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Kushi Japanese Kitchen & Bar

5 star rating 57 reviews

Restaurant location map

09 3684000

22 Durham Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland

11:30 AM to 2:30 PM, 5:30 PM to 11 PM (Mon-Fri), 5:30 PM to 11 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Kushi Japanese Kitchen & Bar

5 star rating
by Kai Finder
one month ago

Japanese food and service at its best. Large Karaage chicken pieces like I've never had before. Crunchy with rice bubble coating. Dishes are beautifully presented and reasonable prices.

4 star rating
by Squiddy
one month ago

This is going to sound daft but I've eaten here quite a few times but didn't quite realise how good it is until I came here on my own. This is because this is where my friends and I usually go before we go to a show in the CBD so I'm usually here with friends and we talk and laugh a lot and you kind of eat your food without really savouring it because before you know it you have to gobble down the last bits of your meal because you've lost track of time and you've got to rush to get to the show on time. Anyway, the food IS good, service is warm and cheery, decor and loos are soothing and tasteful. It was just me and my book for dinner and they sat me at one of the booths which are really cosy. I ordered the scotch fillet set and the house sake. Really good value for the set at $28.95. It came with miso soup, rice, sushi, sashimi, tempura, a small prawn and vege dish cooked in soy sauce and butter, salad and some fruit. Everything was fresh, except for the slices of tinned pineapple with the fresh fruit - a bit odd but not unpleasant. The tempura included a tempura prawn which was great considering the very reasonable price. The scotch fillet was cooked on the teppan and perfectly smokey and rare. I found the teppan sauce to be too sweet for my taste, to the point where I would ask for it on the side next time. I was very full at the end and even if I hadn't had my trusty Entertainment Book voucher it still would have been very good value.
The izakaya and small dishes that I've had here before are well executed too. The only way Kushi would be perfect would be if they had some of the 'variety' cuts like chicken cartilage or hearts or beef tongue.
They offer well priced drink/snack combos too.

5 star rating
by Monica
one month ago

Kushi, surprisingly a relatively unknown eatery, is definitely a contender for best Japanese in this city. Consistently serving an array of delicious dishes for more than reasonable prices (under $60 for all this), there's not much they do wrong. My favourite pick is Kushi's karaage chicken (top left). It's concurrently moist, crunchy, flavoursome and creative; who else fries their chicken with rice bubbles? The restaurant's interior is a cool wooden-themed Asian abode while staff are always on friendly level 10. It's a tad dark and eerily never full, but if you go on a Friday night, you might just score yourself a free Japanese drum show with yah meal.

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5 star rating
by Kirsten Chan
2 months ago

Kushi is the best Japanese restaurant I have ever been to and I always come back here with family and friends for a good meal, which is the Teriyaki Chicken Kushi Plate! The service is amazing and the atmosphere and environment of this place is spot on! If you love Japanese food, this is the place to go to! ^_^

4 star rating
by Adeline
2 months ago

We come here often and love the service and food. Slightly on the pricey end, but worth the visit anyway. Fresh and yummy dishes with top-notch customer service.

5 star rating
by Oisin O'Reilly
4 months ago

Came here for dinner on a rainy weekday. It wasn't really filled with people, although it was dinner time. We were enthusiastically greeted by the many FOH attendants and even those behind the bar. We were led to a very cosy booth. They have heaps of these here and it's a great place to dine, with the added privacy of the enclosed booth. 

We ordered a few mains to share. They included the Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake), Kaarage chicken, and beef steak, and soft-shelled crab. The food arrived fairly quickly. We really enjoyed the chicken and the Okonomiyaki. I highly recommend those two dishes. The portion was fairly big, great value for money.We decided to get dessert of banana fritters and some ice cream. They were both delightful as well. Would definitely come back here in the future to try more of their food and possibly their wide range of Japanese beer/sake in store.

3 star rating
by Ben Mitchell
5 months ago

Tucked down one of Auckland CBD's many unassuming alleys, Kushi might just be one of the cities hidden dining delights. Well, maybe not.

