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Kati Grill Restaurant

4 star rating 26 reviews

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09 3025284

146 Karangahape Road, Karangahape Road, Auckland

  North Indian, Indian
11:30 AM to 10 PM (Mon-Tue, Sun), 11:30 AM to 11 PM (Wed-Thu), 11 AM to 1 AM (Fri-Sat)


Reviews for Kati Grill Restaurant

4 star rating
by Sanjay Yadav
one month ago

I had heard abt this place quite a few times, went there with 2 of my friends, I ordered crunchy munchy corn n my frnds' ordered wraps. Quality is good. Though corn portion was a bit smaller. Would try sometime and then write a detailed one. Cheers

5 star rating
by Hharkirat Siingh
2 months ago

A complete delicasy! Loved the kathi's.. Totally indian style with the adequate punch of flavours! And yeah a bit spicy - just the indian way!

5 star rating
by Tavita Milford
2 months ago

The best tandoori wraps I've ever had. Would definitely want to come back next time, it's been years since the last time I've had a wrap. The trip was well worth it.

5 star rating
by Deborah Miller
4 months ago

helllooooooo katigrill k road branch

i am ordering with you guys from last couple of years...And i am very thankful that you guys always serve best food...thankz to the staff and delivery guy who does a good job...always deliver before time...

3 star rating
by Jade
4 months ago

I ordered the mixed vegetable roll and it was not to my taste. I like the concept and would definitely go back to try a different option. It's great that there are three vegan options to choose from.

4 star rating
by Jack Dodia
5 months ago

I went to  Kati Grill in Karangahape Rd , and had Sheek Kebab with  Roti it was Delicious, What i Noticed that this  place the Kebabs were made freshly and were moist and yummy . Again I went on Wed with my wife before flying back to Australia. She had Gobi Paratha and that were delicious.
The service was good by the two boys there. I will recommend this place for good food and value for money.
Nice  Kebabs in Town.

5 star rating
by Ashish Bijwe
5 months ago

The most authentic Indian food I have ever tasted in Auckland. The most popular name for Kati Roll in India is Frankie. It's Roti with the layer of omelette and your choice of meat or vegetables rolled in an aluminium foil. The kitchen is open for the customers to peek how the Kati Rolls are made.

5 star rating
by Stango
5 months ago

The Kati Roll.... It's like a kebab but filled with curried meats, vege or paneer. Unlike anything else I've been able to find in Auckland. Hits the spot when I feel like Indian food on the go (I can eat this while running - yay!) Food is well priced and would recommend almost anything on the menu. Masala chips: absolutely yum.

4 star rating
by Mani
5 months ago

Good food for late night eaters .went there around 11pm last night had yummy aachari and chilli chicken wrap .fresh food with taste for genuine price.

4 star rating
by Elvis Lees
5 months ago

Dropped in for a quick lunch. Got served quickly. The menu was easy to follow. Had the lamb kati roll and it was simply great. Spicy.. gooey madness.

4 star rating
by Sananda Chatterjee
8 months ago

When you ask them for spicy roll - they make your eyes water - THANK YOU KATI GRILL!
Have not tried many other things from their menu - they are called Kati Grill - they make pretty good Kati Rolls!
We at our flat have also recently discovered that they make paranthas (yummy ones) and do most aweomse masala chips. On top of everything they deliver!! 
For days when you dont wanna cook but would still like some paranthas - go here (or order online!)
They do take an hour - that is the only drawback - faster delivery times would be appreciated!

4 star rating
by Melissa Pond
9 months ago

Been recommended by work colleagues. A good twist to other kebabs. It's your favourite curry in one. Had Butter Chicken one medium and it was super tasty and spice level was great

4 star rating
by Ajay Shankar
Aug 30, 2014

Kati grill quite known for the rolls and kebabs is quite fine to go for once in a while . If we compare to it being authentic Indian food it is quite closely matched when compared to other restaurants. If you need the real flavour of India try their spicy option. Kaboom u will feel it! The only down fall is the time they take and needs to improve on it... Try it guys u will like it!

3 star rating
by Eklavya Siddharth
Jul 19, 2014

Lovely Indian tea, and courteous staff. However, in our opinion, we did not find the food very appetizing, though it has its fair share of customers, probably regulars too. The only reason we decided on this place was because it was open late at night. Other times I would likely give it a skip. Maybe go back for the tea though! :)

5 star rating
by Gunjan Trivedi
Jul 12, 2014

Awesome food

3 star rating
by Lucyeats
May 02, 2014

Came here for lunch with a couple of work friends after being told that this was where authentic curry was made and had a very mixed experience. I was very excited about the prospect of a Butter Chicken roll and was quite pleased with the flavour of the curry -a lot more savoury and had more spice than the usual sweet fluoro butter chicken that is served at other places. However, half of my roll appeared to be onions which was not appetising at all! The taste of onion was so overpowering that I could only get about two thirds of the way through my roll before it became too much (and then pulled out the chicken pieces to eat separately..).

