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Reviews for Mikano

4 star rating
by Anna Leng
5 days ago

My boyfriend took me here tonight for a special three course meal. He had plans to take me last night but the reservations were fully booked. The lady had booked us in at 5:30 on a Saturday evening. We were the first ones to arrived and was lucky enough to be seated by the window. We had an awesome Seaview where we could see the helicopters.

I started off with the crab lasagne and my boyfriend had the duck ravioli. Both were delicious and well presented but i preferred the lasagne.

For mains - I had the steak. It was slightly a bit cooked for me. I had asked for medium but I think the resting time may have been a bit long. I know this because my boyfriends chicken was very hot and mine was medium warm. So my boyfriend has the chicken - it's absolutely amazing. I wish they made the mushroom sauce for my steak. The steak did lack sauce. They did not offer me pepper which I was missing. (Maybe they assume the flavours are perfect). Overall mains were well presented and filling.

For dessert I had the apple crumble and loved it. My boyfriend also enjoyed his brûlée. Only problem was they stuffed up our desert and we had to wait a very long time.

Overall, after seeing mixed reviews, we had a good evening with great view and great food. Be aware though. Between each course you're waiting for atleast 30mins which we found a long wait. Staff was friendly and the restaurant was well presented. Would love to come back but are put off by the waiting time.

1 star rating
by Emily Hur
8 days ago

When i saw Mikano on grabone, i was interested but not keen coz of the low rating of 3.8 and bad reviews but i decided to give it a go tonight for a special occasion but before i even had a chance to experience mikano, i was very disappointed by the service i got while i was making a reservation.I wanted to book a table for two for my hubby's birthday and i had requested for a table that will have a harbour view.  the lady said that she will try but she can't guarantee so i told her i really didn't want a crappy seat since it is for a special occasion and she still said that she can't guarantee and that she doesn't reserve tables. I don't understand what the point is in getting people to make a reservation?? If it said on the grabone voucher that they don't take bookings i would have understood but it said bookings are essential but in reality they don't reserve tables.... complete nonsense!completely disapointed with the service.

4 star rating
by Thao Nguyen
one month ago

I remember this restaurant used to be very good but a recent visit left me feeling slightly disappointed. The restaurant was cold....I had to leave my winter coat on which doesn't make for comfortable dining. Service was good and attentive and the waitress made some good recommendations. The food was good but I would not call it fine dining....although the prices are in par with find dining establishments. I like the different options for fish to be cooked but the dishes weren't wow....had the Sambal snapper on an Asian slaw and it was literally that, a piece of fish on a small cabbagey Asian flavoured salad. Nice but didn't make my taste buds tingle or anything.
At $39 for the main I think I expected just a little bit more. Overall it was a pleasant night but I would not rush back....plenty of other restaurants with great food offerings around!

5 star rating
by Jotori
one month ago

Wow, I bought two tickets on Groupon for a deal here. And I am so happy I did. Drinks on arrival, helicopter ride over auckland city with a sunset and dinner.
First this deal was amazing!
Second the food was delicious, no complaints at all.
Third with a bottle of rose and great company.

If you haven't been here. I highly recommend it. You won't be disappointed.
Service is almost perfect but no complaints.

5 star rating
by Arpita Mandal
one month ago

I'll highly recommend this restaurant. Beautiful ambience, Great food and Lovely customer service. Went for my first date with my man and it was a complete awesomeness.

5 star rating
by Taran
one month ago

In the beginning things were a bit confusing with the menu options but at the end everything was sorted and we all enjoyed our dishes and desserts. Was here for my brother's birthday, had a good experience as we got 2 people wishing him and at the end got a little ice cream with candle surprise. Really good food 👍🏼

1 star rating
by Ariane Nuttall
one month ago

Dinner at mikano on a Friday night - using a grab one voucher -
I have been to mikano a few times and have always been super impressed - however this evening I was very disappointed
The prawns in my entrée were pre cooked - so they had this dense chewyness to them , the flavor in the sauce covering them was not to my personal liking
The sides ordered with the main were very late coming out - we had to ask - and by the time they came out we were halfway through our main

For a main I had snapper on a garlic mash
The fish was well cooked - I enjoyed the mash - but it needed some sort of sauce on it otherwise it's just a piece of fish on a bed of mash - not very inspiring . It came with prosciutto as well which I thought added nothing to the dish and it would have been better without it .

The sides were average - the chips seemed like packet chips and the aioli was gross

For desert two of the others we were dining with chose the apple crumble - it was average - presentation was average

Overall I give this meal a 1/5, you've probably lost 4 customers. Not sure what happened here used to love this restaurant. Would have rated this 5/5 a year ago

4 star rating
by Angela T
2 months ago

I've been here a couple of times. The first time was a few years ago and I remembered it being great. The food and service was excellent when we went here for dinner.

We went back for lunch recently and found that the service and food wasn't the same or up to par any more. I believe there was a change of ownership etc.

First of all, the location of this restaurant is amazing. The view alone is something to go back for. If you're here during the day, you'd be able to enjoy seeing helicopters landing and taking off. At night, you will have a view of the lights and also the business of the port. It's all very entertaining.

As for the food, our recent visit was around lunchtime. I got the chicken and couscous which was nice but not amazing. My partner got the steak sandwich and he said it was average. 

For dessert, they were out of the cheesecake which my partner wanted so we both got the chocolate tart. The dessert was below average. It was underwhelming. It was disappointing to end our meal with the dessert and I wish we had a better experience.

2 star rating
by Andrew Sampson
2 months ago

Dined here a couple of months ago, with my wife and daughter... We were not so impressed, waitress was fairly attentive but service overall was a let down.. Bread ordered at the same time as drinks arrived before drinks *20 minute wait for drinks* for drinks, we had to remind the young waitress that we were still waiting for drinks upon arrival of the bread and dips.. Food was alright, we had the mixed seafood grill I think it was called, It had scampi, salmon, white fish, mussels, calamari and oysters that were supposed to be served with a chardonnay vinaigrette, I couldn't see any of this vinaigrette but apon asking for it, it arrived.. The maitre d'hote was full of the flu or cold from what i could see, he seemed to retreat upstairs, and wasn't of much help at all.. we ordered cheese as a secondary course i think it was $45 or there abouts for a selection of cheeses... I was disappointed to hear that the chefs had run out of honeycomb, and more insulting we were served snax crackers and arnotts crackers as apposed to  lavosh crackers and wafer crackers *a true insult to a fine dining establishment as this* pityfull amounts of some sliced spiced fruit bread was served however.. upon my personal request for the lack of honeycomb that we could have some more of a soft cheese that we quite enjoyed, only to find the chefs had run out of that particular cheese.. another Disappointment.. I had ordered from the waitress before I requested the account for a cider that they had on tap, as we had had enough of the wine consumed throughout the luncheon this never arrived to the table, but was charged to the account, and went to show the incompetence of the staff once again..Upon paying the bill the drink was deducted, the maitre d'hote clearly had no idea of what was happening in his section and this is truely unacceptable.. for a place to be a fine dining establishment staff must COMUNICATE amongst themselves.. and say if they are serving crackers from a box, and we are out of this that and the other... get it together guys is all I have to say

5 star rating
by A Culinary Affair
2 months ago

The back story:  Mikano has been a family favourite amongst us for many years - with great food, service and amazing views by the water.  Unfortunately the service and food dipped a couple of years back, so we were happily surprised to find that new management had taken over since September last year, giving Mikano the much-needed facelift it was waiting for.  It has since returned on our list as a regular go-to - for anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas and other festivities. 

