Mumbai Chaat

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1A Kitchner Road

  South Indian, Indian, Desserts
12 Noon to 9 PM (Mon), 11:30 AM to 9 PM (Tue-Thu), 11:30 AM to 10 PM (Fri-Sun)


Reviews for Mumbai Chaat

4 star rating
by Jayden Campbell
20 days ago

This restaurant was definitely better than my expectations. The aesthetics and cleanliness of the restaurant were below average, however their food made up for it. My alloo paratha was delicious and my partners vada pau was also packed with flavour. Well worth the price and I'll be back for lunch soon.

4 star rating
by Rohit Victor
29 days ago

Delicious Bhel & Dahi Puri and irresistible Royal & Kesar Faloodas! A little small and crowded but food is definitely worth it! Great place to take your family out for a quick bite!

2 star rating
by Bhaumikkumar TRIVEDI
one month ago

We have booked order in advance 1day before and when we reached to pick up our take away the owner of the shop replied he sold to other customers. That was very rude and bad experience.

4 star rating
by Amit KALE
one month ago

This place takes me back home. Authentic veg food the way u get it in india. l had dal batti platter yesterday.... all the components were tasty and ample of it for the price. Dal tasty n nice kick to it.... came along w ghee n other accompaniments.

4 star rating
by Rachana Rakheja
one month ago

The food at Mumbai Chaat takes me back to India. The ambience could be improved. But definitely a must go for all authentic Indian food lovers.

1 star rating
by Shama Raghav
one month ago

worst customer service experience first time in Auckland. Worker are very rude and never attend properly. Even then food service is so late if you ask reason then reception guy said if you dont have patience no need to come in our shop. Even then I asked them very politely. It was very bad experience we got first time in such a beautiful Auckland city. I never recommend anyone to go there.

1 star rating
by Rahul B Daid
one month ago

Worst Customer Service. Very rude workers standing free , i was waiting on counter at Sandhrigham Mumbai chat for nearly 10 mins i saw two workers standing free they both were looking at me but they didn't attend as they were bussy chating with each other. When i asked politely is there somebody going to attend me one of the worker rudely said we are bussy if you don't like our service NO NEED TO COME HERE AGAIN. even then i nothing said wrong and left. No one said SORRY. I mean what kind of customer service is this. They never serve you with smile and they don't have proper service. Worst customer service experience. I will not recommend this place to anyone.

1 star rating
by Nikhil Gujar
one month ago

I would rate this place 0 if zomato let me. Food is bad, service is even worse. Owner is very rude. Bottom line - don't waste time or money here as this is the most useless place there are better Indian places.

1 star rating
by Raghuvirander Singh
2 months ago

Mainly owner (old guy) & his son, both are really very rude..don't know how to talk with people and worst customer service ever... have noticed many times they are very rude and charge more sometimes. when ever u smile, they react like that we r asking 4 free food.. what d hell.. u can get excellent service even in a FREE BARBER SHOP.
Every time we go to get takeaways the quantity is keep reducing. I would never recommend them to anyone !! they have no respect for people and their toilets always stink.

1 star rating
by Sheetal Chand-Narayan
2 months ago

Food is ok, have been there 2 tims, and today ordered mini lunch curry was all cold, told them not to put ghee on my roti yet soaked in ghee, me and my dad finished eating and yet my mum's food wasnt even ready and above all their customer service is horrible, worse. The owner is extremely rude and with attitude as if by serving us food he is doing us a favour. He acts as if he's food is of high level, its just an okay food place not so good and today they failed in their services as well.And what more worse is that they are serving food under expired grading. Photo of grading attached. Thy had 2 grading certificates in the store one said expired in 2014 and i saw another one on the window thought that one may be on current on but that too expired. And yet so much attitude. Never going back there.

