Jade Dragon

4 star rating 21 reviews

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09 3636000

Skycity, Level 3, Corner Victoria and Federal Streets, Auckland CBD, Auckland

11:30 AM to 2 PM, 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM


Reviews for Jade Dragon

5 star rating
by BQW "creme Brulee"
one month ago

First time at this cornerstone Chinese restaurant of the Skycity casino complex. There are two options an express outlet a bit of a bistro styled but respectable version the akso the full works grander Restaurant. Decor of the latter was classic prestigious cantonese cusine restuarant. Tables near the front door were a little drafty. Service staff were multiligual but yhei6r native dialect was probably Mandarin chinese. Prices were upper end but justified. A pretty classy place the food was well presented and delivered in good time. Again staff and service was faultless. Which is something I have found is increasingly the difference of a 4.5 vs a 5 (outof 5). The beef dish we order. From the chefs specialitys was taste bud testing. A delight with tenderess flavour and intrigue (not a word I have used before for a meal or dish); without spoiling it if you like nuts order that beef or equally the spicy prawn with walnuts. Other dishes were also of grand standing superb roasted chicken. I'd possibly suggested previously Lucky Fortune in 3 Kings as the current best canto restaurant food outlet in Akld nz but Jade Dragon has a nose, lips and tastebuds in front. while some may deduct a point for price, I dont mind paying for and value high quality food and service. Find a reason toavaoid the casino and blow the coins on this place! !

4 star rating
by JolieJolie
3 months ago

Sunday dinner in Jade Dragon! Been here twice! 4 dishes for 4 people!
The imperial beef with the macadamia nuts is highly recommended, personally think that is the best dish in this restaurant. Not like the sweet sour pork fooling the westerners!
Kampong chicken was alright, not sure if it's free range chicken.. Deep fried whole blue cod was quite tasty but oily as well. Stir fried spinach .. Hmm, normal!

3 star rating
by Charica Roche
4 months ago

My partner and I came here on Guy Fawkes Day 2014 (Nov. 5) to celebrate our anniversary. The restaurant's interior decor was nice, perfect for a good dining experience in a Chinese restaurant.

We had Salmon Sashimi for entrees, Boneless Pork Ribs with Honey Glaze, rice, and pineapple juice for me, while for him it was Braised Tofu with Vegetables and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc wine. Although the sashimi was still good to eat, looks like the salmon has been stored for many days and therefore not fresh. Presentation on the plate was really bad, unlike in Japanese restaurants. They could have just erased it off the menu since it's a Chinese restaurant and so should offer only Chinese dishes.

Both the pork ribs and tofu meals were nice though. My partner liked the pork ribs better. Although tofu pieces were big, when you bite into it, it seems like it was just an inflated sort of tofu, not the firm ones you see at supermarkets.

We used an Entertainment Book Gold Card to get 25% off the meal. Originally cost $85 for both of us, now reduced to about $65. Not bad, although I may not want to come back here.

5 star rating
by Heidi Mcholm
5 months ago

I went here last Sunday for Yum Cha i had the duck ( it had a few bones) but the meat was amazing, bbq pork buns, wontons ( best ive ever had), spring rolls and a wine.  The food was good, i liked the complimentary chinese teas and it had a  really good ambiance i also liked the white and gold dinner set

4 star rating
by Kiri
Feb 02, 2014

Went here for lunch and dinner on separate occasions. The service was really good and the lunch was awesome. I love yum char, so if you want 5 star seating, this is the place. I can't put my finger on it but I didn't enjoy dinner as much, but otherwise would definitely do lunch again.

2 star rating
by Ian Holt
Jan 19, 2014

One main course was served 15 minutes before everyone else. There were 5 of us. Waitress attempted to take my diet coke that was still one third full. Food average. No jug of water offered. The Head Waitress wasn`t the most polite I have ever come across.

3 star rating
by Tony Ma
Jan 07, 2014

I use to have a Platinum Skycity Casino card where I can dine here for free. (Before I was banned from Casino)

This is not the best yum char in Auckland for sure. However, after playing Baccarat for 6 hours straight, and you know your body needs food, you just scoff down anything, and this was convenient and fast.

Service: 3/5
Wait time: 4/5
Environment: 3/5
Food Quality: 2/5
Food Quantity: 3/5
Price range: $30+ pp

3 star rating
by Pauline
Nov 09, 2013

had yum cha lunch with my wife a couple of month ago. The atmosphere was nice. Taste of the food wasn't that good as the food in grand park. wont be back in hurry.

3 star rating
by Taryn Saggese
Jun 01, 2013

Went to Jade Dragon for a work Yum char lunch a few weeks back, it has a nice atmosphere and the food was ok, but the service was terrible. The trolleys kept missing our table and when we tracked staff down to specifically ask for dishes only half of what we asked for turned up. Eventually we gave up and left. The poor service ruined the whole experience.

