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Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar

4 star rating 52 reviews

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12 Wellesley Street West, Auckland CBD, Auckland

  Desserts, Coffee and Tea
8 AM to 6 PM (Mon-Tue), 8 AM to 10 PM (Wed-Thu), 8 AM to 10:30 PM (Fri), 10:30 AM to 10:30 PM (Sat), 10:30 AM to 6 PM (Sun)


Reviews for Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar

4 star rating
by Tanzeel
10 days ago

Cute, small cookie shop! The cookies are soft and chewy but the only thing I would ask for them to change is the amount of sugar!!! It is very, very sweet. Otherwise they are a good treat!

5 star rating
by Claudia Serra
12 days ago

Best cookies out :) can't beat the ice cream sandwich with two dark forest cookies! Nutella milkshake is also a forever win item - tried to make it at home myself but it just wasn't the same!

5 star rating
by Brenna
one month ago

Absolutely adorable!! The staff are so lovely and chatty! The cookies are amazing and always interesting. The hot chocolates are very very good! I go back there every time I'm in Auckland.

5 star rating
by *My-Food-Adventures*
one month ago

I tried their Nutella milkshake and it was the best milkshake I've ever had. Full of flavor!

Also tried the choc chip cookie it was fresh out of the oven and just melted in my mouth very delicious.

Great environment along with friendly staff.

Will definitely go back again!!

4 star rating
by Tiwul
2 months ago

what a cute and adorable little place! the milkshake is truly yummy. and the cookies too (many option) ! would recommend this place to my friends :)

5 star rating
by Shirley Yu
4 months ago

Totally fall in love with the environment and cookies here! Every time I went to city, I would like to grab three different favors of cookies.
To be honest, it's the best cookies I have ever had, especially when it's hot. Can't stop loving the one with chocolate. It is amazing!
Wanna try the milkshakes next time!

4 star rating
by Ben Mitchell
5 months ago

Moustache is a novelty of a cafe (or as they call themselves a 'bar') where the highlights of the menu are cookies and dairy.The cafe is incredibly small and you'll rarely find space to sit, which means you'll frequently be taking away your order. It's a shame that there isn't more space inside to sit down and enjoy the homely premises. The palm sized cookies come in both unique and more classic flavours such as peanut butter, marshmallow and black forest. The cookies are undeniably tasty, but will each set you back $3.5. Cinnamon was my favourite, I'm a sucker for spices. They're perhaps the best cookies in the city centre, but they are not exceptional and the price point doesn't justify frequent consumption.

The rest of menu is of mixed quality. You have your coffees, milkshakes and a few other types of beverage. Thumbs up for the refreshing iced coffee. Massive thumbs down for Moustache's version of a mocha. My mocha was warm, not hot, and the chocolate aspect came in the form of a thick chocolate finger. The problem was pretty simple; the finger wouldn't melt fully into the coffee and so I was left with warm coffee + chocolate finger. Utterly bizarre and a total fail of a mocha. However there is some good news on the beverage side.

It’s the milkshakes where Moustache leaves its mark. Like the cookies there are a mix of traditional and more interesting flavours; chocolate, aero peppermint and cookies & cream among others. Each of the milkshakes I've tried has been lusciously creamy, with rich flavours and the perfect level of saccharine. So far Moustache is my favourite place to pick up a good milkshake in Auckland!

Moustache serves unique, but overpriced, cookies and great milkshakes. It’s worth trying the cookies for yourself at least once, and visiting on a warm summers day for one of their sinful milkshakes.

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5 star rating
by BMG
5 months ago

This place is a delight. Truly a Milk and Cookie "bar", set out in a long thin room with a few bar stools if you'd fancy hanging around to watch cookies come out of the oven. I have yet to try a cookie that doesn't fill all expectations. Definitely recommended as a walk-by dessert joint.

5 star rating
by Aucklandholic
5 months ago

In Auckland you generally have two places to go when you want a cookie fix: Mrs Higgins franchise shop on Queen St or the famous Moustache.

The cookies and milk bar is an intimate little shop on Wellesley Street next to the Civic and due to its size, its not unusual to see people lining up outside regardless of the weather. The sweet aroma that escapes the store doors also draws in by-passers and is fast becoming a tourist favourite, well, for those that knows about it at least.
I went to their store yesterday to grab a couple of cookies with my friends just in case the shop ceases to exist in the future (there were news that they may be closing) and I have some good news to those worried about this. After chatting with their friendly staff it seems like they have reached a compromise and their situation is now looking a lot brighter.
So, for now, they won’t be going anywhere (yay!)

