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Namaste Express Indian Kitchen & Takeaway

4 star rating 73 reviews

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09 5246619, 0508 626278

89 Great South Road, Epsom, Auckland

  North Indian, Indian
11 AM to 3 PM, 5 PM to 9:30 PM (Mon-Fri), 5 PM to 9:30 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Namaste Express Indian Kitchen & Takeaway

5 star rating
by Paul Carney
one month ago

A good Indian restaurant, nice staff, throughly well cooked food, always on time and hot. Haven't had a bad experience there yet. Prices are reasonable too

4 star rating
by Dimitrios Konstantopoulos
2 months ago

Finally a nice Indian takeaway place. Great food most times pretty consistent good variety on the menu.
Not too expensive as you expect from Indian places. Friendly staff. Have been many times. Not bad surprises.

4 star rating
by NCC1701
2 months ago

This is a very nice Indian restaurant. The staff and very accommodating and friendly and the food is good and well priced. The only reason I'm not rating them at 5 is because they don't quite have the flavours right for the Indian-Chinese items on their menu. Other than that, everything is delicious! As an added bonus they offer some complementary snacks, which is becoming increasingly rare in Indian restaurants these days.

5 star rating
by Benjamin Kenneth Grant Morley
2 months ago

I frequent this place before most nights a work. I usually go for the vege korma which is one of the best ive had, hands down. Although i found the staff to be alittle stand offish at first I quickly saw that they really do care about customer service, something that i really value. The meals are reasonably priced for what they are, but this place is a notch above most restaurants ive been to so it is a little more expensive but totally worth it. I actually really look forward to coming to Namaste Express. The main point that i wanted to mention is the garlic naan, it is seriously the best thing in this place. I cant even explain it. Must be tried.

5 star rating
by Gopala Lucken
3 months ago

I have lunch at Namaste Express Epsom Branch quite often during the week. I normally order the paneer Tikka masala lunch special. and on every occasion the food is amazing. your mouth actually salivate when the meal is placed in front of you. turnaround time is great also. The meal portions if eaten at 12 midday ,keep you full right up to dinner time. highly recommended.

1 star rating
by Mon Hug
3 months ago

We used to get takeaway from the Market Rd branch every fortnight without fail, so were very loyal regular customers.  On one occasion our order was shocking!  And I mean shocking!  There was something absolutely vile about the beef.  It was so strange its difficult to even describe.  Ive NEVER experienced anything like it before.  It was really crumby like sand and VERY dry and it tasted EXTREMELY odd.  The other dish (a chicken dish was SO hot we couldn't eat it).  I couldn't drive back there that night with the meals because we were getting over the flu, we were just too tired.  We just didn't bother eating it.  Actually, we did eat the rice and a bit (a couple of tablespoons) of the SUPER hot chicken dish.  The following day I telephoned and complained.  The manager said he would call me back.  I waited a couple of days, he never called back.  So, I called back.  He said he asked his chef and meat supplier about the beef and there was nothing wrong with the beef.  I told him there most certainly was, and tried to emphasis that that I wasn't just talking about low grade beef or poorly cooked, I was talking about beef that was completely and utterly inedible as in, we spat it out very quickly.  I asked to speak with the owner.  The manager said the owner was too busy to speak with me.  I asked for a full refund, but all the manager offered was a credit.  I thought "No thanks, a credit only to get more nasty vile curries, no thanks, we didn't get what we ordered, its was inedible, and by law I want a refund".  He refused.  Any place that is THAT tight that they are prepared to lose a customer over $30 (the cost of 2 curries) is a place to be AVOIDED.  I should also mentioned, that this experience was in fact the second time we had complained.  We had complained about a month earlier for a takeaway order.  On that occasion we were issued a credit, which we used for this order.  So, this occasion was a second chance, a last chance as far as Im concerned, hence why I asked for a refund, because we weren't ever going to order from them again, so a credit would've been no good.  I explained this to the manager, he understand, but still refused to refund.  I would give this place a 0 if there was a 0 rating.

