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Madam Kwong's Restaurant

4 star rating 39 reviews

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03 3483638

155 Blenheim Road

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11 AM to 2:30 PM, 5 PM to 10:30 PM


Reviews for Madam Kwong's Restaurant

5 star rating
by Brad Palmer
9 days ago

As with every time we go to Madam Kwongs, the Yum Cha was excellent! Currently the best available in Christchurch. Just make sure you understand what Yum Cha is before you go here or you might be a bit confused by the experience. Or you could just ask for a table upstairs where you get a normal style menu to choose from. Personally I prefer downstairs where you get the full experience of ordering from the karts that come around.

3 star rating
by Cathy9553
15 days ago

Was at Madam Kwong's for lunch with a group. It was quiet when we arrived but the place was soon packed. We mainly had food off the trolley but as the place started filling up we had to fight to get the attention of the staff. The staff wore microphones but they still shouted on top of their voices to the other staff members across the room. Wanted to order desserts but couldn't get the attention of the staff. Was pretty chaotic by the time we finished and had to wait for about 15 minutes to pay the bills - there was just one staff at the counters who was single-handedly managing the customers coming in, answering phones, showing people tables and settling bills. The food was just ok - nothing great. Impressed with the decor especially the chandeliers and the giant screen.

3 star rating
by Hector Plains
2 months ago

Sheesh, it was busy but no punters are turned away and we all were packed in tighter than two coats of paint.  It's a very standard yum cha menu.  The foods okay - nothing more.  Nothing really stood out.  All and all, a bit beige.  It's pricer than North and South too.

3 star rating
by Carmelle Riley
2 months ago

We had a really bad Yum Cha meal. Terrible service, trainee staff, food mediocre & sugary yukky wontons & spring rolls. After waiting 40mins for fried pork buns that never came- we gave up. North & South Gourmet & Red Bowl are much better.

4 star rating
by Judie Zoe Ang
2 months ago

Went to Christchurch recently to visit family and was brought here for Yum Cha - Dim Sum, basically there ain't much flash or big restaurant in Christchurch due to the earthquake couple years ago, I was prepared not to expect much.

Upon arriving at Madam Kwong's, I was pretty impressed with the decor of this place, it looks classy with dangling shimmering diamond chandeliers and a huge projector screen. Great restaurant to organized Chinese Wedding Dinners.

We were here for Yum Cha, the congee was my favorite, it's smooth texture - yum! The prawn dumplings, siu mai, BBQ pork bun was the usual I always ordered at Yum Cha, they taste good. It's one of those decent looking Chinese restaurant here, it was actually getting pretty packed by 1pm. We went back with a full tummy and doggy bag.

Ambience / Decor: 5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Food / Taste: 3.5/5
Overall: 3.5/5

3 star rating
by Spoon Kurth
3 months ago

Tried set menu for 2 and extra side of dumplings, service was fine, owner is a very funny lady, enjoyed her description of how the set menu worked. My wife's coke came out warm (above room temperature warm) my beer was good and cold. Food was nice could have been hotter and it was delivered so quickly I'm not sure how they cooked it so fast. Price reasonable and such a huge menu many of the items would be out of taste to a traditional kiwi dinner like the offal section with chicken gizzard and boiled chicken feet. Nice looking restaurant with neat glass lazy Susans downstairs probably best suited to groups of 4 or more buying dishes to share

5 star rating
by Luc Chandler
4 months ago

I came to MK for dinner with a friend not expecting anything amazing, due to the fact it was take away and not spending much money.

How ever their Fried Noodles and Chicken was amazing. It was hot, fresh, tasty and all over fantastic.

I'm going again!

4 star rating
5 months ago

We lunch here quite a bit for yum char and its good.  Better to come later ie. 1.30pm for lunch as less busy and trolleys are still rolling quite well.  Love the steamed pork dumplings along with the prawn and coriander dumplings.  We had a dish of roast pork with rice in rice paper I think.  It was a lovely new  addition.  Service is good - sometimes have to ask for certain dishes - but not a problem with the staff.

4 star rating
by Alison Xie
5 months ago

Very nice dim sim for brunch. It's One of my favorite Chinese restaurants. Crispy duck for dinner is beautiful. Always order it. Chef- made tofu with black bean sauce is lovely too.

3 star rating
by Cameron
5 months ago

The setting is alright definitely set out for masses of people and functions.
The service was average not very enthusiastic about serving our group and repeatedly reached over us to get finished plates without making an acknowledgement.
Food was prompt and was tasty, the dessert was fried ice cream not very nice. 
We were last to leave and I felt like we were rushed out. 

Would recommend for cheap dining only not for intimate night out.