4 star rating
by Katharina Wulandari
5 months ago

Very recommended to try! Although it is only a small shop in Wellesley Rd, the taste of the cookies here is way more engaging! Unfortunately when I came here during mid day, they run out of peanut butter cookies which is quite famous. I did try oreo and marshmallow, sneakers, and cinnamon cookies and I am not disappointed! I love the cinnamon cookies, reminds me of a cinnamon donuts. I love the chocolate-rich flavour of the oreo and marshmallow cookies, so satisfying! Sneakers cookies are also nice with the caramel, chocolate and peanut flavour combined together. Look forward to come here again!

4 star rating
by Jemimah
6 months ago

A cute little place to visit with wonderful staff. When they first opened I was hesitant on trying out the place when their cookies were priced at $4. But since they've dropped their prices to $3.50, I find that their cookies are definitely worth it. I loved it when they used to create cookies of the week, giving their patrons something new to try. It's always a treat coming here and getting a freshly baked cookie. A lively place to visit especially when you're trying to impress a certain someone.

5 star rating
by J.T547
6 months ago

Yuuuuuuuuuuuuum! The cookies here are just delicious, warm, moist and gooey on the inside and crunchy on the outside. I have tried the Oreo, chocolate chunk (yes chunk, not chip), snickers, Black Forest and white chocolate macadamia, all amazing. I think the standout for me was the Oreo and marshmallow cookie. I highly recommend if you are looking for a sweet treat in CBD.

5 star rating
by Jess Dunne
7 months ago

I don't often spend a weekend in Auckland but when I do I HAVE to visit Moustache everyday. All of their cookies are delicious, particularly chocolate chunk, snickers and the unbeatable oreo marshmallow. It's developing into a bit of an obsession. 

The price is reasonable, the staff are really friendly and the store is super cute. Always a positive experience. I would highly recommend the three cookies for $10 deal. 

Suggestions: a larger premises (maybe with a sit down menu with a few more cookie and ice cream options?) and a branch in Wellington (pleeease!!). That being said, I respect the fact that Moustache put quality over quantity first. it ensures I never walk away disappointed.
TLDR: Oreo marshmallow is love, oreo marshmallow is life.

5 star rating
by Booch Macdonald
7 months ago

`delicious cookies and drinks. can't fault them on that. coffee is beautiful. slighly longer than usual wait times for things when it's busy but that excusable because the service is top notch and very friendly.

5 star rating
by GeorgieB
8 months ago

I am a huge fan of milk and cookies, so I was really excited to hear that a milk and cookie bar was opening up right in the centre of town!

My absolute favourite cookie at Moustache is the Oreo Marshmallow - it tastes great and looks so appealing in the jar! I also like the Snickers Bar, Choc Chunk and Peanut Butter. I like eating these will a glass of normal milk or chocolate milk. So delicious!

I haven't tried their milkshakes yet, but friends tell me that the Peanut Butter one and the Vanilla one are to die for!

I would say the only downside is the size of the shop - there are only a few seats, so I don't recommend coming in with a big group. However, if you are going to see a movie around the corner, then I recommend coming to Moustache, buying a range of cookies and eating them while watching the movie! They are a delicious alternative to popcorn and ice creams that you would normally order at the cinema!

So, if you're in need of a sweet (or chocolatey) fix, I recommend going to Moustache as it always hits the spot!

0 star rating
by Country Bumpkin
9 months ago

Standing room only. Tasty cookies. Hot chocolate was a "little odd" - cup of warm milk with a stick of chocolate in it. This was not was I was expecting. Great idea - but whole experience would be improved if there was actually somewhere to sit!

5 star rating
by Christel Hansen
9 months ago

First recommended to me by a friend when I was still working at the pharmacy who said I absolutely had to go there. Since then I've been more than a few times - and haven't regretted it once! The hot chocolates are delicious, and the cookies are amazing! Have told so many people about it since, and haven't met one person who wasn't impressed. Talking about it is making me crave another one!

3 star rating
by Alisha KP
9 months ago

Moustache is a great little spot to keep in mind if you are ever needing a snack while in town. It's quick and easy, and the fresh warm cookies are the best of the best. A fun experience.

