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  Thai, Asian
5:30 PM to 11 PM (Mon-Thu, Sat), 12 Noon to 3 PM, 5:30 PM to 11 PM (Fri), Sun Closed


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4 star rating
by Cindy
19 hours ago

This is not authentic Thai food. I would say it is fusion style Thai food. My daughter is tom yum lover. They don't have tom yum. But they have very delicious beef ribs. They don't take booking. Get there as earlier as possible to get a table. They have a few long table which you need to share with other guests.

4 star rating
by Jay

Ummm. Asian fusion food. I found it all too sweet and the place is noisy omg!! Pork hock.... Really good...a bit too sweet. Soft she'll crabs are a beauty but wayy too much coriander on it,i mean too much. Pork spring rolls... Meh. The eggs were nice. The masaman wild goat curry was also a little sweet and it's a shame cause masaman is usually spicy. Goat was really nice n soft. Well cooked. Beef curry. Beautifully cooked beef but honestly the curry tastes very similar to the masaman curry. Papaya salad was the only really perfect dish of the night. Great flavor. The wine list is really well matched with the food. Couldn't try the desert cause we ran out of time n the other booking was waiting. We got there quite late so no fault of theirs. Service was fast n efficient. Food came out quick enough for a place that's soo busy.

5 star rating
by Andy Thomson
15 days ago

We started with some cocktails you must try "white lady boy" absolutely fantastic. We asked the waiter to chose for our party of 4. Some of our dishes were pork spring rolls, goat curry, papaya salad, crab, BBQ pork can't remember the rest but believe me we were certainly not disappointed at all we finished with chocolate mouse and pana Cota. Try this place highly recommended. Be careful going to the toilet the stairs are very steep.

5 star rating
by Lee V
20 days ago

I wish I had more stars to give. This is easily one of my favourite dining experiences. The staff there are AMAZING! They are some of the friendliest, most on to it people. They were attentive but not overbearing and made the whole experience that much better. I really need to write down people's names because I feel like they deserve credit for doing an awesome job. 

The food is delicious! The soft shell crab is gorgeous and we were thinking about it days after the dinner. Everything we ate was flavoured to perfection and I felt like the portion sizes were pretty decent. 

All in all, highly reccomended!

5 star rating
by Keryn P.
one month ago

If you only try just one dish from here, make it the Goat Curry - who would have thought how amazing that could be. Really good winelist too, nice to see.

5 star rating
by Sophcrp
one month ago

Have been here loads of time and it is soooo bloody yummy. So fresh and vibrant. Great staff who really know their menu and like to have fun with it . Only negative would be that they don't seem to change their menu . I have been here around 10 times and it's always been pretty much exactly the same which has now stopped me from going back as I have had almost everything on the menu but totally still recommend it

5 star rating
by Andrea
2 months ago

Moochowchow is AMAZING. Consistently great food, good service, what's there not to love?

I've visited Moochowchow on multiple occasions, and my standard order: rice, caramelized pork hock and dry soft shell crab curry. I'm personally not a fan of the wild mushroom salad as the mushrooms were just white fungus pieces. 

I highly recommend this place for people with large groups as its cheaper to share (the dishes are sharing ones anyway) and you get to try a wider variety of dishes :)

4 star rating
by KH Dang
2 months ago

Great place to go especially if you were originally after Blue Breeze Inn but just can't manage to get that seat because it's too full. MooChowChow is a lot simpler but maintains great food choices - great meals - great staff. Parking around here is always a bit annoying but it's worth it.

5 star rating
by Morgan Rothwell
2 months ago

The food here was really really good. What else I found memorable was the high quality soft soap and moisturiser in the bathrooms, its was very luxurious and smelled like gardenias. I was here with a group of about ten, the food came promptly and the staff correctly advised us how to order so we were all satisfied, but didnt waste food.

0 star rating
by Lian Yeap
3 months ago

Amazing food. Best meal I've eaten in a long time. Shared red curry soft shell crab, massaman wild goat curry and coconut bean sprout salad. Amazing flavours not with enough chilli to give it bite without overpoweri g it. The goat was succulent and tender. The homemade ginger beer was also a winner. Will see how many times we can eat here before we head home!

5 star rating
by Jacqui Crawley
3 months ago

One of my favourites so far. The food is sssoooo delicious. Thai fusion and has an explosion of flavours. Tried the soft shell crab and every bite had a different flavour to it. Absolutely amazing. It is really busy so must book and can get a little noisy. Must try this place out.

3 star rating
by Foodiefeels
3 months ago

Had great service. We were recommend to get at least 9 dishes to share between us which we did. 

We started with the crispy pork roll which was divine and so fresh. Next to come out was the mushroom dish which I wouldn't recommend getting it was so overpowering. I can handle heat! but it burnt the ridge of my mouth and everyone else on the table had to stop and just drink a whole glass of water. It effected the taste of the couple dishes we had after that sadly. 
The caramelised pork hock was amazing we all enjoyed that I wish we got 3 plates of that instead of the few other things we ordered on the menu. 
-The soy braised chicken was bland and dry. 
+The squid green apple pork dish was delicious, we all enjoyed that. 
-Coconut bean sprout salad again was over powering and not what I expected to  taste like. I wouldn't recommend that dish at all!
+The beef curry was great wish there was more meat tho to go round the table       not everyone got to try that.  
-+ I personally enjoyed the papaya salad but others on the table didn't. 