3 star rating
by Tasha Marama Karakia Brown
6 months ago

Wasn't too fussed about this place, went with a group of 9 for dinner, thought we were having yum char when we booked 3 weeks prior I had asked if they done Yum Char at Night and they said yes we have it on this night which is why I booked for that night....! Having only had yum char a few times both times different I asked if they had trolleys going around with food ? they said yes and you select,  but when we arrived at dinner time on the day they said, it was only a menu too select from...Disappointed.  We each ordered a different meat dish and 2 vege sides. We got our entrees which were ok, the dumplings were cold but had a nice flavour, then the 2 chicken dishes came out about 10 minutes after was good. we then waited about 20-30 and then the veges we ordered came out.  we thought the other meat dishes must be coming out too, but they didn't come for a further 15 minutes. The pork and the fish dishes came out, but by then we had just picked at the veges as we waited, it may not be much but it made the dining experience not as enjoyable as the veges were nice but would of been better sides if there were mains to eat them with. Staff were nice they seemed rushed and the place was packed. Id give it another go, maybe at a yum char time as I didn't enjoy this experience.

4 star rating
by Cupy Chan
6 months ago

Great atmosphere and great service. Good place to have the real taste of the authentic Cantonese yum char culture. Taste of food were okay, some of the dim sum were a not warmed up properly, a bit cold at the middle . However the roast pork and duck was lovely.

5 star rating
by Amy James
8 months ago

Absolutely amazing! Service is great, food is the best dim sim in Christchurch! We regularly go there. Staff are friendly and fantastic! If you haven't tried, you should! It's become our new favourite place. The owner she very friendly and makes you feel welcome as she remembers you from previous visits.

4 star rating
by Brad Sherry
10 months ago

Loved the food, great place for a big group but take our time. Great yum cha lunch quick as they bring the dishes to you to select. Not so good if you have a favourite dish as you might have to wait a bit for it to come round. Well priced

2 star rating
by Diane Fairweather
Nov 04, 2014

At Madame Kwong's we found the service very rushed. Was disappointed when our last main course arrived with an added bonus of  hair in it.  Will not be going back here.

5 star rating
by Francine Jones
Oct 06, 2014

Madam Kwong's has one of the best sweet and sour pork dishes I've ever had. Service can sometimes be slow and can sometimes be good. The manager there does well by talking to customers. Lovely inside with the lights and huge tv is cool too. Prices are good too.

3 star rating
by Alice
Sep 30, 2014

The service was prompt. Very keen to get rid of dishes.. There was an delay between some of our dishes. The last 2 dishes were not delivered by the time we were finished. So we left but they were very accommodating about it. However the dishes are a good size, but the quality of the chicken from the chicken cashew dish was questionable as it was very pale and had an odd texture.

5 star rating
by Tiannaa Harkess
Sep 22, 2014

What a fantastic restaurant to dine in, Food was beautiful and very filling. Staff were very friendly and always made sure everything was great. Only fault  was that the meal i ordered did not state it was spicy but the staff fixed this for me .What a great experience , I recommend the Half lemon fish (To die for) Definatly be dining here again.

5 star rating
by Patricia Talbot
Sep 07, 2014

gr8 dim sim. I really liked the pork dumplings with prawn. I believe they were called Sheal My. I also loved the Haaaaa Gow. My favourite though was the Bowl low bow. Pineapple buns. I recommend you go there and order the Charred Sheal Bows also.

1 star rating
by Dan
Jun 10, 2014

Went there last night for dinner, nice building, clean, open, big TV's and lights. Looks nice. Unfortunately, the service was terrible, disgusting and a bit degrading.

Firstly, we walked into the restaurant (party of four) and after taking two steps the attendant 5 metres away behind the counter yelled the we can't have BYO beer, only BYO wine. Fair enough but no need to yell at people making myself feel embarrassed and nearby guests disturbed in their evening.

Taking orders was a nightmare. Firstly my friend had to write her order for the waitress because her English was non-existent. Once we finally ordered with the girl, entrees came out in 5 minutes, good timing, good food, but the waitress wanted us to sort the bill as soon as she put the plates on the table! How rude! Can we not eat first? Had to tell her that multiple times before it got through. The bill was then sitting by another friends plate, which the waitress decides she needs for a moment, reaching over his food and almost touching his food as she tried to grip it.

The bathrooms need to have the earthquake strengthening out of the way a bit.

Will not be going back, maybe for a cheap fried rice takeaway but never again dining.

