Kobe Sizzlers

4 star rating 9 reviews

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09 8384470

2/214 Universal drive, Henderson, Auckland

  North Indian, Grill House, Indian
10:30 AM to 10:30 PM


Reviews for Kobe Sizzlers

4 star rating
by Roopam Choudhury
5 months ago

My first visit. Reviewing as I sit inside:

Customer service could have been better but the food made up for it.

The sizzler we chose is Chinese Chicken Chilli Sizzler.

1 star rating
by Mariamjafer
7 months ago

Im quite a big fan of Indian food so I was excited, but as soon as we were seated there was a foul stench coming from our table. I looked under the table only to find food scraps and some tissues. I requested that we move tables and so we did. Now, I'm not a very picky person but this was disgusting.

After reading the menu, I decided to have something called the chicken lollipops (tandoori drumsticks) although I asked for them to be very mild as I had a sore throat, I came with a group of 8, and everyone's food had arrived. However it had been 25 minutes and my food still hadn't come yet. I asked the waitress (who hardly spoke English) to bring me my food immediately. As tables were being served my food had yet to come! It had been 40 mins at this time! I was irate! I gave the chef a good talking to and he said that they ran out of the chicken lollipops! The nerve they had after they made me wait 45 mins!

Afterwards, the waitress was going to make me pay for the chicken and give it to me as a takeaway meal! I refused to pay for something I didn't even receive! WORST RESTAURANT EVER! DO NOT RECCOMEND!!

5 star rating
by Kpfamily5
11 months ago

I like this place. You will get good value. Atmosphere OK, mainly you come here for the food and unique sizzling..

Would recommend the brownie sizzler for sure..very delicious dessert

Waiter staff were friendly, ask them what they suggest for sauces as every dish is different. I believe I ordered some beef sizzler and it was nice, also the chicken dishes ordered by friends good too.

Good value, hence 5 stars.

4 star rating
by Liz Winstone
Jan 28, 2014

We thoroughly enjoyed our meal last night. I had the tandoor paneer as a 'value sizzler', which turned out to be only $12, because it was a Monday. Outstanding value! Really great flavours too. The paneer was presented on a skewer, with loaded of veges, and I chose a garlic sauce, and rice. A small handful of chips also was a tasty unexpected treat on the side.

My top tip for not burning your tongue... is to wait patiently for 5 (or even 10?!) minutes till the 'sizzling' stops. Especially so you don't sizzle your mouth on the capsicums! Which I did, unfortunately. Maybe they could suggest this to their customers?

The service was excellent though. They went out of their way to prepare a lovely load of vegetables on the side for our daughter, who had the 'Cheese sandwich' from the Kids Menu. (It's way more delish than it sounds - it's like a fat toasty thing) - she ate the whole big sandwich:)
Also they kindly put on a kids' dvd for our daughter while waiting, as there was nobody else dining at the time we were in there.

Hubby's mixed speciality sizzler looked awesome - he really enjoyed it. His was a fancy pants one, so cost around $21.

The only point for improvement is that they didn't have their liquor license in place yet - coming soon apparently... but I think that helped keep our bill low!

The place is very nice, simple and clean. And enjoys the evening sun coming in through the big front windows.

All up, we had a great relaxed healthy family meal (after a day out west at Kiwi Valley Farm Park), and it was excellent value at around $40.

5 star rating
by Deep Aman
Dec 23, 2013

we really enjoyed eating at kobe sizzler ,even as it is written two sizzler for $60 which on the first thought was too expensive but next minute when the sizzler came up we were really stunned seeing the presentation ,the sizzlers were so well presented and they were sizzling......which was the best experience of our din in at kobe sizzler...!!!! Also in $60 two sizzling brownies were included as in dessert and they were so scrumptious ,i cant explain .I will definately go back again to din in next week .....

4 star rating
by Rohit Batra
Dec 19, 2013

Good food (sizzlers), weekday specials are pretty awsome. Nice place to visit if u bored of same butter chicken n rice.

3 star rating
by Eric Shi
Sep 17, 2013

Overall ok. Portion good but being an Indian franchise, i was expecting something special - which was not really the case.
Sizzlers are from $20 and pepper sauce overpowers other taste. Ask for recommendation before you order.

3 star rating
by Vince Frank
Sep 14, 2013

This place was just a little odd. Prices were reasonable, food was okay, portions were generous. The combinations were just a bit weird, the sort of mix that you might get served at a student flat. Nothing to write home about.

4 star rating
by Zuber Mohammed
Jun 01, 2013

This place is in between 'average' and 'very good'.

I went there twice in May and both times i enjoyed the food, the serving size is generous.

And their Brownie Sizzler is really nice, I enjoyed it... my wife on the other hand LOVED it.

Even though their service is pretty fast - i didn't like the fact that one of their waiters stood around at the counter and 'stared at us' pretty much the whole time we were dining. It was a very...awkward feeling.

That was on the first time we dined there (to be fair there was a sign at the counter "staff in training"), the 2nd time we went there everything went well.

Reasonable price - good food - awesome sizzling brownie.

We will be back :)