3 star rating
by Aucklandfoodlover
2 months ago

3/3 for the food. If you want to have a good vegetarian Indian food then this is the place. No marks for ambience or service though. So if you just don't care about that go try their menu.
I ordered for their Maharaja Thali. Maharaja means Emperor. Thali means number of dishes in small bowls. So in fact it was a meal suitable for Emperor. I really enjoyed puri. The buttermilk was my favorite too.

South Indian combo with dosa idli and vada were not too bad.

Service has to be little more better.

Will be back

5 star rating
by Radhika Nagori
2 months ago

One of the best indian eateries in Auckland for authentic bombay style food. I have seen people talking about the service but honestly I always have received a very good homely service. Guys, please do not have preconceive notion when you go there.

@mumbai chaat team - Thank you for serving delicious food to all of us. Your efforts are highly appreciated.

1 star rating
by Karuna Thawani
3 months ago

One of the most horrible places to ever go to. I was fond of their grill sandwiches which were a complete rip off for $8.00. But still I loved them. I asked the lady at the counter to make 2 so she tells me (bear in mind the store was completely empty) it'll take 25 mins for 2 damn sandwiches. So I decide to get 1 because it was 7pm and I was waiting for dinner. And 1 cheesy garlic bread instead. The 'cheesy garlic bread' was misleading as it was a bun with cheese inside and no garlic whatsoever.  The sandwich was not grilled but just toasted. Could've made it at home in my sandwich press. I called her up from home and she starts arguing with me saying I don't know what a grill sandwich is. My mum is a well known cook, I think I would be aware. My dad went back to get the money and the owner tells him to never come back to the shop or buy anything from them. He insults him and speaks rudely. If customer service isn't one of your strengths them DON"T FRICKIN WORK IN A TAKEAWAY! You guys have had too many of these issues, never ever recommending this place to anyone. Rather starve than eat here,

4 star rating
by Prashant Belwalkar
4 months ago

A real gem in the Sandringham suburb for vegetarian food lovers. The vada pav are excellent and tangy reminiscent of Mumbai. As the name of the restaurant goes it has all the street food of Mumbai including misal paav, dosa, bhel, dev khamni, pattice, you name it and they have it. Packed on weekdays too. Service is fast and efficient. A real trest. Would get 5stars if the customer interaction gets more friendly, but on taste and quality it deserves 5stars.

1 star rating
by PradeepV
4 months ago

Worst service. Worst Management. Not service focused. Money minded.
Food is great. Would love to see this place with new management.

2 star rating
by Abdul-Wahab Awan
4 months ago

Very poor service and the person working there was very rude, I suppose he was the owner. I dont think I have ever come across someone so rude, I would be giving 1 star however the food was decent but not the best, still much better than the service.

1 star rating
by Simranjit Singh
4 months ago

Worst service i ever got... Old man with hairy ear dont know how to talk to customers... You not selling anything different to market... One humble request please talk to cusyomer nicely

4 star rating
by Pankaj Kini
5 months ago

Tried to get some Aloo Parathas at Shubh takeaway - Fail then tried Pav Bhaji at Jai Jalaram - double fail!!

Finally entered Mumbai Chaat as last resort. It was empty and I was sceptical even though I've been here before.

We had Misal pav which was ample but a bit watery and why on earth did it have a lob of butter on it? Even the burger buns had butter on them like pav bhaji BUT it had a nice kick to it and after u added the accompaniments it was fine. We only tried chole bhature which were flawless. Nice risen bhature with a flavourful non spicy chole sabji. Even their samosas are different and worth a try!

This is my pick pf all the eateries around the area. Its defo under-rated and has never disappointed. Give it a try if u haven't yet!!

