Jin Hai Wan

4 star rating 24 reviews

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09 3651838

57-59 Wakefield Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland

11 AM to 10 PM


Reviews for Jin Hai Wan

4 star rating
by Marggie Pascua
one month ago

This is my favourite Yum Cha ever. The food is great. They serve my favourite Chinese food. The best Sweet & Sour pork. Their service is also very good. Very friendly staff. The place isn't too full but they get a lot of people in there for lunch.

2 star rating
by Iamcii
one month ago

Sigh. I don't know how this place survives. We came here for yum cha today and it was very empty. Probably about 20% of the restaurant was occupied. We were placed at the very end and felt quite neglected. No one came to fill our tea or bring us food or clear our table. Food here is not satisfying, mostly bland. Some dim sum had weird ingredients in them e.g. harm sui gok/xian sui jiaow/deep fried dumplings contained Chinese chives. Chives are usually in northern Chinese dumplings, soups, or stir fried with meat. No in dim sums, it was so pungent and weird. Most dim sums came cold and they had a very scarce selection. The one thing that was on par was the beef ribs dish which was quite delish. We also had something quite interesting. The laow sa bao/liu sa bao/golden bun was a not the steamed one were used to but baked with a flakey top. It was pretty weird but delightful twist.

This is not my go to place and one of the more downgraded yum cha places. It used to be bustling and full of life but it seems age has caught up with them, maybe (?). Probably will no return unless the relatives pick this place again.

Food: 2/5
Drinks: 2/5 (average cheap Chinese tea)
Service: 2/5
Atmosphere: 4/5 (seating is more comfortable than most packed yum cha places)
Value for money: 2/5 (expensive!)

4 star rating
by Chelsea
3 months ago

Good range of Yum Cha and not as busy as some of the other popular places. Mid range pricing, but with the quieter atmosphere, it's worth it.

Looking forward to making this a regular. Will be back.

4 star rating
by Hazz R
3 months ago

Buzzing with activity at lunchtime, Jin Hai Wan is a hub for yum char in the city. From the moment you sit down the steamed dim sum and buns make the rounds. In this first round we had pork buns (delicious), Prawn and chive dumplings (delicious) and prawn and coriander dumplings (delicious). We had a table of 5 very hungry people so the first round went quite quickly and we were left waiting, longer than we wished, for the next round. We had been advised on arrival that there was less staff on than normal so the waiting period could be forgiven. Once the second round came round (sticky rice, pork ribs, chicken feet, and meat balls) the rounds were coming round more quickly which suited our group quite well. Everything was absolutely delicious, I came out stuffed to the brim without it being too costly, and will definitely be making more excuses to head to Jin Hai Wan for yum char lunch. I would recommend you try the almond and taro pastry.

2 star rating
by Michael S
4 months ago

The worst service I have ever experienced!! I ordered 7 dishes for take away, and the waitress said ' Huh, you only order these?' Not surprised why their tables are always empty! Bad service, average taste.
Wouldn't recommend this place to any of my friend!

2 star rating
by Hung Tran
6 months ago

A friend and I ate here as it was the closest yum cha restaurant from auckland university. Needless to say, our experience was quite disappointing. The food was alot more expensive compared to other restaurants I've been to, more than $30 per person. The quality of the food was just average and the service was a let down.

Would not recommend this restaurant

4 star rating
by BeeQueUU
8 months ago

Surprisingly this restaurant had a great yum cha offering. It was popular, great service, reasonable pricing and was not cramped or dated. Parking in the street is difficult so wilson parking directly across the Wakefield road is the easiest option. Some of the dishes I thought were standout were Beef balls, glutinous sheet prawn roll, and pork spare ribs (all 3 were steamed). The beef balls are often not provided at many yum char establishments but certainly theirs were better than most. Soft but not floury actual meat taste with deeper colour.
Also up to standard were har-gow glutinous prawn dumplings any varieties. The non-glutinous mince pork dumplings with chilli pictured were a little bland.
Chicken feet average taste but cooked perfectly tender. Finish the meal with egg tarts these again 5/5.
I over-ate so that seldom happens at yum cha. Pleasing meal, no need to reserve if early enough but location parking an issue.

