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Knights On Albert - Stamford Hotel

4 star rating 32 reviews

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09 3579220

Stamford Hotel, 22-26 Albert Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland

  European, Mediterranean, Asian, Kiwi
6 AM to 10:30 AM, 12 Noon to 3 PM, 6 PM to 10 PM


Reviews for Knights On Albert - Stamford Hotel

4 star rating
by Miss Charlotte Cake
3 days ago

Upon arrival we went around to the left and waited to be seated. It’s a very busy hotel lobby, however the atmosphere was quite relaxing inside once seated. There were beautiful orchid displays hanging from the ceiling and also in pots by the front windows. There is a pianist who plays live music on the weekend between 11.00am – 3.00pm which was super lovely to come in to. He happened to be playing ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ which also happens to be from The Wizard of Oz, one of my top 3 favourite films of all time.
Once we were seated we were given a tea menu (yay) – I freaking love tea menus! I like seeing options and places that offer black, green and herbal teas. I could see that they served a good variety and the tea I chose was from a brand called NZ Live Tea which comes under the Bell brand. It was called Morning Kick Assam and was the closest to an ‘English Breakfast’ tea that they had available. Carl chose the Kowhai Ceylon and spoke quite highly of it. When I asked the waiter about the teas, he mentioned that if I ordered one and didn’t like it, then I would be able to keep ordering tea’s until I found one I liked. So sweet, and good to know if you happened to order a drink you weren’t too keen on.
Stamford Plaza offer two High tea options – the standard at $30.00 per person which includes your choice of tea, and nibbles. Or, the $35.00 option which includes the above as well as a glass of bubbles. The great thing I noticed was that this high tea is actually available every day, from 11am – 4pm. I thought this would be such a great idea for mums or people who maybe work on their weekends.
They serve a completely Gluten Free option, as well as a dairy free and vegetarian version. When asked, they told me that a vegan option would be quite difficult to serve – so at this point in time, are unable to offer vegan high-teas. They actually have their full menu available online so you can check beforehand as to what you’ll be served:
– The Savoury – 

Madras apricot chicken wholegrain sandwich
Smoked salmon with a preserved lemon cream cheese sandwich
Ham & brie cheese with cranberry on brioche
Petit potato salad with roast lamb
Blue vein & walnut tart with pickled leek
– The Scones – 

with jam, cream & salted butter:
Traditional cheese scone
Caramelised apple scone
– The Sweets – 

Blood orange cupcake with mulled wine icing
Cinnamon vanilla custard mille-feuille
Speculaas white chocolate cheesecake
Pear & cardamom tart tartin
Lemon & ginger macaroon

The highlight of this high tea was the Pear & cardamom tart tartin, it was so tiny yet so delicious… I needed more of it and the pear and cardamom worked so incredibly well together. The Blue vein & walnut tart with pickled leek was also extremely delicious and the blue cheese wasn’t too strong. The pastry casing was so crumbly and tasty. The most interesting item on the menu was definitely the Blood orange cupcake with mulled wine icing. It tasted exactly like it sounds, the cupcake on its own was sweet with a citrus kick, while the creamy frosting actually tasted like a spiced mulled wine. Another great point is that we were offered top ups on our tea if we wanted.

If I was to have any critique about the high-tea it would be that the sandwich bread felt a little dry – they tasted perfectly fine, but it was almost as if the bread had been left out in the open air for a while.

Still, a really good High-Tea and I will definitely go back :)

4 star rating
by Claudia Serra
26 days ago

Yummy! Got a grabone deal for breakfast for 2 which I thought was good value for money. The staff were friendly and there was a good selection of food and they had really healthy options there which I loved - but I have been to places with a bigger range, especially when it comes to the hot options. The seats upstairs were a bit too close together for my liking so my boyfriend and I sat a level down which was still close and way more spacious. All in all a good experience but I would probably only go back if I had a voucher!

3 star rating
by FoodLover
26 days ago

Have been here before for breakfast the service has gone down considerably. Omelette took 45 minutes on a weekday, really? Bring the mojo back!

5 star rating
by Lauren
2 months ago

Coming here for lunch is always a lovely experience as the waitstaff are friendly and quick to seat you at a table, and the food is always delicious. I asked for my steak to be medium rare, and it was perfect - among the best steaks I've had in Auckland. The only reason I am giving a 4.5 rather than a 5 is because we waited a very long time for our drinks.