1 star rating
by Grouchocrispy
5 months ago

Was brought here by a friend, as it was highly recommend for its selection of chaat. We ordered quite a few items. The dosa seemed a little suspect, but not bad. The 'mini' pizza was the kicker. $5.90 for a 3 inch pizza with just cheese and 4 olive slices! For goodness sake, one can get a bigger pizza with more toppings for less anywhere else. This was a small pizza we needed for the kid with us, but at that price, that was robbery. The kicker was when we asked for the 'jaljeera' water, a 2nd refill. The lady at the counter said it would cost me $2!!! Seriously? $2 for a tea cup worth of spiced water? Seriously? We ordered a total of 5 items. One of them a dime sized snack! Above all this, staid faced staff. No smile, no courtesy, no communication. Just order, pick, eat, and leave. It was only on our way out that I decided to check the reviews on Zomato and immediately realised that our impressions of this restaurant was spot on! The food being good, was made bad only by their lack of customer service and general attitude of the staff. For anybody reading this review, just read the remaining reviews to understand the common feedback from all reviewers who gave a low rating. To end, never coming back. Enough said.

3 star rating
by Annie Jean
6 months ago

I couldn't understand what he was saying when I asked about the menu... he was smiling though, I thought that was a good sign. I ordered the special which was a chickpea curry. I love Indian food and spent time in India learning about spices so I was hoping for a taste explosion but it never happened. I'll go back and try something else, maybe it'll be different and I can bump up the stars . It was only $9.50 which is awesome, but I just wanted to taste those amazing Indian spices once again.

1 star rating
by Foodie
7 months ago

I feel the 1 star awarded for this review is generous, but with no option of 0, this will have to do. After reading the numerous reviews here, there is not a lot more I can add. As a very regular customer, I was left shocked with the response of the man on the phone claiming to be the owner. I still find it hard to believe that this is the owner as no sane business owner can be this self destructive towards their own business...can't be...must be a disgruntled employee. Having said that here is my experience.

This restaurant has turned out to be the worst nightmare for a PAYING customer!
For a simple complaint over the phone, this owner turned out to be a raging bully (serious anger management issues)!!! Yelling on top of his voice, for not following his instructions on how to "make a complaint", nasty statement in defence to my saying - " I actually did call the next day but no one attended" and the owner replies by asking "so you were trying to call me in the middle of the night? Because I always addend calls while the restaurant is open!"
I'm speechless being a lady customer and having been spoken to like that, has just left me stunned!!!
The story doesn't end here ... I went on to say "look I'm not calling with an intention of a refund, all I'm trying to explain is my past exp. of the food wasn't that fresh and soaked in oil, hence I'm hoping you ensure the food served this time is up-to mark!"
The owner went on a raging fit and started to insult me, yelling and not letting me speak and worse then gives an ultimatum, followed up with a hang up!!!

It almost felt like the moment you step into this restaurant you should salute the tyrant, shut up and eat whatever's given to you! It's a shame really, but my weekly to biweekly visits now turn to NEVER AGAIN!

4 star rating
by ZP
8 months ago

Food is authentic and always good - I refer to the gujarati and the mumbai chaat dishes. Don't know about the more punjabi fare. The owners need to desperately learn and practice customer service. I agree with all others on the rudeness aspect. Biggest let down to otherwise excellent food and possibly the best ambience for indian fast food.

3 star rating
by Naveen Zhaveri
10 months ago

I'm rating the takeaway food since this is a diner with very little ambience. I used to like Mumbai Chaat a lot for weekly takeaway food, but over the last couple of months they have begun to use GREEN FOOD COLOURING in their undhiyu, palak paneer and mehti mattar malai. Green pieces of paneer! Using food colouring is pretty unforgivable these days when all other places are not using it for health reasons. It also just makes the food look fake. They have also begun to add MORE CREAM and use LESS SPINACH in their palak paneer, so that the FLAVOURS ARE BEING LOST. I hope they quickly return to their higher standards, but in the meantime, I would not recommend the food.

