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Little and Friday Cafe

4 star rating 119 reviews

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09 5248742

12 Melrose Street, Newmarket, Auckland

  Bakery, Cafe, Desserts
8:30 AM to 3:30 PM (Mon-Sat), 8:30 AM to 4 PM (Sun)


Reviews for Little and Friday Cafe

5 star rating
by Topaz
12 days ago

Must try: The doughnuts!! The raspberry and cream is like the traditional style that is so hard to compare. Never been disappointed only when they have sold out ;)

4 star rating
by Anna J
16 days ago

Absolutely love Little and Friday! Everything is so visually appealing, I want to eat it all! Lunched with a friend and we both order the chicken, camembert and avocado ciabatta, a chocolate donut and coffee. Even though they were busy during the lunch rush, our food and coffee was served promptly. Probably the best sammy Ive ever eaten! The ciabatta was so fresh and crunchy and everything inside it had top flavours. Definitely only needed half the donut! Again so fresh and light, with yummy chocolate cream, very rich but recommend! Unfortunately my coffee was average ๐Ÿ˜• but thats all I can fault really. Love the decor, so unique being in the fabric shop!

5 star rating
by B D H
20 days ago

The best cabinet food in Auckland . Awesome setting (wish there were a few more seats) but you can't fault one of Kim's yummy doughnuts!!! Have been back so many times and will continue to frequent this amazing little joint

4 star rating
by R:R:ยฉhin
21 days ago

"Thank God it's Friday"......little and Friday cafe,.... if a cafe produces a quality product,the food will "speak" for itself,as this place does!..just follow the crowds to wonderland... down this side street behind(b.p)in Newmarket,...if you are a doughnut fan this is a must try here! as are their other range of products :...

2 star rating
by Mary
22 days ago

The doughnuts were nice but the service terrible. I ordered a cold  drink and after 15 minutes went back to the counter to ask where they were. The cafe was not busy but by that time we had finished our food. I was told that they had run out of ice and were getting it from somewhere off site. I had not asked for ice and they could have told me when I ordered that they had a problem. They said it would be another 5 minutes. I waited 10 and went back to the counter. The server was very apologetic because this time they could not locate my drinks order. I got a refund.

5 star rating
by Flora
23 days ago

I've heard a lot about this cafe and would like to try it for a long time, finally here I am. The atmosphere is good and the waitress there are welcoming. Bakery looks attractive and hard to make choice-Because you will want to try everything. Lol. I tried chocolate beetroot and salted caramel cake, which is rich and yummy. The mushroom quiche is good as well. Will definitely come here again and try other dishes.

5 star rating
by Wendy Zhou
28 days ago

This place is wonderland!! Chocolate Beetroot is wow! Hot chocolate with their hand made mash mallow is superb my Friday! My dear friend had cuiqsh and it was lovely!!! So glad we came and we will back again!!

5 star rating
by Fowl Mouth
one month ago

When I was based in Newmarket I went through a phase (or just my life in general) and within a month I had sampled everything in the cabinet. Love this place for their sweet desserts and If I could survive purely on sugar, then I would. Sadly my organs and bank account won't allow it.

If you're still deciding whether to eat here or even perhaps takeaway, the answer is both.

4 star rating
by Kristin Kacey-Kirst
one month ago

After much nudging from my friends and family, my boyfriend and I tried their doughnut. The bread was absolutely delicious, but we both agree that the filling was far too sweet and rather ordinary - too milky. It was a decent doughnut but it didn't live up to its hype.

4 star rating
by Layla Bluck-Wulf
one month ago

THE DONUTS AND COFFEE AS SUPERB!!! Love this little place its so adorable and has the best vibes and the donuts are crazy amazing! I love the way the place is decorated and kept very clean and with two large tables to fight over for a place is a little  bit of a hassle but i love the donuts - always so perfect and makes me feel absolutely amazing.

4 star rating
by The Student Foodie
one month ago

After realising I hadn't had a doughnut in far too many years I decided the best way to break the great doughnut drought was to head to the famed Little and Friday, which in the words of one devout friend is "like literally the only place to get a doughnut and if you go anywhere else we can't be friends".  Initially I was a little bemused by the industrial style of the cafe, especially with the great big tables. It's a wee bit awkward when you have a small group of friends and you're trying to get a seat where you can all talk to each other. It's unique but realistically it'd be far more practical to have a lot of smaller tables given it seems to be a popular place. However, I enjoyed the laid back feel of the cafe, and the cinnamon sticks in the water jugs are inspired! Going to try that wee trick at home! 

We got a selection of treats: a snickers doughnut, a classic cream and jam doughnut and a date, cinnamon and walnut brioche which came warmed up. Well holy cow, them doughnuts are definitely not like your run of the mill doughnut. They are huge, sugar coated parcels of the most luscious, creamy cream I've ever tasted! Like there is no faulting those doughnuts, the bready part is pillowy soft, not stale or unpleasantly chewy like your local bakery. And words can't describe the cream. The brioche was equally yummy although a little too sweet for my taste, I would have liked more brioche and less of the date/walnut paste which was delectable but kind of overpowered the brioche so you didn't get that buttery, rich bread experience. All and all though, food was top notch and definitely will be coming back for the beetroot and salted caramel cake (intriguing) and those bacon and avocado sandwiches look pretty darn hearty and tasty too! 
Service wasn't anything to ride home about, friendly but not outstanding and didn't add any value to the cafe. Price was pretty good ($5.50 for each item) considering the doughnuts are 3x the size of your regular doughnut and a million times better. Sandwiches are pricier ( $9) but they do look jam packed with avocado and thick cuts of bacon so probably fair enough, might just wait for the parents to come visit and shout me lunch! Would love a student deal for this cafe as I feel like a lot of their customer base is students, and it would give us a great incentive to make this our local considering its so close to Grafton Campus!

4 star rating
by Gemma
one month ago

I had heard so much about this place through instagram. I always saw pictures of their yummy cakes, pastries and donuts! I have their recipe book too! Finally I came to Auckland and I got to try it! The shop in Newmarket wasn’t what I was expecting. I like the white cleanness of the interior, but I found it a bit weird to have a rug/fabric place next door. It didn’t bother me, I just thought it was its own shop. 

Anyways, when it came to choosing, I didn’t know what I wanted! All of their bakes look amazing! I had been wanting to try the baci cake for ages, seeing that I’m a huge chocolate cake fan, but I didn’t feel like anything chocolaty at that point. So I opted for the apple crumble tart. It was served with a dollop of cream fraiche on top. It was nice, but next time I want to try their cakes or their donuts, because that’s what they’re well known for!

5 star rating
by Joe Smith
one month ago

This is truly a wonderful cafe! Visited here with my partner today and can honestly say some of the best food we have had in a while. At first glance we thought the cafe was very small however there is plenty of seating once you have entered.

Unfortunately we made the mistake of visiting on a Sunday while school holidays commenced. As expected a hoard of basic teenage girls were present oohing and ahhing as to what to get for "brunch" at 2pm in the afternoon? All of them lined up blocking the display cabinet, filled with all the baked goodies. They soon cleared out ordering the same thing as one another and we could finally see the cabinet food. A wide variety indeed! We ended up choosing the pumpkin, bacon and feta quiche, lemon meringue pie and the banana, walnut and caramel cupcake. 

All equally delicious, in particular the quiche was truly delectable with a light flaky pastry and the most amazing pumpkin/bacon flavour. The staff were very friendly and amusing adding to the great atmosphere of Little and Friday in New Market. My partner and I were well impressed and will be returning perhaps after school holidays to avoid the basics. 

I highly recommend Little and Friday to anyone who is interested in tasting amazing cafe food!

5 star rating
by Edwina
one month ago

I went to Little and Friday with two of my friends and I really loved the food there. I ordered the chocolate raspberry cake and the hot chocolate. To be honest there wasn't really anything to choose given the fact the cabinet was partially empty..the cafe was packed with people but the cake was nice but a little bit too sweet for my liking. The interior of Little and Friday was nice but I really wish they had more tables for the customers. Other than that I really enjoyed my first visit to this cosy cafe.

