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1 O'Rorke Road, Penrose, Auckland

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6 AM to 4 PM (Mon-Fri), Sat & Sun Closed


Reviews for Kreem Cafe

4 star rating
by Poppy
one month ago

I am so glad I stumbled along this cafe! I ordered the vegetarian meal from the breakfast menu. It was a bit odd to have a salad for breakfast, but the halloumi potato hash was very nice. I had a hot chocolate as well and it was the most creamy milk I've ever had in my life! So good that I ordered a mocha when I left the cafe :) the staff were very nice and were happy for me to sit in the cafe for an hour or so while I did some work on my laptop and didn't bother me. Overall very good coffee, the food was average and the staff were great!

4 star rating
by Lena Guo
2 months ago

Good service, always very busy. Good coffee, the chicken and couscous was amazing. Will definitely pop in for a quick lunch pick up. Could do with more a bigger muffin selection.

4 star rating
by Vijay S. Sethi
2 months ago

Great lunch selection on a wide spectrum - very healthy to not-so-healthy, at least 5  vegetarian options, raw to pre-cooked to fully cooked on site. Good location with plenty of parking! A bit noisy but not that big a deal given its mostly a lunch bar!

3 star rating
by Flying Foodie
3 months ago

This place is filled with office going crowd from the region. Thus, it is very busy and noisy. There's also a lot of waiting time. Food/beverages are nice. Staff is also busy and overall needs to be more in sync with changing times. This cafe has a lot of potential.

1 star rating
by Avryl Silveira
3 months ago

I have been a regular customer at the Penrose branch and on every occasion I have had a bad experience with the so called manager there who throws her weight not only with customers but with staff too. She has a very aggressive attitude, is downright rude and makes it feel like she is doing everyone a favour. Being in the service industry I believe a friendly service and positive attitude is paramount. I have only kept coming back for the delicious food served but after my last experience I have now decided to permanently stop visiting the café and will discourage all those wanting to visit too.

4 star rating
by Jeremy
Jun 14, 2014

Visited the cafe for the first time and had to wait a while till I was served. I found the staff very friendly and fast, however my meal took a while to be served which was a shame because it was cold when I had it. I travel from Highbrook area to Penrose everyday and found this cafe quite handy to pop in for a coffee which was very good by the way, however food took a while.

5 star rating
by Steve Hall
Jan 22, 2014

Have been going here on and off for a little while now, each time its been very good, prices are good, well under what some other places charge,

Im a big fan of the spanish omellete for breakfast,

The wait for food isnt too long, and plenty of room

5 star rating
by Jodie Hammond
Dec 09, 2013

Fabulous coffee and smoothies! Staff are very attentive.
Often take our children on a Saturday morning when its less busy.
Cabinet food is delicious and there is a huge selection.
The staff are so accommodating, more than happy to split food onto several plates for the kids. Fluffy's served with smiley faces made with marshmellows.
We have always had great food & service here.
I haven't seen a high chair which would be a welcome addition.

4 star rating
by Scott H
Feb 14, 2013

Recently moved from Newmarket to Penrose for work. Quite a change. Of course one of the most worrying points was, where will I get coffee!!! Newmarket places are a plenty, but I suspected it may not be so in Penrose. That was until I found Kreem. Similar feel to the likes of Jones and Zarbo, I walked in and felt like I was back in Newmarket.

Good points:
- they know how to make coffee! If you like it piping hot, then have a plunger as a flat white should be drinkable straight away. I will say it is very dependent on the barista and I have always had the same one.
- Foodwise: something for most budgets. The cabinet food I have tried so far is nice. Some items are a bit pricey though.
- Nice spot, even though it is Penrose industrial.
Lesser points:
- Can be a little busy and hectic. But have still found the staff pleasant and attentive enough.
- You may find some items cheaper elsewhere.

All in all, it is worth a visit and becoming your regular spot as it had for me.