Mezze Bar

4 star rating 80 reviews

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09 3072029

9 Durham Street East, Auckland CBD, Auckland

  Spanish, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Cafe
7 AM to 11 PM (Mon-Thu), 7 AM to 11:30 PM (Fri), 10 AM to 10 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Mezze Bar

5 star rating
by Rachna
2 days ago

Lovely atmosphere, super friendly staff and very prompt service.

Loved the vibe and the deco.

Been here twice now with friends just for drinks though.

Really nice and cozy spot.

5 star rating
by Jenny Da
11 days ago

Lovely atmosphere for a late lunch. We ordered a Greek salad and a smoked chicken salad which came in decent sized portions. The wait staff were super nice and food was delivered promptly. Everything was nicely presented. The cake cabinet was so tempting too! Must try next time

5 star rating
by Lisa Pearson
12 days ago

Had a farewell for my boss last week on a Thursday lunch time. It was very busy, the queue was long to order. I thought because of this, the food would take ages. Instead the queue time was minimal, the time it took to get my lunch was short AND the food was AMAZING!! I had the lamb burger - one of the best burgers I have ever had!! I also took my 9m old there. Apart of the stairs to the entrance of the bar, it was quite baby friendly. Plenty of space to move the pram. Thanks Mezze Bar

4 star rating
by Gen
16 days ago

Asked a friend to suggest a place and she suggested Mezze Bar, saying 'they have good cake'. Soooo true!!! This orange cake was amazingly good! This place is rather hidden though so you might walk past it without knowing! But definitely worth trying

5 star rating
by Suzanne
one month ago

Have been here  often at different times of the day. Love the hours. Great atmosphere for a place in the inner city it is another haven to stop and recharge in. Serving such a variety of items could be a problem but not here everything is done well, very good quality and value for money. I always feel like I've had a good treat here. The music is great too. Also the staff are welcoming and attentive what more could you want!

4 star rating
by Alisha Ophelia
2 months ago

Always order too much food because there are so many options and want to try everything. Great for big groups of people so you can share tapas, and alot of vegetarian options. It's annoying that you have to go up to the counter to order, and the staff are slow at clearing plates, but overall- amazing selection of savoury and sweet foods.

4 star rating
by Shelly
2 months ago

Food here is always good, i love the bread and dip platters, which is what I always order. Service is average. My friend also loves the caesar salad. They have alot of seating also!

4 star rating
by J&P
2 months ago

Our usual place for a late night hot drink and dessert. But dining here is a good idea also. The chicken risotto is the bomb, moist and citrusy. Prices are a little bit on the high side.

4 star rating
by Lily
2 months ago

It was a nice place. It's a good idea to book a table so you wouldn't have to sit next to the kitchen. I liked the food. But I didn't enjoy the vodka martini served at the bar. Side dishes are small, so if you are not alone there, you might want to order the complete dish. The carrot cake, with the Turkish Apple tea was a nice mix. The waiters are fast and friendly. I liked the roasted potato and the hummus.

4 star rating
by HJ
2 months ago

Highlight of the night was definitely the lamb burger, succulent and tender pulled lamb with a haloumi cheese plus a bunch of other things that just work together really well. Would recommend. However half a point was lost due to some of the chips being undercooked. Nice spot tucked away off the main streets. Will be back to try more from the menu!

4 star rating
by Cazza Holland
2 months ago

Hav been here twice and had very different experiences. Lunch time the food is more bland and takes far too long to arrive. Dinner time it's Yummy full of flavour and prompt food arrival.

5 star rating
by KST
3 months ago

Awesome atmosphere, amazing food, friendly staff, and a good selection of drinks.

Expect to try several different sharing platters. Each with its own unique flavour, nearly presented and cooked just the way they're meant to be.

5 star rating
by Mike Avery
3 months ago

An oldie but a goodie! Has been around for ages but so have we. Consistently delivers great relaxed atmosphere, yummy food & wine. Hard to beat for a casual but guaranteed good night out.

4 star rating
by Lucia Park
3 months ago

Mezze is one of the easiest places to catchup with a big group of friends in the city. They open from morning to late at night - convenient for that lunch meet up or the drinks after work. I had the tagine tapa - a Moroccan lamb casserole. It was perfectly seasoned and the herbs and spices married with the lamb so well! (I ordered the pita bread on the side too and it was the perfect accompaniment). They also have a wide selection of cakes and tarts that I can never seem to resist. Their carrot cake with cream on the side did not fail to impress me. Love the dark rustic interior in the evenings with lit candles on each of the tables.

