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Mexico – Britomart

3 star rating 76 reviews

Telephone 09 366 1759

23 Britomart Place
Auckland Central
Auckland City

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The beautiful ‘Mexico’ menu offers nothing over $14, and serves up a contemporary approach to traditional Mexican food: one that values lightness & freshness. Instead of greasy nachos, you’ll find street-style salad & ceviche, grilled fish or skirt steak tacos, soft pulled pork, and grilled corn on the cob served with lime butter. Top-shelf tequila abounds, and sits alongside an equally extensive list of Mexican beers. Margaritas and Sangria are available by the glass or as fruit twists. The Mexico bar is surrounded by ample space to pull up a comfy seat for diners. Mexican décor plus a bric-a-brac style makes the place cosy and inviting. We don’t take bookings at Mexico BRITOMART, rather we have a “walk-up” policy, so if you have a large group we recommend you are there on the night early. Waiting time can be up to 2 hours on Fri/Sat but if you have a wait, we’ve got a great place to hangout in and drink delicious frozen margaritas, called IKTO.


Photo of Mexico – Britomart
El vino tinto y especias - Revolution Pinot Noir, Monin Maple Spice, Monin Ginger, Reposado Tequila, Peychauds bitters with a cinnamon sugar rim

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Reviews for Mexico – Britomart

1 star rating
by Derrick S.
1st June 2014

Despite having never eaten there, just wanted to put it out there that their service is horrible, we’ve been rejected twice on so-called ‘busy nights’ when there are actually free seats, and even another couple with menus in their hands. Don’t think this restaurant needs any money from customers at all. Good job.

1 star rating
by Danielle
26th May 2014

The food wasnt necessarily bad…however, it was definitely false advertisement. I am from Texas, in the United States. I lived across the border of Mexico for the first 19 years of my life before I moved to New Zealand. This is not Mexican food! As a matter of fact this is an absolute disgrace to Mexican food!!!! In no Mexican restaurant would you find eggplant in a soft taco. Or squid…in anything. It’s like you guys tried to take the name of Mexican food but none of the actual ingredients. Do me a favor and take a trip to Mexico…And then consider renaming your restaurant because this is such a lie. “get the authentic tastes of Mexico” HA! ya right

3 star rating
by Neila
20th May 2014

Over hyped place but still lots of people go. It’s fun I guess. There has been no problems in food or service but it is extremely pricey in my opinion. Good for middle class and above though! There was a line anyway what do you expect.

2 star rating
by Fleur P.
2nd May 2014

Food = good. Service = average. Atmosphere = fine if you don’t mind the prospect of early onset hearing loss. Honestly it’s just far too loud in here and I almost tripped trying to get to the bathrooms due to the dim lighting. It’s just not a pleasant dining experience when trying to have a conversation with friends. Everyone is shouting. to add to this, the tables are so cramped in there that you’re basically shouting over all your surrounding diners. Maybe bring the music down a tad and space the tables out a bit more.

1 star rating
by Mark G.
25th April 2014

We have been to Mexico several times and unfortunately every visit is worse than the one before. The food is ok but nothing special. The service is bad, in particular the guy on the front desk. He is rude, arrogant and entitled and no one should be subjected to his attitude. Get rid of him and maybe the place will improve but we won’t be returning.

3 star rating
by Leigh
18th April 2014

Went to Mexico a few weeks ago with my partner and were seated right away. The first thing we noticed was how fantastic the atmosphere was. The service we received was a rather rigid and the food was rather expensive for the small sizes given. They did however make a really good strawberry margarita. All in all an ok night out but there are other establishments in the area we would rather frequent.

5 star rating
by Angela L.
15th April 2014

I always come here when friends ask to hang out at a bar, great ambience, very intimate table seating and staff are all willing to help you with anything.
Food tastes great but can be considered quite $$ for the amount you get. Jugs of margaritas are affordable compared to the country club but do seem a little watered down.
A little dark but maybe that’s their style.

4 star rating
by James B.
15th April 2014

Went with my wife last weekend and while we didn’t order a lot was impressed with the food as well as the fit out and service.
Have spent some time in Mexico (central / south-western / south-eastern) but as food there is very regional hard to match to what I had there (just different parts of the country I suppose) but clear that the standard of the food far superior to Mexican Cafe etc.
Only ‘criticism’ is that that if anything a bit expensive.

1 star rating
by James L.
10th April 2014

I went to Mexico Britomart with 7 friends.
The waiter at the door asked me to register first and told me that we needed to wait for 45 minutes. They would text me when the table became ready.
We waited outside the restaurant, after 45 minutes he said ouww the table is not ready yet … please wait for another 15 min … We waited for 2 hours before we got our table. Very terrible service.
The food was quite expensive and small in portion.
We will not go back to this place for sure.

3 star rating
by Mija T.
27th January 2014

I love the food here, but I know I may need to wait up to an hour for a seat. You can wait in their little bar out back and they’ll feed you corn chips while you wait. Which is nice, but I once I filled up on chips and by the time I got a seat I couldn’t eat much from the proper menu ;)

3 star rating
by Felix
16th January 2014

I went to this restaurant with my girlfriend. It took us half an hour walking around Britomart to find it. Once we were there, we were offered the worst seats in the whole area, it felt like if we were looking at the wall. I would expect this from a pub in the middle of nowhere, but not in a restaurant where you pay $60. The staff was rather unfriendly, got the orders mixed and were dropping stuff on the floor all the time. The food was okay, although the portions could have been not as small. I think that the staff needs to be trained more often or at least be more smiley!