3 star rating
by Kulbhushan Joshi
10 months ago

Good cafe style spot to call into on your journey if your passing through. No complaints. Value for money. Portions were ok too. Will definately go back to try other menu items

2 star rating
by Food Is My Love
10 months ago

I have been to this place many time in past I must say initially their food was good specially their chaats, but since past few visit I have noticed their food quality have gone down very badly. Specially their south Indian food is not good at all. I think the batters they use for dosas and uttapam were not fresh (seems like they are using these fermented batter for many days which is simply not good for health reason)

Also puffed puris they use for the chaats were old and tasted bad many times as well. 
In addition to all these poor quality of the food their service, I cant think how to even rate it? 

I am totally agreed with lot of people in previous reviews that, The guy at the counter simply don't know even a basic customer service. I bet a 10 year old kid would do the job better than him. He simply doesn't have any manners when he talk to the customers.

1 star rating
by I Am Hungry
11 months ago

The guy  (with specs-unshaven)at the counter lacks minimal manners, let alone hospitality. Wont ever go here again, i stood there in the line to pay and he kept on serving other people who asked questions to him??? as if i was invisible?  after waiting 20min i threw the stuff there and came out...dont wna buy anything....

5 star rating
by Eat Pray Love
Sep 01, 2014

Not the best looking place to dine in, but definitely has some delicious Indian chaat (snacks)!

With competition like Jai Jalaram in the same area, Mumbai Chaat delivers equally delicious food! I love the dahi puri, pani puri, pav bhaji and samosa chaat. The prices are reasonable for what you get, and you can definitely have a full dinner by just getting some of these snacks.

The flavours are delicious in each item, and they can make it according to your spice preference.

Would highly recommend Mumbai Chaat if you're craving Indian snack food. So affordable and so delicious - can't go wrong!

5 star rating
by Jinnie Gill
Aug 23, 2014

Absolutely authentic indian food (100% vegetarian). I am very impressed with quality, variety and taste of food..all staff is very hospitable and friendly, in particular the manager who ensures you are well looked after. Highly recommend this humble restaurant to those who miss flavour of home cooked indian food. Will surely come here again !

4 star rating
by Ravin Malarao
Jul 28, 2014

Casual eatery based on Mumbai Light lunches menu, clean, tidy and suitable for fastidious Gujarati style.

enjoyable and nice ambience with reasonably quick services. priced reasonably. No senior discount allowed but if they did they could further enhance the reputation amongst us pensioners,

1 star rating
by Naushad
Jun 10, 2014

We bought 6 samosas from this shop . First time we entered this shop and had no idea about this mumbai chaat

All the samosas were old enough and tasting bitter and felt like sitting in kitchen for very long time and just fried and serve hot us. But inside taste and quality really disappointed

And also we called at the shop, girl working there doesn't answer the query and said us to chase owner for 12$ dlr samosa
Feeling sad

4 star rating
by Jyothi Madanlal Chhabria
May 26, 2014

Great chaats. The food was fresh and authentic. And took away 1 star cause of the "not-so-friendly" owner.

We chose the Maharaja Chaat Platter thinking it was good value for money but it turned out that since you pay less, you also get less - unlike other places where with combos you pay less cause you are ordering more.

Sev puri is awesome.

5 star rating
by Janice Tan
May 19, 2014

Delicious food at really great prices. The restaurant is clean and the service was good. Their dahi puri is amazing. Ordering a thali is a great way to try lots of different dishes. Definitely a favourite in Sandringham.

2 star rating
by Ron Kumar
Apr 04, 2014

I went to this place for the dinner with my kids and wife as it was Friday family outings. We ordered some dishes. They supplied some and missed out one main course for my youngest son. When we asked the counter staff few times about that dish, he told they are preparing it. After waiting for a long time (more than 45 minutes), I asked again and same staff said I did not order. When I was trying to explain to him, he started to raise his voice and started arguing with me. My poor little boy was feeling hungry and started to shed tears. I felt depressed and I just finished my dinner in half way with whatever I ordered and went other restaurant and finished our dinner. Basically my nice family evening was spoiled.
In my opinion,
1.This is a take away place with few table and chairs, they struggle to cope up with a decent crowd.
2. I could see they have problems with preparing food when crowd increases. And food taste goes very average.
3. Finding hard to supply food on time.
There were few unsatisfied customers as they had similar kind of problems. Surely, I would think twice before for my future visit.