4 star rating
by GideonMarisa MasterchefNz2015
one month ago

great spot for brunch or breakfast, has the most amazing cabinet available. it is a nice twist to a regular cafe atmosphere, very laid back and friendly, good spot to catch up on emails and take time out #g1

4 star rating
by Brenda Phu
one month ago

This morning I wanted to grab a bite before uni. I've heard that their donuts are to die for. Tucked away off from Khyber Pass. The atmosphere is mellow and a bit lacking in my opinion, maybe because it was a Monday morning but the cafe felt post-apocalyptic. The staff were vibrant and charismatic but my coffee took awhile to be made and tasted average. I order the Raspberry and Vanilla filled donut; the filling tasted delicious. The raspberry's tartness complimented the cream but sadly the donut itself was a bit stale. So much for freshness. My order cost around $9 and for what I got, I was slightly disappointed.

5 star rating
by Louise
one month ago

Have been there a couple of times now and got the vegetarian sandwich each time, it was fantastic. Best sandwich I've had since I can remember. Everything fresh and tasty. Service is fast and no-nonsense. Could throw in a few extra smiles or pleasantries here and there. Coffee however was not overly impressive, not bad but not great. Looking forward to trying some more of the menu!

3 star rating
by Arahia Ball
2 months ago

I was really looking forward to trying this out and even drove from Hamilton especially to do so but unfortunately I didn't find it that great. I had a mince and cheese pie which was quite tasteless. There was barely any cheese (or any flavour for that matter) and a banana muffin which was nice but I would've preferred it a lot sweeter. Love the concept and their food looks amazing but I haven't gone back since (almost 2 years ago) and have no intentions on rushing back anytime soon.

5 star rating
by Alisha Ophelia
2 months ago

Little & Friday isn't a regular of mine - more like a guilty pleasure. I love the food but it is very rich, so more of a treat outing. Delectable range of vegetarian tarts, galettes, pies, sandwiches (& of course meat!). Decadent desserts. My favorites are the beetroot and feta galette with a chocolate chill donut.

5 star rating
by Helena Chen
2 months ago

One of the first amazing little cafes I discovered when first moving to Auckland, Little & Friday started from humble beginnings and is now one of the best in the city. The Newmarket branch is a favourite, attached to Martha’s fabrics with rustic tables and a nice relaxed atmosphere inside. I love the little dinosaurs they give you as ‘table numbers’, and their fresh lemon & mint infused water. I’ve tried various cakes and savouries from their cabinet (all of them are amazing!), and also their juice which is only $5 and so so good. Their donuts are making a name for themselves as a signature of theirs, so definitely try those if you’ve never been. The staff are always super friendly and the service is top notch; highly recommended :)

5 star rating
by Sukriti
2 months ago

Light lunch here proved to be worth it! Such a tiny shop that I walked right past it. Ordered the chocolate salted caramel cake, mushroom and feta quiche, Chai latte and summer fruit tea. The portions of the food were large and rich enough to be shared three ways and it was delicious!! The taste is of the cake and quiche is truly lovely and memorable! Wished they would open in Mt Eden.

4 star rating
by Hoori
2 months ago

It has the best kind of cakes and sweet pastries, I always enjoy it as a place to have afternoon treats but there are not many choices if you want to have hot breakfast in a cafe or not many veggies.

5 star rating
by Laura Hunt
2 months ago

Every time I visit Newmarket it takes all my strength to not pick up something sweet from Little and Friday.

Everything on display is equally as tempting so I find myself staring at the display for a solid 5 minutes before I can make my choice. I've tried a few of the cakes now and can honestly say I've never been let down. Additionally the portions are huge, so unless you're greedy like me, one between two really is enough. A particular stand out for me is the chocolate salted caramel beetroot cake, It's a must if you're a chocolate fan! I'm yet to try their savoury items but they look just as tasty! The only downside for me is the seating arrangement, although the giant communal tables are quirky it isn't the most convenient layout if you're there with a couple people.

Definitely a place to visit if you're after a good coffee and delicious food.

5 star rating
by Kristi Tansilia
2 months ago

i love, love, love the banoffee pie. Their food may look little but it's definitely gonna make you full before you know it. if only my stomach was a black hole!

5 star rating
by Zara Alexzandra Young
2 months ago

The food is always presented so beautifully and everything has the flavour to back up how good it looks. I love that you're seated in the middle of a fabric store- it makes for a really pretty and unique cafe environment.
The pies are amazing- yes they're a little more expensive compared to a pie from a bakery but by cafe pricing they're reasonable and the quality of the ingredients used can be tasted because the food is so fresh!
Their doughnuts are always fluffy and soft- their jam and cream flavour is one of my guilty pleasures...
I've never had anything here that I didn't love- and I'm the proud owner of one of the cookbooks now- I love how honest they can be with their recipes because you can try to recreate the treats at home but it's not quite the same so you always end up going back!!

5 star rating
by Anna Harding
3 months ago

Throw your diet to the wind for this place! The cakes here will make your stomach seem bottomless. My favorite: cream diplomat doughnut with berry coulis filling - a.m.a.z.i.n.g. With 3 places to cure your sweet tooth (Newmarket, north shore, cbd) there is no reason not to go!!!

4 star rating
by HJ
3 months ago

Sweet treats at there best! You are spoilt for choice with the delectable savoury and sweets in the cabinet. The staff here are always welcoming and friendly. We get little and Friday to cater for our morning teas at work often and we are always enjoy the food we receive. Would recommend the chocolate brioche and the feta, spinach & sundried tomato brioche. The perfect place for a catch up with the girls or your other half!

5 star rating
by Whiskyncigars
3 months ago

Great coffee. Great food! Baked sweets look like edible works of art! The also have good a range of banana flavoured shit which is most bakeries don't bother making.

5 star rating
by Tania Li
3 months ago

I have been meaning to try this place for ages after only having cakes at birthdays. The quiche was to die for - full of flavour but not overly rich and the banana cake was v. moist and super well done. Definitely a massive fan + cute display

4 star rating
by Ryan
3 months ago

Delicious jam donuts, soft and fluffy with a nice solid amount of filling. Just as they should be! Cabinet items looked great, will need to try them out for lunch. Heard good things about their sandwiches and pies.

5 star rating
by Two Dark Coffees
3 months ago

Often the spot I pick up my pre-shift coffee, Little and Friday always impresses.

From product to service, this little cafe isn't just what you need on a Friday, it hits the spot every day of the week. 

Located inside Martha's Fabric house, Little and Friday creates a relaxing, community space. 

Lured in off the street thanks to the aroma of baked goodness, cakes, tarts and homemade sandwiches are all impressively presented in and on a modern glass cabinet. 

Now also located in the CBD, you can enjoy Little and Friday's treats whether you are roaming the inner city or the suburbs. 

An item not to miss out on are the donuts. Just pick one up with a no regrets attitude - your stomach will thank you for it. 

Sarah Reynolds  #challenge

4 star rating
by Andrea
4 months ago

I had their Mushroom Frittata for brunch and it was delicious! I'd order this again if I could. If only I had the appetitie to try their treats as well but the frittata definitely left me very full. There aren't a lot of tables but I'd be more than happy to get take out next time if it's busy. I also bought a jar of their brioche which I thought was reasonably priced and a great present! 

Definitely coming back here to introduce my partner to this place!

5 star rating
by Kwan-Lyn
4 months ago

I've been here plenty of times and love bringing people here, for amazing homely, rustic and freshly baked goods. Whilst my first choice would be the store in Belmont, this place is centrally located with food delivered from the same amazing kitchen. The space is shared with a fabric store, therefore seating is limited on busier days.

Would highly recommend the donuts, the raspberry and cream is always a winner! The Baci cake is also amazing, rich and dense, like a giant Ferrero roche. Am also a fan of the pear and almond tart. As for the savouries, I've found the quiches to be the best.

They serve supreme coffee here which is usually pretty good, and for those who aren't looking for a caffeine fix, the Hakanoa ginger latte is a delicious treat. The water here is pretty exciting too, flavoured with things like mint and cinnamon.

5 star rating
by Jaya
4 months ago

Went here one time with the intention of hanging out. Place is packed but we were lucky to grab seats at the communal table. While there, the queue never stopped. Food is amazing and their cream fill doughnuts are to die for!

