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204 Jervois Road, Herne Bay, Auckland

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11:30 AM to 2:30 PM, 5 PM to 10:30 PM


Reviews for Indian Kitchen

4 star rating
by Tanushree Sharma Katyal
2 months ago

I have to say that taste wise the food has improved a lot after their new manager started . Definitely recommended and if u r an Indian do tell them that u prefer Indian style cooking. Love their malai kofta and chicken tikka masala. Keep it up guys .

4 star rating
by Frank
5 months ago

Simply great Indian food with attentive service. I had the lamb korma, garlic naan and rice and unfortunately it was just so tasty with the right balance of heat that I managed to overstuff myself :-) They have plenty of seating, a nice Bollywood background music and good kids menus. Definitely one of my favourite Indian places, and the best one on Jervois Rd. The garlic naan was sensational.....

3 star rating
by Sukriti.B
9 months ago

Quite recently my family had organised a birthday celebration dinner here. The staff were considerate enough to reserve the back room just for us as we were a large group and let us decorate the area with a few balloons and streamers (blu-tacked on the windows). They catered well and were quite friendly. The dinner began with the sizzling platters, which always create a great buzz. Yet, the non-veg platter lacked meat pieces and veg samosas were sneakily mixed in there too. The main dishes had the right amount of spice level for everyone and overall the dishes were average. The Malai Kofta was the most delicious and was a hit with everyone.
It was a shame that the non-veg mains again didn't have enough meat pieces. We also asked twice for some of the dishes to be reheated yet were blatantly refused by the waitress.
Overall, great space and atmosphere. They were accommodating (to an extent) and we got the sense they were really glad we were leaving towards the end of the night though. Also, keep an eye on sneaky surcharge on BYO as we got charged more than what was opened.

5 star rating
by Caroline Kelly
10 months ago

I have to recommend this place as we had an exceptional experience tonight. We rocked up with 12 people including 3 under 3. The wait staff were super helpful in accommodating us and super friendly and thoughtful. Our food was so beautiful with our English visitors saying it was the best Indian they had ever had. Our waitress was super efficient and the kids adored her and her thoughtfulness. As well as this the value was beyond none! Such a perfect place to entertain a large group. Delicious food, great value and brilliant staff. This is now our local.

4 star rating
by Angus Galloway
Apr 01, 2014

I eat a lot of Indian food from all regions and cook it at home 2 or 3 times a month.

Last week we got Takeaways from here: Lamb Saag, Garlic Chicken, Aloo Mutter - all ordered medium - and Naan.

The curries were really very good. Each showed a distinctive flavour and were well spiced. Perhaps the saag could have had a little more kick but I guess they have to suit all palates. The naan was great too, especially the garlic.

We had to wait 10 minutes but it was sure worth it. I'm definitely going back.

1 star rating
by Joshua Flemming
Feb 04, 2014

This is a terrible Indian restaurant - below average food and the service is shockingly poor.

I went there last week with my friends - the order was taken wrong - poor English I am guessing - the new owner (with no smile) looked least interested in customers .

The place looks to have done up with new look. However, when I had visited this place last year it had more warmth to it - there were smiling staff and had a real good lady owner/manager who was real nice to interact with . I had recommended this place to few friends then.

But now please save yourself from a disaster experience.

2 star rating
by Lilly
Jan 19, 2014

The food is worth the $10 they previously charged 7 days per week. We have been getting the food takeaway every week for a while, as at this price the huge chunks of raw onion and sparse, sometimes dry chicken was easily overlooked. I am disappointed that as regulars we were not informed of the price increase to $15 on all but three days - the food is sadly not quite tasty enough to pay more than $10 so we'll be going back to ordering in Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays only.

5 star rating
by Niamh Ryan
Oct 05, 2013

I ordered a takeaway for collection and will definitely be making this my local Indian. The menu was out of date that I found online so when I rang this was explained to me but they said they could do it for me no problem. The food was delicious. Really fresh ingredients, not oily at all. Naan was really good, obviously made fresh. We had the vindaloo, and handi meat with a garlic naan. For only $10 for a main including rice it was great value too. Friendly staff upon collection too. I will definitely be back.

