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Narm Thong Thai Restaurant

0 star rating 35 reviews

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09 6201485

1484A Dominion Road, Mt Roskill, Auckland

11:30 AM to 2:30 PM (Tue-Fri) , 5:30 PM to 10:30 PM


Reviews for Narm Thong Thai Restaurant

5 star rating
by Roonie
Jun 17, 2014

Went to Narm Thong for the first time recently in a party of 3 for their Monday cooking class. It was an amazing experience cooking Tom Yum Goong with Sai, a traditional Thai chef. Sai told us of his up-bringing as first born and the associated Thai customs. He showed us how to cook in the traditional style and also a more modern style - he even taught us to count in Thai :)

I will definitely be going back next week for the Penang Chicken

5 star rating
by Simon Pheonix
May 09, 2014

So I have lived near this place for over 10 years and it has always been pretty average as I usually go to a different Thai restaurant instead. However....... In the last 2 months I went here to give it another go and wow the food was excellent! I got takeaways and order green curry, pad Thai, and chicken cashew nuts. All 3 were exceptionally good! I ordered again a few days ago and it's was exactly the same again - perfect!

Maybe it's under new management or a new chef. Either way I hope they continue to maintain this great good. Everyone in my home loves it.

3 star rating
by Kellie
May 03, 2014

I got takeaway from here a few months ago, my first time eating Narm Thong. I don't see what the fuss was about, I thought the menu items were all slightly more expensive than other Thai places I've been, and the food was nothing special. I wouldn't bother going back to be honest

4 star rating
by Katerina Turnu
Apr 07, 2014

We had an excellent evening at Narm Thong last week - lovely decor and view, with outSTANDing food. The amazing standout dish was the duck red curry. Incredibly delicious flavours. I actually ordered a different dish, that had stir fried fresh vegetables with oyster sauce and peanut sauce (#18), which was extremely healthy and tasty. And, I liberally spooned the gorgeous red curry sauce from my hubby's duck red curry over my dish too. YUM!!! Perfection in flavour.

We arrived for an early dinner, a family of 3, and we felt instantly impressed by the lightness of this restaurant. The sun was streaming in through the front windows, and the aesthetic feel to the place was lovely. Our child was very taken with the Thai statues/sculptures and other decor, and also especially the carved wooden menus - beautiful!

The restaurant was very clean and with lovely big windows at the back that have a view out to the trees behind, we really enjoyed the setting.

Service was excellent. (But there was one slip up where a communication error led to me being brought the wrong dish (pork) the first time. But the very apologetic waitress quickly had the correct dish freshly cooked and with me in about 10 minutes. Mistakes happen. (I'm just glad I'm not a militant vegetarian any more, or I would've been crying over the first plate of pork LOL! Just subtle undertones of guilt instead;)

The entrees were superb, particularly the Vegetarian spring rolls and the Vegetarian corn cake (we got the Ruam combination platter).

Altogether, an experience thoroughly worth repeating.

2 star rating
by Paul Nation
Feb 14, 2014

I personally can't see why so many have given such high ratings to this restaurant.

We went there (from West Harbour, and met friends who drove from Manukau) purely on the ratings and comments from other reviewers and came away questioning the expectations of other MenuMania reviewers.

The place is a bit of a pit and a few grand spent on presentation would go a very long way - things such as re-printed menus and better table presentation - the aesthetic stuff. A squirt of Spary n Wipe and a wipe with a clean cloth would make a bit of a difference, but the overall appearance? Tatty is the word.

The woman serving us had no idea what being a waitperson means - simply clueless. We waited for ages to get a second beer, even though she had to walk past us every time she delivered food to the only other occupied table. She brought us a bottle of water when we arrived - but was a hot evening, and the water was at room temperature! No smile, no class, no personality - it was painful to watch.

The food? About the same as (and certainly not better than) you'd get in any Thai kitchen in any food court anywhere - totally nothing special about it. Any reviewer crowing about how fantastic the food is should try just about any other Thai restaurant in town. Don't misunderstand this review - the food here isn't bad, but it's not worth the high rating it has. If the MenuMania rating had been 3 star I wouldn't be as scathing.

PS: Thanks for the response Sai, but we didn't visit on Valentine's Day - it was Feb 2014, not Feb 14th! There were no more than 3 tables going at once so I presume any misadventure would've been the result of a quiet night rather than it being busy - which it certainly wasn't. My ire was to do with reports on MM: we found your service below what MM reviewers have found, and your food only average so we were disappointed as the MM 4.5 Star rating was, in our opinion, rather more than the restaurant deserves. But we enjoyed your product, none-the-less. Anything dripping in chilli will please me!