4 star rating
by Amanda @ Move Love Eat
9 months ago

It all started with a tweet after someone had seen my recipe for clean snickers cups in the blog, they tweeted saying that Moustache did a snickers cookie. Oh crap I try to stay away from cookies because I can get a bit cookie monsterish as I love them so much but know they aren't the best for me. I was in town with a friend and was on my way home when I remembered that moustache was near the civic center and decided to go in on the off chance they had the snickers cookie. They didn't but I did get hooked in and try the chocolate chunk which was Blummin amazing, just enough crunch on the outside with softness on the inside and amazing chocolate chunks all throughout. Divine!


I went back and tried the snickers cookie, which was so soft in the middle it was amazing. Although I did prefer the chocolate chunk one to be honest. I also got a dark hot chocolate which was nice too.

5 star rating
by The Incredible Edible
9 months ago

Moustache milk and cookie bar is one of favourite places to go

Staff are friendly, cookies are delicious, milkshakes are the best, tea selection is yum and the coffee is good

We visit Moustache at least once a week. For about a year they had cookie of the week and I didn't want to miss out on any of them. The creativity of the flavours was amazing, to mention the squiggle, the mellow puff, the lamington, lemon meringue, feijoa... And many more..

From the classic selection we regularly have chocolate chunk, black forest, white chocolate and macadamia, cinnamon or Oreo marshmallow.

The milkshakes are awesome, not just a milkshake but a thick shake made with icecream mmm

They serve Harney & sons tea, our favourite flavours are Paris and hot cinnamon spice

Love this place and you will see us there

5 star rating
by Amy @ My Dining Journey
9 months ago

Despite the chilly weather, I have been having ice cream sandwich cravings whenever I finish dinner. By far, the best place to purchase these delicious moreish morsels is Moustache Milk and Cookie Bar.

Cookies are their main selling point, and you get swallowed by the lovely aroma of freshly baked cookies as soon as you walk near their entrance. Flavours like Nutella, Snickers, chunky chocolate, black forest and peanut butter, these big round gems are displayed in huge glass jars on the counter as well as the cooling rack for the ones fresh from the oven. You can choose two different flavours of cookies for their ice cream sandwiches which they warm up before assembling. In terms of ice cream, they only have vanilla but it is a great way to let the flavours of the cookie shine. I like how they cut the sandwich in half, making it perfect for sharing the calories with a friend.

They make a great cup of coffee and the service is always friendly. The only downside is that the store is small and it is more tailored for takeaway with limited seating options inside. Nevertheless, great place to stop for a cookie and an ice cream sandwich or two!

For more reviews, please check out my blog - http://www.mydiningjourney.wordpress.com

4 star rating
by Samantha Minny
9 months ago

I really enjoyed going into Moustache with a friend of mine today. The place smelt amazing and the cookies were displayed in these fantastic glass jars in true Ina Garten fashion.
I had a snickers cookie and my friend had an Oreo and marshmallow cookie. I have to say that I preferred mine as it wasn't as sweet and the peanut flavour was really subtle and not overwhelming at all. The cookie was crisp on the outside and still gooey and chewy in the middle.
I would definitely go back and spend a little longer making my decision and even go with some dipping milk next time!
Warning: these are not super cheap so don't think they'll be a daily indulgence but they're good for a treat and rumour has it that Moustache do cookie cakes too!

5 star rating
by NommyShotTreats
10 months ago

If you're a regular in the Auckland CBD, then you would of heard of Moustache. This small joint caters to delicious cookies that are baked freshly daily and tasty beverages. Though it is rather small, with seating being limited, the interior decor is adorable.

There is a selection of freshly baked cookies displayed in big glass jar that was soft and chewy. The come up with interesting creations now and them - so look out for that. Cheap and affordable for people needing a sugar fix or a sweet tooth that just love cookies, be warn, they are rather sweet but of so delicious.

Staff are helpful and friendly. Quick service. Awesome place :)

3 star rating
by Esther Zhuang
10 months ago

Really cute and quirky cookie place with a huge personality! Lots of little quirks and great novelty. It's very cute and they always do little campaigns that benefit the community. Follow them on fb, they're very cute!

