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422 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden, Auckland

  European, British, Italian
6 PM to 12 Midnight (Mon, Sat-Sun), 12 Noon to 3 PM, 6 PM to 12 Midnight (Tue-Fri)


Reviews for Molten Restaurant

4 star rating
by Lucille Abygail
9 days ago

There was a bit of a wait but it was worth it for the 7 dollar pizza night as long as you buy a drink! (Every mondays) The place was intimate and had some music playing. Such a cool place! It had a garden at the back as well.

5 star rating
by Wilson Chau
29 days ago

Impeccable service plus superb food makes for a fine night. Molten delivered all of this. It's not hard to figure out why this place is (back) in the Metro Top50. Duck liver parfait and prosciutto were both highly enjoyable. The pork belly was to die for, melted in the mouth and the flavours were nicely complemented by the mushrooms and apple jelly. The lemon tart was one of the finest I've had in a while, a memorable finish to the meal.

4 star rating
by Anna Allport
one month ago

Molten has a lively low key local vibe, the only thing is if you are here for a while it is likely your but might get a little dead - very hard chairs. Entrees were superb, parfait perfect and one of the best mushroom risottos! Main were nice, although the 400g beef rib special was more medium well than medium rare. Dessert for me was the highlight! Pancetta to die for! A perfectly balanced dessert that wasn't too sweet.

4 star rating
by Mike Bellamy
3 months ago

Pizza OK; service from a bearded Indian/middle eastern dude exceptional and intuitive. Bravo! Maybe I'll go for the conventional menu next time

3 star rating
by FoodiePhysician
3 months ago

Nice quiet venue in central Mt Eden with friendly service and tidy layout.

We had the calamari entre, salmon, pork and beef mains. Small to medium portions and meat was a bit tough. Nicely presented however.

Decent choice of beers and wines.

Solid three Yums

5 star rating
by Cassandra Knight
3 months ago

Very good service and great food. The courtyard out the back a little cold but overall very good. The lamb was an excellent dish and the veges were good too

5 star rating
by Tony Quayle
3 months ago

Very impressed by the Waite's taffeta. They made our group feel most welcome. I had the pork belly, which was very nice. Our group shared a side order of the duck fat roasted potatoes, which were beautiful! All the group loved their meals. Well done to all those at Molten.

5 star rating
by Maria Foy
4 months ago

Had a fantastic experience here. Went just before I was due with our first child and the staff were amazingly friendly. The food was to die for! Can't wait to go back 😁

2 star rating
by Dante
5 months ago

Molten makes a great bar with its soft lighting, modern interior and relaxing music, but no so great a restaurant. Me and my girlfriend had the bone marrow and the Welsh Rarebit as entree, as the presentation of the dishes were beautiful. However. There is only four pieces of bone marrow and one of the piece was so burnt that I can't even pierce through the marrow with my knife, let alone eating it. I had the mushroom risotto and my girlfriend had the market fish as our mains. Under the dark lighting my risotto appeared green-ish and immediately I don't feel as hungry (thanks to that) so I only ate half of it. I personally cook risotto a lot so I understand the 'al dente' state is hard to time right, but the one I had tonight (it tasted great though, right flavour and really creamy) was no where near it - half of the rice was undercooked - no, check that - uncooked, as they started to break into hard pieces when I chewed. I felt sick in the stomach as I walked out of the restaurant, and threw up on the way home half an hour later - luckily there was a drain. I'm writing this review as I dump pain and agony into the toilet.
I'm just glad that I wasn't asked the 'how's your food is everything ok' question by any of the staff.

5 star rating
by Temptation Cakes (Janine)
5 months ago

What more can I say so impressed the 3 and 4 course set menu is going to be our next meal there too I'm thinking only criticism is not enough seats hehe as missed out last Saturday as took to long to book. Well done you are one FABULOUS place!

4 star rating
by Daniel Power
5 months ago

Molten was a difficult place to review for me. After tasting an absolutely amazing entrée, I tried so hard to find reasons to give this place a 4.5 or 5. But I'm going to have to go with a 3.5/5. Here's the breakdown:

Bone marrow á la St John: 5/5. Absolutely divine. Must try this entreé. It was perfection.

Tagliolini pasta pork meatballs: 3/5. Pasta al dente, though portion was too small forcing you to ration the pasta so you don't end up eating the meatballs on their own.

