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Mayfair Cafe & Restaurant

3_half star rating 25 reviews

Telephone 04-527 4116

116 Main St
Upper Hutt
Upper Hutt City

Brunch, Cafe, European, Italian
Mon 8 am - 4 pm
Tue - Sun 8 am - 4 pm, 5:30 pm - 10 pm
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One of Upper Hutt’s most popular meeting points, Mayfair Cafe serves global food with flair in a unique atmosphere full of nostalgia and style. Family friendly indoor/outdoor dining with unique ambience – this café has it all. The perfect place for dinner. Serving Supreme coffee, plus a great range of boutique beers and an extensive wine list to choose from. Voted Upper Hutt’s Top Café 2005/2006.


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Cafes, Restaurants, Wine Bars
Free Off-Street
Price Range:
Moderate, $15 - $25
Smart casual
Good For Groups:
Good For Children:
Beer, Wine, Spirits, Cocktails
BYO, Corkage Charge
Wheelchair Accessible:
Takes Reservations:
Dietary Restrictions:
Gluten-free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal, Dairy-free
Meals Served:
Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, Late Night, Dessert
Payment Types:
EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard
Seating For:
70 @ the Cafe
Outdoor Seating:

Reviews for Mayfair Cafe & Restaurant

2 star rating
by Harvey W.
7th June 2014

My wife and I visited Mayfair last night and the first thing we noticed was how cold the cafe was. In the past there had been a nice open fire burning to make the place cosy, but not last night, so we kept our coats on throughout the meal.

We had lamb shanks and fried pork belly. In both cases the meat we nicely cooked, and the presentation of the food was nice, but flavour-wise the meal was a let-down. Both meat dishes were served on a vegetable mash which was a bit overpowering; a better balance of vegetables would have made these more appealing. Because of the cold room temperature, we ate our meal as quickly as possible and departed.

5 star rating
by Brooke W.
16th May 2014

I have nothing but good feedback about Mayfair. This has become my go to place. great food, great atmosphere and the most amazing customer service. If you ever go there ask for Roshni. One of the best waitresses i have ever had. So efficient and her customer service is incredible! 10/10. Thanks to the customer service and excellent food this has become my regular Friday night restaurant. Everyone go and check it out!

3 star rating
by Julia M.
18th January 2014

I discovered this place in 2002. The atmosphere & food were fantastic, the staff friendly & attentive. So I became a weekly regular for a few months until I moved out of Upper Hutt.
I went back with a friend a year or so ago & was disappointed.
We stood at the counter for a good 10 minutes before we were even acknowledged. There were 3 or 4 assorted teens doing who knows what behind the counter, but only one seeing to customers, and he was really just dealing with coffee orders. There were a few patrons seated at tables reading newspapers & having coffees – possibly people who worked near, as it was 8:45am on a weekday morning.
Strangely, we went in thinking we could have breakfast.
We were sadly mistaken.
When we finally got served we asked for menus. The response was that the kitchen didn’t open until 9am.
At the time I thought of several responses, but before I could answer my friend said “Right, thanks” and headed out – so I followed.
The correct response, little boy, should have been “Of course, here you are. The kitchen opens at nine but please feel free to take a seat and peruse the menus til then. Would you like something to drink?”.
But I guess the response we got is typical when you put a 17-year old boy with no life experience or any clue of customer service behind the counter.
I am very weary about setting foot in the place again.

Went back March 2014 – a vast improvement in service (no acne-faced teen behind the counter this time). I had the eggs Montreal with toast & jam, and a pot of English Breakfast tea. The pot of tea was tiny – I got two cups out of it which came way before my meal, so I didn’t get to have a cuppa with my toast. The toast was 4 huge pieces of bread accompanied by two pre-pack butters (needed 3) & a small but substantial pot of jam. The eggs Montreal really did not need lettuce – fresh baby spinach would have been better. I ended up discarding most of the lettuce. My partner had the porridge with rhubarb – it was a large bowl but lacked salt & the rhubarb was quite bitter. It screamed out for brown sugar, banana & a few shots of drambouie! He also had the eggs benny – again with lettuce. It doesn’t work with lettuce guys – it smacks of cheap! He also said the moccacino was fairly bland. We will go back, but only if we can’t be bothered driving all the way to Miramar to go to Chocolate Frog.

1 star rating
by Sarah M.
12th January 2014

I’ve recently visited Mayfair Cafe and I was quite disappointed, I have had many great experiences here before but I would say standards have most certainly dropped and prices increased I was shocked to find out a toasted sandwich very simple, cost a ridiculous $9.50 all over our meals were very average coffee not the best and I do not think I will be returning here with my family again.

2 star rating
by Jess D.
4th January 2014

I’m not sure what’s happened to Mayfair over the past year or so, but it really has gone downhill. the coffee is still fantastic, but the food is extremely average.

