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425 Tamaki Drive

5 PM to 12 Midnight (Mon-Thu, Sun), 9 AM to 1 AM (Fri-Sat)


Reviews for Moreton's

5 star rating
by Temptation Cakes (Janine)
2 days ago

Great food great service great view we each got two plates and each one was amazing ow and a beer battered fries!
Carpacio vodka cured venison tempura prawns cauli balls venison short rib and so on all good sizes and prices would deffo go again.
No diet tonic for my gin though ha!

4 star rating
by Livernlungs
15 days ago

We caught a real gem during our stay – a beautiful blonde debutante at the bar – “Me and my friends have decided that we want to drink a bottle of Bailey’s, and we were wondering if we could buy a bottle from you”. So upper class right now.

4 star rating
by Leah Mitchell
one month ago

Moreton's is a nice place by the beach to grab a bite to eat. Lots of good choices for drinks and delicious starchy bar food. I had the beef burger with fries and it was very filling and full of flavour. Had a nice time but I found the service was quite slow when I went in. I will definitely go back someday and try more on their menu.

5 star rating
by Morgan Bartholomew
5 months ago

I have been to Moteton's many times and I have always found it to be a pritty awesome place. The food is always on point, the chips- seriously so yum, the mains are so hard to choose from because they all sound delicious! I would recommend one of the grill options as they come with seasonal veggies, some relish or dressings to mix and match. The desserts are just the best. Service is always friendly and welcoming. Great atmosphere for families or just a good catch up with friends.

3 star rating
by Alice
6 months ago

We went for brunch on a Sunday late morning.
The restaurant was very quiet, but yet it took over 1/2 an hour to get our drinks order (after reminding the waitress as it was forgotten).
One of our meal orders was wrong & had to be sent back to be re-made.
For a quiet Sunday, the service was disappointing.
The meal was ok, but not worth the long wait.

3 star rating
by BeeQueUU
8 months ago

A lazy saturday? No actually pretty busy why our lives are so much more hectic and for what??!
Any grabbing a quick bite in my home suburb of St heliers while there is these sunny yet cooler afternoons by the shore. My first to try Moretons as on all occasions in early years thus place was packed for dinner and a struggle for Sunday brunch.
Sem to be less populated these days so good chance to find out why its so good.
The venue and view is probably worth 0.5 so maybe im a little harsh at 2.5 but what I have been doing is rating places based on comparison with similar places, cusine or food style. Well Moretons is just so so and really not in a rush to return. Place can't be serious above dining as yhe tables and seats are at the back end of the venue. The waterfront frint end has taller tables for non fine dining slash beer tables. This was a turnoff for me. I wont be bringing business guests or work colleagues here as the other corner venue Kavhe on Tamaki and St H B Rd is more a dining room. So apart from the layout that I give 1/5 for what was service etc like. An overly chatty blonde waitress on today more interested in her friend than our table next to friend (if she keeps slacking off I doubt she will save enough money for her overseas trip) but maybe management are cruising too.
The food just a quick fish and chips. Service after ordering was good it didnt take long to arrive which was important as I had a busy Saturday given tomorrow's cricket final 2.5/5 given the cruising blonde. Now the relly bad news... the fish was tasteless. This was not in a frozen sort of way as it was tender but is a not fresh sort of way. You know how fish starts to taste like stale milk when it is old well this was what I hit. The oil and the ample salt masked it but every second or third bite there was this clear blandness to the fish. It was $20 for the dish so hope it wasn't Hoki.
Note didn't return the dish as i was busy today.
Coffee had better but I did order decaf so I didnt get much of a hello from it. Sorry dont think I'd risk bringing guests here unless you want a boozy night and a meal as an after thought. I dont really think mamagent are so sincere when they respknd in the past reviews that they are serious about food or service unless the blonde was the owners daughter !! :)

2 star rating
by Master-KiwiOca
10 months ago

Unfortunately something happened in the last few months that turned a favourite in to an emergency only venue.