The cookies are soft and warm and everything is really yummy but i think it's quite expensive? $4 for one cookie? It's a pretty gourmet cookie but that is one thing that I don't like. Also no sitting places since the store is quite small :(

But must get at least once to say you've experienced the urban legend that is moustache milk and cookie bar :)

5 star rating
by Mira Bi
11 months ago

Who knew that a little cookie shop could become so popular?! But seriously, there is good reason that Moustache is always packed with people: they make amazing cookies that will rival any you'd find in a bakery... or even from your grandmother's oven.

Crisp on the edges, soft and buttery in the middle, and laden with large chunks of Whittaker's chocolate, yeah, I think I've found my chocolate chip cookie nirvana. If you're as big a cookie monster as me, then you absolutely have to try Moustache out. And it's not called a "Milk and Cookie Bar" for no reason - don't forget your good ol' Dunking Milk (take your pick from plain, chocolate and strawberry) to wash it all down! Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and milkshakes make up the rest of their simple menu.

Decked out with vintage milk bottles and milk crates, and featuring a chalkboard wall with an entirely hand-written menu, the interior of Moustache very much has an old-school, nostalgic ambience - unpretentious and cosy.

Ahh, I'd love to stay and add more to this review, but I really moustache!

4 star rating
by Fleur Peps
11 months ago

I heart this place. Slightly frustrated that their hours seem to keep changing though - have tried to bring friends here 3 times in the last 6 months and they have been closed. When they are open though the baking is awesome and the hot chocolates are the best I have ever tasted. If they were open for breakfast/morning coffee I would come here every day! <3

5 star rating
by Rebecca MacDonald
Feb 04, 2014

Moustache Milk and Cookie bar is a gem in mid town, that if you haven’t yet discovered it is definitely worth checking out.

They make the most amazing cookies, of various flavours, some of my favourites are chocolate chunk, nutella, snickers and white chocolate macademia. The cookies are made with only the best ingredients, including cage free eggs, NZ butter, Dutch cocoa and Whittakers chocolate.

They make them throughout the day so often you get one which is still warm from the oven, which means the flavouring is soft and gooey, so good. To accompany your cookies they also sell milk, milkshakes and coffee.

Head to 12 Wellesley St West just up from the Civic, they are open 7 days from 10.30am to 10pm Wed-Sat and through to 6pm Sun-Tues.

Bex xx

4 star rating
by Two Honest Truths
Dec 20, 2013

You'd be hard-pressed to find someone that hasn't heard of Moustache by now. It is, and probably will remain for a long time the talk of town - thanks to their outrageously creative Cookies of the Week (like the Burger, Carrot Cake, Mallowpuffception, Pineapple Lumpception). The shop was started by a 21 year old who is ambitious and extremely passionate - she's honestly a true inspiration to all. Their cookies are baked fresh on-site everyday. It's amazing how the tiny little kitchen can churn out so many cookies - Aucklanders have quickly evolved into Cookie Monsters. They're soft, chewy, larger than your typical cookie, and very sweet. Being allergic to chocolate I can't find as much joy as others in this cookie shop. It's brilliant for buying and gifting away to friends but I myself am left with mainly the cinnamon cookie. This cookie is best warm and offers a little crunch with the sugar sprinkled on top. It's too sweet in my opinion but if you've got a sweet tooth this shop is great for you.

Note: they've now launched the highly anticipated online cookie store so you can shop the cookies (save the wait in line) and have them delivered to your door!

4 star rating
by A J
Jul 23, 2013

After all the hype I finally got to try one of those amazing giant mallow puff's that I've seen all over facebook. It did not disappoint. Absolutely yum.

I was a bit gutted that they have decided to serve them only as halves now due to demand as it's now $6.00 to buy a whole one. For what it's worth though, that's probably a blessing because too many of those bad boys will break my belt in no time!

4 star rating
by T Pritchard
Jul 13, 2013

I love me a good cookie and was eager to try this place. It did not disappoint. I had the chocolate chunk, and the nutella one was so good! The hot chocolate here is also delicious. Look forward to coming here more.

5 star rating
by Alice Chan
Jul 04, 2013

Moustache Milk and Cookie Bar is my boyfriend and I's go-to-place for an after uni treat!

While all the flavours are super yummy, my favourite is the understated cinnamon (tastes like Easter) with the black forest coming in a close second. The service here is great and Deanna is always smiley and friendly.

