Mai Thai

4 star rating 51 reviews

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09 3666258

57 Victoria Street West, Auckland CBD, Auckland

12 Noon to 3 PM, 6 PM to 10:30 PM (Mon-Thu), 12 Noon to 3 PM, 6 PM to 11 PM (Fri), 6 PM to 11 PM (Sat), Sun Closed


Reviews for Mai Thai

5 star rating
by Janice Zumba
6 days ago

My stir fry dish was refreshing, light and tasty without being too salty or filled with MSG. customer service was excellent, atmosphere was relaxing and food arrived on time. I would definetely come back for more.

5 star rating
by Mai Thai
7 days ago

Talking about authentic. Yeah! This is the one.
We try out their curry night which has three different curries in one serve . The jungle curry is so yummy. Nice spices & very fresh.
Reasonable cost. Staffs are nice & polite.

4 star rating
by Hannah Short
13 days ago

I went here for a hens night at a private room dinner. food was really yum and huge portion sizes. It was great for a function and really nixe customer service.

5 star rating
by Foodlovernumber1
one month ago

Thai food at its best
The manager is welcoming you always with a big smile
He makes great recommendations and is always there to make sure you having a great time
We loved the satay, also really nice mussels in coconut cream sauce
Me and my wife are not big veggie lovers but we gave a try to the massaman veg curry which was awesome
The service is great and the good is more than great
We have been there few times and we can't wait to go back

5 star rating
by Sharan Dhanala
one month ago

All time favourite of mine when it comes to Thai food. Great service, good quality and quantity food. First restaurant in mind when I decide to eat Thai food.

4 star rating
by Emily Ng
2 months ago

We ordered the set menu for two$40 per person, the food average is ok, service is quick and attentive even it was on weekend night. Might come back for the curry next time

4 star rating
by FoodLoco
3 months ago

The service is the same eveyrtime we go..
The taste of the food is good but my partner always complains about the quantity.
 BYO makes it a good spot in city for dinner with mates

5 star rating
by Zahabia Barot
3 months ago

My second time at Mai Thai, this time for lunch on a Wednesday afternoon. Really good and quick service. Was catching up with a friend and we ordered the express lunch.
I ordered the yellow Thai curry. Simply delicious. Moreover we sat there talking for almost an hour after even our lunch was over and the ladies didn't say a word. May be because the it wasn't relatively busy being a weekday, yet.
The first time we had ordered Tom yum soup and the prawn curry.
Loved the food both times. Superb ambience.

4 star rating
by Lana Rose Webster
4 months ago

Had a group of 25 here for my birthday dinner! Organisation was second to none! Food service was efficient, the portions were a bit small for a Thai restaurant but delicious food! Great for large groups!

4 star rating
by Lana
4 months ago

Great food. Great service.

My friend spilt curry on herself and the waiter came promptly with soda water and paper towels without having to be asked.

The food is reasonably priced and always comes very fast. Would highly recommend this place!

2 star rating
by FoodiePhysician
6 months ago

Came here with an entertainment voucher for a wee discount. Had the set menu for two which included a few generic starters e.g. Spring rolls and curry puffs, tom yum soup, fried veges and pad thai and dessert.

Hmm. Wasnt very impressed with this place. My pet peeve is when food, that is of a fast food or takeaway standard, is sold at "fine dining standard" prices. Taste, presentation nor quantity justified the price, and the slow delivery of food did not satisfy the anticipation one would usually have with a set menu. I could have saved time and money by eating at any food court joint on K road.

The homemade ice cream tastes like and looks like, and I suspect is, some tip top tub ice cream served with syrup.

Also, if you order beer, one would usually expect to receive before the meal, and not be charged for it when it was not eventually served.