4 star rating
by bonsai
9th January 2014

I’ve only been to Mexico once, but really enjoyed the experience.

I was with a big group, and we were fortunate to snaffle a table. The place is super-busy, cramped, and in summer very hot, so if you are in the mood for an intimate conversation, this is not the place for you.

The prices are very, very reasonable, and I thoroughly enjoyed my selection (broccoli taco and mushroom quesadilla). The salsa that came with the corn chips was the only real disappointment – very watery.

I probably won’t return in a hurry, but that’s simply because I don’t like crowds. Food-wise, very yummy indeed.

4 star rating
by Helen G.
3rd January 2014

Went to Mexico Britomart in a group of six and must say we didn’t pick the restaurant after going to the Takapuna one several months earlier and swearing we would never return.

That said the Britomart restaurant was a massive improvement and I would happily return. It was full but we were lucky enough to get a table immediately. Service was quick, both in terms of ordering (staff instantly available) and receiving both food and drinks. The tomato juice was spiced to perfection, the margaritas as described on the menu and the food (we ordered a good selection of different dishes) to die for.
We went on a Thursday night over the Christmas period so were probably lucky that loads of people were out of town.
Exceeded expectations.

3 star rating
by Monica C.
1st December 2013

I quite like Mexico, however I would hesitate to go due to business and having to wait 1-2 hours for a table. Though when going at an unbusy time, food is really yum – give quesidillas and their fried chick a go and they come out quick. It’s easy to share plates with someone, however I would say the portions are a bit small as you’d have to buy quite a few things to be filled up. It’s quite dark inside but good if you like that look, has a nice atmosphere to the place when it’s not too loud.

2 star rating
by Emer K.
25th November 2013

This is the first time I’ve written a review, but my experience was so poor I had to rate this restaurant!
A group of 6 of us went Monday last week. We waited over 5 minutes before someone came to speak to us, and after much thought and discussion with another member of staff they told us it’d be a half hour wait. One of my friends had a look inside and asked what was wrong with the table by the window, where a group of people had left before we came in (we were beside the bookings book and could see there were no more!)? Another waitress came along and asked us to wait 5 minutes til she cleared the table!!! Don’t know why we were told 30 mins to start off with.
After we seated a waiter eventually brought us some warm water. As we hadn’t been there before he explained how the menu generally worked (not much help as portions sizes were not as described!). He pointed to a board with the specials on it, but most of us couldn’t see it as it was quite far away & a pillar blocked the board. The waiter then reluctantly read them from his pad.
We all ordered meals and drinks. 5 of the 6 drinks were served, and then the meals came out sporadically. The first waitress just started putting dishes down on the table and we had no one idea what was what!!! Another waiter came and told us what they were…. still no 6th drink! After we advised we were still waiting on a glass of red wine, it took another 10 mins to come! The waiter apologised saying he forget to put it through so I kindly joking, but serious (as Id waited over a half hr) “So it wont be on our bill then!” :) and he just said hmmm I don’t know!!
Anyway nothing about the food was amazing, just some ok dishes! Luckily they brought out an extra Lamb Taco (on special at $12) as it was so small the lad who ordered it actually presumed 2 came as part of the dish! The vegetables and mayo dip was terrible. They didn’t have any sour cream (because its a ‘Contemporary Mexician’ or sides of salsa or guacamole…. we were SHOCKED!!!! So I asked for any other dip to go with my Quesidillas, and ended up being CHARGED an extra $3 for this, which I was not advised until paying the bill! I didn’t particularly even want the cucumber dip but there was no sour cream! :(
We were allowed to pay separately, nearly the only good thing. This was where I found out not only was I being charged for my glass of wine that took over 30 mins to come, I was being charged for the more expensive glass because I hadn’t specified which I wanted!! Well why didn’t the waiter ask me when he first took my order or when I had to ask a second time for my drink!! They also wanted us to pay for the extra taco we didn’t even order!!! We refused!
Overall some of the boys left hungry and we all left unhappy!! Little things like good service, not having to pay for extra side dip or a complimentary drink when it was forgotten by staff would of greatly improved our experience with this restaurants mediocre food!

2 star rating
by Tony M.
14th October 2013

Last week I took a friend to Mexico in Takapuna.
I ordered amongst other things Quesidillas that came with a salsa, the whole dish was bland.
I ordered a sour cream to go with this which duly came in a very small dish with not a lot of sour cream.
When I paid the bill I was charged an EXTRA $3 for this side.
There was NO mention of this ‘side’ on the menu or by the indifferent waitress when taking the order.
I was going to mention something at checkout but my companion asked me not to, so next day I called up and left my number with Mexico head person on answer phone with contact number – but surprise no return call !!!
The staff appeared to be ‘order-taking’ and delivering rather than having been trained in any customer skills.
Mexico still seems to be filled most nights so maybe this is a whole new attitude towards dining out which I am not getting or understanding.
And by the way, food – very average.

2 star rating
by Jinny M.
9th October 2013

Last night was our second dinner at Mexico and it will be our last. I have never written a review before but feel compelled to now as Mexico doesn’t deserve the hype it receives (Emperor’s new clothes stuff). Very hot inside (wasn’t a hot evening), and the kitchen smoke hurt our eyes. Staff were VERY slow with the service and rude when a guest left the table to take a call (he was heading outside and got told off for walking through the thoroughfare). The beef on the kebab was so chewy – perhaps that would be acceptable if it was tasty but it was not. We didn’t have to wait last night (6.00pm) but the first time we came at 8.00pm we were told max 1 hour. We were over it by the time we eventually ate at 10.30pm.
I note Wolfie’s point “important to get your head around what a place is trying to achieve”. On that point, what are Mexico trying to achieve? Mediocre food and bad service does not make up for the inexpensive cost.