Food was excellent the place an easy pick for the whole family for weekend dinners for example.

However the last 3 visits have been a disappointment. Nothing wrong with the food as it has always been edible. But edible at the premium prices is never good value for money.

As examples, the salmon dish (fish of the day) of our last visit had tepid hard rosti potatoes, just-cooked-enough green beans (with the ends not trimmed - forget about good presentation), a just passable peach sauce (with Salmon?), peaches that looked like they came from a can and an OK fish. There was also a burger with cheese that our kids classified as plastic and therefore left on the plate.

Basically, we left disappointed (again) and looking for ways to use our points. We might come back only when others can tell us that things changed (again) but for the better.

2 star rating
by Karen Whiteley
10 months ago

As a family we have visited this local restaurant /bar on occasions and enjoyed it....always busy and loud but thats ok. Our 18 year old loves the sea food plate (who can blame him) and wanted his under 18 year old girlfriend to try it, but were refused a table. They had not ordered or tried to order alcohol they merely wanted to enjoy a good meal together and left the restaurant feeling embarrassed and with a night ruined. Non of us will be back, this has happened before, other local restaurants are happy to accomodate them and their food and hospitality is better.

2 star rating
by Vba
Oct 27, 2014

Took about 30 mins for order to arrive.
We both had ordered "medium rare" aged eye fillets and sides of seasonal vegetables.
Both steaks were overdone.
We sent one back as there wasn't even a hint of pink left.
The sides didnt show up until the well after the first steak was finished.
Apparently only asparagus and green beans are in season.
On their third attempt at cooking medium rare they did manage to get it right which has earned them an extra .5 points.

4 star rating
by Sweet Mama M
Sep 12, 2014

We came across Moreton's after our plans had gone slightly awry, ending up unexpectedly at St Helier's Beach in the early afternoon on a brilliant winter weekend. Both desperately hungry and with a little dude also looking for lunch, we leapt into the nearest restaurant that happened to have table space - that just happened to be Moreton's. Surprisingly more spacious than it looks from the road, the decor is an eclectic mix of gastro-pub and sports bar. Large TV screens play a variety of different sports channels which greatly pleased our little sports fan. We were promptly found a table and offered a high chair, which was a pleasant surprise. We also had a large stroller that staff helped us tuck in beside the table, making us feel very welcome. It's clear that Moreton's has gone out of their way to create a family-friendly atmosphere and this was reflected in the mixture of clientele. There are crayons and coloring books and even a change table in the bathrooms!

The food was speedy but quality was average. There was nothing wrong with it, but it lacked the flair to really make it stand out in the gastro-pub niche. The nachos in particular were blander than we had expected; serviceable but lacked the wow factor. The menu is quite broad and I do wonder further specialization would enable them to really create some stand-out items. The drinks menu is plentiful; hubby enjoyed a beer while I had a delicious mocktail that really hit the spot on the unseasonably sunny day.

Would we return? Definitely. With a broad menu, there are definitely other meals to try and entice the palate further and the service was really spot-on. Would highly recommend for a family day at the beach although you will need to book if you want an outdoor table.

1 star rating
by Cj
Sep 05, 2014

What a disappointment. Once a great place to head for a catch up .. The place is tired and you can't hear your conversation inside.. Staff were more interested in talking amongst themselves.. We waited 15 minutes to be served.. The toilet seat was broken and the toilets were dirty .. Beverage s and mains ultra expensive for a mediocre bar.. Suggest spend your hard earned cash elsewhere.. In need of a TLC