Only 2 Yums Sawadikap

5 star rating
by Sungsam7
6 months ago

Went with five good mates. We ordered the set menu per person and what a treat! Entrees, soup, main and dessert and better still it is BYO. We had a great experience, excellent service and we sat up the top which was cosy.
Update: tonight I brought hubby here for dinner so he too could sample the intricate flavours of Thai food so perfectly balanced e.g sweet, sour, bitter, salty and spicy - here at Mai Thai compared to other Thai places we have dined at in the past.
We settled for the $40 pp set menu for two as it consists of popular and commonly known dishes such as Goong Hom Pah, Satay, Tom Yum Goong (great palette teaser before the mains) Massaman and Pad Thai.
Service is attentive, polite and never in your face. Our water glasses topped continously and plates cleared not long after we had devoured each dish.
A lovely evening with hubby dining over intricately balanced aromatic Thai dinner.

2 star rating
by Jamie
6 months ago

One of the few Thai restaurants in Auckland CBD. The meals don't taste like authentic Thai. The food was average to poor, but I've only tried a few dishes so maybe I just chose the wrong ones!? It's a bit pricy considering the quality of the food. Would I consider going back? No. There are more tasty Thai places if you venture out into the city fringe.

2 star rating
by Flor Yazmin
7 months ago

Went last night to celebrate my birthday with a group of girls, DISGUSTING service. Disappointing experiences. Will NEVER return here again. It doesn't matter how good the food is when the service is that bad.

One of my friends wanted to skip the main and just order dessert and the waitress was very rude and said, she needed to order a main, everybody in the table should do it!!
After a talked to her she asked me my credit card to secure the payment. Super rude.
We wanted more water and the waitress was all the time away, 1little jar for 10 people.

Payment also a problem, we tried to use the entertainment book voucher and the woman ask for just one payment.

5 star rating
by Gonsalves Aurelius
7 months ago

Wonderful Thai food, when you have a craving for Thai food this is the best place to visit quiet reasonable too the best value for money if your ever in town visit this place

0 star rating
by Andy Tran
7 months ago

It's one of the best Thai restaurant in Auckland. Scrumptious food and friendly staff. Highly recommend.

4 star rating
by Aimee R
9 months ago

Have eaten here twice, was great the first time however I ordered the same thing the second time and the recipe had been changed which wasn't great. Lovely staff and ambience nonetheless

4 star rating
by Bizcochito
10 months ago

We went here on a busy Friday night, service a bit slow and they weren't great at giving us water despite us asking a few times. However the food arrived pretty quickly and was great! I am a Very Hungry Person and found the meals to be well-sized and filling. Great, extensive vegetarian menu. Had some awesome coconut rice on the side of my meal.

3 star rating
by Peifen Chua
11 months ago

Ordered massamum curry. Was really hungry that night , so my meal wasn't as filling and satisfying. But it was alright, just not my favourite thai place. Price is a little on the higher range as well, and you have to pay extra for jasmine or coconut rice.

5 star rating
by Vimalin Lertvisutvorakul
Nov 02, 2014

I've been there several times. The foods are marvelous, I really enjoy their foods and drinks. Service is awesome, everyone very friendly especially bartender man!!!! OXOX Love this place.

5 star rating
by Elle Lertvisutvorakul
Nov 02, 2014

This is the best thai restaurant i have tried so fAr in auckland. The food was oishi
Im from japan


2 star rating
by Marina S
Oct 28, 2014

Have been to Mai Thai several times and have had to draw a line on returning. The service is lacklustre - staff are quite rude/unfriendly. We have always booked tables in advance and have had multiple problems with numbers when we arrive, with not enough spaces laid out for the number we requested and having to wait awkwardly for several minutes even though we booked tables days beforehand.  The food is nice but many dishes which were requested as mild by members of our group came out far too spicy. Staff also made faces for the few people who wanted to share dishes, again quite rude. When it came to paying however, the staff somehow managed to get even ruder, adding corkage where it never existed, and getting very angry when we pointed this out to them, resulting in a stand off where they refused to take items they added off the bill. Would definitely not go here again, and would recommend people to stay away and find another Thai place in the CBD.

