J's Tea

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919 Dominion Road

  Taiwanese, Asian
3 PM to 12 Midnight (Mon-Fri), 11:30 AM to 12:30 AM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for J's Tea

5 star rating
by Love Food
24 days ago

i like bubble tea and crispy chicken, good indoor seating area, nice and comfort sofa,, i think this is the best Taiwaneses bubble Tea house

5 star rating
by Tanz
29 days ago

Always clean and high standard.

Auckland's best Taiwan food and best bubble tea place.

Food served fast

Service always friendly.

A bit expensive, but food was in good standard.

To enhance: sometimes noisy; some food not in original flavour, such as Singapore Bak Koh Tea.

Definitely a good choice for late night dinner.

3 star rating
by L.E.N.S
one month ago

Cute little bubble tea joint in Mt Roskill. The outside is a little deceiving, I was pleasantly surprised to walk into a neat little restaurant with a quirky neo-modern theme - white tables/couches/big screen playing pop-Asian music.

This restaurant serves Taiwanese/Oriental Asian dishes as well as a wide variety of teas. Tonight we tried three of the milky teas - taro, honey and honeydew with caramel pearls. Not particularly a huge fan of bubble tea myself, but the flavours were nice enough, and they also offer to alter the sweetness by reducing the amount of sugar they use, so that was a plus!

Overall, a fun little place to enjoy a bubble tea. Heard it was especially good on a weekend night where they have board games, jenga and a dance mat.

4 star rating
by Joli Wong
one month ago

A good place to go with friends for drinks and snacks. I have been here numerous amount of times and there isnt a drink so far that impresses me. Food i have tried: popcorn chicken, pork floss egg pancake, teriyaki chicken rice, pork chop cutlet on rice and wonton noodles. All quite reasonably priced and tasty. Service is so so, they can become quite ignorant when it is busy but i think its like that for alot of asian places when its busy

2 star rating
by CatchingDustPro
2 months ago

Came here a few times because it was the only boba place open at night that wasn't in town. It's always pumping with people so I get why the workers get flustered and don't pay attention to satisfactory customer service. The last time I came here I ordered and sat down with a friend. We didn't get our table cleared until 20min later, then the worker threw our order into a bag when we didn't ask for it to be takeaway. She said the table was reserved (even though there was no sign) and left. WOW. Thanks for letting us know after we made ourselves comfortable.
Only reason I'm giving it anything is because the drinks are somewhat decent. Would rather go Hulu or My Kitchen for drinks, a table and satisfactory service.

4 star rating
by Queena
2 months ago

Been here quite a few times already. Their customer service is average. They can get quite busy especially during the weekends after 7pm and service will definitely be not as good or attentive.

Always order their beef noodle soup. Think it's my go-to dish when I'm at a Taiwanese restaurant. But this time, I went for a different meal. I got the Japanese fried udon (noodles). It wasn't bad but SO OILY. Was quite sickening to see how much oil was left behind on the plate :/ the chicken was quite dry. Also got their honey lemon black tea (hot) which wasn't bad.

Think I'll definitely be sticking with their beef noodle soup now.

3 star rating
by Ashish Bijwe
2 months ago

Nice ambience beautiful interior decoration, good lighting scheme, nice relaxing music, food tastes good, desserts look good and smells good desert tastes good too, I tried coffee pudding with full cream milk.
Comfortable couch with pillows and may provide blankets to keep you warm in winter.
But just one thing J's tea really to improve is the three golden rules of hospitality industry:
1. Smile
2. Engage
3. Be Professional

Staff really need to work on their service to customers to make their night or day a wonderful gastronomic experience, a wonderful gateway with friends.

Staff's unfriendliness affected my dinning mood.

3 star rating
by EssJay
3 months ago

My review might reflect service from over a year ago. Im not too sure how their service is now but when I used to go there me and my friends would compare service, food and drinks to Momotea. We eventually stopped going here because they took forever to bring our orders. The drinks and food were good.