Setting: Situated at the bottom of The Strand in Parnell in Mechanics Bay, the restaurant makes the most of the views it has to offers with floor-to-ceiling windows all around the restaurant.  Natural light filters through during the day - creating a warm and natural ambience during the daytime and early evening, and offering magnificent views of the sunset.  The restaurant is transformed as the sun dips below the horizon, assuming more of its fine dining persona.  Silver hanging origami-décor hang from the ceiling, shimmering in the light, whilst a hive of activity continues outside with helicopters coming and going from the helipad next door.  The place is always buzzing with activity.  A great choice for a first, or second, date, with plenty of conversation starters - from the rescue helicopters to the container wharf - the place breeds a warm and welcoming ambience without the pompous uptight fare seen in some fine dining restaurants.  Service is prompt, with staff nearby but not in-your-face, ready to attend to your requests, whether it be dietary requests or for special occasions.

Food: The star of the show is indeed the food however.  With a great choice of food ranging from pastas, soup, seafood, meats and desserts - you can be sure that there will be something that will take your fancy.  All are reasonably priced too, with pastas and entrees around the early twenties, and mains around mid-thirties.  The portion sizes are really generous - something to bear in mind when you are ordering.  We started off with the house breads - freshly baked, warm and crisp on the outside, and soft on the inside, accompanied with olives, dukkah, olive oil and butter.  Definitely one of the better breads I have had - I almost wanted a second serve!  The entrees we had - of crystal bay prawns and scallops - were fresh and plated well.  The prawns were accompanied by guacamole with romesco sauce - a clash of hot and cold all in one, delighting the tastebuds as it processes the contrasting flavours.  I ordered the lamb cutlets as my main, and was surprised to find a generous serving of 3 tender cutlets, with a serve of forest mushrooms on the side and potato gnocchi.  The lamb was tender, and crumbed just enough to give it good crunchy texture on the outside, without being dry.  Reaching the end of meal, I was pretty satisfied but found the dessert menu difficult to resist.  New York cheesecake; tiramisu with coffee gelato; chocolate soufflé with macchiato gelato... where do I start?  I settled finally on the tiramisu and soufflé - both touching on the chocolate and coffee flavours but very different in style. A square of alternating layers of chocolate and coffee, the tiramisu brought together two contrasting yet well matched flavours.  Orgasmic. The souffle was however somewhat of a let down - soft on the outside and drowned in a vanilla buttercrram sauce making the texture soggy . All in all though - genuinely fresh food and generous servings - not quite a 5, but getting there.

Occasion: Special night out for fine dining whilst maintain style but without the pompousness, or price tag, to go with it.

Revisit potential : 9/10

1 star rating
by Shiree Lee
2 months ago

Low point for High Tea...A very disappointing experience at Mikano on the weekend... we had purchased a grab one High Tea experience with bubbles and the only wonderful thing about it was the bubbles...the food was school tuck shop fare and although it was fresh it could have been my own preparation. A further disappointment was that although we had purchased a high tea experience the tea was not included and we expected a better array of teas. If you want a real classy high tea experience don't go here...

2 star rating
by Cat
2 months ago

Booked for 8.00pm but had to wait until 8.40pm until we were seated. Ordered seafood chowder which had a few pieces of fish but no other seafood?! My medium rare steak came out medium-well done and was sitting on a bed of lettuce leaves, very strange. Side order of mixed vegetables consisted of pak choi and 4 string beans (no joke). Apple crumble wasn't great either. Drinks are very expensive - a bottle of wine is $55+! Service was very slow throughout the evening and the bar man was quite rude when we ordered drinks whilst waiting for our table. Disappointing evening. We won't be back!

5 star rating
by Naydene Kett-Marshall
3 months ago

Went here for my partner and I's 6th year anniversary. It was a beautiful setting, looking out over the water and even got to see a helicopter taking off. Service was fast and friendly, food was so fab (one minor complaint was that my steak was a little tough, no biggie!) had a peach and passionfruit cocktail was so yummy! We had a lovely time and felt properly taken care of! Will deffs be back 😁

3 star rating
by BonNZ
3 months ago

Standards have definitely dropped from what this place used to be, one of Auckland's top restaurants. Service standards have also dropped although we were happy with our waiter, we felt bad that there were only two waiters for a busy night. We had to ask several times for water top ups. Food was of a good standard in terms of taste but considering the price it wasn't amazing. Table was not fully set up eventhough we booked a week in advance and was waiting in the bar for at least ten minutes.

2 star rating
by S
3 months ago

Came on a Saturday night with a big group. Told they were busy so there was a bit of wait for food. The crab lasagne for entree was good. For mains I ordered a steak medium rare but it came out medium well and was pretty tough so that was disappointing. I had the blueberries dessert and it was ok, nothing much to say about it. The place was nice but overall the food was pretty average and not memorable.

3 star rating
by James Simpson
3 months ago

Nice location but the food is substandard. Main of scallops for lunch ridiculously small. Two small lettuce leaves and 6 scallops the size of a dollar coin.Other mains also looked small. Left hungry.

4 star rating
by Kat M
3 months ago

Mikano is in a great location, but unfortunately the food does not match the views. I've been here for lunch & dinner a few times and I've never been wowed by the food. It is always presented beautifully, but nothing special taste wise. We came for a degustation dinner, and it took around 3.5 hours - we had to wait so long in between courses that by the end we were still hungry even after 7 courses!

5 star rating
by Grant Loveday
4 months ago

Went to Mikano for a 6 course set menu dinner. It was a Groupon voucher.  The service was amazing.! We had no ideal this restaurant was tucked away in the heart of Auckland with spectacular views of the harbour and the helicopters flying in and out as we enjoyed an incredible dining experience. All six courses with suggested wines were an explosion of flavours and most of our discussion was trying to pick only the top four favourites. We will be back and suggest you take the time and visit this special place in Auckland.

1 star rating
by Kimberley May Marsh
4 months ago

Recently ate here after purchasing a grab one deal. Was meant to be a special night out with my partner but the food was so disappointing. Entree prawns, over cooked and lacked flavour. Both our snapper mains were meant to come with a parsley cream sauce. There was about a teaspoon next too half a plate of dry hard mash that swamped it and agin, fish was over cooked. Next we ordered Apple crumble and vanilla ice cream. The crumble was 1cm deep! It was sweet sickly sludge with not even a crusty top that you would expect. I thought the flavour was odd, no Apple in sight. I was told that their crumble comes wi rhubarb. This was not stipulated on the menu and that wasn't even vanilla ice cream with it. When we were paying I meantioned that some meals were dry after asked how it was to which I got no response. So disappointed! Will not be returning.

5 star rating
by Ryan The Lion
4 months ago

Recently enjoying a lunch I ordered the lamb and found both the lamb beautifully cooked and the flavor palette on the plate was opinion changing on some ingredients for the good.
Impeccable menu and execution of dishes that bring a surprise amongst waterfront surrounds.

3 star rating
by Life As A Mutt
5 months ago

On a cold midweek night, me and several other Zomato reviewers were invited to dinner at Mikano. The restaurant feels remote if travelled to on foot, but the distance from the city centre grants a spacious dining room and a splendid sea view.
Our host, Sai, started our evening with an introduction to some Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial, which we were told was crafted to be drunk with ice. It made for a interesting story and the bubbly liquid, touched with mint and strawberry, was refreshing to the point and I had to restrain myself from gulping it down. If you were in the mood for something a little bit fancy, I'd heartily recommend this, but personally I'd be just as happy with sparkling rose. 
We were seated and browsed the menu. The emphasis was clearly on seafood, with an entire selection of mains dedicated to fish. You could chose one of four fish, cooked in one of four ways, for a total of sixteen combinations! Spoilt for choice! I decided to try the snapper, cooked with coconut chilli sambal and a side of crisp fried cauliflower.