5 star rating
by Alex
3 months ago

Awesome customer service great food always cook my favorite meal to perfection the best in Epsom definitely A+ restaurant. Also try there butter paneer curries the best.

5 star rating
by Sarita Masih
4 months ago

Namaste express is my favourite place and I have palak paneer occasionally its my favourite curry and never had it before anywhere its so delicious... And my another lunch favourite is my vege pakora with my Indian masala tea ... love it...and veeru always remember me and my order and perhaps thats the reason I always visit this place ... Chefs are friendly and always greet me with their bright smile......:)

5 star rating
by Benjohnson
4 months ago

I come this place quite often and I always get the best curries ...i love their chkn tikka masala and lamb roganjosh Flavours are awesome and taste is always superior.... And always get my order done on tym with fresh naan breads and great service...highly recommended...

5 star rating
by Wilsonhamilton
4 months ago

Had a takeaway few tyms and the food is outstanding and curries are really authentic and full of flavours and spice level is also perfect...recommended to all and also compliment to chefs and excellent front service always ....:):)

5 star rating
by Jenn H
4 months ago

First time at namaste express, really enjoyed the korma, yummy garlic naan. My partner loved the chilli chicken, would definitely have again. Really good service too :)

1 star rating
by AnkUr SaiNi
4 months ago

I order a home delivery now and when i start to eat the food is tasteless such a yukkk food. Wastage of money shit i never order again with you 😏😒

4 star rating
by Dallace Wulf
4 months ago

I used to think this place was the bees knees but recently I've been turned off it. I don't think their curries are up to standard anymore. Or maybe they've changed the recipe slightly. I feel that they're a bit too creamy for me now and when they get cold, and they do quickly, it's like eating globs. That being said the taste is fantastic, nice and spicy and nice chicken breast inside the curry as well. May be back to try a different dish

2 star rating
by Kshitij Garg
4 months ago

One of the worst restaurants ever. Poorly managed and poor service. Placed an order for delivery but the guy informs that it would take an hour to deliver - this when the place is just 400m away from home. We decided to do a takeaway and went in to find the whole restaurant empty (why did the guy say they r busy, wen its actually empty). We waited for more than half n hr and then the guy comes to us to tell us that they do not have chicken in store. Imagine - an indian restaurant with chicken out of stock. We ordered what we could and on having it - too much colour, greasy and just pathetic. That was it. Utterly pathetc food with no sense of customer service. Far better options available. A definitely pass - dont go there!!!

5 star rating
by Daizy Gauba
4 months ago

I booked it for my daughter's birthday and it was simply Good. The food they provided was appreciable. I liked it. The staff were friendly and helpful.  Hoping to go there soon.

5 star rating
by Fries With That
5 months ago

Dined in at this outlet for the second time just recently. The first time was about 7 months ago and I took a client for Christmas lunch, no alcohol at this venue, so was a little disappointed when I found this out. I was attracted here by their fantastic reviews. The lack of alcohol was well and truly made up for with exceptional food and brilliant service. Don't come here if you want atmosphere, come if you are after delicious curries. 2 nd visit was the lunch deal - what can I say, "superb" value and food. This place destroys any willpower to stick to a diet. Good job guys!

5 star rating
by Qiao Zheng
5 months ago

I work nearby and dine here atleast once a week. I have tried many Indian restaurants and takeaway, this place, by far, makes the best curry in town. Hands down. Friendly service, excellent curry. Keep it up.

5 star rating
by Frank Faessen
5 months ago

What can we say about our favourite curry place? Amazing service, amazing flavour filled curries, attentive, hard working staff, who remember our orders. Every curry we have every had has been full of flavour, hot and the perfect amount of spice. Our only problem is that we have to try not go there too much! 

Best Indian restaurant we have been to.