Overall we were happy to try it but I wouldn't be rushing back there anytime soon. I would only be rushing back for the pork hock and crispy pork rolls.

5 star rating
by Penelope Chua
5 months ago

We've decided to have our corporate Christmas celebration here and I've got to say they didn't disappoint. The pulled pork spring rolls was absolutely divine, soft shell crab was heavenly, the pork hock, cooked to perfection, the chicken was tasty and the goat curry was just yum. Loved the choc mousse with salted caramel and raspberry. I would definitely come back and drag hordes of friends to this resto without batting an eyelash. The only part I didn't like was going to their toilet. It was clean but the stairs too steep and would be a hazard after one too many drinks.

5 star rating
by Tony Westmoreland
5 months ago

food was excelent as was the service, is also a nice place, i took my daughter here for her 21st birthday, and would  totaly recomend, we had a selection of 6 dishes ,including  the squid dish, which was outstanding as was the crispy pork,.everything was explained well by the waiter. everything arrived promptly and nicely presented. we only had an hour slot which we knew about when we booked , but will certainly go again.Excelent value for money came away feeling very happy.

5 star rating
by Sonam Kumar
6 months ago

Had an amazing time when we dined at MooChowChow. Service was great, the dishes were explained to us by the very attentive waitress. We ordered the orange fish curry, the 5 spice chicken and the asian greens and could not fault anything. The chilli oil provided is also very tasty and authentic. We left feeling very satisfied and will happily be back.

5 star rating
by Wilson Chau
8 months ago

Moochowchow is simply the best modern Asian in NZ. Service is finely tuned to your needs and the cocktails are superb. But it's the food that speaks for this place. We had the five spiced chicken, massaman goat curry, both full of flavour and tender meats. But their best dish has gotta be the sweet chilli pork hock, it's hock done in a way I never thought of and it's to die for.

I see why Moochowchow has gained a place in the ranks of Metro Top50. Highly recommend this place to warm up before a big night out. The food and cocktails will set you up for the evening. My score: 5.0/5.0.

4 star rating
by The 'Sweet Tooth' Fairy
8 months ago

I've only been to Moo Chow Chow once, and only for the desserts but it is a place that will DEFINITELY draw you back for more.

If I was only to use one word to describe the restaurant and its desserts, the word EXOTIC would be most appropriate :)
Their fusion creations definitely give your taste buds a kick!

So far, I've only tried: the Szechuan Chocolate Mousse, Ginger and Coconut Milk Brulee, Bubble Tea, and their Homemade Ginger Beer.

What captured my attention and curiosity was the mousse. The idea of using Szechuan Peppers in a dessert to me was very rarely seen as I only knew the use for Szechuan Peppers was in spicy Asian meat dishes. The mousse was incredibly smooth and rich that melted in your mouth straight away, while containing a hint of dark chocolate bitterness.

The Ginger and Coconut Milk Brulee was slightly more runny in term of the texture but the flavour was very impacting. It contained a mild ginger flavour infused into the milk mixture. It wasn't too sweet either but well balanced when eaten with the tropical fruit garnishes .

As for the two drinks, the Bubble Tea I gotta say was a slight disappointment as I had anticipated a strong blend of black tea with creamy milk added to it. However, all that it tasted like to me was milk with a hint of fragrant Jasmine flavour.
The Homemade Ginger Beer was really FIZZY! It had a strong and slightly spicy ginger taste, and with the piece of cucumber garnish made it very REFRESHING! Really good for cooling down on a hot summer night.

I'm not too sure whether these items are still available on the current Moo Chow Chow menu. Last time I checked, some items were no longer on the menu or slight alterations have been made to various items, but nonetheless the still looked very tempting, and I am very looking forward to my next visit there!

You can read about the desserts in detail on my blog post. The link is below in the comment section.

5 star rating
by Grace Hall
10 months ago

Where do I even begin? Went here with the boyfriend for a celebration dinner of sorts and we were both super impressed. The service was fantastic; I love nothing more than a waiter who knows the menu well and is able to recommend several dishes depending on what you like.

We ordered a couple of cocktails, the soft shell crab salad and the caramelised pork hock as per the waiter's recommendations. I have never been that crazy about crab but if I had to live off one dish for the rest of my life, this one would definitely be contending for first place. The dishes come out as they're ready and luckily for us, the caramelised pork hock came out last... if you're ever after a dish that fills both your main stomach and that extra stomach we all know we have which is reserved entirely for dessert, this is it.

The portions are perfect, the price is reasonable, the atmosphere is enjoyable, and the experience is a must.

5 star rating
by Jennifer Manalo
10 months ago

If the name alone doesn't entice you to try this place, the food definitely will! Moo Chow Chow (I just love saying it!) is a take on Thai flavours - a mix of sweet, sour, salty and spicy. I've been here twice now, the first was for my brother's birthday and we went for dinner and the second time was for a lunch work function. Warning: if you're not fond of spicy food or if you're a vegetarian or don't like coriander, then this is not the place for you. We tried some of the salads and they were pretty average.

Since we had a big group, we were given one of their private rooms upstairs (one with the round table - great for sharing the food around so you don't get food envy!). It was a special occasion so we went all out. We ordered everything - appetisers, drinks, mains and desserts. We were all definitely in a foodcoma afterwards! I do recommend you order at least a main dish for each person but this depends on the appetite size of the group!