4 star rating
by Huchung
May 17, 2014

We, group of 11, thoroughly enjoyed my time at this restaurant. The food was delicious and divine. It also was very reasonably priced. The service and the staff were very good and impeccable. I enjoyed having the rugby to watch on the big screen. My only suggestion would be to lay out the bathroom better because you don't have enough room when you are in the cubicle. There is a lot of wasted space in the bathroom also. I would recommend this restaurant for anyone who enjoys Asian cuisine or wants to jump outside the square and try something different :) and we also loved the lights and having the 2 levels of dining.Unfortunately the waitresses came back about 10mins after we had ordered our desserts & said that they were out of 1of the things we had asked for. The desserts also had a big gap between the servings.

2 star rating
by Beattie Wallbridge
Apr 14, 2014

The building is very impressive, but unfortunately that is the only positive comment I can make. We didn't have reservations but were seated at a shared table with a lovely Taiwanese couple. We were invited to tea right away but no explanation as to ordering. The table was right beside the kitchen doors so most of the yum cha trolleys by passed us. When we had the attention for one to come over, we couldn't see what the dishes were and could not understand most of the service staff's poor English, nor could they understand us. The dishes we did have were tasteless and boring. All looked like the frozen ones you see in the Asian supermarkets. The fried squid, although tender and crisp tasted of stale oil. The chicken feet (husband's favorite) was not at all enjoyable. It was all very disappointing. Why did the owners not spend time to research for a fabulous interesting menu and service instead of the ordinary that every one else has. There was no distinction for seating or paying, just one queue. We will go back to our regular place where at least the service and chicken feet is good .

4 star rating
by Robin Harrison
Mar 28, 2014

My first visit for lunch and very impressed with the décor, service and food.
I've just read some others reviews and I think the restaurant must have responded. It was spotlessly clean, the service was fast and excellent. The Dim Sim selection and quality were good and their pricing most reasonable; so we will be returning regularly.

4 star rating
by Andrea Langan
Mar 21, 2014

Thoroughly enjoyed our meal, very good service and quick. Duck, pork and delightfully cooked beans were great.Had enough to take home for 3 more meals. Only thing, toilets small number for so many people. Will try out the lunch menu as been told it's even better.

1 star rating
by Aimee Donaldson
Mar 20, 2014

We decided to go to Madam Kwongs Restaurant for Dinner on a Thursday night. When we arrived we were very impressed with the layout and the overall appearance of Madam Kwong. We were seated and waited for at least 20 minutes until we had to call someone over to order drinks, the waitress shouted at us and said you need to wait!! We were highly unimpressed, when the waitress finally came over we ordered drinks then asked if we could order our entree/mains, she took our order. 20 minutes later 1 entree came out we waited and waited for the other entree to come out but didn't come, but one of our mains roast pork came out cold and chewy, we waited another 15 minutes for our other mains nothing came, I called the waitress over and asked if we could have our other entree/mains she just walked away, and so did we!! We got up asked to talk to Manager who was difficult to understand and left. We will never return to Madam Kwong again. We ended up at chopsticks on the others side of town and had the best service/Chinese.

3 star rating
by Jason Rhodes
Mar 14, 2014

We stumbled upon this restaurant the other day. Is the nicest looking Chinese restaurant we have seen in Christchurch.

Food was good value and quality, only problem was entree soup and main all arrived together, leaving you wondering where to start. Also staff hovered round too much making you feel uncomfortable.

If we dine there again will specify we want time to finish each course.

2 star rating
by Mike
Feb 15, 2014

We have been there 6 times since it opened. First couple of visits were ok but gone down hill since. Slow service, small portions, takes for ever to get your order taken or a drink, glass top tables are filthy dirty. To go to the men's toilets is a mission as a big pipe head high on the way in and toilets dirty. We really want it to be good because lovely place and looks really inviting just needs a massive sort out. We have also tried the Yum Char lunch and as mentioned by other contributors it is very basic and poor quality also.

4 star rating
by Dina S
Feb 04, 2014

16 of us booked a table at Madam Kwong's for the Chinese New Year. The whole place was packed floor to ceiling (literally). When we sat down, the staff informed us that our food, which we pre ordered the day before, would be a little late because a big group of VIPs came in before us. They apologised and served us complimentary appetizers. We were expecting our food to be an hour late, but to our surprise it couldn't have been more than 15 minutes. They staff were very attentive and helpful, even though there must have been at least 300 people in the restaurant. The food was very good. I will definitely go back again.

