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La Voie Française

4_half star rating 7 reviews

Telephone 09 620 5947

875 Dominion Rd
Shop 4
Mt Roskill
Auckland City

Cafe, Desserts / Bakeries, French
Mon - Sun 8 am - 3 pm


La Voie Francaise – French bakery cafe


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Cafes, Bakeries
Meals Served:
Breakfast, Lunch
Outdoor Seating:

Reviews for La Voie Française

2 star rating
by Claire L.
18th May 2014

I was so excited to find this delicious French bakery earlier on this year but despite the amazing food and bakery, I was shocked how bad the coffee has become the last few weeks. I have noticed that there is a new girl working there now and I have given her a few chance to get it right but it just never got there. Once I ordered a latte and I noticed she was about to use trim milk for my coffee which I never asked for! I’m so disappointed at the quality of coffee that it has become lately. I felt totally ripped off to pay for it. If the cafe is reading this review, please train the girl properly as she is really turning your customer away. (Sorry it’s nothing personal as she is a very nice young lady but has no idea how to make coffee!)

5 star rating
by Tanya R.
14th April 2014

I love love love all of the food on the menu its tasty and delicious!! The macarons, baguettes, custard&choc filled pastries are just three of my favourites! but if you are the owner and you read this review please make your staff aware they need to call for help when there are at least 3 people queing to be served and not wait until there are 8 people as has happened a couple of times when I have visited. Also a microwave to reheat the food would be a good idea for people wishing to dine in because the food is truly divine and these little faults can be easily fixed!! Fix those things and you have an allround great cafe!!

5 star rating
by Aaron N.
20th December 2013

This is the first and ONLY ‘French’ bakery that I’ve found in NZ that comes close to the real deal. The first time I tasted their baguette I thought I was back in France.

Absolutely outstanding. This bakery is seriously at the top of his game – we are lucky to have him here.

3 star rating
by Dean Q.
24th August 2013

Great bread.
OK prices- although these have just increased by up to 20%.
SLOW service is your achilles heel. When anyone orders a coffee the service grinds to a standstill and the lovely owner yells “service” to attract the attention of one of the kids out the back.
You need to streamline coffee orders and have a better system in place so those of us who want some bread to have for breakfast can do just that.
Half the time when I arrive after 8.30 on a Saturday morning they have run out of baguettes… this is now getting a little silly… maybe spend more time baking bread and less time on fancy norwegian salmon rolls at this time of the day?
Almost 5 stars for quality of baking, 2 stars for service.

5 star rating
by Kim
13th June 2013

This place is amazing – I live on the shore, but can’t stop coming back here. The macaroons are to die for and so reasonably priced. Every time I come here, I leave with something different. Most things are gone already when I have stopped in, so I can’t wait to get there in the morning one day when the place is stocked! It is obviously popular and rightly so. One of Auckland’s best kept secrets.

5 star rating
by Rose L.
21st January 2013

French boyfriend had tears in his eyes when he first tried a baguette from here- at long last Auckland gives us a true taste of France, everything is to die for. Green olive bread on the weekends in outstanding if you’re lucky enough to get in before it’s gone.

5 star rating
by Kirin L.
1st December 2012

Updated 22/04/2013
I can’t stop coming back to this place! The bread is OMG amazing… they’ve spruced up the place since I went there and it has a nice clean and warm welcoming atmosphere.

The breads that are our fav are:
Pan De Mie = white loaf bread that has a slight sweet scent and a soft, chewy texture.

Poulet Roti = chicken sandwich served in generous slices of the Pan De Mie with a salad mix

Fruit Croissant = speaks for itself, and it looks even better… heaven in your mouth decorated with strawberries, blackberry, peach, custard, chocolate creme …. enough said.

Canelé = a crunchy caramelized exterior with soft, fluffy insides. The way this was made was incredible and words can’t describe how delicious this one small piece of baking genius is.

December 2012

I can’t believe I finally found a REAL bakery in Auckland. I have searched far and high for a great place to buy decent bread and bakery items (without breaking the bank) and I finally found one.

It’s run by a talented Japanese baker that studied under one of the greatest French bakers in the world. As a result here he is sharing the goodness of what real bread is supposed to taste like.

The prices for their breads are incredibly reasonable and I would really like to go back there everyday!

The only thing I would like from this place is some more eating space for those that want to munch on the delicious breads as soon as they come out of the oven. :)

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