4 star rating
by Jian Li
3 months ago

Clean environment. But service is quite slow. Food is ok. Would love to see more variety. Drinks options are diverse but not the desert menu. Seatings are quite spacious but not too many seats during peak hours if you have a big group.

5 star rating
by Summer So
3 months ago

The food and drinks at j's tea is amazing although it is a bit pricy,but the food is quite a large amount, I also got the beef noodle soup it was so good but super big so I couldn't finish.They have good service and a nicely decorated restaurant. They always provide a warm feeling once u walk in as if it was ur own home. I highly recommend trying J's tea which is a high quality Taiwanese restaurant which I find really hard to find.

4 star rating
by Sheena
3 months ago

I've been to J's Tea so many times I've lost count. We usually come here for dessert and bubble tea after dinner and a lot of the time we get bubble tea to go because it's usually full at night! I love the couch seats and they're perfect for group hang outs and playing board and card games, however they're usually reserved! Sometimes if we're lucky, we can get these seats.

The bubble tea at J's Tea is my favourite so far! The flavour of the tea is a bit stronger than other bubble tea places and I like this a lot better. I'm not really a fan of the main meals here however. I've tried a fair share of the snacks and they're fine! The beef noodles are also pretty good here as well.

Service is alright here but the environment is what I really like! You can play games here with a group of friends and it's totally acceptable to sit for a bit after your meal. I know I'm always going to come back!

5 star rating
by BrinkersMad
3 months ago

Favourite tea house. 
Drinks are rich in flavour.
Overall atmosphere is welcoming and great. 
Open late time is bloody fabulous and it's surprisingly busy quite late too. 
Decor and store layout is satisfying.
Casual and that's how I like it :-)
Downside is that I live in Henderson and so it's a long trip to there. Pls bring J's tea to west auckland!

5 star rating
by Tani Saguinsin
3 months ago

One of the best places I've tried that serves milk teas! :D Nice interior. Great food! Highly recommend the bbq pork 😊👍 it's very filling and decently priced

4 star rating
by Ryan
3 months ago

Good value meals, all three meals we ordered were tasty and good value. Bubble tea came in large glasses, we should have gotten them in takeaway as we couldn't finish them along with our meal. Interior is a bit..tacky, for lack of a better word. But the restaurant is usually busy and is good quality despite the aesthetics.

4 star rating
by PancakePanda
4 months ago

J's Tea > Hulu Cat = Meet Fresh> Momo tea > Chatime > Easyway 

Probably the best milk tea place out there in Auckland, other establishments may serve better fried Taiwanese cuisine, or better bubble tea, but J's tea has probably scored the most points when totaled together. 

For those of you who are not native to SE Asia or Taiwan, you can ASK for more sugar, double sugar, half sugar, quarter sugar, no sugar in your drinks, as well as no ice, less ice, or more ice. The best is usually half sugar with no ice, but it is down to personal taste, my friend likes it with double sugar and less ice... 

The food is good bang for your buck, quite traditional TW style of serving, with small sides in addition to your food such as veges and a soup in most set meals with rice. Chicken is usually crispy at J's tea and most foods are made in the small kitchen at the back, whereas at Hulu, they just heat up frozen things in the microwave oven.

4 star rating
by Victoria
4 months ago

Good value. We had bubble tea and a few dishes to share. Overall, big servings, fast service and clean surroundings. Didn't like the colour theme of the restaurant, but not too distracting. Would go back.

4 star rating
by Flying Foodie
4 months ago

A very nice place for flavoured milk-based drinks - both cold and hot. The ambience is good. The place is always full late in the evening. Will go again.