With so many businesses competing on price and forsaking quality, I think Moustache's cookies are very reasonably priced for the high end product that it is. I'll definitely be back :)

4 star rating
by Chloe Frances
May 02, 2013

Having caught wind of this place via Facebook, we made a special trip up from Waiuku just to check this place out - and it didn't disappoint!

I don't usually write reviews on places, but I like that the owner takes the time to read them, so here is some constructive feedback:

In short; the cookies were great. We tried 3 different flavours. They were not "dry, bland, flavourless or overpriced" as some reviews on here state. The texture was beautiful and they tasted wholesome and home-baked. The pricing seems appropriate so long as you are making profit. When you consider cafe prices, $3.50 for a cookie would be about standard. Keep it up!

The appeal of the hot chocolate was better than the actual hot chocolate itself. I like the idea of the chocolate-milk method, but milk and chocolate separate when combined like this.

(side note to owners): Schoc in Wellington used to do a good one where they used powdered chocolate and then put a square of their flavoured chocolate in the bottom of the cup. It came with a steel spoon/straw so that you could drink the melted chocolate. I much prefered this style personally and think it would improve the drink a lot.

The venue looks awesome; though yes, it is too small (and I felt "cramped" as opposed to "cosy"). It was quite busy when we were there. However, being that it is in the center of the city and the business has been started from scratch, people going there and enjoying the cookies is the only thing that will help it grow.

So don't let the reviews on here hold you back - head on down and enjoy a delicious cookie and a glass of milk!

5 star rating
by Emma
Apr 20, 2013

I love the cookies and the atmosphere of this place !
The chocolate chip cookies with plain milk to dunk them in was the best, the cookies were perfectly warm and made to perfection !
We Will defently be comming back here again soon, as it is much better and high quality than any other cookie place around. And I actually thought the price was quite reasonable .
Perfect way to spend a rainy day!

5 star rating
by Sarah Hunter
Mar 27, 2013

Moustache is the best place in town! I have nearly had one of everything they offer... freshly baked cookies, coffee, ice cream sandwich, huge milkshakes, and tea. (I am drooling now!!!) awesome service too, all the staff are so lovely! Flavour of the week is always good... hot cross bun tastes like the real thing! all the cookies I have had were delicious, moist and chewy... even hours after baked. MMMM.. The milkshakes are full of flavour! Cookies and cream is my favourite!

3 star rating
by Lizzie
Mar 26, 2013

I think this place is a little overrated. Sure, the cookies look incredibly yummy, but in reality they are quite mediocre: bland and on the dry side, especially for the price. For $3.50 I can bake a dozen amazing cookies at home.
However there was one particular cookie that stood out more - the Red Velvet one, which I suppose was the Valentine's Day special. It was quite nice.

4 star rating
by Meghan Wang
Mar 05, 2013

I've been here on quite a few occasions and had the cookies. I know people say they are a bit expensive ($3.50), but these cookies are the best I've ever had, and i think they are worth the $3.50 (unless you want to have multiple cookies in a day, everyday).

They are always VERY fresh, and the oreo marshmallow one is my favourite. Considering that if you go to a cafe, you could be paying up to $4 for a cookie that has been in a jar for months, I don't see a problem with the price.

The milkshakes are a bit bland though, and I do think they are a bit too expensive. The flavours on the menu sound really great and tempting, but the taste just isn't really there.

But all in all I think if you are in the area and just want a little treat this is the best place to go, much much better than mrs higgins :D

3 star rating
by Lena Kodaira
Feb 16, 2013

Decided to pay a visit after hearing all the hype and having my interest piqued from the boom in boutique bakeries with cupcakes and the like. Obviously the decor is adorable and makes you feel like you're in New York and not dinghy Wellesley Street, it's worth a visit just to check out the fun use of milk bottles as interiors.

I guess I didn't visit earlier because I'm not really a sweet tooth to begin with but it's in a convenient location so I wandered in and bought a chocolate and marshmallow cookie. Surprisingly it wasn't sweet at all, and I don't eat sweet things very often so it's not like I'm desensitized to sugar or anything.. however I'm not entirely sure whether that's a fault or a plus? I think they cut down the sugar in the cookie batter because the marshmallows were in there but the cookie part was almost entirely flavorless, only a vague hint of cocoa. I think it was a good idea to balance out the sugar but a cookie can be chocolatey without being sweet. The experience was sort of like I was eating a crunchy marshmallow.

