No 1 High Street

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09 3777666

1 High Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland

  European, American
3 PM to 11 PM (Mon-Thu), 3 PM to 3 AM (Friday), 5 PM to 3 AM (Saturday), Sunday Closed


Reviews for No 1 High Street

4 star rating
by Kate W
Jan 22, 2014

This place has a certain whiff of bankers and corporate types so not ideal for a cosy trip to the pub. High ceilings, monochrome chic and bar staff who put one hand behind their back when they serve you is all very nice but it feels a bit forced. The dinner menu is relative small and seems more like pub food than bar food but I was pleasantly surprised by all the food that came out. My chicken burger was delicious and the steak looked excellent which is impressive considering it was only $19! Decent wines as well at moderate prices although be wary of the "central Otago" mahi Pinot's actually from Marlborough. Pub quiz on Tuesday was gd but dragged a bit.

5 star rating
by VYX
Jan 07, 2014

I've been here three times in one month. I only go on Wednesdays because of the half price specials they've got on some of the Mains and certain times for the drinks. I love the look of this restaurant, I especially love the tall glass entrance doors, I feel sorry for the person who has to clean it though. The feel of the place is very slick, the staff are especially slick themselves. We weren't just served by one staff but four different staff. Each staff as pleasant as the last. The food was gorgeous, especially the Kumara mash with the Pork belly, how do you even get it to that consistency? That's Amazing! The steak I ordered was done to perfection. This is a wonderful place to come with friends for dinner/drinks before heading home in the heavy traffic (if you don't live in the CBD), I will definitely be coming back to this place again. Cheers guys for the lovely experience.

1 star rating
by Anna Nova
Sep 26, 2013

I have been here on a number occasions for lunch for work and it was good. However, my partner and I went there for lunch during the week and we were waiting near the "wait to be seated" sign - no one acknowledge us, most of the staff were behind the bar chatting away. Another group came after us and we were all waiting by the wait to be seated sign - the waitress came and ignored us and served the group that came after us first. This was such bad customer service and we will never come here again.

3 star rating
by Lucia Goode
Jun 18, 2013

You are almost, ALMOST there... More attentive service and detail to food would go a long way. The food is just plain average. It lacks vibrance, freshness and flavour. The menu sounds a lot better than what you end up with. However your specials are great, but I don't think I'd pay full price for a meal here... I ordered a cider and my friend ordered a white wine but we were presented with two white wines and then the waitress tried to argue that I had ordered a white wine which I know I hadn't. It was just a bit rude and should not have been an issue.

5 star rating
by Tori Crosby
Mar 08, 2013

Went here last night for my sisters 21st and it was such a great place ! The prices were pretty cheap, the food was delicious and the staff were super friendly and helpful. After finding out it was my sisters birthday (we didn't tell them prior to the night) the manager gave her a free drink and then decided to give the whole table a free drink, which was really nice because there were 11 of us at the table. After our meals, the manager then presented my sister with a cheesecake slice for her birthday cake, as well as another free drink which they mixed to make a teal color, after asking what her favorite color was; teal! We thought that was super nice of the staff to do that. Overall the place was great; the music was good, the staff were amazing, and the food was delicious. I would definitely recommend this place and will be going back again ! :)

3 star rating
by Tinker
Oct 09, 2012

Have been to No 1 twice for dinner now and have found the same average service. Staff are not very attentive, when we first walked in the staff were too caught up doing their own thing to even notice us. Food took about half an hour to come out and when i got my food it was luke warm and not that tasty. No one checked on us for drink refills and the dining area was quite cold.
Probably won't go back.