5 star rating
by Tian Tian Zhang
4 months ago

Was really surprised to find the cafe so busy since the location was not exactly the easiest to find. The decor of the cafe was simple and effortless. Being conjoined with a fabric store definitely added a different feel to the place. The food is on the slightly expensive side, but the quality was definitely up there too. The way that my food was decorated and presented as well was really thoughtful and classy. I'm really keen to try the mother ship in Belmont now.

5 star rating
by Britt Clark
4 months ago

A busy little cafe with a quick customer turnover, so there is always a seat available after a short wait at most. The food cabinet is a delight in itself, so many cakes and sandwiches!  The lack of more than a small size of coffee is disappointing, however this is negligible in my view due to the fantastic food!  And for those looking for a speedy lunch, they offer takeaway.

5 star rating
by Tui Greer
4 months ago

Very delicious meal, caramelised onion tart was absolutely divine, short pastry melted in your mouth and the sandwich was packed full of flavour and very fulling that kept me satisfied for the whole day. I wish I had an appetite to try one of there sweet treats that look to die for.

5 star rating
by Jade Lim
4 months ago

Omg! Everything is too beautiful to touch or eat at Little and Friday! Hahah..

A humble little cafe near BP Newmarket. Great place for breakfast/brunch with your girls.

You just can't get enough of them.

P/S: a word of caution - you will most likely be spoilt for choice. Don't worry, you're not the only one. (If you're a savoury person, you might even end up getting a sweet thing.. Or vice versa or you'll probably end up getting both and this will keep you full till late and you can even skip dinner.. Haha)


5 star rating
by Axjw
5 months ago

Bit strange to find this cafe right inside a fabric store, but it kind of worked pretty well.

Everything in this cafe was lovely designed. The cabinet with all the yummy treats looked amazing! We wanted to try a number of things but opted for the Apple Crumble - Yum!

The donuts are also very good and a must try.

Will definitely be returning to indulge in all the other goodies on offer!

4 star rating
by Georgia Dobbs
5 months ago

Is often very busy (especially on weekends) so takeaway is a good option. Little and Friday has a mouth watering display cabinet consisting of a variety of sweet and savoury foods, all presented to make your mouth water. The classic cream donuts are outstanding, as well as the quiches and sandwiches. Coffee is also ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

5 star rating
by Amrita
5 months ago

Absolutely delightful little cafe. Had been recommended to go here since I moved to Auckland. Finally had a chance to catch a Friday brunch. Few things on the menu but each and every dish was so good. A simple pie is even served so well art such low prices. All the deserts, meringues, tart.. delish! Super fast service and cutest experience.

5 star rating
by Maria B
5 months ago

I can't even begin to talk about how delightful Little and Friday is!

The place itself is quaint and gives off a homey vibe, with the smell of coffee and pastries welcoming you as you walk in. The staff are always friendly and eager to serve you. They don't provide a menu for their food, since their selection changes quite frequently - every little piece is displayed, and cleverly so. Everything they make here is beautiful to look at AND eat!

I've tried their onion tart, steak and cheese pie, chicken lie, lemon and coconut cake, and chocolate and raspberry cake. I can't fault any of these - decently priced, all well sized and taste absolutely divine. Not to mention that the feeling of eating a savoury piece then a sweet piece, while sipping on one of their well made coffees or juices is just a wonderful experience.

Overall: Everything is great. I'd go back again and again. During busy hours you just have to wait a little while for a free seat, but it's totally worth the wait.

4 star rating
by Melissa Chai
5 months ago

Meal was generally pleasant, the odd cutlery etc does put me off though. The lack of seating is also a slight issue but other than that the food was good and lots of my friends enjoy it! I would recommend if getting a dessert though you should share as it is quite on the sweet side!

4 star rating
by Donna&Shane
6 months ago

Been here and to the one in Devonport.... Food does look great ... The Cronuts are devine.... Newmarket is different as to where it is and the setup ... Not that appealing to me really but the food is yum.

4 star rating
by Jordanne Leigh
6 months ago

Little and Friday is one of my favourite places to eat - as long as I get there early in the day.
This newmarket branch is the closest to my house and after going to the one in the north shore, I was really excited to see that they had opened up one closer to me.

All of the food is cabinet food, such as quiches and pies. Every time I've been here, I've been pretty impressed with the quality of the food although it's notorious for having a lack of seasoning in their pastries.
When I went here with Rhiannon Baldock, I ordered the blue cheese, pear and prosciutto galette and she had the quiche loraine. My galette was delicious. The base was super crispy and buttery, the blue cheese was present but not overpowering, the pear was soft and cooked perfectly. I was so impressed with the whole thing.
I also ordered a chocolate beetroot cake with salted caramel which was incredibly moist and delectable. I'm glad I only had half with a Rhiannon.
Overall, I'm pretty impressed with their gourmet cabinet food.
Note - they don't have a menu so it's all cabinet food!

4 star rating
by Jane Carlson
6 months ago

Beautiful food. Staff could do with knowing what's in the food and the service was slow and average. They forgot my friends two year olds brioche. And it's difficult trying to feed a two year old at the best of times.

5 star rating
by Kathy Paige Xu
6 months ago

Popped by to get two cakes to takeaway for Mother's Day: the banana walnut and the Baci at $7 each. They were placed in a cake box which was great transport wise. The cakes tasted amazing, the banana one was filled and iced with a cream cheese icing and drizzled with caramel. It was lovely and moist, and not too sweet. The Baci cake is gluten free (made with ground hazelnut) and so light but also very decadent and chocolatey. I'll be back for sure!

4 star rating
by Duncan Galletly
6 months ago

A quick lunch for two. Not an obvious street presence or even obvious street. Walked into A warehouse annex with white tile counter, white walls, exposed brick and concrete attached to a fabric shop - a nice quirk.
The counter food display is gorgeous with oversized sweet and savoury jewels. The service is good. Seats (secondary school rejects) are at a premium and surround two industrial tables held up by scaffolding and seating about 15.

The coffee is supreme and our two trim caps were pleasant, quite well textured and unburnt.

Beetroot and blue cheese tart looked dead on the plate but was delicious - quichey blue cheese and spinach, very good pastry and very well flavoured. Accompanied by a small mound of limp rocket.

In contrast the Tamarillo tart looked beautifully alive - glistening with the tamarillo stalks sticking up. A fork showed the tamarillo to be surface deep however. Rather than being luscious the bulk was a deceptive, rather dry almond base. It was ok but didn't live up to the promise.

A good little bakery

4 star rating
by Vitale Eti
6 months ago

The best thing about Little & Friday, Newmarket, are their cronuts and their coffee isn't bad too, because it's in the Martha's fabric building, my wife loves getting to look at all the bolts of fabric too. There's 2 big shared tables, so as long as you don't mind table sharing you'll be happy. But there's lots of cookbooks you can read whilst waiting for your food. Parking's a pain, but that's Newmarket for you. This place gets really busy, so it's best to get in there just before or after rush hour.

4 star rating
by Joe Roberts
6 months ago

I've only got takeaway from here and it was just fantastic. Good was quite heavily portioned, but was nice to have some for the next day's lunch. Desserts are to die for. And the staff are great, know the menu well and always seem happy to help.

4 star rating
by Katie Kiley
7 months ago

Am I missing something? I don't understand why this cafe is so popular? Yes, good coffee. Yes, nice food. But there's so many other places I could go with better seating arrangements for my over priced sandwich. I didn't hate it, and the staff were just the right amount of trendy friendly coffee hipster.. But I don't think I'd go back?

5 star rating
by Olivia Round
7 months ago

Cute little cafe serving a wide range of baked goods. Cool atmosphere and nice clean dining area. Friendly staff and quick service. Food pretty good, can be a little on the dry side so ask them to heat it up if required. Iced coffee was too sweet and a bit sickly, but the baci cake was delicious heated with yoghurt. Quiches good also.
Service: 5/5 (treated each customer specially even though they were busy!)
Taste: 4/5
Value for money: 4/5

5 star rating
by A Culinary Affair
7 months ago

If you are wanting a casual hang out place to catch up for cake and coffee, or something different for a brunch venue - go visit your local Little and Friday. The original cafe is tucked away on a little side street in Belmont and its Newmarket sister - just off Khyber Pass - is equally quaint.