5 star rating
by Jess Bird
6 months ago

Namaste express is my local Indian take out and I have never been disappointed (noting some weeks I eat here 4/7 nights)! The food is amazing, curries are all so full of flavour, naan is delicious, and the service is great! I would highly recommend Namaste Express to anyone after a quality curry in the area.

4 star rating
by Phillip Eades
6 months ago

Very good quality take always. Flavours are authentic and the portions are good.Great service - nice to have a place that gives you a pickup time and sticks to it.

5 star rating
by Barbara
7 months ago

Excellent quality - Excellent quantity!  One word to summarize Namaste Express DELICIOUS!!  We tend to get takeaways once per week  and guess what - we return to Namaste.  Try the Korma chicken or lamb - wow.  We are given generous salads which are always fresh as at no extra cost.  

Most highly recommended to everyone.


4 star rating
by Pef Mmg
7 months ago

Food was really good although we order by phone and should have got our food ready 25min later, I still had to wait another 15 or 20 min to get the food. I assume it's because they are good and popular... However they could improve their time management.
I recommend for the food and will definitely go back there!

5 star rating
by Jaspreet Saini
9 months ago

Had a takeaway last week for my dinner and i tried handi chicken curry, got real awesome indian flavours never had such a gud indian curry with authentic taste since been to nz... Customer service was really a plus point... Mr.virender was very polite n helpful...Havent seen such customer service at indian food place... Loved it wud definitely recommend this place!!!

5 star rating
10 months ago

My colleague and self, we were in Auckland on an assignment. My colleague, being a vegetarian found it a challenge when it came to finding a suitable place to have food. The Manager, of the place we were staying suggested a few places around. We did try quite a few restaurants & takeaways. And, then on day 3 we told ourselves let us try this other place the manager was suggesting ….. We walked in with an open mind after being to few other places…. Surprise, surprise!!

The food was fresh and a bliss to your taste buds. Without drowning the taste of the ingredients with an onslaught of spices, but maintaining the subtle balance of spice and the veggies/meat the food is served. All items on the Menu (curries/mains) comes with 4 different levels of spiciness – ‘mild’, ‘medium’, ‘hot’ & ‘Indian hot’. A very thoughtful action! Such small details are a great thought.

With a staff that comes across with equal warmth and freshness as the food that is served in the restaurant, you leave the place with a great feel and the thought of wanting to come back ( Every service industry owner’s dream :-) ). We braved to order ‘Indian hot’ and was politely suggested by the staff to start with level ‘hot’ and then if found less spicy to top up. Bless the soul :-) . ‘Hot” was for us spicy right indeed!!

During our stay there we did try out most of the dishes (Veg/non-veg). All the recipes are good. However, if you do not take to a sweet twist to your curries/dished then you can stay clear of Butter chicken/paneer/lamb ; Kormas etc.

 At $10.99 the Luch combo is a breeze.  The food is served quiet fast; If you, order for Biriyani, then you need to give them some time as it is cooked fresh. But is is worth the wait.

If you are in the locality one should definitely check this place out. Yes, Looks unassuming and tiny as you walk past.... but they surprise you when youstep in ...order food and have it....

Thank you guys @ Namasthe Express, Epsom for make us feel so good and at home kinda feel. Cheers!!

5 star rating
by Paul Lewis
10 months ago

Great food and excellent service, both of which keep bringing me back at least once a week! Latest obsession is the Handi Chicken, but having tasted much of the menu there is so much to recommend. Superb dining experience, whether eating in or taking out.

5 star rating
by Mikey Beban
10 months ago

Second time here and the service is fantastic and the food is just so freshly made, the flavours are incredible. Another ☆☆☆☆☆ experience. Today I am having the kadai paneer which is amazing, and my friend is having the chef's special curry. We will both be back soon.

5 star rating
by Yuanyong Yang
Nov 29, 2014

Had dinner with my friend's family there 3 weeks ago. Very nice staff. The food was so good that my teenage son said it is the best Indian food we could find in Auckland. Two thumbs up.

