Mink Cafe

3_half star rating 11 reviews

Telephone 09-377 7035

99 Parnell Rd
Exchange Hotel
Auckland City

Breakfast, Cafe, International, Pizza
Mon & Tues 7am - 6.30pm
Wed - Fri 7am - 8pm
Sat 8am - 8pm
Sun 8am - 6.30pm


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Price Range:
Moderate, $15 - $25
Smart casual
Cocktails, Spirits, Wine, Beer
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Meals Served:
Dinner, Lunch, Brunch, Breakfast
Payment Types:
EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX
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Reviews for Mink Cafe

3 star rating
by Brian
23rd March 2014

Been here a couple times as it is the only place around that still serves menu food at 2-3pm. The food is good, we have ordered off the menu every time, albeit a little pricey for what you receive. The male french waiter is also quite rude and does not care too much about service quality. Will probably be back purely because of lunch extending through to the late afternoon but will not be recommending to others.

1 star rating
by Glen
21st January 2014

Disgusted again :(
Thought would give them a second chance… Shouldn’t have bothered…
If you don’t know what a long macchiato is the one thing for sure..,don’t argue with a customer who is in the business…let alone don’t argue with a customer full stop…
Plus rude service from the beginning where we had to place our order at the counter is uncalled for.

2 star rating
by Trev2012
8th August 2013

I agree with the last reviewer. Their popularity is about the sunny corner. Stick with the cabinet food. The fillet steak (most expensive item on the menu) was overdone, overpriced and tapas size. Perhaps just a bit more potato or one more bean?? I would have given them an extra dollar to cover it. The beans turned out to be shriveled asparagus but you get the picture ( 4 only ) Sigh…

2 star rating
by Sharol P.
8th November 2012

Mink’s setting looked good and for that reason my friend and I decided to go into this cafe. However, the service we received from the moment we began to order was not good at all. I stated I would like to have a light lunch and asked the waiter what would be good for a light lunch. He could not recommend me anything, so i decided to go with pasta and asked him if it will be too cheesy and how big the dish is. He was very vague in answering this question and said it should be fine. This dish cost $25 for a chicken pasta dish. When the dish was served I was not happy as the amount of pasta was too much for me to eat. However I went on to eat it. When a waitress came around I asked her if this can be put in a takeaway container, we ordered wine at the same time. Our wine came 10 minutes later but no sign of my pasta, I assumed they have left in a warmer or something perhaps. We continued drinking wine and 30min later I decided to enquire about my pasta with the waitress that had taken it away, she responded “oh I thought you wanted it thrown away” as a result she offered to make me another one… To get the attention of the waiters was a task in itself, it is as if they were purposely ignoring us. I would not go back to this place again. The staff are not very on to it. Nor is their food any better.

5 star rating
by Olivia W.
4th October 2012

What a wonderful place to enjoy a coffee in the afternoon sun! There are quite a number of bright red chairs & tables sitting outside to catch a few rays, and with quite a nice view down the side street towards lush trees…

Delectable date & pecan slice, which was as soft and moist as you could ever wish. Quite cake-like in its texture.

Great coffee, from friendly & efficient staff.
It’s quite a huge interior, very spacious and light.
I like it a lot. :)

1 star rating
by Claire
18th September 2012

Mink Cafe is awful – I have no idea why it has such great reviews…Food was overpriced for what was delivered on the plate – we had corn fritters ($23.50) which came with one piece of bacon, a sad looking piece of lettuce and a slither of avocado. Fritters were overcooked and doughy. Also had a side of garlic prawns (11.50) which were overcooked and rubbery. Service was better than the food but did not leave any lasting impressions. I felt cheated out of my money and will not step back into Mink again!

5 star rating
by martin
14th May 2012

went here yesterday [mothers day ] as had booked a table for 14…from the moment we arrived we were made to feel welcome and our custom valued .Our waitress could not have been more attentive ,friendly and just on to it ,we spent a good three hours relaxing and being catered for ..will be back for sure ….also exceptional value for money and first rate food for everyone

3 star rating
by David B.
8th April 2012

Great place for breakfast in the sun with easy parking for Parnell standards.

Extensive menu backed up by good coffee, however some of the table service was a bit slow. All our four dishes we had were fine but nothing special.

If it was not for Mink facing the sun there are better options available close by.

5 star rating
by Delwyne
24th February 2012

Hi, WOW!!! what a great coffee, I must say that Gravity coffee would have to be the smoothest strongest coffee that I have ever tasted. Can’t wait until i am back in town to experience that again. SOLD on Mink….Well done, and well done gravity!!

5 star rating
by Robin M.
12th August 2011

The best coffee on Parnell Road (although Expresso Workshop around the corner is also vg). Gif and Tony are so delightful and consistent in their service and quality of coffee. A great team.
Scores highly on weekend brunch although is quite dear.

4 star rating
by Motiv N.
18th November 2008

Mink is an interesting place, it looks like a trendy cafe – but then you realise they serve Gravity coffee and question how trendy can they be (if any staff from Mink read this – might I suggest buying Havana Coffee from Wellington).

So I had the Mink Breakfast Grill – their big breakfast. Most of the breakfast was ok, the poached eggs were overdone (which is a pet hate) and the spiced sausage was more odd than spiced, but overall it was a good although average feed.

I was avoiding the coffee so had a Chai Latte, yes I know its just flavoured milk – well at least it normally is, Mink just serve frothy milk with cinnamon on top.

Despite that, service was great. Our waitress was attentive and service was fast. Having to deal with snobby Parnell people, I can imagine being a waiter/waitress in that area would not be easy. So they deserve some credit – service is the only thing that differentiated this place from a 3 star rating and a 4 star rating.

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