Beautifully presented tarts, cakes, slices fill your senses as soon as you walk through the doors. The decor is simple; white wooded panels with lots of natural sun filtering through the main glass panels - you are transported to a fairyland of yumminess.

My favorite go - to there is the caramelized onion feta tart. Sweet and divine with a creamy feta combo - it just hits the spot for that special Sunday brunch. And how can we forget dessert ! There is a wide variety of cakes to choose from from whole cakes to slices to single serve desserts. Like its Lamington - styled like an ice cream cone, it is one of a kind. I had the delightful salted caramel banana cake and pear tart. Both decadent and leaves you counting your hours to your next visit. Highly recommended

Revisit potential: 10/10

5 star rating
by Tanz
7 months ago

I've been to the one in Newmarket couple time and once at Takapuna. Both shops are nice with great food, good vibe and friendly service.

It's so hard to choose what to order from the window when everything looks sooo yummy and beautiful!!

I have tried many things but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the donut!! I can't remember what they call but just order the original one and you will know that only one is not enough :)

Their pies and tarts are also good and big, going well with free chutney on table.

Definitely going back there again and again to try everything!

5 star rating
by Lawrence Mikkelsen
8 months ago

Little and Friday has rapidly become something of an Auckland institution – a little café in suburban Belmont, far from the beaten path but attracting a steady stream of visitors from all over Auckland. The secret is in the simplicity. There’s no menu, just counter food – a small but delightful array of sweets and savouries made on the premises, served in a stylish yet homely environment. One big table, lots of magazines, individually-wrapped sticks of butter in greaseproof paper, water in old milk-bottles … you get the picture. Like the similar (but not quite as good) Il Forno and Agnes Curran in Ponsonby, the lack of choice and very public/simple eating environment actually works to an advantage, creating a warm, friendly communal eating environment. What makes Little and Friday so great, though, is the quality of the food. Every item of food looks and (based on what I’ve tried) tastes amazing. High quality ingredients and attention to detail make for a fantastic dining experience.

5 star rating
by Benjamin Founes
8 months ago

Great coffee, love the spoons. Food is just too awesome. They have a huge selection of quiches sandwiches pies and pastries as well as cakes. Their donuts are the bomb.

5 star rating
by Maria Samasoni
10 months ago

Love the food it's a tad pricey but I guess it makes up for it in the food and the portion of it . Must try the sausage rolls they are to die for . Awesome little cute vintage retro cafe

4 star rating
by Angie
11 months ago

Little and Friday is a cute neatly tucked away Cafe. It was a great place to enjoy an afternoon tea. I shared a doughnut and a chocolate raspberry cake along with coffee and tea. The doughnut was delicious and more-ish. The cake, however, was dry and crumbly so I would of loved either some cream or yogurt to go with it.
Despite this, I will come back to try the other baked goods and even purchase the Little and Friday cookbook.

5 star rating
by Lizzie R
11 months ago

I am an avid baker and am normally very picky about baked goods, but Little and Friday is honestly outstanding.

The must-try item is definitely the raspberry and custard donut. It is huge, fresh, crispy, pillowy - all the things you want in a good donut complemented with lovely filling in which the ever so slightly tart raspberry balances out the luscious creme diplomat. The other donuts are decent too, however the raspberry one is the best by far (the chili chocolate one has a slightly unpleasant aftertaste, for example, but then it could be just me being picky).

The pies are HUGE (which justifies the seemingly steep price) just like donuts and are one of the best pies I've ever tried. The pastry is actually closer to puff pastry than your usual cardboard-y pie pastry which I can't stand and is incredibly buttery and flaky.

The cakes are great, flavourful and moist, with my favourites being the Baci cake and the chocolate, salted caramel and beetroot cake. The citrus-y cakes are nice as well, but then I would take chocolate over lemons any day so this comparison is inherently unfair, hehe. The caramel slice is like no other slice you have tried and is amazing, too. It was honestly the slice which made me run to the bookshop to buy the cookbook just to find out how to make it.

Some things were less enjoyable than others, however. The walnut tart was just average, with bland soggy-ish pastry and sickeningly sweet filling of walnuts and something that seemed like corn syrup. Moreover, the seating in the Newmarket store is the trendy "communal" way, which I am not a fan of. But then again I always get the food to take away so it has not affected me personally.

Currently am on a mission to try every item on the menu but due to the location it is not very easy for me (although I have heard there is a cafe in Ponsonby, The Good one, which is much closer to me, that sells Little and Friday baking). Overall, best baking I have tried anywhere in Auckland, which is the reason I am giving the cafe a really good review even though there were some parts of the experience I didn't enjoy 100% and which took away the 0.5 of the rating.

5 star rating
by Mikhail
11 months ago

That little cafe hidden in the back street..
I heard about the amazing cakes here a while ago, but never had a chance to try it out myself. So today i did. Oh, that raspberry chocolate cake was amazing, i never had such a rich and chocolate combination ever before(homemaking doesn't count:)). Next time my aim is to try the donut and i hope to do it quite soon!
Friendly staff and atmosphere could be a little bit more warming and welcoming but still no complaints.
Will be back soon for more treats maybe to the belmont store!

5 star rating
by Blaire Haslop
11 months ago

I like how little and Friday is hidden in a fabric garage on a side street, it has a very quirky cool vibe which you don't see that much of in Auckland especially in New Market. The array of treats look amazing as you enter and they taste amazing too! So glad they have savory food too as I needed an actual lunch. I got the beetroot, blue cheese and spinach tart it was amazing! The beetroot was sweet and the blue cheese was not overpowering . The pastry tasted home made and was cooked perfectly! I also got the cream and raspberry donut and it was incredible! The cream was old fashioned and delicious. The donuts are huge you can definitely share between 2. I got the chocolate, beetroot and salted caramel cake to takeaway for my sister because it sounded like an interesting mix! All up I loved little and Friday, definitely will be returning to try the asparagus tart!

4 star rating
by Pip
Dec 01, 2014

Thought I'd check out this cafe after reading the great reviews. It's different from your usual cafes...one it's attached to a fabric store which is fine and two it has a communal feel with two big tables for their customers. I liked it! I was really impressed with the selection of cakes/tarts etc and savory food. All looked delicious and a decent size too. My Strawberry tart was very very good however I wasn't impressed with the coffee, sadly. My flat white was too strong and tasted burnt. Apart from that little letdown I enjoyed the experience.

5 star rating
by Arna Tupou-Buckley
Nov 26, 2014

Amazing experience, everything was perfect -presentation, service, coffee, food and company, so impressed we went and bought the book. Hightly recommend this cafe and being a chef myself from Bravo Red Square Tauranga. Thanks for the inspiration

5 star rating
by Kalo Senefili
Nov 26, 2014

Absolutely amazing. The cabinet food is just perfect . The service was amazing. It was an excellent experience.. We went out and brought the recipe book the same day.

4 star rating
by LaraEatsAlot
Nov 20, 2014

Little and Friday is a gorgeous out of the way desserts cafe that has something for all tastes. The Hazelnut cake I had was nicely moist and beautifully flavoured. The presentation was stunning. The over all vibe of Little and Friday was quite different and unusual, given the location.

5 star rating
by Michelle Tan
Nov 15, 2014

you definitely need to try the raspberry and cream donut ($5.50) from here. its definitely one of the best donuts ive ever had in my life (its that good) and definitely my favourite out of everything ive tried so far.

the banana caramel donut ($5.50) isnt half bad either but it tastes too much banana and too little caramel. the raspberry and cream donut is way nicer in my opinion (definitely try that one instead).

also the bread and butter pudding ($7.00) is a bit meh. i didnt really like it - the texture was quite weird and was definitely not what i was expecting (ive never tried bread and butter pudding before).

raspberry cream donut 9/10
banana caramel donut 6.5/10
bread and butter pudding 5.5/10

4 star rating
by Life As A Mutt
Nov 10, 2014

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and looking for a new place to try (though not quite hungry enough for a full lunch) we made our way to Little and Friday. The café itself is part of a larger establishment; a fabric store, which combined with the flaky white tables and décor leaves a memorably quirky impression.

