Jones The Grocer

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09 5229161

143 Carlton Gore Road, Newmarket, Auckland

7 AM to 4 PM (Mon-Tue), 7 AM to 5 PM (Wed-Fri), 8 AM to 4 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Jones The Grocer

5 star rating
by Amanda Browne
11 hours ago

Delicious cheesecake, really creamy and fresh. Even on a Sunday, sometimes you get the last of a cake that's been sitting there all week at other cafes so it was a nice surprise. Lol nice coffee too and the comfy seats were something I almost went to sleep in.

3 star rating
by Alisha Ophelia
6 days ago

Had an average brunch. The food was ok- not very big portions. Coffee average. The staff forgot to bring my friend a coffee and then asked them to pay again when they had already paid. So many flies around our table and we were indoors on the couches, nowhere near the front door. I wouldn't come back.

4 star rating
by Kezia Lynch
one month ago

Gorgeous atmosphere with massive windows which let lots of light in and awesome industrial design. I found staff and service to be a little slow, but nothing excessive, and pretty friendly. Really enjoyed my food (from cabinet) and drink here but was all pretty basic. I would return but not go out of my way to do so.

5 star rating
by Carmel Kav
one month ago

Such nice food, fresh, amazing smoothies. Wish it was a little cheaper, I would be here everyday. Lovely healthy food is hard to find in the newmarket area. Highly recommend.

3 star rating
by Biohazard
2 months ago

It used to a really nice place with delicious food and the best mocha is Auckland but has really slipped to mediocrity, which is really disappointing..

3 star rating
by WeiTing Ashley Shyu
2 months ago

Jones The Grocer gives off such a cool vibe that I'm sad to say I was disappointed. I was pretty eager to get lunch here last year. The menu was different - it was slightly more sophisticated than the one published here. It was a tuna Niçoise salad. I remember enjoying the seared tuna yet I was put off by how the flavours did not mesh well together. Thankfully, my bill was taken care of by my friend (her shout). I expected a higher standard of food especially because of the clean and slick environment. Jones The Grocer will present you with beautiful plated dishes, yes but the quality of taste may not be what you expect.

1 star rating
by Carol Jenkins
3 months ago

We had the misfortune to choose Jones the Grocer in Newmarket for lunch today.
We helped ourselves to the menus at the counter and placed our order. We were looking forward to the Panko crumbed chicken snitzel, accompanied by coleslaw and wedges, and the beef and bacon burger. Oh dear, what awful meals. The chicken may have come out of a freezer packet, with not a panko crumb detectable. The wedges were certainly of the McCain or Watties variety. The coleslaw was actually just chunky cut red and green cabbage which was completely inedible. The burger was horrid, dry and tasteless. The cafe manager did appreciate and acknowledge our concerns and one meal was refunded. We were given a complimentary savoury muffin which immediately found its way into the bin when we left, never to return.
Do not go there.

1 star rating
by Valyncia V
4 months ago

I had lunch at Jones the Grocer and cannot say I will be back. Not a place that you can come to relax and the food is not very good. I ordered a slice of pizza from the cabinet and was surprised that when it came it was bland and soggy -i think that means they probably microwaved the pizza. i didn't expect this from what I thought was a top establishment. Also, as we were finishing our meals, the owner asked us to move to an end of a larger table so a family to take our place. I would have been happy to do this if there clearly was not a couple of large tables at the back on the cafe. After a few minutes, the owner sent a waitress to ask us to move again and we did. Before we left we went to talk to the owner and asked why we were asked to move as no one had since gone to the table. It just happened the lady with the family we were moved for heard us talking to the owner and she said that she did not want our table and was happy at the back. Not impressed - he did not even apologise!

4 star rating
by Amrita
5 months ago

Good coffee, good beverages and very good cafe food. Always find place here and ambience always kinda busy. Yummy desserts and good service.