Undoubtedly the star attraction at Kushi is the weekly drum performance. Every Friday night at 7:30 pm, several traditional Japanese drummers perform a short routine. It’s incredibly impassioned and definitely contagious. The first time after watching it, I became sharply enlivened and energised. Definitely worth seeing at least once! However as memorable as the drum performances are, the same can’t be said about the rest of the experience at Kushi.

Unfortunately around 7-8 pm, the service becomes awful due to overburdened staff. On occasions we've waited twenty minutes for service, and I ended up having to leave my seat and intercept a waiter to place our order. This isn't unusual either, the service is consistently bad each time we've visited around this time. By 9 pm the restaurant is its usual quiet self and service is once again acceptable. So if your intent is to watch the drum performance, AND eat promptly, you may struggle.

The food at Kushi is a mostly enjoyable, though nothing spectacular. The sushi is the best part of the menu, with a medium sashimi/sushi platter of fifteen pieces priced under $32. The fish is fresh, the rice delicate and the portions generous. The bento box and tempura are also worth eating. The tempura batter was light and crispy and the bento box was filling. However not everything on the menu is brilliant, such as the horribly greasy yakisoba which is mostly comprised of cabbage. It was a dish that would have comfortably sat in a grimy, poor quality Chinese restaurant, but stuck out sorely in this relatively up market Japanese restaurant. The rest of the menu, such as yakitori or salmon teriyaki is decidedly average.

Although we enjoyed our Friday night meals at Kushi, we eventually grew tired of the poor service. At our last visit, we left after fifteen minutes of getting no attention from the staff. The menu is reasonable, though not worth visiting for, when there are better Japanese restaurants nearby.

Kushi offers a unique weekly performance which is worth visiting and an enjoyable, though forgettable menu. Just keep in mind that your Friday night meal will come at the cost of laggardly service.

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4 star rating
by Genie @ BunnyEatsDesign
6 months ago

Tucked away in a random spot in the city and unexpectedly lovely, Kushi is a beautiful wooden space with intimate booths and tables.

Serving decent Japanese food right in the heart of the city, Izakaya style food, and a little bit of fusion. They have a very well thought out drinks and snack combo menu worth trying and I can see this being popular with the lunch and afterwork drinks crowd. A great place for Japanese food lovers and adventurous eaters, though there are plenty of safe options. Some vegetarian options, but most bento sets come with sashimi so check with your waiter. Special dietary requirements are not marked on menu.

We dined during Auckland restaurant month and had their 2 course special for $25. A selection of edamame, sashimi and the chef’s choice of 4 bites to start, followed by your choice of main – options include teriyaki chicken, butterfly prawn, spicy chicken, spicy salmon, fish katsu or crispy tofu. Served with tempura, rice and fruit. 

We loved the chef’s choice of starters. A nice selection of different things that was fun to discover and eat. The sashimi was lovely and the meatball very good.

While the starters were great, the mains are only OK. I found all the mains we ordered were very sweet. The prawns were unexpectedly sweet and fruity. It tasted like a dessert. Not unpleasant, just unusual when you’re expecting a main. Great presentation though, we didn’t expect this level of presentation for a $25. Avoid if you don’t like Japanese food. or seafood Most bento sets come with sashimi and ours came with raw octopus so if you are picky about raw seafood, please check with your waiter.

The service was friendly but absent which was disappointing. After we got our first drinks order, there were no more drinks orders and no one checked up on us during our meal. One drink was forgotten completely but there was no one to tell. Water was never topped up during our meal, but after our table was cleared we were about to leave.

I would recommend this place for a cheap, casual lunch or dinner. Due to the lack of drinks service, this might not be a good place for special occasions or to impress...though they have a (very confusing reward) system for birthday parties.

4 star rating
by Pol
6 months ago

Ok. So it might be Korean owned but who cares:It's hard to tell. Effective decor and efficent Japanese staff creates an authentic atmosphere. Stick an overly enthusiastic Japanese drum show into the mix (Friday evenings only) and you have the makings of a memorable evening. Generous cuts of sashimi, well-rolled sushi and zingy tataki made up for the rather insipid gyoza. Salt and pepper chicken yakatori and crisp Asahi also hit the mark.