2 star rating
by Peter M
Jun 07, 2014

I wanted to like Morton's, it was local, the ambiance was fine and the menu looked interesting. On the positive side, the beer battered prawns and the caesar salad were both excellent. However...
If they are at all interested in improving based on feedback, I'd make several suggestions. One is that if you're going to do the American thing and introduce yourself and other staff members by name, and then ask at regular intervals how things are, perhaps try to continue that apparent interest past the point where a diner points out that the two mussels in his chowder both have something resembling black steel wool imbedded in them. Either they hadn't been cleaned properly or belong to some strange genetic variant which is ingesting far too much iron - either way I've never run across anything like it.
Secondly, if you're going to make what otherwise looks like an exceptional burger, give it the bun it deserves, rather than what seemed to be an unremarkable supermarket burger bun. As a hotel concierge back in Melbourne (visiting family) who has to dine out regularly in the course of work, I can say with a fair degree of confidence that any serious dining venue back home (and also, I suspect here in Auckland) would have been seriously troubled by the condition of those mussels, and someone would normally have addressed the matter once it was mentioned. Secondly, while the burger looked great it was let down by the bun - these days people are experiencing brioche, sourdough etc and a soft cold bun just doesn't do justice to what otherwise looked like it could have been a genuinely upmarket beef burger. A little disappointing.

1 star rating
by Rachel Heymans-Wilkinson
May 18, 2014

Me and my wife had brunch here. Service was slow we waited ages for our first order to be taken maybe 20mins then 10mins later got coffees. When we finished our coffees some 20mins later we finally got someone to take our order just before we were set to just walk away. Then our average breakfast came with cold mushrooms and undercooked beans (that we didn't eat) the nicest part was the avocado that I could have done at home with less noise as four or five screaming kids we're let loose by our table outside. Toast came with no butter and had to asked for (twice) then on our departure when I was ready to tell the manager how bad it was......the red headed girl didn't even ask.....??!!! Oh well now we know where not to go in mission bay I think we'll go back to Bar Comida up the rd where the food and service was amazing. My advice don't go here EVER!

4 star rating
by Mina Ross
Mar 12, 2014

We went to Moreton’s Bar and Restaurant in St Helier’s, and started out with an appetizer and a lemonade…which swiftly turned into a full dinner.

Moreton’s is an up-market bar on the waterfront which takes up a lot more space than it looks from the outside. There is the bar, a number of drinking stools and seats, multiple sport viewing screens, and a large dining section at the back.

The all important bathrooms are clean and new, with deeply disturbing vase shaped basins...

The staff are plentiful, accommodating, and extremely attentive.

The menu is extensive, but somewhat bewildering in its set-out (maybe I’m just not good at menu reading). Prices are reasonable for St Helier’s. Expect $20-30 per main.

I had a small fish and chips, and trust me, you don’t need a large. The fish is good, and the chips not bad, though they aren’t “traditional fish & chips” chips, if you know what I mean. A little rocket on the side – it’s a good time.

To see pictures and my other eating experiences of the day (kiwiana high tea!) see my original post at

5 star rating
by Mark Hammersley
Jan 02, 2014

I think the food has got really good recently. I used to not rate eating here but they have really stepped up their game. It's a tie for me between here and the bistro.

1 star rating
by Sara V
Sep 18, 2013

Well I have to say my last visit to Moreton's in Kohimarama was a real disappointment. It used to be a family favourite. Just popped in last weekend and I ordered the fries for starters while deciding what to order over drinks. Really surprised when the waitress put down a plate with three and a half fries on it, really thought it was a joke. Will not be returning.

5 star rating
by Us4rgroovy
Aug 07, 2013

We had my father's surprise 70th birthday at Moretons last Saturday. They have a private area which was really fantastic we could go in there and decorate it ourselves, the staff were great and very accommodating - Whatever we wanted they could do it. We had a lot of my family over from Australia and the were impressed with the service and food especially the seafood platters and tapas. The kids meals were great and they had fun and everyone had a really great time as well. Thanks Moretons - will definitely be spreading the word!!!