5 star rating
by Megan
3 months ago

Always impressed by the tea , coffee and cakes here. Open till late which is the big bonus too ! Almond tart and carrot cake are to die for so it the Turkish Apple tea. Always great service.

5 star rating
by Justine Weake
3 months ago

All the food here is delicious. I've come here quite a few times now because it's not too far from uni and every time I've come here I've enjoyed the food. I usually get a BLT, which is divine, and the flat whites are hot and not too strong for me. The service is good and the place is big so you're always guaranteed a table.

3 star rating
by Farshid Hakimi
3 months ago

For a start it take 20min to have 3 meal.
We ordered one of the food with no spinach.
Once they brought the food it was with extra spinach.they need to work on the kitchen and running food to the front a lot more.
How ever they have had such a friendly customer service and they have a amazing chocolate cake.

4 star rating
by Victoria
4 months ago

I love this place! So far to find somewhere with lots of loungy space, that's open late and isn't a noisy bar or club. You can sit here and enjoy a meal, drink/coffee until late, all with a bit of a view out into the city. Very relaxing atmosphere and always very comfortable.

5 star rating
by Mark Webster
4 months ago

Had a truly wonderful meal here, with a roast beetroot salad that was filling, delicious and by no means one of those tasteless 'vegetarian option' type meals. Any bar that serves Tuatara Helles lager has to be good in my opinion (tick) and I only regret that I was in too much of a hurry to have a piece of lemon tart afterwards – I'd been eying it up as I ate; it looked divine.

5 star rating
by Madicattt
4 months ago

Mezze has been one of my favourite cafes in Auckland CBD for nearly ten years. Nestled in Durham Lane above Glassons it's a warm and comfortable spot to pop into at any time of the day.

In my teens, Mezze was where I'd go with friends when we wanted to be 'out' but couldn't actually go anywhere requiring ID. We'd sit in Mezze drinking Turkish apple tea's (delicious by the way) thinking we were awfully sophisticated. 

These days I'm more likely to pop in for a glass of wine and a platter. Either way, Mezze with their fantastic staff and inviting atmosphere has been consistently awesome. 

Highlights on the menu for me include the Lentil and Tomato Soup (delicious and filling and quite affordable if you're waiting for pay day) or the Roasted Chicken, served on a bed of Risotto. The mini chicken drums with satay sauce are also rather delectable. 

With big tables, small ones, couches and benches, Mezze is great no matter what size group you're joining.

5 star rating
by Amanda Browne
4 months ago

Just going through and doing a few reviews for my favourite places around Auckland and Mezze springs to mind immediately. I have brought many friends to Mezze Bar.. I love the fact it's always busy and at night time it's romantic with the candles and lights down low. I've been for breakfast. Lunch and dinner so it's very flexible. Always good food and friendly service especially Kim!

5 star rating
by Nadia Kennington
4 months ago

I've loved this place since the old location.  The ambiance is great, the tapas are tasty and the staff are friendly.  If only other people would stop sitting on my favourite couch, everything would be perfect!

4 star rating
by Michael Dutton
5 months ago

Good food, very accommodating to my dietary needs. Only real negative was the blonde who worked there didn't wash her hands as she left the loo. When I existed after her she was putting her apron back on. #pottyfail

4 star rating
by Krishna Brannigan
5 months ago

A buzzing atmosphere down a little lane way and was recommended by the hotel concierge. Kingfish ceviche was delicious and so were all of the breads. A good collection of local wines and a lovely spot to while away the time with free wifi great for travellers.

5 star rating
by Hima
5 months ago

Mezze bar is one of the best eateries out CBD!! The tapas, desserts and breakfast foods are definitely worth trying out!!!

I highly recommend to try out Moroccan fish dish!!! The flavours are very rich with tomato, spices and couscous. Definitely great to go along with a glass of Sav while you are at it.

The tiramisu is great if you are into the more wine and dark cocoa flavours. The taste is very unique compared to the typical, heavy cream cheese flavour tiramisu. Still rich in flavours but minus the heaviness of the cream cheese.

The chorizo breakfast is definitely worth having a go if you want to try something outside your normal brunch menu. The eggs are very creamy, which complements well with spicy chorizo flavour because of the contrast.

