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Merediths Restaurant

4_half star rating 50 reviews

Telephone 09-623 3140

365 Dominion Rd
Mt Eden
Auckland City

International, A La Carte, New Zealand, Pacific
Lunch: Fri 12noon - 3pm
Dinner: Tue - Sat 6pm - 10:30pm
Provided by business


Winner of the Cuisine NZ Restaurant of the Year Award. Best New Restaurant in Metro/Audi Restaurant of the Year Awards. Merediths Restaurant consistently receives glowing recommendations by professional food critics. Bookings are essential. On Friday and Saturday evenings you will be indulged with the nine course degustation menu, with wine matches if you choose. Other evenings and Friday lunch offer either a six or eight course tasting menu or the nine course degustation. Carnivorous, Omnivorous, Vegetarian and Vegan or plant-based diets are all catered for at Merediths Restaurant. Please advise at time of booking if you have diners at the leafiest end of the spectrum.


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Free On-Street
Price Range:
Splurge, Above $35
Smart casual
Beer, Wine, Spirits
Takes Reservations:
Dietary Restrictions:
Vegetarian, Vegan
Meals Served:
Dinner, Dessert
Payment Types:
EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX
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Reviews for Merediths Restaurant

5 star rating
by Laynie F.
25th May 2014

Fantastic. Best restaurant I have ever been to. Food was excellent and service was superb. Above my expectations. Would highly recommend and will be sure to return……had the degustation course with the wine pairing.

5 star rating
by Kirsty W.
2nd May 2014

We went last night for our wedding anniversary…having never been before, weren’t sure what to expect… We were blown away!
The service was superb… Knowledgeable, super friendly, super attentive blokes! The environment was warm and welcoming and we felt very relaxed. Wine range was great and suited our tastes.
Now the food… We had a clear view of the kitchen and the team appeared so chilled out and didn’t look that busy… A little disconcerting to start with…. But after the first few tantalising morsels arrived we were spell bound. Every dish beautifully presented, the flavours just amazing and after 2 hours of bliss we were beyond full and left with stupid grins on our faces vowing to be back again. Thank you team for making our anniversary a night to remember… You are all truly talented!

4 star rating
by Lisa B.
27th April 2014

Fantastic, most beautiful meals. The crayfish was amazing!
Clever clean dishes with outstanding flavour.
The only down fall is that some tables are a little cramped and close together.
Top end prices but worth every penny

5 star rating
by Tina A.
23rd March 2014

We had a wonderful degustation meal with friends from New York, their verdict and ours was, it was the best meal we have had! Yes, it’s quite expensive but worth it for special occasions. Innovative, fresh and a feast for eyes and palette .

We’ll be back.

5 star rating
by Annemarie
4th March 2014

Fabulous degustation. I was concerned about managing the quantity of dishes but the meal purred along with lovely wine matches. We were still trying to each decide our favourite dish on the way home, and remembering all the elements that had surprised and delighted. A flawless evening, highly recommended.

5 star rating
by Sophie G.
11th January 2014

We come here quite regularly, beautiful vegan degustation menu. Constantly changing, execution is flawless, taste buds will explode with mysterious combinations. Great service and atmosphere. The best fine dining we’ve been to.

5 star rating
by Shelly
3rd October 2013

A group of four of us went to Merediths for the 9 course degustation meal. Oh my goodness, it was fab.

The staff wonderful, food fantastic, service amazing all while watching a very calm and collected kitchen being run by Mr Meredith himself.

The Scallops and Coconut & Citrus dishes were stand-outs!

The 9 courses is a special occasion evening but we’ll be back.

5 star rating
by Danielle S.
30th August 2013

Ok. This is going to be an amazing review filled with positive vibrant energy. This place is magical. The food and service a total sensation. The food was absolutely amazing each mouthful was such a treat I can’t even describe it. Each course was an absolute delight for my mother and I and the energy in the room was extremely comfortable and relaxed. The maitre d is amazing her energy and confidence shines throughout her knowledge of the wine and the food. All with a smile too. The chefs beamed a relaxing respectful vibe which dominated through the room. Well done! You have to try this restaurant! It will blow your mind!

5 star rating
by May W.
31st July 2013

Meredith’s was one of the most memorable dining moments I’ve had in Auckland. Even though my last visit was in May, I always talk about the beetroot meringue with duck liver pate – YUM! I enjoyed the ambiance, the food, the wine, and most of all I enjoyed thanking Michael personally who is a humble and inspirational chef.