5 star rating
by Kim M
Feb 08, 2014

This Thai restaurant is absolutely amazing. One of the best traditional and authentic Thai food myself and family have ever experienced dinning out. I have been to this restaurant many times over the last 6years ever since my husband and In-laws introduced me to it. The staff are warm and welcoming. The whole setting, decorations and atmosphere are so well presented. My husband and I love coming here so much. We can never decide what to have on the menu because every thing is amazing. We have tried almost all the dishes on the menu. We love the Tom Kha soup - Its so delicious, amazing taste to it. Very traditional authentic flavours. The roast duck and lychee curry is absolutely AMAZING! Love it. The dishes always come out very well presented. They walk around serving unlimited jasmine rice. They also have buffet once a week and lunch specials. The staff always smiling, friendly and excellent customer service. They also come out with hot towels to clean your hands after your meal and it smells so good and fresh - Like lemon grass. I would highly recommend this restaurant to any one who loves Authentic Thai food and intimate dinning experience. I would travel from across the city just to dine at Narm Thong. - Thank you so much Narm Thong. I would give Narm Thong more than 5+ Stars!!

4 star rating
by Riddhi
Jan 26, 2014

Narm Thong is a local restaurant for me, one I have gone to for many years. Yesterday however was the first time I had ever ordered takeaway from them.

It started off bad as no one was picking up the phone/ there was an automated message saying the inbox was full so I couldn't even leave a message. We ended up driving there to order takeaway. The service at narm thong is very good, always friendly and helpful. We ordered 19, 22 (both stirfries with chicken) and a chicken pad thai. The wait was 15 minutes long so very quick.

Unfortunately the pad thai noodles were already dried out when we got home, that it came out in one lump , otherwise it was nice but not the best I've had in auckland. The other two stirfries were delicious and we were given a good amount.

The price for the food is a little bit more expensive than usual but the quality was good. The amount of rice that they charge for was a bit expensive in my opinion considering other places would include rice complimentary.

I definitely recommend dining in more than having takeaway.

5 star rating
by Lee V
Sep 02, 2013

This is one of my favourite thai restaurants in Auckland reason being that the food is so close to authentic bangkok food. The red curry and the stir frys in particular are so tasty. Staff are friendly and the decor is beautiful. From the outside, it doesn't look amazing because it is in a bit of a wierd location near the roundabout and a butcher. But the inside feels very "Thai". I go back there quite often and will do so as long as it continues to be awesome.

4 star rating
by Garry Brizzell
Aug 24, 2013

I have been to Narm Thong Restaurant on several occasions, both dine in and take away and have found it to have a nice atmosphere. The staff always dress well, in traditional attire and are attentive and the food is a very good representation of Thai Style cuisine. The Thursday buffet is an excellent way of discovering the different dishes. The meal prices are up a little but worth it and the buffet is good value with the range provided.

5 star rating
by Gautami
Aug 19, 2013

Our whole family has been going to Narm thong for a very long time, it has amazing food, and awesome service. I've tried other thai places but Narm Thong seems to tick all the boxes , the flavours and authentic, the service is great and the environment is warm and welcoming , wouldn't go anywhere else

1 star rating
by Delna
Jul 26, 2013

I have thought long & hard before writing this as I do not like to malign a business but what we as a family experienced is shocking. I called 2 days back to make a booking for 2 adults & 2 children for Thursday night buffet at 7.30. When we arrived we were greeted by the owner who said no booking was mentioned. He gave us a halfhearted apology & said his wife could not understand English properly. Then we were cramped into sitting at a 2 table placing. Can you imagine that, with children ? There was a table right on the side of us, he just placed 2 chairs on the corners of the table.(one side of the table was against the wall). It was a struggle to sit, as this was a buffet we had to continuously get up & sit, & there was immense problem doing it). The children were not happy at all. Besides the starters were not replenished till 20 mins. after we came in in spite of telling the staff & the owner several times. Requests for water were ignored, again several times. And as the table was for 2 & 4 of us were sitting they did not give us dinner plates or cutlery till I requested. On the contrary the owner tells me to use my son's small side plate !!
I don't know what I should call this experience if not truly shocking ?
The final thing that did it was when the table for 4 next to us became empty & the owner did not even shift us there. I waited a while then requested to move. It should have been him who should have shifted us to the other table.
Even if the food is free I will never set foot here again.

5 star rating
by Gaye_th
Jul 05, 2013

The Taste of Thai :-)

I have enjoyed sitting in a friendly environment at Narm Thong Thai restaurant so much. And of course I try not to miss a Thursday night as they have a variety menu on a Thursday Gala Buffet.

I told my colleague about this and it was surprised we met each other by accident, since then Narm Thong is kind of our meeting place.

We do cater to our office on some Fridays as well.

We will come back soon :-)

2 star rating
by Jessica Nutting
Jun 28, 2013

I love Thai food and have a local restaurant I always visit but, thought since this had rave reviews I would give it a go. Well I can honestly say I wont be back.

