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India Today Bistro & Tandoor

4 star rating 25 reviews

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06 7699117

40 Devon St East, New Plymouth Central, New Plymouth

  North Indian, Indian
Mon - Fri 11:30am - 2pm, 5pm - 11pm Sat - Sun 5pm - 11pm

Reviews for India Today Bistro & Tandoor

1 star rating
by Chirag Bharucha
2 months ago

I visited "India Today" for lunch this afternoon, was just passing by with two of my friends and saw a board outside and felt like having some curry. The board had the price for goat curry as $12.99 and went in and ordered it. The portion size was as it is small and when i went for billing they charged me $20 as on the menu the price for the curry was this. When i asked the waiter about the board outside, it seemed to me that he didn't know about that at first and then he just said that you have to mention it while ordering the meal (I think that's so stupid). But then i paid him $20 as its not a big amount. Anyways the food didn't seem worth it.

5 star rating
by Sarah Sharman
4 months ago

Beautiful restaurant, welcoming and conscientious staff, warm atmosphere and most of all, fantastic food! Two very different but equally delicious vegetarian curries, bursting with flavour which we would highly recommend! Overall, a fantastic evening out at a high quality Indian restaurant.

5 star rating
by Mark Christopher
4 months ago

Really nice food try the Mango lassi really awesome. Food is worth the money spent really friendly staff the restaurant has been there for many years. Nice spot to hangout to have a good North Indian food.

2 star rating
by Imrran Akbanni
7 months ago

Not so good choices on the menu
Really crowded and noisy
Not a very gd choice to hv an Indian meal
Could improve on their service and seating

4 star rating
by Murdina
8 months ago

Great indian restaurant

5 star rating
by Kevin Breedveld
10 months ago

Still my favourite Indian restaurant. Very consistent dishes here. We have eaten here for lunch, dinner, big groups and takeaways. Think in all the years they have been open the only issue I ever had was a missing bread on a takeaway. I like we have so many Indian restaurants now in New Plymouth but Indian Today will remain the one to come back to, time and time again

5 star rating
by Ann Jones
Mar 28, 2014

We were spending one night in New Plymouth passing through on our way to visit friends. We were trying to find somewhere open to eat (Monday evening) and not having much joy. We saw this restaurant but not being a particular lover of indian food, I was reluctant to try it. However, as we stood outside reading the menus a lovely chap spoke to us, asked what sort of food we liked and explained the dishes he thought we might like from the menu. We decided to take a chance and went in. What a lovely meal it was, couldn't fault it, it was delicious. The service was excellent, and the price reasonable for such a lovely restaurant. It certainly changed my mind about Indian food and if we are ever passing through here again will certainly eat there. We are from the UK, so it may be a year or two! Many thanks to Sonny for helping us choose 2 lovely dishes.

5 star rating
by Ashvin Govind
Jun 10, 2013

Visiting New Plymouth over night for work and was recommended to India Today. I must say - it was a brilliant experience

After being ushered to the table I chose, I surveyed the menu looking for a specific item I've been craving for quite some time, Paneer Jalfrezi. Unfortunately it wasn't on the menu, so when the waiter came to take my order, I asked him if they were able to make one - without having to check, he assured me that they would. I ordered, Paneer Jalfrezi, Roti and Mango Lassi. All of which were brilliant. The Paneer Jalfrezi was on par with the one which I used to have 10 years ago at How Cow Restaurant in Wellington (since changed to Yellow Chilli).

Atmosphere wise - There were maybe 10 people in there when I arrived, so wasn't too loud and the music was set at an appropriate volume. Even after some time, as takeaway customers and additional diners entered, the noise didn't get loud at all.

The restaurant is quite decked out and they clearly have put in the effort to decorate

Very enjoyable evening :-)

5 star rating
by Dave Shegedin
Oct 28, 2012

For my Fiftieth birthday my wife,daughters and I visited India Today this evening. The whole dining experience was outstanding. Nothing was too much trouble,the staff were polite,friendly and smiling...very welcoming.I very much enjoyed everything we ate ,in particular my Beef Madras which was beautiful. I was given a complimentary dessert with a candle on top..very tasty..a nice and unexpected touch! The Mango Lassi was delicious. The service was excellent with a waiter usually on the ball or very close by if you needed one. All of the food came promptly and the portion sizes were good. All in all a very pleasant experience at a very reasonable price. I look forward to returning to India Today!!

4 star rating
by Paul Dower
Oct 10, 2012

The service and food at India Today are always reliable. For a curry in New Plymouth couldn't recommend them highly enough.

