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Neighbourhood Brewbar - Mac's Brewbar

4 star rating 36 reviews

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09 8463773

498 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland

  European, Mediterranean
12 Noon to 12 Midnight (Mon-Thu, Sun), 12 Noon to 2 AM (Fri-Sat)


Reviews for Neighbourhood Brewbar - Mac's Brewbar

1 star rating
by Dave Jones
one month ago

I was looking for a place to take my clients and big bosses my annual spend on clients is around $12000 per annum The waitress was great and knew how to sell the meessage. They had a special on Sat for burger chips and beer start time 3pm. I arrived at 2.38 and asked for the special the waitress went to ask her boss who said no. Well there must be at least 15 food outlets within 500 mt radius so I walked. Management have to get there act together. i went to another pub annd got 3 sliders chips and a beer for $3 cheaper!

3 star rating
by Nalin Ariyawansa
2 months ago

Group of 14 last Saturday, can do with some staff with a bit of customer service also bar menu was on the pricey side. Set up could be a bit warmer.

5 star rating
by Stacey Jane Rainbow
2 months ago

Came here for work friends birthday and have been before and i am a fan of the macs brewbars! The waitress was really nice and chatty with us all and was really attentive too! Food didnt take too long to come out aswell even though there was a few of us! 2 of my friends ordered fish and chips and i ordered the burger which from what i remember was eitjer the same price or slightly more expensive. Cannot fault the burger it was cooked perfectly and was pretty big! My complaint is that i hardly had any chips! Literally a pretty small handfull! Now the fish and chips on the other hand was literally a massive portion that both of my friends ending up taking home! Food envy even though i dont like fish haha! Will still eat here again but will try something else or ask for more chips :)

2 star rating
by Tyrone Malie
3 months ago

Went here last night with my friend for a catch up and for dinner. Such a cool warm enterior besides the uncomfortable seating.

We didn't do a reservation so we were put in the corner which was alright, then realise the table is a coffee table and too low to eat, so we moved to the bar.

We got a few beers which were fantastic, sassy red is really good. Can't go wrong on the beers but for
Dinner...I got the Hood burger which was nice but not amazingly awesome. Very overpriced for $21 then to have extras, egg, cheese etc. You have to pay extras so the meal came up to $25! Then your left with sad taste buds (very cunning with the extras). The deep fried calamari was delicious just needs some dips, pretty plain with just two chunky lemon slices. The best thing would be the garlic pizza bread, very tasty and fresh.
My friend got the Pesto Spaghetti, was not worth the price you could easily make this at home. Nothing amazing about it too, just gives you a sore pocket, and big regrets.

Service, was okay...no, service was useless and rude. (Besides the short guy, he was nice and showed fair hospitality). Some of the staff seemed like Hades came and sucked the light out of them, they don't smile or ask questions. You have to be welcoming to them for a smile - nice logic. Oh, but they can smile and laugh between each other! Then they have their heads where it don't shine when serving.

It seems like it's a place to drink than dine freely. What I mean by that, if you book seating they will give you good service. If not, you're just at the bottom of their service hierarchy.

5 star rating
by Sophie Rivas Donald
4 months ago

Decided to dine here spontaneously one night with friends. Trying to eat healthy, I chose the whole grains salad and was really surprised at how yummy it was! Was made with lots of fresh ingredients. My friends raved about the pizzas and said they were great! I had the cider cocktails that were a special and chose the mango flavour which was beautiful, light and refreshing! Will come again and recommend to others.

1 star rating
by Fare Henry
4 months ago

(Based on service as food is usually decent) Completely disappointed. My boyfriend and I came in for lunch on a Friday afternoon before 2pm and after being seated I was denied food service without ID. I explained that we had no intention to consume any alcohol only lunch and the manager replied 'police could possibly come into the bar during anytime of the day so unfortunately we cannot serve you'. I found this excuse to be pathetic as there is no law against eating food and I have been here many times before for lunch without being hassled for ID. There was also a small child in the bar climbing on a seat beside a woman so this bar is supposedly child friendly. I explained that I felt this was unfair in my review. However the manager of Neighbourhood responded to my (Facebook) review as pathetic. With a rude, uncompromising response from a manager I found that this has completely put me off returning to Neighbourhood.

4 star rating
by Tyler Nehring
4 months ago

Spent many a night here hanging with friends and always went for the pizzas and beer. Always thought it was the best combo. But went another night on a date and sure enough calamari plus pizza and beer is even better. Great place for every need. Even better when the live band is there.

4 star rating
by Aimee Young
4 months ago

We have been here a couple of times now and I just love their pizza bread, especially the garlic one, the pic is of the pepper and goats cheese one which is also good, the calamari is also good and the croquettes, it would be good if the calamari came with some sauce of some sort but it does stand well on its own. Love the decor and my kids love the rocking chairs. Also like that they have good cider on tap.

4 star rating
by Chris Mac
5 months ago

Classic Macs bar vibe. Well set up. Good selection of pub food. A little too expensive all round.. But who really cares. It's clean and the outdoor area is perfect on a warm evening..

