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Ipanema Brazilian Restaurant & Bar

3 star rating 16 reviews

Telephone 09 360 0655

2 Ponsonby Rd
Grey Lynn
Auckland City

Tues - Thur 4pm - late
Fri - Sun 11am - late


Ipanema Food & Art Society


Photo of Ipanema Brazilian Restaurant & Bar
Bobo de camarao - Sauté prawns cooked and served in cassava, coconut cream and spices accompanied w/ white rice. Entree and main option.
Traditional Feijoada Chic!
Grilled sirilon steak with catupiri gratin potatoes, sautee greens, roast peppercorn and coffee jus.

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Price Range:
Moderate, $15 - $25
Good For Groups:
Takes Reservations:
Meals Served:
Lunch, Dinner
Outdoor Seating:

Reviews for Ipanema Brazilian Restaurant & Bar

5 star rating
by Steffen
10th May 2014

I have eaten here twice and every time the food was an absolute delight. The service personnel is lovely and very friendly. I also love the atmosphere in the restaurant: beautiful artwork and a rustic feel with a nice table layout.

1 star rating
by Fernanda H.
16th April 2014

Even though people at the restaurant were nice and friendly I gotta say management and customer service there sucks! I live 1 hour away from the place and thought I’d check the opening hours on the website before I left. All 3 times I went there when they were supposed to be open were closed and that was a waste of my time and money. And I tried to call both landline and mobile phones and no one answered. Then I sent an email complaining. No reply. Then finally I spoke to the person on FB finally and person was super rude and try to make up lame excuses and trying to say it was all my fault?!! So disappointed! Oh and menu is over priced and food is just average.

5 star rating
by Beverley L.
24th January 2014

For our main courses, I had the fish and my husband had the beef. This was why we came- just perfection in every bite. I can’t even describe how good they were.

We treated ourselves to dinner at Ipanema, as we had the year before. Everything about it is superb; the dining room, the waiters, the food. I love Brazil

4 star rating
by Sharon
27th November 2012

Went here for the 1st time 25/11. We also had the tapas voucher. After reading some of the reviews I was apprehensive at what we may receive. However from the time we arrived we were shown a friendly, courteous manner from the staff. The place itself has a nice feel and is interestingly designed to separate different eating areas. Our seating area was designated to tapas and I believe we all had vouchers for this purpose. The first plates took a wee while to arrive but not long to eat as there wasnt much on them so left us wondering if we would leave satisfied. Once again, no worries as we were offered ample repeats and also checked on at the end of our time to offer more if we wanted them. We declined as we were happy with what we had had, but it was much appreciated that we were asked. A nice touch, good on you.
As far as price goes, it seems each portion of what we got was slightly smaller than what you would get if you came in without a voucher, but still ordering the breads and dips helps fill those wee holes. The bread was lovely, the steak was very soft and the prawns had good flavour. The dish with churizo sausage was delicious.
Thanks again to you both for your excellent service and for the opportunity to try your restaurant which I would be happy to recommend to others after our own experience.

3 star rating
by Zoe C.
19th November 2012

I brought a voucher for all you can eat for 4 people.
My family and I went on Saturday night. We found the staff very nice and the young waitress really took care of us.
The tapas were fine and in the 2 hours that we where there we had 4 plates of food.We felt that was enough for all of us and we also had our 5 year old grandson which we didn’t have to pay for. I have to say the value of the tapas was set at $183.00 which is way over the top and I wouldn’t pay that.
On the voucher it said that there was parking opposite the restaurant.
We were very careful where we parked as there was painted reserved 24 hours in most of the spaces.
We parked our car in #1 parking space that had no signs or indication that we could be towed away.
After our meal we went to get our vehicle and guess what it had been towed!My daughter and son-in-law walked to the towing company only to find out they are no longer there and the phone number no longer working.
We finally tracked down the car at a towing company around the corner.The guy at the towing place said that park was owned privately and someone keeps an eye on that spot then rings him to tow the vehicle away.
Apparently the parking space doesn’t need to display a sign of any form to let you know that you are parking illegally.So it cost $250 to get the car and after midnight they charge a further $30 and hour! We also had to pay out for a taxi.We are following this signage issue up with various people as this just stinks!