3 star rating
by Maria
3 months ago

Went here for a breakfast buffet using voucher with some friends. The whole "fancy hotel" vibe was there and the service was really good. There was a wide range of choices available like cereal, toast, chocolate milk, dessert, crepes, bagels, mushrooms, eggs, bacon, salmon, different cheeses, congee, hash brown literally anything you can think of. I feel like this place can do much better food wise only because I noticed that the cream cheese smelled way off - it was defo expired. I also noticed the same for the salmon and I actually love salmon and thought it didn't smell so bad so I ate it anyway. It was kind of disappointing cause the ambiance, decors, food presentation and service were all really amazing. It was just the "off" odor from the cream cheese which really let me down because I was keen to have a bagel with salmon and cream cheese. I might go back but I suggest they serve fresh food and not recycled because it can really put their customers off.

4 star rating
by Rachel
3 months ago

This place has a luxurious atmosphere and felt like an upper-class restaurant when I first entered because of its design. We were guided to a table and then my friends and I went to the buffet area. I quite liked the setup of it. There were various options to choose from including drinks.
Once we got our food and started eating, I noticed that on my plate a dish of noodles was spicy and parts of it were dry like it had been in the buffet for a few days. The salmon and bacon were good but eventually started to taste quite salty. Egg, hashbrown and mushrooms were the most enjoyable. Throughout our time here staff were friendly and happy to help us. Overall I had had a nice time here with friends and my dining experience was satisfactory.

4 star rating
by Love My Coffee!
4 months ago

We bought online vouchers for a buffet breakfast for four which was great value!  The selection of food was good for a buffet , with fruit salads plus a fresh fruit selection, cooked breakfast, pastries and cooked waffles by a chef as you wait.  The service was excellent.  The selection of drinks available included in the price were also good.  All round a good breakfast and pleasant atmosphere and experience.  Definitely going to come for High Tea next time.

4 star rating
by Adeline
5 months ago

Lovely service - very attentive and friendly. High tea comes highly recommended - easy options, swift service, no complaints there. Having said that - nothing really stood out though, so if you're just looking for somewhere easy and relaxing to wile your day away with the girls - this place hits the spot :)

We've been here on on a separate occasion for lunch too - and while it was tasty - again, nothing really stood out. Definitely above average at reasonable 'hotel-ish' prices. Nice ambience (you're lucky if there is an inhouse pianist on that day!), lovely decor (toilets are a plus with their matakana products) and again - I will reiterate how good the service is.

1 star rating
by Jess C
6 months ago

We went for the "International lunch" with a Grabone voucher as their advertisement on Grabone sounded so good.  

When the food came, we were so shocked.  They came in a 3-tier metal lunch box and looked like ready made meals just being re-heated.  When I open the lids, I was shocked how little the food was and how un-appetizing it looked.  

We had scoop out the food from the boxes onto our plate.  No serviettes or spoons (note: we ordered the curry!!) were provided until we asked.  The food was horrible…. half cold rice and curry which did not taste authentic at all.  Even the food from the food court is much better than this. 

We were very very disappointed… having a half-cold, very pitiful portion and not tasty meal! Really… it is not the standard that people would expect from this kind of restaurant.

5 star rating
by Schalk De Wet
7 months ago

Went here for the all you can eat ribs voucher and it was great! Super classy place and the waiting staff were all really friendly and professional. 
The ribs were delicious and an absolute bargain with the voucher.

2 star rating
by Des Shinnick
8 months ago

This place has a nice feel to it. The wait staff and person that greeted us on entry are great. 4 of us turned up for the all you can eat Pork Ribs. The place is clean and tidy. 

The meals came promptly. The ribs were half cold. It didn't appear the meat had been marinated in any way so it was a straight roasted pork rib with a warm sauce poured over the entire ribs. All four of us were underwhelmed by the ribs. We talked about other ribs options. 3 of us thought Hog Heaven in Newmarket had the best ribs and 1 thought it was Lonestar. These guys should send their chef to these places to get an idea of what good ribs can be. So we all finished our first lot of ribs and no one ordered more. We could have eaten them we just thought .. you know it really isn't that good. So we turned our attention to dessert. 

