JAC's Trading Co.

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The Plaza, Shop 3.30, 6 Main Street

  European, Pizza
11 AM to 1 AM


Reviews for JAC's Trading Co.

3 star rating
by Hamish Read
8 days ago

Southern style chicken burger was excellent HOWEVER after we'd finished we waited at the table with empty plates for 30 mins, no one collected so we paid and left and went elsewhere for desert.

5 star rating
by Dave Cousins
5 months ago

Really like Jacs, have had a couple of great nights recently. The staff are always bubbily and happy to help. Loved the BB King night, and the last comedy night was the best yet!!

5 star rating
by Lewis Kelly
8 months ago

Went to the Eagles concert last night with my wife. Band was awesome, I had the scotch fillet

4 star rating
by Hannah Marr
11 months ago

Love this place! The staff are always nice and approachable! Food has never dissapointed and overall an enjoyable place to enjoy a meal or just an afternoon drink :)

2 star rating
by Tee.A
Nov 24, 2014

Went to Jacs last Sunday, I wanted to take my family out for dinner and have a catchup with them. The boy who served us was very good as was the girl who waited on our table for the night. We ordered from the $24 mums night off menu, everything looked Delish. We had drinks and ordered garlic bread while we waited for our mains...two people got seafood chowder as entrees. We then waited a whole hour for our mains, by that time everyone was full from drinks and weren't hungry anymore, they had told us they were short staffed in the kitchen which was fine, we then asked to have our dessert to take home by this time it was 9 o'clock and we arrived at 6:30. Our overall experience was very very poor. My sister had seen her friend and her family whom had the same amount of people as us, they arrived an hour after we did and they had meals and dessert and were out the door before we even got our takeaway dessert.

4 star rating
by ChloƩ Manihera
Nov 15, 2014

Delicious cocktails and reasonably priced! Great spot when the sun comes out which is great summer time. Great pizza range which is good for sharing

4 star rating
by Michele Brown
Aug 27, 2014

Went to Jac's last night, dinner was awesome, had a lovely meal, sizes are huge and service was brilliant. They have really sharpened up their act service was quick and friendly

1 star rating
by Imperius1
Jul 26, 2014

Food tasted good albeit very salty. Very pricey as well.
Waited 1 1/2 hrs for food to arrive. Portion sizes extremely small - where they for ants? I weigh 55 kgs, not like I eat a ton of food but I was still very hungry afterwards.
Also 1/2 hr wait to actually pay, extremely inefficient system, one of the few times I was tempted to walk out without paying.
One of the waitresses was insanely arrogant (the blonde one), the other one was all right.
The place is also very loud, I could not hear the person talking right next to me. The noise level is comparable to a night club, except for instead of cool music it's drunk people screaming their heads off.

3 star rating
by Emma
May 24, 2014

went to Jacs Trading Co last night, was told 30 minute wait for food which was not bad considering they were busy, placed food order and was just 2 light meals and on one clearly said no sweet chilly sauce on the wrap but anyways 40 mins went 50 mins went 1 hour later our food arrive. Looked beautiful smelt yummy but I clearly said no sweet chilly on my wrap and came out with it through my wrap.
Staff were friendly was a lovely setting was warm inside great lighting and generally not to bad. Just hope next time hope they listen to special food requirements as ended up with only eating the fries as well as getting the correct wait time for food as if we new it was an hour wait we would have gone elsewhere.

1 star rating
by Derek Shaw
May 17, 2014

Yes nice decor, friendly staff but very high noise level even though only about half full due mainly to the hard floor reflecting what sound there is making normal conversation only possible at around shouting level. Our party had lamb shank, grilled mussels, chowder all ok, however the steamed mussels were a dehydrated disaster, more like old boot leather, sent them back, they were still on the bill. Unlikely to return.

3 star rating
by Judi Cripps
May 07, 2014

Nice decor, went with hubbie and son and daughter. Ordered meals, waited a while then waiter/duty manager came out and asked hubbie to confirm what he had ordered (the lamb) alarm bells rang! Not busy when we went in quite early for lunch, so thought great we should be served reasonably quickly gradually began to fill up. I was initially impressed being veggie they had a number of options. Waited almost an hour for mains, was getting concerned when people coming in after us getting served before us, son enjoyed his burger n chips but said he was still hungry after, he is a male I suppose, daughter said chicken wrap was average, hubbies lamb wasnt quite cooked to how he had asked and my spinach pasta was cold!. Waitress came up to see if everything OK, I complained about pasta and she offered to take it back to kitchen but didnt want to wait for fresh one as family would have finished. Might try it again as handy for us we'll see. Maybe just a "one off"

3 star rating
by Mupps
May 06, 2014

The place itself is lovely and nicely set up, cool vibe and would look really nice at night especially with the lighting set up I noticed. However, we visited for lunch, the food was a big let down. Orders came out wrong and also 2 meals cold (actually cold!), service was prompt, but grumpy when we queried our meals and stated the issues we had with them. Can't say I was too impressed when I visited on the weekend at all. Not sure if I'll be back. I have heard mixed reviews from family and friends, so if I am down that way might give JACs another whirl... but overall, I can only give a very poor-average rating for this visit - May 2014.

