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Telephone 09-522 0990

15 Nuffield St
Auckland City

Mexican, American (New)
Sun - Thur 8am - 9pm
Fri & Sat 8am - 10pm
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Mexicali Fresh offers fast, fresh and healthy Mexican food with unbeatable California style. Burritos, Tacos, Tortilla Chips, Tortillas


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Wine, Spirits, Cocktails, Beer
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Soy-free, Gluten-free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy-free
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Lunch, Dinner, Late Night
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Reviews for Mexicali Fresh

3 star rating
by Nataliya H.
6th June 2014

Not the best Mexican food I’ve had. I wood probably call it a Mexican style “Subway”. I definitely wouldn’t say it a restaurant experience. Good place to go to get quick lunch. A bit overpriced for what it is. No wonder it was really quiet.

2 star rating
by Charlotte
17th May 2014

Very average food. Not surprisingly this place was quiet on a Friday evening, yet the tables were in need of a clean, despite there being plenty of staff available. There was an unhygienic feel to the place. Disappointing, won’t be going back to the Newmarket location.

1 star rating
by Robert
28th February 2014

Avoid this dump. It’s rubbish. Worst so-called Mexican food that I have ever eaten. Bland insipid rubbish. They even stoop as low as to put rice in a burrito to bulk it out! Really low trick. Tables not cleaned promptly. Whole place dirty. Pigeons hanging around. Staff who can’t speak English and buggered up my order and overcharged me. Really overpriced drinks for such a greasy spoon place. The so-called Kid menu is a real rip-off; $8 but you have to pay extra for meat !!!! Total rort. When I complained, the unprofessional staff were condescending, rude and unhelpful. Worst service in Newmarket. Never going near that dump again. Avoid!

2 star rating
by Jackie J.
3rd December 2013

This place has been reasonable on other visits, never good but ok- but food a bit bland tonight, not very warm and I thought pricey for what you get – staff look a bit depressed.
Place looked a bit grubby.
I love Mexican food, however, not sure if I will go there again.

2 star rating
by Emily D.
13th July 2013

Came here and I didn’t like it. I asked for tacos, and the man got the shell and started adding all the ingredients to it right away. I didn’t want the shell and I didn’t want onions or cheese. They added everything without letting me have my say. The food was so average. It’s just like a fast food place. Messy work, and my tacos were like nacho chips and lettuce… Not filling and not nice

4 star rating
by Yusoff K.
11th September 2012

It’s the upbeat place that I truly enjoy more than the food.

Food: Generous Serving and they taste good but not great.
Had the Mexican beverages…..not going to be my favourite but worth trying to find out.

Service: Great…the staff are friendly and fast.

A great place to eat and catch up with your friend.

5 star rating
by Georgia
26th August 2012

This place is amazing!!!! Love the food, the staff are always friendly and helpful. I go on a regular basis and always lives up to my expectations (which are pretty high) I recommend this place to everyone! The food is great and very good value as I always leave full :)

4 star rating
by Amber
29th July 2012

Great food, great staff, always very satisfied with our meals and stuffed full. Always visit when we come to Auckland.

3 star rating
by eric
24th June 2012

Food is good, comes out fast and reasonably priced. Would normally come here for a quick eat or if I’ve subway’d myself out for the week.

4 star rating
by Zoe K.
5th April 2012

Really tasty, fast and fresh- love all the salsas.
Cost is not bad considering it’s a big meal.
As far as chain food goes this is awesome.

4 star rating
by Lauren G.
7th November 2011

9 times out of 10 this place leaves me with a smile on my face. I go at least once a week. The food is delicious and appropriately priced however some of the staff are better than others at making things like burritos. I think there needs to be a bit of consistency with the training in order to get consistency with the food. The only meat I dislike is the mince, it’s just a bit salty for me.

1 star rating
by Szandora
20th June 2011

Epic fail on all levels. We absolutely love Mexican food and were looking forward to our meal here to say the least! Sadly disappointed. Service BAD, Food (mince tacos) was WAY over salty – so much so it was almost inedible…everything else in the tacos was Meh! indeed…
Note to staff: Broken tacos should be binned NOT reformed and served. Will not eat here and risk a lacklustre (understatement) meal ever again.

3 star rating
by David B.
18th April 2011

A good place to take kids and let them choose their own meal. They can also play Playstation while they wait. The service is ok but nothing special.

The food is fresh,tasty and the beer is cold.

2 star rating
by Amy
18th September 2010

This place used to be good when it first started, but they’ve kinda changed their menu [they have different kinds of meat choices now then they had before, for beef anyway] and i reckon its not as good as before.

3 star rating
by Leah
17th August 2010

About a year ago, the service was really great. I used to go there about 4 times a week and they would always get orders right (which is a given, considering they do put everything together right in front of you) and remember almost everyone’s names. I loved going there.

Last week, on 3 separate occasions I witnessed about 2 people trying to remake a burrito after it broke twice. A quesadilla I ordered had barely any cheese. I have also ordered and paid for fruit salsa and not got it in my burrito on several occasions over the last month – consequently the line would be so long that I just couldn’t wait in the line again and ask for it.

Complaining on the spot for 3 different errors on the same visit just holds up the cue and I really don’t like complaining as I know they’re just doing their job.

But it really does makes me quite sad as Mexicali has always gotten a 5++ stars from me, but the service has really gone down hill recently and I am quite reluctant to dine there now.

(also to their defence, to the guy who was disgusted by them microwaving his food, FYI it’s actually an industrial high speed oven)

5 star rating
by Lucy
14th August 2010

This is a great place to come for a quick lunch or dinner – it’s yummy Mexican food that never fails to disappoint. The servings are huge and the staff are SO friendly and helpful! Food is always fresh, the mood is always relaxed and fun and chill. Definitely try it!

5 star rating
by Lucy B.
30th July 2010

This place is awesome. The food is so fresh and it’s always good. The staff is very friendly, and it takes just a couple of minutes to get your meal. We usually take the whole family and everyone gets exactly what they want. The kids meals are perfect and I can sit back and enjoy a nice margarita without breaking the bank.

4 star rating
by Evan K.
26th May 2010

There is nothing like fresh Mexican food made right before your eyes. These guys know how to make you feel like you are part of the family and the pricing is just right. If you’re looking for a fresh, casual, meal, then I totally recommend this. Also has a great selection of Mexican Beers and their slushy Margs are awesome!.

2 star rating
by han
24th March 2010

good selection, went here many times then went to the waterfront place and watched them microwaving my food in front of me so never been back since..

5 star rating
by snopantha
21st September 2009

the one thing that NZ needs more is Mexican places, and this fits right in that big taco shaped hole in our culinary choices…. by far the best burrito in Auckland (if not NZ) and anywhere thats serves a double decker taco gets an enthusiastic two thumbs up! the ingredients are fresh and the staff are friendly and fast. this is by far my favorite takeaway/fast food place!!! and the decor is very kickin especially for a cheap eats place like this!

4 star rating
by Beth G.
9th June 2007

A favourite on Friday nights. A sort of subway take on Mexican food (choose your ingredients and watch them make it). Only wish they opened a little earlier in the weekends so I could try the brunch options. (Boyf likes the range of beers available).

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