4 star rating
by Sally
5 months ago

Spontaneously decided to dine here tonight, wasn't too busy so we were seated quite quickly.

We ordered the carne pizza - which was a chorizo, salami, prosciutto and red onion and pepper pizza, and potato gnocchi in a Gorgonzola cheese sauce w spinach and pistachio. The gnocchi was amazing. Seriously perfection on a plate. 😍 the pizza on the other hand, was slightly disappointing. The base was too dry.

Service was really good! Attentive wait staff, couldn't fault them. Atmosphere was great. Decor was nice - loved the quaintness of the bookshelves :)

Cute bit our front w fireplaces and cute seating too! Id come back one day just to sit in the sun and enjoy a nice cold drink :)

4 star rating
by Georgia Vossen
7 months ago

Went here for a dinner with my boyfriend, really friendly service we were greeted at the door and taken to a table. Menu looked pretty good, but so exspensive! I got the some pasta with little meat in it, wasn't really worth what I paid for it as I was still not full after eating it. My boyfriend got a big slab of steak and watercress which he really enjoyed. Was a really nice place and nice staff, wouldn't mind just going back for a drink or something as I found the food a bit expensive.

5 star rating
by Ekta Sharma
11 months ago

For our final Friday lunch, my co workers and I came to Neighbourhood Brew Bar for lunch and some drinks because of the beautiful weather! We were greeted so politely and seated in the sun and shade as preferred by my colleagues!
We had the menus and picked out drinks.

The staff came over really quick to check up on us and took our drinks orders! They arrived shortly after and we ordered our mains.
Considering we were all on a one hour lunch break, the service was very efficient!

Neighbourhood is set up in such a cool way that it's nice to hang out at in the summer and then at the very end u discovered some really cool seating inside! I'll definitely been back here.

My team mate and I ordered the Prosciutto pizza and it was a 10/10!

The staff are friendly, the decor is mint and the food is of really high quality! Have to go back for the fish and chips!

Sorry no images, I was preoccupied!

4 star rating
by Phil Hodai
Nov 16, 2014

Awesome place for a casual drink on a Friday or Saturday afternoon.

Have been here countless times now and would never turn down an offer to catch up with a friend for a beer or two at Neighbourhood.

Their food menu is pretty standard Kiwi Bar style foods - chips, burgers, tapas etc - all of which taste good enough to enjoy with a drink or two.

Try out if you are in Kingsland.

3 star rating
by Amy Webb
Aug 27, 2014

Neighbourhood is a fairly large Mac Brew Bar on the main strip in Kingsland, very popular when there's rugby on. I have been a few times for drinks but tonight was the first time for food.

We ordered the margarita pizza, salad and steamed veges. The pizza was delicious! The crust was thin and very crunchy and the toppings generous. However I found $17 a bit pricey considering the toppings were just tomato, cheese and basil.

The salad was really tasty and enjoyable with feta and olive tapenade. The veges were okay, fairly standard but a bit flavourless, a bit of garlic or something would have been nice.

The service was okay, nothing fantastic but not terrible either. I know the atmosphere definitely improves when a games on!

4 star rating
by Javier Yebenes
Jul 30, 2014

The food is awesome, good quality and good tapas. The price is not so awesome, but when you want a quality product you gotta pay for it. After rugby normally the place gets packed and the atmosphere is really nice... maybe some people too cool for school, but service is normally ok.

5 star rating
by Joel L.
Jun 07, 2014

Always nice - an upmarket feel on a traditional pub. The pints are a bit pricey - but overall it's a great place.

3 star rating
by Elite Chan
May 18, 2014

I've been here many times before for drinks and dinner. It was a Wednesday night and needed a quick fix of food after a long day at work.

I was surprised by the quality of the food. Previously it was just pub food to me - nothing special or expected any great service.

I received both that night. My partner ordered a Pizza - crispy base, with just the right amount of topping and sauce that you know is done properly. My steak was done just the way I wanted - medium rare. Pepper corn sauce could be a little hotter (it was warm). Best part of the dish was the fries. Crispy and non greasy.

Only thing I didn't like was my wine - tasted like it had been opened for a while. (more than 2 days)

Friendly and prompt service.

5 star rating
by Jyoti Dunlop
May 15, 2014

Great tasting new autumn/winter menu. Since it was four of us we got to taste each others dishes and they all were excellent. Interesting dessert dish, fried milk, but it was really yummy. When we go back, I am definitely ordering this dessert again. Nice friendly staff, service was prompt, and the front staff entertained our almost 3 year old as well. Good work by both the front staff as well as the kitchen staff.

5 star rating
by Stevie D
May 14, 2014

Very pleasent surprise from a bar.
Warm friendly and inviting with a comfortable atmosphere.
Settled at a table promptly by wait staff. Ordered entrees and some drinks which arrived shortly after, a lovely well cooked and presented meal.

4 star rating
by Rachel Twomey
May 06, 2014

Came here for drinks and ended up being so intrigued by the menu that we ordered food too. The potato cubes came with pesto and another sauce, both of which seemed a strange flavour combination with fried potato.