There were dozens of extravagantly presented baked goods in the cabinet and we found ourselves dithering over what to order. Eventually we settled on the feta and onion quiche, followed by a cinnamon doughnut and a chilli chocolate doughnut. The male staff member who served me was listless and unenthusiastic, leaving something to be desired. Nor was I fond of the seating arrangements. Initially we sat by the window, but began to roast in the New Zealand sun. The only other option was two large, communal tables. No, I don’t want to sit next to other people and have to listen to their conversation, while they overhear mine. Would smaller, separate tables be too mainstream for this café? We reluctantly sat down at the large table.

Aside from the pretentious seating arrangements and dull staff, the food was distinguished. The quiche was wonderful with its creamy filling and crumbly pastry. The onions provided a caramelised, sweet, balance to the rich cheese. I thought the sparse, large chunks of feta were overwhelming though and would have preferred them to be portioned throughout the quiche more evenly.

I'm a massive doughnut fan, to the point I can endlessly gorge on them, so was desperate to try Little’s delicious looking goodies. The cinnamon doughnut was perfectly crunchy, the light cinnamon touch adding an extra dimension of spiced flavour. The fluffy inside provided a nice contrast in texture, absolutely fabulous. The chocolate chilli doughnut is also a must try. The incredibly luscious dark chocolate centre and the gentle bite of chilli make for a sinful indulgence.

Little and Friday undoubtedly serves great food, but the lifeless staff and limited seating arrangements leave much to be desired. Grab your food, and find somewhere nicer to enjoy your well-earned treats.

5 star rating
by Flowergirl69
Nov 03, 2014

Wonderful laid back vibe. Wanted everything on the menu. Actually ate the Mediterranean Frittata - incrediblely fresh with basil undertones. Nice coffee. Lovely touches here - free fresh rhubarb relish and water jugs with mint and lemon. Don't know how I resisted the cake - next time!

4 star rating
by Katerina Hond
Nov 03, 2014

Little and Friday really out do themselves with the amazing presentation as you can see in my picture of the strawberry, raspberry and vanilla bean custard tart, absolutely to die for, the only this that lets them down is there lack of space because it is always super full of people and it is always hard to get a seat, set of utensils and a jug of water.

4 star rating
by Perzen Patel
Oct 29, 2014

I have NO idea how @littleandfriday have managed to stuff in so much chocolate into the Chilli Chocolate Donut that I had. I took just one bite and the chocolate has been oozing out of it like #delicious lava! I am in #chocolate heaven. After way too many Dunkin Donuts in my teens I had sworn off #donuts but these guys have brought my fascination with this treat back to life!

4 star rating
by Marina S
Oct 28, 2014

One of my favourite places to visit in Newmarket, this little cafe never disappoints, each little treat is mouthwatering and beautifully presented. The little quirks in decor make this a very fun atmosphere and a great place to go with friends. In particular the large table which seats many people rather than individual smaller tables is a nice touch - making everything feel a lot more intimate and cosy. The mint water is a nice extra.

5 star rating
by Kathleen Joyce-Reweti
Oct 27, 2014

This place is so delicious. Their savoury meals are great but I especially like all their desserts. Chocolate and rasberry cake is my favourite

5 star rating
by Donny Chai
Oct 20, 2014

This cafe is conveniently located behind the BP petrol station (kind of) on Melrose Street, and it's always packed with people on the hunt for good coffee PLUS a sweet treat.  I've tried the quiches and chilli donut, and they were all divine.  Not only that, the problem you face is when you walk up to the counter and feast your eyes on the variety of selection available inside, on top and on the side of the glass cabinet, then getting frustrated not knowing what to decide on because everything looks so good.

For a really good experience, I would say to come around when they open in the morning between 8-9 so you don't need to worry about getting a seat as during the peak time it's often hard to find one, especially when you are paying for the order and need to decide if it's takeaway or dine in.

A rather interesting concept where you have a building floor space and mix in a cafe and a fabric shop. The food is top notch and you can't fault what they serve here.

It's a bit on the pricey side but worth the trip and experience.

5 star rating
by Ben Tutty
Oct 18, 2014

Hipster foodie paradise. This place is the tits. Had some wierd quiche with who knows what in it n it blew my socks off with delicious goodness.

4 star rating
by Simone Cooper
Sep 21, 2014

Best sandwiches I've ever had. All the cakes are delicious but I especially recommend the beetroot chocolate salted caramel, and the jam cream doughnut.

5 star rating
by Louisa Vickers
Sep 16, 2014

Upon discovery of this little bakery it became an instant favourite. I love how the long bench tables promote and atmosphere of openness and congeniality, and the staff are always very friendly. Before I talk about the food, there are two things that I find quirky and wonderful about this cafe. Instead of having table numbers, Little and Friday have various animal figurines that are painted yellow, and these are used to identify which people's orders go where. The other thing that separates them from the generic cafe, is their water. That sounds like a boring thing to talk about, but they serve it in old milk bottles, with cinnamon and mint for flavour. It makes you never want to drink water any other way!

On to the most important part: the food! On entrance you are presented with a cabinet chockablock with delicious treats, both sweet and savoury. I haven't tried everything, but can highly recommend it all as there is a high standard of quality and fresh ingredients. I caution you though, attempting to eat one savoury and one sweet thing is a veritable feat, and I didn't accomplish it. I was offered a doggie back though, so I could prolong the foodie delight throughout the day!

The delicious treats that I have tried, and would happily consume again, include the pyramid shaped lamington, the raspberry and chocolate cake, the hazelnut cake, and various doughnuts. I truly think their doughnuts are the most delicious I've ever tried, and I would happily stuff my face with them! Highly recommended :)

4 star rating
by Victor Marchionna
Sep 11, 2014

Located in such a weird that I actually don't even remember exactly where it was after all the seemingly aimless wondering. The little place is connected and branches out into a fabric/rug store, or maybe just a rug store, that much I do remember...well that and the coffee being quite nice and they were nice enough to make my brother an earl grey latte. The doughnuts looked great and I'm definitely going back for one next time I'm in Newmarket.

Keep in mind it was early and I hadn't had a coffee in a few days so it may be much easier to find.

Great place, though I do wish it was more of not in a fabric shop...just sort of strange

5 star rating
by Bettina Tran
Aug 28, 2014

Great coffee, awesome atmosphere, great food! It's really busy in the weekend but you're bound to find a place to eventually.

5 star rating
by Ekta Sharma
Aug 23, 2014

I have been to Little and Friday twice, and both times walked away super satisfied. 

Firstly, the atmosphere and decor of the venue is one of a kind! It's so unique and has an amazing feel! Both times its been very packed, but everyone always manages to find a space.
The staff are sooooooo friendly and give great recommendations. 

And now to the most important, I love my mocha's and they always deliver. Not one for a major sweet tooth but I can happily say I am ridiculously addicted to their donuts! The cream and raspberry one! It's so fresh and the texture of the entire thing... just... "melts in your mouth" 

Admittedly, the food is a little pricey, and I can be a little price sensitive but I don't think twice about Little and Friday, the quality is so worth it! 

Highly recommend it to anyone in the area, even if you have to drive for it! You won't be disappointed.

5 star rating
by A Food Awakening
Aug 21, 2014

Little and Friday is one of my favourite places for a sweet treat. I am probably visiting the newmarket store at least once a month, but it probably doesn't help its right around the corner from my families office and the temptation is high. I would have written a review sooner but when i started my blog I was doing Dry July - no sweets, takeaways and alcohol for the month, so i have now started a new category for just sweet treats!

Little and Friday are known for their beautiful little cakes and mostly their brioche doughnuts! Sorry no pics of the doughnuts but I have had them plenty and would always recommend one. Today I tried the lemon and gin cake and its amazingly moist and the flavours are very present. The other 3 cakes have always been my favourite - Lemon and Coconut, Baci Cake and Bread and Butter pudding. TBH i have nothing bad to say! Im always coming back so go try everything. There is not a heap of seating and normally quite busy so I tend to always takeaway and have afternoon treats on the couch at home. 
I yet to make it to the Belmont store in Takapuna for Little and Friday after hours - where they do take-home meals. 
If you are a keen baker, buy or hire the cook books. I have found the recipes are pretty fault proof and written very well for any amateur. Love Love Love!