I ordered the eggs benedict with bacon, side of hashbrowns. Now the hashbrown ($2.50) was just one, and was from a packet. Normally in a cafe you expect the hashbrowns to be made onsite and not just your average Wattie’s one toasted. By the time my food arrived it was cold, the bacon burnt and one of the eggs had burst. Another person in my group also ordered the same and their eggs weren’t runny but cooked through.
Another member of my group ordered the hash stack, which sounded great on the menu but again the hashbrowns being store bought and toasted let it down.
The “half” big breakfast was small, the sausages were random cheese kransky (we think), burnt and dry and the bigger breakfast had just one extra sausage and a bit more bacon. Still a small portion of eggs (maybe a palmful if you were lucky).
The service was OK, we were served by four different people who were friendly but it would’ve been nice to have one wait person who knew our orders. And for some reason some of us were given dinner menus instead of the brunch menu.
I guess basing it on all of my previous experiences there, it really has changed and not for the better. Although the coffee is still excellent, I wouldn’t choose to eat there again.

Very good though that they were basically the ONLY cafe in Upper Hutt open on New Years Day.

2 star rating
by Garry O.
25th December 2013

Our family used to come here about every 3 months but never again. The standard has really plummeted!
For Brunch, my wife ordered a Caesar Salad which is not a demanding dish for a chef or cook to prepare, but what sort of cook would include a lettuce stalk with it?
The Lambs Fry & Bacon was positively the worst example of this dish I have had the misfortune to taste – drowned in a thick catering BEEF!? gravy on a mountain of Packet mashed potatoes, there were two miserable slices of lamb’s liver with a few slivers of bacon so small I thought they were onions. The flavour of the Lamb’s Fry was impossible to discern – how any decent cook could come up with a dish like this is beyond me – a total insult.
I informed one of the staff of my disappointment but by his reaction, obviously couldn’t give a toss.
Never again!!

2 star rating
by Johann G.
19th December 2013

A mediocre cafe lunch experience, with no significant highlights.

The cabinet food took an excess of 10 minutes to come out, which is rather long considering the cafe was not busy at all. The food was also heated unevenly with some parts cold and some parts warm.

The food itself was not too bad; tasty with acceptable portion sizes.

Despite this, I do not think that I will be returning to the establishment. There simply aren’t enough positive reasons to draw me back.

4 star rating
by Pete
18th October 2013

As a regular visitor to Upper Hutt and Wellington from Melbourne my sister recommended Mayfair Cafe as a good place to take Mum in her wheelchair for lunch.
This was my third visit this year and, the best one yet.
I have raved to friends back home about the Hash Stack, which again was great, not greasy or overlooked, looking good with a good amount of sauce it accompanied my large Feijoa Juice perfectly.
The service was way quicker this time but the staff were as friendly and helpful as on previous visits. Maybe a bit on the pricey side but, well worth the visit for sure. Good coffee, great ambience and something for every one makes this a define place to eat when here, thanks

3 star rating
by Sandi
25th September 2013

We used to come here often, but we believe their standards have dropped. Visited recently on a Sunday for brunch. Big breakfast was not as nice as they used to be. Sausages had all burst and looked dry (I wouldn’t serve that to customers). French toast was nice – 3 large bits of bread but only two measly pieces of bacon. Although they weren’t that busy when we arrived, it wasn’t clear whether we should order at the counter or table. Went to the counter and was told a waiter would come to the table!

Comment from Kaushal A. of Mayfair Cafe & Restaurant 22/10/2013   
Hello Sandi sorry to get back to you so late, thank you for your…    More »
5 star rating
by tmfamilynz
30th June 2013

This is one of the most unique places we’ve been to as the old Mayfair theatre has been transformed into a unique café setting with plenty of character. The staff here are flexible and can modify your drink or meal order to suit any dietary requests which is always something we appreciate. Recently we came to dinner on Pasta night and loved the vegetarian pasta so much that we came back on Saturday night to sample the regular menu. The lambshanks must be a popular dish as there were many people enjoying it! The service we experienced there was top notch, and we thoroughly enjoyed our meal soaking in the atmosphere in a cozy table beside a warm crackling fireplace on a cold winter’s evening. This place is also perfect to come and enjoy a tall delicious glass of iced coffee on a warm summer‘s day.

2 star rating
by Erin K.
25th April 2013

Please remove the “country ham and vegetable” soup from the special board!

Looked like slop, thick with stringy grey bacon hock meat and gristle. contained so much barley that it had absorbed most of the liquid. was all mixed up with hard chunks of carrot and celery. I think I tasted a bit of pepper but that was the extent of the flavour.

Waitress took away several plates from the table, but left the soup bowl. We mentioned that we would not be finishing it. bowl was left, no questions asked.

Cake on offer was average, tasted freeze-dried from the cabinet.

Upper Hutt is in danger of scaring away all cafe-goers from the region. All that’s needed is a bit more quality-control!

5 star rating
by Jan
22nd December 2012

Went into the cafe today, and wow was I impressed!
Such lovely atmosphere and beautiful decorations. With such friendly and happy staff, makes for an amazing dining experience.
Ordered the hashstack (my new fav) was absolutely delicious!!
Partner had the frenchtoast which I sneaked a taste, yummy!