These are my recommendations: the freshly shucked oysters, caramelised pork hock - so delicious, this was the highlight of the meal, massaman goat curry and red beef curry - meat was tender and a good balance of flavour. We also had the fried snapper and the five spice chicken which were both cooked perfectly. For dessert we had the Chocolate Mousse which was very nice but really rich so you can only eat a small amount of it. We also tried the Moo Bar which is their home made candy bar. I would give this a miss to be honest, there was nothing special about it and for $12, you could buy 12 chocolate bars from the supermarket and come away more satisfied! For a lighter dessert, try the Ginger & Coconut Creme Brulee instead.

I do definitely recommend this place! The dishes aren't cheap though so I do suggest saving this one for special occasions!

5 star rating
by Lilly S
11 months ago

Loved this Restaurant. Amazing service and the food was to die for!!! Meals came out relatively fast (we had 10 people) drinks were lovely. Would defiantly come back and recommend this to people. I ordered the Pork on maderins for entree and it was delish! nothing I have tried before. My goat curry main was amazing, although my friend got the same and It was a bit dry. and to top it off my dessert was a chocolate mousse which was prefect to end my meal!! I will be back for sure !

5 star rating
by Gabriel Long
May 16, 2014

Amazing Food! Literally some of the best food i've ever had. Better south east asian food than I had in Thailand, Vietnam or Indonesia. The boys in the kitchen there must be wizards or something. Would recommend without a second thought to anyone

4 star rating
by Miss Kiki
Apr 30, 2014

Came here a while ago, we were a table of six.
Food was really nice, I particularly enjoyed the Beef rib red curry.
Service was good and attentive, I am looking forward to returning and trying more dishes.

5 star rating
by Ruby Taurau
Apr 24, 2014

Tried moo chow chow out for the first time after having many friends rave about how good it was. The service was absolutely delightful very welcoming and we were greeted by each member of staff with smiles as we came in. Me and my partner ordered the goat curry, Asian greens the soft shell crab and the betel leaf. All were very tasty. The goat curry and the soft shell crab were my favourite. The goat curry had very generous portions of goat and had so much flavour. They also do takeaway bags which is a plus. Would definitely recommend to friends and family

5 star rating
by Joy Browne
Apr 12, 2014

Once again, a really fantastic meal. This is the most consistent restaurant - the food is always superb. The service is knowledgeable and friendly, and the menu varied and interesting. Can't recommend it highly enough!

0 star rating
by Country Bumpkin
Mar 28, 2014

Very tasty selection, just the right amount of food and good balance of flavours. Will definitely try get back here again.

5 star rating
by Kristy Sorrell
Mar 12, 2014

We came here for dinner a few months ago to celebrate what had been a very exciting day with a lot of good news. I'd been itching to visit this restaurant and it didn't disappoint! We went quite late, around 8.30 and it was still very busy. We'd made a booking and so there was a table available, but there was enough space between us (and little enough between us and the neighbouring tables) that conversation was next to impossible. We hadn't been given any water yet, so we requested to move. A corner booth procured, conversation resumed, and we ordered. I took a leap of faith and decided to try soft shell crab for the first time. I loved it! My partner, extremely reluctant when it comes to seafood, was persuaded to try a piece too, and pronounced it delicious. Next we had caramelised pork hock. This is a dish we both love and which more than met our expectations! Incredibly sweet, tender, crispy and for the most part boneless, it could never be called a healthy dish but boy is it good! Lastly (but not leastly) was the massaman. This is my partner's favourite Thai curry and Moo Chow Chow's version is set apart by its use of shredded goat- perfectly tender, tasty as ever and a very generous portion. We were defeated with no hope of even sharing a dessert, but those looked fantastic and I'd love to go back for round two!

1 star rating
by Becky
Feb 23, 2014

We ate at Moochowchow a couple of weeks ago and we were really impressed with our meal and the experience.
However. We came back last night as a group of six and had a terrible experience. First of all mr cool with the dreads behind the bar blatantly ignored me for a good 5 mins as I stood in front of him before even acknowledging me, we should have left then.
Our waitress was rude, she never once smiled or introduced herself nor did she mention anything on the menu and as four of our group had never been before it would have been nice if she had explained how the whole share plate thing worked.
The beer was warm, the food was average and under seasoned and there was a big piece of shell that was left in one of our oysters, but to their credit we weren't charged for that.
We were really disappointed as we came up especially from Tauranga. I've never written a review and I'm only writing this review as Moochowchow need to be consistent with their food and service, there are so many great restaurants and they need to up their game and drop the attitude. We won't be returning here unfortunately.

3 star rating
by Loved By Katie
Feb 02, 2014

Fantastic atmosphere and service. The placed looked modern and soon after 7pm, people started to fill up. We ordered Red 
rib ($30) which was just okay.

We had to send back the Asian 
greens stir fried ($10) as it was way too salty. The chef must've tipped over the salt bottle! Insane! But the waiter was kind and apologetic and we had our new dish within 5 minutes. Fantastic. The oyster sauce went well with the greens.

I was looking forward to this Five

 (half $20) but it was not what I imagined. Skin wasn't soo crispy, there were too much breast meat which was a bit chewy and the vinegar flavor was too strong. We didn't know why the waiter told us that these are small plates and he recommend ordering four dishes between two of us as the amount was enormous. I think this was meant to be a fusion Thai but nothing exciting happened.

Please visit ♥ for other photos and stories.