Hapuka Bouillabaisse: 4/5 great tasting base, fresh mussels and clams, but hapuka was bit hard

Ambience: 4/5 nice
Service: 2.5/5 waiter wasn't very friendly
Overall 3.5/5

4 star rating
by Brian Chan
5 months ago

Great food. Have been here on a couple of occasions, including for a work function. Especially loved the semifreddo. Could have done with (much) more goats cheese on the goats cheese/beetroot salad though. Nice atmosphere.

5 star rating
by Fylde
6 months ago

Went for a quick bite with the kids - glad we booked as it was busy and understandably so. Ambience is suburbun with a green tint (lots of plants and bauhaus style art) but decor possibly is getting a bit dated. Staff were lovely and informalThe menu was classic suburban bistro but with some touches of class. The 3 small plates options is great for a starter with the prk ribs my favourite. Pizza seems so simple but was done superbly and the kids rated it the best they have had in Auckland.I did not did not have desert by the kids loved it.Great place and I see why it wins awards.

5 star rating
by Robert Kainuku
7 months ago

I ate the beginning of February with my family and the food was DEVINE - I took a friend there when she was in town a few weeks later and again DEVINE - not often do I race back to a restaurant so soon because it is so good - Also I think describing a meal as the worst in decades is a bit dramatic - the service and food I received was exceptional - they are not cheap but worth every penny - my 2 cents worth

5 star rating
by Michael Exton
7 months ago

Me and my partner had never been to Molten, we were hunting for a place for her birthday dinner and came across the menu of Molten in an article. I work in a restaurant and so many people know what places are like so I asked around and everyone could recommenced Molten for an enjoyable experience and enjoyable is what we had. To start off the pricing was very reasonable and when you walked in you got made to feel welcome and the service was initially very good. Also the atmosphere was perfect for the setting we wanted, slightly smaller and intimate as well as the lighting and decor we thought was nice, We ordered 3 entrees which they have for $35. Pate' and beetroot were delicious along with the amazing Pork Ribs! Then followed by a couple glasses of wine from their excellent wine selection and our mains to follow, I had the Salmon and my partner had the Trevally Gnocchi both dishes were outstanding in our opinions, simple and to the point with delicious flavors. We had a side salad which again was simple and to the point and then opted not to have dessert as we were pretty satisfied with our experience so far. All in all would come back to this restaurant again for any occasion or just a lovely cheaper meal out. Would recommended it.

5 star rating
by Sasanof
7 months ago

Molten has been a favourite of mine for many years. Never had a bad meal or experience. Very attentive staff watched over with care by Sven Nielsen.

5 star rating
by Adam MacLean
7 months ago

What a dining experience! Perfect amount of seasoning on ALL dishes , and anyone who thinks otherwise needs the pallette checked by their local gp. Love a good local restaurant that takes pride in both food and customers. Thanks guys.

4 star rating
by Elle
7 months ago

We had a great night with a group of 10 in the upstairs dining room. I had been there a year ago, and was not very impressed, so was not very excited about going back. This time around there was a new menu - and i loved the options. It was one of those situations where it was hard to limit what I ordered. In the end I ordered the Portuguese Sardines, Roasted Bone Marrow and gorgeous Smokey Pork Ribs, as well as a side of the smashed Brocolli. Each plate was a lovely combination of flavours and textures - some clever cooking from the chef, and excellent value for money as you could order 3 dishes (each $15) for $35.

Everyone else also loved their dishes, and this is one group that will definitely go back for more.

1 star rating
by Anna
7 months ago

After reading the article in the herald about Moltens customer review I felt compelled to share my experience with them, as it still has not been settled a year on.
Last June my family (a group of 11) celebrated an event in the private dining room. The food was substandard and after correspondence with the managing director he agreed that our complaints were valid and tried to appease us with a $50 voucher. A small amount considering the bill was $1000+ but still, we accepted. We haven't received the voucher. There are many, many restaurants in this city worth spending your money in. Molten is not one of them.

3 star rating
by Julia Bulia
7 months ago

mushroom risotto was excellent but staff could have been a little more friendly:P

I will probably go there again as the food was pretty good. Just be careful ordering Well done as my meat was slightly over cooked. Excellent overall for taste though!

5 star rating
by Supreet Kaur
7 months ago

Ahhh, I'm absolutely crazy about their mushroom risotto! It's so soft and melts in the mouth. It's fine dining and well priced for that and the room upstairs is cozy and private. Been there a couple of times now and just waiting to save up and go again ?