5 star rating
by Kate Bukowski
Mar 25, 2014

This is the best Indian restaurant in Sandringham, if not Auckland. The family uses their recipes that have been cooked by their mother for years and she has perfected them! They serve a range of meals and snacks cooked with just enough spice and their meals are not too oily or salty. They also use canola oil when lots of other restaurants in the area don't. Try their maharajah thai or chaat platters if you want to try everything. The place is very clean, (I went there regularly when I was pregnant), The service is very friendly and fast, I have never had a bad experience here, I don't know what people are talking about, maybe they were the ones who were rude. If you don't know what things are on the menu they have a booklet with descriptions of each dish.

1 star rating
by Ravinay Raniga
Mar 03, 2014

I went to this restaurant yesterday with my family. Been there before because we like the food. Anyways we had ordered the food and everything was fine till we got masala dosa. Something was not right with this dish so my wife went to the counter and asked if the dosa was made fresh. The owner asked the chef and replied "it's made fresh" and moved away. Then my wife explained why she questioned about the freshness. But to our surprise he raised his voice and very rudely offered to give our money back which I didn't like, so I came into the picture and raised my voice. At that very minute my wife asked me to lower my voice. I did and thought let's give him a chance to show his hospitality. Very politely told him he shouldn't treat his customers like that and his answer was "so you are going to give me a tutorial on this" lol.
Come on man you are in a service industry. The least you could have said I am sorry you don't like this dish, "shall I give you something else instead or would you like a refund"
That's it. I got really upset the way the owner handled the situation, I asked him to keep the money and be happy.

1 star rating
by Mateen
Feb 17, 2014

"What do you mean by fresh? Is this the first time you are visiting this place? Talk about customers service.. This was the answer from I'm assuming the owner (old grumpy person) when my wife asked if the food was fresh.. The reason why she asked that question was because we were served stale sambhar (I'm guessing was from the night before) the last time we visited this place. First of all learn how to respect and treat a lady.. I then intervened and confronted him.. I said "You tell me the meaning of fresh". You are the one who's running a restaurant, not me. Now the owner starts getting defensive and says "Take your money back and never come back to our place again". As if, he was giving us food for free.. Hell no, I'm never going back to that place again and I'll make sure to spread the word about the awesome customer service on offer.

Hello. Mr Owner (old grumpy person), this is not India. You cannot get away with treating customers in this rude and sarcastic manner here in Auckland. Please don't forget that customers are the ones who make a business run.


Oh thanks for your reply.

Check your CCTV footage and you'll understand what went on. My wife was waiting for a longtime and was first in line to be served. Obviously anyone will get pissed if someone jumps the gun (I'm sure you would be upset as well). In addition to that, I was reading Ravinay's review and it seems his wife suffered a similar fate and he had to step in.

hmm - I don't recall you saying 'SORRY'...


According to me, it's because the owner doesn't know how to respect and treat ladies. No wonder, I can hear him shouting and being disrespectful to his own staff.

5 star rating
by Dennis T
Jan 01, 2014

I've eaten here about a dozen times and have never been disappointed by the food or the service. The guy who serves behind the counter is a little shy/quiet, but not rude. He is helpful with the menu and isn't intrusive while you eat there. I often get the food to take-away and it's very good value. Also what I find appealing is it's hygiene rating of 'A'... it's clean, light and fresh.

Their curries are just at the right level of spiciness and not too heavy and really tasty!

Highly recommended for a vegetarian place.