4 star rating
by Mimi Yang
Jan 22, 2014

What an interesting place. Having read the name of restaurant I expected maybe a Chinese place, but then upon coming in the door, I thought it could be a European restaurant, but the fusion of Thai flavours of MooChowChow was extremely refreshing and quirky. The food here was great, very refreshing to the palate, ambiance was excellent, friendly and helpful service too.

The only suggestion I have is that it could be helpful to give some kind of indication as to the degree of spiciness of dishes on the menu. In Thai cooking, our 'mild' is considered bland, inversely, what Thai chefs consider 'medium', I consider 'face-melting hot'.

0 star rating
by A.
Jan 20, 2014

Moochowchow. I thought I'd try out this relatively new Thai restaurant in Auckland today, so I dragged my family here and was glad I did!

We started with a couple small tapas items which were the crispy soft shell crab (YUM!) it was topped with fried garlic, chilli & shallots which was like an ideal marriage in the mouth! The caramelized pork & prawn w/ sour pineapple & peanuts was amazingly tasty too! Our mains, which were the spicy yellow curry w/ banana prawns, John Dory & green peppercorns and the red curry of slow cooked beef rib w/ lemongrass, peanuts & shallots were scrumptious! The flavours were just right and the presentation was simply modern-Thai.

2 star rating
by Margaret Hardiman
Jan 15, 2014

The food was good, but unfortunately the dining experience was poor. In spite of having booked, I was made to move my seat to leave two spaces at the end of the table. That information was given in a very condescending tone as if I were mad to expect a table to ourselves. Fortunately, the two came not long before we left, as they shouted to each other at the top of their voices, probably because of the loud music. The waitress serving us carried on a private conversation with the pair at our table over our faces as she was serving us. There were flies everywhere, something I haven't experienced for years in a restaurant.

5 star rating
by J Lee
Jan 10, 2014

Walked in on Wednesday with no booking. Friendly, knowledgeable and polite staff who recommended the goat curry which was so yum and not too spicy. The soft shell crab starter was a highlight. We also ordered a cucumber salad with sauce on the side as the sauce was quite hot.

For dessert, we had the fried bananas with coconut ice cream and the velvety smooth and rich chocolate mousse. DELICIOUS!

Atmosphere was quite cozy and warm.

Would definitely visit again. Thank you

5 star rating
by Tony Ma
Jan 07, 2014

Thai Fusion cannot get any better in Auckland.

The beef melts in your mouth. The fish lifts your taste buds, and the shelfish makes you crave for more!

I love eating here since I never get too bloated. Maybe because I'm usually here on a date...
...Anyways, this is a must try!

Great for a date, along with some beautiful wine.

Staff are friendly, however it can get packed sometimes :(

Service: 4/5
Wait time: 3/5
Environment: 4/5
Food Quality: 5/5
Food Quantity: 4.5/5
Price range: $45+ pp

5 star rating
by Kiwi Food Wonders
Dec 08, 2013

Crazy, chaotic, noisy, buzzing, fragrant & vibrant. Just how Miss Moo likes it. This is not the restaurant for a romantic candlelit dinner; rather the boozy catch up with mates on a Friday night. Perfectly situated on Ponsonby Road, this villa conversion is often heaving with customers & never short on atmosphere. The waitstaff are friendly & attentive with just a touch of cheekiness.

Moo Chow Chow has an Asian-inspired menu perfect for sharing. They've recently gone 100% gluten-free (with the exception of their pork rolls) so even the soy sauce is OK for those with sensitive tummies.

In my opinion, the best way to enjoy this place is to go with a big group & share, share, share. Standout dishes include the Crispy Soft-Shell Crab, the Beef Rib that is unctuous & melt-in-the-mouth tender and the sticky Caramelised Pork Hock. There are plenty of seafood, tofu and vegetarian options to keep the non-meat-eaters well-fed too; check the menu which changes seasonally and try not to drool. The classic Asian flavours of ginger, garlic, lemongrass & curry feature predominantly, so if that's your style, you'll enjoy the food here. Prepare for sticky fingers!

The cocktail and wine list is not to be missed - Moo Chow Chow is one of those venues that is perfect for supping a minty fresh cocktail on a balmy evening while perusing the menu. With the doors wide open & the sun setting on the beautiful people of Ponsonby Road, you're sure to have a good time.

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5 star rating
by Mel Barzandeh
Nov 28, 2013

My partner and I were invited to MooChoChow for dinner and we enjoyed the night thoroughly! The only downfall was that we both didn't have enough space in our stomach to eat everything off the menu!

I would definitely recommend that you try the soft shell crab starter and the crispy pork roll starter! Definitely worth every penny!

The mains speaks for itself, the style of dining for the mains are to be shared between 2 people (will fill both people up with a side of rice), some dishes are spicy so I would ask the staff what they recommend if you don't like spicy food.

I also highly recommend you at least share a dessert before you leave (the coconut and sesame fried banana with coconut ice cream in particular).

The staff were super friendly and service was great. Would definitely return soon.

2 star rating
by Phil
Nov 08, 2013

Went to book a table today for a group to get together. Having been before i thought the food would benefit friends sharing. Requested a table for six and was advised they could accommodate but only allowed bookings in two hour windows. What's this all about? How can you enjoy a good meal, a drink and good conversation whilst clock watching?
The chap on the phone seemed very smug and condescending when i questioned him.
NZ restaurants appear to be getting worse in their approach to customers telling us what we can eat and how quickly we have to do it.
Having just returned from Spain where we ate at some pretty amazing restaurants and were treated as CUSTOMERS this kind of service gives me the yips.

