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Little Bread & Butter Bakery

4 star rating 8 reviews

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09 3764007

Ponsonby Central, Market 7, Corner Richmond Road & Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland

  Cafe, Bakery
7 AM to 4:30 PM (Mon-Fri), 8 AM to 5 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Little Bread & Butter Bakery

5 star rating
by Ekta Sharma
5 months ago

I've been to this bakery on two ocassions, the first because it looked tempting, and the second time because I loved the food + ambiance and the service the first time.

It's such a cute little cosy set out bakery, with mini tables and stools lining one wall, and a major table near the other side for larger groups. It's got cute decor like retro toasters. Another notable is the graphic on the wall depicting how the breads are organic and processed in the most sustainable way possible.

The counter includes great food selections ranging from croissants, topped bruschetta to Danishes! Definitely a good go to for breakfast!

The prices are also so reasonable in my opinion.
On both ocassions I've had breakfast + coffee for a total of $10!

You're doing it right little bread and bakery!

And the first staff member I encountered was absolutely lovely! In awe of little bread and butter and how they make the food, which actually adds to the experience believe it or not!

Coffee was made perfectly on both occasions so I can guarantee an enjoyable experience !

4 star rating
by Amy Webb
6 months ago

Ponsonby Central seems to be the place to go when you are unsure what you want to eat! Coffee was a must, so we decided to check out Little Bread & Butter.

I loved the interior, and the lady behind the counter was so lovely. I ordered the vege seeded bun (there was also a brioche option) and a flat white. The sandwich was very tasty, but very small considering the price.

The coffee was tasty, but slightly burnt. Despite enjoying the food, I do agree with the reviews that mention the prices. I'm curious to go back to try a meal off their menu, as they look reasonably priced.

4 star rating
by Two Dark Coffees
10 months ago

To all the people who ignore the fresh smell of newly-baked multigrain bread, coming from nearby bakeries, I commend you. You have a lot more self control than I do. I’m constantly wandering off my path to follow this undeniable attraction.

On one of the many occasions, I was glad to have followed the scent. I ended up in the newly opened bakery and cafe, Little Bread & Butter, located in Ponsonby Central.

Focused on providing handmade delicacies, Little Bread and Butter, as the name hints, produce their own butter, and bake their own bread. They encourage the customers to toast it themselves, using the communal toasters. This way, we can get it just the way we like it.

You’ll find their organic treats finely displayed in a modern glass cabinet. Next to these, the front counter is crowded with indulgent pastries and cakes. In this week’s attempt at a health kick, I swiftly avoided this section - but no doubt I won’t be as successful next time.

Admittedly, it took me about 10 minutes to choose my afternoon sandwich, finally deciding on the chicken and avocado - a ‘go to’, when they all look so good. It was tasty and fulfilling. A lovely combination, with just enough avocado, to my liking. And at roughly $5.00, I didn’t feel bad about eating it. I’m sure I’ll revisit. Not just for the sandwich, but also for their cappuccino - bowl sized, and completely necessary - especially in times as stressful as the last week of school.

3 star rating
by David Boshier
Mar 28, 2014

Not cheap but the food is good and the service quick. This place is only let down by the size of the servings.

I always have one of the large servings from the cabinet ( however they are a bit small) and found each time that the fillings are fresh and tasty which keeps bringing me back.

Worth a try if walking past.

3 star rating
by Char & Ricky Pundog
Mar 06, 2014

This cafe is nice and generally the food is good but the staff need to step up. The last time I visited I ordered a brownie and a coffee, the staff member didn't ask if I wanted it heated and when I asked for it to be heated she told me that they didn't do that here... but they did last time.. so I wasn't sure if this person was lazy or they made a special exception for me last time. The coffee was nice but let down by the high prices and lack of microwaving services.

1 star rating
by Bridget Papa
Sep 23, 2013

Little bread and NO butter - $5 for a piece of toast, sorry, a piece of bread that you have to toast yourself and butter will cost you extra (although they originally said it was included). You'll have to ask 3 times for said butter while your toast goes cold and sad.
Only one other person in the store, so really no excuse for the extremely poor, uninformed service.

5 star rating
by Alex Lovell
Jun 15, 2013

Great food, bustling market atmosphere, fast service and the one thing I am very picky about... Great coffee! Location is central and the prices are great. Their breads are the best in Auckland and their rolls etc all seem to have hearty amounts of filling. My chicken filled roll was yum, yum, and yum! Definitely try this cafe. It is great. If you like eating in a market type space this is awesome, If you are looking for more of a sit down environment perhaps try the bigger Bread and Butter bakery down Richmond road... Also amazing. Great work from these operators... Open one closer to me out east next and I'll love you for life!!

3 star rating
by Sarah
Apr 28, 2013

Great coffee but the place needs a bit of work. The front staff looks a bit unhappy and the place is rather windy when the doors are open. The pastries are OK but after visiting a few times, the cabinet sometimes look a bit empty, I might need to go there early? good for coffee anyway