However, the highlight came with dessert. The fried milk was delicious - crunchy cinnamon coating on the outside and a silky, custard-like filling with a gentle milk flavour. The cocktails were tasty and the service was excellent. Looking forward to coming here again.

3 star rating
by Nom Nom Panda
Apr 18, 2014

Rating based on food only. This is a spacious and pleasant venue, so would be a great place to go for drinks.

The first thing we ordered, the crispy fried potato cubes, were not at all crispy. The sauces the dish came with unfortunately did not redeem the soggy potatoes either.

The Catalan style pizza was not bad, though a tad smaller than expected.

Everything else was okay, nothing to get excited about.

4 star rating
by KitKat
Mar 29, 2014

I have been here for a casual drink many times and always enjoyed it, though I had never had a meal here. Last Saturday my friend had her birthday lunch here and I have to say I was impressed. The food was great! Nothing too fancy or over the top, just casual and tasty. I had the quinoa salad which was huge and yummy. It was jam packed full of vegetables which had been cooked perfectly. Some of my dining companions had pizzas which looked equally fantastic. The desserts were also good. Great atmosphere, friendly and helpful staff and good food.

5 star rating
by Charmaine Batt
Dec 10, 2013

Great staff & the most delicious pork belly, it really is so good we cant stop thinking about it.
The tapas menu is good & I like the layout with a great outdoor area.
This is now going to be our local & we will slowly try the rest of the menu. Yay.

4 star rating
by Daniel Wang
Dec 08, 2013

It is a nice place for people to catch up after work. We went there in this April, just sat outside, talked and enjoyed the drink and food there. I like the beef and pizza. The beef was so tender and the flavour of the pizza was quite special and amazing. We also ordered a sides. The amount was good for 2 people. I remember that many young people went there, got food and took photos to share with their friends. So I can tell not only me like this restaurant.

5 star rating
by Jose Ramon Camprubi Viglione
May 09, 2013

Hemos venido de Barcelona ,Catalonia,porque nos habían hablado muy bien de la maravillosas recetas que cocinaba Jordi Donadeu ,chef del Restaurant Neighbourhood Brewar ,pensamos repetir en nuestro próximo viaje a Auckland. ,José Ramón camprubi

5 star rating
by Fiona Wood
Mar 12, 2013

Came down to Neighbourhood for after work drinks the other day and ended up being tempted into dinner! They have a new tapas menu with loads of tasty south american inspired food, yum!!! Nice atmosphere, cool music, great prompt service and cold cider! Not much more you could ask for.

4 star rating
by Orca1
Feb 16, 2013

was here on Valentine's Day... G8 service, awesome layout of Lampshade lighting & indoor seating. Disappointing aft 5pm - not much variety/selection in menu. perhaps it was Chef's day-off?? MUSIC way too loud, like you @ a Rave! :(

3 star rating
by Wayne D
Jan 14, 2013

Great Service beautiful Pizza but when you wound up the music we left you lost dessert and drink money
if this was a nightclub volume is expected but you cant talk without yelling! ridiculous!

4 star rating
by Nial G
Jan 07, 2013

A great spot, perfect for a summer drink and "gastro-pub" bite. Excellent atmosphere.

4 star rating
by Nat Sargon
Dec 04, 2012

Nice decor and friendly staff, food is nice too. Only complaint would be that the music was crazy loud so that it's very hard to hear each other without straining but that's not a biggie. Would definitely go again

4 star rating
by Gloria
Jul 13, 2012

Holy crap!!! Best platter ever!! Mc cashins platter! It says it's for 3 to 4 people... And it Definitely fills you up! And we aren't small eaters so even I was surprised about how much we had left? Service was great! Very friendly staff! Definitely value for money! Their pizzas are yum too !!! I'll be back.... With a new group of friends!

4 star rating
by Lou Heather
Jun 26, 2012

We had a girls Sunday lunch and found the food and staff to be great and we loved the layout of the bar and the cassette tape wall in the toilet!

4 star rating
by Alex Wylie
Apr 16, 2012

Loved the bar and food however, there was no record of my booking. Luckily there was room for us and we were seated quickly. We were served by a waitress named Pippa who was helpful and efficient.

4 star rating
by Kay Adams
Jan 03, 2012

Without a doubt the friendliest staff you will find in an Auckland Bar. Nothing is too much of a hassle for these folk. One tiny little annoyance is the night menu (after the chefs have departed) is rather limited e.g no gravy with the chips and gravy, and no garlic pizza only margherita. Would still happily come back here at any stage.

4 star rating
by Mike
Apr 26, 2011

My wife & I were at Neighbourhood over the Easter weekend for a lovely dinner out , pizza & pudding went down a treat & just to make it all the sweeter there was no public holiday surcharge .

4 star rating
by Justin Marshall
Sep 01, 2010

One of the best bars in Auckland. Last weekend I went with a group of Friends to Neighbourhood on Sunday afternoon, Its a great area for lounging and relaxing. They also had a live singer musician guy, he was awesome! I am sure i will be back next Sunday.