Amidst the lively story telling of Sai, our many starters arrived. Soups, seafood and bacon topped ravioli were placed in front us. The seafood selection impressed with perfectly cooked squid, neither chewy nor soft, the light brushing of chilli tasting irresistible. The garlic prawns were bliss, also cooked excellently with their delicate texture. The salmon sashimi was fresh and the sharp wasabi tinged mayonnaise was a choice addition. There were some let downs. The lasagne was a bland mush and the duck ravioli was enjoyable, but nothing more. The much loved soups I found uninspired, with a thin chowder and a weak crayfish soup. The mains soon followed, and also had their ups and downs.

My snapper's texture was beautiful, with succulent flaky chunks, but the flavour was drab. I expected the brushing of sambal to be poignant, and perhaps fiery, instead it was coconut milk mellow. The complimentary serving of coconut heavy slaw, made for coconut overkill. The fried cauliflower's coating was too thick and heavy to work with fish. Perhaps it would have better complimented another one of the mains, but it was mismatched for my choice. A fellow eater had chosen a meaty pork belly. I took my knife to it, and carved chunks of succulent, but soggy meat. The skin was extremely chewy, as opposed to crispy, and it took some strong gnashing to be able to swallow it. I had mixed feelings about the mains, with their big portions and inconsistent quality. Was this fine dining or hearty unpretentious food? For me it was neither and that was a problem. 
Finally came the desserts. Perhaps unexpectedly, they were also of inconsistent quality.

The chocolate pudding was an indulgence, the crust breaking with a delicate stab, to reveal gooey chocolate heaven. Kudos to the chef and highly recommended. The creme brulee was enjoyable, the tiramisu and pavlova mediocre. One aspect that was consistent throughout the night, was the excellent service. The staff were friendly, attentive and clearly enjoyed interacting with customers.

I very much enjoyed my night, but had mixed feelings about the food. There were some real gems, and it's clear there is some passion and talent in the kitchen of Mikano. However with prices on the higher end of dining, my expectations were equally high. Mikano failed to deliver, with the competition offering better meals, often for less. Mikano serves enjoyable, albeit disappointing dishes, resulting in a restaurant I would be unlikely to revisit.

5 star rating
by Irish Eyes
5 months ago

A wonderful Groupon deal! A 10 minute chopper ride at dusk over the city and an enjoyable 3 course meal to follow! Loved the view from our table by the window. For entree - large King Prawns in a spicy sauce, perfectly cooked snapper for main and a winter classic for dessert - Apple Crumble.
Have been here before - food is consistently good.

5 star rating
by Amber Holyoake
5 months ago

Mikano is a very fine cuisine and the location is amazing, though a little out of the way - not necessarily a bad thing. The service we had was great, everyone was well informed about the food and drink. 
I was able to sample most of the entrées and dessert, all of which were amazing. The entrées especially stood out for me because there was a lot of seafood and though I don't typically like seafood, they did it so superbly that I couldn't say no. 
I ordered the chicken for my main and sadly I didn't eat a lot of things that were in the accompanying salad but the chicken was enough for me, left just enough room for dessert. 
It was a little out of my price range but would definitely go back for a special occasion. They apparently offer a good deal on a three course meal and a helicopter flight which I would love to try one day.

4 star rating
by Ian Koo
5 months ago

Went here for dinner on a Tuesday. Great location and good views, however lacking ambience.

Entree- Bluff Oysters and goats cheese salad for entree. The flavours in the goats cheese salad didn't quite work, oysters were great although had quite a bit of shell in the first one I had, the rest were fine

Mains - pork belly and market fish. Both were great. Well cooked and tasty potato/kumara purees.

Dessert - panna cotta. This was amazing, tasted great and the strawberries went really well with this.

Seems like this place is on the downhill unfortunately. However, I would definitely come back again.

5 star rating
by Bernard Budel
6 months ago

My first visit here in about five years. Such a great venue with views of the harbour and the helipad always provides excitement.

New maitre d Jaz is an excellent host and will make sure your evening is special.

Food was fresh, good choices to suit all tastes.

We had the Salmon Sushimi and Snapper entrees which were both very good and highly recommended.

The other dish to look for is the cheese board (new to the menu) with a small but well chosen set of NZ cheeses.

5 star rating
by Aucklandfoodlover
6 months ago

Went to Mikano for a 3 course set menu dinner. It was a Groupon voucher combined with a helicopter ride. That was the best combined deal ever.
The service was outstanding as expected.
Ambience of the restaurant is also good. The restaurant is actually tucked inside an inner road close to the wharf, but once you are inside it's amazing view of the auckland harbour.
Moving to food. All three courses were equally good. I loved my snapper (main) and passion fruit with kiwi (dessert).
Didn't feel like a 5, felt something was lacking.
Verdict :Good food and scenic view. Definitely going back

3 star rating
by HJ
6 months ago

Unfortunately I have to lower my original rating after our most recent visit during the weekend. I booked a table for two for 7:30. Arriving on time we were asked to wait in the bar until our table was ready. Thinking it would be a short wait while they cleared a table for us, we were left waiting for half an hour. This hadn't put us in a good mood at all and was a little disappointing for us, considering we had booked in advance. I would think a half hour wait would be normal to those who did not book. Once we were seated we thought we had a great spot - right in the corner with a nice view but this area was quite cold and there was no adequate lighting (had to use the touch on my partners phone to get decent pics). We understand when restaurants get busy, as Mikano was due to it being a Saturday night but the wait times for the food were never explained to us.

We got our sides for starters first and that took 40 minutes and the mains too a little longer. We ordered for our sides forest mushroom and fried potatoes. For mains semolina gnocchi and slow roasted vine ripe tomato pasta. Our fav dish of the night was the gnocchi which was rich in flavour and the mushroom sauce was delicious.

It's a shame our second visit didn't live up to our expectations but hopefully with some improvements to there service and waiting times they will be able to up there game as there is a lot of potential.

June 2015 review //

My brother was given a voucher for a threes course menu so I was lucky enough to go along with him. We dined in for dinner on a Sunday evening. The place has really nice ambiance and the views are well above average looking over the harbour and helicopter home base. The food was also very good, the voucher proved to be good value for money as many others were presented them to there waiter. The service was friendly and up to standard. It's a little pricey so would have to keep it for special occasion in the future unless we're lucky enough to pick up another grab one voucher!

5 star rating
by Kershia
6 months ago

Mikano gets a five star rating from me. This was truly a unique dining experience. The staff were courteous and friendly. The food is amazing. This is not your average Joe restaurant with stock standard recipes. Mikano gives you tasty food with lots of flavor and taste sensations. I am a very fussy eater shying away from shell fish and sashimi type dishes. Mikano had me tasting their seafood chowder and sashimi, both were incredible along with their amazing speciality soup. I was so impressed with the food. My favourites of the night was definitely the seafood chowder, their speciality soup, lamb rack and garlic/rosemary potatoe side and dessert was the creme brulee :) love this place. If you want a place that provides you with an amazing dining experience, great ambience and fabulous views (there is a helipad outside too) with 5 star surrounds then highly recommend. The pricing is also well worth it all . New favourite spot. The wines... must try. Especially their champagne on ice.

2 star rating
by Mega Goonasekara
6 months ago

I had been to Mikano a couple of times over 5 years ago and really enjoyed the venue and the food. However the quality of the food has dropped significantly and the place is looking very aged. The portions were large but more to the standard of a typical pub meal.