5 star rating
by Eli A
7 months ago

I have been visiting with Kushi almost since it started, and I keep going back, and taking friends and family with me. Everyone I have brought here loved the food, and said they are coming back. Service is great usually, and the prices are excellent. Love the drumming and the decor :-)

4 star rating
by J.T547
7 months ago

I love Kushi, a little hidden gem in the CBD. I have only ever been for lunch and it has been delicious. The lunch specials are good value for money with generous portions. I recommend the Yakiniku Bento. The service here is great and the staff are very friendly.

3 star rating
by Jason
7 months ago

Kushi has nice food but nothing special, nice atmosphere though. Good Chicken Karaage but I wouldn't recommend their Okonomiyaki, it's a bit bland.

5 star rating
by Frank
7 months ago

If you are looking for the best Japanese lunch venue, then look no further! It's always a complete pleasure to eat here, and the quick fire lunch menu is great! I usually go for the Fish Katsu, see photo. Friday evenings they have an impressive drumming routine, phone first in case it is cancelled. Make sure you say hi to the irrepressible Lucy, and don't forget to get a loyalty card, the points add up very quickly! One of the best things about this restaurant is the seriously authentic interior and the very comfy booths...!

5 star rating
by Ohayo
8 months ago

Ive been there couple of times with friend. The atmosphere was good, and the staff are very friendly, feel relax in this restaurant! sashimi always quite fresh, the cooking way of karaage is quite special and nice.The special experience for me was a drum show during the meal. Was shocked for their awesome performance. Should have asked more friends to come to see the show later on! it's worth to come to enjoy the nice food in a Japanese culture based atmosphere. Highly recommend Japanese restaurant in city centre.

5 star rating
by GeorgieB
8 months ago

Kushi is one of my favourite Japanese restaurants in town. I have taken various friends here on many occasions and each time has been great!

I especially enjoy coming in for lunch as they have a $11.95 special – you choose between chicken, fish or tofu and it comes served with rice, vegetables, sushi and miso soup. It is a cheap and tasty meal and very delicious!

I also love Kushi because they serve one of my favourite foods, Takoyaki. And they do it well. Takoyaki is a ball shaped Japanese snack with an octopus filling inside. I think it has a great flavour, a mix between sweet and savoury.

I will keep coming back to Kushi because the food is always yummy and the staff are very friendly which makes the experience even better.

5 star rating
by Nickgill88
9 months ago

Went there last night with my gf. From outside it looks very norm but ones you step in, it surprises you. It was a great atmodphere, lighting, music, furniture - whoa, we totally felt for a moment that we were in Japan.

Service was very friendly but what more amazed us was the food. Wow, was the word to describe it. Nicely priced, very affordable and ticks all the right boxes if you wanna give urself and friends a nice treat.

Its kind of hidden treasure but from what we witnessed I'll highly recommened Kushi as a great place and value for money. :-)

5 star rating
by Gina Des Baux
10 months ago

Went here for the first time last night after reading lots of good reviews for it on here. We booked in for 6.30 but were running late so I rung about 20 mins before to push our booking to 6.45 which was no problem at all. Got there and was really taken by the awesome interior design! The restaurant had a really nice atmosphere and loved that we were seated in a booth that is quite private from other diners. The food was excellent, everything tasted incredibly fresh including all of the seafood. I went there expecting smaller sized dishes but was surprised at how much food we actually got. My partner and I both ordered 3 dishes each and weren't able to finish everything. They also had some great dinner deals going. Service was friendly and polite and food was served efficiently. Would definitely recommend especially if you are looking for somewhere to go as a couple.

4 star rating
by Madicattt
10 months ago

Kushi is one of my favourite lunch destinations when I want something that is filling but on the cheap side. For $12 they do an amazing lunch deal including your choice of a meat - beef yakiniku, teriyaki chicken, spicy chicken, chicken katsu or tofu plus a bowl of miso, rice, cabbage salad, sauteed veges, 2 x pieces of sushi and a potato croquette.