1 star rating
by Malcolm Smith
Aug 29, 2013

Tried this place because I purchased a deal voucher which was for an 'Indian Meal for two at Indian Kitchen for $29'. So I went with my girlfriend and was told that the voucher entitled us to the sizzling mixed platter for entree, two curry mains with rice, and naan bread.

We chose the Prawn Malabari $18.99 and the large Fish Tikka $23.50 for our mains but was told we would have to pay extra because these were seafood dishes (even though there was no mention on the voucher of this). We agreed to pay extra for seafood as the normal mains are around $18 so we assumed the extra would be the difference which worked out at $4.50 plus corkage for one bottle of BYO wine which we brought with us.

However when I paid, I was charged $41.50 extra! When I queried this, I was told 'well we told you you'd have to pay extra for seafood' and they were insistent that I pay the full price of both mains. So I ended up being well overcharged and it would have been cheaper without using a voucher.

So be warned. These people will mislead and dishonestly overcharge you. Avoid this place!

3 star rating
by Gary Marshall
Jan 17, 2013

Went on a Saturday night .
All went well and we sat outside so was pleasant on Jervois rd .
Service was fine and we enjoyed the food . We had a range of dishes and was normal Indian . All good for another time .

4 star rating
by Claire
Oct 22, 2012

Tried this place with a deal voucher. The place is in the middle of a renovation so the restaurant was looking a bit cold. Aside from that the service was good and the curries we had were the best we had had in a while, as was the garlic naan!

4 star rating
by James
Oct 02, 2012

Tried this place with Deal Voucher. The place looked a bit too simple/plain and doesn't really have the Indian feel to it. However, the food and service was really really good. Will definitely go back again :-)

3 star rating
by Amy Tanabe
Aug 29, 2012

I've been a couple of times now since the Lunch Deal of $10.90 is pretty good. Alas, all the curries all taste very similar. The naan is usually quite nice and so is the rice, but overall it's nothing special.

5 star rating
by Grace O'Reilly
Aug 18, 2012

My partner and I went here last night with our deal voucher. I was a bit nervous as I had checked out the reviews here and saw that some bad ones had been posted lately. But I'm really glad I decided to take my chances, because we were really, really happy with our experience. The staff were friendly and attentive, and the food was amazing! We ordered paneer makhni and shahi paneer - both incredibly delicious and the texture of the paneer was perfect (sometimes it can be a bit dry or rubbery, but ours was soft and creamy). Definitely recommended, especially for vegetarians!

1 star rating
by Andre Wilson
Jun 20, 2012

My brother and his wife had booked the function room for about 40 guests well in advance, for their wedding lunch. As we arrived the restaurant was dead. A lot of guests had already arrived and their orders were taken. We noticed they had only one waitress taking orders. Our orders were taken I would have to say the service was appalling, no "hi, how are you?" no smile, she was very rude, we were rushed with our orders. Meals started arriving one at a time, I could not believe they were yelling out orders! Wow rude is that, one person at our table got their meal, there was 6 at our table, then a 20 minute break more meals started arriving, still being yelled out, guests arriving after us got their meals first, my nephew was the last to get his meal, which was only a butter chicken, add to that we had to ask where his meal was. I would not dine there again, food was not that great. I will not be recommending this place to any of my friends or family, word by mouth goes a long way.

1 star rating
by Ray Gilbert
Jun 19, 2012

Having visited before and enjoyed the experience, we were bitterly disappointed this time. The food was not even hot (in temperature), the naan and roti were soggy and inedible. This time we were using a deal voucher and maybe they resented this. If so then why offer the deal? Never again!