5 star rating
by Jess
9th May 2013

This was by far the most amazing dining experience I have had! The waitress greeted my boyfriend and I at the door with a ‘happy birthday’ to me which was amazing. Their service was 100% flawless with so much knowledge regarding the wine and were very quick to answer any questions we had. The food was to die for, every element on the plate was out of this world and paired so well with the wine! It was also really awesome watch the chefs work so calmly in the kitchen, the atmosphere was terrific!

I cannot give this restaurant enough praise, it was mind blowing!

5 star rating
by Lynette
20th March 2013

Amazing, 8 course vegetarian degustation, who knew vegetarian food was so exciting & so packed with texture & flavour, accompanying wine selection brilliant, my personal favourite, although difficult to chose, was cauliflower,sweet corn, egg & shitake, simple but exquisite, service was excellent attentive but unobtrusive , our overseas guests were blown away, eating at Merediths is a taste bud explosion, not to be missed

5 star rating
by Andrea A.
25th February 2013

Four of us went and had the 9 course degustation menu with matching wines. We were all blown away by the wonderful combinations of tastes and textures in every part of the menu. Two of our party had travelled extensively and eaten in the best restaurants in New York and London and felt that Merediths was on a par. The service was impeccable. A fantastic evening worth every cent.

5 star rating
by Nancy L.
26th December 2012

4 of us went on a Friday night and had the 9 course degustation. Food was delicious, the matching wine selection was excellent and the tuna was all our favourite. Though we have to say that desert was good but compare with the other 8 dishes, it wasn’t on the same level of deliciousness, but nevertheless still tasty.

We had a wonderful time, and enjoy the service of our waiters especially Danny. Chef Merediths has done a wonderful job and we will be looking forward to our next visit.

4 star rating
by Maree R.
20th December 2012

We had been wanting to try Merediths for some time. There were 5 of us who eat out a lot and we all concur that we wouldn’t rush back. We all enjoy degustation style so that is what we chose.
The food was very nice but not amazing. Most of the staff were wonderful. Except one waitress who reached across me twice to clear plates from the person next to me yet she could have gone around to the other side to clear the plates quite easily. She didn’t even say excuse me. That is basic requirement in any restaurant, she was also very unfriendly on the phone when I booked.
The other problem was it was far too hot in the restaurant, there doesn’t appear to be air conditioning, it was a very hot day so it became quite uncomfortable.

4 star rating
by EarnesTaster
21st November 2012

Vegetarian food is criminally under-rated and incompetently rendered far too often, in most parts of the world. So when one of Auckland’s elite restaurants made a beautiful presentation on the front page of their website, declaring that they serve only an 8 course vegetarian tasting menu and nothing else on Tuesday nights, I was stoked. Merediths’ exterior resembles its fine-dining competitor on upper Symonds Street. Once ensconced inside, I contentedly munched on a high-quality bread-shell served with an elegant little bottle of olive oil and looked forward to the first course which presented fresh and tender cherry tomatoes and peas sprinkled with a snowfall of white chocolate. Delicate keys of piano could no doubt be heard but I was instead looking for a scintillating overture which sets the stage for the rest of the thrilling show. Succulent asparagus with daikon in both granita and au naturelle renditions were then sampled with fair bits of shredded egg-white -it’s a minor pity when the pretty lass insists on little whispers rather than satisfyingly patent communication.
Ingredient quality had admittedly asserted itself as a definite merit- the onus now rested on brilliant cooking.

The ambience in this small restaurant is a cross betwixt cosy and corporate – black nuzzles and flows over white, and in the room where I sat, a wide window shows the chefs in smooth action .But half the tables there were positioned so close to each other that their arrangement has ripe potential to kill romance and privacy. A wall features a painting that showcases a big amber clam-shell-like shape,and the waitress enlightened me that it’s an African motif connoting the “release of illumination”.

The succeeding course auspiciously mirrored this – ‘chick peas,brick pastry and garden trimmings”. The flavour gap between a young sweet sexy red-wine reduction and an agreeably unctuous hummus jacketed in pastry, was bridged by an eggplant puree’s nuanced flavours.When the wittily named third component of the dish was annointed with these,it gave rise to a contrapuntal rippling current of taste that is the hallmark of an evolved salad – it was the best dish of the evening.