The food is all delicious and leaves you feeling pretty damn satisfied.

The space itself is really nice and simple - it's quite a large space so there's no getting squished up to other diners and usually it's pretty quiet at lunch so you can be served fairly quickly.

Long may that last however, I get the impression that it's becoming more popular and booking may be necessary for lunch in the future.

5 star rating
by Mike Ashby
11 months ago

Been here a couple of times now, and starting to get the hang of the menu.
Food is delicious, exotic and beautifully presented. It has the added advantage of being pretty healthy in terms of ingredients and preparation. The staff are friendly and helpful, and speed of service was reasonable.
We've ordered a lot of dishes over our visits, and never had a bad experience. The environment is classy, and even better, you can get a table on a Friday night. The drums are an added feature.
Will definitely be back.

4 star rating
by Jun Kim
11 months ago

The food and service is great. I have brought my friends three times and my family once to this restaurant, all of whom were first visitors. Expectantly they all loved the food and the atmosphere. Of the four visits, I used the entertainment vouchers which they accepted without any hassle. Although the discounts did not apply to food that were already on special, this was understandable as they were quite heavily discounted. I would definitely recommend this place!

4 star rating
by Asian Fan
11 months ago

Nice restaurant.. Great atmosphere. Sushi, salami, sashimi are very nice! But bento,,, hmmm not so good.. Too many deep fried stuffs, very greasy. I couldn't finish the meal cuz everything was full of oil.. Deep fired, tempura veg , mayo sauce, donkatsu, prawn tempura @@ OMG too much! If you wanna give that much oily stuffs, I think you should serve some hot tea with it.. Like Chinese dim sum.. The price was quite high but good enough for the quality meal and service. I wouldn't say the service was bad, but the staff actually took my order wrong, I orders scott filet dish, not bento set, but he got bento for us, which is a lot more expensive. We didn't realise that until we come to pay for the meal. I didn't want to make him in trouble so we didn't say anything about it. Would it be a good idea to train the staffs to repeat and confirm the order before passing to the kitchen?

4 star rating
by Flyingkiwi
Mar 26, 2014


Having lost my cheap/cheerful go-to Japanese place in Lorne street to development (IMHO - ruined), I needed to find a replacement for a catch-up lunch. I read the reviews on this site and gave Kushi a well placed punt. The entrance and address doesn't lend much to Kushi's business but it's a winner. A Japanese version of the TARDIS, Kushi opens into a groovy but traditional interior with lots of booths and a very chillaxed group of people enjoying their lunch. In a previous review of an establishment further down town I mentioned the bearded geek-chic of the self-selected group of punters. This gaff is full of the well groomed and mid-priced suited members of the local chambers - not so much as a 'tache let alone unsuitable stubble here. Luckily the, undoubtably world-shaking and confidential, conversations were all conducted sotto voce and therefore the ambiance was as far from the braying of a Ponsonby eatery as Putin is from the truth. It did seem that most of the lunchers were enjoying the $9.95 lunch combo which looked great; lone diners had a chic wooden bar to eat at. We, as gastronomes, dived into the menu and shared a full priced 'lunch' of unagi and accompaniments - sushi, miso etc. We beefed it up with gyoza, seaweed salad, octopus nigiri, an additional miso and the indispensable takoyaki. I judge a Japanese restaurant on their tofu agedashi but it wasn't available as an add on - I would suggest it is as one of the set meals includes it. If that and ikura appeared on the menu, this would be my perfect place in the city. The staff were great, we had Lake Chalice s/b which is perfect with the food and were delighted when we left. The lovely lady who took the payment was slightly surprised at our bill which suggests that, at lunch at least, it's a cheap place underused.

4 star rating
by Char & Ricky Pundog
Mar 06, 2014

Go there for a lot of work lunches, the food is always good and served quickly. Staff are great and make us feel really welcome every time my work crew visits. The $10 lunch special is a good option especially if you order the spicy chicken.