5 star rating
by Chloe Mae Repia
7 months ago

Haven't been here in a little while but this was always me and the hubby's fav for a special night out!
Love the setting over the water and watching the helicopters always yummy food great service, love how the menu switches up!

3 star rating
by Missk Khan
7 months ago

I am not impressed with this place. Location is good, the place is a little noisy though, I think the high ceilings and wooden floor add to this.
The food was not good. We had a seafood soup to start. There was no acidity or seasoning in this. The thick congealed mess just coated your tongue something awful. I picked out 2 prawns and could not manage another spoonful of the soup.
The mains were disappointing yet again. Very bland three meat and veg.
The desserts were the worst. At a place like this, I would expect a bit of effort. The lava cake was over cooked and was served in the dish it was cooked in. The second dessert was just as dry and went uneaten.
This place does home cooking on only a slightly better scale. There are far better places to eat out in Auckland at this price.

5 star rating
by Praveena
9 months ago

Hubby and I have been here twice for dinner. The food was amazing. We always go for the seafood dish and it has exceeded our expectations on both occasions. Have and will be recommending this place to our friends. Love the views while dining. Managed to see to the police and rescue helicopters take off both times we dined there.

4 star rating
by LucyGoosey
9 months ago

This place could have easily got a four from me if they had made some slight improvements. I would love to give them a four but I can't justify all the small issues we had. I really liked dinning at Mikano last Sunday. The service here is very good. The staff are friendly and accommodating. The décor and atmosphere are fantastic as well. We had a Grab One voucher for two courses for two people for $59. A very good deal. As usual, having studied the menu, I had come prepared. I was planning on getting the market fish with risotto and then the New York baked cheesecake with lemon curd for dessert. To my horror, neither my pre-selected main or dessert were on the menu. I asked the waitress why they had been taken off and she said that that was going to be their new menu. Sneaky, sneaky. She was very accommodating though and said she could ask the chef to do a similar main and could do a mango cheesecake. Instead of her offer of a make-shift main, I decided to go with the hapuka which came with sambal sauce, mint, Asian slaw and coconut dressing. My friend ordered the sirloin. Both dishes were nice but could have been really fantastic if they had been a bit more creative. I thought my one could have done with more mint for a start. Maybe cut up and mixed through the slaw rather than just a couple of leaves for decoration. Mint if often just used for it's looks but it is such a fantastic herb and it would have been nice to have had that delicious mint flavour all through the dish. Maybe some roast kumara cubes could have worked well in there too. The fish was slightly over cooked. The steak dish was nice but very simple. Now, as mentioned, baked cheesecake with lemon curd was not an option  (cruel, it's just cruel!) but I was offered mango cheesecake. My friend ordered panna cotta (no comment). Both desserts were very tasty and my cheesecake was bursting with mango goodness. Overall, I really liked this place; the service was great and for the most part, the food was good. Their usual menu is pretty pricey and I wouldn't be prepared to pay $37 for my main. However, if they had another voucher deal I would be keen to go back. But they better make sure they have the promised cheesecake next time! Blasphemy!

4 star rating
by Penelope Chua
9 months ago

We had a #Groupon we wanted to use in Mikano. Their service was good - the guy was great but their female trainee needs to learn a bit more, ambience was nice, but I expected more from their food. For starters, we ordered the duck ravioli which was okay, and the garlic prawn was a bit too salty. Mains we had the pork belly, and the sirloin. The pork belly was tender and lean but we expected more taste and the crackling wasn't crunchy. We loved their kumara puree, though. For the sirloin I ordered medium rare, it was served medium well. A bit too salty as well. Ordered shoestring potatoes with aioli for the side which was soggy and like it was left in the deep fryer for long. Desserts- I liked the panna cotta but they could've done better on the truffle cake. Overall, it was a bit ordinary and I'm happy we used a coupon. Wouldn't probably pay full price for their food.

2 star rating
by Wolfie W
10 months ago

Used to come here a fair bit back in its heyday under Judith Tabron's  talented hand.... and when I saw a Grab One voucher for a high tea with bubbles I decided to chance it, even though recent reviews had been lack lustre.   Sadly our experience on Christmas Eve at lunchtime was more of the same.  I stepped in to use the rest room downstairs on arrival, and found it dirty and tired.  The stairway to the restaurant was in need of a little refurbishment of décor too.  Inside, the decor was exactly the same as I remembered 10 years or more ago... Seriously?  Just two other tables were occupied, almost more staff than diners - awkward.  The high tea was pretty bad... the bottom layer (normally dainty finger sandwiches) was a couple of wodges of focaccia with bacon and spinach, then the next two tiers were taken up with some sort of cheesecake cut up in different ways as to appear different (except it wasn't) and chocolate brownie - making me wonder if they were recycling last nights desserts - and possibly using up the breakfast bacon in the baps as they are now open for breakfasts...  there were 2 small scones as well - the only nod at tradition.  We had bought the "bubbly" version and had rather thought that we would still get the tea, but no, it was bubbles only....   Service was average at best too.  What a shame to see such a great place go this way... I wish I had left my memories alone!

4 star rating
by Genie @ BunnyEatsDesign
Nov 28, 2014

I’ve been to Mikano twice for special occasions. The first time was for our first wedding anniversary and the more recent visit was Father’s Day earlier this year. Mikano had a lunch special which included 2 courses so we purchased the deal online for 6 people. 

It was pretty busy on Father’s day and parking was a little tricky to find. They have parking but being a sunny Sunday, the area is very popular and all their parks were full. The space is bright, light and airy and I don’t think we’re the first ones to enjoy watching the helicopters come in and out. The service at Mikano is generally pretty good, but our water was not topped up until asked. I felt that was something quite basic that should have been taken care of.

Our portions were small, but OK for what we paid. The light lunch suited some of us OK, but larger appetites may leave hungry (my husband ate again in the car ride home). The quality of food was good, everything tasted lovely and was cooked perfectly, though I think I prefer the full dinner because of the portion sizes.

We sampled:
• Crispy chilli and salt squid with almond skordalia, rocket
and lemon• Aussie prawn salad with green pawpaw salad, roasted
peanuts and chilli lime dressing• Crispy skin terakihi with spicy vegetable risotto and
lemon saffron oil
• Chargrilled flatiron steak sandwich, buttered spinach and
caramelised onion • Vanilla and cinnamon cream brulee with orange and almond biscotti• Baked New York cheesecake with lemon curd

My prawn salad was divine, the flavours bright and fresh, I’d love to try a full size version one day. The crispy skin terakihi unfortunately didn't have any crisp or skin but it was still tasty.

I’ll be back, probably for another special occasion. I'd give the vouchers a miss as the portions are small. Better to splash out and feel full.

p.s. The toilets are a bit of a let down. They are at the entrance of the building, outside the restaurant. Seems out of place for a restaurant of this quality and reputation.

4 star rating
by CraigandSharon Moore
Nov 22, 2014

Got a Groupon voucher for brunch & moet. Small servings but that was the best eggs bene I've ever had. The salmon melted in the mouth & the bubbles topped it off.