3 star rating
by Anup Choudary
Oct 15, 2014

Went to this place, around 6 months ago on my friend's bday. The first thing I noticed there was that the restaurant was too crowdy, it seemed like the full first floor was stuffed with people. We went on a surprise visit to Mai Thai, without prior booking but we were happy to get the table soon after our request to one of the waiters. Food was good, but we got it after a LONGGGG wait. I understand that the management take pressure by satisfying so many customers at a time. But i would probably recommend Mai Thai, to shift to a much bigger space with a bigger team. I guess that the place has got popular with the food it has provided to its customers for decades, but they should start mitigating the waiting period of the customers.
Fine Casual Dine restaurant. Had a fine experience overall. Cheers :)

5 star rating
by Hiral Patel
Sep 30, 2014

They have the best Pad Thai hands down for Vegetarians. I am a fan of going to this place in big groups. Service is always good. A lot of variety. Also reasonable on price. I suggest coming here, the atmosphere is noisy but that is what you will expect in a big restaurant like this.

2 star rating
by Captain T
Jul 19, 2014

Disappointing overall. First, the waiter over ordered the entrees and mains but convinced us to take the extra meals (which we had to pay for). The service was pretty slow, and to top it off, I specifically asked for an extra hot jungle curry which came disappointingly mild and lacking the authentic thai flavour. In fact, it was lacking flavour overall. I've been to Mai Thai several times over the years and every time it's a little worse than the time before.

3 star rating
by Emily Brown
Jul 04, 2014

One of the few restaurants in Auckland that offers BYO - they make up for it though by charging a lot of money for good food but nothing special.

4 star rating
by Linda Nguyen
Jun 27, 2014

Loved the food there. The atmosphere was relaxing and the interior of the restaurant was nice.

5 star rating
by Monica
Jun 26, 2014

Went here last weekend on Saturday night and absolutely loved it. The atmosphere was great, great service and very traditional good thai food. I ordered a pad thai and chicken satays, both were delicious. I recommend this restaurant for anyone wanting to have a nice evening and enjoy classic Thai dining.

1 star rating
by LucyGoosey
Jun 16, 2014

This place is a complete joke! I recommend you stay well away from it unless you are looking to ruin your evening.
Went there on Saturday, there were a few other tables of people in the part that we were sitting in and there were larger parties in another part of the restaurant. Firstly, the decor. The window by where we sat was filthy. The place desperately needs a make-over, not that it will help much.

We ordered a couple of dishes, roti and rice. The man who served us was very friendly and, at first, I was impressed. But that was soon to change in a horrifying turn of events.

About 30 minutes after we order, our squid dish comes out. It's small, cold, and the squid smells a little off. I notice that 3 different waiters bring out one plate of food for each of the other tables. The rest of the people at each table are looking as stunned as we are. Where is the rest of our food? The waiters seem to be playing some sort of musical chairs with our dishes, each of them quickly bringing a plate out, placing it in front of us and then scuttling back to the kitchen and waiting for the next round.

We wait... and wait... maybe 7 - 10 minutes go by and then the rest of our food comes out. We taste it and grab our glasses of water. Didn't we ask for mild? I enjoy spicy Thai food but our squid (which at this stage was stone-cold) and Thai beef salad were too spicy. We asked for an extra rice as the serving was tiny. The second rice never came. The Thai beef salad was quite good (apart from too much chili) and had a lovely lime flavor. The roti was also pretty good (that's their 1 star) The squid was $27 and was a really small portion.

We complained to the waiter about the spice and late arrival of the food and he said sorry but didn't offer a discount. The man who served us when we went up to pay was rude and snatched my card off me. Yeah that's right, terrible service, not very nice food and now you are literally tearing my money out of my hands.

This place should be ashamed of itself. Do not go here. There are much, much better Thai restaurants in Auckland, not that it would be hard to beat this place!