5 star rating
by Chai Ang
Dec 09, 2013

So much space/seating in this restaurant. It's secretly tucked in the middle of the city, with really good Japanese cuisine and the awesome beer tower selection, I'm surprised this restaurant isn't always packed. Having brought a large group of people to have dinner here (on short notice as well) they accommodated well and the service was very friendly and fun. With a loyalty card service as well, it definitely makes me feel rewarded every time I visit (even though I feel great already for the food). Don't forget they also do takeaways! - a takeaway Kushi is right next to the main restaurant.

4 star rating
by Amy @ My Dining Journey
Dec 07, 2013

Hidden in a little side road off Queen Street, Kushi is out of sight and easy to miss, if you're not looking. We only came across this Japanese restaurant by chance, while looking for a quick bite to eat before the NZ Opera. Japanese is one of my most loved cuisine; their use of different seasoning, flavours and cooking techniques brings out the best in the ingredients and we are spoilt for choices when it comes to great Japanese restaurants in Auckland.

We ordered several items from their menu, including one of their happy hour specials where we had two small bottles of cold sake and a serving of gyoza for $20. The pork and vegetable gyoza and kaarage chicken were fresh out from the kitchen, served piping out with a fragrant soy dipping sauce and a side of creamy mayonnaise. The slices of lightly seared rare beef for the tataki had a delicious hint of sesame oil and this, along with the chicken was served with a fresh green salad. The okonomiyaki (aka Japanese savoury pancake) was made up of a combination of shredded cabbage, thin shreds of pork and assorted seafood. This was covered with a generous amount of mayonnaise, bonito flakes and okonomiyaki sauce. Unfortunately, this dish came last and by the time it arrived, we were both full.

There are a few Japanese restaurants that I frequently go to and if Kushi offers better parking, it will be one of them. The food took slightly long to come out from the kitchen despite having only a few customers, but our waitress was attentive, the food tasted great and the restaurant's decor is charming with areas that offer a more private seating arrangement. It was an overall well-rounded meal, a place worth trying if you're ever in town!

If you like this review, please check out my dining blog -http://mydiningjourney.wordpress.com for more!

4 star rating
by Where's The Food?
Dec 06, 2013

This cosy restaurant combines tasty Teppanyaki dishes and an amazing ambiance to deliver a fantastic dining experience. I was initially unsure about the fact that I would end up celebrating my birthday at a generic Japanese restaurant but the staff at Kushi were welcoming and the perfectly cooked salmon steak and scotch fillet left us completely satisfied. The dinner set portions are generous so be sure to take a few friends with you to get the best value for your dollar. Modestly priced, this gem offers the best bang for your buck and I was pleasantly surprised when the chef came out and sang the birthday song, ukulele in hand. Their wide range of premium sake ensured that we left with our bellies full, of scrumptious food and liquor. Overall, this was a meal I will not forget, and definitely be back for more.

4 star rating
by C.c. Lee
Nov 07, 2013

Cut above the rest, does towers of beer too in case the nearby BlueStone Room is overcrowded. Good place for a big group to have dinner with beers after. Service is attentive, courteous, and efficient!

4 star rating
by Kate Smith
Oct 01, 2013

I had a delicious dinner out with my bestie at Kushi on a Saturday night.
The waitresses were really friendly and offered my friend so many alternatives when her fav wine wasn't available.
The food was delicious - especially the agedashi tofu... so flavoursome and a hint of something I couldn't quite put my finger on, but very tasty.
Great location in the center of the city with really reasonable parking just opposite.
An all round great dining experience!

4 star rating
by Liz Winstone
Oct 01, 2013

Delicious Japanese food, in a really great setting.
We loved the option of booth-seating - because it makes it really private - we actually couldn't see any other diners from our secluded space. Loved it!

We bought a variety of different dishes and shared them. The standout delicious things for me included the sweet potato tempura dipped in delicious sauce; the beautiful green spinach with 'goma' (I had to look it up on my phone to find out what goma was) which was very yummy; and my perennial favourite Agedashi Tofu (a super thin layer of something a little crisp, not quite a batter, not quite tempura...) on the outside; with a bit of spring onion and some flakey pieces of mystery-something on the top; and of course the silky tofu, flavoured by the salty delicious sauce that the pieces were sitting in.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the Teriyaki Salmon Set. Everything delicious and fresh and it should be.