Very generous in portion size is seen all across the dishes and the relaxed atmosphere is great for after work feed,

3 star rating
by Yeone
5 months ago

We always find ourselves at Mezze bar for desert after dinner in the city, glad there is a nice cake place in city thats open till late.
Most of staffs are friendly and welcoming but few unforgettable. I had clearly asked for yoghurt in separate dish but one staff rudely replied "they are always separate" and delivered cake soaked in yoghurt. Love their cakes most of the time but that one staff was a minus.

3 star rating
by Sushmita Ann Daswani
6 months ago

I had their cake and it was fairly average, the cake was a little dry. Some of the staff are not so friendly. The ambience of the place was quite nice though.

5 star rating
by Claudia Serra
6 months ago

Fantastic food and fantastic staff! Went here more for coffee and a muffin/slice than I did for mains. Used to be a regular but moved jobs so I'm not so close anymore! They knew my order before I asked and the staff are always so friendly. Lovely big space with some comfy couches down the back. Stevia available as well as sugar which is always a plus for me. Love this place :)

4 star rating
by Ishita M. Mendonsa
6 months ago

Great food and ambience. Love the vibe out here and the wine list! Highly recommend the seafood on the menu, the feta cheese starters and a few other amazing tapas/ sharing plates.

1 star rating
by Eduardo Dias
6 months ago

We went to this place on Saturday night around 06:45pm. I ordered a Cezar salad and my partner has ordered a chicken risotto. We noticed the place was quite bus, but we were quite hungry so we decided to get some snacks (mezze plate) first as we wait for the main. After 30 minutes we ordered we still didn't have the snacks neither the meal. The main arrived 35 minutes later and the snacks never came so we had to cancel it. The place was so noisy you could not hear your own thoughts. The service was horrible and the management really poor.

I do not recommend this place to anyone.

5 star rating
by Sungsam7
6 months ago

This is one of my go to places for brekkie and lunch. Eggs bene is great and they always accommodate my slight variation of this meal ie sauce on the side, whole grain toast. Coffee is excellent here. Atmosphere is relaxing even on Friday nights for after work drinkies.
The fish sammie, lamb burger and lentil soup are some of my other faves. The staff are great and always recognize their regulars ??

4 star rating
by Delyce
8 months ago

Mezze bat is a great place to go if you're after a relaxing lunch with friends. They have great coffee and salads and the staff are fantastic.

4 star rating
by Melody Sujin Lee
8 months ago

Ordered Lemon Tart and chocolate cake. Those two are always the best combination. Lemon Tart was smooth and very nice. Chocolate cake was so nice with Ice Americano. Ginger mohito was a bit sweet but it was alright. Customer service wasn't too bad. Nice music. Good place to catch up with friends. Also loved the candle ??

4 star rating
by Shyam Maharaj
8 months ago

Nice food, great atmosphere. Will eat here again :) The Lamb kebabs were well cooked and although it looked like it wouldn't fill me when it came out, with all the accompanying items on the plate it was a very filling meal

5 star rating
by Seth Blissworth Baguion
9 months ago

Went here for brunch and it was great. The food was very tasty and were the right portions, not too much and not too little. Loved how there were areas of different seating too. Great service, great food and great atmosphere. Will definitely be back!

5 star rating
by Mitali Mohan
9 months ago

We jus happend to go there by chance for breakfast and it really did pay off well... the food ws excellent... the decor was old school and simple yet very calm and relaxing... staff was really good...must try

5 star rating
by Nilesh Manihar
9 months ago

Amazing place.. A very good feel you get when you enter. Im a veggie so options were less.. But the food is amazing.. Try the 'Rose Wine Sangria'. A place to visit definitely if you are on a holiday in Auckland!!

5 star rating
by Sahitya Anand
11 months ago

I've missed being in such dim lit cafes that have character.This restaurant quenched that thirst.Mezze bar is a jewel in the city.
We had the fish and lamb mains.Both these dishes were mesmerizing.I emptied my plate which is really rare.
The staff is extremely friendly and funny.A combo I love.
Will definitely be visiting again and may be again and a lot more times after.

4 star rating
by Marjolein Drenth
Nov 29, 2014

Little hidden gem! Good coffee, friendly staff! And great wine! Great place to catch up with friends! Unfortunately, the music gets quite loud so it is hard to understand each other.

