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4 star rating 23 reviews

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442 Richmond Road

  European, Pizza, Finger Food
11 AM to 11:30 PM (Mon-Thu), 11 AM to 12:30 AM (Fri), 10 AM to 12:30 AM (Sat), 10 AM to 11:30 PM (Sun)


Reviews for Malt Bar

4 star rating
by Thomas C
3 months ago

Went to Malt today with a group of around 30. The inside bar isn't the biggest though it has a well sized outdoor area with not only gas heaters, but little blankets. Yes, Malt has little blankets ready for you to use while in the outdoor area!!!

The food was more than decent and relatively speedy considering the number of people ordering. Everything was smooth and easy to nake a good pleasurable social experience.

My only gripe was with one of the waitresses who wasn't the greatest with English. We had a little drama ordering food and got no water by default for being customers though she was still kind and attentive.

Had there not have been English issues, I would have given Malt a 4.5 though have to give it a 4. It's a very decent location. I recommend Malt.

5 star rating
by Linus
3 months ago

Popped in here on the spur of the moment and I'm so glad I've found this place! I was blown away by their eye fillet, perfectly cooked medium rare - honestly better than all other streak places I've been to in Auckland. Handcut Agria fries perfectly cooked and seasoned, as was the seasonal vegetables. Hands down the best evening meal I've had out in ages and there will be many repeat visits.

4 star rating
by Katherine Simpson
4 months ago

Great burger. Perfectly cooked meat patty, fresh bun and delicious chips. Love that the meals are dependable and tasty. The beer battered fries are the best

5 star rating
by Nic Jones
8 months ago

I came here with my partner for a quick lunch and wasn't disappointed. The friendly attentive staff, the food was great (Chicken Burger & damn good spicy wings - extra hot!)
Great selection of beers, plenty of craft ones to chose from too and all priced reasonably. Cheers

5 star rating
by Duane Sommerville
8 months ago

Great range of affordable meals.  The beer battered fries are the best fries I've ever eaten!!!  Comfortable setting, with friendly, approachable staff.  Loyalty programme seems quite good as well.

5 star rating
by Michelle
8 months ago

I previously had a bad experience with Malt's service (1-2yrs ago), but have recently started going back. I've been 3 times over the last month, ordering their BLT with fries on the side - delicious! The service has been great - and Avocado has been added to my BLT at my request :)  Someone else at my table asked for some aioli for their fries - it was no trouble. I also appreciate chilled water and glasses being brought to the table without having to ask. Really pleased with my dining experiences! It's become one of our go-to places for lunch in Grey/West Lynn.

4 star rating
by Javier Yebenes
8 months ago

Great burgers at a reasonable price. The food at this bar is quite good but the service is far from being even average. I just hope I visited Malt Bar on a bad day for the staff, but there seem to be as well no management to look after bartender/waiter`s mistakes. I will probably go again for the awesome chicken burger, but not for the plastic bottle`s coke with no ice.

*On the last 2 visits to Malt Bar I was very lucky and a wonderful waitress looked after my table. Service was fantastic and she made our night way better. It's time to change my rating from 3.5 to 4.0. You're heading on the right direction!

5 star rating
by Wolfie W
Oct 09, 2014

We had dinner here last month on a Friday evening.  It was super early as we needed to be somewhere else by 6.30pm.  Just as well, really as the place really filled up during the time we were there, and lots of people were tableless, and waiting at the bar.  The staff were all extremely friendly and welcoming, and generally great at what they do.  We both ordered the Scotch Fillet, medium rare with the green peppercorn sauce and handcut fries - After a short wait our meals arrived, nicely presented and very generous serves.  The steak was perfectly cooked and just like I love it, slightly crunchy char on the outside and truly pink and succulent on the inside.  I can honestly say they were the best steaks we'd had in ages - and at $26 this is steal.  No room for afters, but we fitted a few pints of Montieth's Black in and around the food... entire bill was under $70, that's got to make you smile.

3 star rating
by Laurie
May 25, 2014

Ok - I admit I should have done my homework. We visited the Malt on a busy Saturday night when rugby was on. However, we did select this restaurant as it appeared in the fine dinning section of the Entertainment Book - this creates a certain expectation before your arrival. It was not fine dining - with the noise of the bar, TV's showing rugby (and I enjoy sport) blaring away, sitting at a table that was unstable and rocked with every movement (actually thought it at risk of collapsing), sitting in the walkway between the bar and outside sports area etc. At one point we had to ask the waitress to speak up as we couldn't hear her and I came home smelling like a cigarette. BUT, the staff were friendly, attentive and cared for our needs. The food very tasty (I had the soup which was a tasty meal on its own - as well as the pie - tasty and I couldn't finish it as I was so full) and well priced. In summary - if you want a pub meal - worth a visit - been to far worse!! If you want a quiet meal with friends and a chat I strongly suggest you look elsewhere.

5 star rating
by Sheryl Glasse
Apr 29, 2014

Have had a great steak meal twice in a week as the food was so delicious. Nestar the chef is the best!

