared. 4/5 - will definitely visit again.

4 star rating
by Nicky
Feb 14, 2012

I went to India Gate on a Thursday night to get the $10 curries.

Service was great, and curries were delicious.

I had a medium buttered chicken, but it was definitely on the hot side for a medium, that was ok though, I enjoy spicy food.

The only strange thing was that we asked to take our left over curries home (there was a decent amount left over). I also asked if I could have the barely touched bowl of rice that was left too. I was told that I wasn't able to have the rice, only the curries to take home! This was confusing to me, I mean, if it was going to go to waste, why couldn't I have the rice? are they going to re- use it for the next customer? Very strange I thought.

Anyway, other than that, my friends and I enjoyed our curry (and potentially re-used rice left over from someone else. Lol!)

5 star rating
by Tommy Coleman
Feb 11, 2012

I work near the location of India Gate and decided to walk in during the lunch special times. The waiter was nice and showed me around right away and ask me if I'd like any drinks. The waitress was also nice. I ordered the butter chicken and I have tried alot of butter chicken but this one of the best. 5 stars and hope to try new things on my lunch break in the future.

4 star rating
by Adeline Mane
Dec 20, 2011

Great service I had my wedding there and the food and service was very nice the layout and lights. All my family and Friends had a wonderful time I would defiantly recommend indiagate for nice family evening out or an occasion. Adeline Mane

5 star rating
by John.cena
Oct 28, 2011

Went about couple of days before and was welcomed with an awesome atmosphere, with beautiful music in the background and the staff with excellent customer service. Had gone with few friends and were really hungry. When we ordered food told them to give it fast out as we were starving. Within 10 to 15mins the food came out with a beautiful aroma and taste. We all truly loved the food and is the best Indian restaurant I have been too. The drinks we ordered were a bit warm while we wanted them chilled. Except for that minute problem, me and my friends had a lovely experience and have definitely become their lifelong customers. :) Thank you Indiagate for the brilliant food, customer service and atmosphere.

5 star rating
by Carol Frisby-Shilton
Oct 12, 2011

We received a very well presented flyer in our letterbox. We ordered a variety of starters and mains - the food was simply delightful and delicious - each dish had its own very unique flavours and aromas. It is very well priced - we took advantage of the Monday-Wednesday main meal special. Very refreshing as some of our local eating establishments variety and presentation can be average. Will definitely order from there again! Well done!

3 star rating
by Nathaniel
Sep 30, 2011

Some flyers had been delivered to our place of business and the lunch deal seemed like great value. Curry, rice, naan and a soft drink for only $10. Great deal right? I'm all for supporting local businesses, so I went around the office and found a couple of people to eat with me. I drove to pick it up, and upon completing the purchase I asked which drinks were available. I was told that drinks were not included in the lunch special if it was to be taken away. I looked at the flyer once more, and read it aloud. Monday to Friday, Dine in or Take away, Curry, rice, naan and a soft drink all for $10. I was told that there were conditions which apply to the whole menu, and I was shown a small note on the front which said '*Conditions apply'.

The butter chicken we ordered was pretty good, and it was still good value regardless of the drink not being included. However, I feel I was mislead. I'm not sure I would have taken the time to find some coworkers to order with me, and then have driven 5 minutes to pick it up, if I had known that it would have cost me $13 in total after I purchased a bottle of drink for everyone from a nearby dairy.

The sad reality is that this is a great way to lose potential customers, and not the way a recently opened business should be operating.

Also, we had asked for one mild, one medium and one hot dish, but when we sat down to eat we saw nothing to indicate which dish was which.

2 star rating
by Juno J
Aug 23, 2011

We thought we'd give this place a go, as we often drive past it and we are always on the lookout for new places to eat.

We wandered in and were a bit confused by the conflicting signs for 'walk-ins' pointing us in two directions, with the most obvious way blocked by a big barrel. The restaurant is obviously set up for functions, with a couple of smaller areas set aside for 'walk-ins'. The initial effect of the restaurant was that it was cold (it was winter), bright and lacking in atmosphere. We felt as though we were entering a barn.

We hovered at the entrance for some time waiting for someone to come and take us to a table; initially we wondered if there was a private function on as there was nobody around to help us, although there were three tables occupied in the main function area.

India Gate does not do things quickly. We had to wait for our menu to arrive as well. The waitress seemed quite sweet, and initially seemed quite onto-it, but after taking our order and disappearing for about 10 minutes she came back and asked us to repeat it. She did have a good knowledge of the ingredients in the dishes though, which was encouraging.

The food was similarly slow in coming. We wanted a small meal, so ordered the Hara Bhara for an entree to share, plus the Mattar Mushroom and the Veg Manchurian. We had been there for about an hour by the time our mains arrived. Two of the other three tables had already received their meals when we arrived, so they weren't rushed off their feet. Notwithstanding that, the waiters still managed to confuse the tables, and we never did get the second glass of water we requested.

The food was average. We asked for 'hot' and would really have called it 'medium'. The Hara Bhara were really lovely but the Mattar Mushroom seemed to have been made with canned mushrooms and the dumplings in the Veg Manchurian tasted stale and stodgy.

4 star rating
by Food Voyeur
Jun 18, 2011

The chicken tikka masala was gorgeous. Loved the chunky pieces of onion and green pepper. Loaded with tender chicken. Hugely flavoursome. Beautiful soft garlic naan.
I had to knock a star off, because we ordered MILD palak paneer, and received HOT palak paneer. Sadly I couldn't eat it, as my palate just can't cope. My partner managed to consume it, but wasn't really able to enjoy it because it was not mild enough for him to taste the flavours, not just the heat, either. (I always order mild palak paneer, wherever I am dining out on Indian around the country, and I've never experienced a version even half as hot! So it was definitely a mistake on the part of the kitchen or ordering process!!!) :(

Apart from that however, when we went in to collect the takeaway, the venue looked like it would be amazing for a function.

Would purchase tikka masala again, I would just be super clear about my heat-requirements!