JJ Espresso

3 star rating 4 reviews

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09 5295205

Rialto Centre, 153-185 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland

7 AM to 7 PM (Mon-Fri), 8 AM to 6 PM (Sat), 8 AM to 5 PM (Sun)


Reviews for JJ Espresso

4 star rating
by Amy.H_Wj
2 months ago

#dailyspecial with a medium latte cost only 11.90...nice coffee, great choice of bread, brilliant cooked eggs,however, mushroom is a little bit too oily...overall, 4/5 acceptable

4 star rating
by Aucklander
5 months ago

JJ's have just swapped their coffee supplier to Allpress. For regulars they have a special black card which allows you to buy at a discounted rate of $3.00 for a flat white or Latte etc ($3.50 for a non-reg). The food is reasonably priced and is one of the few places in Newmarket that still sell the traditional kiwi pie at an affordable $4.00. The staff are quite friendly and switched on. They have the best location in the Rialto food hall and have a steady flow of patrons each morning. There is a lot of local competition nearby and plenty of swankier places but value for money is good.

5 star rating
by Nyssa Lene Luatua
5 months ago

Great service and great food. My partner and I have been here a few times, good coffee, very hard to pick from the all day breakfast meals. Had a pumpkin soup with toast one cold morning, I don't usually choose soup , the thought of not liking it scares me but I really enjoyed it, was really good! Prices are pretty reasonable for a filling meal 😊

5 star rating
by Andy Williams
Mar 21, 2008

Great service, also great food, try their muffin - the best around, also they have great coffee - karajoz, their pies also second to none, not to mention their chocolate cake - very yummy