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Live Fish Restaurant & Bar

2 star rating 50 reviews

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09 3738872

39-47 Jellicoe Street, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland CBD, Auckland

  Chinese, Seafood
11 AM to 10 PM


Reviews for Live Fish Restaurant & Bar

4 star rating
by Anders
one month ago

We were hesitant about heading to Live Fish for a Saturday lunch given some of the reviews but were very glad we did.  Some of the better dim sum we have eaten in Auckland, the pan-fried Shanghai dumplings a highlight, and very friendly service.  It was a shame we were the only people dining, although bad weather and Labour weekend had something to do with that as all of North Wharf was quiet.
A bit on the expensive side but overall a really enjoyable lunch.

4 star rating
by Minily
3 months ago

Once in a while it’s lovely to indulge in just some basic fresh seafood, and when it comes to freshness, this Asian restaurant is definitely a place to consider.

Before you venture into this spot, I must first pre-warn you about a few things. Firstly, this is not a five star dining experience (or probably even four star) – prepare to get a bit messy with your seafood. Prices are a little ‘ouch’ (approx. $200/ 1kg of fresh cray), and on a cool evening, with the ‘plastic walls’ drawn down, it lacks some ambiance and style.

On a positive note;1.  The food was DELICIOUS
2.  Everyone seems to speak very good English and the service was decent

I really hate overcooked seafood but this restaurant seems to know what they’re doing.

The black bean diamond clams were AMAZING, although we did have an initial issue where they added chilli (which my partner doesn’t eat) to the dish when we asked for it without. I was a little reluctant about raising this, as from my experience with Chinese restaurants when this happens, they always tend to make me feel like it was MY fault. However, the staff were quick to exchange the dish, and even did it without making me feel like villain.

Crayfish was cooked extremely well and the garlic sauce was seasoned just right which didn’t overpower everything. The dish was actually delicious.

Overall, a lovely food treat for a Friday night.

4 star rating
by Grace Sifa
5 months ago

fish sliders were very nice.. could easily eat 4 of these .. soft crab was okay .. raw fish was seasoned perfectly also have had bread starter, fried flounder and snapper and all were done very nicely

3 star rating
by Megan C
7 months ago

Well the irony was that the best dish of the night wasn't even seafood - it was the black pepper lamb which was just amazingly tender and flavoursome! I couldn't pinpoint it but there was a lovely sweetness to the sauce that complemented the black pepper superbly. 

The other dishes we ordered were the clams, abalone, fried rice and sashimi. The abalone and clams were cooked well and had great flavour but the fried rice was lacking a bit. Also, the timing of the meals could be better as we received the clams and abalone about 20 minutes before the arrival of the fried rice. 

Biggest rip-off of the night would be the sashimi. We ordered the platter which comes with scampi, salmon and geoduck. They told us they didn't have geoduck available which was fine so we expected some more salmon to compensate. The platter came out with a total of 10 pieces of salmon and 1 scampi sliced into thirds. At $68, you could imagine the look on our faces.

Service was nothing to write home about; waiters were rushed and seemed to only give good service when we came in as once you're seated it's hard to get their attention again. I understand that the night was busy, but perhaps they should hire more staff or train their existing staff a bit better in customer service. Credit to the nice young man though who was very gracious and polite when serving the house wine.

I'd recommend this place if you want average-above average Chinese meals and don't care about what service you'll receive.

2 star rating
by Rx
8 months ago

Should have read the reviews before going to live fish. Got out food earlier than expected, because the whole place was empty and the guy at the counter was busy puffing away on the dinning tables outside.
There lunch menu is on average $25-30 ea, pictures of there lunch menu looks huge but in reality if you are very hungry than I suggest you order 2 lunch meals.
The sambal prawns was yummy no doubt for $26 but the rice portion can be served accordingly more. Had no rice left to eat the prawns with.
For taste it was good  For portions very poor, For price it was over priced, and service can be improved. Puffing cigarette on the table in front of the restaurant when you are empty while next door eateries are fully packed for lunch is unacceptable for business presentation. Warning if you are going as a family of 4 for lunch be prepared to depart with approximately nz$ 100 excluding drinks.