3 star rating
by Kim S
Mar 14, 2012

We always choose india today for our curries lately we have been finding them not quite hot enough dont no if a chef has changed or not otherwise yum

5 star rating
by Ailsa Mitchell
Mar 14, 2012

We had takeout on this visit. Which was beautiful. Hubby had the korma and I had the saag chicken. The cheese garlic naan is to die for. The roti was just the way it should be brushed with butter.
Next time in New Plymouth will be sure to book a table and eat in.

5 star rating
by Louise
Feb 14, 2012

We have been here for dinner several times and it has always been excellent. The customer service has always been flawless, the staff are friendly and polite, accommodating and attentive. The food is very delicious but the customer service is what made me give the restaurant five stars. I also like the decoration of the restaurant - its all India! I especially like the Bollywood films playing quietly on a screen above the entrance, it always makes me smile and dance a little in my seat. On a Friday night the place fills up and creates a really great atmosphere. The Tandoori chicken is awesome. Several times we have come here without a booking and had to leave disappointed so now we always book if its the weekend.

5 star rating
by Jenna Rowe
Aug 02, 2011

Very yummy! Great tasting food and great service, the wait staff are a great help and willing to please. The decor really gives the place a great vibe. Im looking forward to my next visit (and my next serving of chicken tikka!)

5 star rating
by Coo Kay
Jun 19, 2011

YUM! Awesome place, wonderful service, great with young kids too. Food is very tasty and portions are generous. Dined here for dinner recently and had murg lbadar which was delicious. A very enjoyable dining experience :-)

4 star rating
by Olga Geurts
Mar 10, 2011

have not dined in, but takeaways are wonderful and tasty. Big portions. Would like to dine in sometime.

Went for dinner for 8 the other night. The staff was very friendly and helpful, beautiful colourful clothes and atmosphere. Very nice wine on wine list. The food was outstanding and big portions. Would come back again to dine in.

5 star rating
by Emma
Jan 27, 2011

Outstanding overall dining experience.
The food is exquisite and the service is unbeatable.
It is our first choice whenever we choose to eat out.
Very personable staff and we have never been disappointed.

5 star rating
by Janine Lundt
Nov 23, 2010

Our family can not fault this Indian Restaurant, it is by far our Favourite when choosing where to go for a family meal. It is de-lish, thanks to Sonny & Jessie you have created an awesome place full of experience and flavour.

5 star rating
by Kate
Oct 21, 2010

Beautiful food and people, a real experience, kids love it to. they cater to any needs and requests.

1 star rating
by Eilidh Stringer
Mar 31, 2010

CHECK YOUR RECEIPT. Even if its only a couple of dollars, if they are doing this to half their customers (2 from our table of 4)then they are making quite a few easy extra bucks.
Only the chocolate naan bread in the lunch menu is saving this restaurant from a 1 star (Update Jan 2011 - No more chocolate naan on menu!) Fine for Indian, but nothing exciting. Good for groups if not busy, but can be cramped at a long central table if the surrounding tables are full, and the table gets crowded quickly. Try the sister restaurant Pankawalla for something different and more spacious.

1 star rating
by Paul
Mar 04, 2009

Very Average - Waited for nearly 2 hours for our table of 4 to be served out meals. Meals were ok/average - cant comment on how the beverages were as we did not get offered any.

2 star rating
by Craig Stewart
Feb 25, 2009

Well have dined previously and it wasn't bad at all, quite good in fact. Had a chicken korma this time; a little on the average side of things unfortunately. Obviously not the nicest cuts of chicken being used (at 16 bucks why not ay?)as they just weren't moist and beautiful as they should have been and sauce was just too creamy or on the creamy side consistency wise; if anything I felt the sauce could have been cooked out longer! I thought a korma was mostly cashew & yoghurt with a limited amount of coconut milk in some cases? oh well, the garlic naan was great, poppadums were very good decor inside absolutely beautiful I must say, very authentic which is why I expected the real deal with my curry; have they got a white guy in the kitchen or something? i daren't at this point try their biryani but will go back probably play it safe with a butter chicken!

5 star rating
by Modz
Sep 11, 2008

We love India Today, the restaurant has a very nice atmosphere, the staff are very prompt and professional and you can even get take aways. Always satisfied, highly recommende.

5 star rating
by Jayu
Sep 07, 2008

Fantastic food with fantastic service and atmosphere, right on the money.

5 star rating
by J Miller
Apr 24, 2008

Very delish, the only Indian restaurant we eat at now.