4 star rating
by Labroye Tauevihi
8 months ago

Came here with a friend on a Monday... Was super good here... Waitress was super friendly... Got some chicken wings, lamb ribs an chips to start off with, a pizza and watermelon salad for mains... Could not fault this place at all except that they were to busy to sit us out in the back :)

4 star rating
by Lau
May 19, 2014

Had a great time at Molten last week. Started with a drink in their wine bar then moved into the restaurant. It was a bit quiet though good to be able to chat. The staff were very helpful and knowledgeable. They recommended us each a really good wine match for our food which was generous and delicious. Sadly we had no room for dessert! Definitely plan on coming back, see what it's like on a weekend evening.

4 star rating
by Amy @ My Dining Journey
Jan 09, 2014

Molten has been on my Auckland restaurant bucket list for many years, but it was only until recently that I finally gave this place a go. A group of us had dinner here on a Friday night to farewell a friend that was leaving Auckland; and being a group of ten, we sat in the private dining room upstairs and were offered a set menu for an entree, main and dessert for $68.

For entrees, I selected the vegetarian option and opted for the crumbled Clevedon bocconcini cheese with tomatoes that was tossed with chardonnay vinegar and olive oil. The sweet and tangy tomoatoes made up for the fact that the crumbled cheese was slightly bland (which is what as you would expect for bocconcini cheese).

I chose the scotch fillet for my main and this was served with potatoes, a small parsley salad and a large dollop of pepper aioli. Although there is nothing wrong with the flavours and taste, the steak however, was overcooked considering I requested for rare. It was rather tough to chew and I left my steak unfinished. The set menu included salad for the table and the iceberg lettuce with feta, salted cucumber and radish can be summed up with one word, salty. The use of both salted cucumber and feta cheese together in the same salad was too much and I would have much preferred the use of regular cucumber.

I was very thankful that after the disappointing main, my dessert - Valrhona chocolate mousse served with a side of ice cream and crushed hazelnut - ended the meal on a happy note. Despite the chocolate being indulgently rich, the ice cream balanced the flavours and the roasted hazelnuts was a nice touch.

I have to admit, I'm overall disappointed with the meal and this is mostly because I had high expectations of Molten.

2 star rating
by Brent Scott
Dec 15, 2013

Sadly, things ‘ain’t what they used to be in the state of Molten. They now have two sittings in the evenings – 6.15 and 8.15. Our party of four booked for 8.15. Our table was still occupied when we arrived so we had a drink in the associated wine bar next door while we waited – and waited – and waited. The staff treated us exceptionally well, and a round of free drinks was supplied. But an hour and a half wait for a booked table is not acceptable. We were offered the opportunity to have entrees in the wine bar and then move into the restaurant, but the bar was noisy and moving defeats the purpose of a relaxed and leisurely dining experience – which is what Molten used to deliver.
I did not think the food was as good as it used to be. By the time we finished our mains it was so late and we were so over the whole experience that we did not have dessert. Service from wait staff cannot be faulted. We would never return.

4 star rating
by Matt
Sep 26, 2013

Had a lovely meal last night. The atmosphere was cosy and not pretentious. Food was delicious and service was fast and friendly. We had the pulled Mozzarella and shared for entree, I had the duck and my wife the snapper for main, then finished with the chocolate dessert. Will definately be heading back soon

2 star rating
by Simone Watson
Jul 04, 2012

Very disappointing wasted one evening of our brief stay in Auckland, flat champagne, cold oysters kilpatrick, no cutlery when main arrived, or resetting between courses and meals that were average at best. Steak was cold. We booked in advance and made it clear we were coming from CHCH for a special occasion.....reception zero. Biggest let down, nobody asked us if our meals were ok, we could tell the staff knew things weren't up to scratch. The standard of food and service we have received elsewhere in Auckland has been faultless, lift your game guys. $200 lighter and feeling ripped off.

4 star rating
by Blitz Y
Apr 28, 2012

I used to always drive past this restaurant and look in and think 'I must try that place' but Mt Eden is such a random destination for dinner I never had.

Meal: Dinner
Food: Nibbled on the eggplant tortellini for starters and had the snapper for main. Was good enough to write about - put it that way! Dessert was the Dutch Kiss - like a homemade Wagon Wheel biscuit - yum!
Service: Excellent. Attentive but not annoying. We arrived late, ate around 9pm and were the last to leave but no one hurried us up.
Cost: I was lucky enough not to see the bill, but it was worth every penny I did not pay :)
Stand out feature: The expansive wine list, and the many ways you could read it. If you love your wine, you will love Molten.
Will I go back? Most probably.