4 star rating
by Jingwen
9 months ago

the food is good,however,i waited like 1and a half hour for my meal ,too slow!and we only have 5 dishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!also
The dishes are not the same taste ,every time is different!

2 star rating
by Davis Cheung
9 months ago

Haven't wrote a review for a long time but this place is worth the 3mb to download the zomato app as well as lengthy rant to let all the people who wish to visit this place to know what they're in for.

Firstly there is a diary around the corner from the ASB building and I suggest you buy a pie or alike food AFTER you place your order here. It has literally been 50 minutes since I have ordered and my mouth is dry from sipping on tea. (If you are worried about losing your appetite, don't worry, you have plenty time to digest the pie).

I wouldn't necessarily say that the service is bad, but there is no doubt that it is unacceptable to wait for over an hour to get your food. (I arrived at 7:10, ordered at 7:20 the time is 8:20 - no food yet).

As amazing as the food looks and smells on the other tables, I have yet to taste the food so my rating of 1.5 is purely based on how good the food looks and smells from the other tables.

I suggest to the people who wish to come here to pre-order, or have patience of a monk.

To sum up, yes I do regret coming here and yes, I do regret not buying a pie.

1 star rating
by Matt Taylor
10 months ago

One of the worst restaurants I have ever been to. Terrible service to the point where you are walking up to the counter to order more food or poor yourself a water.  I was served raw Pork Sui Mai but i did receive a complementary Tsingtao to consolidate some potential food poisoning. The food itself was easily the worst I have had in this genre but some of it was edible. Overall I wish to thank the so called chief  for forgetting to put my dumplings in the steamer - how hard could it be

3 star rating
by Robyn De Vega
10 months ago

The view and service was really good. They brought out the food fast and got our table set (outside) very quickly. Loved the green tea!!! For dinner; Shared a seafood platter, and had salt & pepper calamari with rice as a main. The platter was yummy, the sauce was devine, the birds even got mad that I did not share with them that they pooped on me! The calamari, it was spicy and a tad dry. It was awkward eating the calamari with the rice. I asked for a salad instead at time of ordering but they said it could not be done. Rather pricey night out for food that I did not enjoy, although the entree platter was gorgeous!

1 star rating
by Lernie Ang
10 months ago

Ordered a 'seafood platter': a deep-fried ensemble which was generally bland except for the prawns, and one hard lemon: you wouldn't think this cost $29! Also ordered fried rice and a veggie side, very usual Chinese fare, but at $23-25+ each, I thought it would at least introduce something even just a little bit special. Perhaps they could have compensated the mediocrity through quantity, but that wasn't the case. It felt very much a rip-off. It's much too overpriced for food that I could cook at home. I spent almost the exact amount in another North Wharf restaurant a week ago, yet the food and experience was clearly superior.

Maybe it's the fresh seafood they specialise in, but unfortunately, I don't think I'm willing to take another chance in this restaurant.  I suggest folks might try any of the neighbouring restaurants instead of this.

(I also experienced a long waiting time when ordering despite the fact that there weren't many customers at the time. It seems like only a few people are 'allowed' to take orders.)

1 star rating
by Troy Norrie
10 months ago

Service at this place is exceptionally poor. Not very busy and when I asked for them to take an order no one came. When I complained to manager he seemed non fussed about it. Don't waste your time at this place.

3 star rating
by Stas Kulesh
10 months ago

Abalone was good. However we all were surprised by crazily overpriced live fish which costs whopping $118 per kilo over there. The meal itself was good and the service was OK. These are the reasons I am not giving the restaurant a solid 1.

