King of Kings

3 star rating 6 reviews

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09 6264510

548 Blockhouse Bay Road, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland

  Chinese, Malaysian, Asian, Fast Food
4 PM to 9:30 PM (Mon-Tue), 12 Noon to 10 PM (Wed-Sat), 2 PM to 9:30 PM (Sun)


Reviews for King of Kings

4 star rating
by Goldilox
7 days ago

Good ol fish n' chips for old school prices!!! We ordered 2 scoops of chips, a cheeseburger, battered fish and a hotdog on a stick. Total $11.50.
Everything tasted like quintessential NZ fish n' chips! A lot tastier than many other places and for rock bottom prices! Definitely will be going back.
Also, looking at other Zomato reviews, their Chinese food is very good too.
Could this place be a little unknown gem? Quite possibly. Oh, and I'll say it again... $11.50!!!

5 star rating
by It's All Grae-v
4 months ago

When your family in another suburb want to visit because of the local Chinese, you know it must be good.
The containers are packed full, the vegetables are fresh and plentiful (as are the cashews), and it seems healthier than other Chinese takeaways I've been to. The Sweet & Sour dishes contain apple and far, far less onion than others, the wontons are the tastiest I've had for years, and they offer cost-effective family packs - the 'small' pack for $19 was enough to fill two plates and provide lunch the next day!
The older woman who generally answers the phone may not seem that pleasant, but don't let that put you off because it's worth it and they all thank you for coming when the meal is ready.

I've only had the European takeaways from there once - the kumara chips were similar to Burger Fuel's, while the burger I had was large and tasty.

Overall, I'd recommend this to anybody in and out of the area!

5 star rating
by Laura Lock
5 months ago

We make the journey to King of Kings whenever we feel like Chinese takeaways because it's one of the best we know. Their dishes are fresher, tastier and use better + more vegetables than most other places.  

For instance; in the Chow Mein the vegetables are still green (not over boiled), there is at least four different types of vegetables in there (not including onion), there is a tasty (not gelatinous) sauce AND the pieces of meat are big chunks (not thin slices). 

Our favourites to order are the: Sweet and Sour Chicken, any Chow Mein and any of their Cashew dishes (so many cashews!) Their wontons are great too - they're tasty, big balls of meat, and crunchy edges.

I will admit that sometimes when ordering over the phone it's not the friendliest conversation you'll have that day, and usually they are about 20minutes + from ordering - but they're great.

4 star rating
by Logan Booler
Sep 17, 2014

Best fried rice and sweet n sour pork.

1 star rating
by Amber Corney
Nov 30, 2013

Don't recommend this takeaway. Been a few times before and found staff (especially female) rude and food not great but just gone back when convenient.
Last night got the black bean steak with rice for dinner, sauce was far too rich and gluggy, meat wasn't any good, was chewy and fatty. Couldn't eat it overall. I don't usually complain about food, but decided to return the meal the following day after only having a few bites. Far from listening to my feedback, the male staff member implied that I was lying by saying that all the meat was all gone (it wasn't) and was very reluctant to return my money. Female staff member just gave me the evils and didn't say anything in English.

4 star rating
by Bill Li
Dec 20, 2012

Service is good overall, although the preparation of meals is a bit slow in comparison to other Takeaways, but is made up for in food quality.