1 star rating
by Prasanna
Dec 09, 2013

I have downgraded this Restaurant from my earlier 2 to 1.  I completely agree with other reviewers that a course in Customer Service and Anger Management is required for the folks manning the counter (possibly father and son). This was one of our go-to restaurants a year ago, for its decent fare of Gujarathi and Vegetarian food. I have had Chaat and Thaali items here. I used to frequent this place several times for their Samosa takeaways until I found the coriander or some other spice to be over-dominating to our palate.
In recent times, I found that they have started to add green colour to Palak Paneer (Spinach and Cottage Cheese) gravy. Why in the world would you add colouring agent to a Spinach based dish? One, it is completely unhealthy and number two, if you are substituting spinach with milk cream and green colour, it isn't a great idea - at least for regulars. 

Courtesy restrooms for Patrons require attention, to put it politely. Hospitality is something that has to be from the heart. The owner clearly lacks it! I don't prefer to get in to the details.

1 star rating
by Banu
Sep 08, 2013

Worst restaurant ever do not recommend anyone to go. Customer service very very poor, after being very rudely treated by the owner today, will never step in their again. Had ordered maharaja thali, took 1 hour after 2 requests finally I had been given with half food served, when asked, owner raised his voice saying that I should ask if items went missing before I eat. I requested him that he should check before he serves, but the angry owner went on and said if I don't like not to come. If the owner does not hospitality, why is he running a restaurant. So do not recommend anyone to go to the restaurant.

2 star rating
by Helen Johnston
Sep 01, 2013

We have been to Mumbai Chaat many times because we really like the food. Unfortunately the customer service really let's this place down. After being very rudely treated by the owner today, we will be very unlikely to be back. It is a shame that there seems to be no sense of the need to have happy customers or acknowledgement of loyalty.

5 star rating
by Food Voyeur
Aug 21, 2013

The 'Sev puri' here totally blew my mind! Out of the six restaurants on the Sandringham Spice tour that we did on Saturday, Mumbai Chaat had my favourite dish.

This was the first place we came to, and the Sev Puri was the first bite we had to eat. They said, 'put the whole thing in your mouth at once', which I did. Awesome!

The taste experience was like a continuous unfolding of different levels of flavor and spice. Other members of the group picked the 'dahi puri' as their favourite overall food of the day - that one was like an explosion of yoghurt and spice in your mouth, as you crunched into the puri shell. But my fave was the sev.

Friendly, enthusiastic hosts, and I'll be keen to come back and try other vegetarian treats here.

1 star rating
by Balamurugan
Jul 16, 2013

I often go here to have food. The food is very good, however, I was not happy with the service a couple of times. I ordered a mini pizza and I noticed that it was burnt and complained about it. I got a replacement pizza but I felt that the kitchen and the people at the counter knew that they were serving me a burnt pizza but kept quiet hoping I would eat it. It was not a one off incident and had happened before with another dish. I still feel that the food is good but service has to improve!!

I went back to the restaurant yesterday and had to deal with a very angry owner for writing the review above. He started shouting at my friend who was a bit shocked.He even told me write what you want. The owner has to realize that customers need to treated with respect and feedback given should be taken in good spirit. I am reducing the three star given to one star because of bad customer service although food is good. We used to have food here almost everyday but because of bad behavior i have decided to stop going there.

5 star rating
by Nikunj Joshi
Jun 25, 2013

Mumbai Chaat was the discovery of summer for us. Tucked away in one of the side streets of Sandrigham this joint has epic food and the taste of streets of Bombay all rolled under one roof. Indian food is not just curry - that's north Indian food. This place covers west and southern Indian taste buds.

Great service, the taste of home cooked food.

All the vegetarians out there brace yourselves! This place is highly addicted.

Must try:
The regular thali - love the soft roties
Puri and Mango ras
The Dosas are crispy and delicious
Gajar ka halwa and Gulab jamun - Priceless

This is not a fast food joint! These guys will serve you delicious gourmet food, so if you looking for 2 minute service go to macdonalds up the road, but if you really want some authentic and yummy food there is no place to rather be but Mumbai Chaat!