5 star rating
by Patricia Miriam Clapham
Jun 19, 2012

Delicious food, great service, excellent prices.
Group of 50 have just had an excellent lunch.
Highly recommended not only for the $10.99 lunches but the evening meal and takeaway service.
A real plus as a restaurant and has become a real favorite in the community

1 star rating
by Monish Narayan
Jun 19, 2012

Last week saturday 18th JUNE 2012, me and my partner, as we are newly wedded, booked a table for around 30 pax, all went ok as our guests were coming individually taking their own time. The resturant manager started to take our orders, to add further, I worked in hospitality for over 10 years, and I know how it works out, it was a disaster because, nothing was organised, just the manager running around like a head less chicken. Drink orders not taken properly, food delay, as a manager she should know what food goes where, calling out for the food as rest of the guests were arriving. By her look I could say she was stressed out, as she was the only one in the resturant, drinks came in late, wrong food at wrong place, guests who came in late got there food 1st, lame excuses , IM SORRY that's all. No one was happy, because of the service provided, finally she said a staff is coming when we all finished, but she didn't arrive at all. FOOD WASN'T THAT BAD, futher more don't promote or say something, which you can't do, kids food should come 1st and it didn't. Through out the conversation the manager was just saying im sorry, and basically it doesnt pay or add up to anything, worst experience which my wife and I will never forget, will never ever recommend anyone to go there, was so humiliating and a disaster -((((

1 star rating
by Cazz Wilson
Jun 09, 2012

Tonight, my partner and I decided to use the deal voucher we had purchased for 2 entrees, 2 mains, 2 naans and 2 desserts. Upon arrival, we gave said voucher to the waitress and ordered drinks. My simple request for a coke came back with a WARM and FLAT coke.
Then, we ordered our entrees, mains and naans all at once and while the food arrived quickly, the chicken satay we ordered consisted of two very small kebab skewers and a large salad that dominated the plate. The chicken was well overcooked. If we had been paying full price I would have been very disappointed in the value. The second entree was onion bhaji which was a decent portion size but also had a giant side salad. Only one of the entrees' salads had anything other than lettuce and even then, it was a few small bits of cucumber and tomato. No dressing.

Next the mains arrived reasonably quickly. I had ordered a butter chicken and my partner ordered a chicken madras. Both were completely tasteless. My butter chicken was so mild and flavourless that it was as if the sauce was just hot water and tomato cuppa soup. My partner's chicken madras was meant to be medium but literally tasted of nothing. The naans were decent but the meal on a whole was so terrible we got up and skipped the dessert included in the voucher because chances were, they would screw up ice cream too.

Then, as we went to pay for our drinks and escape that horrible place, the waitress argued with us over the bill, trying to make us pay for the full meal which came to $73 for 2 people. Obviously, with our voucher, we were only supposed to pay for the outstanding drinks but we had to argue with them even though we had given it to them upon our arrival.

Overall I would definitely warn anyone who was looking at going to this place. Even on a Saturday night the food and service was disgusting.

3 star rating
by Juku
Jun 02, 2012

Pro: cheap (from Mon-Wed)
Con: Staff attendance, flair

We were there with a voucher over $35 - unfortunately the price of $10 for a main meal did not count for this though. The food was quite yummy and if you go there on Monday - Wednesday and only pay $10 for a main it's certainly a good price.

Service wasn't that good. Even though they weren't busy at all, it took them quite long to attend to us and also in between it was quite difficult to get the waiters' attention. While the interior design wants to hint at something up-class (although the brick walls are just a wallpaper), the bright flashing lights outside are totally out of place.

4 star rating
by Wayne Terrence Dobson
Apr 28, 2012

My wife and I have just returned from a meal at this Restaurant and we were both very impressed with the service and with the food.
This visit was done on a deal voucher and there was never a hint of bad service or small portions of food.
A most enjoyable evening. We would gladly return.