We ordered Tom yum for starters, this is meant to be a hot soup but neither the chilli heat or the temperature of the soup was what I had expected, I just hoped the main would be better.

For Mains we had Pla Neung Manao, served in a fish steamer. It was presented nicely but that is where it ends. The broth was so full of fish sauce you needed a gallon of water to stop the dryness. The flames of the burners were coming up the sides and we could not blow them out! The flavour was disappointing and I have had this dish a number of times at other Thai restaurants which have been much better than this.

No sticky rice on the menu :( Big Disappointment

Overall atmosphere was lacking and the waitress seem bored.

Not sure who writes the amazing reviews but I would not say this is the best Thai restaurant in Auckland.

5 star rating
by Deborah Moon
Mar 14, 2013

This is the best Thai restaurant in Auckland ! My husband and I moved to Mt Roskill three years ago from Mt Albert . We had our favorite Thai restaurant in Mt Albert and thought it could not be beaten but we visited the local Narm Thong Thai and were converted immediately !

The food is fantastic, service always friendly , prices so affordable and I attended a couple of cooking classes with Sai , the owner and it was great fun and you get to eat it too :)

My husband LOVES the Curry Puff for starters and the Crispy Duck for a main. I love the prawns wrapped in noodles and deep fried - YUM and for mains I have two favourites - the Chicken Larb and Prawns Choo Chee - soooo delicious.

Narm Thong is well worth the trip to Mt Roskill South !

Deborah Moon

5 star rating
by Nethni Mendis
Feb 22, 2013

We have free lunch once every month for our staff. I ordered 25 take away lunch packs from Narm Thong. Everyone liked it. The staff was very flexible and friendly, the food was tasty and the delivery was on time. Very happy customer :)

4 star rating
by Graeme Todd
Dec 20, 2012

My wife and I have been to Narm Thong numerous times. The staff have been great, friendly, welcoming and provided fantastic service.
The food is some of the best Thai food I have found in Auckland. Always resh and full of flavor!Ii would definitely recommend it any time!

4 star rating
by Lisa
Dec 05, 2012

Last night we phoned & we got a table for 17 people to celebrate my daughter's 18th Birthday. The staff were very accommodating and friendly. Atmosphere was great, a busy little establishment and it didn't take long to realise why. The food was awesome and very very tasty. Being a table of 20 in the end the meals came at different times and just 2 got the wrong dish. Overall I was well impressed and to be accommodated for a large group via a booking that day was awesome. Narm Thong you will be seeing us again for sure. 4th Dec 2012

4 star rating
by Birdy
Dec 02, 2012

Tried this place for the first time last night. It was delicious!! Really fresh food. Have tried a lot of Thai places and this place has the food right. The service is very friendly and will go there again. The only thing I wish is that they would work on the atmosphere to help make customers feel more relaxed. At times it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop...so some soft Thai music in the background would make a difference!

5 star rating
by Hungry Hungry Hippo
Nov 30, 2012

I've only been to Narm Thong once this month and when I tasted the first dish I ordered I wept like a little baby. This Thai restaurant is simply...exquisite. The waitresses were so kind and thoughtful and made the entire experience fun and relaxing. You could tell that the food was made with love with the perfect amounts of spices added to each dish, each dish being unique. I think it should be made compulsory that all Aucklander's dine at Narm Thong at least once in their lifetime. Truly amazing experience.

4 star rating
by G R
Nov 19, 2012

I have been to Narm Thong ALOT of times. It's just down the road from my place. So usually when I meet up with a mate or two over lunch. We will pop in here.

This place does deserve 5 stars. Straight up.... IF they were consistent with the dishes they churn out to the masses. But alas... that is not so. Again remember.. not slamming this place. Just writing an observation from being a regular per say to this establishment. I have 1 dish and 1 dish only when I come here for my dose of thai... Chicken Panang... I have been let down a lot recently by the quality of my Panang. It's like they substituted coconut milk for chicken stock ;) watery as a bad curry does you the day after ;) haha.

But yes. They have been excellent with the Panang over the years. I won't let 2 or 3 bad apples spoil the bunch.

Will give it a go again soonish.. Hopefully will be back to normality.

4 star rating
by Thai Fanatic Yumyum
Oct 26, 2012

It's good but not exceptional.

5 star rating
by Lisa Matson
Sep 27, 2012

We absolutely love this place!! Great food and good prices... The red curry duck is always a winner, but then all their dishes are really delicious. Ambience and service is always excellent, just a great place to bring friends and family. Would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys good Thai food

5 star rating
by Anna Pomeroy
Sep 15, 2012

Food: amazing! Always really fresh and delicious. They are always accommodating when I ask for my food to be super mild too!