Then- Tender-crisp examples of pristine almond were topped with their subtle foam that in turn gave way to a sharp apricot reduction while cuts of carrot were again glazed with orange.The dish was completed by a superbly roasted haloumi – a pleasure to chew and savour as the other flavours danced around it.
The fifth dish presumably meant to be the heartiest of ‘em all possessed a paucity of soul and focus. Scrambled cauliflower, creamy tofu, peach slices, a yeast crumble’s textural contrast and little licks of apple glaze all still flattered to deceive, like Mitt Romney. Skyward progression was again arrested by the next presentation which was too earthy for its own good- pumpkin gnocchi was satisfyingly al dente but its depth of flavour was a phantom, while the textures of mushroom and flecks of black rice et al just didn’t unearth the required vibrancy.

Service (my hosts were Danny – a charming young man, and a young lady who also equal to the keen task though she needs to relax a bit more) was pleasantly competent, it is perspicacious in knowing dish ingredients and there was only one lapse of vigilant concern over the course of the entire evening.
Matters then revved up with a riff on a Samoan breakfast “Suafa’i “- An exquisite coconut sorbet crowned a mound of granulated aromatic delights with banana cream also jumping in. This inveigling blend was a cool tropical kiss. But in the meal-ending course I didn’t fully get what comes after a kiss. On request, the yoghurt had been removed but no innovative supplement was provided – raspberry sorbet was flavoured with beautiful restraint, paired with a selection of fine berries but there was little to cut the acidity.

Did I miss meat? No, rather I missed a wider selection of the same genre. Rice, noodles, pasta, savoury pancakes and dozens of other delicious fillers could also have been employed with inspiration-after all,a vegetarian doth not survive by vegetables alone. But at $75 for 8 courses, this is easily one of the best value-for-money experiences in the city’s fine-dining scene currently. Chef Meredith was kind and hospitable as I was allowed to personally thank him. Cavils aside,this meal provided sufficient evidence of fine orchestration of flavours and a culinary imagination that definitely merits further exploration. The restaurant’s 9 course degustion menu will hopefully gratify that curiosity

5 star rating
by Mark W.
6th November 2012

Went here for wedding anniversary with my lovely wife. Great food, great service and amazing tastes. Intimate surroundings although it was a midweek night so might be busier on Fri/Sat. Lovely wine matching. Very knowledgeable and helpful staff. We will be back.

3 star rating
by Les
29th October 2012

Frankly I was really underwhelmed, having heard so many great things my visit to Meredith’s for the 9 course degustation was a let down. While the food looked attractive on the plate only half the dishes stood out with a great mix of flavors and textures. In our party it was almost like the fable “the emperors new clothes” no one really wanting to be the first to express how they really felt at the risk of being the odd one out. “Great restaurants” also need a great front of house and while the service was timely it lacked the punch that having a strong hand brings. All in all did not live up to the hype which is a shame as I really wanted to be blown away.

4 star rating
by Jerry H.
16th October 2012

This is the second time we have visited. The first time the food was outstanding. This time we have mixed reaction. The food was as usual mostly splendid but the service was erratic and we found the attitude a bit arrogant. Found we were rushed this time. Will give it another go as hopefully this was just an off night.

4 star rating
by Joshua
16th September 2012

Went here with my wife for a Saturday dinner.

Had the 9 course degustation, and my wife had the wine match. The service was second to none, and our waiter for the evening was of the highest standard.

Great night, beautiful food. So many different tastes, we feel maybe there were just too many, and a fair bit of seafood in most of the dishes, with lamb at the very end of the savouries.

If you’re a fan of degustation, this is the place.

2 star rating
by Viv
16th August 2012

We went here for my husbands bday. I was disappointed. It certainly did not live up to its reputation. I am pregnant and the waitress served me lemon lime vodka (which was meant for my husband). I specifically told them to cook my food well as I can’t have anything raw. they served me raw egg which is part of the degustation menu. I find the service mediocre and lacking attention to details. I will never go back again.

4 star rating
by Irene O.
26th June 2012

I went there for a special occasion. The place was small and very intimate. I was really impressed with their food. We had an eight course menu. Every dish was like a piece of food art, so tastefully created. Every bite of it was full of different flavours that worked well together. The service was very nice and friendly. Merediths has become one of my favourite restaurants and I will be back!

5 star rating
by Jessica
2nd March 2012


Meredith’s was amazing the staff and food was impeccable I can not find a fault with anything, had the best experience ever.