5 star rating
by Katie Heron
5 months ago

Not sure why the bad reviews I love this place. Always my first stop for coffee when I head into Newmarket. Such a cute place with such awesome products and food in store. Came here Anzac Day after Dawn Service and they were crazy busy and still served us and bought out food out within 5 to 10 minutes! Awesome place, wish the reviews were better.

3 star rating
by Ekta Sharma
6 months ago

Came here after a work out this morning as I walked in earlier this week and thought it was a great looking venue!

It's got a cool industrial type look to it, a similar feel to nosh, and there's a lot of consistency between the entire venue in terms of merchandise.

I like that they have nice fresh salads in the cabinet.

I have o admit the coffee was amazing but this is as good as it gets.

I ordered the eggs been with spinach and mushroom. The mushroom and eggs were good. The spinach was way over cooked and maybe even old. It was definitely not an appetising colour. I didn't even get through half this dish.

My friend got eggs been with salmon. Same deal with her spinach.

Not impressed.

1 star rating
by Steve Dhana
6 months ago

went on mothers day, 11 people, nice setting but the food was terrible. Three  ordered Mushroom Porobello and ended up with stomach aches the next day. the eggs benedict was awful and the 2 people that ordered it were  unable to eat it, The bagel was stale and coffees were average . Definitely not going back.

3 star rating
by Manic Diner
8 months ago

Had afternoon tea here with a friend. We arrived at about 3pm but the kitchen was already closed so we could only order from the cabinet food displayed. I ordered their salmon and cream cheese quiche which was unfortunately nuked...and I do so hate the texture of quiches after they've been nuked in the microwave. I could imagine it would have been very delicious right out of the oven. I think if we arrived earlier we would definitely have sampled the food at its best. Ordered some sweets also. Their power ball was deliciously rich but not too heavy ..definitely too big for one person..can easily be shared with a friend or two. Overall, definitely a place I would need to try again at an earlier time.

4 star rating
by Juliet Ede
8 months ago

I'm not sure why this cafe hasn't got very good reviews. Every time I visit, I always leave satisfied. I adore the decor and my hot chocolate, vegetarian lasagne and cake were all delicious! Don't let the reviews put you off!

1 star rating
by Nancy Hampton
8 months ago

Had an awful lunch here yesterday, and a poor one about a month ago. Food was badly cooked and totally not as described on the menu. Service was poor, staff were difficult and argumentative when I politely complained about the food as I really couldn't eat it. Bathroom was disgustingly dirty, looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a good couple of weeks. 1 is the lowest rating possible, we will not be returning!

1 star rating
by Chris Baldock
Apr 29, 2014

Won't be going back.

I ordered a chicken baguette. This was bland and was served fridge-cold. Not pleasant at all.

My wife, who ordered bircher muesli, was first served granola out of a packet. She requested the correct order but the waitstaff had no idea what bircher was (it is on their menu board). After another 15min, she was finally delivered a bowl of bircher that was decidedly average.

We also ordered two smoothies. These were actually juices, not smoothies at all. At $7.50 a pop, they were not worth the money.

At $38 for a cold bread roll, a disappointing bircher and two smoothies, we felt a tad ripped off.

EDIT: I feel compelled to respond to the response from the cafe below:

- The "gentleman" was me - the writer of the review. I know exactly what I ordered and do not take kindly to being told otherwise. Why would I complain if this was not the case?

- The baguette was not offered to me toasted. Besides, I fail to see just how a baguette could be toasted. This, to me, indicates a poor understanding of a common French snack. A toasted baguette would be as bad as an ice cold one, I imagine.

- $7.50 for a poor quality "smoothie" is a rip-off in anyone's language.

We paid through the nose for an extremely average lunch and will be passing this information on to friends and acquaintances. Thanks for the offer, but we will not be back. Ever.

1 star rating
by Stef McCallum
Apr 26, 2014

Went here for brunch, and it turned out to be the most horrible brunch I have ever purchased.