I really like that the owner reads the reviews on here and interacts with her customers, there is something very sincere and admirable about that. The concept of this place is super cute and it seems most people love it. I still haven't tried their beverages so I'll come back soon for those and another cookie.

5 star rating
by Raina Singh
Feb 02, 2013

I absolutely love everything about Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar. I am obsessed with the snickers cookies, the cinnamon cookies... you know what, I could go on.

I adore the salted caramel milkshake, and I love that their mochas are made with REAL chocolate - and it's your choice or white, milk, or dark chocolate. YUM. No syrups or powders here, only the real deal! I have heard amazing things about the nutella and cookies & cream milkshakes, though I am itching to taste the peppermint aero milkshake - OMG.

For people who comment that Mrs Higgins & Subways Cookies are cheaper... obviously they're not using Whittakers chocolate in their cookies, Green Valley milk, quality butter, flour, etc. And! They sell by far the best gluten free cookies I have ever tasted.

The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and care about the product and their customers. The owner is super passionate and simply a wonderful person, I love her drive and determination to put out the best tasting, freshest cookies around.

Cannot recommend them highly enough.

4 star rating
by Bonnie Mager
Feb 01, 2013

I had a milkshake and was excited by the different combinations you could choose from! It was a really nice milkshake, I had the nutella one, although it just didn't have enough of a flavour kick for the price.

3 star rating
by NomNomPanda
Dec 18, 2012

Great concept, great decor, great location. However, agree with the previous reviewers that the food just wasn't exceptional enough to justify the price. I tried the salted caramel milkshake and peanut butter milkshake ($7.50 each) - both were milky and sugary and didn't have the flavour explosions that you can find, say, in Wellington's Fidel or Sweet Mother's Kitchen. Equally, the cookies looked amazing and I was tempted by the oreo and marshmallow cookie and the Snickers cookie ($3.50 each, down from $4 each when this shop opened). They were nice and chewy, but to be honest, I prefer Mrs. Higgin's cookies down the road for less money. Also, as others have mentioned, there isn't really space for sitting in this "bar", unless the outside little table is free...

5 star rating
by Nat Sargon
Dec 04, 2012

I got a choc chunk and peanut butter cookie ice cream sandwich, YUM. The chocolate was all fresh and gooey and the peanut butter filling inside was so good with the ice cream. Very delicious & the staff are super friendly. Amazing hot chocolates!! They put an entire slab of Whittaker's Chocolate inside...drool.

4 star rating
by Gary Macalincag
Nov 30, 2012

Awesome service, cool decor. Try the choc chunk fresh out of the oven...amazing.

5 star rating
by Cath Marriott
Oct 12, 2012

I tried the cookies and cream milk shake and holy moly it was the best milkshake i've ever had, hands down!

Also tried the choc chip cookie as recommended by one of the friendly staff and that was amazing!

Bit on the pricey side but would definitely go back as the quality of ingredients is obviously high!

Bit disappointed there was no where my partner and I could sit - maybe in the future

2 star rating
by Leah
Oct 04, 2012

Was keen to support young people doing some good stuff, so was really excited to visit. I turned up, the decor was awesome, the place is really well put together, except for the "bar" bit? Where was it? Nowhere. Atmosphere was a little lacking. The music was very very quiet over the fact that we were all squished in there like canned bananas. I expected some kind of cookie aroma to lead me there, but no aroma, no coffee scents either.

I bought 2 cookies, one cinnamon and one choc marshmallow and a Nutella milkshake. Price, not too bad for a boutiquey place, as long as they were mind explodingly good. Unfortunately the cookies weren't very good - looked awesome, taste not so awesome. I mean, great imaginative flavours, but they were a little average for the price. Sorry to say, Subway does better cookies. The novelty of Mrs Higgins down the road is that they're hot and smell awesome, not just some baking in a jar as well as being scrumptious. Milkshake, a little on the average side which was a let down.

I feel like you guys have relied a little too much on the kitschy aesthetics to sell the product rather than the actual atmosphere and quality of the goods. Otherwise, friendly people behind the counter.

2 star rating
by Nikki Stillwell
Oct 03, 2012

Was pretty excited to go there when i found out about it.

However the cookies were very over priced and were not kept in a warmer or anything. The 4 cookies I got tasted average and weren’t warm or soft really. Much prefer Higgins or subway.

The milk shake was good, however again very expensive.

The dunking milk was just poured out of a milk container, no authentic milk jar or anything which was disappointing.