5 star rating
by Sally
Mar 31, 2013

We went to Moretons on Saturday for brunch. WOW it was very very yummy. Had the best brunch in a very long time. Delicious Potato Rosti with bacon, egg and hollandaise sauce. Even our 8 year old twins loved it. Huge ups to the chef and staff. We will definitely be back when we return to Auckland.
Please keep up the great food and service. A definite 10+++

3 star rating
by Lucy
Feb 16, 2013

Moreton's is in a fantastic spot with beautiful views out to sea and Rangitoto.
Our visit was lunch on a Saturday and there were three of us.
This is an expensive restaurant which would would have been ok if the quality of the food reflected this.
I ordered the pasta of the day which was delicious however portion size for the price was poor.
Omelettte was average and scallop entree was ok , although overpriced.
All these issues might have been overlooked however if the service had been good.
We sat outside. I had to get our menu's, our waiter did not know what the pasta of the day was, we had to get up to refill our water bottles and glasses. After our meal we were left to wait for any coffee or dessert orders.
I would not recommend.

2 star rating
by Richard
Dec 27, 2012

Moreton's seems to have a bit better staying power than most probably due to the fact that it's more bar than restaurant. Though that does mean that the food suffers. Not to the point where you never want to go there but it's a 3rd or 4th choice of only 5 main road eateries in St Heliers.

3 star rating
by Peter Hoogenboom
Dec 05, 2012

Moreton's has aspirations to be a top class restaurant.
You pay "city" prices which accounts for the many well attired patrons.
Service is good. Staff are mostly friendly and efficient.
Location is fantastic and it is very pleasant to sit and drink a beer outside and look out over the harbour.
The indoor restaurant area, however, is not up to scratch. It's meant to look like a drawing room/library but it just looks a bit cheap and pokey.
But where Moreton's particularly falls down is the food. Menu sounds great but what appears on the table is so often disappointing.
Sort this out and they could well become a great restaurant.

4 star rating
by Olivia Winston
Nov 01, 2012

We love dropping in for some thirst-quenching beer after our Thursday night soccer games. Great place to sit in the cool evening air outside. Haven't eaten here yet, but I've been lustily checking out the nice-looking food on other other diners' plates lately, and think we'll give it go soon.

5 star rating
by Clara
Sep 02, 2012

I love Moretons the bar staff are friendly along with the wait staff and everytime i have visited everything has always been very relaxed and i love that.

We sat in the private dining at the back of the restaurant, it really is fabulous withh the fire and a great view of the whole restaurant.

Drinks were offered as soon as we sat down along with water. Excellent wait staff.

I had the sirloin and my partner had the FOD which was broadbill. I have my steak blue which alot of places over cook or the steak is still cold in the middle but the chefs at moretons cooked it perfectly. Broadbill is a beautiful fish like swordfish, absolutely gorgeous!!

Its great for families, locals and if you just want to get out of the city and take a look at the beautiful beach and a view of Rangitoto Island. It is modern and stylish but with that relaxed dinning feel.

Love it!

3 star rating
by Alison
Aug 25, 2012

Good place for an early family dinner , it does gt busy on weekend nights but perfect with kids early on in the night, good family menu and helpful staff.

4 star rating
by Olivia
Jul 01, 2012

this place is pretty good. although can be very packed at times have to get in to get a nice waterview seat. a tad on the pricy side as i had the duck dish for about $30 and only recieved 4 small slithers of duck. wish i had more because it was soo tasty i have cravings for this dish but dont want to buy it again as its not enough! good food though.

5 star rating
by Leighton
May 17, 2012

The Experience:
My wife and I went to Moreton's last night (Wednesday evening) for her birthday. It was a special night for us and our first time at Moreton's. I was a little hesitant as there is always a nervousness when trying a new place.

We were greeted by a friendly staff member who showed us to our table. While he poured our water for us, he took the chance to explain a special they had Lake Chalice wines. He was very well informed and gave the perfect amount of detail without over selling it to us and not sounding pretentious at all.

We were left for a few minutes to have a look at our menus and drinks before being checked on again. Our table was located at the far end of the establishment, with a nice view of the comings and goings of the other guests. Everything felt very nice and relaxed and the other customers all seemed to be having a great time. It was very easy to settle into what we were sure was going to be a great night.