Ordered eggs Benedict - which came out with the most disgusting eggs - they had water all through them, so when i tried to pierce the yolk, a big pocket of water came out and soaked my bread, leaving it disgustingly soggy. Also there was far too much of a vinegar taste on the eggs, I'm not sure what they did when they cooked them, but they royally screwed it up.

Also ordered a banana smoothie, which was about $7 I believe, which is quite a bit of money! They were pre-made and resting in a tray, $7 should buy you a freshly made smoothie, not a warm one that was probably made hours ago!

The staff were less than helpful and had a snobbish attitude which was exhausting and disappointing!

Very disappointed with the lack of care taken in preparing my meal and would not recommend that anyone go here.

4 star rating
by Rebecca MacDonald
Apr 23, 2014

I have been coming to Jones the Grocer for several years now and it is a firm favourite. I met a friend there for a pre work breakfast this morning and had the Granola and a coffee. Both were good and didn't disappoint! The coffee is always good here and they always have an impressive selection of cabinet food, salads and yummy looking slices!

Although I have noticed the menu has changed recently and some of my favourite items (like the churros in the picture, who doesn't like breakfast churros!) have disappeared. Hopefully they will come back soon!

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3 star rating
by Amanda @ Move Love Eat
Apr 01, 2014

I've been here twice for lunch now and had the chicken burger and the cabinet chicken salad. Both meals were nice and reasonable sized portions and prices. I've also tried the lemon slice from their cabinet before as a sweet treat to help me get through a Friday afternoon at work and it is divine! They have a great breakfast special at the moment of eggs any style with toast for $12 which sounds like a good deal although I haven't tried it yet.

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4 star rating
by Sabibibi H
Oct 29, 2013

Went here yesterday (labour day) with my boyfriend. Love the profiteroles they make! $2.5 per profiterole, a little expensive compared to macrons or sushi. But they were really fresh and yummy so I guess it's all worth it. Coffee was nice too. The service on the other hand, was average. One of the waitresses looked kinda grumpy. She took our coffee cups away as soon as we finished and I was like, "why the hurry?" It wasn't even close to their closing hours. Other than that, I'll give them points for the profiteroles :)

5 star rating
by Hannah Kerkin
Jul 28, 2013

Went to Jones the Grocer in Newmarket for a family breakfast for my mums birthday. Service was great and the store is beautiful! While I was waiting for my breakfast, I was able to wander around the shop admiring everything there. Vases, pasta, cheese, sauces and more! Food was delicious and with a wide range of choices. Awesome place!

3 star rating
by Donna McMillan
Jun 28, 2013

This place looks great but I was there for the cheese as it was recommended as a great place with experts on cheeses.
I came from across town especially to buy a cheese board for a special dinner.. disappointed after paying for parking and getting through the door that the deli is under renovation. No signs up and got indifferent service from staff. Would have been good to have known that before leaping in my car. Perhaps a note on your website?

5 star rating
by Stu
May 25, 2013

This place rocks. We went for lunch on Friday and the food was exactly as I expected. My hot chocolate was yum and the banana bread to finish off was good too.
I will be back next week for more of those chicken - only thing I want to say, please cook more of those so I can have more than one drumstick.
Well done to the staff for great service!!!

1 star rating
by Eddie
May 18, 2013

Went to the Newmarket store. Service was very slow and bad, no menus around and staff ignore you until you have to actually stop them!
Food was over priced and cold. Came out fast so possible precooked and rewarmed.... this was reflected in taste.
Coffee was terrible luke warm rubbish with a pretty picture. Would rather have a nice tasting ugly coffee which was hot.

Mistake in ordering, my partner ordered ice coffee we received ice chocolate, when we mentioned it to the waiter he just kept repeating "iced chocolate" we pointed it out again to other staff and showed them the docket we got we were blamed for not being clear....( even though the docket clearly said iced COFFEE!) Not good at all. I live locally and would never go back... real shame.