5 star rating
by Shirley Yu
Nov 10, 2014

Had an amazing dinner at Mezze Bar tonight. As a matter of fact, it is a perfect place for couples to date here cuz the surrounding here is so nice. I have never tried Spanish food before, but after today's meal, I am totally into it.
My boyfriend and my friend both ordered grilled lamb dishes, my girl friend had a soup and I chose the smoked chicken salad. I tried the grilled lamb one and it was cool. It was quite similar to the barbecue but it was much better. The taste was filled in the lamb.
I was satisfied with my order as well. Though it may looked like there was only vegetables(lol), it really tasted good. I highly recommended the cheese in the dish. It was much different from the normal cheese we had and it was amazing. The smoked chicken was tasty as well.
The service here was considerable and the waiters are welcoming. Honesty, the price here was a little bit high. Boys could hardly full up.
Lovely place! Hope to visit next time!

4 star rating
by Kiwi Foodie
Oct 07, 2014

Hidden away in a little alcove on Durham St, Mezze Bar & Cafe serves Mediterranean-style food – cafe meals for brunch and lunch, and tapas for dinner. We came across the place by accident over a year ago, after wondering where the upstairs exit from Whitcoulls led to. That exit has now been closed up, but the cafe can still be accessed through Durham St.

Their brunch menu ends at 3pm and is rather limited, but the few dishes that they do serve are done quite well. I’ve returned time and time again for their Huevos Flamencos ($18.50) – chorizo, spinach, potatoes, and fried eggs served in a sizzling pan with crusty Turkish bread. My partner had eggs benedict with salmon ($18.50) – the hollandaise and eggs were great, but he found the salmon slightly disappointing as he was expecting the usual slices of smoked salmon instead of a big chunk of grilled salmon. We’ve also tried their moorish eggs, toast, and french toast, before – all of which were pretty good.

Service can be a bit hit and miss, and on our most recent visit we ended up waiting 40 minutes for our food. But the place was packed to the brim when we arrived, so it’s fairly understandable. We also enjoyed the Mediterranean-inspired ambience, with the colorful pillows scattered around the couches and little palm fronds for deco. It’s a nice little cafe with a bit of a twist, and we usually return on a semi-regular basis. Haven’t tried the tapas or drinks yet, but we might in the future, as I’ve heard they make a mean sangria.

4 star rating
by Jean HH
Aug 19, 2014

We love Mezze - it's one of the city's best kept secrets.  Lovely Turkish style food - the bread is divine.   The wine is very well priced.  The cakes are sublime.    Turkish delight fantastic.

4 star rating
by Georgie @ Georgieats
Aug 11, 2014

Mezze Bar is a great place to go to for a work function, a casual lunch or for a spot of cake and coffee. They serve predominantly Middle Eastern food, plus a range of vegan/vegetarian tapas and mezze options. Last but not least, yummy cakes and puddings!

I came here during the week with two colleagues. I had not been to Mezze Bar before, but my two dining companions raved about the delicious food. They both ordered the Smoked Chicken Salad with toasted almonds, vine tomatoes, red pepper, grilled halloumi cheese, fresh herbs and a balsamic vinaigrette ($19). I ordered the Turkish Lentil and Tomato Soup drizzled with lemon juice and paprika oil and served with hot Turkish pide bread ($12.50).

The Turkish Lentil and Tomato Soup was amazing. Perfect balance of spices and the Turkish pide bread on the side was a nice touch. It is also nice to have something warming and delicious in the wintertime! I also tried some of my colleague's Smoked Chicken Salad - the halloumi was to die for and the flavours all worked really well together. Next time, I will definitely be ordering that!

The service is friendly and the atmosphere funky and it is a very happening place. I would recommed this place to all, because there will be something for everyone on the menu! Make sure you book!

4 star rating
by Frank
Aug 09, 2014

Character cafe tucked away in a hidden enclave off Durham Lane that exudes olde worlde charm. Coffees are great, plenty of seating, and always an impressive selection of cakes and slices! Definitely come here if you're on Q St looking for a coffee or just want to have a break. It's also perfect for meetings and groups.

4 star rating
by Laura Hunt
Aug 01, 2014

We went to Mezze Bar last week after seeing some good reviews on here. Luckily we booked a table as it was super busy (being a Friday night), but it wasn't so bad that it ruined the atmosphere of the place, it probably made it cooler!

