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Telephone 09 524 8742

12 Melrose St
inside of Martha's Fabrics
Auckland City

Mon - Fri 8am - 3:30pm
Sat & Sun 9am - 4pm


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prosciutto and pumpkin frittata
choclate n raspberry

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1 star rating
by tracy
27th July 2014

So it was our 16th anniversary this weekend and husband decided to take me to some of the places I have always wanted to go. I brought the book for the café as soon as it came out as was amazed by the beautiful food. Unfortunately it seems I chose to go to the New Market store as my much anticipated visit. We live in Matakana so us and the kids 11 and 8 drove down to have brunch on Sunday . We arrived at 10 am. on website opening was 9am so expected food to be up and running . There was none of the food I was expecting. No pies or sausage rolls no doughnuts for the kids . Staff said sorry that will possibly be arriving in the next delivery….if I was prepared to wait that may be in an hour… coffee was cold my quiche was vinegary to the point of being awful but starving so ate it. The one redeeming thing was pastry it was beautiful. the place was beyond freezing….like a fridge kids were shivering.. . Thank goodness for the Federal deli yesterday because this was an expensive disappointment today.

2 star rating
by Angela
7th July 2014

2nd visit to this place, first time went well – the girl at the counter was very friendly, food and coffee was lovely.
Today I went and there was a different girl at the counter who was totally rude to me and my friend. No smiles, no ‘thank yous’, no ‘enjoys’, no ‘here you ares’, just took my money with an irritated expression and said nothing. This behaviour reduced my enjoyment of the food. Terrible customer experience. I won’t be coming back any more than I have to.

2 star rating
by Ellen P.
2nd July 2014

My daughter and I stopped in for lunch at Newmarket whilst up in Auckland as we like the food. We queued for 20 minutes then came the problem of finding a seat. There were three separate groups of women who were sat reserving seats for others and all refused to let us sit down even though we had our food and they hadn’t even ordered at that point.
The staff seem oblivious to this and no assistance was offered to seat us. So we stood and balanced our food and drinks in our hands – never again. THIS IS THE LAST TIME WE WILL EAT HERE.

5 star rating
by Ashlee M.
22nd June 2014

There is a reason why you almost always need to queue for this place. I would say it is the best ‘what you wished your grandmothers baking tasted like’ spot in Auckland. The classy bakery style food is delicious. It has all your childhood favorites – think lamingtons, donuts, lemon cake, chocolate cake, pies and quiches – made to perfection. It is usually a struggle to find a seat, but personally I think it is worth the wait. I highly recommend the homemade pies and the banana caramel muffins. Little & Friday is a regular weekend favorite for us and it never disappoints.

5 star rating
by Fairly F.
6th June 2014

Work colleague brought in Lemon Curd cake to work, it was amazing! Light but full of flavour. Sweet but tart enough to leave you wanting another slice.

It’s almost got a touch of that home made feel, what you’d expect you gran to have whipped up when you pop round for a cuppa on Sunday morning.

If you like beautiful cakes, amazing flavour that don’t have any commercial glug to them, then Little and Friday is for you.

5 star rating
by Sandra V.
10th February 2014

Was recommended to go to Little and Friday by a lady I met one day months ago. Finally went today. Wow, I wish I had gone months ago. The food is define, decadent and the setting is quaint. Will definitely be going back. Highly recommend you try it. Very comparable prices to other cafés.

2 star rating
by Sanna W.
18th January 2014

Used to love the North shore Little and Friday but it has got too big and too expensive. I work around the corner from this Little and Friday so encouraged for my colleagues to come with me. The food was good but way too expensive the prices have probably doubled from couple years back so it is not worth it anymore.

1 star rating
by Lauren
1st November 2013

Okay, so I never write reviews and am honestly the last person to complain about a place, as I am usually pretty easy to please! I cannot vouch for the North Shore location as I have never been there, but my visit to the Newmarket store was honestly horrendous. The food was a bit slow to come out, but pretty good, however the service honestly made the experience terrible. The lady working at the counter did not smile once at us, and instead looked at us as if we were a bother. When making my order she bluntly said things like “what else do you what” in a really grumpy way! I honestly could not believe it was happening! I finished paying and she just looked at me and walked away without even smiling. My friend and I were both so miserable by how we had been treated as we were really excited to come, and we really wanted to like the place. It is a shame really, because if it weren’t for the service when we were ordering (the male who brought the food out was far more polite), I think we would have really enjoyed the place! Might have to pay a visit to the other Little & Friday, as i hope it will be a far more pleasant experience!