2 star rating
by Jude W.
15th November 2012

I came with family for the Tapas menu on a deal voucher. It was very disappointing. I found it expensive and the food was not great. The people are friendly but service slow. I would not go back.

3 star rating
by Anita M.
14th November 2012

We went to this place on a all you can eat tapas deal voucher . While food was good and atmosphere was great, i thought that service could have been better as there was only one waitress on a Sunday evening and would only come by every 20 mins or so. Quantity on the food was quite small as well and would not pay full price for that price. I also found seats to be very uncomfortable and as a result our group left within 1hr and 1/2.

4 star rating
by Sharol P.
8th November 2012

I went to this place on a Saturday Evening as it was my friend’s birthday, prior to this I read some of the reviews for this place. I came here with low expectations based on the negatives, but decided to try this for myself. I have never been to Brazil. But this atmosphere made me feel like I was in a part of Brazil somewhere.

I would like to say that the staff were great, they did the best they could under busy circumstances, they made conversation. We had reserved a table for 8 people, while waiting for the others to arrive, we drank at the bar and just relaxed. Once everyone arrived we were seated by the waitress. We ordered food, the waitress explained some of the dishes in more detail. Such as Cassava. I ate the duck, and it was quite nice. It was tender, juicy and came with some good flavored vegetables. The presentation of food was great.

Once we ate dinner the dessert menu was given to us. During this time the whole team dimmed the lights and brought out a special bon bon dessert for my friend and sang a song. It was really great! Quite a spectacle. They have their own Ipanema Lager – which is minus 4 degrees. Caipirinha was really nice! I had an Otago Pinot Noir! This was also very yummy and went well with my dinner! Of course I had more than one!

Great atmosphere! Keep it up!

The only criticisms I would have for this place is their menu cannot cater for specific requirements. For example they had bacon wrapped around Chicken, my partner did not eat bacon so I asked if this can be removed but unfortunately not possible.

4 star rating
by Natalie S.
30th September 2012

Was our first visit, we had the breads & dips, garlic bread, stuffed mushrooms (as a main) & pork belly, creme caramel & chocolate sponge bon bon. Everything was yummy!!!! Wasn’t the fastest dinner service but the staff were lovely and it was a busy Saturday night.

5 star rating
by Kate H.
24th September 2012

I’ve been to Ipanema so many times! At least 3 times a month! I already had almost everything from the tapas menu and all the other dishes as well. My point of view for all of those reviews is that you guys probably have no idea what good food means and taste like. That place is just amazing, the food is superb beautiful. Full of flavours and more than that… first place in Auckland that represents the authentic Brazilian cuisine. And I know that because I’ve been to Brazil 3 times. Service is great, they really look after us and is a place that makes you feel at home! When you talk about the caipirinha. I think you don’t know the real taste of LIME! They definitely use lime. but when you go to price wise it is worth if you buy mature lime it is cheaper and that make their caipirinha ONLY $12. Ipanema, I really want you know that you guys are doing great! on the right track. I can only see you guys growing your business as you guys are doing amazingly good! I love the picanha and fish stew :-) Also for you that bought a deal voucher for all you can eat. Maybe you should have something to eat before go as promos like that doesn’t mean you go there to get stuffed, but to have some discount for a better price rather then have to cook at home! But humans like you think your have to eat more than you normally do and if it wasn’t enough you just complaint. People use your manners!

1 star rating
by Al
19th September 2012

Used the all you can eat Tapas for 2 voucher deal, wish I hadn’t bothered.
Food was terrible, all fried, very little taste. Staff were pleasant.
It’s supposed to be all you can eat? But it’s a scam! The waitress only comes around every 30mins meaning you can only order 4 or 5 plates in the 2 hours, and there is not much food on each plate, plus she takes away the menu each time so after collecting the empty plate takes another 10mins to come back with the menu.
If this restaurant wanted to attract new customers with the deal voucher promotion they should be trying to really impress patrons with good food and prompt service, so that they would come back.
I will never go back to this restaurant, some of the worst tapas I’ve ever had!
If you have a deal voucher I would recommend you try and cancel it and get your money back, even at voucher price it’s a rip off!