5 star rating
by Baptiste
Mar 11, 2013

I went to Jones The Grocer in Newmarket, I had the Jones burgers. This is a very good foods and wine. The price is very cheap.

I can discover the food from all around the world. You can buy some products for cooking.

There are lots of beers at 4 $ (Corona, Heineken, ... )

There are lovely berry smoothie.

I recommend it for all New-Zealand's people and travellers.

Thanks to Jones

5 star rating
by Paul Ep
Jan 11, 2013

Awesome food, I work around the area and I'm spoiled for choice but when I do go there I'm never dissapointed, they put out new things regularly tho sometimes I would like to have a dish in particular again but it's not there.
Highly recommended.

5 star rating
by Lia Seales
Nov 09, 2012

Went to Jones for lunch recently, loved the atmosphere, staff were great, the coffee was excellent and the food superb, the french guy in the deli was very knowledgeable about his cheeses. Will definitely be going back, they have some great ideas for Christmas shopping.

5 star rating
by Loulou
Nov 03, 2012

I loved this cafe in Sydney and only recently found out there was one her in Auckland. I was hoping Auckland's version lived up to the brand - and it did. I've been here several times now for breakfast and brunch in the past few months and it is always excellent. Being quite roomy, we always manage to get a table and the food is always fantastic - the brioche French Toast, Crepes with fruit & Marscapone & eggs any style with bacon & haloumi are particular faves. Being pregnant, I had to ask for my fried eggs to be more cooked and the waitress happily obliged - no rolling eyes or attitude, which unfortunately you from get from some Auckland cafe staff. They have beautiful home-ware products and counter menu take-aways too. I also left my leather jacket here one day and thought it would be gone, but staff found it and kept it for me - so not only are staff friendly & great at customer service, but honest to boot. Definitely my new favourite cafe!

5 star rating
by Robert Liniers
Sep 06, 2012

Heart warming soup and amazing sandwiches, pastas and baked pastries.
Invigorating coffee the best in Auckland by a mile, make this very busy place my favourite. Well done Jones! There are not many places like yours excellent food and friendly staff.

3 star rating
by Hillary B
Jun 24, 2012

Popped in to Jones the Grocer a few times now thanks to the great coffee made from the red hair girl with the interesting tattoo art. She is so warm and social with the customers wich is great.. I think my husband may have been a bit too fond of this young girl (haha)

I don't think we would return if this girl wasn't here, as the food horrific. The Beef Lasagne I had was freezing cold in the middle, which then I asked the blondie girl if she may heat it up for me as she rolled her eyes at my request.

Thumbs up for the red hed girl and the fab coffee!

5 star rating
by Elizabeth Soljak
Jun 22, 2012

Excellent lunch in a friendly, warm environment. The Caesar Salad and fries were perfect, and my niece had never had such a fabulous hot chocolate! Will definitely be back, the service was great too....thanks Jones!

5 star rating
by Rhian Owen
Jun 18, 2012

What a great place!!! The staff were friendly and the atmosphere is fab.
I had one of the best grilled breakfasts I've ever had. The bacon was cooked to perfection.
My friend had French toast that looked divine. The presentation was beautiful and she said it tasted better than it looked.
A great spot for breakfast!

1 star rating
by Aleksey
May 11, 2012

Went here just today. I even signed in menu mania to leave the review about how bad this place is and tell to stay away from it. The price comparing to food served is worst I seen. We ordered crepes ($14.5) and eggs benedict ($18.5) + 2 coffees. The food was served in a couple of minutes which means it wasn't even cooked. We were waiting for coffees for about 5 - 10 minutes after the food was served, the coffee was wrong and I waited for my coffee to be redone.