3 star rating
by JolieJolie
11 months ago

This restaurant got quite a lot bad reviews! I need to find out if it's really that bad!! So A group of 5 went to Live Fish Restaurant for dinner last night! Good location .. Waited quite a while for getting someone to take the food order!
-Lobster Yee Mein : To be honest, this was the worst lobster Yee Mein I've ever had in my life. Tasteless! The sauce was supposed to be thick creamy !
-Surf clams with black bean source : alright. Not super. Just remember, any food comes with black bean source can't go wrong!
-Bluff oysters steamed with garlic sauce & vermicelli : just normal.
-Live scampi: I didn't try this one cuz I knew I would have allergy afterwards. Looked ok.
-Fried Tomato beef with pickled Chinese cabbage : worse than my cooking!
The Fried Steam Bun and the Broccoli w garlic sauce are the best dishes in this seafood restaurant!!!
And we wanted rice but the rice never came, they probably didn't have any rice in the kitchen...
Anyone has any seafood fantasy ~ this one is not for you .. ~_~

3 star rating
by Celeste
Sep 08, 2014

I had the prawns cooked in special soy sauce which I enjoyed though it was quite pricey for what seemed a bit like an oily chinese food dish.

1 star rating
by Jack Chan
Jun 03, 2014

Very disappointed with the service and food of this place. I took my date to this place because it seemed like a nice place to take someone on a first date. The interior design was nice but the service and food was very poor. I found it hard to understand the staff as their English was not sufficient to be working as a waiting staff. We ordered some drinks to start of with and it took 20 minutes for it to arrive. We ordered the surf clams, wasabi prawns and abalone and a Chinese vege. The surf clams were under cooked and still had that raw taste to it, I thought that maybe it was the way its supposed to taste but I still could not enjoy it. The wasabi prawns had absolutely no wasabi taste to it, you could only taste the mayo in the sauce. The abolone was served luke warm and was average because of it. Lastly the vege was the only thing that was decent but you can go to any Chinese restaurant and order the same for a fraction of the price. As me and my date got talking some of the food got cold (which is normal) I asked them to reheat the clams for me they took it away and it came back just as cold as it went back in. Overall very disappointed for $200+ meal for 2 people. (and we only had a beer each in that price)

4 star rating
by Lucyeats
Apr 20, 2014

Having been to Live Fish before it moved to Jellicoe St, I was a little saddened when the previously unassuming seafood restaurant had turned upmarket. Along with the move, the interior had been entirely modernised and had its own bar!

Most of the seafood can be picked fresh from the display tanks and the menu offers a large variety of ways to have them served. We had the crayfish sashimi which really showcased how fresh everything was and the crayfish noodles was quite well done. My favourite of the night were the stir fried diamond shells which came in a spicy black bean sauce. The low light were the two beef dishes we ordered which were tough and flavourless. I suppose that just teaches us not to order beef at a SEAFOOD restaurant. The veggie dishes were quite enjoyable though and I would order them again. I found the dishes to be a bit pricey and the portion sizes smaller than I would expect but I don't know any other place that serves the wide variety of shellfish that Live Fish has.

If you would like to read the full review, visit: http://lucyeats.blogspot.co.nz/2014/04/live-fish-restaurant-and-bar.html

4 star rating
by Nom Nom Panda
Mar 26, 2014

Modern Chinese seasfood restaurant in the lively area of North Wharf. Pricey for the portion sizes, and service is not very polished (different people asked us what tea we wanted, menus left on table after we ordered, etc.), but the food is good and we liked the detailing in the presentation, such as the carved vegetables which came with our lobster dish. You can also order more exotic seafood like geoduck, and there are large crabs and lobsters in the tanks. I think you are supposed to have the geoduck raw, as it shrank on cooking, and the $40 or so plate looked pretty small indeed. A good choice if you are after a fancier Chinese restaurant with a sea view.

2 star rating
by Chris Fitzgerald
Feb 13, 2014

Some food wonderful and some bland - expected the fried tofu to be a stir-fry or at least have an interesting sauce but no, just cubes on a plate.