The masala chips were absolutely delightful though and I daresay they would give McDonalds and KFC a run for their money! The mango lassi I got was also great. If I were to visit again, I think I would ask for no onions or have the curry with rice like my colleague did.

4 star rating
by Auckland On My Plate
Dec 14, 2013

Depending on your knowledge and preference for Indian food, Kati Grill can be a great or a satisfactory experience. They serve kati rolls - a popular kind of Indian street food. Think of a kati roll as India's version of a kebab. And there are plenty of katis here - ranging from vegetarian (paneer, channa) to chicken and even beef. They're all priced around $10 and for about $5 more you can add masala chips.

The food here is definitely tasty and authentic enough, but I can't help but think of it as overpriced street food (which kind of defeats its very purpose!). I mean $5 for some chips (which are basically fries with some spices sprinkled over them)!!

But for someone who has never delved in anything Indian beyond a butter chicken, this will be a nice (spicy) surprise! The Paneer Tikka and Chicken TIkka katis here are a good place to start.

5 star rating
by Shraddha Shinde
Nov 27, 2013

Jst amazing rolls
Reasonably priced
It's a must try

4 star rating
by Cheap Eats
Nov 05, 2013

Conveniently located near the corner of Queen St and K’Rd, Kati Grill is in prime position for a quick sit-down meal or when you need to grab and go. Kati rolls, a popular and compact street food in India, are the main deal here but don’t forget to follow it with a side of their famous masala chips: they’re India’s answer to KFC fries. For a full review and dish recommendations go to http://cheapeats.co.nz/kati-grill/

4 star rating
by Angel .
Oct 21, 2013

Love the food. Everything on their menu tastes delicious.

Wait time is really long, sometimes up to 30 mins. But because they make everything fresh, this is not a problem.

4 star rating
by Keith Eades
Aug 15, 2013

We were recommended to try this place next time we were in town.

I ordered the chilli chicken and rice and my wife ordered the butter chicken wrap. After waiting a wee while for our food, we were not disappointed with the result. My wife said the wrap tasted lovely and fresh, mine was also tasted very good. In our passion to order we did not spot the Mango Lassi's, good reason to return and try their other dishes.

​The decor is typical take away, but the food is definitely not !!!!

Looking forward to next visit :-)​

3 star rating
by Enthu Cutlet
Jul 19, 2013

The only place I found in Auckland serving authentic Indian kathi rolls. A quite little shop on the Karangahape Road, Kati Grill provides rolls in different flavours; all of them priced at around $10. Combine these with a Masala Tea and you are very close to the authentic street food experience of India. They do take some time to prepare these rolls and make sure you mention how spicy you want the rolls to be, else you might be in for a not-so-pleasant surprise.

5 star rating
by M Badami
May 05, 2013

Awesome Awesome food. I've been a fan of grilled foods all my life going back to my days in India where this is a popular form of street food. I was so happy when I discovered this place a few years ago now. Being a vegetarian means i am limited by choice in most places but Kati Grill has about 6 options for me and they are all 5 stars in my book. The staff are friendly and the service and ambience is great. $10 can buy you a good feed here.

4 star rating
by Jana
Mar 11, 2013

I have been to Kati Grill several times now and have introduced my non-Indian friends to this place and unanimously we love it! The stuffing is delicious and very close to flavours of the street food in India, though not 100% there. The service is prompt and I would recommend Kati Grill for a quick, no fuss delicious meal on the run.

4 star rating
by Nel
Sep 05, 2012

Love eating here simply cause its fresh and absolutely delicious.The staff are very friendly and the service is quite good too. I personally like the lamb seek Kati roll and the paneer makhani kati roll. Definitely worth trying :-)

5 star rating
by Bonsai
Jul 03, 2011

I've been here twice, and really enjoyed it. Both times I had the Achari Paneer Kati Roll and Masala Chips - really yummy. There are loads of choices for vegetarians, which is always an advantage for me. The wraps are a great new addition to the range of Indian food that can be bought in Auckland. I can imagine them being a great post-booze up snack, though they are filling enough for a meal.

I have become a regular here since my first review as the food is just delicious. It seems to be the only Indian place in Auckland that cooks paneer in a tandoor, which adds a delicious smokiness to it. The new Paneer Makhani roll is divine - though very rich! That it is always busy and new items are continually being added to the menu is a very good sign indeed.