1 star rating
by Bigspender
Jun 15, 2014

I went here last night. Three or four tables were booked. The food arrived 20 minutes later. The rice was a served a child like portion. The squid stunk and was cold. As was the rice. We asked for mild and got so hot we couldn't handle it. I complained twice about the spice. To two different staff and both did nothing. Ordered a second rice and didn't even get one. The only nice thing was the wine.... That I bought my self. Don't go here! It will ruin any occasion! Didn't even get a discount. Only go here if you don't appreciate good Thai food. Too cold. Bad service. Late food arrival.

1 star rating
by Crystal Byrne
May 21, 2014

Looks like we were not the only people disappointed by the (quite frankly) appalling service at this restaurant. We always come here for my partner's birthday each year with a group but I will never be returning here again after this recent time.
Made a booking for our group of 10 people for 8.30pm on the Saturday night. They called up at 11pm the night before to re-confirm - quite late for a phone call in my opinion.
Turned up on Saturday just before 8.30pm - didn't get any service until I had to ask at 8.45pm. Got told that our table had been given away because we were late ... we were there at 8.30pm but nobody served us, we were left waiting on the stairs as the restaurant was so busy there was nowhere left to stand.
They were really rude about it and didn't try to resolve anything. I stated that they needed to find us a table because this was a special birthday - at 9.20pm still nothing ... staff all looking really flustered - really rude man trying to tell us it was our fault.
They didn't really give a damn because they are so busy that they don't need to... but I'm hoping with enough bad reviews they will see how important good service is.

1 star rating
by Tom Libby
May 18, 2014

Had a large booking with Mai Thai prior to the comedy gala (17th of May 2014). Understandably adding to the confusion for wait staff, our group was spread over two large tables within their rabbit warren of a restaurant. That being said our tables were in such tight quarters you could not even pull your chair back to get out, more of a climb over chairs or duck under tables for freedom.
The restaurant was extremely hot and humid, this is before anyone had even touched some sort of spice in the entrée. That's a whole different ball game. Multiple requests were made for the fans to be switched on, which wait staff responded with a hollow 'yes'. After about 45mins post latest request a member of the group located the switch to add some sort of relief from the uncomfortable hum of the restaurant.
We arrived at the restaurant at approximately 7.40pm, 8.00pm one of our tables orders were taken. 8.30pm our table requested our orders be taken. 9.00pm our drink order arrives at our table and the other table had already consumed their entree's and mains. 9.20pm some of our mains arrive followed by our entree's, orders were incorrect and some cold.
I ate my meal angry and write this review angry. I will never eat at Mai Tai again on my own accord.
Staff were severely overwhelmed and the restaurant heavily overbooked. All in all, regardless as to whether the food tasted good or not, it made for a very unpleasant dining experience.

3 star rating
by Birdy
Dec 29, 2013

Good Thai food but this places doesn't stand out from the dozens of Thai places all over the city.

1 star rating
by Vienna Domingo
Oct 24, 2013

I went here with my friends to celebrate my birthday and was looking forward to a good evening. The guy that served us was extremely sweet and took our orders. Two of my friends were unwell so they did not order anything but just came there to celebrate with me. Everything was going fine, until the Manager (a lady) went up to the two of my friends and very rudely asked "are you'll going to order anything?" to which they politely said no. She again very rudely said "You have to order if you want to sit here, you cannot share with anyone as each meal is only sufficient for one person". She certainly did not say this out of concern because she was yelling at us. I found this very insulting and told the manager that no where does it say we have to order one meal per person to dine here. To which she said "I've written the menu and if you don't want to eat here you don't have to return". She certainly has no customer service skills being the manager. The waiter who served us was kind enough to apologize on her behalf and made sure we were comfy. The manager was fine to everyone else but us....we were the only brown people there. Never returning here for sure!

1 star rating
by Dinu Bandara
Oct 11, 2013

Had booking at 8pm to celebrate mom's 65th birthday. Was waiting for a table for 40 mins. Mentioned few times to the waiter that my mother was a diabetic and needed to eat on time as she's on insulin. Waiter kept saying that the table is ready and will be seated soon. At 8.45pm we left with no table. Place was packed. If they are so busy and unable to accommodate they should not accept any other bookings. They just want you to wait in the bar and keep paying for drinks. When I mentioned this to my friends, they also mentioned that they had to wait long time and food wasn't even good. Never again!!!