But the service so lets them down. We were a group of four. First drink order got lost somewhere. The menu has an entree section then a long list of mains, but the mains mostly beat the entrees to the table. If it's all going to come as it's ready, can you please tell that to the customers? The prawn twisters with sauce arrived without the sauce and another dish never arrived despite two reminders.

Never again for us, but I hope the reviews here will help the restaurant management realise what is NOT working and give others a better experience in the future.

2 star rating
by Rozanne D
Jan 17, 2014

We had plans to go to one of the other places on North Wharf but mum felt like yum cha so we ended up at Live Fish Restaurant. A big mistake. Very limited range of yum cha food. No trollies - just a la carte orders. The dumplings were straight out of a supermarket freezer. Everything was bland and not up to normal yum cha standards for Auckland. Having eaten yum cha at loads of different restaurants around Auckland I can confidently say this was one of the worst food experiences and it was one of the most expensive. Avoid this restaurant - there are so many other options. I just feel stupid that we ended up there on a spur of the moment thing. Normally I do my research and read the reviews first!

1 star rating
by Tony Ma
Jan 09, 2014


I went in and sat down, asked the staff how much the abalone was for the day, he said $120 for 1kg.

I order 2 which eqaulled one kg, and then at the counter the manager insisted it was $180!

what the hell! liars!


completely outraged

Service: 1/5
Wait time: 1/5
Environment: 2/5
Food Quality:2/5
Food Quantity: 1/5
Price range: $100+ pp

1 star rating
by Steve Harper-Travers
Dec 07, 2013

When writing a restaurant review I usually like to base it on food and service. Unfortunately, last night the service was so appalling that I never even got to try the food.
It was a busy night in the city but this restaurant had spaces and that should have been my first warning sign. Having been told we could take a particular table, we did so and then waited for menus to arrive...and waited...and waited. After 10 minutes we had to get up and ask for a menu.
We were finally able to place a drinks order and the waitress (1 of many) said she would return shortly to take our food order. Nearly 45 minutes later we were still waiting for that order to be taken. There is no excuse for such bad service especially in a restaurant demanding the prices this one does- McDonalds staff are more attentive to my needs than here. My advice- move on to much better options in the vicinity!

2 star rating
by Pauline
Nov 09, 2013

The food and service was average. The price was high. It is not what we expected like it used to be.

1 star rating
by Chunglai Tsang
Oct 03, 2013

Never going to this place again, had a booking for 6, they were rude to us from the start, sat down looked through the menu never got offered drinks or anything, had 5 waiters/waitresses and 2 managers, asked about 5 times for someone to take our order for some reason only one person could take orders, that person kept walking around looking lost and the waitress and us kept asking, 20min later we gave up and left to a different Chinese restaurant in Auckland CBD and spent our $700 there

2 star rating
by Lee V
Sep 02, 2013

The whole experience was meh. Food was average and service was average. Not much more to say really. Was expecting more especially since the location is so good and food is not cheap.

1 star rating
by V Meki
Sep 01, 2013

Went there today for Fathers Day. Wanted to treat my husband to some crayfish. Asked if they had Crayfish on menu for lunch
Waiter said they had half fresh crayfish for $45.00 or live crayfish @ $170.00 per kilo.
However the menu states the half crayfish is pre frozen. I thought that with a good chef frozen crayfish would still be OK
I ordered half crayfish for my husband & Seafood Soup (including seafood / tofu / tomato and egg white)
What we received was a Freezer Burnt Miniature Crayfish. I actually thought it was just a head, I couldn't see the tail. It turned out the tail was at the most 2cm long. It was freezer burned and tasted terrible. The soup was tasteless with no tomato.
We left within 5 mins of receiving our meal, leaving the food on the table. I told the waiter we were disgusted with our meal, and that we wont ever be coming back. He offered 10% discount but I said that was nothing, I just wanted to pay and leave.