We ordered the Morton Platter and a bottle of Shiraz (sacrilege I know to the wine purists).

At $95.00 for the platter it sounds a little steep to the uninitiated first timer, but I have to say - spend the money! After ordering, we were informed that one of the components was unavailable, but they would like to replace it with scallops and prawns if we would be happy with them - which of course we were.

This interchange was a perfect example of great customer focused service - there was a problem, it was explained clearly and a more than adequate solution was offered immediately. We were given an opportunity to let them know if this wasn't OK, and the night rolled on. I only comment so much on this, as from a customers perspective, we were given a real sense that the night was about us, there wasn't any tense interchange where the customer was ground down on what could be offered, and left feeling annoyed, in fact we wouldn't mention it at all as it had so little impact on our night, except so as to highlight what a positive impact it was.

'The Morton' itself was delivered on a Victorian Tea style stand with a tongue in cheek grandiose style. I made a quip to my wife that I felt something had come between us, and it with the prefect humor it was quickly dismantled and spread between us over the table. The contents described in the menu were New Zealand mussels, A trio of fish; smoked, battered, pan fried, kokonda, crispy paprika squid, pork rillette, Kransky sausages, meatballs, broccoli cheese bites, chicken nibbles, potato chunks, mixed salad served w dipping sauces. We had the kokonda replaced with prawns and scallops.

The food was fantastic - a nice blend of everything, and large portions of each of the components. To be fair - for 2 of us it was way more than enough.

I was worried initially that there was going to be an excess of breads with little else, in reality there were 4 toasted pieces of ciabatta and it was definitely not 'padding'.

We were asked several times if everything was OK (which it was!) and the waiter matched our level of expectations with his responses. Attentive but not interrupting would be the best form to describe. We were relaxed by now and told them how terrible it all was, the responses were nice levels of banter without ever interrupting too long.

When I asked what one of the dishes was, he explained clearly how it was made. I am hard of hearing and as a result he was quick to crouch down and explain carefully so I could hear what it was. He also pointed out a personal preference for how to enjoy the pork rillette (with a side of mustard), and when I expressed an interest the mustard was provided quickly for me to explore this culinary delight. I must say it was every bit as good as he promised.

Never once did we feel pressured to eat in a hurry, or have more drinks. No one seemed to feel the 'up-sell' commonly found in some restaurants.

All in all the night was brilliant. We were made to feel welcome, and relaxed. The noisiness of the place was one that can only be described as one of people having a great night. It was not one of people having to shout over intrusive music, or a noisy open kitchen.

We finished as much of our platter as we could and the rest was quietly packaged up for us to take away.

After lazily finishing the bottle of wine and chatting away for a while, we were convinced to extend ourselves to trying a dessert or 2 despite not having finished our meal.

These were the prefect end to the night, leaving us feeling more than a little full, and that the money spent was well worth it.

When it came time to settle the bill a little gesture and Dave brought it over, and then returned with a mobile eftpos unit to complete the transaction. This was a fabulous touch as it prevented that often annoying moment when you have to leave the others at the table to go and pay a bill.

As we were paying our waiter Dave took the chance to introduce himself as we had chatted to him throughout the night. As it turns out - he is actually the owner :) Although I had guessed this earlier, it was nice to know that the rules of business do still hold true. A companies culture is always driven from the top down ... in this case a great owner who is willing to go the extra distance and takes that little bit of extra time to do that little extra for total strangers has great staff which do the same.

Tips & Suggestions:
I would recommend Moreton's if you are looking for a nice place to go for some great food. It is not pretentious, and it is nicely relaxed.

Don't expect silver service or even the traditional restaurant layout ... there is not separation between the bar and restaurant areas aside from a change in tables - although it doesn't feel like you are sitting in the bar.

If you are looking for Group bookings - there was a private area behind us which had a group in their with the curtains closed. The sounded like they were having a great time!