Food: 9/10
Service: 9
Value for Money:

12 Melrose Street, Newmarket
Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri 8am-330pm
Sat-Sun 9am-4pm

5 star rating
by Antonella
Aug 17, 2014

I had the opportunity to go to Little and Friday in Belmont and was surprised by the huge variety of sweet treats they have. Absolutely delicious! Every bite of anything is just decadent. Also fresh and well prepared. Loved the opportunity to buy meringues, compotes, honey and pastes to take away. Actually you can even get those beautiful cakes and donuts to take away too. The store style and concept also really nice.

4 star rating
by Grace Hall
Aug 14, 2014

I have been here only twice but each time I have been just so overwhelmed by the rows of delicious and mouthwatering food. How can you be expected to reasonably select one or two things when it all just looks so good?!

After hearing many conversations about the doughnuts, the boyfriend and I dropped in one Friday morning for a quick coffee and bite to eat. He went for the traditional cream and jam whilst I entered foodie heaven through the form of a banana and caramel doughnut. Absolutely divine and worth getting there early for.

Whilst it looked rather delicious, I ended up leaving my mocha as it just tasted bitter and burnt. As someone who needs their morning coffee fix, I was pretty disappointed... but then I thought back to the doughnut I had just consumed and all was well.

Little and Friday is situated inside Martha's fabrics which instantly makes it a hit with me, I love finding places that are tucked away in the unexpected.

Whether you're passing by or dropping in, Little and Friday has your morning tea/brunch/lunch covered.

5 star rating
by Georgie @ Georgieats
Aug 07, 2014

Little and Friday serves the most delicious food! Think doughnuts with crème diplomat and raspberry coulis, 'Baci' cakes with chocolate ganache and hazelnuts and caramelised onion and feta quiches. These are a few of my favourite things. 

What I love about the food is that you can tell each cake, quiche or tart is made with love and good quality ingredients. One morning I arrived, a man had just delivered a huge tray of their famous doughnuts. I was incredibly excited, as it was my first time trying one. When I took the first bite, they were still slightly warm and there were whole raspberries in the coulis inside the doughnut - what a nice surprise! Definitely a memorable foodie experience. Highly recommend their doughnuts. 

Although I think Little and Friday serves the best cafe food in Auckland, I cannot rave about their hot drinks. I have ordered a coffee on two separate occasions and both have been terrible. Firstly, I always ask for 'extra hot' and both times, they were lukewarm/bordering cold. I told the wait staff that the coffee was not extra hot, only with the reply being that they 'didn't have a microwave' with no apology or anything, but that they would make me a new one. However, the second coffee was no better. 

I would have loved to have given Little and Friday a 5/5 star rating, but I am disappointed every time with their hot drinks. They just cannot seem to get it right! 

Below are a few of my recommendations about going to Little and Friday: 
- You cannot book a table, so I recommend getting there as early as possible or getting there just before the lunch rush, so you can get a seat (with only two communal tables and a few stools to sit on, it is hard to find a seat!). The food is also best in the morning, as it is just out of the oven! 

- Stick to the water infused with cinnamon sticks and mint instead of ordering a hot drink. 

- Lastly, buy one of Little and Friday's cookbooks (Treats from Little and Friday or Little and Friday Celebrations) so you can recreate their delicious offerings at home. I am certain you will 'WOW' your family and friends with these recipes!

5 star rating
by Eat Pray Love
Aug 04, 2014

Finally made it to Little and Friday cafe with a friend.

We got there at around 11:30 and it was already full. The cafe is situated inside a fabric store so next to the coffee station and sweets/savoury counter there are two massive tables. The seating is communal around it. My friend and I luckily found a space quite fast but I can see it being quite a mission to find seats if you're in a big group.

You're definitely spoilt for choice with the sweet and savoury options. So many delicious sounding cakes, tarts, donuts, lamingtons and beignets. I opted for the banana and caramel donut and my friend had the raspberry and dream donut. For coffees I got a chai latte and my friend got a mocha.

The donuts were amazing! The cake part was fluffy and soft and the banana caramel /raspberry cream filling was delicious. Would highly recommend the donuts. The coffees were standard, nothing out of the ordinary but the donuts were really good.

Keen to go back and try the savoury quiches and pies! Looked so good!

5 star rating
by Cupy Chan
Aug 02, 2014

Simply one of the cutest cafe in Auckland! Loved their orange/rosewater cake, the most delicious! Bread and butter pudding was amazing, not your ordinary home made type! Lots of yummy savoury options to choose from too! Can tell they have put a lot of efforts onto this place and paid a lot of attention to details! Wish their coffee making skill can be up to standard as the rest of the shop though!

1 star rating
by Tracy
Jul 27, 2014

So it was our 16th anniversary this weekend and husband decided to take me to some of the places I have always wanted to go. I brought the book for the café as soon as it came out as was amazed by the beautiful food. Unfortunately it seems I chose to go to the New Market store as my much anticipated visit. We live in Matakana so us and the kids 11 and 8 drove down to have brunch on Sunday . We arrived at 10 am. on website opening was 9am so expected food to be up and running . There was none of the food I was expecting. No pies or sausage rolls no doughnuts for the kids . Staff said sorry that will possibly be arriving in the next delivery....if I was prepared to wait that may be in an hour... coffee was cold my quiche was vinegary to the point of being awful but starving so ate it. The one redeeming thing was pastry it was beautiful. the place was beyond freezing....like a fridge kids were shivering.. . Thank goodness for the Federal deli yesterday because this was an expensive disappointment today.

4 star rating
by EatsByZee
Jul 03, 2014

Located in Martha's Fabrics, and once one of Newmarket's little-known gems, Little and Friday is the place to be for savoury galettes, brioche, pies, sweet tarts, slices, meringues and THE BEST cream donuts in town. The store is a treat to visit with the hardest decision being which delectable morsel to select! There is complementary water flavoured with cinnamon sticks and mint for something a little bit different. The mismatched antique cutlery and crockery are quirky and two large communal tables are available for those wishing to dine in. Little and Friday also have two cookbooks available to help you recreate the delights at home. Visit early in the morning to avoid missing out on your favourite treat!

2 star rating
by Ellen Place
Jul 02, 2014

My daughter and I stopped in for lunch at Newmarket whilst up in Auckland as we like the food. We queued for 20 minutes then came the problem of finding a seat. There were three separate groups of women who were sat reserving seats for others and all refused to let us sit down even though we had our food and they hadn't even ordered at that point.
The staff seem oblivious to this and no assistance was offered to seat us. So we stood and balanced our food and drinks in our hands - never again. THIS IS THE LAST TIME WE WILL EAT HERE.

5 star rating
by Ashlee Mccormick
Jun 22, 2014

There is a reason why you almost always need to queue for this place. I would say it is the best ‘what you wished your grandmothers baking tasted like’ spot in Auckland. The classy bakery style food is delicious. It has all your childhood favorites – think lamingtons, donuts, lemon cake, chocolate cake, pies and quiches – made to perfection. It is usually a struggle to find a seat, but personally I think it is worth the wait. I highly recommend the homemade pies and the banana caramel muffins. Little & Friday is a regular weekend favorite for us and it never disappoints.

5 star rating
by Samantha Minny
Jun 15, 2014

The queue was fairly long and there weren't many seats available but this really doesn't take away from the amazing experience of Little and Friday.
The food looked amazing and tasted even better. I had a caramel and banana doughnut covered in cinnamon and sugar. It was really tasty and a decent size. I paid $5 for it which means it would have to be a treat only but man was it a good treat. The doughnut was quite dense with a banana cream and caramel filling. All of that rolled into one made one fantastic dessert.
My friend had the chocolate hazelnut cake. It was really good even though I only had a small bite. I will definitely be ordering the cake next time! It was rich and dark and nutty and everything you want in a good chocolate cake.
Overall, I really enjoyed the experience and the food and I will definitely pop into Little and Friday next time I'm in Newmarket.

5 star rating
by Fairly Fair
Jun 06, 2014

Work colleague brought in Lemon Curd cake to work, it was amazing! Light but full of flavour. Sweet but tart enough to leave you wanting another slice.