1 star rating
by Sue
Apr 04, 2013

I was taken back by the interior and was ready to enjoy a nice dining experience upon arrival, however when the food arrived I was incredibly underwhelmed. Some of the blandest thai curry I have tasted in Auckland. Very pricey and not the friendliest service. Won't be returning.

3 star rating
by Whitecat X
Feb 23, 2013

We've been there many times and thought it a nice place to eat decent Thai food although a bit pricey.
This time we went there a busy weekend and ordered Tom Yum Goong, chicken satay, and a Green curry to share. We didn't mind the bill but merely not so hungry..When we asked our leftover green curry to take away, one of the female staff tutted! We didn't know here is such a fine dining enough not to allow takeaway! Or the check we paid about 80 dollars incl. drink was too cheap for them?
I love their green curry but since then think about if I should come back. Just shame..

4 star rating
by Anna Nayyar
Feb 20, 2013

This is one of my go-to Thai places for the past few years. The lunch specials are cheap and taste great (must try the green curry!)

The dinner menu is pricey but good food and cocktails are also delicious. I have been here in big groups as well as in twos - the service is always great. Absolutely love the brick wall decor!

2 star rating
by Christie
Nov 17, 2012

Eh, nothing special. Decent lunch specials but during the week, I was the only customer there. The Pad Thai was a little bland and wished there was a little more tamarind sauce in there.

The prices are so high for dinner, I wonder if it would be any better but don't think they would be.

2 star rating
by Ellie
Apr 28, 2012

If you're taking out elderly relatives who don't normally eat Thai food, here would be great- its very un-threatening and non-exotic. Yawn.
I guess people who come here a lot don't eat at other Thai places. We eat Thai all the time, and this place just doesn't have good food. Its OK. Any little local place does as good or better, so all you're paying for is the decor, which isn't any better than somewhere like Tom Yum- which happens to have superb food at 1/3 the price.

4 star rating
by Sue Holyoake
Feb 19, 2012

Went here on New Years Eve and they were terribly busy and understaffed. Can hardly hold this against them considering the night. So, of course service was not so good. A table of 6 all ordering beer and spirits only served drinks twice.
For entree we all had mixed platters. For main I had the Larb Sawan -
Minced chicken, beef, pork or duck seasoned with spices, lemon juice and toasted ground rice served with salad.

I had never tried it before and it was delicious. Quite spicy for me since I can't handle spicy food but it was a refreshing type of spice - the lemon juice balanced it nicely and the helping was huge.
Everyone was happy with the food.
Unfortunately we were seated out the back in the ugly conservatory but once again it was because of the night.
We were lucky to get a booking and I'm sure another visit would be an entirely different experience. Lovely food.

3 star rating
by Kellie Wooding
Jun 25, 2011

Normally always good food here, but I had stuck to chicken and prawns in the past. Tried Red curry with beef... Big mistake. Beef chewy and tough!! Could not eat meat, luckily good amount of veggies kept me full. Staff not bothered by feedback and I had to challenge paying for that dish, they took half of reluctantly.
Tom yum, & larb yummy, other meats duck chicken & pork cooked nicely.

4 star rating
by Jessica M
Jun 25, 2011

I love the decoration, i even took pictures from the ceiling, the food is really good, we had an entree, 2 mains and dessert and everything was delicious, even if you don't know what to order i can assure you everything would be delicious, the uniforms of the people working there make you feel on vacations!
I'll definitively go to Thailand on vacations now!!!