2 star rating
by Scottie
7th October 2013

I used to tolerate the interminable wait (two people in the queue in front of you will guarantee a five minute finger twiddling break), the sullen, slow staff and the astronomical pricing because I am a fan of their pies.

Three of the last four times I have been there, the pies have not been warm enough out of the warmer, rendering them pretty much inedible – the last time I was there I got them to confirm they had had adequate warming time and was assured it would be fine. Um, no.

Anyway, I have shopped there for the last time today, as they have had the unbelievable cheek to raise the price of their pies, from an already whopping $8.50 to a now laughable $11.00.

Nice work L & F – that’s a 29.5% increase – what’s inflation running at on your planet?

3 star rating
by Aya M.
22nd September 2013

I really like Little & Fiday on the North Shore, but this place is closer to my house so I went there this time.

Food was good. Coffee was ok.
I found the service was pretty bad. No single person working there was smiling and when I needed knife to eat and a glass for water, no one was helpful. It was also very uncomfortable because staffs go through the door near the coffee machine keep hitting me. There shouldn’t be a seat if they keep hitting customer’s back!

I definitely go back to the North Shore Little&Friday, but not the Newmarket one. What a shame.

4 star rating
by Jenny
12th August 2013

Absolutely beautiful food! If I lived closer to the area I would go all the time!! Tempted to move!

5 star rating
by Kristie Y.
15th May 2013

I have been trying and trying to find a decent cae in Newmarket, and it just didn’t seem to be going very well. 6 months into living in the area and still nothing. Over priced cafes with no culture. UNTIL I realised there was a L&F tucked in a fabric store 5 minutes walk down the road.

I don’t know if this is a good thing for my bank account, but it is so very good for satisfying my need for a cosy, wholesome, accepting, efficient and delicious cafe!

I love the communal tables, they are just the perfect size for communal tables. Big enough in a way that it feels that you’re not impeding on the others time around you. But still close enough to feel ‘communal’.

The coffee is consistently great, and a standard double (the only cafe in Newmarket that does so!). And the bakery food is just to die for. I would eat everything if I could.

I cannot rave on about this place enough!

4 star rating
by Chloe H.
5th May 2013

Absolutely loved the food at Little & Friday! Everything looked so delicious that it was hard to choose.
I got the pesto, bocconcini & tomato gazette (I think that’s what it was called!) plus a ginger latte and my friend got the cream jam donut & savoury brioche. All amazingly delicious!
The only negative was that we had to get takeaway as there were absolutely NO seats, but I guess this is a testament to the fact that the food is so good, plus it was a rainy Saturday morning at peak time.
All in all a fantastic cafe which I will most definitely be visiting again soon!

5 star rating
by Lena
16th February 2013

Incredible food, probably some of the best bakery-style food I’ve had ever. We went around 12pm on a Saturday, every table was crowded and the line for the counter was nearly out the door. As you wait in line it’s very difficult to make your mind up about which delicious-looking thing to get and just as you think you’ve decided you move forward in line and a whole new row of fruity baked goodness comes into view. Blissful torture. I ended up getting a vege tart and one of their donuts to go while my sister bought a strawberry tart and donut. The vege tart was incredible, layered with a whole sliced tomato, rolled zucchini, feta, what I think was caramelized onion and probably five other things I’m forgetting. The strawberry tart would not look out of place at a boulangerie in Paris. As for the donuts.. you will not believe that a donut could taste so good. Everything there is a very good version of what it is, hopefully some day I’ll be able to find a table!