4 star rating
by Jena
May 30, 2013

Went there with my partner last Saturday, restaurant was quite busy, staff were very friendly. We waited for a bit till some one came to take our order. We asked the staff what is his recommendation on the menu and he recommend us to tried the diamond sell with black bean sauce and the surf clam with garlic sauce, we also have the deep fired squid and the pork sui mai. Food came out a little bit slow but it was really nice. The diamond sell with the sauce was very rich and juicy . Overall we were enjoy it. Will go back there again.

1 star rating
by Richard
May 13, 2013

Extremely poor service and the food did not make up for it.

30 minutes until a menu came (after asking)
Over 30 minutes later one starter turned up (after asking)
Another 30+ minutes later the other starter turned up along with the main (after asking)

The staff do not speak English well which was a big problem and probably the reason I was the only white person in there. There were Chinese people who were waiting a long time too however.

The starters were fine, in fact the pork dumplings with gravy sauce without MSG was very nice.

The main of fish with tangy Thai sauce was poor. The fish was dry and the tangy Thai sauce was nothing other than supermarket sweet Thai chilli sauce. The very opposite of what you expect from freshly killed fish, and the sauce was a cheap & lazy touch.

The other main of Beef with Chilli was nice but I'm sure it's hard to get this very common Chinese dish wrong.

This restaurant is in an area where people from all over the world visit and yet they do not enter, presumably after reading or hearing reviews. The diners were 99% Chinese/Asian. What a waste of a business.

1 star rating
by Phill
May 12, 2013

Just been there for Mother's Day lunch. After 1/2 hours we got a menu.
After waiting for over an hour, we asked the waitress how long the meal would be, were told soon, asked again after another 20 min, finally after a two hour wait the food came out, the local fish and chip shop would do better.
After my child bit into the fish they complained that it smelt, I smelt it myself and it wasn't pleasant (must have been days old), after other child found bones in fish I had finally had enough and left, worst restaurant I had ever been to in the world! It's that bad.
People at table beside us also were not happy.

1 star rating
by Helen Gray
Apr 13, 2013

The dead fish in the tanks should have been a clear sign (not to mention a health hazard) that this place is rubbish. The menu is way too hard to read, the food is poor and very expensive for what you get. Made the rookie error of ordering the crayfish, when it came out it looked like a slightly enlarged king prawn. Three forks of flesh and it was all gone and it tasted terrible! Told the cashier about our experience and he nodded like he knew that the meals were bad. Then he told us that the crayfish comes frozen and the massive crayfish in the tanks were for set menu only (which we don't remember seeing on the menu?). When we queried about a discount he straight out refused. We will definitely not be back to Live Fish!

1 star rating
by Rachel Aimee
Feb 14, 2013

My husband and I made a reservation for this restaurant for Valentine's Day. We had walked by it before, and have been curious about it. After they sat us, we got our drinks quickly, but had to wait over 1/2 hour before they took our food order, and this was after we complained several times. We flagged down people who we thought were waitresses because they were looking over tables and seemed to be helping people, but they told us that they weren't allowed to take orders. (???) After a manager came, my husband ordered chicken and I ordered a live fish, which I picked out and watched them take it out of the water. My order came to our table at a fairly decent time, and it was good, but my husband's order never came. He complained to the staff several times, and they always said they were going to check on it, but no one ever got back to him. After we had been at this restaurant for over 2 hours, the manager came to our table and told my husband that they had not started cooking his order yet. We just paid for what I had eaten, which was expensive, and left. We didn't get a discount or anything, just apologies from the wait staff. We weren't the only ones who walked out, either. There was a large table near us that was complaining loudly about how long their food was taking, and they eventually walked out. I'm sure there were more, too. I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone.

3 star rating
by Deena Youssef
Jan 26, 2013

You are definitely paying for the location, food is average, tartare sauce is not known of by the staff to go with fish and chips. Service was fine though and happy hour drinks were good value but can't say the same about the food.