4 star rating
by Wendy Divall
Apr 07, 2012

My husband and I went for our third visit to Trendy the week before Easter. last year was our first visit and we had a banquet meal voucher deal and we thought it was the best Indian food we had eaten in NZ in a long time. Our expectations were pretty low as we had bought it on a special but we were very happy with the food and service. At Christmas we took my sister in law and her husband with us and paid full price. We had a banquet for three and my sister in law had a separate curry. We all had a great meal. We were used to getting great curries in England and have had difficulty getting a good one over here. Our visit last week was a main and drink with a voucher and we purchased a sizzling platter and naan to go with it. My husband had lamb and I had a prawn curry which we thoroughly enjoyed. I brought a small doggy bag back for my son and he really enjoyed the left over. Our service was quick and our meals were hot so bad luck for those who did not have a good night. We travel from the Northshore to visit this place because we think it is good.

1 star rating
by Kylie
Mar 29, 2012

We have been to this resturant before and enjoyed quick service and good food. Tonight we went with a voucher, we ordered our mains and drinks as per the voucher. We also ordered a few extra bits, a starter, naan etc.

The people who arrived after we ordered recieved their mains before we got our starter. Our starter was soggy and tasteless. We then waited for our mains which again took ages to arrive. The rice was a bit dodgy, curries quite dry and naan chewy and burn. Which we were offered another once we had finished the meal.

When paying I asked why the service took so long and they had no answer. I then said the food wasn't up to their usual standard and the waiter ignored me completely.

Very disappointed about the service, food and the attitude of the staff.

1 star rating
by Anurag
Mar 24, 2012

I had a deal voucher and trust me I had a terrible experience, the reason I have given 1 star was for service but it looks like university students are running the place.
The food was pathetic and this is coming from an Indian, the portion size is rip off even with the coupon deal it's a rip off!!!!!!!!! the restaurant looks nice but often restaurateur forgets that good food bring people back.

1 star rating
by Donna Keatley
Mar 22, 2012

I've just returned home from dining at this restaurant tonight, 22nd March 2012. I had a deal voucher to use. My daughter was very hungry, so was keen on some good food!! I was at first surprised at how quickly the food was brought out to us......that's because it was cold!! I could've got a warmer meal from the Ice Bar!!!! It was sent straight back, and replaced. What i got back was luke warm,and tasted strongly of seafood. I had ordered Chicken Tikka Masala!! The food was disgusting, and the service was as bad as the food. The only thing that tasted any good, was the glass of wine!!! I will never go back and would never recommend this appalling place to others. Highly disgusted... and, the only reason this place got any star rating wotsoeva from me, is because it wouldn't publish this without it!!!!!! This place is Bad Bad Bad!!!!!

5 star rating
by Philip
Feb 20, 2012

Overall a great Indian restaurant.
I was very impressed with the extensive and unusual menu. Such a great selection.
The service was excellent, then environment is very nice with lots of Indian atmosphere.
The prices are good and they participate in great online voucher deals.
The restaurant is in a good location just around from Ponsonby Rd.

Overall nothing to fault at all about this place. Just occasionally a restaurant gets it right and this one certainly does.

4 star rating
by Tricia
Nov 23, 2011

Birthday Dinner last night!!! Was highly recommended! Love it when the recommendation is right! Lovely atmosphere, the waiter / service great!! Food awesome!!!! Down to Earth, Trendy and Cool !!!

5 star rating
by Jane Green
Nov 17, 2011

Went here the other night with friends and had a great meal. Good sized portions, reasonably priced wine list and yummy curries. Esp enjoyed Mango Chicken, Tikka Masala and Palak Paneer. Very good service, overall a great experience, will definitely return

4 star rating
by Sharelle
Oct 29, 2011

We were pleased to get a table for 2 at short notice on a Saturday night, although this did mean being in a large room with one other couple away from the main restaurant. The onion bhaji were tasty and served in strips, which was different to the usual way we have them in balls. The chicken tikka masala was tasty and the right amount of heat for our specifications. We read another review on menumania that recommended the Handi Meat, which had a very flavoursome gravy but the odd bit of meat was a bit chewy. The garlic naan were nicely cooked and topped with lashings of garlic herb butter. We did BYO which was $5 for the bottle. The service was very polite and helpful in answering our questions, but it did take a long time from entree to main service. Overall, a good experience and I would be keen to go back and try the lunch specials.