We had a group of 23 we travelled up from Tauranga to have this experience and are all chefs and it rocked I have been given not only and experience but also more passion for what I love to do most and that’s cook!!

Definitely check it out.
Will be back for more very soon.

3 star rating
by Amy
6th December 2011

Personally think Meredith’s, specifically their food is a little overrated. We had a lovely evening drinking a gorgeous Amisfield wine, however the wine was the highlight for me. We did the set degustation menu and I just felt like every part of it was slightly over-done. Perhaps I like simpler, fresher flavours. Nice romantic atmosphere, with plenty of space, but I certainly wouldn’t be rushing back.

4 star rating
by tigir
7th November 2011

Just lovely. The food, was exceptional, the tables were set out well, as to give us privacy from other diners. The service was helpful and friendly. Best fine dining experience Ive had in a long time. Only down side was the month long wait after booking. Anticipation satisfied.

5 star rating
by Meg K.
20th October 2011

We dined last night at Merediths. This was truly memorable. The 6 course degustation was full of complex flavours none overpowering the other and contained lots of contrasting texture. I cannot thank Michael and his staff highly enough for the wonderful experience. We will be back for more!

5 star rating
by K S.
15th September 2011

We were seated (only one other couple in room) beside the curtain leading to the restroom area, which made it pretty draughty and unfortunately they couldn’t move us as all the other ‘empty’ tables had been booked….. shame, as we felt rather less “special” than those that weren’t there in person. For these prices I would have imagined they might have offered a less draughty area being among the first diners for the evening…. BUT, Stunning Food, excellent wait staff – might be expensive but absolutely worth it! Did the 8 course degustation menu with matched wines, every mouthful was savoured and a work of art…. if you haven’t tried Merediths go, just ask not to be seated by the curtain leading to the restrooms!!!!

5 star rating
by Steph
29th August 2011

What a treat, my friends have been raving about this place – and with very good reason.
The food was delightful, but what really threw me was the service.
Our waitress looked after us better than I could have imagined, she was attentive, knowledgeable and just wonderful.
Congratulations to her for be so young, and yet so accomplished.
I felt like an absolute princess and she even made my ice queen friend crack a smile.
Well done Meredith’s, you have far surpassed my high expectations

5 star rating
by john d.
18th May 2011

Great had a wonderful time the whole night was perfect .
It was without fault all dishes were amazing.
Great wines to match the food .
Will be back again to enjoy another night of perfection again for sure.
Top very much worth every dollar.

5 star rating
by mab
28th December 2010

best food we have had in NZ in recent years.

5 star rating
by Janine B.
7th October 2010

My husband and I dined at Merediths last night for our anniversary dinner. One word…. WOW!

The food was exquisite. We had the 5 course tasting menu. My favourite courses were the cerviche (beautifully presented, incredible flavours) and the dessert, a chocolate, peanut butter and banana sensation. I wanted to pick up my dessert plate and lick it clean!

My husband really enjoyed the salmon course and the beef fillet.

The service was impeccable with our waiter patiently explaining each of the wine matches and each course.

Love the decor, very subtle but elegant.

We are planning to visit again – I can’t recommend highly enough.

2 star rating
by TimW
10th September 2010

Sorry to everyone who thinks this place is the bee’s knees, but that wasn’t our experience. Took a party of 8 for the degustation menu recently, and were disappointed – maybe our expectations were too high.

Our main gripe (all of us agreed) was that the food was patchy in quality – at degustation one expects perfection and it wasn’t on display here. Presentation wasn’t up to par, nor was taste; the (overly-represented) sous-vide dishes were especially inferior.

Worst for me was the staff. Our waitress patently did not want to be at work the night we were there, absent for long intervals, failing to top off glasses as necessary and rolling her eyes when she thought nobody was watching (we saw you!).

I’ll give Meredith another go in a year or so (I’m sure he’ll still be there) to see if this was a one-off, but can’t recommend based on our experience.

5 star rating
by Matthew
8th September 2010

Wow, what an evening. A real treasure hidden amongst the steamboat places on Dominion Road. Started with the smoked eel, second on to the Tuna and finished with the Butternut souffle. Service was impeccable and refined. A really creative menu and elegant surroundings.

