La Couronne

4 star rating 26 reviews

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09 3797668

5C CBD, Lorne Street, Auckland

  Bakery, Desserts, Coffee and Tea
8:30 AM to 7 PM (Mon-Sat), 8 AM to 6:30 PM (Sun)


Reviews for La Couronne

5 star rating
by Tina
19 days ago

May have found my favourite bakery, it's a hidden gem and everyone needs to go! The bread looked amazing and didn't disappoint. Will be back for sure

5 star rating
by Lily
27 days ago

I love this bakery. It has almost all kinds of breads, sweets, mini cakes, snacks and desserts. It is very clean, and the variety is fair. I love their brownies, their sweetheart bread, and custard bun. I go there frequently for buying my favourites.

4 star rating
by Heartshrooms
one month ago

I frequent La Couronne for their cute desserts and bread. Their macarons are a bit expensive but worth trying out as they're usually overlooked. I LOVE their Strawberry snowy dessert- it's a mochi skin filled with cream/ custard and a strawberry and is so so delicious but unfortunately they usually only have durian flavour available. All of their products are of high quality and there's a lot of options so you'll be sure to find something for everyone.

5 star rating
by Noey
one month ago

La couronne is one of my top favorite bakeries. There are many delicious varieties to choose from, and the prices are quite reasonable. Definitely worth a try.

4 star rating
by Jonie Jane
one month ago

I quite like this bakery because there's so much variety! the price isn't too bad as well. You could get an item for $2! If you're looking for anything sweet or savoury, I'm sure you'll find it here!

4 star rating
by Sheena
one month ago

I absolutely love La Couronne. Someone I know used to work here, and she was always so lovely! The other staff members were so friendly as well. I love the taro buns/cakes, as well as the custard buns. I could go on but they've got a whole selection of buns that I like! Their macaroons are decent and they're all in little individual packaging! So cute! Others worth mentioning are their butterfly cookies (i think they're called these? the heart shaped ones, MMMM). Prices are very good for the value and taste! I need to visit again soon!

4 star rating
by Razelle Icaro
one month ago

An adorable asian bakery. I haven't tried much of their sweets and cakes but I've tried their coconut cupcakes and coconut meringue. It was heavenly! This place also serves coffee and tea which I am yet to try, but the interior is so pretty and the staff are great :)

5 star rating
by Rhiannon Sinfield
2 months ago

The perfect cake store for novelty yet absolutely divine designs and flavoursome treats!! I would often walk past and buy the little delicately wrapped brownie and tiramisu cakes, but I was most impressed with my 21st birthday cake. I wanted something a little different, and that would impress. I was utterly impressed! I requested the large burger cake, which is built in layers of different flavours. My favourite layer was the 'cheese' - which was custard. Presentation was 100% as was the taste and service. The only downfall was the price coming in at $80, but for special occasions it's pretty reasonable. And my one and only disappointment was there being none left.

5 star rating
by Katherine Feng
2 months ago

My favorite place in city. Such a lovely bakery shop, if I need any feed for school morning, I will go there for various types of breads; if I am hanging out wiz friends, we will go there for the mousse cake and French style dessert; if I am having party I will go there for the fantastic birthday cake, the mango and Durian are my favorite! All the bakery things are at quite reasonable price. Especially there stuff are cute and always helpful!

5 star rating
by Anick (ankit)
2 months ago

La Couronne cake is delicious. The quality and looks of cake is very nice .
Chinese staff there is very friendly.
Customer service :5/5
Quality of Cake : 4.5/5

5 star rating
by Alfie Boy
2 months ago

This shops sells fabulous cakes, when I was visiting Auckland I ate one every night and sometimes had one at lunchtime too. They were light, fluffy, tasted fabulous and looked devine. I would definitely say visit this place and try them for yourself. :P

3 star rating
by S
3 months ago

Scheduled to pick up a cake from their shop well in advance but when i arrived there i had to wait almost an hour before it was ready, which was not very good since i was in a hurry at that time too. However the cake was pretty nice although a bit too expensive compared to The Gateau House which i thought had slightly better cakes too. Would probably stick to The Gateau House for cake orders next time. However La Couronne does have a lot of other baked goods and a good variety of breads & desserts.

3 star rating
by Ryan
4 months ago

An Asian bakery with lots of fluffy style baked goods. A big range with lots of different flavours to suit different tastes. They also do a variety of dessert style items including macaroons. Have tried some of the baked goods, they were ok but not amazing.

3 star rating
4 months ago

Cute bakery on Lorne street, I loved it the moment it opened however some of the bread options aren't as good as other Asian bakeries.

I would highly suggest the cabinet food as it tastes great - the creme brûlée to the fruit tart (my favourite) and the cream on it doesn't taste fake or plastic like some places. I also love coming here during the moon cake festival because they usually have the moon cakes with different flavourings inside (including the disturbing durian flavour).

The personalised cakes/cakes on display near the entrance are fairly expensive, I was quoted $50 for one of their smaller/basic cakes.

The staff are friendly and always helpful.

Sarah Reynolds #challenge

4 star rating
by Victoria
4 months ago

It's cute inside, decent range. Prefer the other bakery on Elliot Street, find the quality a little better. Have yet to try the items behind the cabinet, would go back to try something else.