5 star rating
by Steven Farrington
Nov 13, 2014

Tried this place just recently after moving to Greenlane and loved it straight away. Great food, excellent value for money and friendly service. This is the best Indian takeaway in Auckland no doubt and one of my two favourite places to eat in the Newmarket / Epsom area. Even the decor is very good.

5 star rating
by Daniel S.
Nov 06, 2014

I've been a regular here since moving to work just round the corner earlier this year.

Namaste is, without a doubt, the BEST Northern-style Indian restaurant in Auckland - and probably the 2nd best I've been to in the whole country behind the old pre-earthquake Copper Chime in Christchurch.

It has all the boxes ticked : 

- Friendly, attentive staff - sometimes TOO attentive - 'yes, the food is utterly delicious', just like the other 90 times you asked me on previous visits! :) Rather that than the alternative though.

- Excellent, authentic northern Indian curries that aren't watered down or overly creamy like most places do. Theres nothing worse than eating a Kiwi-ised curry that leaves a coating of cream fat in your mouth, and finding places like Namaste that don't do that is unfortunately a rarity.

- Consistently high flavour regardless of heat. I'll happily have anything hot or medium, whereas my wife struggles with anything over mild. Normally 'mild' means 'flavourless', but my wife loves this place because her mild butter chickens and mango chickens actually have some good flavour.

- Excellent value - their $12.99 lunch combo 'with the works' in particular has been a boon for many a post-meeting working lunch.

- Creative chefs - sometimes I just walk in and say 'make me something new', and the results are ubiquitously delicious.

Probably sounding fairly effusive by now, I have no 'skin in the game', I just recognise when a small team works their hardest to provide an excellent standard of food and service at a reasonable price, and the team at Namaste nail it.

Two thumbs up!

5 star rating
by Belinda Ireton
Nov 03, 2014

Absolutely love the Namaste Express Lemon Chicken!! It was a favorite lunch dish when I lived in Auckland and I miss having it. Luckily I still make trips to Auckland for work frequently and make sure I have time to stop in for lunch or dinner.

5 star rating
by Mark Hamilton
Oct 09, 2014

I regularly have their $11 lunch special trying to branch out from my beloved hot lamb vindaloo. This place is such good value. Their food is exceptionally fresh with great flavours.  Highly recommended BUT addictive!

5 star rating
by Omar Malkawi
Oct 07, 2014

It is one of the best customer service that you could ever get in auckland thanks to Virender. Fresh food everytime i visit on lunch time. Clean and tidy place .

5 star rating
by Christophe Frommelt
Oct 02, 2014

Working in an Indian restaurant overseas, we like to check out Indian food shops. Came here for lunch & dinner. Very authentic food! Superb flavours & kind, friendly service. Decoration is simple & clean. The simplicity might be not everybody's taste but the quality of the food & good prices compensates this. Bottom line: outstanding price quality rating, super friendly service. We'll come again!!!

5 star rating
by Chris
Sep 17, 2014

I keep coming back here so that shows it must be good. Other places you would not return to.

5 star rating
by Jason Barnes
Sep 17, 2014

Excellent food and customer service. Quite possibly the best Indian takeaway in Auckland. The service is outstanding, nothing is ever a problem. The lightest, fluffiest Naan bread that is only put in the Tandoor when you arrive to pick up, as a result it is incredible! Highly, highly recommended.

5 star rating
by Salseranz
Sep 16, 2014

The service was extremely friendly and the food excellent. The passion of the chef in developing each dish and cooking on the night came through in every mouthful. For Indian food with a twist of modernity - I highly recommend Namaste Express in Epsom :)

5 star rating
by Nathan Bradshaw
Sep 16, 2014

I eat here every week when I'm in Auckland. I try and mix it up between the lamb and chicken dishes, and I think the quality is second to none across the broad range I've had. The flavours are intense with the small touches making this the best value and tasting Indian I've ever had!

5 star rating
by Kurt
Sep 12, 2014

Often head here for lunch and it's great Indian at a great price. They're super friendly and remember faces and your usual order which is a nice touch. Highly recommend.