4 star rating
by Peter Watt
Apr 24, 2014

Have dined there twice recently. On the first occasion there was an undue delay before desserts were served - at least 25 minutes between the placement of dessert spoons and the serving of two desserts that had been ordered along with mains an hour earlier. On the second occasion meals were delivered promptly and the fish and chips were great. It's good to have a quality establishment locally.

5 star rating
by Danielle
Mar 28, 2014

We have been to JAC's a more than few times now, the service is always friendly, prompt and accommodating. The food is consistently good. Tonight we went in with a 2 year old and the waiter could see we needed the order rather quickly, therefore they had the food at the table super quick, we where in, ate and out within 45 minutes.
The place is always clean, comfortable and has a great feel. I really cannot find any faults.
Love that they often swap out the menu so we can try something new. The loyalty card is just an added bonus to this great dining experience.
Thanks JAC's keep it up the great work.

4 star rating
by Mark North
Jan 20, 2014

Had a great Sunday afternoon here with a group of six people. Live music was a bonus and its good that this will be a regular Sunday arvo feature. There's so few places (if any) that have it and we are fed up with having to go out to The Riverhead for something similar.
Food was good. We had a barman who was stroppy when we complained about not being asked if we wanted ice in our drinks but the manager sorted this out really well so, no harm done and we'll be back.

1 star rating
by C.J
Dec 20, 2013

Last time I lived on the coast I think the restaurant was called Imbibe.. It WAS a fantastic place to enjoy a meal, have a few drinks & enjoy there great entertainment. Boy has that changed.. Two other friends and I went there on a Friday night around 7:00 ish for a few quiet beers and a steak meal, well that was the plan anyway.... This was our experience.

We all walked to the bar and not one of us was greeted or made to fell welcomed. Ok not a good start maybe the blonde bar lady was having a bad day? Maybe she pre judged us as my friend and I have tattoos on our arms? We just don’t know.. (For the record we are all well dressed)

As there were no tables available at the time we decided to go outside until something became available. While having a good catch-up we were talking about a boxing fight we all had viewed & enjoyed watching.. The conversation had ended and we noticed a young guy wiping down a table across from our table, obviously he had been listening in for a minute or so. Enough time to NOT know what he was talking about.

My friend then asked him if there were any tables available and what his thoughts were on the steak meal, His reply.. You guys are being Idiots.... we replied we have done nothing wrong, what is your problem? What is the issue?
He replied your all carrying on talking about fighting Blah blah blahh.. My friends were so shocked and embarrassed they put down there almost full handles on the table and said lets Go... Being the strong minded person I am I thought hey this is not fair ! I took my beer with me, so as I could finish it in PEACE. A few days later I asked my wife to return the handle to the restaurant, Unfortunately as I have a lot of similar handles she was told it was the wrong one.. I guess I will now have to go up there with my 5 different glasses or so and get them to chose the write one.. =(

Anyway.. We ended up having a great meal and a great night by spending our money at a different restaurant.
Not Happy!

5 star rating
by Hannah Bylo
Dec 13, 2013

Great food, great staff, great place! Really enjoyed our dinner at Jac's tonight...it was really busy being so close to Christmas, so we were worried that their might have been a long wait for food (all being very hungry) but as soon as we ordered - the food came out super fast and was delicious! Will definitely be back, highly recommend this place to all :-)

3 star rating
by Lynn Fogg
Aug 05, 2013

Visited Jacs for the second time on Saturday first visit and food was excellent but unfortunately the second visit not so good.
Booked table for 7pm they had double booked table had to wait 15min's to be seated after order had been taken took 50 min's before starters arrived quality was poor but after waiting another 20 min's for mains 3 out of the 4 mains were excellent didn't stick around after eating main and will not be visiting again Lynn Red Beach

4 star rating
by Victoria Stoker
May 15, 2013

Went to Jac's bar. Had a great night, food was really good. We went on Saturday night. Ladies night $8 cocktails. But I ordered my drink just before 11pm under the impression it was going to be $8. But by the time the bar tender had finished making my drink, it had just turned 11pm, ladies night was over so my drink was $14. He had not warned me this would happen. Your staff really should inform customers when prices will change.

5 star rating
by Michelle Devonshire
Apr 06, 2013

Hi, I have been to JAC's twice in two weeks for lunch, once with my husband and because I enjoyed it so much, the next week with a friend. The staff are extremely polite and very friendly. The place is just lovely! Love the decor. Could not fault service or food. Keep up the excellent work. Oh yeah, coming in again for lunch today. Lol

5 star rating
by Renee Farrington
Jan 17, 2013

Went to JAC's yesterday (16th January) and took our visiting relatives from the UK for lunch.

