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Mamak Malaysian Restaurant

4_half star rating 28 reviews

Telephone 09 948 6479

50 Kitchener St
Chancery Square
Auckland Central
Auckland City

Malaysian, Asian, Singaporean
Tues - Sun
11:30am - 2:30pm, 5pm - 9.30pm


Mamak Malaysian Restaurant in Chancery Court. Serving mouth watering Malaysia mamak stall dishes with a fushion twist. You can get freshly homemade roti canai, roti tissue, satay, mamak mee goreng, laksa etc……. Please come and try out yourself……….


Photo of Mamak Malaysian Restaurant
Chicken Murtabak or Beef Murtabak
Mamak Mee Goreng

More Information

Takeaway / Fast Food, Restaurants
Pay & Display
Price Range:
Cheap, Under $15
Beer, Wine
Dietary Restrictions:
Halal, Vegetarian
Meals Served:
Lunch, Dinner
Payment Types:
EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard
Seating For:

Reviews for Mamak Malaysian Restaurant

5 star rating
by Zuber M.
28th June 2014

I haven’t been here for a while, but i thought i’d post my rating today because the last time i had gone there i was blown away by the food and service.

Went there with 4 of my cousins and we tried 4-5 different dishes, they were all very nice.

Highly recommend their Soft Shell Crab. Try it, you won’t regret it!

4 star rating
by Eugene J.
29th January 2014

This place is a real find. Don’t be put off by its small size or the plastic menus. The food is excellent and quite generous. Soft shelled crab is the standout for me.

4 star rating
by Shak
13th December 2013

We came here for dinner a few days ago and both ended up ordering the chicken curry with roti. (I had dhal as well).

The service was quick.

The atmosphere was buzzing and for a second it felt like, I was probably in Malaysia.

The food was delicious and the flavour of the spices was outstanding.

In the past, I have had, what I consider to be among one of the best Laksa’s in Auckland here as well.

This was definitely a four star experience.

5 star rating
by One2one A.
7th December 2013

omg fantastic food!!! I have found the owner is actually quite nice and it gets soo busy. I had to wait for 10mins for table but the food is worth to wait. I have tried seafood goreng and laksa soup and two other dishes so far. I’d highly recommend to all especially great place for quick meal before movie on fri night :)
food is excellent! price is extremely affordable!

4 star rating
by Merv
26th October 2013

Visited this place 4 times. Consistently good, ingredients are fresh, and the servings are good-sized. Quite an extensive menu, the laksa is spicy without being too hot. The prices of the drinks are reasonable and there is an interesting array to choose from (Volcano Milo being one). Service is efficient; more perfunctory than friendly. On a warm, sunny day; most pleasant to be seated outside. 4.5 Stars

3 star rating
by prasanna
20th October 2013

If you searching for an authentic Malaysian restaurant that serves tasty Malaysian Indo-Chinese-Malay food, then Mamak is by far the best that we can recommend. They make real “Roti Chanais”. This is a big difference unlike other Malaysian restaurants that we have frequented that just heat up the Kawan Roti Parathas and serve along with the curry.

We tried their Roti Telur as well as Nasi Lemak. Highly recommended and it falls under the cheap to moderate places to eat. They are usually busy and we have consistently encountered unfriendly service.

The second time that we visited we tried their Murtabak with beef filling. The accompanying curry was soaked in oil and the replacement chicken curry was equally soaked in oil. The cabbage dish as well as lentil dish were cold (and seemed like straight out of the refrigerator).

Since the restaurant was closing at 2:30 PM and we (along with others) were still being served – they insisted that they will not take any further orders and were hurrying up to wrap up the afternoon session. Felt uncomfortable as it clearly indicated their business attitude ahead of customer service.

If you would like to try Malaysian food but can bear unfriendly service, you can try this place. I will not be going again.

4 star rating
by Lito B.
13th September 2013

Big servings and really good value for your money. I can say that the quality will be average, but definitely a place to be whenever you wanted to have a quick meal. Convenient parking at the basement as well. Just hope the the refurbishment works in the area will be finished soon.

