Joy's Cafe & Bistro

4 star rating 13 reviews

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09 8456682

4-6 Carrington Road, Pt Chevalier, Auckland

  Thai, Finger Food
10 AM to 11 PM (Mon-Sat), 12 Noon to 9:30 PM (Sunday)


Reviews for Joy's Cafe & Bistro

4 star rating
by Andy Edmunds
6 months ago

uninspiring location and d├ęcor. But great Thai food!

5 star rating
by Ptchevite
Aug 16, 2013

Highly recommended take-out Thai. Joy is so friendly and the food is great! Very good with vegetarian options and they never mess the order up. Yum yum yum yum yum. That's all I really have to say but I need to reach the 200 character count the website requires before i can post this.

4 star rating
by Sam Gibbs
Apr 29, 2013

Really enjoy the food here... very tasty and authentic, lots of real spices in there. Cheap food and drinks too. I often stay for a drink while I wait for my takeaways... but agree with other reviewers that it doesn't inspire as a dine-in location. Something to do with the room full of pokies adjacent perhaps? However best Thai in Pt Chev now that Malinee has sadly closed.

3 star rating
by Jamanius
Apr 10, 2013

Nice Pad Thai with a generous amount of prawns - but avoid the tom yum soup - tastes very bland and a bit like tomato sauce.

1 star rating
by Mike M
Feb 27, 2013

We live in Pt Chevalier and like to support local business - however we cant say anything good about our experience with Joys apart from the jolly older asian lady who served us.
We got a Tom Kha soup, a Pad Thai and a Chicken/ginger and cashew.
The soup was small and very watery - in fact we thought they may have given us the wrong order but alas they did not.
The Pad thai was an oily fried mess - it was very much more like chinese then Thai. To finish the Chicken ginger was also an oily fried mess.
Maybe they were having an off day or had a different cook - however this was like very bad chinese food and in no way like any Thai food that myself or any of my friends have ever eaten.
Such a shame as we would have liked to support them.

5 star rating
by Henry
Nov 10, 2012

Great food, cheap and always nice service. A favorite for takeaways, better then fellow competitors star thai and the more flashy takeaway/dine n restaurant zap thai (although if dining out would recommend zap for nicer atmosphere).

5 star rating
by John Plumber
Aug 13, 2011

The best value for money for Thai food in Auckland. Staff are friendly and mama Joy is always very happy and extremely friendly.

We have been having our dinner practically at least once a week in Joy's it was open. The setting is warm and modern and we get free cold drinks too. They don't expect us to buy beverages. At the price we are paying, we could afford a drink each, equivalent to paying just a meal in other restaurants. Moreover her cooking has NO MSG!

Joy, thanks for bringing Thai food to Pt Chevalier, it is like bringing Thailand to us. You are part of our life now.

4 star rating
by Jessica
Aug 10, 2011

The Pad Thai is amazing!! It has so much flavour and really cheap. We order take out pad Thai every Friday night because we enjoy it so much. Probably wouldn't eat in though.

4 star rating
by Jun S
Jul 10, 2011

I miss joy's great thai food, it's been my fav when she still at the albert st, downtown. Very happy to see her again at this place, the food still great. Recommended!

4 star rating
by Daivd Jack
May 22, 2011

Great place! food is real value for money!

Proud to recommend to anyone looking for good Thai food.

Joy is so kind and very friendly she is like a second mum.

4 star rating
by Judy Smith
Apr 24, 2011

Absolutely beautiful food - lovely friendly staff and owners. Recommend to anyone who loves Thai food - good menu with lots of choices - a must to go

4 star rating
by William
Apr 01, 2011

Very nice place, great food and staff are superb. A little gem in Pt Chev.
Value for money guaranteed

4 star rating
by Nicola
Feb 12, 2011

We live in Pt Chev and were surprised to see a Thai restaurant pop up!
Have not dined in and probably wouldn't as the decor and atmosphere are not overly special.
We have had takeaways from here twice now though and have been really impressed with the great value for money! I am vegetarian and the vege mains are all only $9. I think it might become a Friday night regular!