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La Couronne Cake Boutique

4 star rating 3 reviews

Telephone 09 379 7668

5C Lorne St
Auckland Central
Auckland City

Desserts / Bakeries
Mon - Sun 8 am - 6 pm


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Reviews for La Couronne Cake Boutique

3 star rating
by Lavender V.
16th October 2013

This store is adorable. It’s not your average western cake store so go in with an open mind and try something new :)

4 star rating
by Josie B.
26th March 2013

Good tasting stuff – I like the taro buns. Reasonably priced too! It’s nice to come here for a small snack on a budget and there’s heaps of selection. Would recommend to others.

5 star rating
by Angela
16th February 2013

every year i get my birthday cake here….its the best place to find a cake that isnt super sweet. My favourite is the taro pudding cake, its made out of real taro and turned into a paste form. Another favourite cake i like is the Triple chocolate, it has a classy feel to it, especially the way it has been decorated. But if your not really into sponge cakes with cream, theres also a maple pudding cake. It has maple syrup on top with custard egg pudding on the outside and has a cheesecake base.I also love the breads, especially the custard bread… its SO CREAMY and smooth

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