We were impressed with everything (well, a teensy glitch, we were slow to be greeted on arrival and wandered around a wee bit wondering where to sit) but this was rectified within a short time and we were made to feel welcome.

A bottle of delectable icy cold water delivered to the table as soon as were seated and drinks orders taken. Five of us, we all ordered different dishes, they all arrived at table at the same time after an acceptable wait despite all other tables being full. And the food was delicious, everyone highly satisfied, and lunch prices very very reasonable plus all the rest of the menu was available too.

I must make a special mention of Stacey, wait-lady, who was so attentive, anticipating any need we may have. When my husband dropped his knife with a clatter she was there to pick it up and replace it immediately. And throughout she was willing, cheerful, smiling, with a good sense of humour. Message to Manager - Stacey is an absolute asset to your establishment.

An overall very satisfying experience. We departed with Loyalty Cards clutched in our hot little hands and we will be back - very soon.

4 star rating
by Amy Pixi
Jan 05, 2013

Went for an early tea last night (04/01/13) and had a lovely time! So nice to see a new, modern bar/restaurant in Whangaparaoa. The food was delicious (with a wicked range!) and the drinks equally as good.

Obviously, being a new restaurant there are teething issues in regards to service but being an ex-hospitality worker I am sure that these will work themselves out once the staff become mor familiar with the team, menu and surroundings.

I would definitely recommend this place - keep an open mind and support a wicked new local for Hibiscus Coast!

4 star rating
by Kirsty Walters
Jan 04, 2013

We came here on 30/12 for dinner, 4 adults 2 kids, very excited about the fact there is finally somewhere decent in Hib coast to dine.
Food selection an promotional offers were brilliant, I couldn't decide what to have, menu catered for kids well also. The food/chef was brilliant, couldn't fault it really.
Where they let them selves down is service, the only reason I am writing this is because I want them to fix it so they hang around and so we can come back.
When we arrived we were seated and bought water but not offered a drinks menu. The waiting staff were slow to take our food order and to be fair I think the food could have come out a little faster. They weren't sure if they had any fish for the kids (which they enquired about and did) then told us they had run out of fettucine pasta for the kids (how can you run put of pasta??) they did offer to replace it with penne which was fine. We ordered 3 kids meals 1 came out and the other 2 meals came out 15 minutes later after we enquired.
The meals were fantastic, but we sat there for some time afterwards before our plates were cleared and no one offered dessert or to take another drinks order, so potentially they missed out on adding another $60 to their sale.
Also it wasn't until just before we left that we discovered there were crayons for the kids.
What it can down to I think was that the staff were inexperienced and there didn't seem to be anyone leading them (a maitre d).
I am only writing this review as fundamentally this restaurant is great and I want them to sort out the service so we can come back! They also have a really good loyalty programme.

5 star rating
by Mary Moore
Dec 11, 2012

1st Visit 7/12. Very busy but our party were served brilliantly. Everyone enjoyed the food, of which there was plenty. Was a bit of a mix up with the bottle of wine ordered (wrong one given) but this was quickly sorted out very quickly and amicably by the manager. Great night.
2nd visit 11/12, different group of friends. No table booked. Restaurant fully booked , but did they turn us away ... No! They said if we didn't mind we could sit over the other side of the bar area and we'd have to go up to bar and order our food, tho they would serve the food to our table. So, we did and it was another excellent night with excellent food and wine and lovely staff. Well done Mr Manager who put up with 5 ladies trying to work out the price of 2 bottles of wine, one split 3 ways and one split 4 ways and then individual food servings ... all done with a smile and a laugh. JACS rock
Look forward to enjoying more meals at JACs.

4 star rating
by Rachell J
Dec 09, 2012

We were very impressed with the new decor, finally the coast has somewhere with a great atmosphere! The menu had a great selection and there was something for every budget. My husband and I both had a steak meal and each one was absolutely delicious. The staff were all obviously still in training, however, they were all trying really hard and were very polite and friendly. We will certainly be back again.

5 star rating
by Lana Kaye
Dec 06, 2012

About time

What the coast needs. Went to Jac's, stunning if I do say so. Food was fantastic (if we ever win lotto we will be in to hire the chef). Great menu, really like the fact there is so much choice & gluten free options. Staff friendly & helpful, little lady (white hair/red top) made sure we were well looked after also sorted us both a glass of p-noir fantastic choice (squealing pig) not a name to forget or face good to see your staff smile & enjoy what they do. Service was great we will be back very soon. Many thanks to all the staff at Jac's & good luck.

2 star rating
by Sally Mccormic
Dec 03, 2012

Great to finally see the place done up, the decor is great and has a good atmosphere and potential to be a big success.
Some of the stuff are completely under trained and did not greet us and we had to find our own way to the bar and then a table. The gentleman at the bar was great and knew his stuff. All other staff didn't make us feel welcome or seem to know what they were doing in a hospitality company and should be trained alot better. They need a staff member to take control and run it well otherwise they will lose alot of customers.
The food is relatively priced and good value for what you get and tasted nice.