2 star rating
by Alex S.
8th October 2013

Have been to Mexico over 10 times now, and unfortunately it goes downhill each time. The tacos used to be great, now they are confused and quite awful really. The only good thing here is the chicken, and it’s really good. The margaritas are good too. Forget about ordering anything else though, we are usually disappointed. Give the croquetas a miss – so bland. Oh and the service is the worst in town. Trying to order a drink is like trying to wave down a taxi in New York at 5pm – forget about it.

4 star rating
by Wolfie W.
12th August 2013

When writing a review I think it’s important to get your head around what a place is trying to achieve and assess it according to how well it succeeds. I rather think that some people who review restaurants feel that every place they visit ought to conform to their (the reviewers) own personal taste… Happily this is not the case, and we all benefit from the resulting plethora of offerings available…. Just Saying.

With that out the way, I can report that Mexico is a lively, fun, happening place offering authentic ethnic cuisine that is true to its roots. The choice is good without being overwhelming and the food is full of flavour and freshness… and very, very cheap. We had a selection of five small plates between two of us, a Mexican beer and a glass of Sangria all for $70. Despite it being a Saturday night we had a mere 35 min wait in the great little bar through the “skull” door before we got our call for the table – barely enough time for my second Blood Orange & Mango Margarita. All the staff we interacted with were friendly and welcoming, especially our waiter.

Yes, it’s dark, and yes, we needed a flashlight to read the menu, and yes, the music is loud. We are not 20 somethings, we are pushing 50….. we loved it. Possibly not ideal “first date” venue ‘cos you will have to raise your voice to have a conversation – but there are plenty of other places you can go for that sort of date. Mexico with its art and atmosphere, great food and friendly vibe are doing what they do, and doing it well!

4 star rating
by Janine
12th August 2013

Mexico is a favourite of ours for tasty affordable authentic mexican food with friends. Expect to wait for your table in the weekends, but there is a little bar round the corner to keep you occupied, and once you make it inside it’s worth it. Vibrant atmosphere, crazy wallpaper and helpful staff combined with a delicious selection of tasty morsels and magaritta mixes makes for a fun night out.

4 star rating
by Sally S.
14th July 2013

We have been trying to get to Mexico for weeks but only managed it last night. I had read the reviews beforehand and almost changed venues but the others still wanted to go. We knew there would be a wait when we arrived so we asked how long and was told 1 hour give or take ten mins. We were fine with that and went around the corner to the smallest bar in Auckland, Ikto was cool served the best classic Margaritas and we waited until we got a call on my phone (about 1 hour later) and headed back to the restaurant. Yes, it’s a bit dark especially to read the menus but that’s what flash lights are for on your phone! We loved the place, staff were great, food was cheap and good, drinks were spot on. All of us loved the place and atmosphere, if you want a cool venue, that’s fun, cheap, dark, plays cool music and is fairly loud this fits the bill. We would certainly take visitors there for a change, we are not young but like to think we are quite hip late 40′s early 50′s…try it :)

3 star rating
by TriciaMenzies
3rd July 2013

It’s cheap and cheerful but always too noisy and too dark to hear the staff and read the menu. I struggled to find anything appealing on the menu and the dishes I settled on were just too spicy. Very limited winelist too.
I guess this is so popular they don’t need to make much effort but I think next time I’ll try another venue.

1 star rating
by Irene
3rd July 2013

Really disappointed with Mexico – went on Friday 28th June, put our names at the door around 720pm and told there’d be an hour and half wait. We were fine to wait so went and shared a bottle of wine at a bar with my 3 friends. Returned back to Mexico after the hour and half, lined up, asked how long the wait would be as we were starving by 9pm…only to be told there’d be another 30minute wait!! Ok understand you guys were busy…BUT when the girl at the door was looking through the bookings book, other people had gotten in AFTER us!! Almost ruined our night if Mexican Café didn’t come up trumps – within minutes of arriving there (and yes they were busy too), we were seated, had jugs of margaritas and food…amp up your service Mexico – It’s needed!

3 star rating
by Camilla D.
2nd July 2013

Mexico is incredibly loud – too loud to have a conversation.

The food is good and tasty and quite filling although the servings aren’t big.

4 star rating
by Malcolm
30th June 2013

Great restaurant, great atmosphere and helpful friendly staff – always love it here

2 star rating
by Grace S.
29th June 2013

Went here on a Saturday afternoon for lunch! Food was fine-Margarita’s good! Service was fine-but staff attitude was appalling! I asked the waitress to come in 5 minutes as we had not yet decided what to order she rolled her eyes at me and looked like I had completely ruined her day. Then the a different waiter who brought our drinks over looked so put out as we tried to work out who’s drinks was who.

I work in hospo myself and I would never in a million years treat a customer like that-it was horrifying. The staff seemed so entitled..it was a complete put off.

4 star rating
by Melanie M.
26th June 2013

Checked this place out on a Saturday afternoon when it wasn’t too busy. Great decor but servers seemed a bit cold.. some of the waitresses seemed more interested in their floral crowns than refilling our water glasses and when I asked the waiter bringing our food which tacos were which as they all looked similar he looked at me like I was an idiot. Service can make or break your business guys! Especially as I work in fine dining so my standards for these things are just that much higher. Luckily the food was incredible, fresh exciting flavors that I seriously can’t wait to try again. Will be back soon.

