Meadowbank Pizzeria

3 star rating 5 reviews

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09 5222255, 027 3558559

2/1, St. John's Road

  Pizza, Italian
4:30 PM to 9:30 PM


Reviews for Meadowbank Pizzeria

5 star rating
by Sally
7 months ago

Because we had takeaway meals, the review is based purely on food. This place is awesome! After a little disagreement on who makes the best pizza in Auckland, a friend of mine managed to drag me here for dinner last night!

He had the tandoori pizza and its absolutely perfect with the apricot chutney! I had the bacon and chicken fettuccine and it was delicious too!!! I highly recommend this for a quick easy yummy pizza!

4 star rating
by Kevin Newton
9 months ago

Good service, good food, average prices. The pizza is very tasty and the crust is excellent. Highly recommended for a pizza for the family. They care about creating good pizza, and it shows.

5 star rating
by Neil Jones
11 months ago

It's not often thqt you witness an artist who enjoys his craft at work. Watching the team at Meadowbank Pizzeria work is just that. Add to the artwork the wonderful delightful meal presented, perfectly cooked pizza with a fabulous taste. We will be back .

5 star rating
by Frances Beuvink
May 16, 2013

Best pizza place around - highly recommended for take out pizza. The pizza crust is excellent. Our favourite is the quattro stagioni but our kids love the hawaiian. Forget Pizza Hut or Dominos - this place costs a little bit more but it's so much better.

5 star rating
by Kilim51
Dec 21, 2012

Amazing pizza.

We tried the place by chance and were completely blown away. My wife and I are not big pizza lovers by nature – we would get a pizza hutt pizza every now and then when there was a deal on but we were not really satisfied (mushy looking pizza, burned in some parts, not very tasty)

We have been to Meadowbank Pizzeria many times now and never looked back. Most of the time we pick up (pizzas are ready in around 20 mins) and have eaten in once. Small place, nice, but I think only 2 tables.

We have tried the sides (was a while ago, cant remember what they were) and enjoyed them, but the pizzas are phenomenal.

You do pay a bit more for these than your regular pizza chain, but its worth it. The pizzas look like they do on most other pizza fliers, hand crafted and made with fresh ingredients. And so, so tasty. Love it.