4 star rating
by Tani Saguinsin
4 months ago

This was my go to dessert/bakery stop when I was in Uni. Affordable prices and very close to the campus! 😃 they're dessert and baked goods changes Atleast every 2 weeks so there's always something new to try! 👍

4 star rating
by Jaya
4 months ago

La Couronne is heaven for bread, patisseries, and desserts. There's so many sweet treats to choose from! The bakery accomodates 2-3 couples, which makes it mainly a takeaway bakery. But it is a wonderland! Colourful and cute designed cakes and breads. Whenever I get a sweet craving, La Couronne always comes to mind. Window says no photography but I guess they don't mean it seriously.

5 star rating
by Kellie Lee
5 months ago

LOVE La Couronne! This adorable bakery offers a wide range of treats and savoury buns that have extremely reasonable prices too! always get my taro and red bean buns here :) I had also ordered my 21st bday cake here, a caramel and chocolate mousse cake and I can say it was by far the best cake I'd ever had! The sponge layers were light and moist and the layers of caramel and chocolate mousse in between... omgahd D: and the macarons on top were adorable!

Would definitely reccomend to people looking for celebration cakes or just a snack to get you going thru the day

4 star rating
by Aniva Huang
6 months ago

This is my go to asian bakery.

I love their different brulees and macaroons.
They offer a variety of flavours for both!

I definitely recommend their custard snaps!

4 star rating
by Ashley Jones
6 months ago

I used to come here regularly to grab a snack and I attribute their bread to me gaining weight haha. That's how addicting their bread is or I just have a weakness for bread. Anyways, I recommend trying the maple pudding. Most people just go for the varieties of breads that they have displayed on the tables which you can see as soon as you walk in. From memory, they have sandwich style breads on Thursdays and Fridays which contain egg and cheese. Their breads are quite fresh.

4 star rating
by Ameri Lim
7 months ago

My boyfriend gave me a customized dog birthday cake with their most popular taro flavour which tasted delicious. Recently, I just made a birthday cake order which I received good customer services as the staffs were very friendly. I highly recommend their popular taro flavoured birthday cake.

4 star rating
by Michelle Tan
Nov 29, 2014

the first time i visited here i was instantly overwhelmed by the amount of choices. there was so much variety in types (cakes, breads, cookies, rolls, etc) as well as in flavours (green tea, taro, cream cheese etc).

the prices were a lot higher in comparison to the normal asian bakeries i visit but everything looked so good i couldnt help but try a few things.

the matcha suncake ($2.20) was my favourite out of everything. the delightfully flaky green tea pastry with a thick, chewy green tea centre was absolutely delicious in my opinion but everyone else who had a bite didnt like it at all.

the taro cake ($30) we ordered for my mums birthday was also delicious - super light and fluffy sponge cakes layered with a delicious taro paste and cream and pudding filling. a shame i didnt take a photo of it - it looked amazing from the outside and tasted just like that.

i came back a second time with my friends and we bought a few of everything to share and i was honestly so disappointed. the brownies ($3) were more of a moist cake consistency rather than a brownie texture - it still tasted delicious but it wasnt what i was expecting at all. the vanilla cookies ($5) were also pretty good but definitely on the pricier side.

on a negative note, the cream cheese bun ($3) tasted horrible. it tasted almost rancid and had a weird aftertaste to it. the coconut bun was also awful and it tasted rather stale and old - definitely not the sweet and rich coconut buns i usually have. the custard bun ($1.80) was also bland tasting and somewhat artificial tasting and i definitely would never try any of these again. but would i come back here again? hmmm maybe but ill definitely be sticking away from the buns.

matcha suncake 9/10
taro cake 9/10
brownie 8.5/10
vanilla cookies 7.5/10

cream cheese bun 3/10
coconut bun 2/10
custard bun 4/10

5 star rating
by Aucklandholic
Jul 04, 2014

There are not many bakeries around the cbd that offers the same range of cakes, bread and other baked goods with the yum factor as la Couronne (aka the pink bakery). Now, the name is decidedly French but what they offer actually has a fusion of European and Asian influences. Their sugared bacon danish can sit right next to a BBQ pork brioche and their fruit custard pastries happily tries to win your picking next to green tea bread with red bean fillings. In their glass cabinets are gourmet looking cakes and other desserts including giant mochi with fruit and cream fillings (even durian!). They also sell other (perhaps less explored) Taiwanese baked goods such as flaky taro, wife bread etc
If you are in need of a caffeine fix then they do serve a range of coffees and a limited seating area should you wish to dine in but my friends and I usually takeaway because it is right next to the counters and can get really busy.
Oh, and another thing to mind is their birthdays cakes displayed by the windows are ones pre-ordered so are not for sale (24 or 12 hours in advance required and can make cakes that go up to sizes that will feed 20 people).
All in all this is a great fusion style bakery if you are after something different...... just watch those calories!

3 star rating
by Lavender Van Alden
Oct 16, 2013

This store is adorable. It's not your average western cake store so go in with an open mind and try something new :)

4 star rating
by Josie B
Mar 26, 2013

Good tasting stuff - I like the taro buns. Reasonably priced too! It's nice to come here for a small snack on a budget and there's heaps of selection. Would recommend to others.

5 star rating
by Angela
Feb 16, 2013

every year i get my birthday cake here....its the best place to find a cake that isnt super sweet. My favourite is the taro pudding cake, its made out of real taro and turned into a paste form. Another favourite cake i like is the Triple chocolate, it has a classy feel to it, especially the way it has been decorated. But if your not really into sponge cakes with cream, theres also a maple pudding cake. It has maple syrup on top with custard egg pudding on the outside and has a cheesecake base.I also love the breads, especially the custard bread... its SO CREAMY and smooth