5 star rating
by BeeQueUU
Nov 18, 2014

Caught up with a friend here. Been some 4 or 5 years. Gone are the pizzas from the menu. Shame as I wanted something light. Setting and layout has not changed. Service was very good and noise was ok. Can be very noisy if bookings incl some big tables.
Had a main of snapper lightly crumbed with potatoes and peas. Sprinkling of peas really a garnish. Taste of the fresh fish was superb and it was well cooked and crumbs were crisp. 9/10. ( could have been a bigger fillet but I wasn't hungry); my friend also had fish and no complaints.
Dessert menu did include a creme brulee was tempted but resisted!
Returned a month later In January. Using a grabone voucher for 2 and a third ordering a la carte. Prawn entree 6/10 prawns did not taste fresh were on the small side for a top end restaurant. Main was marinated char grilled sirloin.8/10 while nothing out of tgd ordinary sometimes less is more and the dish did not and was not over complicated. Too higher heat may have contributed to a slight chewiness to the steak. Dessert was creme brulee.9/10 just superb.

3 star rating
by Sonam Kumar
Nov 16, 2014

Dined here using a grabone voucher. The service was great and the food was tasty and the quality of the products used was exceptional. However, the portion sizes are far too small for the prices listed on the menu. We dined using a 3 course dinner meal and still felt a little bit ripped off as we left still feeling empty. We had the prawns and snapper cocktail to start off with the prawn dish was the best so tasty and full of flavour but 3 prawns and a few pieces of bread is very minimal for the price tag it would have normally come with. The snapper cocktail was fresh but lacked flavour. I had the market fish of the day which was served with Asian slaw. Tasty but very small once again and not worth thirsty something dollars that it would normally cost. My partner had the pork belly the crackling was tough but still tasty, once again on the smaller side. The deserts were the highlight of the night. The creme brulee was delicious and the truffle cake with oranges was heavenly. The cocktails we got were great too could really taste the mojito flavours. The toilets downstairs were old and needed a bit of a clean though thus the low review. Overall wont be returning as the prices are too high and there are nicer places to dine at for that much.

4 star rating
by PeterMS
Nov 11, 2014

Have eaten here for lunch and dinner on many occasions.  It has never failed to be less than good and on occasion has been excellent. Have found it good for family dinners and for business.

It is not cheap unless you have a voucher or promotional deal, but has always seemed value for money. Seafood has been consistently good.

These days If I go, it is on my own when I visit Auckland as access for those other than the able bodied is not easy due to it being on an upper level. Another niggle is that the toilets are downstairs. These two points affect my overall rating for Mikano.

4 star rating
by Carol Smith
Oct 29, 2014

Went along last night to Mikano on a Grabone deal.... 3 courses plus cocktails.  First impression was we wondered why it was that the toilets are downstairs in the entrance to the restaurant which is located upstairs.  So if you want to go to the toilet you hav to exit the restaurant and go downstairs.  Also, we wondered if there was a lift for disabled/wheelchair access?  We couldn't see one.

Upstairs we were greeted warmly and friendly by the waitress and staff and seat by the window overlooking the heliport and harbour.  The setting doesn't get much better for a double celebration, our anniversary and my birthday.  The waitress came over and presented us with our menu's and took our drink orders.  Firstly the cocktails were listed last on the menu.. we always thought cocktails were "pre-dinner" drinks??   The choice of entrees and desserts were varied and good but the choice of mains was only 3, 2 of which were fish, the other pork belly.  We felt there should have been 3 different choices.

For entrees I chose the Australian Prawns with tomato & chilli on toasted bread.  It was very good, 3 big prawns and delicately spiced with the chilli.  Hubby had the duck ravioli which was a bit disappointing in that it was just 3 small pieces of ravioli with hardly any filling of duck and some small pieces of bacon on the side with greenery.  He barely got the taste of the duck before it was all gone.... he felt there could have been more filling in the ravioli or at least 6 pieces if they were going to be that small.
For mains we both chose the pork belly on kumara mash with some tangy sauce and bok choy.  Again, the helping of pork was very small, we felt it could have been at least half again and the kumara mash was a very small helping too.  That said, it was yummy!
For dessert I chose the chocolate & cardamon truffle cake with caramelised oranges which was delicious, hubby had the special dessert of the night which was chocolate fudge cake (bit like a lava cake) with expresso ice cream, again declared to be delicious!  The restaurant manager came over while we were eating dessert and asked us how things were going, was the service up to standard, etc, etc.   We said the staff and service were excellent but expressed our concerns about the helpings and the others things I have noted and to be fair he was very appreciative for the feedback as apparently they have a staff meeting at the end of each night to discuss any issues.  We also asked him why it was that the cocktails were "after" the desserts and not as a pre dinner drink as thats what most people have.  He said that many people had them afterwards but I can only guess that's probably because that's how it is placed on the set menu.  Anyway, we finished our desserts, dishes were cleared away by the lovely waitress and we sat there and waited and waited for someone to come back and ask if we wanted our cocktails.  It never happened.  We had to call the restaurant manager over to get a cocktail for me.  Hubby decided that he did not want a cocktail after the dessert.  I had the Mojito which was really lovey, very refreshing with lots of lemon and mint.

All in all we enjoyed it but probably would not go back even on a special deal like we had.  We hope the new owner (it changed ownership only a few weeks ago) can keep up the standard of food and level of service that Mikano has been renowned for and we hope that they take our comments on board.

1 star rating
by Shelley Price
Oct 13, 2014

We went along to Mikano's with the Grabone High tea special and were spectacularly disappointed.  The portions were minute and the food was plain and uninteresting.  When the tiered stand for two arrived there was more plate showing and less food, it looked mean and the portions minute.  The sausage rolls were smaller than a ping pong ball, the vegetarian savoury was in a tiny short crust pastry shell about the size of a $2.00 coin with about a small teaspoon of filling.  There was a piece of a muffin each that looked like 1/6th of a muffin, not even a quarter.

At one point the waitress walked past carrying two more of the stands and I glanced at it noting that there were 3 pieces of each item rather than two pieces like my husband and I had shared on our stand.  In my mind I calculated that this must be for a table of 6 people.  But no, my husband very indignantly pointed out that each stand was for the couple at another table.

So we have decided that Mikano's have done this  half price special on Grabone but reduced the serving size by two thirds.  We will be following this up with Grabone and we warn any other Grabone High tea purchasers to be aware.  Maybe Mikano will read this review and step up their game.

4 star rating
by Mata Nanai
Oct 01, 2014

I took my Aunty and two cousins here for a small birthday lunch thanks to the Grabone deals consisting of a three course meal for 4 people and a cocktail included it came to just over $200 in total, which I was happy to pay for. 

I had looked at the proposed menu that we were restricted to as a part of the deal and thought we were spoilt for choice, when  we arrived we actually had more to choose from which we were very surprised with, but of course happy to have. 

We all ordered and it did not take long at all for the entree and main to come out, the dessert took a little longer but was worth the wait. We thoroughly enjoyed the food very much. Flavours were great and we enjoyed tasting some new flavours. Very impressed with the fried greens that came with the Duck Ravioli. One thing we had to do was order a side of fries as we could have done with a slightly larger mains. 

Service was god considering we had  a server who had just started. 

Negatives: We had to return three bottles of water as there were black specks floating in it, the bottem of the bottle was murky and it looked as if maybe they could have used a bit of a clean. We were slightly put off by this. 

Otherwise, considering my family aren't generally exposed to fancy dining, we had a great time and I have already recommended it to people. 

Thank you!