3 star rating
by Kali Windmill
Jan 15, 2013

First of all the food is very good but the price is NOT way over priced.Anyways i was abit upset that my partner and i had to pay for the 2 bottle of sparkling waters on the table we sat at i assume they were complimentary drinks but obviously NOT the waiter shld of mention it to us such a rip $10 dollars a bottle so people BEWARE.And was also upset when we ask for crayfish and crab but the waiter said they were out of stock which was a lie the tank had afew good ones and the group table next to us had crayfish so why did't we get serve it?we think because we are young dark and had a baby we prob look like we wldnt have enough money for crayfish and crab but still good food but not somewhere i wld dine for a night out cos i cldnt bother to cook dinner.

5 star rating
by Marie Webster
Oct 19, 2012

We were looking for an affordable place to host a birthday party, 13 adults and 5 children, somewhere where we would feel comfortable with children aged between 2 to 11 years. We were initially nervous about Live Fish as some reviews said food and service was not always good.

We spoke with the Duty Manager, Bobby, who assured us they had changed many things and would look after us. He kept his word, food, service and atmosphere were all excellent.

We met at the restaurant and talked for a while, the children surveyed the fish in the tanks, and the entrees were served when we requested them. The seafood platter for adults and children was well presented and tasted good. The adults also enjoyed the mussels with garlic sauce.

The children demolished chips with a dipping sauce, and chicken fried rice with no egg (one of the children has a reaction to egg, no problem, they accommodated this request). The children played outside and the adults requested a delay before the mains arrived, again, this was no problem.

The squid with black bean sauce was cooked to perfection. Scallops (served with seasonable vegetables) were large, juicy and plentiful. Prawns stir fried with ginger were tasty. Lamb cutlets with pepper sauce were an unexpected success. The chicken sweet and sour with capsicum was OK. Live Fish supplied one vegetarian meal and one gluten free meal as requested, both OK. Presentation of all dishes was good as was the speed of delivery.

We brought with us our own birthday cake which was served with excellent coffee and hot chocolate for the children.

We arrived at 1pm and left close to 5pm, the children moved between the play area outside and the restaurant, we enjoyed the food, good service and relaxed atmosphere. We will return!!

Marie Webster, Bayswater, Auckland.

5 star rating
by Hemant Wagh
Sep 27, 2012

Went with my family yesterday (Wednesday night). This was my second visit to the place.

The service, food and pricing was excellent...end of story!!!

Food was authentic, tasty and large quantities.
Service was efficient and pleasant...could smile a bit more though!!
For the ambinece, food and service the pricing was good...not too expensive.
Even the first visit a few months back was a pleasant experience.

1 star rating
by Martin King
Sep 06, 2012

I had a very poor meal here on Monday.

The prawn 'congee' wasn't congee-like at all. It consisted of a loose pile luke warm rice mixed with half cooked mushrooms and raw onions. On top was a crisp poppadom type thing and 5 very salty chilli flavoured prawns. When questioned we were told it was 'fusion style congee'.

The deep fried snapper was dry and overcooked. And suspiciously close to undersized. I didn't have a means to measure it but it was definitely shorter than my chopstick. It was basically deep-fried with a gross light brown gravy dumped all over it. Poorly prepared, poorly presented and of average taste.

The dim sum were ok, though its not the normal trolley type yumcha service so the range of the menu is very limited and speed of delivery is slow.

The best dish was probably the choy sum with oyster sauce!

I would not recommend this place. It is overpriced, and the food is bad!!

2 star rating
by Tom Sapienza
Aug 04, 2012

I had high hopes for this place, having walked past it a few times and seen it very busy, and with plenty of Asian people eating there.

Unfortunately, it failed to meet my expectations. Service was poor, the food was bland and flavourless, and the price was ridiculous.

I think this is one for the tourists only. Avoid.