5 star rating
by BeeQueUU
4 months ago

Living in East auckland its difficult to get to at peak hour and only late night runs allow you to avoid the traffic. At work colleague asked me about J's Tea as she was keen on bubble tea close to work. I feel J tea's tea is consistently the best along with hullulacat in Anzac Ave a fraction the lesser of the two.
I call this Maccas for Asians as I have never spotted a non asian in this store.
The selection of how you have your milk tea is broad. Recommend grass jelly instead of bubbles as a nice variation (see pic close up). Their bubbles sago I believe, are always fresh but they can run out.
Flavours are as fake tasting as milkshake flavouring but you expect that. Watermelon is good but Mango is my favourite.
I question zoms categorizing yhem as a cheap eat. Their bubble tea is not reakly cheap, over $6 gor a drink but a fair price for value and a good experience. Their food eg pictured the taiwanese popcorn chicken at $10-11 is fully priced for the snack sized serving you get.
Sone really nice comfy-looking sofas but there's only 2 so these tend to get booked.(see pic). About 10 other tables so place can be packed. It was still quite busy at 945 pm on a Tuesday including big groups. Service is quick and staff very polite and help with ordering in english when required. Milk tea 5/5; popcorn chicken taiwanese style 3/5 and unhealthy as heck.

4 star rating
by Riddhi
5 months ago

Just went in a few hours ago to Js tea. Was really excited to go as its been here for so long, but have never gone in because it opens at a weird time for me (3).

Went in for dinner and it was quite packed which was a good sign, there was constantly people waiting for seats  reserved seats etc so shows this place is popular.

The service was friendly and helpful when i arrived, so didnt have the same problem some people do have. I dont speak any asian languages either so communication wasnt a problem :) 

I ordered chive prawn and egg dumplings ($12) and caramel milk tea with pearls ($6.5) and my friend ordered fried pork on rice and watermellon milk tea 

My tea was really not good in the way it didnt taste anything like caramel, but more like the original milk tea, but the pearls were cooked well. On the other hand my friends watermellon milk tea was amazing! my dumplings tasted good but i found a bit expensive as you could get 20 dumplings for $10 somewhere else where as i got 15 for $12. My friend enjoyed his crispy pork.

4 star rating
by Lonalin08
5 months ago

I like the green tea drink most and some snacks are also good. The problem is that here is too difficult to get a seat pre booking is highly recommended

3 star rating
by Andi Jandal
5 months ago

After reading the reviews on Zomato I was excited to try J's Teahouse for the first time one rainy afternoon.
J's is a nice place to eat with good decor, a television on the wall playing music videos & couches lining the front window. The rest of J's has tables & chairs.
We ordered a Taiwanese sausage rice meal, spicy Taiwanese popcorn chicken, dumplings, oolong milk tea & a strawberry milkshake.
The service was decent & the food was too.
Despite the positives however, I feel that other establishments do what J's does, only better. The popcorn chicken & Taiwanese sausage were both nice, but Si Bon, less than 5 minutes away in Mt Albert, does both these dishes better. My daughter found her strawberry milkshake too sweet & wouldn't drink it & my oolong milk tea wasn't warm enough & not as flavoursome as my usual. I'll stick to Hulucat in future despite having to wait in the cold for it, thanks.
I was also told I couldn't have taro pudding in warm tea, but Hulucat make it this way & it's delicious!
All in all, J's was okay, but they just didn't outclass the competition. Not quite sure why they're so popular. Perhaps I didn't order the right dishes?

4 star rating
by Laura
6 months ago

What a pleasant surprise! Clean, service was fast and the food was good. I also tried a hot jasmine milk tea-amazing! I'll be going back again.

5 star rating
by Tash
6 months ago

My favourite bubble tea. The bubbles ate fresh and the flavours are strong. The place is usually too busy though. Hard to get a seat unless you make a booking. But it's worth it.

4 star rating
by Super(・_・;Phoebe
7 months ago

A friend recommended this place to me. Well,I tried their Oolong milk tea which is pretty awesome,doesn't taste like some soaked powder which other places do. I can't comment on things other than that as I haven't tried any. Will try the crispy chicken cutlets next time when I hit the restaurant.

