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Jewel of India Restaurant

3 star rating 19 reviews

Telephone 09-528 3856

3/33 Tamaki Drive
Mission Bay
Auckland City

Mon - Thur 5:30pm - 10.30pm
Fri - Sun 11.30am - 10.30pm
Provided by business


If it is cold outside or if the weather is too hot to bear, inside Jewel of India Restaurant in Mission Bay a very different world awaits you. The faint perfume of incense, the soft sound of sitar, the hint of exotic spices, the buzz of people in animated conversation introduces an Indian “experience”. The food is a taste adventure and an affordable treat. Your Indian experience will be a “journey” to the smells, sounds and tastes of the sub-continent. Book now for a warm and friendly Jewel of India experience.


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Restaurants, Takeaway / Fast Food
Free Off-Street, Free On-Street
Price Range:
Moderate, $15 - $25
Smart casual
Good For Groups:
Good For Children:
Beer, Wine, Spirits, Cocktails
BYO, Corkage Charge
Wheelchair Accessible:
Takes Reservations:
Dietary Restrictions:
Soy-free, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Halal, Vegetarian, Vegan
Meals Served:
Dinner, Lunch
Payment Types:
EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners
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Outdoor Seating:

Reviews for Jewel of India Restaurant

4 star rating
by Keith
10th February 2014

What a great little venue. It’s a little hard to spot hidden down a walkway between a couple of other shops but worth finding.

The menu is extensive so come with either an open mind or a go-to meal choice ready. The naan are fluffy and sweet, the dishes can be as spicey or tame as you like. My only gripe was the small amount of rice served compared to the main. Crazy to say it I know but I’d rather run short of sauce for my rice then rice for my sauce.

Highly recommend.

5 star rating
by Isabell
26th June 2013

Oh we love this little charming Indian Restaurant. The food is great and if you have any wishes, it is not a problem to change it to your needs. ( I can’t eat chicken, so I get Butter Mushroom and Veggie )
The vouchers are great to use. You get you Curry, Rice and Wine for such a low price. The bread is fresh made and you can taste the difference.
Yes the decor is a little bit tired – like people like to write here – but we must say, that is what gives this little Restaurant all its charm. I wouldn’t change it one bit. The service is excellent, very friendly and supportive. Yes, also we had little hick ups in the beginning with the new staff but we never saw it as a reason not to come back. Everything is leaning by doing.
Just tell the cook, that you weren’t happy and tell him why, only that way he/she can improve.
The food is fresh cooked and shows quality and not quantity.
We really miss the good taste of India… Isabell & Guillaume
( we visited this Restaurant for the past 18 months . 1x a week and yes it improved a lot )

1 star rating
by Loretta S.
16th January 2013

I brought one of those deal vouchers for this restaurant as I usually love Indian food and thought this would be a great treat. How disappointed was I, the food was not very good. I could not taste any seafood in my curry and my son could not eat his buttered chicken, which he normally loves. Was extremely disappointed. Would not eat here again.

1 star rating
by Karen
5th December 2012

We have been to this restaurant a few times. The decor is very tired and the meals usually late but food is usually ok.
This restaurant does not know the meaning of customer service. For this restaurant customer service does not exist.
I have a voucher that I was going to use Monday as it was my grandson’s birthday however he got sick and we weren’t able to go to dinner. He was better today so I phoned to see if I could use the voucher today as it ran out yesterday. No way would they even consider this. They blamed the company we bought the voucher from saying it wouldn’t honour the voucher when we know they would. Pity as reading the other comments it looks like Jewel of India could do with the business. I told the manager we wouldn’t come back and we’d give them bad feedback. She just said go ahead. Hence the feedback and we won’t ever go back.

1 star rating
by Julie C.
4th October 2012

Decor is pretty bad but food is/was better than the opposition. Recent visit will be last as service was appalling. Had $15 special menu and asked if could pay extra to upgrade the naan bread. Was absolutely refused (hello – I wasn’t expecting it for free)!! Stood my ground as didn’t make any sense whatsoever, then after bit of heated ‘debate’ offered what I wanted at pretty much full menu price. Declined on principle due to completely unnecessary angst experienced and pure idiocracy of waiter, who then, with colleague sniggered at me for the duration of our time there. Think this place has changed hands in previous 12 months as (being a local) haven’t had such bad service there previously. Won’t be going back. Good luck Jewel of India – you’re going to need it with your bad decor, even worse service and what is clearly a similar trend of feedback from customers!!!