Service at Kushi was very good, once we were seated. Room for improvement, could be that somehow this restaurant needs to find a way for kitchen / front of house team to be made instantly aware when people have arrived through the door... so they can shout out that cool Japanese greeting that some places do (maybe mirrors or cameras could fix the problem that staff can't see people walking in around the corner?). When I walked in, staff were busy elsewhere, and I felt very lost ... it took a full 3 minutes of standing about feeling out-of-place for someone to come and welcome me!

Once seated, our two waitresses were exceptional, and really provided outstanding service.
Thank you! It was a really lovely evening.

3 star rating
by Katie
Jul 20, 2013

Food and setting very nice but the service very lacking. I made a booking for lunchtime midweek for 9 and had to ask twice for enough menus for for everyone and twice for someone to take a drink order. Although food and ambience was nice, the service left a LOT to be desired.

5 star rating
by Arnz Watt
Jul 10, 2013

The food, service and setting is amazing. Best Japanese in Auckland. Lunch service is great, quite fast and definitely value for money. My favourite for lunch is the spicy chicken. The dinner menu is awesome, so many great choices and everything is delicious. The staff there really make you feel welcome and are very attentive. The loyalty card is great too!

5 star rating
by Stace Mills
Jul 10, 2013

Kushi is our fav Japanese Restaurant ever! The atmosphere and people are fantastic and the food is always amazing! And the pricing is very reasonable! We love coming in often for a delicious meal. Would highly recommend this place!

5 star rating
by Graham Brown
Jul 05, 2013

This was another amazing find in Auckland. Out of all of the Japanese restaurants that I searched through I'm glad that I chose Kushi.

From the young lady welcoming me to their restaurant, the experience was a good one. The 25 piece sashimi was A) huge and B) beautiful, not only in presentation but taste.

The waiter was very attentive and also asked whether I wanted my sake re-heating once my main came out.

Overall a very nice, well presented restaurant and yes, I will certainly go there again. They also have some very good offers on - especially if there are two people sharing meals.

5 star rating
by Josie Amon
Jun 05, 2013

Delicious Japanese food, great ambience, good prices and if you are lucky you get an amazing drum performance. Oh yes, great service as well. Been there at least 10 times this year so far.
It is convenient that it is just across the road from where I live.

5 star rating
by Anna Butcher
Jun 05, 2013

Absolutely love this place! Is one of my favorite places in the city for lunch, and an amazing Japanese place! Service is fantastic - the staff are so friendly & the decor is great. Would definitely recommend it to others & quite regularly have!

5 star rating
by Aileen Cheng
Jun 05, 2013

Delicious Japanese food. Lovely friendly service. Conveniently located in Auckland CBD. Affordable prices especially at lunch time. Great atmosphere for group dinners or romantic date dinners. A really fun surprise drumming performance at 7:30pm on Friday and Saturday nights I think. Really awesome discounted birthday special thank you.

I have been twice for lunch with 1 other person and dinner with 1 person and a group dinner with 10 people.

4 star rating
by Rafael Ikeda
Jun 05, 2013

-Nice restaurant
-Nice Staff and service
-We got great deals on my wife's and friends birthday
-Parking deal as well
-Great food! Shabu shabu is the best!
But karaage chicken has a modern twist with rice puffs, would prefer without it and some the crispy fried skin.

Recommend to all!

5 star rating
by Carine Claudepierre
Apr 15, 2013

I highly recommend this place that we discovered with my husband few month ago (almost when they opened the place). First the atmosphere of the restaurant is beautiful, brand new, a bit dark and intimate to have a dinner as a couple. Then, the food is awesome really different to other Japanese restaurants. I hate going to a restaurant which does not surprise me ! Here you will be amazed by the different way they prepare dishes. Our favourite dishes are the chicken Karaage (crusty breadcrumb with puffy rice I guess and nice tartare sauce to go with it, camembert skewer and beef tataki. Finally, the team is really polite, smiling and will do anything to make your dinner perfect.