5 star rating
by Jodi Pretscherer
Oct 22, 2013

My husband and I dropped into Moo Chow Chow last Wednesday night for a casual bite to eat. We were greeted by a very friendly waiter and shown to a back corner of the very busy restaurant. The service was prompt and the food was outstanding. The stir fried soft shell crap was a stand out, followed closely by the crispy pork rolls we had as starters. I love that they are not shy with the coriander! I am in love with Gruner Veltiner at the moment and we shared a gorgeous bottle of this (the wine menu is fab) to wash it all down. The bill came in at $120 for the two of us, always nice not to break the bank on a great night out. We are already planning our next night out here.

4 star rating
by Loni's Girl
Sep 18, 2013

Bring friends. The menu is not long but it covers all the bases. Just went with a group of six and I think we worked our way through the list of share plates. Oysters, crispy pork roll, salmon, pork hock, fall-apart beef ribs, tender goat, clams , soft-shell crab (wow!), tofu (not fussed). And we had our veges with a pawpaw salad. Only about two mouthfuls of each but enough and all the juices blend into a delicious mix of ginger, garlic, fish sauce, lemongrass etc etc.

4 star rating
by Chris P Dorn
Sep 10, 2013

Superb food and one of my favourites in ponsonby, always consistently good.

5 star rating
by Mark
Sep 09, 2013

This was our second time and we are in love!
The food is one of the best in the country in my view and the chef is man to watch! Fresh and real food, without the pretentious crap many restaurateurs mistake for sophistication.
The service was good and the waiter's attention to detail very pleasant.
My partner and me just can't get enough and will be back for more!

1 star rating
by Chris Roebuck
Sep 07, 2013

Heard a lot about this place thought we would try it. Started with the beer list very poor selection ended up getting Budweiser couldn't drink it, came out of bottle flat replaced with Steinlager pure told waiter didn't seem concerned. The food was good but like other reviews staff seem to be more interested in themselves than the customers. To many of them all trying to be to groovy than focusing on customers. They seem to forget their customers pay the bills. Whoever owns this place is either not worried because he fills it up every night obviously doesn't care about repeat business. Read your reviews and take notice.

1 star rating
by Laura Garrett
Aug 30, 2013

The food was good. That is where the positive comments end. We arrived 5 minutes early and were told our table had been given away because we were late..... After realising they were wrong the apologised and seated us 15 minutes later. This I could forgive, my companion was not so happy. We sat for 20 min, we were not offered water or asked if we would like a drink. When i finally flagged down a waitress we ordered food plus our drinks. We waited 40 min for our food and had too ask a second time for our drinks. At the end when we wanted to settle the bill i asked the maitre d where the toilet was, she rolled her eyes and said "they didn't have one" I think this was her attempt at sarcasm.

If I am going to get bad technical service I at the least expect some resemblance of hospitality. Unfortunately the staff fall short in both categories. It is such a shame because the food is not bad. The owner should lead by example which pretty much leads me to the conclusion he must be an absolute dick.

2 star rating
by Victoria Ponomareva
Aug 28, 2013

Been really curious about this place, as have heard a lot of reviews, mostly positive.
Went there for my birthday dinner and still regret it.
Most of the staff is absolutely awful, as been said in the reviews below 'they look like they are better than you are'.
On arrival I have been lectured for being late and my table given away. Not even Hi or welcome. Felt like a high school kid who has done something wrong or like I was being paid and obligated to come for dinner there. Plus,it is considered a usual practice to call prior to cancelling the reservation, that's what contact number is for.

Our waiter was not recommending us food, he was stating what we have to eat (or at least that is how I felt). As we came in for dinner, me and my partner have been thinking to share starters and order 2 mains. Our waiter stated that 'mains are huge, order just one'. Ended up ordering salmon for the main, which was a really nice dish, but barely enough to feed one woman, and surely not enough to be a dinner for two. Been offered a menu once again after sitting with the dirty dishes for 10 minutes, by that time I did not want to spend another minute in there.

The food was good. I would not say it is outstanding, but it was okay.
The only friendly person I saw in the restaurant was a guy behind the bar, who greeted us on arrival.

I was shocked by how unfriendly members of the stuff were to us.
I would not say that the place is one of the best places in Auckland and I am never coming back. Had a spoiled birthday evening

3 star rating
by Mikhail
Aug 28, 2013

As we heard a lot of good reviews about this place, and most of our friends were recommending to go there, finally, we decided to do it. We have booked table in advance, of course.

One thing to note we have been late for 12 minutes, because of the traffic.

So when we just came in, greeted the staff and asked for our table, reply we receive was "you came too late, we gave your table, take a seat there" and staff pointed at the table behind us.
It's not a good first impression already. We received a small seat near by the window and doors, which wasn't too comfortable.
After that we been brought couple of glasses FOR water, but no water in it. So we asked at the same moment for some still water, and then had to wait for about 10 minutes until we got it.

The food.
The server was the guy, and he was running around other tables with girls and other visitors of the cafe, whilst we were sitting and trying call him out for us, finally we've been served.
We wanted to order some starters to begin with and asked for one of the crab and one of the pork(not quite sure how it called), and waiter said that "entrees are quite small, i better put 2 of each for you", and i disagreed and asked for one of each, and thought we got one of each, until in the final bill they were doubled in price.

Food itself, was, well, average, for the restaurant, nothing special, quite spice for me, even though i like spice food.