4 star rating
by Jason M.
21st May 2013

Awesome place to grab a bite to eat. From $6-$12 a plate it’s cheap too.
We went on Friday night before the comedy gala and everyone enjoyed their meals… not as much as their margaritas though!
Thanks guys for a great night out

4 star rating
by Rachel S.
16th May 2013

Went here with my family after loving the Takapuna one. I knew how it worked with tapa style. Decor is fantastic it’s just too cramped is the only downfall! The tapas were fantastic as well as drinks. Definitely a must try for foodies! The food comes out super quick which is cool but you do feel like they’re trying to rush you through a bit. Over all great though.

5 star rating
by Rosemary Y.
12th May 2013

I love this place. Have been here twice now. The Quesadilla is very good, definitely recommend one to share (as these come in 8 pieces).

The Ceviche is very good. I like the style where they do not put too much coconut milk in. Lots of big fat pieces of fish and good combination of mild chillies

Definitely recommend this place to others… Can’t wait for them to open up a store in Wellington!

4 star rating
by Rob F.
8th May 2013

The food at Mexico is a contrast to the typical interpretation of Mexican food served in New Zealand – petite servings, no stodge and delicate flavors.

The atmosphere in the dining area is really unique and I think it would make a great start to a big night out for a group of friends.

We enjoyed a range of dishes for lunch and all of them impressed us.

Mexico is definitely better suited to a group who want to enjoy Sangria and a range of small dishes to share.

3 star rating
by Moana
16th April 2013

Such a cool and quirky set up.. There was a major queue (and this was a Tuesday night), so we had to leave our names and wait for a response. The front staff were amazing, our waiter however, not so much.. Its quiet cramped, and there is no real intimacy so it is difficult to hear one another.

Its a great experience, food was very inexpensive but not that exciting, quiet bland considering its Mexican.

Overall, 6/10

5 star rating
by Lisa G.
3rd April 2013

Big foodie and absolutely blown away. the service great. the margaritas – best have ever tasted. But the food. Sublime. I have told everyone I know about this place who are also foodies and they are all starting to go. Up there in one of the best all round experiences (and we eat in loads of places up and down NZ) for years. thank you, I dont want to give you 5 stars because I dont want to miss out in a table!

3 star rating
by William
2nd April 2013

Saturday night at 6pm arrived down the back alley and had a few drinks in the hole in the wall bar at the rear of the restaurant. Some excellent top shelf tequilas!! We put our names down for a table for 6. They forgot us and we had to remind the maître di several times and got quite angry as others were seated ahead of us that arrived after we had, including other groups of 6. The restaurant was very busy, lively atmosphere. we were seated after 8pm. Once at the table we were able to order quickly and we ordered a large selection of tapas, tacos etc.. Food was excellent. service was slow and there were a few errors in the order. The food was very fresh and tasty and authentically Mexican, not stodgy like some Kiwi Mexican food. portions were small but well priced so order 3 or more per person if you are hungry. We will go there again on a Tuesday night so will compare with first experience. Probably need to have more staff on Busy nights and improve staff training/retention as customer service lets this restaurant down big time.

2 star rating
by Michelle E.
24th January 2013

Went into Mexico for casual dinner with an old friend. They were really busy which was a good sign and had to wait for a table which was cool. The maitre d’ was lovely and very welcoming when we put our name down for a table so we seemed to be off to a good start.
When we came back later and sat down a waiter came over and plonked a bottle of water and some glasses on the table. No hi or anything.
He came over and took our order later but walked away before we could order any drinks so we had to go and tap him on the shoulder and ask if we could order that too.
The food came swiftly which was cool seeing how busy they were. However it was just thrown onto the table by the waitresses that were storming around the place, they didn’t even say what dish they were putting down so we had to try and figure out what dish was what ourselves.
Our waiter didn’t bother to come see how our food was or anything though it was nice. Tacos were yum and the crab tostaditas were great.
After all that we were keen for some dessert, tried to tap our waiter on the shoulder and get his attention but that didn’t work. Finally we managed to wave over another waitress and asked to order. Twenty minutes later nothing had come so when our actual waiter wasn’t too busy we asked if he could check on our desserts. He checked on the till and came back and his reply was “No they haven’t been ordered because I am your waiter”. He didn’t bother apologizing or even asking us if we would still like it. So we had to ask him can you please order it for us again?
The dessert (chili chocolate, cinnamon, olive oil cake) ended up being pretty average too.
Overall, it’s a lovely decorated place and really does have an authentic Mexican feel with nice food and great for money but the service (or lack of it) is just a complete let down.

4 star rating
by Karen E.
13th January 2013

Great place. Went between Xmas and New Year and had an early dinner and beer. Great to go somewhere and be able to order several things without it costing loads like it does at many tapas places. Went again a few days later for a few beers and a few more dishes. Awesome place.

5 star rating
by Aleesha N.
3rd January 2013

I have been to mexico 3 times

Absolutely Loved it everytime, yes it gets busy so be prepared to wait, but with a bar just around the corner you can kill some time.

This is by far the best mexican food I have tasted in NZ, just recently took a group of friends and all gave it a thumbs up. Yes portions are small, but thats the type of restaurant it is! Go with a group and order several different things to try – much better that way!