5 star rating
by Jana
18th July 2013

I’ve been to Mamak 3 times now and absolutely love the food here. Mamak was recommended to me by a Malaysian friend who claims the food is very authentic. Love the beef murtabak and the sambal chicken. Have introduced my other friends to this place and they rate it very highly too. The only downside is that they don’t take bookings over the phone which is understandable as they’re always busy. Only means that we sometimes have to wait for a table but it’s totally worth the trouble! Though it’s not on the menu, I always order the tissue roti with condensed milk for dessert. It’s the only Malaysian place I am aware of that makes it! Overall, highly recommended for a hearty and inexpensive delicious meal in the city.

4 star rating
by Bernadette B.
15th May 2013

Great place, is always busy on any day and patronage is always a good sign. The curry laksa and char kuay teow is great :) My parents are Malaysian and love it. Have been frequenting this place since it has opened. Reason for 4 stars is that it is crammed inside, can be cold outside as the heaters are not always on (but maybe I am just a girl) and often there’s a bit of a wait since it’s always so busy. Would be great if there was more indoor seating. Some dishes could be improved slightly but not complaining as the majority of dishes are pretty awesome and it’s great having such a place to go to in downtown Auckland!!

5 star rating
by belladonna
1st March 2013

I’m a huge Mamak fan, usually end up there once every week or two. I was born and brought up in Malaysia, return there regularly for holidays and the food in Mamak is much better than any meal I had when I was last there. The sambal is fantastic and the roti canai the only roti I’ve had in Auckland that isn’t sickly sweet. I’m a bit addicted to the Nasi Lemak but my partner has had just about everything on the menu from laksa to satay to beef rendang and he loved it all.

Re the owner. I think he’s a great guy, if you get speaking to him he’s lovely. People maybe expect too much. This is a CHEAP place to eat in the city centre, the only way he can sustain that is by having a busy restaurant and a speedy turnover. I’m not saying rudeness is ever acceptable – I’ve never found him rude – but you can’t expect restaurant service when you’re paying $12 for a main course. Really it’s an amazing quality fast food outlet. Eat, enjoy and make way for the next customers.

4 star rating
by EeLaine Y.
8th February 2013

Came here for dinner with a friend last night, not planned (just happened to be passing by) but very glad we did!

There was one mix up of dishes at the beginning (we ordered a range of tapas-styled plates to share and the owner brought out one we didn’t order), but the owner was very apologetic and the problem was rectified quickly. All our food was brought promptly and was piping hot and freshly made.

The highlight for me was a dish of meat-substitute morsels (the name escapes me now),wrapped in pandan leaves and fried. The seasoning on this was excellent, and the texture was almost believable as a real minced meat product. I would also highly recommend the salt and pepper squid. The crispy batter enclosed pieces of soft (not rubbery, yay!) squid and was very moreish.

Would definitely come here again. So, so good.

4 star rating
by Karen F.
12th November 2012

The food is great, esp the freshly made roti is awesome, but the owner can be rather rude. I think that he thinks he’s being funny, but unfortunately, he’s wrong.

5 star rating
by Kendra
5th October 2012

Absolutley love Mamak!! Favorite restaurant in all of Auckland. We have eaten here almost every week for the last year. Food is always fresh, delicious, the owner Geoffry always knows exactly what we are going to order.

Its BYOW as well which is a bonus.

Try the salt n pepper squids and the Roti Chicken Curry- excellent home made roti.

We always bring our guests here as its a guaranteed excellent feed.

Fast Friendly. Exceptional value for price! Highly recommend Mamak :)

5 star rating
by gem
4th October 2012

So good! Been twice the past week with family, shared a range of dishes including roti canai, chicken rice, seafood laksa, char kway teow, nasi lemak, vege murtabak and I must say all was delicious! Best malaysian food in Auckland and totally worth the money

1 star rating
by closet.mine
30th March 2012

Been there few times. Food was okay and specially that’s the only place in akl making fresh ROTI. When the first opening boss was really friendly and welcoming. But been there today, was trying to order ROTI BOM which is a dessert roti cost nzd8.50 , nasi goreng n a teh ais which make up total bil of nzd27.50. But boss was rude which i dunno what happen to him today as maybe i’m not as regular customer or their restaurant is busy enuff for not necessary to hav us to be the customer as he told me if i’m trying to order dessert roti which is a low price item during lunch hour they wouldn’t really wan to do it as although mamak in msia is a place which can order a drink to sit there for chit chatting or … but not with their shop since this kind of customer expenses can’t even cover the minimum salary …blah blah blah.. was got a bit shock since i don’t think it’s pleasant to said this to customer. We still sit there to finish our meal but overall it’s really not a pleasant dining experience cause i believe service should remain although business has been expanded especially being a boss. This is just my personal experience. Thanks.