As we came for dinner, we were going to order 2 mains each as well, but waiter said that mains are created to share and they are quite big, so we better not take 2. We trusted him, and received "huge" piece of salmon with salad on top. Well, it wasn't created for sharing as we thought, as it was just a usual size and probably to feed one person, but not two.

Overall, food was average, service was on really low level, we have been expecting to be at least greeted with something like "hello, and welcome..." rather than "you came late..".

I wanted to go there, i did go, i wouldn't come back.

3 star rating
by Lavinia Niuhulu
Jul 15, 2013

I was seated facing a huge heater, I felt like I was in a volcano. Also I was sitting on the laps of other diners. Maybe spread it out a bit? I had to move the table for people to pass. Not fun. The soft shell crab was to die for, the clams also. Rice wasn't served till the last dish...I want rice with every single dish I order especially if it's not for free. Would definitely come back, but only because of the crab.

4 star rating
by Matt
Jun 23, 2013

I booked into Moo Chow Chow for lunch earlier this week on the recommendation of a friend, whose praise had given me very high expectations. And I'm delighted to say I wasn't disappointed.

In short, the food is delicious. Thai flavours with a modern/Kiwi twist (I think a foodie would describe it as fusion food?), served with a tapas kind of attitude - each dish arrives as soon as it's ready, and there's a emphasis on sharing. And mansize portions to boot. The plates came stacked high with tasty goodness that someone has clearly taken time over to get the balance right. Crispy smoked salmon was ridiculously good, as was a spicy beef salad (om nom nom).

My main criticism would be that the variation of flavours wasn't broad enough for me - there's only so much coriander I can take. But then again, it's Thai food, what else should I expect? My favourite element was the style of the whole place - 10/10 points for presentation. I also enjoyed the staff's casual friendliness; attentive without being intrusive.

Needless to say, I'd recommend this place for a tasty lunchtime feast, or a brilliant spot to take a date. I'll certainly be back for more =]

2 star rating
by Angus Galloway
Jun 12, 2013

I've been to MooChowChow many, many times.
Last night the food was great (as usual), but the service has gone off in a big way.

Here's why:
1. Despite booking a table we were put on a shared table, although a free table was available.
2. Rice not served with the first dishes, until asked for - twice.
3. When we finished our drinks we weren't offered any more, until we asked.
4. We had to ask for water top-ups.
5. At some point the server finished her shift and no one took over our table.
6. We had to ask for the plates to be cleared 10-15 minutes after finishing the meal.
7. Not one of the servers was looking around other tables as they went about their tasks.
8. The staff seemed more interested in sorting and polishing cutlery and chatting to each other than attending to tables.
9. At times, even the Maitre'd) seemed more focused in checking the booking register and billing paperwork than maintaining service on the floor.
10. We would probably have ordered dessert and coffees etc. if the service had been more attentive.

Maybe the owners are concentrating on their new venture across the road.
Is MooChowChow becoming just a cash cow now?

4 star rating
by Debbie Stock
May 24, 2013

Just had a wonderful dinner tonight. The flavours of the smoked salmon and soft shell were fantastic. Fresh, full flavoured and just delicious. The restaurant has a great atmosphere. The staff weren't nearly as great. They were too busy talking to each other to take our orders so we would need to wave our arms and stand up just to get noticed. Despite this it was an enjoyable evening with amazing food.

4 star rating
by Shona H
May 08, 2013

I meant to write this a while ago but didn't get around to it. I took a group of 5 to MooChowChow for the first time a few weeks ago and we had great service. When we asked for food recommendations we were given sound advice. We had a bit of a laugh, and an entertaining time with our waiters.

The food was absolutely delicious! We didn't order 1 bad dish. The slow cooked beef rib was everyone's favourite and I loved the duck.

I will definitely go again and take friends.

1 star rating
by Shaun Gunn
Apr 18, 2013

Food is fantastic, however the staff that work in this place are arrogant and up themselves! It really spoilt my experience by having staff that think that they are better than anyone in the restaurant. You serve food, lets not take it too seriously. Again, great food. Bad management and bad staff!

5 star rating
by Elaine Jennings
Jan 22, 2013

Love love love this place. Not sure why others have found it to be unfriendly, booked ahead for 2 then called in the afternoon to change it to 4 - no problem. Greeted warmly and our waitress was really friendly and very helpful recommending dish's for us. Really loved the food crispy pork rolls are Devinne. Another standout was the 5 spice duck. Good value for money also.
I do notice that majority of the negative reviews are first time reviews which makes me think they only review to have a whinge ;)

1 star rating
by Henry Han
Dec 01, 2012

Saw this bar on Masterchef, so I decided to go, even though I was a heck of a lot of negative comments, when I went in the server didn't even say hi to us, the server just pointed where to sit, I ordered my food, and waited at least for 25 minutes, I asked the person why taking so slow, they replied "how am I supposed to know?, I'm not the chef!!!". The food I think was average and a bit overrated.

Not going again.

1 star rating
by Roger Chen
Nov 17, 2012

Despite reading all the negative comments, especially about the service. Me and my friends still decided to give this place a try.

The waitress were really nice and friendly, food is good.
However, the bill was not clear, I didn't know how they charged us on rice. After I questioned one of the staffs, his attitude really pissed me off. You could explain to customer with good manner, but his manner was really terrible. Although the dining experience was not bad, I will not go to this place again.