I don’t know why people have given bad reviews about the wait staff , all three times they have been very friendly, a little slow, but what can you expect when the restaurants full!

will definitely go back again, and again and again :)

3 star rating
by Ally
20th December 2012

We came here for lunch with friends from Hamilton, who have visited Mexico and enjoy trying new Mexican places. I emailed yesterday to book, but they don’t take bookings. I arrived at 11.50 (for 12.00 opening) and was told I had to wait outside. I waited, along with about 10 other people, and at 12 went in, to find the restaurant already had people seated. We sat outside under the plastic awning on the footpath. Inside is dark, loud and very cramped, luckily we sat outside. The waitress arrived to take our order as soon as we sat down, so we asked her to come back, and after 20 mins had to go and get someone. They were not helpful with the size of the food, so we got two dishes each. They are priced between $6-$12 and are really small. When I say really small, I mean tiny. An average eater would need to order at least 2-3 dishes to be satisfied. My friends ordered hot chocolate, but when it arrived we were told that there was no chilli sauce, they drank them anyway, but said they were poor. Lots of raves about this place, but I wouldn’t recommend it, and won’t be going back even though my husband works next door. I’m gluten free and vegan, and there was really limited choices for vegetarians and coeliacs.

5 star rating
by Rachel B.
12th December 2012

I’ve been looking for quality Mexican food for quite some time now and have finally found it! I love tacos so right away my eye was drawn to the taco selections. I ended up getting a fish and a beef taco. I can’t tell you which was better because I liked them both. The beef taco had a coconut twist on it that I really enjoyed and the classic margarita was perfect. I will be returning!

I took off a star because of the waitstaff. We had to get up from our table 3 times to order more drinks. Boo.

2 star rating
by Carmen S.
12th November 2012

Went there with my two daughters, very cool interior, slightly abrupt waitress. Food was ok,liked the fresh herb flavours, small portions, decided to order the salad on the recommendation of the waitress, it was so salty we couldn’t eat it, told the waitress, she took it out rather sternly and came back plonked it on the table and told us it’s meant to be salty, it’s the feta cheese. Hmmm, not what I’d call good service, we left had to pay for the salad, won’t be going back, with all the good other options a cool interior doesn’t quite make up for sour service and bad seasoning.

2 star rating
by Hannah J.
10th November 2012

Went here for my boyfriends birthday a few weeks ago. I am gluten free, and we decided to go here as it said that this restaurant caters for this dietary restriction. When I asked the waiter what on the menu was gluten free, gave me a couple of options and then recommended the chicken special for $16, so I went with that. When it came out the portion was tiny, definitely not enough for a main meal. Was just a small piece of chicken with a few pieces of lettuce around it. When I mentioned this to the waiter when I was leaving, he just looked at me blankly and said “yeah I know its a small portion, but that’s what you get”… So we just paid for our meal and said nothing more about it. I have no problem with paying more for a meal, particularly in a place with such a great atmosphere, but I think he should have told me that the portions were small, and maybe suggested getting two “mains”. My boyfriend reported that his burrito was bland. Seems like a great place for a few beers and bar snacks after work, but not a place to go for a great food experience.

3 star rating
by Jess
4th November 2012

The service was very slow and the two guys behind the bar were uninterested in serving us, however the food is fantastic!!! But definitely would recommend a few dishes for the table as 1 dish is not enough :)

3 star rating
by Rich
7th October 2012

I’ve been here a few times over the last 3-4 months, and the first time I was really impressed by the design and feel of the place. If you’re looking for somewhere to go with friends, that feels busy and has great atmosphere then this would be the place. The food was great and we didn’t have to wait too long for the food to arrive – but it did take a while for our order to be taken.

The only gripe I have is with the staff. Recently on a Friday night I turned up with 2 friends around 8pm to have the girl on the door make me feel like a fool for even asking whether there would be a table available.

I knew it was busy, but clearly being a customer wanting to have dinner you’d ask if there was a table, and if not you’d be advised how long the wait was. Instead she made me feel like it was an exclusive VIP club and flipped through her book in such a snaring way, almost as if there was some priority guest list I needed to be on. Her attitude and tone of voice was pretty poor. My friends visiting from South America said they felt the attitude immediately when we walked in.

She didn’t need to “lecture” me on the fact it was Friday night and that it gets busy – as all I wanted was a table, and obviously its busy because of people like me who come and eat there!

There is also a bit of a lack of space in parts – which makes it difficult to eat.

So in a nut shell, great food and atmosphere, but wouldn’t bother going to ask for a table again even if it looked remotely busy. The door service definitely lets the place down. Not as welcoming as it should be.

5 star rating
by Paul D.
19th September 2012

Delicious authentic food, equally tasty drinks, and knowledgeable service which all create an amazing atmosphere! The fried chicken is to die for! The choice for tequila is seemingly endless, and the bar staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful in guiding you to choose a tequila that you’ll love

3 star rating
by Beth G.
6th September 2012

Visited Mexico with 5 friends on a Wednesday evening. Had a 45 minute wait for a table arriving at 7pm which seemed pretty reasonable.

Mexico is a great destination if you are after a busy, ecclectic and informal atmosphere. As other reviewers have noted you are squished in pretty tightly with table placings in every available nook and cranny, so come prepared to share a table.

The menu is quite compact – tacos and quesadillas make for substantial ‘bar snacks’ with an interesting selection of salads (cerviche) and chefs specials which all serve to compliment the margaritas well. You’ll want to order quite a few dishes to create a full meal.