It's almost got a touch of that home made feel, what you'd expect you gran to have whipped up when you pop round for a cuppa on Sunday morning.

If you like beautiful cakes, amazing flavour that don't have any commercial glug to them, then Little and Friday is for you.

4 star rating
by Melissa Ruby Tuesday
Apr 18, 2014

'Little and Friday' have two cafes in Auckland I know about - Newmarket and Belmont locations.

They share this cafe with 'Martha Fabrics' which gives it an instant creative, 'fashionista' feel, being surrounded by rolls of colourful fabric.

You can park right outside, sometimes the entrance is heavily-saturated with people, as there is not a lot of room to queue!

While you wait, you can check out the shelves full of macaroons, biscuits, slices, books and other gift ideas - aplenty.

The freshly-baked goodies come in everything sweet and savoury: vegetarian brioche, dainty cakes with explosive icings, frittata, scones, delicious bacon & eggs pieces topped with sun dried tomatoes...it's definitely lush!

I normally sit down at one of the communal tables to enjoy my gastronomy and triple shot coffee.

Very 'bustling cafe' - I know why!

5 star rating
by Rebecca MacDonald
Mar 13, 2014

Little and Friday has the most amazing baked goods, sweet and savoury! From their busting at the seams meat pies to their delicious for one cakes it is always a taste sensation.

The Newmarket cafe is tucked in the corner of Martha's fabrics (which are fun peruse post lunch), with big tables where you sit wherever you can find a seat.

Sometimes you may have to queue but it is definitely worth the wait, then the hardest part is choosing what to have!

5 star rating
by Kristy Sorrell
Mar 12, 2014

Update: I now work in Newmarket, literally across the road from this cafe! They have informed me that all of their meat and eggs are free range (excellent!!)

I'm not fond of shared tables, and the line can get seriously slow at peak lunch hour, but the cabinet food is AMAZING. The doughnuts, which they are famed for, are filled with tart raspberry coulis and a custardy cream concoction. They remind you in the cookbook, and I cannot stress enough: let nobody see you attempt to eat one. It will happen embarrassingly messily and quickly! Their Baci cakes (perfect little hazelnut-chocolate cupcake shells filled with chocolate ganache) are equally delicious. They're fantastically creative with quiches, with combinations like caramelised onion and feta, or roasted beetroot and blue cheese. 

Everything is beautiful to look at as well as to eat and I'd certainly recommend a visit.

5 star rating
by Sandra VandeWater
Feb 10, 2014

Was recommended to go to Little and Friday by a lady I met one day months ago. Finally went today. Wow, I wish I had gone months ago. The food is define, decadent and the setting is quaint. Will definitely be going back. Highly recommend you try it. Very comparable prices to other cafés.

5 star rating
by Amy @ My Dining Journey
Feb 05, 2014

Coming in rather late on the bandwagon, but I’ve finally given the ever so popular, Little and Friday a try!

Food: Don’t go in expecting a breakfast/lunch menu because you will be disappointed as they only serve items from their cabinet. However, they do offer a good selection of delectable treats such as their famous doughnuts, tarts, savoury pastries, meringues as well as hot pies from their heating oven. You can opt for a salad to accompany any savoury items if you’re feeling like some greens. Deciding on what to eat is the hardest part as everything looks so good.

Coffee: Supreme – my short macchiato was simple but flawless.

Price: Slightly on the expensive side at around $4 – $10 for a pastry and tarts and $8.50 for a pie.

Location and Parking: This Little and Friday branch in New Market is located away from the busy shopping area and is situated inside Martha’s fabric store. There is a couple allocated parking if you’re lucky, but there is ample street parking close by.

Dining Experience: My friends and I went to the New Market branch, thinking there will be less people. We were lucky as we went early, so we managed to get a seat on one of the two large wooden communal table. The place filled up quickly. The staff were nice and helpful and the cafe has great atmosphere. Our portabella mushroom and mozzarella tart flakey pastry was utterly delicious and we managed to make room for their sweet treats. My hazelnut and chocolate cake is similar to a luscious Ferrero Roche and it was rich and moist. My friend’s summery strawberry tart was a much lighter (and healthier) option and it was not overly sweet, so the natural flavours of the strawberries stood out. We had a lovely time, and I can’t wait to come back and try their doughnuts!

2 star rating
by Sanna Wood
Jan 18, 2014

Used to love the North shore Little and Friday but it has got too big and too expensive. I work around the corner from this Little and Friday so encouraged for my colleagues to come with me. The food was good but way too expensive the prices have probably doubled from couple years back so it is not worth it anymore.

5 star rating
by Maggie G
Dec 30, 2013

Tucked into the front of Martha's fabrics away from mainstream Newmarket, Little and Friday has a huge cult following and there's always queues but the two large communal tables turn over quite quickly It's a tough choice once you get to the counter! The lamington volcano is a big challenge for a three year old! But so so good - soft and spongy thickly coated in saucy chocolate icing and shredded coconut. He always nails it tho! My favourite sweet treat are the divine doughnuts filled with berry jam and rolled in icing sugar the way I remember them as a child. While the prices here are on the heavy side, so are the portions , but if you have a small appetite you would rarely finish your helping. The beet root and feta tart, the chicken and leek pie, the roast vegetable tart are all quite exceptional and as well as those larger
cakes there are petit four size serving of treats like walnut and caramel, citron or pear tarts.
The vintage china and cutlery adds a quaint touch - there are toys for the kids and jugs of free water
If you're over on the North Shore try the flagship cafe - it has more seating but the foods the same

5 star rating
by Dog Eats World
Dec 17, 2013

After hearing about this place for so long, I finally got the chance to drop in and try it's sought out foods. I tried the mince and cheese pie (boring I know) but it was sooo goood. The pie was massive and so full of flavour. My friends bought other things like tge bacon and egg pie and they all looked so damned good. The place was busy as it was lunchtime and everyone seemed to be having a good time and enjoying the seats in the sun. I will definitely be back soon to try out something more exciting. Woof.

5 star rating
by Rebecca Smith
Dec 03, 2013

I am a huge fan of both the Little and Friday cookbook and the café. It is truly wonderful and is one of the places I always recommend to visitors and friends. It is quite a small space as they are inside a fabric store and it is often hard to get a seat as it is so popular but it is definitely worth going to even if you have to get it to take away. What’s good? EVERYTHING! I have absolutely loved everything I have tried here. Now that I have the cookbook I usually choose the things that I haven’t mastered at home, like the crème diplomat and raspberry doughnut or the steak potato top pie (but boy are they filling). The caramelised onion and feta tart and lemon curd and coconut cake are also stand outs for me.

5 star rating
by Kiwi Food Wonders
Dec 02, 2013

Who would think of opening a cafe in a fabric store?! The clever clogs behind Little & Friday! The original cafe is based over on the Shore, so this is their patch in Auckland's shopping district. It was my first introduction to the delights of Little & Friday, and I've since visited their Belmont store as well.

The Newmarket store is smack dab in the middle of Martha's Fabrics, and you'll find a couple of huge communal tables to share with fellow eaters, or window seats. There is a toy basket to keep the kids occupied, and products to purchase around the walls.

But OMIGOD the food! Little & Friday is NOT a dieter's delight! Imagine any pastry, baked good or slice you fancy, and it's probably here. My personal faves are the Caramelised Onion & Feta Tart, the Chicken, Bacon & Leek Pie, and no visit is complete without one of their famous Sugar Doughnuts with jam & creme anglaise filling. Unbelievably good.

Go there now. Your waistline won't thank you, but your taste buds will!

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1 star rating
by Lauren
Oct 31, 2013

Okay, so I never write reviews and am honestly the last person to complain about a place, as I am usually pretty easy to please! I cannot vouch for the North Shore location as I have never been there, but my visit to the Newmarket store was honestly horrendous. The food was a bit slow to come out, but pretty good, however the service honestly made the experience terrible. The lady working at the counter did not smile once at us, and instead looked at us as if we were a bother. When making my order she bluntly said things like "what else do you what" in a really grumpy way! I honestly could not believe it was happening! I finished paying and she just looked at me and walked away without even smiling. My friend and I were both so miserable by how we had been treated as we were really excited to come, and we really wanted to like the place. It is a shame really, because if it weren't for the service when we were ordering (the male who brought the food out was far more polite), I think we would have really enjoyed the place! Might have to pay a visit to the other Little & Friday, as i hope it will be a far more pleasant experience!