5 star rating
by Eli
26th April 2010

I watch most Masterchef series on television & thought I would experience for once a meal of similar or better standard for once in my life. Read about Merediths in Spacifiks Magazine & went on the web to observe the reviews which were all stating how great an experience it was. Needless to say after dining at Merediths last Saturday night, I must say it was fantastic. A group of us dined on the Degustation Menu. The meals were beautifully stunning & the taste… oh the taste!. The journey it took me on was nothing short of amazing. Will definitely dine their again. 5 stars well deserved!

5 star rating
by jason n.
27th March 2010

What an amazing experiance!!! And it is that and a huge amount more. Its nice to sit with a loved one without the overbearing pressure to constantly look up and politley smile to the wait staff as they pass. Unobtrusive but tuned for the lift of the chin for service. As we dined on the a la carte, ( have to get the timing right for the extended courses)we chose meals that would challange our taste buds and were we in for a treat. The chef is as to food as Bach to music. What a master piece. I could dripple on for hours over the multitude of flavours, but you will just have to experiance it yourself.

If you want to gobble your food down and “chuck” back a wine, I would suggest Cobb n Co for that once a year special occasion, but if you want to dine out and experiance, excellent Chef/food,staff, wine then this is the place for you. Keep up the the excellent work, I’ll be back ( only 20 sleeps to go)

1 star rating
by Jo B.
25th March 2010

We dined at Meredith’s restaurant recently, however we did not have the experience we were hoping for. My husband and I eat at a fine dining restaurant about once a year so for us, it is a real treat. Our experience was a bit of a disaster and clearly nothing like some of the other reviewers.

The biggest problem was they didn’t have enough waiters in our area only one person. From the moment we sat down we had to wait sometime……. even to order a glass of champagne. We were seated next to group who were having the degustation with a wine match and the waiter needed to spend quite a bit of time with them. Hence the wait for us and others in this section (people next to us had to call out to the waiter to ask for the dessert menu etc etc). The food (the entree) was fabulous the only problem was the wait. We had to wait around 20 minutes for the waiter to even take our entree plates away, and I nearly popped them on the table next to us who had finished and left- as there is no room on the table and not nice having to share the table with dirty dishes for 20 minutes. Next our mains were completely forgotten. There was a table behind us that arrived sometime later than our booking (maybe 30 minutes after us) and were halfway through their main when we asked the waiter what had happened to our mains? It was obvious that the kitchen couldn’t find our docket and still hadn’t even started the meals at this point. We had got to the point when we were on an extra glass of wine as we were waiting and had passed the eating point.

Lastly when paying the bill this was stuffed up too. We were not asked if we needed a taxi etc etc simple things that you expect from a fine dining restaurant.

Sadly it did not live up to our expectations at all and the whole evening was a real disappointment.

5 star rating
by Richard W.
9th March 2010

Merediths is hands down, far and away our favourite restaurant in Auckland. It’s where we come to share good times with friends, celebrate good news and cheer our selves up when times are bad. The food is exquisite with excellent wines to match. Service is stunning and we have not been able to find fault on any one of our visits. Really pleased to see a restaurant that is successful enough to expand, but at the same time maintains the original feel from when they first started out that made them so successful. Congratulations on continuously providing such an excellent experience and proving that it doesn’t matter where to base your restaurant, it’s how you look after your customers that really matters.

5 star rating
by Chris D.
14th February 2010

What can I say other than equisite. Well worth the wait. We had the 7 course degustation menu. Interesting, fresh, different. Loved every minute of our time there – a real night out. Perfectly sized proportions and perfectly timed gaps between the courses. And the matched wine at $65 a head was great value and gave us the opportunity to try wines we wouldn’t otherwise have ordered. Loved it.

5 star rating
by mary
17th December 2009

The long wait for a booking was well worth it ! The degustation menu was an absolute experience.

A small dining room but food to die for.
Service was faultless and when I have saved up again I will be back.

5 star rating
by Leeane G.
22nd November 2009

This restaurant provided possibly the best dinner i have ever eaten in my life. We went a-la cart for my husbands birthday then again for the degustation for our anniversary. The flavour combinations were just sublime & the attention to detail on the plate superb and the wine matches were almost magical how the wine just transformed with the food it was served with. I cut above the rest. i cannot recommend this restaurant more highly.