But the best bit is now they offer a cooking class on Saturday's- it's exceptional! You learn how to make a dish, and then get to eat it for lunch :D And it's only $15!

Now I can cook a Thai green curry like a pro :)

5 star rating
by Michael Buxton
Sep 09, 2012

I have been a Narmthong customer for a long time, I occasionally try other Thai restaurants, but Narm Thong is out on its own. The atmosphere in the restaurant is so warm and friendly, the service is superb, the food is wonderful. The perfect venue to celebrate anything. I will not go anywhere else now. If you want to experience Thailand, this is the place to do it. Mike and Cleo.

Still a dedicated follower of Narmthong,tried a few others but wasting time.Narmthong I am completely in my comfort zone.Cannot find anywhere else that makes me feel so relaxed.Wonderful atmosphere,lovely girls to look after me,very competent owner who generally oversees everything.Have not found anywhere else that can make curry puffs so constantly delicious, their Gang Mussamun also delicious.They still have my vote on all points!!

4 star rating
by David Boshier
Jul 10, 2012

Book a table at the back of the dinning room as this will give you a view back over the city. There always seems to be parking out front.

The food is pretty standard Thai with the normal menu selection.

Like most Thai places the service is good.

Worth a stop if you are in the area.

5 star rating
by Jen C
Jun 28, 2012

Wow very impressed with this place. It's my new #1 albeit the hike from town it's worth the drive :)

Came here for dinner with a couple of friends. We all loved the dishes we ordered. Stand out for me was the Yellow Curry - it was divine!!

Give it a go - you won't be disappointed!

5 star rating
by Wayne Knights
Jun 26, 2012

Ever since my wife (a chef) and I honeymooned in Thailand four years ago, we have tried and failed to find anything in Auckland that comes close to the fresh, authentic dishes found there.

Well, we believe we finally have found it. We dined here twice recently - the second time was just to make sure that it was as good as what we thought it was - and we weren't disappointed.

It took me back a few years when I discovered Satya in Hobson Street - just look at that place now!

The food is soooo much better than much more expensive Thai eateries, the service is very attentive and for what you get, the prices are almost too cheap.

As we left, they offered us a discount card. I actually told them to put their prices up and scrap the discount card, because it cheapens the deal somewhat. Just continue to serve incredible food, great service and the people will come.

5 star rating
by Beryl Young
Mar 24, 2012

We enjoyed a lovely meal at Narm Thong, high quality at a very reasonable price, and as a result booked for their Thai cooking class. Held on Saturday morning at 10.30am, we were shown how to carve carrot leaves and tomato roses, then each made our own lunch, Pad Thai, being carefully instructed by their chef (cost $10 pp included all ingredients). I can highly recommend it, we enjoyed it so much we will return soon to cook a different dish. A great opportunity not to be missed!

5 star rating
by Simone Gray
Mar 13, 2012

This is our regular restaurant. The food is consistently amazing, never left us down. Whenever we are thinking of going out for dinner Narm Thong is always top of the list. There is no better Thai restaurant in Auckland! The staff are so friendly and the atmosphere is very inviting, i love this place!

5 star rating
by Lorraine
Aug 23, 2011

I revisited this place after some 10 years. Service was faultless, food was beautifully presented and reasonably priced. I will not be leaving it another 10 years until I go back and will be recommending it to all my friends.
Lorraine, Mt Albert.

5 star rating
by David Johnston
Jul 12, 2011

We have been going to this restaurant for seven years and have never been disappointed. The food is very authentic, service is great and no shortage of traditional Thai beers. Often use the take away service and this is just as good as dining in. Also extremely fast and efficient. Would recommend to any lovers of Asian food.
David & Joan

5 star rating
by Richard.T
Jun 07, 2011

I love eating here and now my friends can't get enough....We now have our lunch events here...

The food is delicious no more Chinese Takeaways, we buy our takeaways through these guys...

I'm lucky I live close by so can eat out in a great warm atmosphere...

Thanks guy 10 out of 5 for you...

5 star rating
by Serena Anne Coe
Jan 02, 2011

the food was exellent,i am of island decent,but i tell you, i will be going back again & again,presentaion,everything, service,was good

5 star rating
by Paul Conder
Dec 25, 2010

We found this restaurant by accident.

This is the best Thai we have found in Auckland.

The presentation and quality of the food is top class for a reasonable price.

Narm Thong also do excellent home delivery thai takeaways.

If you love thai but haven't tried Narm Thong then you have missed out.

4 star rating
by Pat Northey
Jun 05, 2010

Worth the trip from Orakei. The duck larb is great; all the dishes were good. The service was lovely, and the restaurant lively without being noisy. The place obviously succeeds on the strength of the food and the service; it's not in a trendy or up-and-coming venue, and the patronage was a nice mix of family groups for whom this is home cooking as well as a few appreciative non-locals like us.