4 star rating
by Lady K
8 months ago

Usually go to another place for Taiwanese pearl milk tea and friends recommend J's tea for us. We went there for lunch ~ a very relaxing place for gathering and the food there are so yummy!!!
I didn't ordered the Pearl milk tea But the red dates tea - which I love it!

5 star rating
by Tami T
8 months ago

I always find myself driving here in the middle of the night! My Mum and I are seriously addicted to their Red date & Longan tea! Definitely something I crave often. In terms of food, the Spicy Taiwanese popcorn chicken is delicious and for dessert, It has become a tradition to order some Green tea thick toast! The staff have gradually warmed to us (as we could probably be considered "locals" here) so the atmosphere is always wonderful. Definitely go and give it a try if you're around the area! :-)

4 star rating
by Sylvielle
8 months ago

Felt like having a bubble tea along with a meal one night and came to J's Tea.

First impression : busy busy busy. We arrived there around 7:30pm and had to wait for about 15 minutes for a table to become available.

Although the staff were not the most friendly ones you can get out there, I didn't find them to be rude as most people have mentioned in their reviews. They did everything they were supposed to, just without a smile and with showing bit of frustration which is understandable.

We ordered Grilled Pork Ribs on Rice (R12/$11.5) and Black Pepper Crispy Chicken Cutlets on Rice (R24/$13) as meals and Jasmin Milk Tea with Jasmin Jelly (M07/$6.5) and Taro Milk Tea (M21/$5.5) for drinks. Overall, the Chicken was good, Pork way too salty for my liking, and both drinks just perfect.

The wait time for food was alright; first dish being out within 10 minutes, but each were served with a bit of a term in between. Everything we've ordered (4) were served on 4 separate travels by staff.

I find this to be quite a cool place to go for a late meal or a bubble tea session with friends, but will definitely be making a reservation on my next visit.

1 star rating
by Hanyang Xia
8 months ago

I have been to J's Tea twice. I was quite satisfied with my first experience about a year ago.

My second and last experience last night there was less than sub-par. The food came relatively quick. However, the black pepper chicken I ordered contained next to no chicken and was almost just pastry and black pepper and did not satisfy my macronutrient needs. Also, being very thirsty, I ordered an original milk tea. My colleague's drinks came relatively fast however I had literally finished my meal and was still waiting on mine. After asking the confused waitress about my drink at least three times, I went up to the counter and ask them to just cancel the drink due to the poor customer service and waiting time. However, they made the drink just as I was about to leave and I was at that point - already infuriated. A drink is suppose to come with the meal, not as when you are about to leave. I would never recommend this place ever again. 

Final thoughts : horrible customer service - would not eat/10

1 star rating
by Justin
11 months ago

Very very poor customer services , strongly not recommended for polite customer , staffs are very rude , not very well educated. It was the worst decision ever , will not come back at any chance

4 star rating
by Tony Ma
Sep 03, 2014

Great place to grab a bite before midnight

The food is good, the mains is good, taiwanese food.

Nothing too surprising, everything is done up to standard.

Weekends may need to book, good place to catch up with friends.

Wait time: 3/5
Environment: 3/5
Food Quality: 3/5
Food Quantity: 4/5
Price range: $20+ pp

4 star rating
by Heartshrooms
Jun 09, 2014

J's Tea has become my favourite milk tea place. The drinks aren't super sweet like other tea places and there's quite a big variety of flavours. I love their Green Bean Ice Blend, Black Sesame Milk Tea and Brown Sugar Ginger Milk Tea (hot version when the weather is cold), and Passionfruit or Peach Black Tea (the black tea balances the fruity sweetness nicely). This place is always crowded with the Asians coming here to relax, catch up, and play card/ board games (provided) with friends etc. It's pretty much the "it" Milk Tea place (like how Momo used to be until it started turning into a family style kind of place). They specialise in tea so the food isn't that good, and Dominion Rd is bursting to the brim with so much eateries, you're much better off at those ones if you're after food.