5 star rating
by Christy
Oct 08, 2011

This was a coupon for a Indian Banquet and bottle of wine. Easy to find, when we arrived the front of house people were very friendly. Our table was set beautiful, the waitress ran through everything. The meals were lovely and the wine superb. The rugby came on and everyone enjoyed the night. Thank you for a amazing experience. We will be back!!!!!!

4 star rating
by Foodie Morris
Sep 17, 2011

Love this local for a great curry. Always order spicy! Go for the Bombay aloo ,something from the tandoor the fresh flavorsome breads a riata and a curry or two. Friendly service very reasonable prices. We have become regular visitors here, it has never failed to please and no post curry indigestion . Don't miss this local!

1 star rating
by Larry Lee
Aug 26, 2011

Terrible. Ordered delivery, didnt come for over an hour and delivery guy got lost which was blamed on us, even though we gave the street name and what street it came off. Delivery guy complained that he was late and we should give better directions!!! even though it is his job. no apology. Food was cold and fried food had gone soggy. Rang up and they we rude and tried to brush us off, DID NOT even apologize. Rubbish service, very average food.

4 star rating
by Dee
Aug 23, 2011

Trendy Indian

We hadn’t tried this new ‘local’, I think because we found the name a bit off putting – but a friend recently recommended it, and since we had family visiting from out of town who like Indian food, we decided to give it a go. The first surprise was the quality of the website, and a fast response to my request for a booking – so many restaurants go wrong at this point! The restaurant is easy to spot with lovely green fairy lights strung outside, and being a quiet Sunday night we found a park right in front. Inside the décor is warm and inviting, and it felt cosy despite being less than a quarter full this particular evening. A big screen on the rear wall was playing Bollywood-style music videos – with the sound on - which provided an authentic talking point! The service from our waitress was friendly, helpful and efficient. We began with poppadoms and raita and mango chutney; the latter was thick and sticky like a jam so actually a bit difficult to eat with something thin and brittle, but worth the effort as it was a delicious combination. There is a large selection of dishes on the menu, including a few unusual options, and the majority can be made mild, medium or hot as requested. We eventually chose mains of different meats/seafood and flavours to share, along with plain naan. A generous bowl of rice was provided for the table. The dishes arrived within a few minutes of eachother, and all were very flavoursome, obviously made fresh with fragrant ingredients. Needless to say we couldn’t finish, but wished we could! I realised later that the small amount of leftovers wasn’t offered for us to take away, though we didn’t think to ask either, probably due to full bellies! Prices are reasonable and being BYO wine as well, good value for money. Trendy Indian also does takeaways, and we look forward to trying that service soon, though we’d happily dine in again too. My advice is don’t be put off by the name – maybe it’s meant to be ironic because it’s in ultra swish Herne Bay – but they’re not trying to be ‘trendy’ / cool, just doing traditional Indian fare and the basics such as service with a smile, very well.

4 star rating
by Pandy Fruean
Jul 28, 2011

Ate here last night using a deal voucher. Meal was absolutely delicious, great friendly staff and warm inviting restaurant. We had the chicken saagwala and Handi meat and was more than enough, fresh and yummy. Will definitely be back to eat here again!!

2 star rating
by Maloo22
Jul 26, 2011

The breads were dry and thin

The mains were a little bland and taste less

The meats were clearly cheap cuts as chewy and not enjoyable - won't use again.

5 star rating
by Nonga Staples
Jun 16, 2011

We have a beautiful meal on our wedding day and all our guest are very happy with the food it is so delicious and the service is wonderful. On behalf of myself and my husband we would to say thank you for your hospitality and we are very happy with everything on our big day. To all the staff and manager on that day, thank you words can't explain how much we appreciate everything.

4 star rating
by John P
Feb 24, 2011

Great food, lovely decor, attentive service and excellent value for money. We have been here three times already and will definitely dine here again!

4 star rating
by Maxine Suvalko
Sep 20, 2010

Great local restaurant, food is yummy and very tasty, service is great and friendly. Great for large groups. Very well priced for the area.