3 star rating
by Shaun Taylor
Oct 01, 2014

Having dined atthis restaurant a good number of times over 15 years, the most recent experienceunder new ownership was a severe disappointment. The food as always was delicious,the experience was certainly not. One thing to expect paying these prices is tohave the wine list up to date and not be told over three different choices yourselection is unavailable, it came to the point of asking what do-you have available.When the wine did arrive the waiter poured a glass for me then left the tableleaving me to pour the wine for the remaining guests, I have to say inbewilderment. The general service was friendly yet completely unorganized;every meal except two entrees at a table of four were placed in front of theincorrect diner, we then had to rearrange the food to the correct recipientourselves. It felt like the staffs were under a lot of pressure and seemed tohave a tension present that is not normal in a restaurant of this caliber. Thefinal conclusion was made of the general appearance of the restaurant, fromwhat I had experienced at Mikano over the previous years the cleanliness wasfar from the normal standard, We started the evening at the bar and immediatelynoticed the glass shelving behind the bar that contains all the glasswear wasin some places so dirty you would not see through from one side of the glass tothe other, the windows in the building were shockingly dirty with the blackplastic containing the glass in the frame dangling out in at least 5-6 places.
To simply sum up,the new owner needs to take a very hard look at this restaurant and fast, it’s sad tosay if it continues in the current vein it wont be around for much longer.

5 star rating
by Megan
Sep 27, 2014

Just came back from dinner here, the food was wonderful. I had the market fish and it was cooked perfectly. Loved the cocktails and the host was so welcoming and friendly. The view was great and the atmosphere was very warm and unpretentious. The wait staff were attentive and our plates were cleared as soon as we finished, there was no long periods of waiting in between courses,. Would recommend this place wholeheartedly.

5 star rating
by Brunchalicious
Jun 01, 2014

Friendly and down to earth staff... Food is gorgeous ... Contemporary but nothing crazy... Just plain good quality product cleverly crafted. And the view is special too.. Who knew that watching cranes loading and off-loading can be so mesmerising.

1 star rating
by Juliet Smith
Apr 13, 2014

Cannot believe how dreadful, both the food and service were at this restaurant I was so looking foward to. After being told to wait at the bar (no probs) we were invited to our table, lovely outlook. We were dining on a 3 course deal voucher, and after ordering a bottle of wine our entrees arrived, the duck ravioli was stone cold in a congealing butter sauce, the prawns ok. Mains were a rather secondary cut of steak, & pork belly that was a mass of gluggy unseared fat... At no point did any wait staff come to check, and upon plates being cleared I mentioned that obviously I'd not eaten/ enjoyed my meal.... Nothing! At payment again upon mentioning the awful food, he said he was sorry, but took no action to correct. Appalling... Would rather eat at MacDonalds

5 star rating
by RH
Apr 06, 2014

We ate here last night, on a 3 course dinner deal (choice of multiple options). We had never been here before, but always intended to.

The location is amazing - seated in front of a large glass window, looking out to the helipad and beyond to the ocean. During the night various helicopters came and went which were entertaining to watch - but the sound proofing is great as you can continue to talk even as they fly.

Just reading the review below - our experience was opposite - staff were friendly, they asked how the food was soon after each course was delivered, and the three courses was the perfect amount of food with no sides required.


1 star rating
by Tayla Jade
Mar 04, 2014

I took my partner here as he was never all that keen for degustation menus, as he always thought they were over priced, and not worth it. Hoping to change his mind I thought I'd give the Mikano menu a go to prove the food will be delicious and we'll be leaving more than satisfied, as I have in all other degustation I have had in the past. The maitre d was dull and uninviting. The quality of the food was okay at best. The portions were pathetic, the size of canapés at best. The service was okay, we had several different waiters that served us throughout the evening though none of them asked how we were finding the meals and of course the maitre d was nowhere to be found as we were leaving.

We left with no goodbyes or thank you's, I (average female) left after eating my 6 courses plus extras my partner wasn't all that keen on, still hungry! Went to Mission Bay for some fish and chips that was more satisfying than this.

Don't waste your money!

5 star rating
by Siobhan Fahy
Feb 18, 2014

We hosted our wedding reception here a few weeks ago and Mikano's ensured it was amazing! The staff were absolutely wonderful; very warm and professional and the food was delicious! Soo glad we chose to celebrate here :)

P.S. Glad that we were able to deal with Scott in the end instead of Delvene, he was much more pleasant

5 star rating
by Rebecca MacDonald
Feb 09, 2014

Mikano has beautiful views over Mechanics Bay with the added feature of being able to watch the private, Westpac rescue and police helicopter land and take off. To make the most of the view request a window table when you make your booking.

The menu has extensive sea food options, but also delicious lamb, steak, chicken and duck options - every base covered.

I went for the steak which came with a potato gratin and mushrooms, paired with the beetroot salad, cauliflower salad and wilted greens sides. Amazing!

For dessert we tried the Hazelnut and chocolate cake and the Panacotta, the perfect way to end the night!

4 star rating
by Peter Brooks
Feb 08, 2014

We tooks ome friends visiting form England to Mkano to try the degustation menu. The food was excellent, and we had some lovely wines to accompany it. The service was attentive without being overbearing. Wewere there for three hours, the last to leave and didn't feel rushed at all. The atmosphere is buzzing. Our friends really enjoyed the experience, as did we. We shall return.

3 star rating
by Kulbhushan Joshi
Jan 28, 2014

I have always wanted to dine at Mikano since I was in my late teens early twenties. Now just over 20 years later I took my family for a 6 course degustation menu dinner. I must say albeit 6 course the portions could be a little bit bigger per serving and at $120 per person one would expect at least that, and not have to pick up a pizza on the way home.

Anyway although the ambience was nice and the staff pleasant being served a fly in the salad did not help satisfy the expectation of dining in a supposedly top end restaurant. Ok it was apologies galore and a replacement dish served which was enjoyed to say the least.

The meals could have been served a little quicker and not delayed so long between serves. I think as an experience one should try it but don't expect to be overwhelmed with all the boxes ticked with approval.

5 star rating
by Maggie G
Dec 21, 2013

Mikano is another fine dining restaurant that is consistently good and we were lucky enough to have lunch here I love the muffled buzz of the container wharf and the helipad in the background and the view of the gulf is always changing
The menu was much more extensive than last time we visited and there is certainly something for everyone. I particularly liked the offering of "4 fish 4 ways" and all six of our party chose this as a main. You can choose fish of the day( snapper) salmon, tuna or kingfish and have it roasted grilled or pan fried each with different accompaniments
All choices were succulent perfectly cooked and generous portions
Sharing a dessert is a good choice as the servings are large - we tried the pear frangipani tart - delicious - and the coffee was excellent too
Despite it being a busy preChristmas lunchtime we did not have to wait long at any stage and the staff were friendly and helpful
The one annoying thing about Mikano is the trip upstairs to the restaurant and then down again to the toilets - however the toilets are lovely when you do pay a visit!

5 star rating
by Max
Dec 20, 2013

A very nice place, atmosphere, and service was great. Was very happy with all the dishes we received for a group of 5. Personally had the Crumbed King prawns for an entrée, Tuna Steak with Lebanese spices on Couscous. Which were both good. Would definitely return :)

4 star rating
by Moyra Matson
Nov 23, 2013

Went here for our first anniversary dinner. The food was lovely and our waitress did a great job. Unfortunately the main came out before we had even finished our breads and left us feeling very rushed. The restaurant was incredibly hot and we noticed other diners were uncomfortable with it too. We mentioned in when we were paying and were told that they had air con problems but it would have been too expensive to get someone in to fix it on the weekend? I was stunned. Wouldn't it be in their best interests to keep their clients comfortable especially at the prices we were paying. Very disappointed.

25 November - I received an email today from Delvene, General Manager in response to my review written over the weekend. Thank you Delvene for address our issues and explaining the misunderstanding over the air conditioning problem. I am certain that if it hadn't been so hot in their on our evening out our experience would have been a lot more memorable. As I said above the food was very nice and we were looked after by a very nice waitress so after I have changed my rating to better reflect. Thank you for the contact Delvene.