5 star rating
by Nikki S.
Jul 24, 2014

I'm always pleased with my meals at Namaste Express. Came here for lunch again yesterday and ordered a mango chicken curry, which was delightfully hot, creamy, a little bit sweet/nutty and not too spicy. My partner got a different curry and also ordered a mild one but it was still too hot, so watch out! Their $10.99 lunch deals are the best and the naan bread is also super fresh and delicious.

The staff are always very courteous, warm and helpful and... great customer service is so hard to find sometimes! I came here some other time and the waiter offered to cool down my curry for me, as he could see I was struggling with the heat, which was very kind of him. Highly recommend.

4 star rating
by Brian Walsh
Jul 14, 2014

Very courteous people. I like the way they mix in some veg with my meal. Would prefer quieter environment for reading. Brian Waslh

4 star rating
by Thai Qn
Apr 26, 2014

You must try the Mango chicken meal,..TDF!!!••°°’

Chefs are from the northern part of india (chamoli Garhwal in Uttarakhand) interesting.

Not Spicy enough for me unfortunately, its more powder spice is that just being cheap or what???

I wouldn't recommend the Butter Chicken though also, sorry not creamy enough/ ur traditional taste.

Impressive, and the Papadaam's rock but u cant eat too many.

4 star rating
by Andrew
Apr 07, 2014

Have been to Namaste Express a couple of times now off the back of the positive reviews it has on here, and haven't been disappointed. It's a small place and I've only ever ordered my food to take away - it's probably a bit too small for my liking to dine-in. The service is excellent, both when making an order over the phone and coming to pick it up. The guys who run it are extremely friendly and make you feel welcome as soon as you walk in. I love a hot curry, and the hot tikka masala I ordered was very nice for the price (and definitely hot). The rice itself is delicious - you can really tell the difference here compared to cheaper alternatives. While you can find plenty of Indian restaurants offering $10 specials around, I'd much rather pay slightly more for the noticeable difference in quality. Not the best curry I've had in my life, but it was very, very good for the price. Considering this alongside the excellent service, I'll definitely be back again soon.

5 star rating
by Nuno Hermiterio
Mar 19, 2014

This has got to be by far the best Indian restaurant in Auckland. We have tried it once and have not gone anywhere else since. True fans we are! Curry Wednesdays are now a tradition at home due to this little gem on Great South Road. Not only is the food very tasty, as the staff is also very thoughtful and friendly (especially the front-man Virender). We would definitely recommend the Chicken Tikka Masala and the Malai Kofta (make sure you get some garlic naans with your curries!).

3 star rating
by Sue B
Mar 16, 2014

Very nice food with generous portions, but maybe a little too many spices, which is ok if you are used to it, but otherwise excellent service.

5 star rating
by Tania Allen
Mar 15, 2014

Best Indian food I've ever had!!! Its great that the chefs are cooking right in front of you and I appreciate that the chefs (Sam and Pawan) can add a twist to any dish. Always fresh ingredients, consistently high standards, great taste and well priced.

Excellent customer service from the manager Veeru who always tells us if there are chef specials, new dishes on the menu or offers well matched suggestions.

Car parking is good, never a problem and its stress free dining!!

5 star rating
by Lisa Alberto
Mar 05, 2014

I visited it last month with my fiancée at Namastey Express Epsom... We are huge fans of Indian food.. Namaste Express does the best lamb seekh kabab and lamb jalfrazee we've ever had... Also the service was excellent... Really friendly staff... Cool guys:p cheers keep it up!!!!! Got a real quick option to visit at weekends... :))

5 star rating
by Felix
Feb 12, 2014

I'm this close to no longer going to any other Indian restaurant in Auckland.

I've tried to find other Indian places closer to the CBD, at various price points, but they have all fallen short.

Namaste Express scores on freshness - its curries are studded with quality cuts of meat, fresh vegetables, freshly ground spices and fresh herbs. Think curries are stodgy? Not here! They're zingy and aromatic. You will want to lick the bowl to get the last bit of sauce.