4 star rating
by Crystal Johnson
Aug 04, 2010

Dined here last night, service was amazing, we ordered cocktails entrees and mains at the same time, within minutes the cocktails were brought out to us and very well designed and tasted amazing, moments later our entrees arrived and they were also amazing. Less than 15Min's later our mains arrived and the chicken meal I ordered was just the best Thai food I have ever had, my partner ordered a lamb and cashew meal from their favourites menu and it even better than my tasty meal. We would have spend less than 1 hour there. Decor is fantastic. Its warm and the service was just amazing, I will definitely go back for meal here!

3 star rating
by Biggie C
Apr 07, 2010

I've eaten here on many occasions and the staff are friendly, and the food is of a good quality. Its not the best thai I have had but consistent.

5 star rating
by Terance Bartholomew
Mar 02, 2010

The best Thai restaurant that I've been to for some time, the food was excellent as was the service. The staff are friendly, knowledgable and efficient. The menu covered everything that I wanted and a lot more, I tried a new dish on each occasion that I went ther, three in all, and each time the food was excellent. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone.

1 star rating
by L Gilbert
Feb 07, 2010

Service and decor was excellent, but the business lunch 'reheated' set menu option was a taste let down.

3 star rating
by Henward
Sep 21, 2009

expensive. food was OK, not it was only OK.
parking is a pain and really not worth the hassle to be honest.

dee jai is way better!
probably wont go back

4 star rating
by Shuds
Mar 01, 2009

Wife and I went at lunchtime. Was informal, relaxed and not packed at all. The service was of a high standard, the staff polite, friendly and on the ball.

We ordered from the main menu. Food was of an excellent standard: menu indications of hot/mild were spot on.

Starters: Chicken Satays & Prawn cakes. Both were perfectly cooked and presented.

Mains: Beef & Potato curry with rice & Thai Fried noodles. There was as much rice as you wanted to have with several servings of it if you so wish! All was very tasty and the meat perfectly tender.

Deserts: Coconut ice-cream & glutenous rice, Custard cake and vanilla ice-cream. Both deserts excellent - loved the chilled coconut with the warm and slightly salted rice. Perfectly executed dishes and presented well.

Coffee: short black and latte. Both very good. Presentation of short black was exquisite.

Drinks: 1 beer, plenty of chilled water.

Bill: $94. There are $15 & $19 lunch options too.

We'd go back again. It is a bit pricey but it is also a cut above the other eateries in the area.

The one slight gripe was that the interior is beautifully presented but we were put into the less attractive 'lean to' conservatory area at the back. Didn't seem necessary as there were plenty of other tables where we could have been sat. We could have asked to be re-seated but decided not to. Wasn't a major thing but did stop this review from being a 5star one.

Would happily eat there again - it's a place for a special treat rather than just a lunchtime date/meeting with friends.

1 star rating
by Tina
Dec 23, 2008

We always got o Mai Thai as normally there food is real nice and the service is real good...however we went to Mai Thai on 22/12/08 and I asked for my meal which is normally 2 chillis on the spice factor to be reduced to a 1. When I got my food it was so spicy that it was burning my lips, so I sent back advising it was way too spicy. I got my food straight away and took one mouth full and thought this is good, went to get another only to find that there was hair in my food. So once again I sent it back. This little man came out and asked me what was wrong with my food all the while twirling what looked to be the hair in my food around his finger. So explained why I sent the food back twice then he asked me to pick another meal coz I didn't like what I had ordered. I always order this dish (9.10) and have never had an issue with it before. It also looked like he was trying to match the hair that was found with ours as if we had planted it in the food. No apologies or anything. Very poor experience...needless to say I will not be going back to Mai Thai anytime soon

5 star rating
by Cherie Manning
May 23, 2008

We have dined several times and as a NZ maori we absolutely loved the food and the great service we received. Thai food is exceptionally tasty and low fat which is a bonus considering NZ food is mostly processed garbage. I have tried to cook Thai food at home but somehow it just doesnt have the same flavors & taste as dining out. Love your restaurant and the outstanding service from your team. Have recommended your restaurant to others who have also dined several times. We recently had a large birthday group there of which we all loved the experience.