1 star rating
by Patrick
Jun 22, 2012

We went for lunch to this place on 22/06/2012 - possibly the worst decision in human history. Ordered a 2xlaksa noodle soup, chicken with black bean sauce and steamed rice and 2 entrees. After an hour of waiting the waitress shows up with 2 entrees out of which she gives us one and takes the other one back with her. She then returns back with the same entree 10 minutes later! The laksa noodle soups showed up 20 minutes after that and the black bean chicken never showed up. All the waitresses were extremely clueless as to what was going on. The management of the restaurant is pathetic. When we tried to ask for a discount for the extremely poor service all the waiter arrogantly says "sorry about that" as if we were at fault. Would not recommend this horrible restaurant to even my worst enemies. Stay away!

4 star rating
by Dianne Lowery
May 06, 2012

Just returned from having lunch at Live Fish - excellent food with generous servings. We went with a deal voucher just to see what it was like and had a great experience and will definitely return. Service very good and they had no problem accommodating one of our party who cannot eat onion. Very good presentation of food - our only problem was having difficulty finding the restaurant, maybe they could improved their signage

2 star rating
by Sanacha Naidoo
Mar 05, 2012

Dined here last week with my boyfriend for the second time. We thought we would give them another try to see if they had improved on the food. Dissapointed to say they hadnt. Menu is very hard to understand and is not clear about what you are getting. The food was very average for the extravagant prices. The service however was excellent, all the waiters were helpful, courteous and jovial. hopefully they can up their standard of food, def not worth the price.

4 star rating
by Maria Tanyag
Jan 05, 2012

Dined here on a Wednesday night; and my partner and I had a great time. We ordered the fried chicken wings, pork belly on pepper sauce and seafood fried rice. Each dish was spectacular and without having to wait ages to be served. Portion sizes were great and beyond reasonable for the price. More importantly, the staff was amazing. We were greeted with warm smiles from the moment we stepped in until we left. Despite having many customers that night, we had just the right amount of attention from the staff which resulted to a great dining experience. All in all, we will definitely come back to try more from their amazing menu. Well done, Live Fish - that's another pair of satisfied tummies :)

5 star rating
by April Isla Santayana
Jan 01, 2012

We were planning to have oysters for late lunch at the Fish Market, but the kitchen was already closed for the day so we just strolled along the waterfront to look for a place that served oysters. We saw LIVE FISH and thought we could give it a try. Well, all of us (2 children, 4 adults) enjoyed everything that we ordered! Seafood platter, fresh oysters, oysters with vermicelli and garlic sauce, sweet and sour pork, mussels in garlic sauce, fried rice... All delicious. The waitress was also very friendly. We are actually coming back for my birthday this coming weekend! I highly recommend this restaurant. I also admire the fact that they read the reviews, and take action. Those who've had negative experiences at Live Fish should give them another chance... You will be impressed :)

5 star rating
by Fern
Dec 21, 2011

Great atmosphere and good food! =) I have to say Livefish is one of the best seafood restaurants I have tried so far..Fresh seafood and great variety of food in the menu.

Staff are friendly and great customer service! Would def come back for sure.

Deserves A++ for the great food and service.

5 star rating
by Cary
Dec 02, 2011

Went to Live Fish for dinner with our Groupy vouchers last week and I was quite amazed with the food there after reading all the bad reviews! Every dish we ordered came in generous portions in contrary to what I read in other reviews.

The diamond shell was definitely the star dish of the night, and I would highly recommend others to try. Other dishes were also cooked to high standards as expected from a waterfront restaurant.

As for the service/ambience, the staff were friendly and attentive, and the tables were well spaced to provide a relaxed atmosphere.

The relatively high price is expected from a high-end restaurant and I will definitely return to try the huge range of seafood Live Fish has to offer.

1 star rating
by Jennifer
Nov 28, 2011

Worst Chinese restaurant I have ever been. The atmosphere and view is great, but that is the only positive thing about this restaurant. It's over priced for the food you get: $18 for a plate of tossed salad with oriental seasoning... The size was very small and that was more like a side I could have had in any cafe restaurant for $8 and the "oriental" seasoning was just a bit of sesame oil. The service was also very poor. we had to ask several time for a jug of water as well as for a glass as there was 1 missing on our table. Then the waitress just grabbed a glass around and as she put it on our table, realized it was a dirty one. Then we asked for a knife and were given a dirty knife. I would not recommend this place.