5 star rating
by Ninjunkie
Nov 24, 2014

This is a traditional style Chinese restaurant. Food is amazing! Honey Chicken was so delicious! The hakaw was a delight and pork belly just beautifully melts in your mouth. We enjoyed our lunch here at this restaurant. Will be coming back for more definitely! I'm curious about their other seafood menu.
Not to mention the price is very reasonable. You'll come home with a happy tummy!

3 star rating
by Adeline
Oct 04, 2014

Average selection and taste. Reasonable pricing, but would have happily paid more if there was more variety. That was about it. Forgettable.

5 star rating
by Ron T
Sep 08, 2014

the food is hot, fresh and tasty. My group always come here for meeting and having lunch together, just loved it

1 star rating
by Julz Sokheng Chhour
Aug 19, 2014

I love yum char and walk past this restsurant often but I would never eat at a restaurant with an E rating for hygiene even if they paid me!

4 star rating
by Perlie Hu
Jul 13, 2014

good food cheap price just the service is not that good.

1 star rating
by Ash Mckillop
Mar 14, 2014

Only 1 of the staff actually spoke a decent level of English.

Several times we asked if items contained pork, so the people who didn't eat pork could avoid it, at one point we asked what was in it and the woman said it was chicken when we got into it, it was pork ...
Poor service. Everything else was fine

4 star rating
by Tony Ma
Jan 09, 2014

The food here is relatively good and the service is quite good too.

I love their lobsters and seafood! Have been here multiple times and the experiences were good :)

Will be back again

Service: 4/5
Wait time: 4/5
Environment: 4/5
Food Quality: 4/5
Food Quantity: 4/5
Price range: $30+ pp

2 star rating
by Lily
Nov 07, 2013

Service is always a bit patchy; some food trays can go round and round again while you wait for the good stuff - so don't go if you are famished and be wary of cold egg tarts;

Dumpling pastry/skin is too thick for my liking and overpowers the fillings (dumpling pastry/skin should ideally be thin and translucent).

Milk custard buns are too dense and have a bad shrivelled appearance due to not being proved properly.

(Review based on multiple visits from 2012-2013)

4 star rating
by Carmella @ Easy Food Hacks
Aug 23, 2013

When Z suggested Jin Hai Wan for a yum cha get together, I was intrigued about this new eatery. Then I realized this is the reincarnation of Dynasty Chinese Restaurant, a tired, dark place which used to serve acceptable yum cha. What a difference a spruce up makes. The new space is bright, inviting, the Platys and goldfish in the new aquarium even put a smile on the little people’s faces. Parking at the Wilson carpark across the road is subsidised at a certain price.

The staff are friendly, courteous, yet very persistent in hawking their tasty wares. It felt rude to refuse their offerings, and we found ourselves apologising several times. It is far too easy to go overboard with your selections, so pace yourself as the trolleys make their rounds at short intervals. The majority of the dishes are medium or large, with special dishes too.

We started the session with juk, or congee (rice gruel). There is a selection of pork with century egg, mock shark fin and plain rice, which came garnished with slices of pickled ginger and spring onions, remember to ask for a dash of pepper. This was lightly flavoured and nourishing, my only concern was the use of some quite badly chipped bowls.

There is a range of steamed dumplings; spinach and prawn, shark fin and prawn, peanut and there’s also plain prawn dumplings for the purists. The pastry skin is so translucent thin, you can admire the delicious fillings. The deep fried prawn toast has chunky prawn pieces (instead of the traditional mince), totally decadent, especially when generously smeared with mayonnaise. The deep-fried calamari tentacles is crunchy, not too salty, chewy-soft.

The steamed bbq pork buns had a great soft dough, and the savoury, fatty pork pieces hit the spot, but there just wasn’t enough pork filling. Stuffed prawns on braised mushrooms, steamed beef balls and siu mai are the usual crowd pleasers.

Our singular nod to greens was a plate of seasoned Japanese seaweed (wakame) salad, the bright emerald colour, subtle sweet-sour taste and the crunchy texture makes this a great condiment. The generous serving of rice roll comes with either bbq pork or prawn, and had a nice smooth, chewy texture.