It also scores on its naans. They are consistently the lightest, crispiest, least soggy naans I found anywhere.

And the service is always professional, engaging and friendly. You will leave with a smile on your face.

The only thing I don't rate that highly is the (free) amuse-bouches - vege sticks with mayo in summer, a not very exciting soup in winter. Recommendation to Namaste - consider serving your poppadoms with sauces and chutneys instead!

This Namaste Express (corner of Market Road and Great South Road) is a small hole in the wall which also does takeout. I tend to go there, but if you want a bit more dinner ambience and a Kingfisher, go to their bigger Namaste Express Restaurant and Bar further along Great South Road (I haven't tried their third place recently opened in East Tamaki). Last time I went the menu was very similar and the chef used to be one of the chefs at the little Namaste Express, so it was really good too.

5 star rating
by Jennifer Connor
Feb 06, 2014

This is the best Indian food you can get in Auckland!!

We first went there when they had just opened to get a menu and compare to our regular local, they were just so friendly and welcoming and I must say I was really impressed with the quality of the menu - no photocopied double sided A4 here!! Who thinks marketing isn't important?! If they put this much into the presentation of the menu then the food must be worth a go.

We have eaten there for lunch and we regularly get deliveries (Free Delivery) - they have mobile EFPOS which is great.

The food is exceptional & even our children get excited when we answer the "What's for dinner" question with "Indian".

5 star rating
by Roop Kahlon
Jan 16, 2014

Thank you for all the lovely meals you make for my partner and I when we dine at your restaurant.

The ingredients are fresh, the spice levels are perfect, presentation is contemporary and the service from Virender and his team are excellent.

Can you please consider opening a restaurant in Manurewa, Manukau :)

Keep up the good work

5 star rating
by Diane Ah Mu
Oct 30, 2013

We love Indian food, and go out regularly to different Indian restaurants, and I would rate our dining experience at Namaste Express (Epsom) worthy of 5 stars!

Not only did we receive friendly and unpretentious customer service, but the food exceeded our expectations. On the surface, the Epsom restaurant/takeaway looks like a regular Indian food vendor, but the food was just as good, or better than most Indian restaurants we've been to.

We enjoyed the Lamb Korma and Palak Paneer, and I must say, the texture of the cheese naan we ordered was the best I've ever tried! It was delicate and fresh. The flavour of the curries was well balanced and it was great to see and taste fresh herbs in the Palak Paneer. Delicious.

Rajneesh Kumar was great at approaching us to ensure we were comfortable, as well as another waiter (who I didn't get his name) who served us also with a genuine smile.

Overall, great experience and we will definitely be back for more.

5 star rating
by Don
Sep 18, 2013

5 Star all the way. Nice restaurant & Excellent service by the staff and food was Devine + alot of varieties. Would recommend to all.
Now i am number 1 fan of this restaurant and will be a regular customer.

5 star rating
by Mohammad
Sep 13, 2013

I really enjoy indian food, but Namaste express is a really authentic Indian takeaway and restaurant.. All their food is tastey, my favorite would be their smoked flavored tandoori chiken, and lamb shish.. their curries are the best in town, well done on the food and the excellent service from the friendly efficient staff!! 10/10

5 star rating
by Niraj Raval
Sep 12, 2013

Had a birthday party for my Daughter and it was the best one we had. Everything and everyone were taken care of by the staff. We had 30 guests and all thoroughly enjoyed the great service, ambiance and most importantly the food.

This is the second time in a row we celebrated the birthday party there.

5 star rating
by Janice
Aug 24, 2013

A great find, lovely Indian food with a huge choice PLUS many gluten free items clearly indicated. I love choosing from the menu, and find the staff really friendly and efficient especially Rajneesh. Will be back regularly and recommend to all especially to Coeliacs who don't often have such a choice. Well done guys

5 star rating
by Lucy
Jul 03, 2013

I am a regular at Namaste as I live in the neighbourhood. I wanted to write a review to say how consistently delicious the food is. I eat mostly vegetarian dishes here but have had the prawns and fish. I have found the staff to be so warm and friendly and would recommend eating in as well as the presentation of food delivered to the table is beautiful.