2 star rating
by Frances C
Apr 22, 2012

Visited for dinner last night and although food was excellent we felt we were rushed through and this spoilt the evening. Our reservation was for 7pm and by 8.30 had finished both entree and main and were being presented with dessert menu. Also very disappointed with table settings. We were 30cm from our neighbour on one side. I might add we didn't come in off the street either, we had booked 3 weeks in advance.

3 star rating
by Cam W
Dec 07, 2011

First time I have eaten at Molten last night and went due to the excellent reviews it was receiving.
The entrees are over priced ($25 for 1 buffalo mozzarella ball and a few bits of rocket, pretty bland) but the mains (I had the Broadbill, delicious) was well priced. Desserts (our table had a several from the menu) were well executed.
The only big let down of the evening was poor service. Slow with taking food orders and even slower to take our drinks order.
Great food but the evening slightly let down by inattentive service.

5 star rating
by Sec
Aug 28, 2011

My absolute first choice when taking friends of all ages or business associates out to dinner. Fantastic food, totally reliable, always beautifully cooked and presented. I've never been disappointed and our guests have always raved over their meals. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed so that you can sit back and just enjoy the company and great food. A little pricey, but as I've never had any "duds" I believe it's well worth it. They also have a small private dining room upstairs which they let us use when we wanted a quieter area for a our party of six.

5 star rating
by Ben Sheehan
Aug 22, 2011

Went for a work lunch late last week. Absolutely blown away by the service - our waitress was quick, polite and attentive.

The beers were fantastic - I ordered the (read: three) Hawkes Bay Pilsner which went down a treat. Had the special for the day which was kingfish on a risotto - cooked to perfection. Beautiful and moist, a great meal. Would highly recommend.

4 star rating
by Joanne Mahon
Apr 25, 2011

Excellent food! great service in a relaxed, non-pretentious environment. Recommend the pork hock pie starter! I could taste it before it hit my tongue, it was so fragrant and the pastry was perfect. Not cheap but worth it.

5 star rating
by NomNomPanda
Apr 16, 2011

Went to Molten for a weekend lunch. Very excited to see not one, but two vegetarian options which did not involve pumpkin, or spinach and feta, or mushroom risotto, which seem to be standard for many restaurants. Bypassed the artichocke gnocchi with stuffed courgette flower to order the mushroom and truffle pappadelle with cavalo nero, which tasted fantastic and gave us an opportunity to try a new vegetable. For a non-vegetarian dish we ordered the kingfish special, which sat on a bed of risotto with strands of meat stirred into it. Great flavours made us decide to try dessert, even though we were no longer hungry. Impressed again, not just by the taste, but by the presentation of the dish. Service was also attentive and friendly. Very enjoyable meal in a beautiful restaurant. Will definitely be back again!

2 star rating
by Nate
Jan 06, 2011

What was good...the service! In fact the service was exceptional. We had an amazing waitress, Kylie. She was attentive and very professional! The food was a let down to be honest. I have eaten there twice before and remember my meals as being outstanding. Both mains were overcooked but in saying that the manager agreed and did not charge us for one main that was only half eaten. Our starters were ok but I would not say outstanding. I know that Molten is a favourite however maybe our visit which was over a public holiday meant they were having an off day?

4 star rating
by David Boshier
Oct 07, 2010

We took another couple along for a business dinner. As we had been there before and was impressed with the food and service. Again we were not disappointed, we started next door with wine before moving through to our table. The service was excellent, non-intrusive and there is an extensive wine list.

The food is fantastic and serviced in a semi-formal atmosphere.

5 star rating
by Laura
Sep 08, 2010

This was our second visit, first time was with friends. Well informed staff, answered every question without drama, only needed to go to the kitchen once to confirm. Meal was spot on and could not fault it. Will be back again come summer for the new menu.

5 star rating
by Evan King
May 26, 2010

I went here for a lunch meeting and was extremely impressed. The food was excellent, the waitress (Sonia) was on the ball and attended all of our needs, and the overall experience was just first rate.
I totally recommend this venue. I have gone back since and was not disappointed. Neither will you be.

5 star rating
by Mandy Jackson
Apr 24, 2010

We are regulars here as the experience is always wonderful. Nice location, efficient and friendly staff and excellent food. Good value for money and well worth a visit.