1 star rating
by David Boden
Oct 23, 2012

I arranged for some clients and colleagues to eat at MooChowChow. They had limited time to eat so we ordered ahead of the group arriving. It was very difficult to get the menu as the menu online was out of date. The person I spoke to was very short with me on the phone and only provided problems, not solutions. Then when my group arrived the kitchen hadn't started to prepare the food. My group were thus delayed. The 'manager' then rang me and complained about my group. Completely unacceptable service and never again. I would recommend avoiding MooChowChow.

4 star rating
by Janine Baldwin
Jul 26, 2012

Dined here on Saturday night. We were greeted on entry and our table was just being cleared so we had a drink in the bar before being seated. Had three dishes, the duck spring rolls, soft shell crab and pork hock. All three were delicious - although we only ordered the small pork hock I could have easily eaten the large! The three dishes were enough for three women to eat, though a hearty appetite may have wanted more.
Service was great from start to finish with a friendly waiter who filled water and drinks without being intrusive.
It was busy and every table was full, but that just added to the atmosphere. Certainly not a place for a quiet romantic dinner though.
Can't wait to return.

4 star rating
by Matt Pimm
Jul 15, 2012

Funky little cool place, reasonably priced stuff and all a completely different take on Thai cuisine.

Good food, great atmosphere, recommended.

5 star rating
by Julie
Jun 28, 2012

Friends had raved about Moo chow chow and eventually we got around to visiting last Friday. The place was buzzing and full to the brim. Entry service was a bit lacking at first and could be improved with no one manning the desk but they were super busy. After a short wait at the bar (that allowed us a great view of the excellent cocktails) we were taken to our shared table. I found it really hard to order as EVERYTHING on the menu appealed. Our waitress turned out to be charming and ever present, drinks arrived snappily and extra orders weren't
a problem. Our meals were all delicious and hard to fault although the soft shell crab was a standout as was the pork hock but you can be confident that everything will be delicious ! We'll be recommending this restaurant to all we meet and it's pretty clear that others have already !

4 star rating
by Wolfie W
Apr 21, 2012

We had dinner there last night - just the two of us, and were shown to a shared table which had four others already dining - two lots of two as well. We very much enjoyed chatting with our table mates and swapping food and opinions with them. The service from all staff was extremely welcoming and friendly - I can honestly say not in any way coming off as being "too cool" - first rate. We had a variety of dishes some really hot, some quite mild - all very tasty. It's not your standard neighbourhood Thai - everything is more Asian-fusion and upbeat and definitely not the "cheap eats" style but not top dollar either. I can totally recommend the coffee and vanilla icecream with tapioca pearls - divine!! The ambience is great - warm pink walls gives a cavern like warmth with palms and quirky light fittings and a steeply winding staircase to the loos, open style kitchen is fast paced and hides nothing. The place was at almost full capacity but we were served quickly and never had to wait for more than a few minutes for water top ups, or plates to be cleared etc. Possibly not the place to go for an intimate dinner for two as it is fairly humming with noise and bustle and tables (even if you do get one for 2) are very close but if you want a fun, outside the box start to your night - choose Moochowchow.

5 star rating
by Manuel
Apr 20, 2012

Wow, wow, WOW!

I am just constantly impressed with this place. It’s nice to know that there’s an awesome restaurant in Auckland which you can go to time and time again and be left totally content by the experience.

And by experience I mean total completeness, all senses succulently satisfied, taste buds singing with excitement (beware, some dishes are hot but ask nicely and the charming waiters will keep you cool) and after the third Slushy your feeling fantastic!

Whether I’ve been solo for a quick bite or in for the long haul with friends the atmosphere has always been electric, buzzy and loud, the music eclectic and fun - no boring melodies here.

Consistency goes a long way in my book and the food here is just that, consistently fabulous, what more can I say, fresh produce cooked superbly at incredibly good value for money, it’s the best Thai I have experienced. The cocktails are daringly delicious and the wine list extensive and the knowledgeable staff are always unobtrusively at hand with a smile and another drink.

I love this place, give it a shot cause I’m sure you’ll love it too.

Now, I’m not one to rain on ones parade or rant, for that matter but this time I thought it appropriate. Hard not to take a sneaky peek at comments left by others and I have to say that dinning etiquette would suggest that if you were to be late or have extra guests for dinner, one would definitely call ahead, it’s simple courtesy and no one is that important not too.

More significantly I doubt very much that in any busy restaurant at peak times would any waiter have the time or be bothered to selectively eyeball an unhinged Pre-Madonna and yell overtly at them across the room. Let alone in a restaurant as popular and as professional as MooChowChow. I’m sorry, I just don’t believe you.

Now go on in and enjoy!

4 star rating
by Hugh Lloyd
Apr 16, 2012

Great place - go with a group and share everything. Excellent cocktail list and the waiter we had was downright excellent - wasn't all fluffy and yes sir no sir - just said it how it was, pleasant and knew his stuff

Food was great and before we knew it 3 hours had gone by

The only thing to be wary off are the toilets - steep narrow staircase - be warned if you've had a couple

1 star rating
by Karen Cheung
Apr 13, 2012

INFURIATED by the service—principally the doing of one incredibly rude waiter

Made a booking for 3 at 6pm
Upon an already unwelcoming arrival (No signature greeting/ smile) said our apologies to waiters at reception (For late appearance) and let them know we had an addition to our booking—now 4 people.
-Waiter: “You would think you’d call to let us know”
Taken aback by the comment, in shock and disbelief of the reply, we apologised and were taken to a seat at the bar.
Noticed it was pretty bare at this stage, only 1 other table, what was the fuss all about?
Would have taken off like the wind if it wasn’t for my friend whose been crooning to try Moochowchow.