3 star rating
by Lee San C.
28th March 2012

My friend and I went there as we thought of finding a place that taste similar to what we have back home in Malaysia. Char Kway Teow is pretty good unfortunately not the tom yam fried rice. Initially we thought of ordering the freshly made roti, but we both agreed is bit overprice. There is fresh roti around that charge at lower price.

5 star rating
by David B.
15th January 2012

I am not Malaysian but have lived in KL and this is exactly how I remembered the food. Right-down to the plastic side plates. The owner is very keen to give you are run through of the menu so that those not familiar with the selections understand the options and taste.

Start with the soft shell crab and try their freshly made Roti’s.

Well worth a trip into the CBD for.

5 star rating
by Rebecca
9th January 2012

Mamak is a small eatery in the heart of the chancery.

Here you can buy authentic malay style meals for under $15.00.

The service is fast and friendly and the owner and operator remembers your face and has a good sense of humour.

If you like Malaysian it’s a winner :)

4 star rating
by deborah g.
7th January 2012

3 words YUM YUM YUM

5 star rating
by Ziera
25th December 2011

Hi. I came to Auckland for a conference and found this restaurant via the website just few days before I left my country. They served amazing Malaysian foods which were almost similar in tastes and presentations like the one in Malaysia. I had the mee goreng mamak, teh tarik and popiah. Awesome. Nice ambiance. Clean and cozy. The Malay words that they printed on the wall were very entertaining. Very creative. Friendly owners. Great job Jeffrey and wife!

Highly recommend to all Malaysians who plans to visit Auckland someday!!

Ziera was here from 21st November till 26th, 2011

5 star rating
by Jenny L.
16th November 2011

I love coming here! Their menu is simple but covers all the malaysian favourites. I really enjoy the curry chicken roti and although it does not look like much when it comes out, there is plenty of chicken and the flaky roti is endless

Great place to grab a quick yum feed without feeling bad about parting with your money

4 star rating
by Sam
21st October 2011

Great authentic food and well priced. They’re busy for good reason, so best to make a reservation if you can. Good friendly service

5 star rating
by Yusoff K.
17th October 2011

I been to this place many times now and I am not disappointed with the food at all!

Food: It is really delicious. A must try -The dessert prata and the seafood laksa..everything seems to taste authentic…great that is how the end product should be.

Price: Reasonable and they do give you a large portion. Great for sharing.

Location: Suitable for a group of 6 max. Good place for both Lunch and Dinner.

If you like the price of going to the food-court…why not go to a more fancier environment at the chancery square.


5 star rating
by jean
22nd August 2011

Best and most authentic seafood laksa I have ever had – fresh and plenty of seafood in it, AMAZING rotis. Might need to bring my own chilli however as theirs doesnt quite pack the punch I’m looking for. I’m on a wedding diet which allows me one free day a week and I intend to spend every one of those here. Devine.

5 star rating
by Grant H.
7th August 2011

Had two great meals here in the last few days. Situated in a nice quiet spot in the city, Mamak has smaller affordable dishes so that you can enjoy more flavours at a reasonable price. I had lamb curry, Sambal prawns, Roti and Soft Shell Crab. All the flavours were fabulous, the ingredients fresh and authentic and the service great. Good price for these outstanding dishes makes this a great place in the city.

4 star rating
by Adeline
9th July 2011

I’ve been here many times, even bringing friends along. Love the food. It’s authentic, tasty and reasonably-priced. Service was impeccable too.
Highly recommended. The laksa is good, mamak mee goreng is yum and roti tisue is just heavenly..

2 star rating
by jessica
7th May 2011

i agree the roti was too crispy but the fish gravy was good, not so much the dhal

4 star rating
by NomNomPanda
16th April 2011

My workmates and I have been having lunch here every week for at least a month now. Although quiet and empty when we first started (the restaurant is relatively new) it soon got to the point where we were being turned away because there were simply not enough tables! Lots of vegetarian choices ensures everyone in the group can be happy. Particularly recommend the mee goreng. The freshly made roti were tasty but almost too crispy.

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