Crepes came cold on the hot plate, I suppose it should be other way around. It only had small jelly on top and mascarpone (plain). The taste of crepes was like they were made yesterday or a day before yesterday. Disappointing

Eggs benedict. The first place I saw more spinach than the rest of the food. Eggs were served cold as I said it feels like they were precooked and the size is the smallest I've ever seen. Charging $18.5 for this type of meal is dishonest, the better cafes in the Auckland centre would charge 16.5 and provide you with a better quality food.

The owner of the Jones the grocer think about what you charge people, the quality of your food is too low to be so expensive. The only star you get from me is for staff, they were polite this day.

4 star rating
by Feli
Apr 29, 2012

We went with a group of friends after the Anzac parade and we had a wonderful experience.
We had eggs benedict ,french toast and lots of fresh still warm pastries, the quality of food was excellent.
The coffee deserves a trophy on its own as it was pretty close to be perfect.
I thought the place is perfect for large groups since they have lots of large tables and there is plenty of space.
The service was very efficient considering that they were full and had lots people waiting outside trying to get in.
Now we are planning to come back to try their lunch menu

1 star rating
by Jan Hare
Apr 24, 2012

Went for breakfast on Sunday 22nd April at the Newmarket store, extremely disappointing. I ordered French Toast with Passionfuit Curd and a Long Black. My partner the big breakfast with a Flat White. The F/W came as a watered down milky liquid and my L/B was average. The most disappointing part was my French Toast was just fried bread (not dipped in egg as it should be) and the Passionfriut Curd was passionfruit pulp mixed up with yoghurt. If your chef would like the correct Curd recipe I will gladly supply it. Ripped off to the tune of $35.50

1 star rating
by Helen Van Hest
Mar 30, 2012

Went for lunch today. Ordered the Salmon on Broadbean Salad. When the meal arrived I was horrified to see tiny wee insects racing around my plate. Told the waitress who apologised and offered another meal which I accepted. Unfortunately the replacement meal also had wee insects racing around. I did not complain any further. Really not good. I will not go there again!

4 star rating
by Lime
Mar 19, 2012

I always love the coffee from here and the staffs are friendly.
I just took one star out as I haven't tried the food yet.
I definitely recommend here.

2 star rating
by Josh
Dec 30, 2011

Came here for lunch one day. Poor service, girl behind the counter was very stuck up and she over charged us. Food and coffees took too long however they were fairly busy. Food was ok. Ordered an iced coffee which was basically watery milk with coffee beans floating at the top - not tasty or iced at all. Id heard great things regarding the coffee from this place however my experience was not a very good one. Two stars only due to the food tasting ok.

Responding to the response to my feedback. Yes it was newmarket, and yes the service was very poor. My family also commented on how rude she was. The meals and coffee definitely took too long. I cannot remember the exact date as it was a few months ago however the lady that served us was likely to be in her mid-late twenties, had brown hair and a very bad attitude. It was only afterwards we realised that we had been overcharged so we did not bother going back (it was only a few dollars) I believe the error was due to your staff not honouring the special advertised on the front door (I ordered the schnitzel). Sorry I should have specified that this was simply human error and only a few dollars so it actually is not a big deal, hence not returning for the money. Our main gripe was with the service.
Piece of advice Alex, if someone provides criticism regarding the service offered then there is generally a legitimate reason for it. Instead of telling the person they are wrong (we are always taught that customers are never wrong) you would be better off apologizing as I may have considered removing my negative feedback. The way you have responded to my feedback reflects the sort of service we received.

3 star rating
by Anne-Marie
Aug 29, 2011

Food was great, but the barista was not in a good space. He practically threw the coffee cups on the table - we asked for extra hot. One coffee was burnt and had to be returned. Would not rush back.

5 star rating
by Jane Paredes
Jun 28, 2011

Went to this cafe with two friends and we ordered cafe mocha, cheesecake and carrot cake. I would say they have the best cafe mocha I've had so far in Auckland. Service is friendly and simply loved the place!The place is clean too, I have been to a lot of cafes where the place is so messy and untidy!