Join the Moreton's club on their website - great benefits - and head along on a Wednesday for double points (something we didn't know until after we paid the bill!)

In summary of a rather long review - we loved our night. The food was great, the service way up there. We will certainly be back, and are already planning which of our friends will be the first to join us at the fantastic Moreton's.

5 star rating
by Lisa Murdoch
Mar 26, 2012

We went to Moreton's for lunch on a Sunday with a group of 10! They were extremely busy. We had an awesome time, drinks came quickly, menu was great and all food was excellent, especially the seafood platter, loved the duck and the fish (Kingfish) was enjoyed by all. The service was exceptional all afternoon. We would highly recommend. Thanks to Moreton's and their great staff!

1 star rating
by Bianca Ratima
Feb 14, 2012

Went went to try out Moretons due to the city being packed for the lanterm festival. It was my birthday so we wanyed to out out for dinner and drinks. First noticeable downfall was the service....there wasnt any!w
We had already waited 35mins and still no acknowledgement so i went and got some menus. then decided on what we were having went back in to order and the woman saying take a seat il send someone to take your order 15 mins later someone personality just an order taker. Drinks ordered 15mins later finally came. ordered a round of tequilla shots given to us with no lemon or salt....the respone oh i fotgot...its tequilla shots! U dont need to be notch barman to remember this. Upon my complaints written after we came home was basically told this was standard service...

1 star rating
by Ddd
Dec 20, 2011

Expensive and unfriendly. €27 for a glass of wine and a cider. unfortunately they appear to have the monopoly in st. helliers. somebody should open a decent bar there to challenge this dreadful establishment.

1 star rating
by Luca
Nov 02, 2011

First and foremost....if you want to work in hospitality you have to be a professional otherwise you better to change profession.
As i am reading the reviews about this place i discover that i am not alone in my thoughts.
The place is well located in one of the most beautiful spots in St.helliers where the sun shines and bless the crystal ocean outside, the great smell of the ocean makes you feel on holiday....
Inside it's a modern pub polished up with modern looking furniture (i think i saw them at one of the trade auctions some time ago), the back room displays what should have looked like a sort of library or wine meditation room with few tables, empty bottles on the shelves are dusty and tacky without that "important look" as they are all wines you can buy from a middle shelf at any supermarket, the cabinets glass are dirty and stained of water ( i hope ) marks.
Menu' is boring just like any other pub and took us some time to decide what we wanted.Once ordered our drinks and meal the Ciabatta bread came before the drinks which is not a good look however the bread was clearly heated up in a microwave as it was soggy and soft...don't you know that ciabatta bread is crunchy on the outside and not soft like white bread? do you have an oven you can put it in for 1 minute to crisp it up? )dips tasted only of cheeck peas and surely they were not made on site.
Fish and Chips was heavily buttered and still dripping oil ,so we had only the fish ( which no one told us what it was ) and left the old buttered crust on the plait.Pork belly.....looked great when it arrived, as soon as i started to sample it i noted it was quiet pink but first piece was ok as i do like it pink, however the second cut revealed blood running through as it was not cooked.The old mash lentils and cabbage with apple chutney was disgusting, not seasoned at all, the only feel in my mouth was only sweetness from the chutney ,just a "wanna be dish" cooked by someone which does not have idea on how to cook it and put it together.
Sent it back , the manager came without objections as it was clear that the dish was not matching any ones expectations and offer something different or another PORK BELLY!!!Didn't get charge for the Pork and it was the only positive of the day aside the beachfront which is always great.I suggest to the owners to sell it if they don't know how to run a restaurant or hire professionals,best if they have overseas experience....Please take this harsh observations like suggestions and remember that customers are your first consultants.

1 star rating
by Craigf
Oct 23, 2011

Food is total crap, I will translate the menu for you
Tea smoked salmon topped with poached free range eggs (2), hollandaise and cress =

Translates to Canned Salmon and masses of bland mashed potato on top of mangy , yellowing mesculan salad leaves not cress UGH totally disgusting for a breakfast. Not keen on lettuce with breakfast!