4 star rating
by Allan Fong
Feb 24, 2013

very nice environment, not overcrowded. staff are not as busy as the average yumcha restaurant so service is much better.
food was fresh and tasty. portions were decent and price was decent too.

3 star rating
by NomNomPanda
Mar 18, 2012

Beautiful interior and good authentic flavours, however could do better in terms of variety and freshness. For instance, they had turnip cake, but not taro cake. You could get steamed rice rolls with prawns or beef, but not plain. The egg tarts, which we had to ask for, were shrunken and split on top. The restaurant has the potential to be excellent, if they get enough customers to raise the level of the food to a more expansive and fresher offering.

5 star rating
by Donna Bray
Dec 19, 2011

Brought my mother to yum cha for lunch several weeks ago. Husband joined me here last Friday and i had my fingers crossed that it would be as superb after all my boasting. It was! We adore dim sums and now consider the jade dragon to be the very best - sticky, clean and tasty prawn with recognizabke vegetable components. The service was speedy with a great number of proffered dishes and the ambience at the jade dragon supersedes all other yum cha we have had in Auckland (nz actually). Totally recommend - very favorite lunch. Cost $42 for both of us including teas.

5 star rating
by Nardia Niao
Sep 06, 2011

Giving 5 stars based on the food.
It's hard to find restaurants that make "the best" dishes.
Have been 4 times, until they started charging per plate! :(
Bring back the $20 lunch buffet!!!!

4 star rating
by Ian
Jul 19, 2011

Great yum char, what more can I say....
Service is excellent and attentive food is always fresh and plentiful..

Only down side it is can be very noisy due to the other parts of SkyCity..

4 star rating
by Betty
Apr 07, 2011

I went for the yum char with 2 other friends about 2 weeks ago. The food was comparatively good based on European standard for Asian food. Enough variety to choose from. We have lots of attention, perhaps because we were there early (11 am) so there were not many customers at that time. I will recommend friends to go again.

1 star rating
by Rachael
Jan 04, 2011

We went for Yum Char today, and were completely underwhelmed.

The food was okay, not that we had an opportunity to get much, as we were barely offered anything. The place wasn't particularly busy, but very few plates made it to us, and the ones that did were just the same thing every time.

After a while, we tried to order some food from a passing waitress, but it never came, and we never saw her again.

I felt ignored, particuarly compared to other tables of obviously vip skycity guests, who received attentive service even though they were very demanding and quite rude to staff.

Altogether an unpleasant experience, and definitely won't be going back.

5 star rating
by Adam
Dec 10, 2010

Been here a couple of times now and both times were excellent. The food and service are top notch, and I've recommended it to many friends.

The yum char is highly recommended!

1 star rating
by Alexa
Nov 22, 2010

Came here for yum cha with a couple of friends. The food was terrible, the worst yum cha food I have ever had. The food was not authentic and tasted terrible. In particular was the char siu so which was not made using the correct chinese pastry, but pie pastry. It was wrapped so thickly at the close it was all doughy and uncooked, we returned the plate to the chef and got told that that was how it was suppose to be. The egg tart was horrific, the pastry was not made well and tasted like the oil in it had gone off. We had some savory plates which were alright, but were not fresh. We only had 6 plates as we couldn't understand how mediocre the food was and finished lunch elsewhere.

3 star rating
by AngeLi
Nov 01, 2010

Dined here for a friend's birthday. we were in this private area of the restaurant.The food was good.

I just have a comment with this waitress serving us, when we asked for some juice and she brought it in a pitcher, she asked us if we want to return the water to the water pitcher so she could put the juice in the glass where the water was. We didn't quite understand her, until she was about to pour the water in our glasses to the main water pitcher! now, who does that??? Even at home you don't do that. It's not clean and can't she just give us another glass for the juice? is the dishwasher broken?

We laughed at it the whole night. Better service please!

5 star rating
by Miss Lee
Aug 26, 2010

Jade Dragon (formerly Ming Court) is now al la carte yum char (as opposed to all you can eat) and originally I was disappointed at this fact - as I felt that it was nice to have an all you can eat yum char in Akl CBD (point of difference). A friend and I have just been and tried the new a la carte yum char and we were pleasantly surprised! All the dumplings were much tastier, in particular the prawn and spinach and pork siu mai were delicious! We felt the service was 10x better than previously, and found the waiting staff to be friendly, helpful and knowledgable. They came around to check if there was anything else we would like or they could do and replenished our Chinese tea often. All in all one of the best yum char experiences I've had yet! We ate until we were completely full and the bill was only $5 more than the all you can eat price. We will definitely be back, happy to pay slighly more for superior food and impeccable service!

3 star rating
by Billy
Apr 09, 2010

Not a bad place to get the yum cha, but we think the food is a little bit over priced and the service need to be improved as well. Nothing spectacular or memoriable. The chives dumpling is quiet yummy.