We went to order 4 dishes but were told 3 would be enough between the two of us.. Thankfully! We ended up ordering the garlic chilli prawns, the mezze plate, which was bread with a selection of dips and tasters, and a lamb dish. Everything was pretty good and we were both full afterwards. We didn't stay for dessert cause we couldn't stomach cake.. But it all looked pretty tempting.

Overall it was a good night and I'm looking forward to going back ASAP!

4 star rating
by Fairy-Anne Glenn Guiang
Jul 14, 2014

This bar is nice and cozy. It makes you feel like you are disconnected to the city. The food is average but the place really got me.

4 star rating
by Laissez
Jun 19, 2014

My friend recommended this place when we were looking for a quiet place to unwind that late Sunday night. We just finished a late dinner from Red Pepper and were craving for some desserts to end the night. I was amused on how relaxing the place was with very friendly and approachable bartenders. I had a slice of almond tart and because I have that strong sweet tooth, tasted beautifully for me and was paired with another sweet iced chocolate drink.

5 star rating
by Carla Mardell
Jun 16, 2014

Every time we visit mezze we enjoy our experience. The cafe, bar, restaurant is brimming with ambience and we love the big windows and decor. The menu has a good range of classics and very easy choices for normal and gluten free diners. The polenta and mushrooms makes a tasty lunch. Portions are quite large so watch that eyes are not bigger than your stomach!

4 star rating
by Meagan Kerr
May 31, 2014

I was delighted to visit Mezze Bar today, which was tucked away just off Queen Street. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming with a hip vibe. The staff were efficient and helpful, and I was impressed by the number of gluten free offerings on the menu. I ordered the gluten free French Toast with maple caramelised banana, berry compote and bacon, and was not disappointed - every mouthful of my brunch was flavoursome, perfectly cooked and moorish.

I will, without a doubt, be coming back to Mezze Bar for brunch sometime soon!

5 star rating
by Mike Watson
Dec 27, 2013

This place is an absolute winner all round! Boxing day early evening supper with two young children (4 & 5). Staff very attentive to our needs and children's. Had time to chat to us all and help with children's choice.

Food was top notch tapas. Deserts were the best of the best and staff still keen to help with two children peering through dessert chiller window and given a free chocolate flake!

Can't fault anywhere and can only praise the food quality, staff and atmosphere.

Will return again!

4 star rating
by Dog Eats World
Dec 02, 2013

Just had this for dinner tonight. As always the food was yum, we had tapas and we still managed to get full despite not spending that much. The atmosphere is great, very chilled and is also a great place to go for some quiet drinks after work. Highly recommended for anyone in Auckland CBD.

5 star rating
by Neala
Nov 03, 2013

I was very pleased with Mezze Bar. After a day of walking around the city, my two companions and I were in need of some food for a very late lunch. We ordered three tapas to share amongst ourselves.

One of my companions cannot eat gluten, and when we asked the cashier about gluten free options, she pulled out a big menu. We were very happy! She was very patient, helpful and friendly, even though we took a while to decide on what we wanted.

The food was very good. The hummus looked like it was made in-house and came with tomato salso on top. The patata bravas were delicious, not too spicy, with a chunky tomato sauce and aioli. And the tortilla espanola was great too - Spanish frittata cut into bite-sized chunks, with that yummy aioli again. It was a good feed for the three of us.

The atmosphere was quite relaxed, and it was a nice place to sit down and relax.

4 star rating
by Charles Graty
Oct 21, 2013

Really nice place to relax, good food reasonably priced.
Lots of variety and small as well as large dishes to choose from.

5 star rating
by David Hardy
Oct 16, 2013

Absolute gem of a place. I really love the decor and mood of the place. Stunning food, I had the French Toast and it's certainly up there in quality. Friendly staff. I stay at City Life Hotel when in Auckland and it's great to be able to walk across the road to such a delightful place with great atmosphere.

4 star rating
by Jennifer
Sep 08, 2013

I like the atmosphere, and the beverages they have.
I would normally come here for coffee or hot chocolate after having a meal at another place.
Great place to meet friends.
However, the food is not the best, and the male staff is very moody. I've been here many times but that male staff just puts me off.

3 star rating
by Rosalie Bay
Aug 17, 2013

A good place to meet for a drink in the city, with a decent wine list and a very pleasant environment, not too noisy and with plenty of space. The bar staff are uninterested, sometimes surly, but it all runs efficiently.