5 star rating
by Takuritsu Ishida
Jan 13, 2014

We accidentally learned about Madam Kwong's in Blenheim Road before Xmas last year. Firstly it is not the same Madam Kwan in Kuala Lumpur which serves Malaysian dishes. I was surprised that at Madam Kwong's they served food very smartly in fact we didn't have to wait which we liked the most! The food tasted yummy and we love Dim Sum for lunch, but two dishes they need to improve are: soup dumplings 小籠包 Chinese noodle soup .. They should serve the soup dumplings in a Shumai steam container not in a tiny disposable kit container and the noodle soup tastes rather bland but still as far as I know their Dim Sum and their service is one of better Chinese restaurants which ever I have been among Hong Kong, Bang Kok, Malaysia, Japan and Singapore. I am very happy to go back there with my circle of friends this month! I really like their waiters and waitresses very much just because they are well-trained and they keep an eye on customers all the time and keep pouring hot water into the tea pot. I really like this place indeed.

4 star rating
by Jillian Shelton
Jan 12, 2014

We enjoyed our meal. The staff are friendly and welcoming and very helpful with the menu. The food is yummy but an indication on the menu of spiciness would be useful. But I suppose we could have asked! There's heaps of parking right outside - a plus in the Riccarton area. We will certainly return and sample some more dishes from the extensive menu. Looking forward to trying dim sum here too.

4 star rating
by Nicola
Dec 13, 2013

We have been twice in the past fortnight, the first time to scope it out and returned with a larger group.
Both time we had lovely food, good service and the same cool concert playing on the big screen. lol.
The menu is huge, both physically large and full of such a variety of dishes. Almost to much to chose from, luckily the staff were awesomely helpful, and recommended dishes, described them and hinted at ones not to miss.
Downside is not all of the staff knew the menu well in English, which is a shame, but they quickly found another server who knew more English.
I am sure we will be back before to long.

5 star rating
by Nicole McRae
Dec 12, 2013

This is the best BYO I have been to in Christchurch! Madam Kwong is amazing, she came over and talked to our table, even remembered some of us when they went back the next week. The manager was so helpful and so are the rest of the staff. The service and food were exceptional. I cannot wait until we go back again! Christchurch's best kept secret!

5 star rating
by Elisa
Dec 02, 2013

I went here not long ago with my partner as he did all the glass installation and fit out In the restaurant so it was great to see it all complete. The restaurant looks amazing and I loved everything about it. We were very pleased with the service and meeting the owners was a plus. They were very nice and great to deal with. They made a great impression on us and the food was incredible. I have just made a reservation for my staff Christmas do so I can share this incredible experience with more people to enjoy as much as I did the first time I went. Well done madam kwong.

1 star rating
by Jason Soon
Nov 17, 2013

Went there on Friday. Service was bad, we been siting there for 40 minutes before they gave us a menu! It took another 1 hour to have our first dish!

Price looks not too bad but the portion is quite small.

Fitting is quite good though, but Compared to food, service, will definitely not going back.

2 star rating
by Ross
Nov 16, 2013

First impressions is that this is a well designed and spacious restaurant, and an exciting addition to options for Canterbury people. The huge screen is a plus and gives customers something interesting t look at.

However, it was some what disappointing. The food was ok but nothing special. One dish came out only mildly warm, the other was a fairly small size for its price.

The yum cha was pretty good but there were only a few options to choose from. As they have only just opened maybe these are teething issues. If it improves I will be back.

4 star rating
by Eric
Nov 11, 2013

Ate again there on Saturday night,these guys go out of the way to make the evening pleasant.Very attentive staff and fantastic food,very very authentic and I'm sure after the soft openings the little niggles that others have mention will disappear.If you want a Chinese experience I recommend it.

1 star rating
by Terence
Nov 03, 2013

It had been a while since my friend and I catch up. Heard of this new place, Madam Kwong's restaurant open quite recently. So thought would be good to go to a different place for change. Unfortunately this is one of the worst decision ever. Restaurant is poorly managed. We were seated on the first floor of the restaurant. Waited one and a half hour just to be served with 2 out of 15 dishes that we ordered. There were plenty of food they push around in the trollies that were push around at the ground level. Commented to our waiter a few times why we can't have our meal when there's plenty of food to go around. We end up to leave after having only 2 of our dishes. They even have the dignity to ask to pay for the meal that we have. On the way out we even saw the head chef smoking and talking to his friend. What a disappointment.

1 star rating
by Sophie W
Oct 27, 2013

If you are thinking of coming here for yum char - I would recommend think again. Maybe they are not used to dealing with a large crowd for yum char. There were at best 3 trolleys going around the restaurant so it's a fight for food with very limited selection. There is a la carte available but also took so long that we gave up. So unless you have a lot of patience I would not bother...

5 star rating
by Chris
Oct 26, 2013

Great menu with plenty of pictures for those not familiar with chinese cusine. A big bright venue with big tables downstairs and 2-6 seaters upstairs. Great decor and professional looking staff. Our 10 course banquet was most delicious. They served our large group of 130 people very efficiently and feedback from the diners was excellent.