5 star rating
by Kiki Benton
Mar 28, 2013

One of the best Japanese restaurants I have been to in Auckland. Modern interior and very helpful staff.

Fantastic food and service!

They do a brilliant karage chicken with rice bubbles!

Highly recommended!

5 star rating
by Tony Ma
Mar 12, 2013

Large sliecs of Sashimi, if you are a sashimi fan, do try the large sashimi plater :)

Went yesterday and they also had live drum band playing which was very entertaining to watch while dining.

The tatakis here are really nice, whether it be beef or tuna. Really refreshing taste.

Service: 5/5
Wait time: 4/5
Environment: 5/5
Food Quality and taste: 4/5
Price range: $40+ pp

4 star rating
by Felicity Williams
Feb 08, 2013

Happen to be looking for a place to dine one dec night, quite late on saturday evening,and stumbled across Kushi, we were starving so we just walked and they seated us pretty much straight away which was great, they were very friendly and quick on their feet. they took our orders and food came shortly after, presentation wise was 5stars, and the flavours were all there too. very much enjoyed our meals(bento boxes) they were a little pricier than some other Japanese restaurants we have been too, but the it was a bonus because we got 50% off my husbands meal, if it is the week of your birthday you can get 50% off your main.woohoo for us. the decor is fantastic and the toilets were spotless and so so nice, lighting and decor 2thumbs up. the music so so fantastic too, we asked where we could get our hands on those tracks it was so good.
the only down for me personally was that it was a little too dark in there, maybe they dimmed the lights down that night for some reason, but other than that, its a wonderful place to dine. 4.5 stars from me.:-)

4 star rating
by Kat M
Jan 30, 2013

Went to Kushi with a friend of mine after buying a deal voucher.

5 star rating
by Frankie Kaleta
Jan 04, 2013

Another fantastic Japanese restaurant!
Service was flawless, I was warmly welcomed and served promptly. Food came out at excellent speed, and everything was delicious!
The atmosphere itself is very authentic, with excellent decor.
Great place to take someone to get there first taste of Japanese cuisine because everyone is so friendly and helpful, not to mention very clean.
I can't fault this place at all. Wonderful experience!

5 star rating
by Wilma Burich
Dec 13, 2012

What a surprise when I walked in. Fab decor, great service, good music. I agree could be one of Auckland's better Japanese restaurants. Waited a little longer than expected for my 2nd drink but hey I got to write this review in between.

4 star rating
by Allan Fong
Dec 03, 2012

Very good, food is great. Portions are slightly small but it is expected.

5 star rating
by Kelly S
Nov 18, 2012

It was proved to be a very satisfactory night we spent in the japanese restaurant. The atmosphere is terrific and the staff is very friendly. The food we ordered is among the best quality we had in various jap restaurants. Overall good value for the money spent, would come back again!

5 star rating
by Courtney Griffiths
Nov 01, 2012


A girlfriend and I went here with a deal voucher. We were early for our table but they let us come in anyway. Service was great, very helpful especially helping us pick some different things to the usual. Food was awesome, super filing and fresh! The atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming too. Although I have heard about the drummers we didn't see any, owell always next time!

Definately will be returning again!

4 star rating
by James
Oct 02, 2012

Tried this place with deal voucher. The food was very very good, but customer service a bit average.

4 star rating
by Serena
Aug 21, 2012

Lovely atmosphere and food :)

4 star rating
by Maria Pitkanen
Aug 14, 2012

Good atmosphere, good food. Went there a while back with a deal voucher, staff were very friendly and attentive. I could not find a lot of vegetarian options on the dinner menu so they let me order from the lunch menu as well. Would definitely go back.