I highly recommend the Mayfair Cafe, enough to say best cafe in Upper Hutt by far!!

1 star rating
by Woolfiedesu
22nd December 2012

The atmosphere is quite interesting, but the food is awful. We waited 45 minutes on a weekday for lunch, and the cafe was not busy.

Pasta of the day was overcooked, and the sauce was out of a can I’m sure, as it had that preservative taste you can detect if you never eat prepared or packaged food.

The hash brown stack was soggy, and the mushrooms were revolting. They were burnt and tasted bad!

I can’t recall ever having had such an incompetently cooked meal.

5 star rating
by Sarah W.
5th October 2012

My husband and I enjoyed Mayfair Cafe so much we have been every week for the last 6 weeks!
The staff are friendly, professional and willing to go above and beyond, special mention to Talia who has really looked after us everytime we visit.
The food is superb, very consistent and we can’t fault it. We have been to many restaurants over the past 12 months but Mayfair is now by far our favourite.

5 star rating
by Andrew F.
30th September 2012

In the few months we have lived in Upper Hutt, the Mayfair has become the cafe that we use as a standard to judge others. We’ve been for brunch 5 times and the food is consistently excellent with great coffee. We’ve been to cafes around Wellington for brunch every fortnight of so for years now and never have we found such consistency, many other places are quite hit and miss. The big breakfast is always satisfying and the black pudding is excellent.

1 star rating
by Chelle R.
29th September 2012

Went to Mayfair for brunch with my partner, ordered, got a terrible coffee and beer, waited 25 minutes for our meals and decided to leave..Went to pay for our drinks and were asked why we weren’t paying for our meals? We advised they never arrived to which they responded that they were ready now…we didn’t want them so paid for our drinks and left….bad service, bad coffee.

2 star rating
by Pip G.
22nd September 2012

Mayfair is possibly the nicest cafe in terms of interiors in the Hutt Valley, however the service is terrible and the food and coffee is hit and miss.

4 star rating
by Joy R.
1st May 2012

I’ve always loved the atmosphere of Mayfair and The BoileRoom. I Had my birthday dinner party here with a set-menu organized with their staff, the food was amazing with great portions. The staff was very kind and responsive to any requests needed for setting up the place as well as just communicating with my guests. The important thing for me was that my friends were happy with the food and the setting and they definitely enjoyed the whole night. I love the unique twists on certain meals in the menu, making them a little bit more exciting to try.

Definitely a hidden gem in Upper Hutt city that everyone needs to check out asap!

3 star rating
by Maurice
30th April 2012

Went unknowingly on a new menu night, with a few minor improvements could be excellent. Keep away from doors on cool evenings

5 star rating
by Shayna
27th December 2011

Always a great place to eat. The coffee is great and my favorite dish which is eggs Benny is always delicious. The staff are friendly and the cafe has a great feel to it, really cool decor and a lovely fireplace.

4 star rating
by Tony
24th December 2011

Great food support by an incredible range of wonderful & new beers makes this a local favourite.

The chef seems to go out of his way to deliver an experience the diner will appreciate.

The decorating is interesting with its local history & there are often special tasting sessions that are worth getting along to.

5 star rating
by Becs
19th December 2011

Rob and team – thanks so much for the past year of spectacular dinners! My husband, myself and our friends have enjoyed a number of spectacular meals this year, and we have loved creating special menus for our get togethers, and the food has always been amazing! We will definitely back in the new year for a night out!

4 star rating
by Therese M.
18th December 2011

Has this place changed hands or cooks? I went there with my daughter yesterday as was hanging out for their usually fab caesar salad. Daughter ordered hash stack which is her fav – disappointed much!! 1 soggy hashbrown does not a stack make! My caesar tasted and looked like someone had tipped the last of a packet of brought croutons and crumbs all over it. It was served in completely the wrong type of plate, it was a horrible mushy mess. At $18 I expected better!! My girls and I choose to go there for catchups and gatherings…..! Eating out is a treat and I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect consistency. Yes we told 2 staff when asked how our meals were. Whether they do anything about it we’ll never know…..

22 Jan 2012
Just want to provide update. Thank you Rob for your offer. Glad to hear you’re still there. I accept that my last dining experience was a glitch and that you’re still one of the best cafe’s in Upper Hutt. Thank you again for your response.

4 star rating
by Rachael
2nd May 2011

Went to the little restrant out the back of Mayfair which I didn’t even know was there (boil room or something like that) very small and cute, perfect for a date as it’s dark and lit by candle light, had the steak and have to amit it was one of the best I’ve ever had, shared a very yummy cheese cake with my friend as it was large enough and both had a coke, bill came to $40 each which is great for a steak that tastes like gold. Place could be a bit warmer though.

4 star rating
by Rowena Echano
17th April 2009

My family and I often go to Mayfair to have brunch and dinner. We also use the facility to celebrate special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. I am very happy with the place and food. Great ambiance and very good service. They are always making sure if you are okay and treat you with respect as well as feeling special. Thanks Mayfair. Keep it up!

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