3 star rating
by Natasha
5th September 2012

So I went to Mexico-Britomart today for lunch with a friend. As far as the ambience and decor of the place goes, it was really interesting and fitting! The music was good, not too loud.
The service was average, our waitress seemed disinterested in waiting on us and when I asked if they could make my burrito spicier than usual she said “that’s just the way it is made they can’t change it” what? you’re supposed to cater to the customer, how hard is it for a chef to tweak the dish a little to make it spicier on a customer’s request? that was disappointing, if you’re reading this Mexico staff, you should highly consider changing your strategy of pleasing customers.
Lastly, food…it was tasty and all but wow for the price I was paying, the serving was ABYSMAL. I got the $6 soft shell taco and that is understandably small but then I got the $16 chef’s special burrito and honestly it was nothing special AT ALL and it was the smallest serving size I’ve ever seen for a dish close to that range. Also, no outstanding flavors, what happened to Mexican spices and aroma?! The food was good but definitely dull and not what I was paying for.

4 star rating
by Courtney G.
27th August 2012

Been here 4 times now, each time has been great, good service, and for the price of the food its great! We have got a few different dishes to share and get flavours of everything because it’s so cheap!

Only downside is thats it’s small but layout of table and chairs is bad they are way too close! I can understand wanting to get as many people in but I have been to a smaller Japanese restaurant but at least you can go to the loo without putting your bum in some poor person’s face! (and they have 100% 5 star rating!)

But still a cool place to catch up with friends with some funky hands on food and a good mid week sangria. I will always return :)

3 star rating
by Franklin
16th August 2012

Came here because my brother, who’s a vegetarian, thought the food here tasted quite nice. Due to his preference for foods that were light on the palate, we came here expecting something tame in terms of flavor.

Would have to say that our expectations were met; tried their house corn chips / salsa (average), mexico fried chicken (give it a miss, it’s too dry and flavorless), vegetarian qaesadilla (surprisingly tasty), green bean salad (also surprisingly tasty), pork carnitas (small bits of pork that were semi-flavorful), patataz de maiz(bland snack that requires a large dollop of mayo), and finished off our meal with some churros (decent). They had a menu of different tequilas which would’ve been fun to try had I been with a drinking crowd, but they wouldn’t have been keen with the food.

We were OK with the food overall and the slightly tardy service (given it was a busy saturday 12:30 timeslot), but it wasn’t bad. Come here expecting to shout your conversations out, eat something in advance, like tequila, and you’ll have a pleasant time… most likely.

2 star rating
by tina a.
2nd August 2012

We went late on a Saturday afternoon. The place was packed, but we got the last table. We went because we love Mexican food and have it once a week, heard about this place and thought we’d better get down there.

Interesting decor, but the tables are too close together, the dining room way too noisy, I had to shout at my partner to talk.

The food was very average, not much flavour, not much meat, but the going rate in prices. The food was boring, Mexican should be bold flavours, sharp tangs and chilli blended with great meats and accompaniments.

Sadly we were very disappointed. Nice wait staff with flowers in their hair, but I don’t eat those.

Guys, you have to give value for money and great taste to survive in Auckland. Do you want a place where friends meet every Friday for a long liquid and food lunch? Spending on average $150 per person? I am in that sort of group and you will not be getting my custom again.

Just not a comfortable place to lounge, pick at good food and drinks were tasteless and expensive.

5 star rating
by Matt C.
25th July 2012

what a place!
we went here tonight for the 1st time it was just fantastic heaps of staff, great service and fantastic mexican food! great beer!
A real gem fantastic for Auckland
I see the reviews Ger’s one the quesadillas were full of meat and full of flavor and had a pesto like cause on the side, The crispy Chicken was just to die for!
and the mini soft taco were mouthwatering! what a night
Note it gets very very busy so you could wait unto 40 min for a table! well worth it!

2 star rating
by Ger
24th July 2012

Four of us went there for Sunday lunch. It was very busy but we were lucky to get a table. This restaurant has a great atmosphere, cool decor, friendly waitresses, cheap prices, but unfortunately the food was very average. The quesadillas were so bland, and contained very little meat. This place needs to improve in the kitchen and then it will truly be one of Downtown Auckland’s best little eateries.

3 star rating
by David B.
24th July 2012

If you feel like hair of the dog and can’t face beer & Yum Char on a Sunday, this is a good option.

The place is busy enough to take your mind off a hangover and the ice cool margarita’s dull the pain.

The fired chicken is a must.

Will be back when the mood takes us.

1 star rating
by Fay F.
15th July 2012

Not sure if there is a rating lower than one star but since we waited three and a half hours in the “waiting bar”, a glorified loading dock but atmosphere all the same, and never actually reached a table, we can’t rate the food. We went in every 30 mins to enquire. Tables that had been there over 4 hours were loitering and “having such a good time, we don’t want to ask them to leave.” Are they mad or don’t they want to make money? Never again !!?!
Do not make the mistake we did and next time, believe the reviews !!?!

2 star rating
by Ann Y.
11th July 2012

Took my work group for lunch at Mexico……what a disappointment!! The meat & seafood were tough as old boots, and the quesadillas were very bland. The service was shocking, with waitresses dropping stuff all around us and trying to give us dishes that we hadn’t ordered. Complained to manager and got a couple of dishes taken off the bill, but definitely won’t be going back there and would not recommend this place to anyone.

1 star rating
by bridget
30th June 2012

Great service, great atmoshpere….. dreadful food! It ranged from completely tasteless (the home-made torilla chips and tomato salsa), to a bizarre mix of flavours in other dishes (the blend of ingredients in the chicken tacos just did not work for me!). Don’t even get me started on the ‘shredded chicken’ that was in the tacos and quesadillas, I wouldn’t have fed it to a dog!!! I actually had to question if it WAS chicken, it tasted so rough! All in all a very dissapointing meal. That said, the place was packed, so they must be doing something right, but I definately would never eat there again!