The food that I've had has been passable but nothing that I would make a special effort to order. The last thing I ate at the Mezze Bar was a potato tortilla, which was served with a blob of sour cream on top - hardly what you would encounter in Spain, and not very good. But this is essentially a bar, not a restaurant, so it is not realistic to expect good food.

5 star rating
by Kylee Dale
Jul 14, 2013

What a fantastic venue for a party. The mezze tapas group menu was awesome. So much fresh and tasty food and the service was above and beyond. 30 guests that could mix and mingle , chill out on the couches or enjoy food at different tables. Highly recommend for food, service, atmosphere and value.

5 star rating
by Taryn Saggese
Jun 01, 2013

Great place for coffee and cake , drinks and tapas or a meal. Mezze bar has a wonderful atmosphere and great place to go with a group of friends to share a jug of sangria the variety of tapas . It is a little hidden away , but that adds to the charm.
It's a bit of a Jack of all trades covering breakfast through to dinner , but it pulls it off , being the best place to go for so many occasions.

3 star rating
by Janice Jamison
May 25, 2013

A bit hit and miss on some things but a great atmosphere. I did find it a bit weird that there is no table service as everyone seemed to be eating rather than drinking. Lamb was tough but tasty. Dessert a little bland. Wine a little pricey. The service was quick but not super friendly. I might come back but there are so many other places to try in Auckland.

4 star rating
by Kate
May 19, 2013

This place has good food and a cool atmosphere. not many in the city like this I reckon. The staff were pretty good and did a good job considering it was quite busy. Will go back again!

4 star rating
by Jenice Aston
Mar 16, 2013

Love this place! Their dishes are great and their coffee especially cappuccino are great too. Love their atmosphere at night.

4 star rating
by Monica
Feb 16, 2013

Great place to go in town for food. I particularly like the Mezze dips with bread and lamb kebabs together which are both delicious and very filling. Food is well presented and quite unique with choices from tapas to filling meals. Service is good and the place has a cozy, relaxed vibe great for any occasion.

3 star rating
by Keith Edson
Feb 10, 2013

Still retains its ambiance but lost its great atmosphere. Been to mezze bar four times over the last 12 months. Last visited on a busy Saturday night. Still has a very mixed group of patrons and the food remains good but the relaxed vibe has gone. Young professional waitresses have gone and food is now brought by less appropriate staff not wanting to answer questions or take further drink/food orders. Feels rather rushed. Normally ourselves and many other customers remain to enjoy after dinner drinks before leaving but this is no longer the case. Seems like mezze bar has been spoilt by its success or possibly new owners/managers. To sum it up I will visit again but did not leave a tip this time

5 star rating
by KSW
Dec 13, 2012

This is one of best places to go in Auckland City.

Great ambience, friendly staffs, delightful beverage options.

Strongly recommend sangria, this is one of place who does proper sangria.

I highly recommend, especially if you've been to Spain and have high expectations or someone who is looking for their new favourite place :)

5 star rating
by Lacey Wilson
Sep 04, 2012

What a place! A cafe, bar, restaurant, everything you could ask for in a very cozy and welcoming atmosphere, and just in the middle of the city. We went there after work on Friday, and my only regret is not knowing this secret spot before! I surely will be back many other times!!!

5 star rating
by Aiman Bagasra
Sep 02, 2012

I absolutely love this place!

After getting very disappointing patatas bravas and sangria at the Spanish restaurant in Mission Bay, I knew it was time to go back to Mezze.

Great ambience, great service and best of all, delightful food!!! There were 3 of us, and we ordered 4 tapas and 1.5 L of sangria. We got the patatas bravas, feta (came with the most delicious bread), tortilla espanola and the hummus one.

The sangria was exactly how it should be.

The waitress was very patient with us as she split the bill 3 ways, and they were great at taking away dishes one by one as we finished.

I highly recommend, especially if you've been to Spain and have high expectations. This is the best it gets in Auckland :)

5 star rating
by Louise Bartlett
Jun 26, 2012

Absolutely love this place. Never disappoints.

Great for brunch, a coffee & cake for afternoon tea or tapas style dining in the evening with the girls.

Warm & friendly, this place oozes atmosphere.

4 star rating
by Amy
Jun 14, 2012

Went there for coffee and cake with a couple of friends today.