5 star rating
by Gus
Mar 15, 2013

My wife doesn't like Indian food, until we ate from this place. We had the lamb jalfrezi and the spectacular prawn madras accompanied by rice and some of the nicest naan I have eaten in Auckland(not oily at all). A great addition to the neigbourhood and this visit won't be our last

5 star rating
by Rene
Feb 14, 2013

We tried Namaste after they delivered a flier and our local Remuera takeaway had become pretty average and inconsistent.
We were impressed with the delicious refined flavours and lean chicken breast used. Always consistent . Great friendly service. Love the complimentary salad - rounds out the rich flavours nicely.

We look forward to our weekly (or more) meal from Namaste. We try to save it for Fridays but sometimes we can't wait that long...

5 star rating
by Gopal Harlow
Feb 08, 2013

Friendly staff, great service and awesome food. Malai Kofta is a personal favourite of mine and their nan breads are some of the best I've tasted :) They know me by name now and it's always a pleasure to pop in for a $10 lunch special. Fast service means I'm never late back to my desk.

5 star rating
by Rhonda Snelgar
Dec 04, 2012

Always professional, the boys at Namaste Express really know how to make customers feel welcome. The food is always expertly prepared and taste wonderful. The service is exceptional and they remember your order as if you were in there daily. We used to have lunch there and with half an hour, we were hard pressed to find anywhere that we could sit and eat without feeling rushed. Namaste Express always had our order on the table as soon as we sat down - always immaculate, always amazing. Now, I go there about once a week for dinner and am excited for their new branch opening in Highbrook and their sit down restaurant in Greenlane. Definitely recommend, I haven't had better Indian food anywhere in Auckland.

5 star rating
by Hamish Selby
Oct 12, 2012

Simply the best. Highly recommended!

Favourite Indian restaurant/takeaway by far.

Fantastic authentic Indian food made with care and attention to detail and always fresh. All served with complimentary salad and poppadoms.

The owner and his staff are very friendly and always willing to provide assistance when you want to try something outside of the so-called 'standard' Indian dishes.

Their lemon chicken is top shelf and their vindaloo is outstanding!

3 star rating
by Deahne Lakatani
Sep 23, 2012

Ok so I get to Namaste Express nice looking place. Food was ok. There's only one thing that I felt uncomfortable eating there is that I felt like the owner was watching me eat the whole time I was there. Would I go back and to Namaste Express the answer is No.

5 star rating
by Cody
Aug 20, 2012

Best vindaloo in Auckland.

The food is always great, well priced and great meal size.

I have to say this is the best looking indian food iv seen, they take great pride in their food.

I eat here two-three times a week.

5 star rating
by James Ray
Aug 18, 2012

After moving from the UK, it took a while to find a good Indian but I am so SO glad I found Namaste Express!

Every Friday I get my curry from them and I have never come across such a consistently excellent curry as I get from here. You can tell with every mouthful that the ingredients are perfectly fresh and it means that every curry always tastes amazing.

The additional poppadoms and salad that come with the curry are a bonus!

5 star rating
by Andrew
Aug 12, 2012

Tasty curries, with rich flavours and consistent quality. Friendly staff & very clean premises. I get takeaway at least once a week from these guys.

Meal sizes are decent, and come with poppadoms and a salad.

4 star rating
by Melanie
Jun 27, 2012

I must admit, I'm not a big Indian food eater but sometimes I really feel like it.

Came here for lunch after reading the reviews on here. The location was great as I was going to pick my sister up from school in an hour and just made it for the lunch specials.

The butter chicken (medium spiced) which I ordered was among the best I've had so far. Not oily or lumpy like others I've had. It came out within 5 minutes of ordering. Portion was generous for $10 and it came with a naan bread.

