Kiwi Roast

3 star rating 5 reviews

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09 6243982

582 Manukau Road, Greenwoods Corner, Epsom, Auckland

  British, Fast Food
3 PM to 9 PM


Reviews for Kiwi Roast

5 star rating
by Graeme
9 months ago

Love getting roast beef from here, and the potatoes are so delicious too. I would recommend getting the large size because any leftovers make a great lunch the next day. There's something very satisfying about tucking in to a roast dinner without having put the effort in to making it!

5 star rating
by Holly Dhillon-Taylor
Nov 02, 2014

Yumm! Great to know I am only a 2min walk from them..friendly and good pork roast! :) also good to have a local like this for those 'cant be bothered' cooking nights!

5 star rating
by Chrissy
Nov 28, 2013

This has to be the best roast I have ever had from a take a way. I have stayed in Auckland for a couple of months and frequently we have a roast. Mine is usually pork. The portions are massive, the meat is perfect with plenty of crunchy crackle which is roasted not deep fried, apple sauce and gravy is plentiful and veges are lovely. They have nailed it! Well done.

5 star rating
by David
Jan 04, 2013

I often buy from these guys. Have been going there for around five years.
Generally I get a great value, delicious roast. Our kids love the roast pork.They are happy to customise your order, more of this or less of that.

It's popular and busy, going after 7.00pm or so can mean they are already sold out or getting low on selection.

With due respect to the other review, I'd say I've had a good meal there 98% of the time. Over five years I would guess I've had around 120 meals from them. The staff I've always found polite and once you know them a bit, very friendly.

1 star rating
Apr 10, 2012

Some people should never be allowed to operate a business that has to deal with the general public. Unfortunately, this goes for the clueless individual that runs this establishment. They don't have a clue how to keep customers satisfied, or regretably, serve up a decent meal. To think that dishing up greasy, tasteless, luke-warm roast is acceptable, they have a lot to learn. And to take your money, then tell you half way thru the serving process that you can't have what you ordered because they just remembered 'someone had phoned and asked that they save the remaining chicken drumsticks for them', beggars belief. So I walk out of there with half of what I ordered, and half my money back. Not really what I had intended. But hey, what do you expect these days??

'Kiwi' roasts, yea' right!