3 star rating
by Courtney
8th March 2012

Food was good, great value for the $15 meal with wine, just a shame the service let it down, it wasn’t that they wernt polite or trying it was the fact our entree came out 5 mins after we began eating our main and my partner asked for diet coke (as he is a T1 diabetic) and got given coke! It was quite a mission to get them to find something sugar free as I don’t think they understood what the basics of type 1 diabetes is (no sugar!)
We would go back on a $15 night but at least we know what to expect.

2 star rating
by Kawther M.
27th February 2012

We went there on last Saturday and wasn’t good at all the service very poor and the food came very late. The worst staff ever I have seen, bad experience.

1 star rating
by christina
16th February 2012

Worst customer service ever…. when I was ordering the staff on the counter was doing something else ..his mind was somewhere else plus he took the order of takeaway when I told him 3 times that I want to dine in… after the order was taken he started fussing about that we ordered for the dinner to be taken away. After a while he said ok, we will give you a table for 45 min and won’t charge extra… I was so pissed off with him and it was the Valentine’s Day. .we got a table and b4 45min we were goin out .. he stopped us and said that we have a pay extra cuz we dined in and dint take it out …. So what was the use of sitting in the corner table , and we were given time to eat…. And when we finished eating they told us to pay extra….How stupid is that??…customer service in this resturant is so bad… I would never go to this restaurant again….

5 star rating
by Jessica
26th January 2012

This is a great little resturant I frequent with friends for dinner. They have happily accommodated just myself and a girlfriend, up to 16 of us. Great food and vegetarian options. The staff are polite and conscientious, delivering food promptly, making sure you always have a drink and checking in on you. Highly reccommended for a mid week catch up with friends

1 star rating
by Downtown
22nd January 2012

Worst customer service EVER! the $15 “special” is a joke. We opted for this and got a small bowl with very little in it. compared to the other main meals, Not even half the size. Quality was very average, and my wife thought her chicken was not cooked properly. The manager was a moron and I ended up wanting to leave without paying (but didnt) i was so insensed by his complete lack of customer service skills. I left feeling ripped off and will never go back…. Unfortunately, i had to give 1 star.

1 star rating
by Sandeep S.
19th January 2012

Have been to quite a few Indian restaurants in Auckland but this was probably the worst.
The service was pretty bad as I had to keep asking if my food was ready. The waiter provided only 1 plate for entree and main course. When I asked him to change the plate, he rudely asked me “Why!! Whats wrong with this plate?”
Ordered 2 mango lassi, first one came with a topping, the 2nd one didnt. Curry provided was too less and too sweet (in spite of telling the waiter to make it hot).
Never going back there.

4 star rating
by Kerensa R.
7th December 2011

Great staff, great food, a shame about the decor…

3 star rating
by Noe
16th October 2011

The place was nice but a bit too dark. The waiters were friendly. The food was nice but the amount of curry served was too small, while the naans were huge, so we ended up with too much bread left over and no curry to dip it in. Overall it was ok, but I have been to better Indian restaurants.

3 star rating
by Richard
28th June 2011

Nice food, tasty enough. I usually have a takeaway on account of the decor.

5 star rating
by Billu
21st April 2011

This is my first visit to Jewel of India, I have been to Mission Bay many times but did not know about this Indian restaurant, hidden Jewel in Mission Bay. Begin my self Indian I would say food was xcelent, and I also found the staff is very friendly will love to go again & again. It is the place I would recommend to others if you want to have authentic food you should go to this place. One thing I did not like one thing that is passage is bit dark need some more lights in corridor.

2 star rating
by Scott A.
18th November 2010

Staff are lovely but unfortunately this does not make up for the flavourless, small portioned, unimaginative food.

A real shame as this place could be good.

We dine out regularly to Indian restaurants and although this is not the worst at all, it proves that atmosphere, service & decor cannot make up for the real reason you dine out – food.

5 star rating
by Collette
5th November 2008

This place is one of our favourites! Small but with a great atmosphere, beautiful food that can’t be faulted and friendly, helpful staff. Good prices! If you love Indian cuisine, I highly recommend Jewel of India.

5 star rating
by Cukier
1st May 2008

Have been there many times as a family, always come out satisfied (and extremely full!) Pleasant staff, delicious food, nice atmosphere. Large menu, good prices, a family fave.

5 star rating
by Karen G.
26th April 2007

This was my first ever taste of real Indian food when my friend took me there about 12 years ago.

My experience at Jewel of India back then started not only a love for Indian cuisine, but also a passion for dining out and indulging in exotic and creative food experiences!

I’ve been back many times, and the experience is always good.

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