5 star rating
by Sally W.
8th November 2009

We had an exceptional night out at Merediths. We had the degustation menu with matching wines and every course was superb. The setting is intimate yet relaxed and the staff are friendly

5 star rating
by Mark W
12th August 2009

For the finest food and service, you will not be disappointed here. We are regulars since Michael opened and a recent visit to Fr_nch Cafe made us realise Michael is a calibre above. Superb combinations and taste melt in the mouth.
Our big mistake on our first visit was to miss the desserts – learn from our lesson – do not skip desserts, we never have again. On par to Vue de Monde in Melbourne, without the theatrics and cost. Wait staff are wonderful and really make you welcome. Well done Michael.

5 star rating
by peter solution
28th May 2009

left a message on wednesday night for reservation next day, was called today to confirm booking from
6till eight. being vegetarians we are used to mains that are “deconstructed”, meaning the meat/poultry/fish is left out and the remainder served.not in this case.
the food certainly lived up to expectation, and then some!very stylish presentation,without being ostentatious.had entree,main,dessert and felt just right after devouring every little morsel of it.
$235 for two with 2 glasses of champagne, 2 glasses of wine and a tawny port was more than reasonable. highly recommended.

5 star rating
by Matt. P
13th April 2009

It really is good. I have been twice now – a la carte and for the degustation.

I’d recommend the degustation as it is pretty good value considering the range of incredible dishes prepared.

Do the wine degustation too for another $65 (I think) and you really are in for a superb night!!

5 star rating
by daniel
28th January 2009

Me and my partner make an effort to eat here whenever we can! It is, without doubt, the best resturant we’ve eaten at in Auckland-the food is amazing!!

5 star rating
by Abby
18th January 2009

I ate here on New Years Eve 2008 and it was one of the best experiences of my life! Every dish was a work of art, the kitchen seemed so calm, quiet and peaceful. Our waiter was so professional and friendly, attention to detail was impeccable. We paid $100 for a 6 course degustation menu and it was worth every cent. Everyone should give themselves the experience of eating here.

5 star rating
by S
20th October 2008

We went on a Saturday night for the degustation. Waited 2 months for that paticular night.

Well worth the wait. Woke up the next day thinking wow. I found this to be the best place I have eaten at in Auckland. 8 dishes. Every one of them delightful. Matching wines, perfect.

Personally I think it tops “The F…ch Cafe”

Try this restaurant is really a must. Very few could be disappointed.

For a romantic dinner for two ask for the table next to the door. Sounds annoying but you’ll find out why.

5 star rating
by B
3rd October 2008

I made a point to make a booking at the Grove when Mr. Meredith was still in residence and was not disappointed. My booking was made on the back of a Canvas article.I can honestly say that I was blown away – my waiter/sommelier at the Grove followed him to Meredith’s and it was to my great joy that I discovered this when we turned up on the night.
My enthusiasm and admiration for Mr. Meredith’s talent has not waned – have eaten there twice since he has opened and am looking to book again soon for my birthday. Highly recommended would be an understatement…

5 star rating
by Julie P
15th June 2008

We dined at Merediths last night and we were thoroughly impressed by the fabulous degustation menu – 8 courses of the most exquisite combinations of flavours, textures, colours and aromas. We also chose to go with the wines that have been selected to match the degustation menu, at $65 p.p. It was well worth it. The wines completed the food perfectly. We have dined at a number of great restaurants in Auckland and some in Wellington and we believe Merediths is the best.

5 star rating
by Annie G.
5th June 2008

The four week wait for a table was so worth it ! The degustation menu was an absolute treat, each course a delight of flavours & presented like works of art ! Possibly the best food I have ever tasted, I can’t wait to go back & try the regular menu.
Decor understated, restaurant small but what a great find, try it you won’t be disappointed, a true dining experience !!

5 star rating
by Alan Kemp
10th May 2008

I have looked forward to this since it opened and I/ we weren’t disappointed!

8 courses and every one a picture – literally a work of art – and packed with taste sensations. Often a lot of flavours on the plate but each sympathetic to the others.

I haven’t tried a degustation menu before but I really enjoyed putting myself in the hands of a top chef. I can’t think of a thing we were served that wasn’t cooked – and presented – to perfection.

My wife found it too much food but she is a very small eater. I thought the size of each course was judged to perfection for size and content but I must admit I wouldn’t have felt deprived if it was one course less.

Service was impeccable, very friendly and knowledgable.

If you can afford it, try it, is an absolute treat. $95 a head for the food.

I just hope there are enough people who want to try this kind of eating to keep this restaurant going. In it’s favour is it’s very small, seating only 28, the man in the kitchen is a master and the service is faultless.

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