The worst part I think is the location. It’s silly to call something a 'bar' when it has practically 2 seats to sit in, so you pretty much have to take away... which isn’t good for wanting to dunk biscuits..

Overall, definitely not up to expectation. Will not be going there again. :(

5 star rating
by Jam Trickett
Sep 29, 2012

I went to Moustache Cookie Bar on Thursday and I absolutely fell in love with the place! Its decor is adorable and you can tell that the management is working really hard. The staff were friendly and the service was excellent.

I had 2 cookies (cinnamon + Oreo & Marshmallow) and a hot chocolate and all were delicious! The cookies are huge so I think $4 is pretty decent! This will definitely become a regular stop for me whenever I'm in town. Would 100% recommend popping in!

3 star rating
by Nicky
Sep 28, 2012

Was excited about trying this place, but the price is way too much. I'm pretty sure I got 2 Mrs Higgins cookies for $3.60 the other day. I wouldn't pay $4 for a cookie, and it wasn't that big, just flat so looks big.

Good ratio of chocolate chunks to dough though.

Perhaps the prices will come down when the business is more established.

3 star rating
by Barb C
Sep 27, 2012

After seeing an article in Metro about Moustache I thought I would try them out. I usually buy Mrs Higgins which I cannot fault. At Moustache there were only 6 varieties and the two I bought were White Macadamia and M&M. I have to say that I did not think they looked as good and felt that the texture was also not as good as Mrs Higgins and at $4 each found them a bit pricey. So sorry Moustache I will be going back to Mrs Higgins as they are always consistently good and love the variety.

2 star rating
by Kit Kat
Sep 25, 2012

Was excited about the cookies - until I saw the price $4...
Like another customer mentioned, subway cookies you can get for way less. Even Ma Higgin cookies are cheaper.

Not enough flavour in the Nutella one

Friend purchased strawberry milk for $1.5 - which tasted like Primo... Definitely need to review the price even if trying to break even and even if it's starting out. Because the scary thing for customers is that the price would only go up from now on... and it would be madness paying anything more than $4 for a cookie.

3 star rating
by Johann O&#039;Flaherty
Sep 18, 2012

Decided to try this place out amid much fanfare and hype, and I must say my personal experience was an ambivalent one. Their flagship items, the cookies themselves, are excellent. Generous sizes and a decent range (although this will hopefully be expanded upon in future). Soft, chewy, the perfect texture and taste, they simply cannot be faulted. Their drinks on the other hand are appalling and severely limit my overall rating for this place. The milkshakes are tasteless and overpriced, and the less said about the hot chocolate, the better. One of the worst I've ever had actually, and I've drank a lot of hot choco in my time. Prices in general are a bit on the steep side (I know the cookies are large but $4 is quite a bit, compared to competitors' offerings).

All in all, a great store and concept that is likely to become a hit and grow into the future. The drinks problem needs to be sorted out, but I am sure they can handle that.

1 star rating
by Melissa
Sep 18, 2012

Was very excited to try this milk and cookie bar, drove a long way especially for it. The range of cookies was very poor, there were only 3 or 4 choices, and all the popular yummy flavours were sold out at only 2pm?? The service was poor in that the lovely lady couldn't remember who ordered what, and misplaced some milkshakes, and gave them to the wrong people. Our milkshakes were relatively tasteless. Although they were a perfect texture, and really cold :). Our friend gets coffee everyday, and he said the coffee was disgusting, one of the worst hes ever had. My boyfriend didn't even bother buying a milkshake because they were ridiculously expensive at $7.50 for a smallish cup. Cookies were $4 each, which is expensive however they were quite big and tasty, in saying that Subway cookies are almost the same size, are only $2.60 and also tasty. The place was cramped, probably why the lady was so confused as to who ordered what, as people had to stand outside to wait for their order. There were only 4 bench stools to sit in, so even if we did want to sit down and enjoy dunking cookies in milk. we couldn't!

5 star rating
by Amy Tanabe
Sep 15, 2012

I think I'm in love with this place. The decor and store itself has a great feel to it and the staff are super friendly. The coffees and milkshakes were pretty tops too. Now... The cookies... Better than anything I've had from Miss Higgens or Cookie Time. They look and taste amazing with a real homemade feel. Great location being just next to my bus stop ;) This is definitely my new regular coffee and treat shop.