1 star rating
by Brad A.
26th June 2012

Our first visit to Mexico, despite having hesitations based on reviews we decided to give it a go. In a nutshell – arrived at 7pm, was told a table would be available “in about 1/2 hour” waited for 1 3/4 hours at a nearby bar and still heard nothing. Decided to walk in and confront them about it – they didn’t seem to care one bit about the wait… We were seated about 15 minutes later at 9pm. We ordered at 9:15pm and recieved our average and very small meals at 10pm??!! 3 Hours from arriving to getting food on our table?? Really?? I don’t care how “hip and happening” this place is meant to be…. If for one will avoid it like the plague!” Ridiculous wait, crap service and mediocre food.

3 star rating
by Gastronaut
26th June 2012

Stopped by with a couple of mates on a wet and windy Saturday arvo. The warm bustling interior offered a welcome respite from the June weather and a place to eat after a few pints at a nearby pub.

The food is cheap and generally pretty good. The $6 tacos are excellent in their simplicity. The cerviche we tried was fresh and authentic. The fried chicken, which we regretted not trying, looked awesome.

The margarita jug was disappointing though. If there was actually any tequila in there, we sure couldn’t taste that distinctive earthy flavour. This was a bit of a let down given the price and the high quality of the food.

I can see what the other reviewers mean about the service. The staff are all nice to look at but somewhat indifferent to the basics of good service. Then again, I guess that’s what you get when the majority of your wait staff were born after 1994.

4 star rating
by Louise B.
26th June 2012

Quirky place to come with mates for a catch-up over a wine & tapas style dining.

Food was tasty & delivered quickly on a busy thursday night. Opted for the chicken quesadillas, which came with awesome homemade chunky guacamole.

The decor is kooky but interesting! A welcome addition to Britomart’s ever evolving bar & restaurant scene. Thumbs up!

1 star rating
by Meg
18th June 2012

Had a very average first experience and won’t be hurrying back any time soon. Waited over an hour and a half for a table, after being told the wait would be around 45 minutes. When we inquired again about our table the front of house woman (who clearly couldn’t care less about how long we had been waiting) told us she had no idea how long the wait would be, so we left as by that point it was after 9pm and we still had not had dinner. We were eventually rung at around 9.15 over 2 hours after we had arrived at Mexico. They need to sort this out – never have I had to wait so long for a meal.

3 star rating
by Sally
8th June 2012

The food is great! The service is awful.
It’s tasty and moreish! The drinks are refreshing and a great accompaniment.

We waited an hour for a table which was no problem for us at all. We were phoned promptly when an hour was up and came back to the restaurant for our waiting table.

However, after having been open for almost 6 months you would think that the staff would be a bit more on to it. They were all incredibly rude and dismissive and I think I would have to pass up going here again unless the service got better.

5 star rating
by Alice
27th May 2012

After hearing much hyped reviews about this place I wanted to check it out for myself… And it didn’t disappoint.

This was my second attempt at going for my first mission was aborted due to a 1.5 hour wait. Even on a Sunday night Mexico is buzzing with people, probably accentuated by the crammed, almost claustrophobic space. But it’s all part of the ambience. Oh and the food isn’t bad either!

Great place to share a meal with friends. I’ll definitely be going back.

5 star rating
by Celia S.
25th May 2012

I have been to Mexico twice now and the first time there were a few hiccups but the second time was amazing! We had a big group and managed to get a table (they do take bookings for 10-16 people but you have to get the set menu). The set menu at $30 was a bargain as there was SO much food! We also got to sample all the favourites (ceviche, fried chicken, soft tacos) without having to make any decisions. The food was fantastic, service was great, with a very cool atmosphere. I’m an avid Mexican fan and this is now my favourite Mexican restaurant in Auckland. Would definitely recommend for a good value, fun night out.

5 star rating
by Ruby E.
25th May 2012

Mexico is a breath of fresh air in the Auckland City restaurant scene.

The place is fun, it’s loud, it’s squishy… chances are, you will be at a table with other guests, but that’s all part of its charm and the atmosphere that it is so loved for. The walls are a tribute to all things Mexican, crammed with photos, postcards, masks (the masks are a little creepy) and fantastic art… even the ladies bathroom is like walking into a shrine for Frida Khalo.

The food is not your typical ‘Americanised Mexican’, instead of an abundance of cheese and sour cream, the menu revolves around jalapenos, lime and coriander. And it’s oh so cheap! There aren’t many places in town where you can feel (a little too) full after an $11 meal.

It amazes me that Mexico can have such a terrible rating on this website and yet every time I go, the place is packed with people who adore it.

Make sure you go in there with an open mind, chances are you will have to wait for a table… but it’ll be worth the wait!

5 star rating
by Louise
25th May 2012

This place is fantastic!
BUT – go with the following in mind:
Because it’s so popular you need to get there either early (ie 6pm) or later (ie 8pm onwards) if you don’t want to wait in a queue (and yes this is weekdays too).
I’ve done my fair share of travelling to the US and Mexico – this is authentic Mexican.
It’s very good food, reasonably priced, very tasty, the place is busy and the atmosphere is manic – just like Mexico.
This place is my favourite Mexican in Auckland city! It’s a refreshing addition to the city’s restaurant scene.
Go with the right expectations and you won’t be disappointed!

1 star rating
by Phill D.
20th May 2012

This place is a joke!

Went with my wife last night and joined their waiting list for a table. The two young girls on the front desk had a very severe case of “superiority concept” – you’re waitresses at a Mexican cafe ladies not Hollywood A-Listers!