5 star rating
by Lou Tui
Jul 25, 2012

Saw this restaurant in the north shore times and decided to try it out. It definitely was not a waste of our time. was impressed with the bubbly staff and how they were attentive. Have been twice now for dinner and will look forward to attending again. The prices were what we expected. The drumming performance was a lovely surprise not what we expected but enjoying and was just as enjoying again the second time round. Love and recommend this restaurant to anyone who loves Japanese food or just looking to try something different. Keep up the amazing work guys!<3

5 star rating
by Marinka S
Apr 12, 2012



Food is typical Japanese and yes there are no surprises about it. It is what you expect and deserve to get. The prices are ok as well taking the fact that is CBD restaurant. We were there three times already and will keep coming back. First time we were there it was day after they opened and I tell you the staff and service was implacable and personal.

We just love this place, simple, nice, consistent !!! Way to go guys.

3 star rating
Apr 02, 2012

Stumbled across this while looking for somewhere to eat (was originally going to BBQ King - then we saw this place). An amazing decor, lovely staff members - all so vibrant and lively. Bit disappointing they're actually Korean, but the food still tasted pretty good. A bit over-priced for the amount of food you get during their dinner session. It's worth a try as the food isn't too bad and the atmosphere and staff are great ^^


shockingly it's been 2 years since my first review of this restaurant. I came here on the weekend with my boyfriend and his mum before work and thankfully it wasnt too busy and had room for a last minute booking (we already got rejected from Nishiki because they only had seats available at 8~830pm). staff are very friendly and helpful - our waitress suggested a really good bottle of sake to try and recommended to have it warm. My only irk with the service is that once you've gotten your meals, staff vanish until you get up to go look for them - whether it's to ask for water refills or a takeaway box.

I decided to get the Teriyaki Salmon dinner set as it seemed the most value for money whereas the boyfriend and mum opted for one of the dinner specials (prawns with beer), scotch fillet steak and other bits and pieces. i loved the dinner set, the salmon was the best part, not too saucey or sweet like most places make them. The fried fish and veges are more of a filler than anything else, the taste was average and very dry. the side salad was great, perfect amount of dressing ! the seaweed salad just reminds me of the frozen ones you get in supermarkets that have a bit too much oily texture - thankfully there wasnt much of that on my plate. the steak was good, although the prawn twisters were crappy frozen ones defrosted and deep fried - to a certain extent there was an expectation for it to have been hand made instore and not factory produced.

5 star rating
by Kevin Sharrock
Jan 18, 2012

I suggest you go here to have a lunch or diner. They made my wife, daughter feel special. the service and food was excellent. the decore outstanding. After just coming back from a holiday in Tokyo I felt I was there for the day - well done

4 star rating
by Oliver
Jan 12, 2012

Food was exceptional, and we were greeted warmly when we arrived. We had a deal voucher and unlike some other restaurants we have eaten with vouchers before this was not a problem for them and we were still treated well. Only complaint was with the waiting service, very slow to get any drinks and no follow up for drinks service. We ended up going up to the bar ourselves. If they can sort the service out then this will be a 5 star ... some of the best Japanese food I have eaten in NZ.

3 star rating
by Ben Sheehan
Jan 12, 2012

Visited on a relatively quiet Friday night and ordered a variety from the menu. The food came out relatively quickly - I was a big fan of the teriyaki chicken and tempura - beautiful and crispy. The salads were delicious, albiet slightly overdressed. I guess the one complaint I had was with the service - while the waiters were very polite, drinks service was very slow and they weren't attentive - we had to visit the bar on more than one occasion to order more drinks. I think with some fine tuning this could be one of the best Japanese places in town.

5 star rating
by Alex Middlemiss
Jan 02, 2012

We stumbled across Kushi on our way to CityLife hotel on New Years Eve, when we walked in we were greeted warmly straight away and asked if we had a reservation - by looking at their book they were going to have a busy night yet they found us a unreserved table and promptly brought our drinks and food came out within 15 minutes of placing our order
The rear tuna was amazing! as was the noodle dish we had and my friend had the chicken which looked as though it had cripsy noodles inside the deep fried batter - he loved. Could have done dessert as well as they looked very good but we were in a hurry.

Great $$ wise also. Good wine list as well

I will be going back again as I am a huge fan of Nishiki in Freemans Bay and this restaurant gives it a good run for its money.