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Moon Wah Takeaways

4 star rating 5 reviews

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Takeaway / Fast Food
Price Range:
Cheap, Under $15

Reviews for Moon Wah Takeaways

5 star rating
by Kay S.
15th November 2013

We would suggest anyone anywhere in Christchurch must try Moon Wah food. I would have to say best food huge in size and extremely tasty. It is worth driving across town to try as you will not be disappointed. Thank you Moon Wah Takeaways, brilliant

5 star rating
by Frances P.
26th April 2013

The best Chinese takeaway!!! The portions are huge, great value for money. Very tasty. And the friendliest people you could meet. Very lovely people. I would definitely recommend to all. My family and I have been coming here for years. Would not go anywhere else :)

5 star rating
by kathleen
24th August 2012

The best take away joint in ch ch the portions are huge and the service friendly and i wouldn’t dine anywhere else and highly recommend it to all those Chinese food lover.The scenery is fantastic only a stones throw away from the New Brighton beach and the people are friendly.

3 star rating
by bill
26th August 2011

This Diner in Bower ave. Very good value for money for what you get.

Sweet & sour pork just under $15.00 HUGE plastic container filled to the brim with generous sized pieces of pork. I’m a big eater, and this did me for dinner, and leftover for lunch the following day!

The Fish & Chips are excellent value too. Half a scoop is extremeley generous, beautiful curry rolls, fried fish, and jam raps, although I wasnt overly keen on their meat patties, mostly potato filling.

Excellent value for feeding a family, generous hamburgers too. If I were to make one critisism it would be a tad cleaner in their work station. At times there can be a bit of food over the floor behind the counter, and it would be good to see them practice a bit more hygiene skills, e.g, rubber gloves etc. But I have to say we have never been sick from consuming their food. I’m a regular of Moon Wah, excellent value for money and polite staff.

3 star rating
by Rik
2nd August 2010

Like most Chinese takeaways in NZ, the dishes all have a sameness about them. However I give it three stars simply because it has to be the best value for money food I have come across. They cram so much food into the plastic containers that lids are superfluous.

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