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184 Garnet Rd
Auckland City

Cafe, A La Carte, Breakfast, Deli
Mon - Sun 7:30am - 5pm
Eggs Benedict is now available on Weekends!

Because we love our customers and want to keep them happy .. we now serve Eggs Benedict on the weekends – how perfect is...

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Meola Kitchen is the gastronomic home of internationally renowned chef Jan Gardner. Enjoy the stunning views of Meola Reef as you delight in the creative and seasonal menu inspired by Jans global roamings. The NZ Herald had their best ever buttermilk pancakes for breakfast and Metro Magazine raved about the huevos rancheros and gin cured salmon. Roman Hillman argued with Maia Palmer over the virtues of the succulent free range chicken burger versus the courgette flowers stuffed with creamy goats cheese. As you watch the sun descending over the bay and sip on the perfectly chilled 2008 Sauvignon Blanc grown in the co owners Marlborough vineyard leave Auckland for a moment and dream. – Double-check our current opening hours… as we open for 3 nights a week during summer!


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breakfast burrito
yummy tart
Crispy Calamari and Chipotle Aioli with a cold Corona

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Free On-Street
Price Range:
Moderate, $15 - $25
Good For Children:
Beer, Wine
BYO, Corkage Charge
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Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy-free, Gluten-free
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Dessert, Lunch, Brunch, Breakfast
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EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners
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Reviews for Meola Kitchen

1 star rating
by Anneka T.
21st August 2013

What would have been a nice afternoon tea was spoilt by such a rude staff member!!
A friend and I had both heard nice things about this cafe and met there for afternoon tea on a rainy weekday.
Coffee was fine, however come 4.20 pm we were interrupted by the young man working there with a very abrupt “ok guys! I’ve gotta get home now!” Well apart from the fact that neither of us are “guys”, it was a very rude way of telling us the cafe was closing, in a tone I would expect to hear if I was a drunk teenager being told by a parent that the house party was over!
A simple, “Sorry but we are closing now” would have been much nicer.

Needless to say we won’t be going back in case this young man should need to get home!

2 star rating
by Nancy D.
11th August 2013

Oh dear — am I the only person around who finds the cute little salt and pepper dishes totally disgusting and incredibly unhygienic??? Who knows when the previous user’s fingers were last washed and where those fingers had been in the meantime? I know that these little dishes are terribly trendy but you won’t find me using them.

Otherwise I find MK has a nice location but the food and coffee were unremarkable. The cinnamon-swirl pastry I had was noticeably overcooked.

2 star rating
by Alison R.
29th June 2013

Had always heard good things about this place and finally got to try it out. Disappointed. Nothing wrong with the food but the unfriendly attitude of the barista and counter staff really surprised me. It was so bad that i will not return. Never saw a smile the whole visit and yet the locals were in and getting coffee. They must be used to this kind of behaviour or perhaps it was just a bad day. I will never know!

5 star rating
by Lucy G.
21st December 2012

Well… those fish tacos were AMAZINGLY GOOD! The flavour combination of the salsa with coriander and onion and just the right lite amount of diced tomato was excellent. Perfectly seasoned – no need for adjustment there at all. The fish was delicious. Perfect.

I loved the view out to the sea (the west harbour), and on a glorious, sunny day like today – the ‘last work day before Christmas’, there was a nice chilled out vibe, as people were in a relaxed mood for enjoying lunch in the open air.

I actually chose a wee posse inside, as the wind was getting up a bit, and I wanted to read the paper.

The focus at Meola Kitchen is definitely on excellent food and great coffee. Speaking of great coffee – the barista was so focussed on turning out tremendous coffees, that he forgot to smile – even when I tried to crack a joke because I mistakenly thought he’d forgotten about my second coffee. Humour me, man, I’m your customer. Anyway – your coffee’s good. The other fellow was friendly & helpful to make up for it :) They were constantly peddling to stay ahead of the customer demand… so service was pretty good considering.

The decor is shabby-chic, which suits the old style building, though maybe the rickety chairs could do with a bit of sprucing up?! It’s a funny old jaunt upstairs to the 3rd floor if you need to use the bathroom, but the trip up adds to the texture of your experience in this old-Auckland house. It’s quite cool.

Overall, it’s definitely a place to sample the beautiful food on offer, in a relaxed under-stated space with great views.

5 star rating
by Donna R.
25th November 2012

We arrived from Christchurch and decided to have Sunday brunch, we ended up at Meola Kitchen. Six adults who either ordered their food from the wall menu or cabinet. The food was fresh and delicious, the coffee was great. To make the experience even better, the service was great. Highly recommended.

