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Jin Hai Wan Chinese Seafood Restaurant

3_half star rating 12 reviews

Telephone 09 365 1838

57-59 Wakefield St
Auckland Central
Auckland City

Mon - Sun 11:00am - 11:00pm


Formerly as Dynasty Chinese Restaurant


Photo of Jin Hai Wan Chinese Seafood Restaurant

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Dietary Restrictions:
Meals Served:
Lunch, Dinner

Reviews for Jin Hai Wan Chinese Seafood Restaurant

1 star rating
by Ash M.
14th March 2014

Only 1 of the staff actually spoke a decent level of English.

Several times we asked if items contained pork, so the people who didn’t eat pork could avoid it, at one point we asked what was in it and the woman said it was chicken when we got into it, it was pork …
Poor service. Everything else was fine

4 star rating
by Tony M.
9th January 2014

The food here is relatively good and the service is quite good too.

I love their lobsters and seafood! Have been here multiple times and the experiences were good :)

Will be back again

Service: 4/5
Wait time: 4/5
Environment: 4/5
Food Quality: 4/5
Food Quantity: 4/5
Price range: $30+ pp

2 star rating
by Lily
7th November 2013

Service is always a bit patchy; some food trays can go round and round again while you wait for the good stuff – so don’t go if you are famished and be wary of cold egg tarts;

Dumpling pastry/skin is too thick for my liking and overpowers the fillings (dumpling pastry/skin should ideally be thin and translucent).

Milk custard buns are too dense and have a bad shrivelled appearance due to not being proved properly.

(Review based on multiple visits from 2012-2013)

5 star rating
by Philip L.
15th April 2013

Yum! This place has some of the best dumplings & yum cha dishes. Thoroughly enjoyed our roast pork, prawn & coriander dumplings, green beans with mince etc. Sooo good. Finished off with a plate of icecream balls. This place has good service, great food and is not pretentious – highly recommended.

5 star rating
by Yash A.
25th January 2013

I have eaten here about 6-7 times and every time the quality of food and service has been outstanding.
The ice cream mochi, the durian pastry, prawn rice rolls are fantastic, so are the other steamed dumplings. Wasn’t very happy with the roast pork but that was one of the things I didn’t enjoy all the rest was great

2 star rating
by Noms B.
21st September 2012

I went for dinner with 3 others and it ended up costing us about $130 for 3 dishes, 3 bowls of rice and 3 drinks. This very expensive for a Chinese restaurant, prices for each dish range from $25-40. It seems that they are trying to be fine dining, however the dishes were not so fine…

1 star rating
by Jemma J.
12th August 2012

The prawn dumplings are delicious. This is not my favourite, but it is quite good value when you split the bill between friends. I would not recommend the prawn spring rolls though they are gross.

This is an updated review. The restaurant was recently in the news, had what you called call some bad publicity. It was shut for a while, which made us want to go back so much more when it re-opened. Anyway we have been about 3 times since it re-opened. It is clearly under new management/ownership and is now terrible. Even my forgiving friends are not interested.

Rude and useless staff that just don’t care. They used to be a lot better, they really did. There do seem to be new staff too. Less staff. Less food.

5 star rating
by Miss L.
12th February 2012

Have dined here when it used to be Dynasty and thought it was good food but a bit dingy. The restaurant has been refurbished and now instead of being dingy, it is lovely and the food is as fabulous as always. We ordered prawn & chives, prawn & coriander, prawn toast and all of these were devine. The roast pork and pork shui mai were also so good, all hot and delicious and the prices are reasonable. I can’t understand how the other patron couldn’t find anywhere to park…there’s a Wilson car park directly across the road that is $4 all day on weekends or can be validated to be $4-6 during the week so all in all, it’s pretty hassle free. When I phoned for a booking I was pleasantly surprised that the person on the other end spoke very good English and when we dined the owner kept asking if he could get any more dishes for us, and ensured we had all the different dumplings we wanted and could eat! Needless to say after copious amounts of icecream balls we left more than satisfied. I frequent yum cha joints and this is my new fav as all aspects of food, service & premises are great consistently. YUM YUM YUM… We’ll be back :)

4 star rating
by Sean C.
8th January 2012

Friendly, attentive service, good decor, clean. Value for money. BBQ roast pork was fresh, lean and tasty. Shiu Mai with taro was tasty and different. OK.

1 star rating
by jimmy s.
13th December 2011

The Restaurant has been refurbished which looks really nice. However the food is very disappointing, i went there for yumcha but their food was cold and the prawn dumplings did not taste fresh and had a weird taste. It was very quiet when I went. Parking is horrible, had to wait for ages to find a parking, so if you’re thinking of eating here you better walk.. As to the service, when I asked the manager about the prawn dumplings, he did not understand me at all and chuckled. The staff in general seemed very lost and did not know what they were doing. Definitely will not be returning for sure. Too much great food around in city to waste money here.

5 star rating
by Bonni B.
12th November 2011

We had yum cha there today – fantastic. All items ordered were perfectly cooked. Service was excellent with very attentive and courteous waiters. We are going back tonight to see what their dinner menu is like. Can’t wait.

5 star rating
by Troy N.
7th November 2011

I go to yum cha restaurants across Auckland frequently. This is the best in Auckland in my opinion.

The restaurant has recently been refurbished. The food is great with a great variety of dim sim, duck, buns, etc. The congee (rice soup) is the best I’ve had in Auckland.

The service is great and most staff can speak good English.

You can park at Wilson’s and get validated parking for $4.

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