1 star rating
by Sandeep S
Jun 22, 2013

This "restaurant" deserves no star.
Ordered papdi chat and got dahi wada. When I went up to the guy at the counter, instead of owning up to the chef's mistake, he and the chef started arguing that there was papdi in it and adding wada was making it authentic (Wada in papdi chaat and authentic ???!!! never eaten or heard in my 30 years).
The old person who I am assuming was the owner was rude and a liar. The owner and the staff need to learn manners and customer service skills.
Food was extremely disappointing.
If this was the last restaurant on the planet, even then would never step in it again.

1 star rating
by Shanker Grover
Apr 22, 2013

If there could have been half star to select I would have done that. Pathetic customer service from owner and specially from his rude son. Seems that he hasn't smiled for years.
I had this experience from last week, me and my wife were having lunch and interm we ordered something to their serving staff and the owner's son shouted and said "Hello you.... come here and order here and started shouting to their lady staff that why you are taking their order".
I think both of them should first learn how to respect women and then learn some basic customer service and then run this business and sorry one suggestion to owner..send your son to some good primary school again...Never ever recommend anybody.

5 star rating
by Shyam Shukla
Mar 30, 2013

Loved the food and the service of Mumbai Chaat. Made me nostalgic as the food is a true taste of Mumbai food. I'd say this place surely gives you a feel of Mumbai City..absolutely loved it. However, the ambience could've been a little more better. Never mind cause the food tops it all. Strongly recommended cause it is very different and much better than the usual chaat outlets in Auckland.

5 star rating
by Lisa Anderson
Feb 05, 2013

I can't believe the negative reviews. Just ate at Mumbai Chaat in Sandringham and the food was delicious and service fantastic. The owner or person in charge was so kind and patient explaining the different dishes to my husband and I, and other staff were full of smiles. We have been eating vegetarian Indian for years, and this is some of the best, freshest most flavoursome food we've had. The samosas are to dye for. Had South Indian combo today, and was fantastic. The Dosa was divine.
We will be bypassing the other places in Sandringham now and heading straight for there. Can't recommend the food enough. Oh and the prices are great too.

1 star rating
by Raj Iyer
Feb 02, 2013

Never order a Biryani from here, very poorly made does not fall even near the term "BIRYANI" no flavour doesn't taste like basmati rice very dismal sorry to say. Feels like we have been ripped off paying $9.50 for it....

1 star rating
by Prabha Markandan
Dec 30, 2012

Went to Mumbai Chat Sandringham today. It seemed like we were not welcome at all. We ordered just 2 dishes. Besides just having 2 other diners, the owner/whoever was at the counter, forgot to serve us our order. We waited for some time amidst the owner screaming something to his waiting staff from time to time, and then reminded about our order, finally we were served although the owner was not apologetic at all. And finally when we got to eat it, food was not cooked through, was not freshly made and tasted awful. Even the tea was poor, and sev puri, very pitiful.

Really regretted going there, paying money for poor food and very rude service! Will never go there again and will not recommend it for anyone!

3 star rating
by Viny Singh
Dec 22, 2012

Food is good but customer service is pathetic, owners son is rude and obnoxious, should be put at cleaning trash rather at front counter. Never gona go again

1 star rating
by Libby Lewis
Oct 14, 2012

Terrible service, both the owner and his son need to a learn some manners in dealing with their customers, unfortunately we visited the Sandringham branch as well and looks like they still haven't learnt customer service etiquette. Shocking these people are actually in business considering their food is mediocre.

5 star rating
by Chris Wiechern
Feb 22, 2012

Some of the best food I've ever had! =)
I really recommend the pizza.. I will be back again.

The food was so tasty, I didn't want the taste to leave my mouth! =)

I'm happy to give Mumbai Chaat 5 stars =)