We ordered the "Knickerbocker Glory with Winter Flavours" and the "Rich Chocolate Tart". The rich chocolate tart was pretty good. The piece was a bit on the small side with the smallest scoop of ice-cream. Not work the $15. There are much better dessert options nearby or exceptional dessert options like Milse. The KBWF is kind of like a truffle in a glass. This dessert is just poor. Poorly put together, poorly prepped and not worth half the $15 paid. The ingredients were poached rhubarb (which was quite sharp) nutmeg cream (was very powdery and not good), brandy custard (barely noticeable), spiced poached pears , chocolate orange & cinnamon sponge (more a cake). Overall there was just a lack of love or care shown for the food.

5 star rating
by Shannon
9 months ago

Went here for the buffet breakfast, it was delicious. Highly recommend the 60 degree eggs, they are cooked slowly in their shells. When they are cracked onto toast they are a perfectly poached egg. The service was attentive, and enjoyed the fruit salad and cute little yoghurt pots.

5 star rating
by Airw0lf
10 months ago

Their new menu is great. We had the two steak meals and both were delicious and beautifully presented. A lot of attention has been given to the sides, kale crisps instead of fries for example.

4 star rating
by Tony Mc Carthy
11 months ago

Four of us went to lunch on Sunday, 13th July. I don't know why this restaurant has received bad reviews, as we had a great experience. Although we had the restricted menu on a voucher, all our meals were excellent and the service was first class, even though the restaurant was quite full. Would definitely go again.

2 star rating
by Deirdre Milne
Jun 30, 2014

We were here on a daily deal so weren't surprised to be given a special menu. I had a pleasant chicken pate but my husband's Caesar salad was iceberg lettuce, croutons and tasteless dressing. The 3 main courses included a cheeseburger!! I had fish which was wafer thin and overcooked. Dessert was icecream and chocolate sauce. And this is supposed to be a high class restaurant. I won't waste my time going back there again

3 star rating
by Pol
Apr 17, 2014

Went there recently for the breakfast buffet.

It was pretty average. Choice was quite limited although the fruit/vegetable juicer was a nice touch. The quality of the food was also a bit of a let down - the bacon, for example, was incredibly dry and tough.

Wait staff attention swung between complete neglect to excessive. Chefs were keeping themselves entertained by chatting up the waitresses - not a great look when there are customers nearby. Things improved when a duty manager showed up and took control. Thankfully I had a voucher for the buffet, if I had paid full price, I would have been pretty disappointed.

1 star rating
by Kent Richardson
Feb 12, 2014

We bought the much advertised 'Chinese New Year Themed All-You-Can-Eat Dinner Buffet for Two People' deal voucher for $99 and went along on Friday 7th February 2014. Right from the start we noticed the décor was dingy and especially obvious with most of the chairs with a red covering looking so old and disgusting. We were so taken back with this - that we started to see everything else was also so dated and tired. The so called Chinese NY decorations were pathetic. It certainly didn't feel we were to 'ring in the NY in style' as per the advertising. On to the buffet. This was very disappointing. All the food looked tired, the fish was so dry we passed on it. We did try most of the dishes in desperation and they were all bland except the Chicken with Black Bean and broccoli. Not one of the dishes looked 'mouth watering or delicious' (again) as per the advertising. The desserts were okay. The service struggled despite seeing quite a number of staff constantly walking around - we think they were just making themselves look busy. We noted at one point a chef came out to inspect the dishes and was not happy with things as he then looked to be discussing everything with the wait staff which included one 'hot' buffet that didn't have any flame going, and how they needed to let him know when dishes needed attention (the seafood display had all but been emptied half an hour earlier etc). Worse was we were overcharged for our glass of wine to which I said nothing in fear of me letting loose about the whole very disappointing experience. You could not pay us to ever return.

4 star rating
by Dale
Oct 16, 2013

Came here on Saturday for "Jake and Elle's" high tea.
Promptly seen to and seated in the restaurant area. The lady who served us was very nice , I think she may have been the f&b manager (maybe the lady from the langham could get some tips). Champers arrived quickly and were well full too ;-) .
The food itself... Meh. It was good, great? Meh. The sandwiches, as danty and appealing as the looked, were just meh. The sweet stuff, oh yeah they were good. Jake and Elle's signature orange cake, for us, felt a bit stodgy, but tasted good nonetheless .the two teas we chose, a vanilla one and a peppermint were very nice. So overall. It's was a pleasant lunch . But would I go back..... Meh ;-)