3 star rating
by Juku
3rd June 2012

Pro: opening hours
Con: flair

Coffee was nice and so was the food – but nothing special either. Definitely can’t compete with the Garnet Station down the road which has much more flair, different sitting opportunities, and organic food. The best about Meola Kitchen are the opening hours – finally a cafe which is open till 5pm, 7 days a week, when other cafes in Herne Bay (Rabbit Hole, Zus & Zo) already close at 3pm.

2 star rating
by Dee R.
14th April 2012

We’ve just moved to the area and had been looking forward to having Meola Kitchen as our local. The coffee is consistently good – but the food is disappointingly average. Also, we are suprised to note that although staff are friendly, tables often sit uncleared for quite a while – not great if you’re sitting waiting at the dirty table, or its the one next to you with sparrows flying in for leftovers. Come on Meola Kitchen – pick up your game!

5 star rating
by Andrew G.
26th October 2011

The breakfast burrito here is a personal delicious favourite, not to mention a healthy choice, with light scrambled eggs and crispy bacon wrapped with a grilled tortilla. The coriander and tomato salsa adds a fabulous kick. The best coffee here hands down. All the food is fresh, authentic and delicious.

5 star rating
by Emma B.
20th October 2011

It is hard to find the perfect brioche – but the cinnamon brioche from Meola Kitchen is it! I have tried them more them once and they are consistently soft, warm, sweet and delicious. With the great coffee served, makes for a good start to the day. Thanks for that Meola Kitchen and for your friendly staff too – we’ll be back!

1 star rating
by Tim F.
1st October 2011

Very unimpressed. Ordered the breakfast burrito which turned out to be a tortilla with filled bland scrambled eggs and a few pieces of old looking chewy bacon. No cheese, sour cream, beans etc. Very plain and not very fresh. Partner ordered poached eggs which came out undercooked. Seemed like a very lazy job from the chef. Coffee was also pretty average. Will not be going back.

4 star rating
by Simon M.
6th September 2011

Hadn’t been to Meola in a while but stopped in on a Thursday and saw the place has been given a new lease of life. Fresh look, fresh menu and still a killer espresso (depending on the day of the week…) Can’t beat that breakfast menu (not an eggs bene in sight!) and fantastic staff. Highly recommended. Beats my local hands down.

5 star rating
by Jacob
6th September 2011

I am giving this place 5 deserving stars. I hope the people working there see this… Fantastic natural service, yummy food, super location. And not too much more to ask for. Apart from maybe improving the magazine selection slightly. This cafe is a must try!

5 star rating
by Brodie
19th June 2011

We thought we would drop in to this spot as we passed through Westmere after seeing the review in the Sunday Herald, for a takeaway coffee and bite to eat. After reading the menu we decided there was no leaving with out trying the Huevos Rancheros with home made tortillas and Chorizo sausage and the Goats cheese Souffle. My partner thoroughly enjoyed the Huevos, it was truly stunning. And the goats cheese Souffle was presented superbly with delicious subtle flavours. Definitely will return for another fix. Staff were lovely and worth the five stars given.

5 star rating
by Stephanie P.
22nd May 2011

I went with husband for a weekend very late brunch on a Saturday. I ordered the fish tacos, hubbie ordered the big breakfast. Coffees were v. strong. Everything was SUPER fresh, even the hash brown in the big breakfast tasted like the potatoes had been immediately cut, fried and put on plate. My fish tacos were exquisite. The lime cream, coriander, salsa and spices were perfectly balanced. The taco was homemade and nicely soft.
We had a lovely time sitting outside reading the paper and came away thinking it was one of the loveliest cafe meals we’ve had in awhile. We decided we will go back soon as there were too many delicious things on the menu.
The ONLY thing that got up my nose was having to climb three flights of stairs to the toilets to find it buzzing with flies. Also, not well sign posted so I ended up opening large cupboard doors to find this mysterious unlabelled bathroom. A bit of thought on this and maintenance would make this cafe perfect.

1 star rating
by Lulu
1st April 2011

I read the MM review “…Metro Magazine raved about the huevos rancheros …” well all I can say is they have either never had authentic huevos or the standard has dropped pitifully. Brunch on Sunday 27/3, I was eager for my favourite breakfast, which I’d not had since leaving the USA in Feb 09. MK’s version was abysmal, overcooked eggs, dry beans a meager but tasty salsa and over fried tortilla. Even the Tex Mex lot don’t deep fry the tortilla. YIKES! It was the worst I’ve ever been served. I’m on a mission now, I’m going to hunt out the best huevos in Auckland. Stayed tuned. The place was busy and other diners seemed to be happy with their choice.

4 star rating
by Local
28th February 2009

Fantastic food, excellent coffee and great service.

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