5 star rating
by Jessica D.
Oct 17, 2011

Me and my boyfriend bought the voucher for Live Fish and we honestly got quite a bit worried about dining there the day before we were gonna go because of the bad reviews about the place.

But you know what, IT'S NOT BAD AT ALL. Maybe the previous reviews were talking about the "old" restaurant. They've clearly improved on a lot of things. As we were having our dinner, I was a bit scrutinising the place, the service, food, etc. As everything was waaay waaay better than what was previously commented, I am giving it a 5-star!

The food was delicious! We got the seafood platter, salmon sashimi, mussels in creamy garlic sauce and scallops with vegetables. They were all tasty and me and my boyfriend left the place with our stomach filled and satisfied. The sashimi was so fresh! You can just tell. Actually, everything tasted fresh. In addition to that, I really liked their orange juice. It's fresh too! It was full of pulp and flavour- not too sweet and not too sour- and it was cheap. We were gonna get paddle crab but unfortunately, they ran out that night.

Service was good too. Not the best but clearly not the worst either. The main waiter, I suppose, did an exceptional job. The others were okay, you can see one waiter per area of the restaurant just kind of standing by and waiting for orders, etc. So it's good.

We'll definitely go back there to try their other food.

This restaurant is worth giving a try.

5 star rating
by Blake Montague
Sep 26, 2011

Yum, went here tonight and had the clams in black bean sauce and the fried whole gernad with Thai chili sauce, wanted to try a restaurant on wynyard quarter and was glad I found this one, cheaply priced but good food

1 star rating
by John Charlesworth
Sep 24, 2011

24 September - worst dining experience of my life. Food order took over an hour to arrive - when it did after constant nagging - poorly prepared plus my daughter's mussels had been left off by mistake. Rice was like plastic and chicken portions small. My wife's sauce had a human hair in it. When they replaced the sauce they did so with tartar sauce not chili sauce. Eventually decided to leave - daughter still no food. Described to manager - no apology or offer to reduce the bill - just 'Well mussels take longer to cook'. To build a great restaurant takes a lot mor than this. Avoid this at all costs!!!!!!!!!!!

1 star rating
by Clarissa Gatbonton
Sep 10, 2011

We had the most the most awkward experience dining here. We came here 10/9/11 Saturday around 5-5:30pm thinking we didn't have a reservation so we better come while dinner rush hasn't started. We came in and they had one table and we were sat on the most awful area which is next to the cashier where everybody is passing. The worst thing is they all standing right in front of our table. They were chatting and we felt like being stared at the whole time. The food was terrible! We ordered beef on pepper sauce which was ok but expensive for what it is. We also ordered chicken lightly fried with salt and pepper and all I could taste is the crumb, salt, pepper and chillies. Chicken was barely there. It was very unpleasant to eat. The most disappointing part is they were all standing right next to our table and didn't even bother asking us how our food was. We barely touched the chicken (if there was any chicken in it). Everything was so unprofessional in this place. Place was empty and sat us on the worst area of the restaurant, staff were chatting, standing around us like we weren't there. Manager didn't bother asking how everything was when my partner came to pay. Such a shame to have a restaurant like this in one of the best area in city. I would never come back here and would never recommend this place to everyone I know.

1 star rating
by Cheryl
Sep 06, 2011

AWFUL awful awful. Terrible service, too much deep fried food on the menu, unhelpful staff who could hardly speak English, deep fried calamari cold in the middle, drinks delivered to wrong people, took ages to be served. Like an Asian faulty towers but they weren’t rude. Shocking.

1 star rating
by Steve
Sep 04, 2011

great service but misleading expensive menu. Avoid this place if you are hungry. The seafood platter for three at lunchtime would only suit hobbit sized appetites. Very sad example of a restaurant in such a cool part of Auckland.