4.5 rating for the drinks only :)
For other reivews and more, please visit my blog: http://heartshrooms.wordpress.com

4 star rating
by NommyShotTreats
May 25, 2014

Whenever I visit this place, it is always crowed with so many people - though I do come during rush hour dinner time (between 8pm - late)

There's parking outside the restaurant and along the road, area for big groups that just wanna talk really loudly, sipping on their milk teas and snacking on finger/toothpick foods. Also table seating area for small groups or couples that rather be seated on leveled tables and chairs instead of the big couch and low table.

Staff speaks Mandarin, English and Cantonese. Always busy taking orders, making drinks or food. Though it may take a bit longer to order food during these times, but its obvious that the staff isn't just standing there chatting or on their phones - they are legitimately busy whenever I come here with friends. Milk tea is pretty good with a wide selection of flavours and other drinks, the food menu is appropriate for this eatery - ranging for sets to snacks, price is also reasonable.

Only negative things about this place is that whenever I order something, its that one thing on the menu that is unavailable or sold out, the noisey customers that sit there talking and shouting at each other as though they are across they room, but they are sitting right next to each other *shakes my head* (this isn't the eatery's fault, but it did contribute to my experiences here)

Good place to go to with friends that just want to hang out over some drinks and snacks.

3 star rating
May 18, 2014

Tried their original milk tea with pearls, not overly impressed - it tastes similar to Hulu Cat's. The pearls could have been cooked a little longer as they were still a little hard in the center :/

Can't comment on service or food/other drinks as only tried this via delivery from a friend.

Came in a few weeks ago around dinner time with a friend, it was fairly busy and only the cruddy table and chairs near the door were left - thankfully some girls moved and it freed up a better table for us.

We ordered the watermelon milk tea and passionfruit tea, as well as fried buns with condensed milk and spicy fried chicken pieces. The service was ok, food and drinks came quickly. The milk tea reminds me of momo tea's one when they use to taste good; my friend enjoyed her tea. The chicken pieces were really good, very tender and not spicy at all. The fried buns were amazing, hard on the outside and soft on the inside!

3 star rating
by Criselle Lobo
Apr 11, 2014

J's tea serves the best bubble tea in Auckland. Period. Hulucat and momotea are not even close.

Food on the other hand, is very ordinary. Plus their hygiene is a bit if a concern.

So, go there...grab a glass of bubble tea (taro and watermelon are my favs) and your in heaven.

Would have rated it 2...but 1 extra star only for the bubble tea.

4 star rating
by Pauline
Jan 23, 2014

Best milk tea in Auckland so far. The side dishes are fine, but mains are very average.

Service: 4/5
Environment: 4/5
Food Quality: 4/5
Food Quantity: 3/5

4 star rating
by Chai Ang
Dec 07, 2013

Perhaps the best bubble milk tea in all of Auckland. With a vast selection of tea and foods, this place is a great hangout spot. The dinner selection is also adequate, the food itself is alright -Nothing to rave about. However the milk tea is definitely something to rave about.

My personal favourite is the egg pudding milk tea (half sugar), opening late as well giving us a lot of flexibility and time to visit.

4 star rating
by Daniel Wang
Dec 07, 2013

If you have your dinner in dominion rd, usually chinese like visiting j's tea, you can order some finger food and drinks with your friends, it's very popular for chinese couple or group of friends. I especially like different kinds of tea, bubble green tea is my lover haha, you can also order some fast food, such as fried rice ,noodle ,topping with beef ,pork etc. It's very easy to park and open till very late!

5 star rating
by Lucy Li
Nov 19, 2013

J's tea I would say probably do the best pearls in Auckland.
Love their original milk tea. I also like the fact that they have heaps of different sweetness levels so I can go for one that suits my tastes.
They also have nice decor...comfy couches...all the things you would want for a nice catch up with friends.

4 star rating
by Hailey Tran
Dec 18, 2012

This one is obviously a popular spot for milk tea, and it is close to the Tai Ping supermarket so YAY