3 star rating
by Helen
17th September 2012

I was interested to check out this restaurant, and finally did last Friday night. It wasn’t too busy in the restaurant area, and the bar was only half full. So the expectation was that we’d get attentive & prompt service, right? However from the time that we were seated, and until we left, it was extremely difficult to get the attention of both waitresses. It first took 10 minutes to get our menus – after madly waving to get their attention. And then another 5-10 minutes thereafter, to get water. When we finally flagged them down to place our drink & entree order, we decided to order our mains too, for fear of waiting another 10 minutes. Sure, the waitresses were pleasant & nice – but they were lacking that necessary attention throughout. We had to ask for the dessert menu twice before it came, and then we had to walk up to the bar to pay the bill, where we waited a further another 5 minutes for someone to assist.

My husband is Brazilian, and so we’re both always keen to experience things from his home country, and to support other Brazilians working in NZ. The menu looked enticing, and prices were in line with most Auckland restaurants.

However, the food was very underwhelming. I realise that some Brazilian dishes can be quite simple, so that the natural flavours shine through (I’ve travelled there many times). However, for a foreign cuisine restaurant, it needs more complexity if you want to keep Auckland people interested. Our entree was yummy (Siri Casca), but the mains lacked skill and interest. With the mains (Picanha & Fish of the Day) came accompanying rice/potato & salad – which was something my teenager could have done better at home. I mean, they could have flavoured the dishes with someting more than salt, and made the salad more appealing.

We even had a Caiparinha each, but not even these were great. The bar had used lemons and not limes (cost cutting I suppose?) – but no no no!

I must admit that the desserts were yummy – but by that stage we had seen enough.

So Ipanema… I like what you want to achieve – but you are not there yet. You could do so much better. Maybe we should just go for drinks next time, and forget the restaurant. I wonder what the tapas are like??

1 star rating
by Will W.
14th September 2012

Got the all-you-can-eat Tapas for 2 deal voucher, which was a set tapas menu (order 3 at a time). Like others, I too tried to go through the restaurant door but it wouldn’t open and was signalled behind glass by the waitress to go thru the bar door – a simple sign could have diffused the confusion. Walked in and the staff was great – but the food was crap! On the deal voucher there are two sittings, a 5pm-7pm or 7pm-9pm, we took the latter. Well it was evident that we were eating the leftovers from the first sitting because the chicken was coming out dry and warm, not hot. The eye fillet was black burnt, chewy and again warm, I really couldn’t believe they were serving us this food. It wasn’t until our final order when we asked for the chicken (which was piping hot, moist and delicious) that we clicked that we were eating the left-overs. I am glad I went because I will definitely not be going back to that place!

2 star rating
by Hefestion
26th August 2012

Me, a Brazilian living in NZ for more than 3 years and missing the taste of Brazilian food – big time -, I got very excited when read on the paper that Ipanema had just started business on Ponsonby Rd.

It took me quite a while to go to Ipanema and today (the 26th of August) I finally did.

I had very high expectations toward food, ambiance and service and, unfortunately, most of it a disappointment.

The service was pretty average I would say. Our waiter might have finished her shift while we had our entrees and then we had another lady coming asking if we were ready to make our next order (which had already been made!). The first waiter was the one in charge of taking orders, clearing tables, and till; in charge of the whole place. We had to grab the menu ourselves and then go to the counter to say that we were ready to order.
It is clear that it needs a touch of a better management.

We had Cogumelo Recheado com Queijo de Minas and Aracaje for entree.
Simple presentation. And not good value for money I would say, not at all!!
No Brazilian cheese at all on the mushs, which might have been replaced by some sort of cream cheese and full on Parmesan.
Brazilian vinaigrette with the acaraje? No! some chopped tomatoes only and so bland on flavour!