5 star rating
by Claire
Nov 03, 2013

Great food, great views, great service!
Meals were delivered to our table promptly, waiting staff very friendly and efficient. The baked fish and sirloin were delicious.
I think the only thing that lets this place down is the 'facilities' downstairs, though I doubt this has anything to do with the staff who run the restaurant. The floors need a really good scrub!

4 star rating
by Alex
Aug 10, 2013

My mum and dad used a voucher for degustation dinner, I had the la carter menu at the same time. Very good portion for the roasted tuna I ordered. The roasted tuna I had was fresh but tastes a bit wired for me when a piece of tuna steak sits in a plate of baked beans. I did tasted a bit from their degustation menu, all I can say it's average.

Other than food, stunning views and great service.

I would like to dine here again if they put a bit more efforts in their food.

5 star rating
by Lynn Kurtovich
Aug 10, 2013

Four of us went here for the degustation deal voucher and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The servings sizes were generous and even though I missed one course I loved everything else and the other diners quickly polished off my risotto which they declared fabulous. Great variety of food - something for every taste and it didn't matter if you missed a course as the servings were so generous. Lovely quiet unassuming service and will do this deal again if it comes up.

3 star rating
by Daphne Muller
May 13, 2013

My husband and I used a deal voucher for a degustation dinner on 8 May.
I had had a lot of trouble making the booking as the online booking system which they insist on is not user friendly. I sent an email at 7.00pm requesting to postpone our booking and when I had no response by just before lunchtime the next day I had to ring the restaurant. The woman I spoke to was very rude and unhelpful - she said she had been at work since 7.00am so maybe she was the cleaner.
Our meal was excellent, but the service was certainly not as polished as one would expect in a restaurant of this calibre.
To crown it all, when we paid the bill my husband noticed we had not been charged for two glasses of wine. He pointed this out to the waiter and did not even get a thank you for his honesty!
All aspects of our dining experience at Mikano this time (apart from the food) combine to make me reluctant to go there again when there are so many restaurants to choose from of high quality in Auckland, who appear to be very pleased to have our custom.

4 star rating
by Sarah
May 08, 2013

had a lovely meal here with my partner to celebrate our anniversary. Great service and great views with yummy food that wasn't overpriced! Didn't take too long and didn't feel rushed. Would definitely dine here again another night.

5 star rating
by Louise
Mar 28, 2013

We had a lovely meal here today over lunch. All 5 of us enjoyed the food and presentation. On arrival the hostess showed us 2 tables that she had reserved for us and explained that while the first table had the best view, it would be very hot in the sun. I would definitely come here again and recommend it to others. The roasted fish was delicious.

4 star rating
by Aj Yan
Mar 17, 2013

Came here for a family celebration using 6 course degustation deal voucher. Great staff. Food was a lot better than our last visit 2 weeks ago for the same meal.

3 star rating
by Jenny Daly
Mar 14, 2013

My partner and I went to Mikano last night using a deal voucher. Our waitress was lovely the food was very tasty, the only downfall really was that the portion size was tiny!!! We left still really hungry and that was after 6 plates.. Each meal was about 3-4 bite sizes. If you decide to go make sure you don't turn up hungry because you will not leave satisfied! That aside we still had a nice night :)

4 star rating
by Irene Hemmingsen
Mar 03, 2013

Used our deal vouchers mid week last week with friends and thoroughly enjoyed the 6 course degustation menu. Food was well presented and delicious although a tad small. Good service with friendly staff. Only negative was the smell of airline fuel from the helicopter when it landed and kept running for a few minutes. Nice setting with views of lots of colourful yachts on the harbour. Great night out.

3 star rating
by Cruz R.
Nov 25, 2012

We decided to try out Mikano after reading some review in a dining guide. Went there fully armed with the knowledge that dining there will set you back some. The dining area setting was interesting and had views of helicopters taking off, lights flashing in the night sky. Found it rather chilly though.. don't think it was just me though.. Most people had their coats still on. Wonder why the management didn't notice to tun up the heating some! Still, our waitress was attentive and friendly. My risotto entree was delish as was my grilled fish main. Hubby's steak was rather average though. Dessert of creme brûlée was nice but nothing to shout about. It was a nice enough dinner but certainly overpriced for the experience.

1 star rating
by Joerg Rau
Sep 23, 2012

What a bad night out! I should have read the reviews first to avoid the disappointment we experienced at the Mikano last night.
We were really looking forward to the evening but have been very disappointed. We had to wait at the bar for our friends to arrive before the Maitre d’ wanted us to show the table we had reserved. It was very cold there and as I asked the bar tender if it’s me or if he feels the cold too, he said that it will get warmer when all the other guests arrive. Interesting heating concept! Anyway, I ordered a Sherry but the bar tender had to go back to the Maitre d’ to ask what kind of drink it is and if they have it. They don’t have Sherry, so I went for a Port.
As we have been seated, I had the fortune to look out on Mechanics Bay. The previous reviews are all correct in terms of the description of the interior. They still have LED’s as candles and the wine glasses are starting to get blind and are very thick and bulky. My friends were talking as the waitress arrived. She touched everyone on the shoulder and interrupted the talk, which I found quite rude.
We all had the 6-course degustation menu. Mikano offers matching wines for each course. $50 per person for a tasting glass (100ml). Instead of going for this option we ordered a bottle of wine to share. We enjoyed the food although it was not superior as I expected. Usually, I don’t go out of a restaurant still being hungry, especially not after a 6-course dinner, but the portions are so small that I still was hungry and I’m not a big guy. My friend was also still hungry and so we ordered the oyster chowder and the beef bourguignon to share between the 2 of us. Although it was on the menu the beef bourguignon was not available. The waitress told us that we can still have beef with garlic potatoes. We asked what kind of steak and the answer was “a steak is a steak”. Well, we got the chowder on one plate, had to ask to divide it onto two and found indeed an oyster each.
Belief it or not, but we were still happy people at this stage. The disaster started after the ladies ordered a French connection, which is basically a coffee with Grand Marnier and Cointreau. My wife’s coffee was fine, but my friend’s coffee wasn’t. There was no orange flavour at all. My friend asked my wife to taste the coffee and she confirmed that this coffee tastes definitely different. So my friend went off to see the Maitre d’. She got a new coffee but this time they put too much liqueur in. No, we didn’t go back again. Now, as my wife wanted to order a tasting glass of wine for her dessert, she has been told by the waitress that she has to check if she can have another glass because she feels that my wife is intoxicated. Pardon! Instead of following the 6 x 100ml matching wines she had only two glasses of wine so far and was everything but intoxicated. We asked the waitress how she came to this conclusion, but she didn’t say. We all felt offended enough to leave immediately. We complaint at the Maitre d’ and he told us that they came to the conclusion because my wife didn’t taste the alcohol in the coffee anymore! Wow! The problem with the coffee wasn’t with her at all but with our friend, but regardless how rude was that. They didn’t want to apologize at all for it and the Maitre d’ was becoming even more impolite. Looking through the reviews it seems to be quite common for this guy to be rude to the guests. Is the owner of Mikano not reading the reviews???
Definitely the first and also the LAST time I ever been there. Very bad service and of course you will pay for it and it is not cheap.

3 star rating
by Jana
Jul 30, 2012

Went to Mikano's for a 6 course degustation. Had a lovely experience, the view is lovely and the service was great. Since it was a week day, the restaurant was not too crowded and we were well looked after by wait staff.
The food however was a bit disappointing, I probably had very high expectations from my previous degustation experiences. The food was well-presented and well cooked, but somehow lacked the WOW factor. Have had much better for the same price elsewhere.