1 star rating
by Jackie Bott
Oct 16, 2013

Oh dear. I went on Sunday 13th October with a friend using a deal voucher. First impression - smelly dead flower on the table that actually had mould growing in the water, nice. On the deal offered we could choose 2 small and 2 large "tasting plates". What this pretentious nonsense means is 2 entrees and 2 mains because they where not put in the middle of the table with extra plates so we could share anything. My friend had the sliders (3 on a plate between 2 people?) that were about what you would expect to get at a cheap food court. I had the salmon with a gazpacho shooter. This was 3 (again) small and I mean very small, cubes of tough salmon with a shot glass of vile tasting onion water. Then came mains, sorry large tasting plates. First 2 of the given choices where unavailable so we both had the offered substitute cut of steak instead of the advertised rib. It was cooked ok but pretty tasteless. The jus was nice but the horseradish puree was in reality just very watery mash that had no taste of horseradish at all! We were really hungry when we got there at 6.30 so asked if we could order fries with the meal. The waitress seemed hesitant to allow that as she said we could only have 2 small and 2 large plates but we reassured her we expected to pay extra and were advised they were a large serving so disappointment struck again when presented with a very small, lukewarm and soggy bowl of 'fries'. How the hell can you mess up fries? Even the glasses of wine we ordered got given to the wrong person. I know this was a supposed deal but really Stamford there is no excuse for this and what we got was not even worth what we paid. We where so fed up we decided to leave and not risk adding a dessert (which along with coffee was not even offered by the way). A thoroughly miserable experience in cold unwelcoming surroundings which was made even better when they wanted to add a surcharge for credit card payment. Needless to say we declined and used cash. Judging by the other reviews something went very wrong on Sunday night and unfortunately we paid for it with a ruined night out.

4 star rating
by Glenys Morris
Oct 12, 2013

Just enjoyed the tepanyaki meal at the Japanese in th hotel. Excellent food, fun night, great service. I would highly recommend this for a different night out.

5 star rating
by Rajeshni Singh
Oct 08, 2013

I booked a table for two on 3rd October. Was really impressed with the whole experience. Great service- staff were very friendly, Price on the Tapas menu were reasonable and food arrived quickly. we did enjoy our dinner. Will absolutely recommend this place to my friend, a thumb up to dine in.

4 star rating
by Alicia Woon
Sep 22, 2013

Was here this morning for the buffet breakfast. Large variety and yummy croissant and gluten free options were also available. I am impress with the food and overall service. Will surely be back for their breakfast.

5 star rating
by Jeanette Norwood
Aug 04, 2013

The High Tea is simply the best in Auckland - and I have tried 7 different venues. Michael meredith has put together a delectable assortment executed to perfection by his pastry chef Tracy. Danny in the bar makes a perfect cup of tea and my dining partner loved her coffee. He is such a friendly front person he adds to the experience. Do give it a try.

5 star rating
by Pauline Bennett
Jul 08, 2013

We used a voucher for a lunch deal and were most impressed. We couldn't fault the venue, the staff or the food which was top quality, and extremely tasty. Normal menu prices are reasonable too, so we would be happy to return without a voucher.

5 star rating
by Pamela Livermore
Jun 16, 2013

Nice low key easy to find location.
Lovely presented nice sized yummy tasting and interesting
We had an attentive but not over the top waitress
Who was polite, happy to answer questions on food
And refill water cups for us.
Beautiful cooked main, unique, nice flavour, well presented
Top quality (both had the pork!)
House dessert once in a lifetime a neatly packaged chocolate
Implosion with fluffy tasting mousse, pear in cased by a chocolate
Egg, beautiful hot choc sauce and a gold leaf to top it off! Also other person had a smooth, creamy delicate raspberry cremé brûlée, wonderfully presented top notch food! Highly recommend for a night out :)

5 star rating
by Anna
Feb 09, 2013

Me and my Fiance dined here as we were staying in the Hotel. I was not looking forward to dining in a Hotel Restaurant but was immediately impressed by the staff's attentiveness. Once the meals were placed in front of us (mine the beef fillet) my partners the (lamb) quickly was I surprised. The meals were devine - cooked perfect & mouth watering. Front staff and chefs thank you so much for a wonderful experience will definitely be back on my next trip to Auckland

2 star rating
by Tabe-Aruki
Apr 17, 2012

I read the reviews on this website regularly, but this is the first time I felt compelled to leave a review.

We like Kabuki and Sansui (in the same hotel) and we went to Knights once for their lunch special, but this was the first time we had dinner there.