Then we moved to the mains: Muqueca de Peixe e Camarao and Feijoada Chic.
They were very tasty!! It took me back to mum’s version of that. Both meals were full of flavour and with that Brazilian touch to it. BUT it all did not look much fresh. I mean, it seemed like everything was simply heated up and put on the plate. I did not see much of a CHEF’s work on the meals.

We finished with Pudim de Leite for dessert which was divine!!!

The place is full of flaws on the service, on the food and poorly designed restaurant.
It is a place with GREAT potential but it needs a better management.

3 star rating
by NomNomPanda
3rd June 2012

Very excited to discover an authentic sounding Brazilian restaurant in Auckland. Ended up going in the side door, through the bar, as the door closest to the restaurant area did not want to open. Decor was more comfortable than the previous (Cajun) restaurant. Friendly waiters, but not very attentive (we were asked twice if it was our first time there, even though he had nothing to add after this, followed by whether it was our first time trying farofa, and our first time having acai in our dessert. We also had to ask for some cardboard to be wedged under the table as it didn’t sit flat.)

The menu had interesting items. We went for the acaraje (bean cakes filled with fried shrimps) as an entree, which was delicious and well presented on a bed of fresh salad leaves. The feijoada was also good, but the silverbeet accompanying it was exceedingly salty. The pork was not cooked in the bean stew, but sat beautifully on top of it—it seems the chef has gone for looks rather than taste in this case. The fish stew was reminiscent of a Thai curry with coconut cream and was just average.

Although we were full, we had to try a dessert. The Abacaxi Assado is supposed to be spiced roasted pineapple, served with vanilla bean ice cream, acai coulis, and lemon biscuit. The biscuit seemed to have been replaced by a white chocolate lattice, and the pineapple slices tasted disappointingly like they had come straight out of a can. The icecream and acai coulis were enjoyable though.

Although the entree was a highlight, we were let down through the course of the meal. Not in a hurry to come back, but could be tempted by some of the tapas items on the bar menu.

3 star rating
by Natalie E.
29th May 2012

I have been there twice.
In the first time was on the opening night. My friend booked a table for us for 7:30. Firstly we were supposed to be 7 people but got a phone call from the restaurant saying there was only space for 5 (after have confirmed booking for 7). My friend then had to “uninvite” 2 people.
Unfortunately 3 of the girls coming from Mt Maunganui were one hour late. Me and the other friend at the restaurant told a waiter they could give our table to someone else as it was so busy we were happy to wait until another table left and we could have dinner a bit later.
After the girls got there (8:30pm) we waited for another hour, but the table never came. We were having good time anyway, drinking and waiting to experience the food as we were told a table would be available anytime soon.
I left 11:30pm when we were advised the kitchen was closed and had a burguer, so hungry I was, could not wait anymore. My friends ended up at the petrol station across the road having a pie. Well, very frustrating but great environment.

The second time I went to celebrate my brother in law’s and my Bay. Booking worked fine, the food was just divine. We had starters such as Vieira a Floripa (pan fried scallops) and Crab on the Shell which were very tasty, great size and fast to arrive.
Our mains were “Muquequa” (seafood dish), “File ao molho madeira” (NZ prime beef dish), Crispy pork, and Feijoada. wow, all of them were amazing, made us all happy. I have to go back and try every dish in the house. The only two things that could have been better was 1) I asked the waiter for an extra champagne glass twice and he said he was going to get it right away but 10 min later I had to go to the bar and get it myself. 2) After our meals I was sooo sleepy I ordered a coffee urgently and it took around 10 min until I call the waiter who advised me if I went to the bar it would be faster… So I did.
I think A bit more attention to detail from the staff will help a lot.
However, The food was fantastic, nice atmosphere, with a nice bar and another room which becomes a night club with the best of the Brazilian music such as Samba, Bossa Nova, Samba Rock, Forro and so on.
Will go back definitely. I look forward to having a much better review to post here.

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