2 star rating
by Louise
Jun 24, 2012

Good location. Good decor. Elegant turnout of waitresses.

Went there for a friend's 25th birthday. He was shouting all of us. Felt a little bit sorry for him when I looked at the menu prices. Mains were mostly $30 minimum. With the large venue, prime location, the hype from metro reviews.

Service is good, with nice smiles from the waitresses, although slightly uncomfortable by the way they were hovering near our table the whole time, eavesdropping into our conversation and twiddling their thumbs with nothing to do despite it being a busy place. But that is just a personal opinion.

I had a pasta kind of entree. Creamy tasting. Not bad but not spectacular either for something of that price.

Steak was steak. Delicious. Can't really go that wrong with steak unless there is an absolutely terrible chef. Sauce was very simple, a garlic butter topping.

Dessert was average-looking though. Birthday boy had a brownie with ice cream. I opted for special coffee called a Mexican Kiss. That was quite enjoyable.

All in all, I think this is a place where a person goes once for the general atmosphere but that is it. Taste of food definitely misses the mark for something of that price and venue. I've had better food at better prices.

4 star rating
by Jo
May 03, 2012

Really enjoyed our meal and experience here. Waitress was FANTASTIC. Friendly, efficient and a wonderful sense of humor. When we asked her how long she had been working at Mikano for, she explained she had only been there for around 3 weeks! Was amazed at how on to it she seemed to be! It's good to see a fresh faced staff enjoying what they are doing.
Our meals were fast and delicious. Can not stop raving about Mikano to family and friends. Will definitely be coming back!

5 star rating
by Jaqueline
Apr 26, 2012

Had dinner here on Tuesday night.... was quite busy but we were well looked after, our waitress was new, but she was really helpful and friendly my partner has just found out he is sick so it was lovely to see the young waitress could still may him smile and laugh! The food is amazing, the pork belly is divine I don't usually like kumera but I do now.
Will be back for more as soon as...

4 star rating
by Michelle Tik
Apr 20, 2012

Really enjoyed our meal here. We dined as a couple on a Thursday night, received drinks, starters and meals promptly. Pork belly was lovely - pork cooked to perfection, probably the best pork belly I have ever had. Kumara mash was equally as lovely, very creamy. Meal size was great, not too big or small. Only comment would be the service - very friendly but waitress was slow in taking our drinks order after being seated, and didn't meal check. Also had to ask for cutlery when dessert was served. Would highly recommend to others.

5 star rating
by Al Kumar
Jan 29, 2012

We have always admired Mikano for it great location, excellent ambiance and high quality food for a fine dining restaurant that has a class of its own. Awesome food always made to perfection and mix flavours with a wide range of menu you just cant resist. We dined at Mikano last winter and were seated next to the fire place. This truly changed the mood for our dining. the waiters were very friendly and helpful. Sad to see some customers have had some not so good experience with Mikano. The staff really now the menu in detail, I believe this is very important sometimes to explain flavours to customers who are very particular about what they order and what to expect. Milano has it all. The fish and prawn dishes have always been our favourites and Mikano is one of our top 5 Fine Dining Restaurants in Auckland. Absolutely perfect for that special moment you would like to have.

1 star rating
by Julie Ward
Nov 29, 2011

I have been To Mikano's a few times and loved it there - always rated it as one of my favourite places.
My experience in the weekend changed my mind.
The fish was sent back as not fresh, the beer was warm, the place was too hot, the front of house guy was rude. Our waitress was lovely though but that did not make up for the rest of the experience.
I would not return

4 star rating
by Greg Deuchar
Oct 22, 2011

My partner and I have dinned at this restaurant twice now. Our first experience was amazing we loved everything about the place. we were seated in the bottom corner, very romantic and a great view. food was perfect, service good etc. The second time we visited we were a little disappointed. We had just over an hour wait for our main, after finishing out entrees. Their reason being that a very large table had just ordered before us. they were very apologetic and at the end of the night gave us the entertainment card discount without scratching off the part of the card so we could receive the discount again. I enjoyed my meal, although my partner was a little disappointed with her open chicken pie. All in all I do recommend this place and we will definitely be repeat customers.

2 star rating
by David Boshier
Sep 05, 2011

Due to the location over looking the harbor and the weekly radio advertising your expectations of Mikano are high. However we found it a bit average and there is something lacking to ensure that it lives up to the billing. 12 months ago we had a great meal but since then it seems to have gone down hill. Having said that, the Sunday roast is good value.

1 star rating
by Cameron
Aug 10, 2011

My girlfriend and I were looking forward to eating at Mikano for some time, and to say we were thoroughly disappointed would be an understatement.

At $37.00 each the pork belly was small, overcooked, and altogether uninspiring.

But our main problem wasn't with the mediocre food, it was with the horrible Maitre D, a blond woman named Anna. When she sat us at our table she asked us if we would like "Still or sparkling" (water) and I responded "Tap please". When she returned however, she had unscrewed the cap from a $10 bottle of filtered still water, quickly poured our glasses, and then hurried off before we properly realized she'd made a mistake. When I tried to explain to her that we had asked for "Tap please", my guess was that she had mistaken my words for "That please" in response to her suggestion of filtered water. But no, she then proceeded to argue with us, and tell me I was wrong and that the words that came out of my mouth were "filtered". This was simply untrue, and as soon as she said this I realized we weren't dealing with a misunderstanding, we were being taken for a ride. Young people in our mid-20s, why on earth would we be the only people in the restaurant willing to pay $10 for a bottle of water? We checked around, and NOBODY was drinking it. After - I kid you not - 10 minutes of argument, she finally agreed to remove the $10 water from the bill, amidst mutters under her breath.

How this woman has a job at all I simply do not know. Do NOT eat at Mikano, you're hard-earned money is better spent somewhere where they show you respect and have real manners. Especially at that price.

2 star rating
by Henward
Sep 21, 2009

The food was ok
but the price was extreme

the amount o food you get is not very much and you pay through the teeth, i think i walked away with one less kidney after dinner.

you can say that quanlity is more important, but even then it was nothing TOO special, seems like a place wher eyou go to be seen than to eat.
if you want to be seen here, god knows by who...then by all means, eat there, but frankly, you can go elsewhere with better seafood and flavour.

5 star rating
by Al Kumar
Jan 29, 2009

My wife and I came here end of Winter last year for dinner. We were greeted well and taken to our table located right in front of the fire place. A nice romantic seating place if you with your wife/partner/girl friend. please make reservation. It does surely bring out the mood..just don't seat to close..lol. The place is very well design with contemporary deco..with a nice lounge bar as well. The entree were very nice..Crystal Bay prawns and Ceviche of Akaroa salmon. mains we had Pan-fried snapper one of the best snappers I have tried so far and slow cooked Duck which was nice as well..but not on the menu list..The waitress were very friendly and helpful, knew the menue and wine list so that was not a problem..price wise..its fine dining, so be ready with your c/crd. but was worth every penny.

1 star rating
by Carol Harrington
Jul 22, 2008

Unfortunately my review is not good. Had eaten here in the past but in Feb.08 when taking overseas guests to Mikano's, the food was not good. Called the restaurant the next day and got "sorry". Did not think my complaint was taken seriously enough. Contacted Entertainment Book organization and complained. Restaurant then emailed me and offered a complimentary glass of bubbles next time I came to their restaurant. They didn't seem to understand - my complaint was about the food not the $50 bottle of wine we had. How can we get restaurants to treat us like valued customers?