Throughout the rest of the night, due to the combination of a lovely waitress, good company and pleasant food, we had forgotten about the initial encounter.

Sadly at the end of the night this experience was forever ruined.
We went to pay the bill and stood at the counter for a good 5 minutes or so. The aforementioned waiter stared at us as he walked past to have a chat with the bar staff. As we left, we were eyeballed once again then we heard him say “ Good to get rid of those “expletive””

No idea or reason at all as to why we were treated with such hostility, quite unfortunate as there’s much more enjoyment to be had here, though I think it’s quite evident why we will never come back.

2 star rating
by Chris
Mar 27, 2012

Went with a group of 5. Service was a tad pretentious for my liking - a bit of the 'I'm cooler than you' attitude - maybe they were ;)

I love spicy food and Thai is my all time favourite however I won't be going back. Too many conflicting flavours, some that just didn't work well together. Most dishes were just completely overpowered by one or two spices, balance was missing in every meal but one. The only thing I really enjoyed was the Pork hock, that was delicious.

5 star rating
by Martina Wanjura
Mar 12, 2012

Very happy with the delicious tasting food and attentive service. We had Stuart island oysters, buffalo wings, beef short rib & the signature goat curry. They were all great choices. They also kept the place open for us as we were late diners. Cant wait to go back.

4 star rating
by Anna Osborn
Feb 12, 2012

Went with 4 friends and we shared a number of dishes, in hindsight too many and they were more than happy to organise doggy bags. Lovely waitress, fantastic food and some imaginitive drinks, teas and desserts. Only drawback is that it is noisy, but that didn't really detract from the evening. Will definately return.

4 star rating
by Dee
Aug 31, 2011

Boyfriend and I went on a Tuesday night without a booking, expecting it to be quiet, but that didn’t end up being the case so luckily we arrived just before 7pm and were able to get a table! The service remained friendly and attentive throughout the evening. We were asked if we’d been here before, and since we hadn’t, explained that the menu is designed around sharing plates. The wine list is excellent and though many are by the bottle only, wine by the glass is priced either side of $10. Our waiter had check with us which wine we’d ordered but was apologetic and remembered it later when we ordered more, so that’s fine. He also remembered our food order first time despite not writing it down (a lot of restaurants don’t write down orders now!). Probably because it wasn’t busy yet the order arrived quickly, and everything was bursting with fresh and fragrant flavours! The pork neck was succulent and served with a delicious sauce - I’d be keen to try the pork hock next time. The salad greens were a tasty array of textures, a surprising variation on the usual side of greens. The only disappointment was the duck. The meat was shredded which I hadn’t expected and I found it a bit dry, though teamed with the rest of the dish, and the greens, it was more than edible. We shared a jasmine panna cotta for dessert and this was a real highlight of the meal. I don’t like a lot of ginger so was a bit hesitant about the ginger and lemongrass caramel sauce, but it was amazing - so sweet and the perfect balance for the creamy panna cotta.

I agree with an earlier comment that this space is very noisy; we were sat in the rear alcove where some of the tables are very close together and felt conspicuous talking until the place filled up and the noise level rose (it was also hard for patrons and wait staff to access the tables).

It was fun to try ‘modern’ Thai food in a ‘trendy’ restaurant - it makes a change from conventional décor and dishes you find at traditional Thai restaurants. It’s not cheap compared to the latter, especially as most of those are BYO, but actually it’s not really fair to compare because they’re in quite different realms. Here you’re paying for the cool experience and environment as much as the twist on Thai flavours and presentation, and it does offer value for money in both regards. I’d like to return in future with a group and try other menu items, including cocktails.

2 star rating
by Helen Jackson
Aug 21, 2011

I was really looking forward to trying Moochowchow as have long been a fan of modern SE Asian food.
The menu reads well and it was hard to decide just what to choose from the good selection.
Our waiter was great and the service slick.
Unfortunately I was underwhelmed with the food. The flavours failed to "sing" as good Thai should. Yes there was spice but the food fell flat rather than having a great balance of sweet, sour, salt and spice. It could be so much better if they spent some more time tasting the food.
Moochowchow also continues to have the problem that Rocco had of noise - compounded by us sitting under the speaker and also a noisy table next door.
I will try Moochowchow again in a while but hope they work on their flavours in the meantime.

1 star rating
by Vivien Hii
Jul 23, 2011

I booked a week in advance. Arrived there and we were given the bar table. Was not impressed as people were walking past us and it was so dark - cant really see what i was eating.
The food is ok. I like the hock and the spicy carrot salad but the chicken we tried was average. Certainly nothing ground breaking.

Halfway through the meal, i got split beer all over me as the waitress slipped. Was not impressed again. They did apologized and offer to dryclean my coat, which is OK i guess.

Went back a week later to get my refund and had to wait and they didnt seem too friendly. Just gave me my money and did not even apologize.

I dont think i will go back again.

5 star rating
by Herman Z
Jul 02, 2011

Friday night dinner, what a great place,
the food is fantastic, Asian flavours galore (watch the small chilly,s).
The place is buzzing with the in crowd.
Certainly recommend this restaurant.
We where looked after by Xabi, who knows his job, what a great host he is, and knowledgeable about wines.
Can,t wait to go back