I also ordered some onion bhaji, vegetable pakora and various flavours of naan to takeaway. All fantastic flavours!

Not really somewhere you would go for a romantic meal or for a nice dining experience as it is more takeaway based.

Overall, great food and reasonable prices. Staff are friendly and go out of their way to make sure everything is alright.

I will be returning here without a doubt!

5 star rating
by Dorian Alexander
Jun 05, 2012

Namaste Express has fast become one of my favourite Indian Restaurants. I have consistently received delicious food and friendly service and it's always speedy! Highly recommended! My faves are the Mango Chicken and Cheese, Chilli and Garlic Naan!

5 star rating
by David
May 29, 2012

The food was generous, tasted delicious and was definitely great value for money. Actually, I was blown away by the service, the quality of the takeaway bags and menus and how tidy and clean the place was. I watch my $$ but felt a little guilty with the value I was getting.

It was one of the very rare Indian places who also serve a salad with your meat dishes so that you feel your meal has a meat and vege balance to it too.

10/10 for this little beauty!!! Definitely my favourite Indian place now I've discovered it!!

5 star rating
by Umesh Dayal
Apr 10, 2012

We are Indians who do cook at home a lot, but get takeout from these guys at least once a week. We are serious foodies and love our curries among other things.

Their food is so good, tasty and generous unlike a lot of places you would get take out from. (Indian or otherwise) When you ask for hot (spicy), you get hot so be careful.

I have never written a review but have been meaning to write this one for a few weeks. The main guy is very friendly and there are always a few smiles from the kitchen which you can see into.

5 star rating
by Johanna Kuila
Mar 15, 2012

We discovered namaste by accident. The curries are fantastic, the naan great, the people really lovely and helpful and really good value for money. We were delighted to find they also delivered and they are now a regular part of dining. Nothing better!!!

5 star rating
by Jonjon
Mar 11, 2012

This is simply the best restaurant I have been to.

The chefs are from Chimoli, somewhere high up in the himalayas and the curries they make are delicious.

I came here with a voucher and all the curries were done to perfection and it was not as oily or greasy as other curry places.

The naans however could be a bit tastier but I thought it was perfect in texture and tasted great when combined with the curries.

I would definitely come back again, the people there were very friendly and helpful, the place was very clean despite it being a takeaway place.

Welldone :)!

4 star rating
by RH
Mar 10, 2012

This is mainly a takeaway restaurant, a couple of tables are there but no restaurant atmosphere.

Very reasonable prices.

We have enjoyed most dishes we have purchased from here.

5 star rating
by Andrea Ray
Feb 12, 2012

Having tried to find a good curry in Auckland for the last year, we finally hit gold. All mains come with rice, salad and popadom which is a nice touch, especially as the poppadoms are fresh, crispy and tasty unlike soggy, greasy offerings I've had in the past. On the 2 occasions we have ordered from them, food arrived piping hot on time and prices are cheap for the quality of food (most mains are $14). The chicken ticka masala was tasty and packed with succulent chicken and the right amount of sauce. Kadai paneer was a new dish for me; Indian cheese in a rich spicy tomatoey sauce with onions and capsicum. You can taste the individual spices in these dishes and both had a good sprinkle of fresh coriander, so often lacking. Naans were huge, puffy and delicious. Would definately recommend!

5 star rating
by Dean
Nov 14, 2011

A relatively new,predominantly takeout Indian venue in Greenlane with a few tables for those who wish to dine in. Some of the best butter chicken and biryani I've tried, and for once there is a generous helping of chicken in the butter chicken, not a couple of pieces swimming in gravy and the prices are very reasonable...$14 for butter chicken and most of the mains around the same price. There are some different options too and they cater for vegetarians. One to try for the future is the special lemon chicken, -chicken preserved with lemons and olives, marinated in layers of herbs and spices slowly cooked. You can't beat it...good Indian food at reasonable prices with good service. A great find!!