After all the savoury dishes, we barely managed to sample the desserts. There is a dessert trolley filled with various cakes, pastries and puddings, and even a tau fu fa (sweet soybean pudding) trolley. We did succumb to the dan tart (egg custard tart) which is encased in the flakiest puff pastry (yes, it will scatter crumbs all over the table) and very tasty custard buns.

Jin Hai Wan is a welcomed upgrade to the CBD dining scene. Booking is mandatory for the weekend rush. The high standard of yum char in Auckland these days means most restaurants serve comparable quality of food, with similar pricing. I consider Jin Hai Wan to be a good yum char place where I would be happy to bring my parents; which in my books is the only criteria that counts.


5 star rating
by Philip Lee
Apr 15, 2013

Yum! This place has some of the best dumplings & yum cha dishes. Thoroughly enjoyed our roast pork, prawn & coriander dumplings, green beans with mince etc. Sooo good. Finished off with a plate of icecream balls. This place has good service, great food and is not pretentious - highly recommended.

5 star rating
by Yash Amin
Jan 25, 2013

I have eaten here about 6-7 times and every time the quality of food and service has been outstanding.
The ice cream mochi, the durian pastry, prawn rice rolls are fantastic, so are the other steamed dumplings. Wasn't very happy with the roast pork but that was one of the things I didn't enjoy all the rest was great

2 star rating
by Noms Burger
Sep 21, 2012

I went for dinner with 3 others and it ended up costing us about $130 for 3 dishes, 3 bowls of rice and 3 drinks. This very expensive for a Chinese restaurant, prices for each dish range from $25-40. It seems that they are trying to be fine dining, however the dishes were not so fine...

4 star rating
by Jesse James .
Aug 12, 2012

The prawn dumplings are delicious. This is not my favourite, but it is quite good value when you split the bill between friends. I would not recommend the prawn spring rolls though they are gross.

This is an updated review. The restaurant was recently in the news, had what you called call some bad publicity. It was shut for a while, which made us want to go back so much more when it re-opened. Anyway we have been about 3 times since it re-opened. It is clearly under new management/ownership and is now terrible. Even my forgiving friends are not interested.

Rude and useless staff that just don't care. They used to be a lot better, they really did. There do seem to be new staff too. Less staff. Less food.

Review updated (December 2014)

5 star rating
by Miss Lee
Feb 12, 2012

Have dined here when it used to be Dynasty and thought it was good food but a bit dingy. The restaurant has been refurbished and now instead of being dingy, it is lovely and the food is as fabulous as always. We ordered prawn & chives, prawn & coriander, prawn toast and all of these were devine. The roast pork and pork shui mai were also so good, all hot and delicious and the prices are reasonable. I can't understand how the other patron couldn't find anywhere to park...there's a Wilson car park directly across the road that is $4 all day on weekends or can be validated to be $4-6 during the week so all in all, it's pretty hassle free. When I phoned for a booking I was pleasantly surprised that the person on the other end spoke very good English and when we dined the owner kept asking if he could get any more dishes for us, and ensured we had all the different dumplings we wanted and could eat! Needless to say after copious amounts of icecream balls we left more than satisfied. I frequent yum cha joints and this is my new fav as all aspects of food, service & premises are great consistently. YUM YUM YUM... We'll be back :)

4 star rating
by Sean C
Jan 08, 2012

Friendly, attentive service, good decor, clean. Value for money. BBQ roast pork was fresh, lean and tasty. Shiu Mai with taro was tasty and different. OK.

5 star rating
by Bonni Booth
Nov 12, 2011

We had yum cha there today - fantastic. All items ordered were perfectly cooked. Service was excellent with very attentive and courteous waiters. We are going back tonight to see what their dinner menu is like. Can't wait.

5 star rating
by Troy Norrie
Nov 07, 2011

I go to yum cha restaurants across Auckland frequently. This is the best in Auckland in my opinion.

The restaurant has recently been refurbished. The food is great with a great variety of dim sim, duck, buns, etc. The congee (rice soup) is the best I've had in Auckland.

The service is great and most staff can speak good English.

You can park at Wilson's and get validated parking for $4.