2 star rating
by Tina Ah Chee
Dec 22, 2013

We went here with a deal, when we sat down the waitress came and asked us three times within 10 minutes, if we were ready to order , then after that I had to go find her to tell her we were ready. She wasn't busy, just inattentive, there were 4 tables occupied that day. We had to ask for the table to be wiped clean, so the waitress wiped the splatter, but not the whole table with a dry cloth, it made us feel the table wasn't clean.
We had tapas, pork ribs, meatballs, squid. Very disappointing. The ribs were just pressure cooked without marinade then smothered in BBQ sauce, they were white not caramelised or grilled smothered with sauce that was too sweet, we had to scrape some of it off, then the meatballs were warm not hot covered in cold sauce, so it made for a funny feel to the dish, was it supposed to a hot dish or a cold dish? It would have been better hot. The squid, was oily, a sign the temperature of the fryer was not hot enough.
We didn't really enjoy the meal or the service. Tapas should be small dishes of gorgeousness, tasty and rich, balanced in flavour and constructed with care. Perhaps we should have ordered meals, but how do you know that they would have been better? And tapas are supposed to be as good as meals, not a consolation prize. These were not. Sorry, we won't be coming back.

4 star rating
by Sarah Williams
Dec 18, 2013

Malt hosted a Xmas do for me on the 13th - we had 48 people in a Hawaiian themed BBQ out on the deck and it was excellent. People commented on the quality and variety of the food, the staff were very helpful, they supplied a blue cocktail for everyone at our request and made everything really simple so the evening could flow. I would thoroughly recommend it as a venue for a group function

5 star rating
by Sandy Gildea
Nov 04, 2013

had not heard of this place but it was on grab a deal and i wanted to go somewhere different - its lovely and we will defiantly be back - we sat in the courtyard and although we were early 12 o'clock for lunch there was only us there but the staff were friendly and my partner had ribs which were huge portion so he was happy and i had the chicken sand which with chips again huge portions - we will be defiantly back maybe over a weekend to check out the atmosphere and will be recommending our friends to go thanks for a lovely lunch

4 star rating
by Mark Brennan
Oct 23, 2013

I been to Malt Bar twice both times the meals were good and the Monteiths Beer on tap also a hit. One thing though is that both times the staff serving our tables were really friendly but when we enter and paid the manager himself wasn't so friendly... other than that this is a great local and I would come back again and again.

5 star rating
by Suzannah Grange
Sep 16, 2013

This was a seriously good 'Black & Beef' pie I had here today for lunch. It cost me $14, and was very full of flavour and extremely filling. I think this pie is pretty healthy as far as pies go too, cuz it only had a puff pastry lid, (not bottom or sides), and the actual soft melt-in-your mouth beef was delicious in a creamy-textured brown sauce made with Monteith's black ale, with the odd mushroom here and there. It was really nice. The beer battered fries here are crunchy and perfect. Plus there was a really tasty dressing on the little green leaf salad that came with it.

A homely delicious meal that I thought was great value in a comfortable old-school pub atmosphere.

1 star rating
by Lois W
Jul 10, 2013

Went here for pizza with my partner and my son. We ordered one large pizza and a kids pizza. Both pizzas arrived and the large one was badly burnt round the edges. The kids pizza wasn't even cooked. It should have never been served. It was sent back. Then there was the waitress who kept playing with her hair, touching her face while handling plates of food. This would have to be the worst dinning experience we have had. My son will never eat there again. I will not be in a hurry to return. This restaurant badly needs to take a look at their food standards also their staff training. A very unpleasant evening.

4 star rating
by Tessa Guildford
Feb 21, 2013

We went to Malt last night... Waitress was lovely, and funny, outdoor area was great, but we were not close to the smoking part which may have helped.

Service was a bit slow / hard to find, as there was only 2 staff working and they were busy for 2 people.

Booze was good, your average price, good Pinot Selection and decent value on beer jugs.

Pizza's were pretty boring, and ours needed an extra minute to avoid the center of the base going soggy.

Chips - Best ever in the world!!! Ever

I would go back for drinks and snacks and a tonne of chips, easy!

4 star rating
by Kelly Wu
Nov 18, 2012

Went there for lunch. Like the atmosphere, and also the food was well prepare although we waited for 20 minutes to get the brunch on the table. Overall satisfied with the level of service and the quality of food.

3 star rating
by Philip
Nov 26, 2011

The food was nice. Typical pub meals, but the dinner portions were on the small side compared to other pubs.
The service was efficient.
The environment is nice. A good, cosy, pub atmosphere with plenty of character.
Kudos for offering the deal voucher promotion.

Overall a satisfying, pleasant night out.

5 star rating
by Marc
Jul 31, 2011

I love going to Malt, the $29 tripple platter is delicious and great value. The chef cooks these dishes to perfection, and they are very well presented. The service is fast and the ambience is fine. A down to earth chic place that I really enjoy eating at :)

4 star rating
by Katie Wallace
Jun 18, 2011

i am regular there, strange thing is they have different chef each day.
sometimes, the food is too much sodium which none of my friend couldn't eat. but they usually make amazing $10 lunch meals i like their beer beef pie with chips! it's soo fresh and chips are really crispy too. they also offer soup, thai beef/ tuna wraps with salad.

4 star rating
by Louisa
Nov 21, 2010

if there is one place to fall back on when you have no where else to be, The Malt is a good place to go. Great staff, great food, great service, great place to relax and eat after a long week...

4 star rating
by Pete
Sep 08, 2010

Good night out here, sat down with a couple of friends and ate some good bar food. Were supposed to go out later for dinner in Ponsonby but just stayed on in there and ordered more.