Coffee good, but the cakes are so so so good! We had the chocolate cake, carrot cake and berry and custard cake. I loved the berry and custard cake, carrot cake not too bad as well! Chocolate cake is ok for me.

Heard a friend say that their tapas and other foods are good too! But will definitely go and try their cakes again! Yum!

4 star rating
by Sallybrown
Apr 29, 2012

Great place for a coffee on one of those rainy days in the inner city that we are about to have lots of soon!

4 star rating
by Ellie
Apr 28, 2012

Have been here more times than I can count, as they are the only decent cafe style, sit-and-chat-in-pleasant-surroundings place in the city, really. Love the food (although once it was too salty to eat, when they refunded me) love the desserts, love the space. LOVE the hours, it feels like Auckland is a grown up real city when you can have a coffee after 8 pm. ( that isn't from starbucks/esquires)
You may need to book a space if going between 5.30-8.30. Its really loud, so not so good for some people. You have to order at the counter, and this can take quite some time!
Last time I ran a tab, we moved tables, and instead of looking for us, I discovered when I went to pay that they had just decided we'd left and billed my credit card anyway. I no longer run tabs there.
Dishes start at about $12, and you'll need a couple each. Or just grab coffee or wine, and a piece of the most glorious lemon tart ever. They specialize in sexy young Euro waitstaff, which is nice.

5 star rating
by Nyl C
Apr 21, 2012

The only place I go for iced coffee. Truly the best in Auckland city - ice cream and real coffee. I've never tried their selection of tea before, but they come greatly recommended by friends. The selection of desserts is impressive, and the buttermilk chocolate cake is delightful.

Wil try their tapas soon!

Excellent ambience and great service too!

5 star rating
by Joni M
Mar 26, 2012

My absolute favourite place to go for tapas. So relaxing and unpretentious unlike many other tapas restaurants in Auckland. Quality ingredients, really tasty food, great service, great wine. Every time I visit I find something new to try and love.

5 star rating
by Selina Chan
Oct 09, 2011

This is quite a find and a really fantastic place to have coffee, chocolate, or lunch in town..cosy, good atmosphere, with a bit of a view over Queen St. The food is really good and it's everything a casual bar should be.

5 star rating
by Bonsai
Jun 09, 2011

The Mezze Bar is one of my favourite places to eat in Auckland. I've been going there almost since it opened, way back when it was next to Real Groovy. While the service can be a little abrupt, the food always comes out fast and is reliably good. A lot of people dislike having to order at the bar, but for me it's a blessing - I can grab a coffee and cake and disappear into a book during the quieter daytime hours and no-one hassles me. The chocolate buttermilk cake is especially divine, and the atmosphere is cosy yet cosmopolitan, with a view of some great, usually unnoticed, Auckland architecture. A home away from home :)

5 star rating
by Maree
May 31, 2011

This is my partners favorite place and I LOVE this place now too... Yummy tapas... Great, friendly service... Lovely atmosphere :-)

This is not a quiet restaurant, but who cares, food is GREAT!!!! :-)

4 star rating
by Wolfie W
Oct 21, 2010

Love the vibe in this place, always busy, never full of people young enough to make me feel I should be out with my Zimmer frame! Gotta love that! Auckland clearly appreciates this great little tapas bar with it's extensive wine offerings (by the glass) and scrummy food plates, and why wouldn't they? A firm favourite. Try the Chicken Liver pate - delish!!!!

5 star rating
by Orly Bar
Sep 07, 2010

the best place in auckland!!!

4 star rating
by Theresa Chan
May 01, 2010

My boyfriend and I went to Mezze Bar yesterday, a Friday night. It was packed and good to see that they do really reserve tables for people who booked. It's a very casual and lively environment. The waiters and waitresses were very friendly. I ordered Spanish Meatballs and my boyfriend ordered Caesar Salad. It didn't take long for the orders to arrive and they both tasted very good. The portions were just right.

Bear in mind that it's not a place to stay and have quiet talks. It didn't bother us much though because we were going to move on anyway.

Great place. I will definitely go to Mezze Bar again.

3 star rating
by Ryan Judd
Mar 09, 2010

good place to go for lunch with a bunch of workmates. had a really good meal there.

5 star rating
by FP
Apr 01, 2008

Now this is what I call a great restaurant with delicious food. I've tried several meals on the menu, and so far they've all been really great. The different flavours are so well balanced and the Maroccan fish really tasted as if it was from Maroc!

Also the desserts are fantastic!