I asked them for an indication of how long the table would be (it was 6.45) and they said 45 minutes to an hour. We went to get a drink at a bararound the corner and we waited. And waited. And waited. After over two hours we went back and couldn’t get any sort of help so we jumped in a cab and went to Mission Bay instead. It’s now Sunday and they still haven’t texted me to say my table’s ready…..they may be busy now, but once word spreads about the crap service, snotty attitude and total lack of professionalism I suspect they’ll start to look at this sort of feedback more seriously. Woeful. Don’t go there.

1 star rating
by Alice
14th May 2012

After waiting for a table from 5.45pm to 9.30pm we left and went somewhere else. We would have hoped to have some kind of time indication after an hour.

Great Sangria though, and from what I could see it would have been a good atmosphere had we been able to go.

1 star rating
by Claire
12th May 2012

The 3 front of house staff were extremely rude and arrogant. They seemed more interested in gossiping about their hair then doing their job of welcoming and seating customers. I had earlier spoken on the phone to a lovely woman who assured us she would at least try and accommodate our table of 7 (as you cannot book) when I explained this to the front of house girls they couldn’t have cared less, were not helpful and actually decided to stop talking to us and continued gossiping. I would NEVER recommend coming here until they reassess their staffing situation. Total disappointment

2 star rating
by Kate
4th May 2012

Myself and a few co-workers went to Mexico for what we expected to be a trendy and authentic Mexican restaurant/bar… lets just say we won’t be rushing back there ! From the outside this place looks like it has potential to be an entertaining place to eat and enjoy the music, colourful decor and traditional cuisine, inside we found it was cramped, very hot, minimum seating, dirty and way too loud! the staff were veerryy slow and unorganised, the food was cheap in price and taste! The thing that shocked me was the bathrooms, if your in a restaurant you’d expect there to be toilet paper and things to be clean…you might wanna go before you get there! And last of all the glasses, whether you ordered a wine ( if you can call cask wine wine) or a Margarita everything came in a medium size water glass, which i thought was cheap and dull. The only positive thing i can say is i liked the deep fried banana pastry with maple syrup, but i could make that at home!

I rate this restaurant 2/5 stars

4 star rating
by Jenny
27th April 2012

Love it! Fabulous.
Have been 5 times now and enjoyed every experience.
The staff are great and the twiggy blonde maitre dee is always a charm and we walk out laughing.
Decor is awe inspiring and the place is always a hive of activity.
I do come back more for the experience rather than the food itself, although the food is fair for the price it’s very inconsistent. One day the ‘not to miss’ fried chicken is black the next it’s orange?
Totally worth checking out, a nice addition to to the city and a cheap night out!

1 star rating
by M
21st April 2012

Rude staff and a 3 hour wait for a table (no bookings allowed) mean we won’t be returning in a hurry. Empty tables all over the restaurant but somehow they were all reserved for large parties (that never arrived!). They kept stringing us along saying there was less than an hour to wait.. isn’t this just to keep us buying overpriced drinks in their bar? The woman at the door was arrogant and rude and didn’t seem to know her job.

3 star rating
by Carlene O.
21st March 2012

True, nothing is over $14 but the servings are very small. Ordered 2 x $6 soft tacos and pretty quickly needed to order a third. Food was fine – what can you say about a small taco? Very busy when we came at lunch time but the service was great – very friendly and efficient, didn’t feel rushed at all. Didn’t order anything else so can’t comment on drinks or prices. Nice decor, good lunchtime vibe. 3 stars is about right.

3 star rating
by Maloo22
19th March 2012

The concept is good- having been twice, I would say that go when it is a little less busy as the food and service are better. Definitely different and the food is enjoyable

4 star rating
by Andy C.
14th March 2012

I have been to “Mexico” every week since it opened. This is banging fresh Mexican street food and is about as far away from Tex Mex as one can possible get. The fish taco’s are a highlight – although you need to order more than one…

“Mexico” has great food, and great ambiance. The only downside is that regulars might get tired of limited menu unless they expand with specials, or change it up. Also, no bookings means it can be tough to eat when you want, and there really isn’t any space to sit and wait for a table with a beer.

1 star rating
by Gary H.
13th March 2012

So it’s always difficult to find a true Mexican restaurant. And this one is no different. If you want mediocre TexMex at a slightly inflated price. Here it is.
The service is polished like a McDonalds (would you want Margarita with that sir)
the food is cheap and tacky.
You may as well go to a burger king.
The alcohol is watered down and the meat is non-existent.
Scores 2 out of 10

4 star rating
by bob
12th February 2012

We went along on night number 2. Considering this the service was pretty good, 4/5. They didnt know what was going on, but they pulled it off very well!
Food; We chose 2 salads and 2 tacos. We probably needed 1 one item between the 2 of us. Prawn salad with chipotle mayo, tasty but mayo needed to be a bit warmer.
The market fish ceviche was ok, the fish was very fresh, but the meal seamed to be a little 2 dimensional, lacked depth. It had the spicy warmth that was missing from the mayo, but it was more of a whack of spice than integrated.
Tacos are well priced and tasty. I dont have any problem with pineapple in a cooked meal, but my partner does. Still the pulled pork was good. Chicken good, but taste inconsistent through the taco.
The foods cheap, but not matched by the price of beers and tequila. Not too bad though.

Probably the only real negative was the crammed seating, forcing staff to negotiate their way around with much back tracking to let people past. This was mostly a problem at the choke point between the bar and till.

A fun place with well priced food and great service. Interesting decor.
Giving it 4 stars, as it will improve,

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