Their staff was very friendly, and they were pleasant about our last-minute booking. However, in hindsight, this was probably because they get no customers (the restaurant was completely empty when we arrived).

It took them over 45 mins to serve us our Caesar salad and Roti Paratha, even though they were just entrée-sized dishes. The Roti Paratha was quite nice (why I gave them an extra star), but the Caesar salad was definitely not of a standard we expect from a hotel restaurant, with soggy bacon that looked like leftovers from their breakfast buffet.

The reason why we chose Knights was because of their special chocolate implosion dessert, advertised on their website, which contains a hot chocolate sauce that you pour onto a ball of chocolate mousse, encased in valrhona chocolate ($29 each). We had to wait another 45 minutes for this, which made no sense at all since we had to pre-order it when we booked. The kitchen was visible from my seat, and I could see the staff chatting and laughing while we were waiting.

When the dessert finally came, the waitress immediately poured the sauce over the sphere for us, claiming that the container was too hot for us to touch. This ruined half of the fun for us, since we thought we would get to dismantle it ourselves.

We found the quality of the dessert to be very poor for $29. There was no variation in the chocolate - milk chocolate mousse encased in milk chocolate, with milk chocolate sauce = total overkill. In fact, the sauce tasted suspiciously like what they sell at the Sweetest Little Chocolate Shop on Queen St. The meagre teaspoonful of mascarpone with half a strawberry on top in the middle added to our sense of being extremely ripped off.

The unacceptably long wait of 1.5 hours in total, coupled with the cheerful shouts and laughter from the Kabuki customers who were actually having a good meal, killed any chances of us coming back.

If you're looking for hotel dining nearby, go to Kitchen at Hotel de Brett instead.

4 star rating
by Chelly
Feb 20, 2012

My husband and I have been to Knights on Albert Restaurant twice now. Once was for a Bubbly High Tea, and again yesterday for Chef Mo's lunch.

The food has been excellent on both occasions.

The High Tea is very popular and for good reason! The pastries and sandwiches were fresh and delicious. They were served beautifully on tiered plates and there was enough provided to ensure that you didn't leave feeling hungry.

For Chef Mo's lunch we found the food to be well portioned and presented. The Fish of the Day (Snapper) was perfectly cooked and the Raw Fish accompaniment was very fresh. The salad was also very complementary to the fish. The Lamb Shoulder was very tender and well seasoned. We also had the Lemon Cheesecake and the Chocolate cake for dessert. Both were lovely, especially the Lemon Cheesecake because it wasn't heavy and rich like most cheesecakes.

The service was also excellent both times. We were seated promptly and water was served immediately. The timing from seating to ordering to delivery of food was also very good. We didn't feel like we were kept waiting nor did we feel rushed. The people were attentive and knew when it was appropriate to come and speak to us.

The restaurant is actually very nice despite being part of the hotel lobby. It still looks and feels like a classy restaurant and the piano music adds to the ambiance when dining.

We would not hesitate to return to Knights on Albert Restaurant based on our previous experiences.

4 star rating
by TheTaster
Jan 08, 2012

Had a really good meal (salmon) prepared perfectly and service was outstanding.
Well done chefs and front staff

5 star rating
by Richard Sligh
May 24, 2011

We recently stayed 2 nights at the Stamford Plaza and took advantage of their amazing packages. Our 1st night included the buffet breakfast - which had an amazing selection of everything you could imagine for breakfast. Hot food was cooked to perfection and everything was fresh and plentiful.
Our second night included a 3 course meal - we ate every last bit, exceptional! There was nothing we could fault, the service was amazing - with our glasses never being empty.
We highly recommend dinning here and the overnight packages are fantastic also.

4 star rating
by Tobias Josefsson
Jun 18, 2010

The only thing I can complain about is the house itself. The area is big and with a lot of volume comes a lot of sound.

The service from all the three involved waitresses was great and the attitude friendly. The food was great, both various bread for entrées and chicken/lamb for mains.

Do not miss the desserts, the buffet tasted very well and was also nice to look at. A great evening, to put it short, and there were no complaints even though we arrived 90 minutes before closing time.

1 star rating
by Ian
Jun 22, 2009

I don't say this much but I would stay away from Knights on Albert, you would think a restaurant associated with the Stamford Plaza would be exceptional... The food is badly prepared and don't start me on the deserts that look like they have been left out for a week. Service is very average.