On the positive service from the waiter was good and location nice. Very noisy though

1 star rating
by Anna
Jun 18, 2011

Where there on a Monday night not busy very poor service they seem to forget the tables outside. We had a chicken dish and Fillet Steak it was very average for what you are actually paying. The only good thing about this restaurant is the location! Not recommended!

1 star rating
by Andrew Parsons
Jan 18, 2011

St Helier's is blessed with amazing scenery .. but useless restaurants.

Moreton's uphold's this tradition.. Have been there several times. Once for coffee in the [quiet] middle of the day and it took 10 mins to be served and another 10 for the coffee which isn't great.

Second time, I went with a group of friends for a pre-booked dinner. Took them 30mins to seat us at the empty tables and another 45 to take the order. The food is standard, without imagination either the on menu or on the plate - actually is worse on the plate.

And their tiramisu is awful - just cream and biscuits without even a hint of either alcohol or coffee.

1 star rating
by Denise
Mar 23, 2010

Being local, thought we would try Moretons for dinner. Great, the place was nearly empty on the monday night. We sat down and waited 10 minutes. Had to ask to see a menu. Then waited another 15 minutes before I asked for our order to be taken. Meanwhile we got drinks from the bar as it was quicker. Food was nice. But 2 hours for an entree and a main course????? Only 4 other tables ordered food and a couple of leaners with only drinkers, so they weren't busy. They obviously don't want to encourage diners. Not acceptable.

5 star rating
by Patrick&Ron
Sep 15, 2009

We have absolutely nothing bad to say about this place. It is a bar/restaurant but the restaurant is at the rear so noise not really a problem. Excellent service from the get-go, we asked if the seafood platter was enough for two and were told it was - and she was not wrong! Smoked salmon, BBQ prawns & scallops, battered fish, mussels in tomato and basil, prawn cocktail, salt and pepper squid - all perfectly cooked for $45. Also came with fresh baked mini-loaves, chilli sauce and aioli. The restaurant is in a great setting on Tamaki Drive at St Heliers opposite the water. This venue is highly recommended!

2 star rating
by Tom
Aug 28, 2009

Became our local watering hole and occasional meal as when it started great service and super people. Has now become very expensive for drinks,the wine is truly exorbitant and sadly need to find another local.

5 star rating
by Mike
Jul 22, 2009

great place, real good atmosphere. had lunch on Sunday it was real busy and we got told it would be a 45 minute wait which was OK as we were not in a hurry which you shouldn't be if you have gone out to enjoy a meal. the staff were very helpful in coming to us while we were waiting for our food asking if everything was all rite which it was and when our food arrived it made the experience even better we ordered a seafood platter everything on it was cooked to perfection we didn't want the oysters on it and the chef replaced them with prawn twisters which when i go back will be what i get off there bar menu all in all it was a place i would go back to in a heart beat cant wait to eat there again.

1 star rating
by Heather
Jul 17, 2009

I felt very intimidated at your bar with the bikies there i find them very scary to look at the way they dress there brooding natures the noisy motorbikes and the tattoos all add up to a uneasy feeling and as we know these people are totally unpredictable sooner or later they will erupt giving your establishment a name it will never live down good luck

1 star rating
by Karen
Jun 07, 2009

Great coffee but poor service has to ask 3 times for some water, waited 10 mins to get a menu so decided not to bother ordering food as we wished to eat quite soon. Menu overpriced, also even though we asked staff to close the door as was cold blowing in other staff kept pinning it bck as it made it easier for them to serve people seated outside, and would be very easy to trip down the unmarked step heading to the toilet.

4 star rating
by Shell
Jun 02, 2009

We had lunch on the weekend, And all i can say is, love the food and love the service. best place in the bays. I am going to go back and try the dinner menu asap. keep up the good work.
thanks for a grate meal