2 star rating
by Scottie
Oct 07, 2013

I used to tolerate the interminable wait (two people in the queue in front of you will guarantee a five minute finger twiddling break), the sullen, slow staff and the astronomical pricing because I am a fan of their pies.

Three of the last four times I have been there, the pies have not been warm enough out of the warmer, rendering them pretty much inedible - the last time I was there I got them to confirm they had had adequate warming time and was assured it would be fine. Um, no.

Anyway, I have shopped there for the last time today, as they have had the unbelievable cheek to raise the price of their pies, from an already whopping $8.50 to a now laughable $11.00.

Nice work L & F - that's a 29.5% increase - what's inflation running at on your planet?

3 star rating
by Aya McKenzie
Sep 22, 2013

I really like Little & Fiday on the North Shore, but this place is closer to my house so I went there this time.

Food was good. Coffee was ok.
I found the service was pretty bad. No single person working there was smiling and when I needed knife to eat and a glass for water, no one was helpful. It was also very uncomfortable because staffs go through the door near the coffee machine keep hitting me. There shouldn't be a seat if they keep hitting customer's back!

I definitely go back to the North Shore Little&Friday, but not the Newmarket one. What a shame.

4 star rating
by Jenny
Aug 12, 2013

Absolutely beautiful food! If I lived closer to the area I would go all the time!! Tempted to move!

5 star rating
by Kristie Yorston
May 15, 2013

I have been trying and trying to find a decent cae in Newmarket, and it just didn't seem to be going very well. 6 months into living in the area and still nothing. Over priced cafes with no culture. UNTIL I realised there was a L&F tucked in a fabric store 5 minutes walk down the road.

I don't know if this is a good thing for my bank account, but it is so very good for satisfying my need for a cosy, wholesome, accepting, efficient and delicious cafe!

I love the communal tables, they are just the perfect size for communal tables. Big enough in a way that it feels that you're not impeding on the others time around you. But still close enough to feel 'communal'.

The coffee is consistently great, and a standard double (the only cafe in Newmarket that does so!). And the bakery food is just to die for. I would eat everything if I could.

I cannot rave on about this place enough!

4 star rating
by Chloe Humphrey
May 05, 2013

Absolutely loved the food at Little & Friday! Everything looked so delicious that it was hard to choose.
I got the pesto, bocconcini & tomato gazette (I think that's what it was called!) plus a ginger latte and my friend got the cream jam donut & savoury brioche. All amazingly delicious!
The only negative was that we had to get takeaway as there were absolutely NO seats, but I guess this is a testament to the fact that the food is so good, plus it was a rainy Saturday morning at peak time.
All in all a fantastic cafe which I will most definitely be visiting again soon!

5 star rating
by Lena Kodaira
Feb 16, 2013

Incredible food, probably some of the best bakery-style food I've had ever. We went around 12pm on a Saturday, every table was crowded and the line for the counter was nearly out the door. As you wait in line it's very difficult to make your mind up about which delicious-looking thing to get and just as you think you've decided you move forward in line and a whole new row of fruity baked goodness comes into view. Blissful torture. I ended up getting a vege tart and one of their donuts to go while my sister bought a strawberry tart and donut. The vege tart was incredible, layered with a whole sliced tomato, rolled zucchini, feta, what I think was caramelized onion and probably five other things I'm forgetting. The strawberry tart would not look out of place at a boulangerie in Paris. As for the donuts.. you will not believe that a donut could taste so good. Everything there is a very good version of what it is, hopefully some day I'll be able to find a table!

2 star rating
by Taryn Sowa
Jan 11, 2013

The food is delicious and presented beautifully however I was really disappointed and disgusted to see small flies in the cabinet, when I mentioned it to one of the staff, she tried to smash it with the tongs (I kid you not) then when I went to pay the rolls etc were on top of the cabinet and were covered in little fruit flies and big flies, it was so gross! Again I mentioned it and she said there was nothing they could do! Nothing you guys can do, really?!
Not sure the yummy food is worth eating!
The service also left a lot to be desired.

4 star rating
by Steve Suddens
Jan 10, 2013

All the food here is great but the donuts are best the best ever!

Just make sure you get there before early as they usually sell out over lunchtime...maybe the should make more especially in the weekend to avoid disappointment???

Only other negative is that the kids serving at the counter could be a bit more attentive and drop the pretentious attitude.

5 star rating
by Yoanna Liu
Dec 21, 2012

totally deserve a five star, everything is divine there. You can taste freshness and passion for food in each every bite. Most importantly, coffee there was amazing. I got their cookbook without hesitation after first try.

5 star rating
by Alice C
Nov 11, 2012

Although there is a bit of a wait in line and it can be difficult to find a free seat around a table, service here is very fast considering the number of people and staff are still very friendly and helpful. The food is beautiful, it is worth getting something that will be good with a bit of chutney because the chutneys are delicious! I had a prosciutto and pumpkin frittata which was brilliant - and so much better than your usual super-eggy cafe frittata. The fig and ginger slice was delicious as well. Good value for money and a fun place to go. Definitely recommended.

4 star rating
by Chantelle Thomas
Sep 12, 2012

This place is always packed and teaming with so many treats you wont know what to do with yourself.

Great for a coffee catch up with friends and a little indulgence. The donuts and tarts are out of this world. If you like strong coffee this is the place for you, and if your a little under the weather these guys do a killer hot ginger drink to cure anyone.

Best to go early if you want a seat, or just enjoy the crowds of people there to enjoy a good weekday or weekend treat.

5 star rating
by Jordan Adkins
Sep 06, 2012

Possibly my new favourite cafe/ place to show off to friends. Tucked away in Newmarket adjoining Marta's fabric store is possibly Auckland's most delectable little secret. Being partial to all things sweet I can inform you that here you shall not be disappointed, the portions were large and ever so tasteful...the chocolate and rasberry muffin was so rich and creamy, the chocolate lamington was like nothing you have ever tasted and my personal favourite, the banana muffin...omg words can not describe. I hear the savoury food is also very good, the decor is well placed and funky however they would do well to find a better barrista as the coffee was lacking when compared to the quality of the food :)

5 star rating
by Kay Adams
Jul 03, 2012

Came here after hearing exceptional words from many friends. It did not disappoint. The food was beyond words. The lemon coconut cake was so good!!! Service top notch, will continue to come and bring anyone who hasn't had the pleasure yet!

5 star rating
by Kim Elliott
Jul 02, 2012

Usual recipe for a successful cafe. Cool hip young people in a shabby chic environment serving middle-aged middle-class women over-priced coffee and food so we can feel like we're still 'with it'. Coffee and cake at cool cafes is an accessible way to connect with the zeitgeist.

4 star rating
by Alice Pan
Apr 22, 2012

The innocuous, almost hidden, entry into Little and Friday doesn't tell of the delight that is within. But it doesn't need a big entry for the place is busy even on a Sunday afternoon.

The treats, both sweet and savory, look exquisitely delectable and it doesn't disappoint. Price is on the costlier side but worth the treat every now and again.

I can't believe I didn't find this place sooner.

1 star rating
by Linda Wilson
Jan 15, 2012

Beware - the hours listed on here are wrong. I made a special trip into newmarket to try this cafe arriving at 2.08 pm on Sunday having read the hours on this website. They refused to serve me, even though there were several customers still eating in the cafe. Please update your listing for future customers to avoid disappointment!

5 star rating
by Sec
Sep 09, 2011

I have to force myself not to drop in here every day. Stunning little cakes, giant sausage rolls, tarts, chocolate gooey things etc etc. All freshly made & beautifully decorated backed up by luscious flavours. Try the lemon tartlets and the chocolate baci. I'm getting cravings just thinking about them. Almost forgot the giant cream lamingtons and old fashioned doughnuts.
Situated in a shared space with a furnishing fabric store it has large shared tables, good coffee, and always seems to be full no matter what time of day I visit - a good sign.