2 star rating
by Taryn S.
11th January 2013

The food is delicious and presented beautifully however I was really disappointed and disgusted to see small flies in the cabinet, when I mentioned it to one of the staff, she tried to smash it with the tongs (I kid you not) then when I went to pay the rolls etc were on top of the cabinet and were covered in little fruit flies and big flies, it was so gross! Again I mentioned it and she said there was nothing they could do! Nothing you guys can do, really?!
Not sure the yummy food is worth eating!
The service also left a lot to be desired.

4 star rating
by Steve S.
10th January 2013

All the food here is great but the donuts are best the best ever!

Just make sure you get there before early as they usually sell out over lunchtime…maybe the should make more especially in the weekend to avoid disappointment???

Only other negative is that the kids serving at the counter could be a bit more attentive and drop the pretentious attitude.

5 star rating
by Yoanna L.
21st December 2012

totally deserve a five star, everything is divine there. You can taste freshness and passion for food in each every bite. Most importantly, coffee there was amazing. I got their cookbook without hesitation after first try.

5 star rating
by Alice C.
11th November 2012

Although there is a bit of a wait in line and it can be difficult to find a free seat around a table, service here is very fast considering the number of people and staff are still very friendly and helpful. The food is beautiful, it is worth getting something that will be good with a bit of chutney because the chutneys are delicious! I had a prosciutto and pumpkin frittata which was brilliant – and so much better than your usual super-eggy cafe frittata. The fig and ginger slice was delicious as well. Good value for money and a fun place to go. Definitely recommended.

4 star rating
by Chantelle T.
12th September 2012

This place is always packed and teaming with so many treats you wont know what to do with yourself.

Great for a coffee catch up with friends and a little indulgence. The donuts and tarts are out of this world. If you like strong coffee this is the place for you, and if your a little under the weather these guys do a killer hot ginger drink to cure anyone.

Best to go early if you want a seat, or just enjoy the crowds of people there to enjoy a good weekday or weekend treat.

5 star rating
by Jordan A.
6th September 2012

Possibly my new favourite cafe/ place to show off to friends. Tucked away in Newmarket adjoining Marta’s fabric store is possibly Auckland’s most delectable little secret. Being partial to all things sweet I can inform you that here you shall not be disappointed, the portions were large and ever so tasteful…the chocolate and rasberry muffin was so rich and creamy, the chocolate lamington was like nothing you have ever tasted and my personal favourite, the banana muffin…omg words can not describe. I hear the savoury food is also very good, the decor is well placed and funky however they would do well to find a better barrista as the coffee was lacking when compared to the quality of the food :)

5 star rating
by Kathryn A.
3rd July 2012

Came here after hearing exceptional words from many friends. It did not disappoint. The food was beyond words. The lemon coconut cake was so good!!! Service top notch, will continue to come and bring anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure yet!

5 star rating
by Kim E.
2nd July 2012

Usual recipe for a successful cafe. Cool hip young people in a shabby chic environment serving middle-aged middle-class women over-priced coffee and food so we can feel like we’re still ‘with it’. Coffee and cake at cool cafes is an accessible way to connect with the zeitgeist.

4 star rating
by Alice
22nd April 2012

The innocuous, almost hidden, entry into Little and Friday doesn’t tell of the delight that is within. But it doesn’t need a big entry for the place is busy even on a Sunday afternoon.

The treats, both sweet and savory, look exquisitely delectable and it doesn’t disappoint. Price is on the costlier side but worth the treat every now and again.

I can’t believe I didn’t find this place sooner.

1 star rating
by Linda W.
15th January 2012

Beware – the hours listed on here are wrong. I made a special trip into newmarket to try this cafe arriving at 2.08 pm on Sunday having read the hours on this website. They refused to serve me, even though there were several customers still eating in the cafe. Please update your listing for future customers to avoid disappointment!

5 star rating
by Sec
9th September 2011

I have to force myself not to drop in here every day. Stunning little cakes, giant sausage rolls, tarts, chocolate gooey things etc etc. All freshly made & beautifully decorated backed up by luscious flavours. Try the lemon tartlets and the chocolate baci. I’m getting cravings just thinking about them. Almost forgot the giant cream lamingtons and old fashioned doughnuts.
Situated in a shared space with a furnishing fabric store it has large shared tables, good coffee, and always seems to be full no matter what time of day I visit – a good sign.

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